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					CONTENTS                                                                                          ARKANSAS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL
                                                                                                      BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                                                                                                          Pat McClelland, Chairman
                                                                                                      M. Edward Drilling, Vice Chairman
                                                                                                            Tom Baxter, Secretary
                                    3     A MOTHER’S STORY                                                Dorsey Jackson, Treasurer
                                                                                                      Michele Moss, M.D., Chief of Staff
                                          In her own words, Charlene Hornor tells the story           Harry C. Erwin III, Past Chairman
                                          of her daughter Catherine’s rocky arrival into the                      John Bale, Jr.
                                                                                                    Jonathan Bates, M.D., President & CEO
                                          world, a harried wait for air transport to Arkansas                        Ron Clark
                                          Children’s Hospital and Catherine’s journey back                         Sue Cooper
                                                                                                               Haskell Dickinson
                                          to health with the support of ACH.                                       Paul R. Hart
                                                                                                                  J. French Hill
                                                                                                           Judge Marion Humphrey
                                          Pictured: Catherine Hornor, 5, enjoyed the nice
                          3               weather during a trip to the beach this summer.
                                                                                                            Richard F. Jacobs, M.D.
                                                                                                                 Michael Joshua
                                                                                                                  Diane Mackey
                                          The weather was not so nice when Catherine                             Barbara Moore
                                          struggled with health problems following her                           Beverly Morrow
                                                                                                             Eduardo Ochoa, M.D.
                                          birth and an ice storm hampered efforts to get                           Stan Roberts
                                                                                                                 Skip Rutherford
                                          her the medical attention she needed.                                    Mark Saviers
                                                                                                                  Philip Schmidt
                                                                                                                 Robert L. Shults
                                   1     VERY IMPORTANT AREA OF                                               Bonnie Taylor, M.D.
                                                                                                                Everett Tucker III
                                          HOSPITAL RECEIVES FACELIFT                                               Rick Watkins
                                                                                                            Charles B. Whiteside III
                                          Approximately 331 patients and 225 visitors visit                       Kim Williams
                                          the main playroom at ACH each month. That play-                    I. Dodd Wilson, M.D.
                                          room recently received a fun and high-tech update,
                                          thanks to the Elf Foundation and other supporters.
                                                                                                       ACH RESEARCH INSTITUTE
                                          The updated space has a campground theme and                         Ron Clark, Chairman

                        11                has been renamed Camp Wannaplay.                                    Jonathan Bates, M.D.,
                                                                                                     Vice Chairman for Finance & Admin.
                                                                                                 Debra Fiser, M.D., Vice Chairman for Research
                                          Pictured: Children who visit Camp Wannaplay can          Robert Porter, M.D., Secretary/Treasurer
                                                                                                       Richard F. Jacobs, M.D., President
                                          watch movies, play video games, play, read and
                                                                                                    Kanwaljeet “Sunny” Anand, M.B.B.S., D.Phil
                                          do arts and crafts.                                                 M. Edward Drilling
                                                                                                                 James Gaston
                                                                                                                   Ellen Gray
                                   14      THANKS FOR MAKING MIRACLES HAPPEN                                   Tommy Hillman
                                                                                                              Roger Rank, Ph.D.
                                          The “Thanks to You” page features a listing of                          Mark Saviers
                                                                                                                 Robert Shults
                                          recent fundraising events and grants of more than                 I. Dodd Wilson, M.D.
                                          $225,563 in support of programs and services at
                                          ACH and the ACH Research Institute. We are so
                                          grateful to the many people who organize and
                                                                                                          ACH FOUNDATION
                                          support these events.                                        Jonathan Bates, M.D., Chairman
                                                                                                    Charles B. Whiteside III, Vice Chairman
                         14               Pictured: One of the events held recently to benefit
                                                                                                             John E. Bel, President
                                                                                                                 John Bale, Jr.
                                          ACH was the Capital City Classic, a football game                       Tom Baxter
                                          between the University of Central Arkansas and                      Frances Buchanan
                                                                                                                 William Clark
                                          Henderson State University. Players from UCA,                           James Cobb
                                          including Tristan Johnson, visited with ACH                              Dale Cook
                                                                                                               Robert G. Cress
                                          patients the day before the game.                                    Don Edmondson
                                                                                                              Harry C. Erwin III
                                                                                                                 Robin George
                                                                                                                 Barnett Grace
  President and Chief Executive Officer: Jonathan Bates, M.D.                                                   Barbara Hanna
                                                                                                                Anne Hickman
  Medical Director: Bonnie Taylor, M.D.                                                                            Bryan Hill
                                                                                                                   Ray Hobbs
  President, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute: Richard F. Jacobs, M.D.                             Ross Honea
                                                                                                               Beverly Keener
  President, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation: John E. Bel                                                 Mark Larsen
  Editor: Chris McCreight                                                                                        Diane Mackey
                                                                                                                Mark McCaslin
  Design: Lori Howard Barlow, The Graphic Design Shop, Inc.                                                     Jim McClelland
                                                                                                              Julia Peck Mobley
  Photographers: Kelley Cooper, ACH Foundation Staff                                                             Bobby J. Neill
                                                                                                                 Jeffrey Nolan
  Contributors: Alyssa Anderson                                                                              Robert Porter, M.D.
                                                                                                             Sara M. Richardson
                                          THE ACHIEVER                                                            Vicki Saviers
                                                                                                                Philip Schmidt
           is published by Arkansas Children Hospital Foundation for friends of ACH.                           Witt Stephens, Jr.
                     800 Marshall Street, Slot 661, Little Rock, AR 72202-3591.                              Marianne Thompson
                                                                                                                   Sue Trotter
           (501) 364-1476 • FAX (501) 364-3644 • TDD (hearing imparired) 364-1184                                Tom Womack

   The Day Arkansas
   Children’s Hospital
   Saved My Baby’s Life                                            Pictured here is Catherine Hornor at ACH when
                                                                   she was just 15 days old. A humidifier on the
                                                                   tube that was placed in her trachea at 12 days
                                                                   old is helping Catherine breathe freely.
   ■ Charlene Hornor

   O      ur daughter Catherine was born at our local hospital
   in northwest Arkansas in December 2001, but her life truly
                                                                   to Springdale, where they intubated Catherine
                                                                   within minutes and then flew her to Children’s
   began in Little Rock on one terrifying — yet miraculous —       Hospital.
   day.                                                                The day Catherine was transported to
        Catherine began fighting for her life immediately after    Arkansas Children’s Hospital was a turning point
   birth and was diagnosed with Pierre Robin Sequence (PRS).       in her life and ours.
   PRS is a combination of birth defects that usually include a        At ACH, Catherine was under the care of
   small lower jaw, cleft palate and a tendency for the tongue     top-notch doctors who knew how to treat the
   to “ball up” in the back of the mouth. We were told chil-       specific problems of children. On New Year’s
   dren who are born with PRS can be affected differently, but     Day, our baby girl underwent surgery to have a
   the primary complication is in the conflict between the two     tube placed in her trachea to help her breathe
   essential needs of breathing and eating.                        freely. We were told by her surgeon that, with
        Several days after Catherine’s birth, we were discharged   time, her jaw and airway would grow so she
   from the local hospital and were unsure of what lay before      would be able to breathe and eat at the same
   us on the road ahead. It was around the holidays, so we         time without the help of a trach.
   tried to enjoy Christmas at home with our 3-year-old daugh-         For nearly two weeks, our family was trained
   ter, Caroline, and newborn Catherine. A terrible ice storm      by doctors and nurses at Children’s Hospital on
   hit northwest Arkansas on Christmas day, and our electricity    how to care for and feed a child with Catherine’s
   went off and stayed off for three days. We held and played      condition. The training was so important for our
   with Catherine by candlelight, and during those dark and        family to feel confident in going back home.
   cold days, she became more and more difficult to feed. She          At 9 months, Catherine had surgery to repair
   was struggling to breathe while trying to drink each bottle,    her cleft palate, and at 11 months, her trach was
   and soon it became difficult for Catherine to breathe at all.   removed. When she took her first breath without
        Scared and confused, we took her to the local emer-        the trach, we all cheered and celebrated. We will
   gency room, where we were told we would need to send            never forget that moment!
   her to Arkansas Children’s Hospital. We were told a heli-           Catherine is now almost 6 years old. She
   copter would take her there so she could get the medical        enjoys soccer and piano and wants to help sick
   care she needed. Much to our dismay, we soon learned that       dogs when she grows up.
   the helicopters could not fly in the icy weather conditions          You never know when you or someone you
   and we would have to wait for the weather to pass. After        love will be touched by Arkansas Children’s
   24 hours of waiting, and several unsuccessful attempts at       Hospital. It is truly a place of care, love and
   intubation to help Catherine breathe, we were panicked. It      hope, where miracles happen every day.
   was then that our miracle came.
        We were notified that an icy runway at Rogers Airport      *Catherine Hornor designed one of the 2006
   had been cleared for baby Catherine, and a medical air-         cards for the ACH Auxiliary Holiday Card Project
   plane was able to fly to Little Rock and pick up a medical      (see page 15).
   team, including Dr. Sunny Anand, a physician in the
   pediatric intensive care unit at ACH. They all traveled back           — Story republished with permission from Soiree magazine.

      Miracle Month

                                                                              A month-long series of events in

    Celebrating Miracles...                                                   November and December will help staff,
                                                                              donors, patients and families celebrate
                                                                              the season and the miraculous health
                                                                              care that happens at ACH.

       E     very day at ACH, there are miracle stories — stories in
    which a child no one thought would survive, does. No one expect-
                                                                                 Children’s Miracle Network “Light a Miracle Tree”
                                                                                                    Month of December
    ed 13-year-old Sarah Carney to live, but as you can read on page              CMN national sponsor locations throughout Arkansas, such as
    8, she did and is thriving. A miracle? Her family thinks so, and          Wal-Mart and SAM’S CLUBS, will be selling tree light paper icons
    that’s what matters most. Sarah’s father, Kelly, gave us his take on      for a $1 donation. For every miracle light icon sold, a light will
    miracles:                                                                 be lit on our Miracle Tree.
        “Miracles don’t just happen. You have to set an environment —
    leverage everything to the max — to be sure that a miracle can                              ACH Auxiliary Miracle Ball
    happen, and Arkansas Children’s Hospital is excellent at that.”                                December 2, 6:30 p.m.
        The word “miracle” can have different meanings for different              This inaugural black-tie ball, presented by the ACH Auxiliary,
    people, but like Kelly Carney, we think of miracles happening             will be held on the ACH campus and will feature a cocktail hour,
    in health care when a blend of science, skill, persistent dedication      live and silent auctions, a gourmet dinner and entertainment by
    — and sometimes great fortune — comes together. We also don’t             Hunter Sullivan and his Swing Band. This event is sold out.
    underestimate the role of family and faith, and ACH has an envi-
    ronment supportive of those elements as well.                                   Breakfast with Santa •December 9, 8-1 a.m.        1
        It is in the spirit of taking time to celebrate these miracles that       Committee for the Future is presenting this first-time event,
    the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation is marking the holiday        held on the ACH campus. Children will enjoy pancakes made
    season with a series of events in November and December. We               and served by Little Rock firemen, photos with Santa, music,
    celebrate the miraculous health care that occurs every day on             games and crafts. Tickets are $10 per person. For tickets or more
    behalf of the children of Arkansas and invite our friends and             information, call 501-364-1250.
    family to join us.
                                                                                     Festival of Stars Toy Drive • December 14-16
                                                                                 Arkansans are encouraged to bring toy donations to ACH dur-
         Miracle Month Events & Activities                                    ing three days of Festival of Stars. See page 9 for times and more
                                                                              details, or visit the ACH Volunteer Opportunities page at
             Holiday Card Project • October-December                 and click on the Festival of Stars logo.
       The ACH Auxiliary sells patient-designed holiday cards as a
    fundraiser. See page 15 of this magazine for more details, or visit                      Miracle Makers • Year round
    the website at and click on the holiday card             The Miracle Makers program is a year-round effort, but this
    icon. If your child/grandchild, etc. has been a patient at ACH and        season offers a perfect opportunity to become a Miracle Maker
    would like to submit artwork for consideration for next year’s            and help keep miracles happening at ACH. Miracle Makers
    project, please call 501-364-1420, or mail submission(s) to: Holiday      pledge to give a monthly donation, either through credit card or
    Card Project, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation, 800                electronic funds transfer. Call 501-364-1477 for more information
    Marshall Street, Slot 661, Little Rock, AR 72202.                         or visit and click on the “Donate Now” icon.

    Playaway Gift Shop “Purchase a Miracle” and Holiday
        Card Artist Reception • November 14, 5-8 p.m.                                WAYS YOU CAN HELP
        (or shop the Playaway Gift Shop all season to benefit ACH patients)
                                                                                 During this holiday season, there are ways you can help
       The Playaway Gift Shop in the ACH lobby is a fundraising
                                                                              celebrate and continue the miracles at ACH:
    endeavor of the ACH Auxiliary, with 100 percent of net proceeds
                                                                                  • Bring toys during Festival of Stars.
    benefiting the hospital. The Auxiliary will kick off the holiday
                                                                                  • Attend a Miracle Month event.
    shopping season and honor the holiday card artists at this event.
                                                                                  • Purchase your family’s or company’s holiday cards from the
    Call the gift shop at 501-364-1209 for hours.
                                                                                    Auxiliary’s Holiday Card Project.
                                                                                  • “Purchase a Miracle” at the Playaway Gift Shop this holiday
                                                                                  • Become a Miracle Maker monthly donor.
                                                                                  • Share this information with co-workers, friends and family.

  Retired Medical Director with
  Rich History Supports ACH
  through Life Insurance Policy
  ■ Alyssa Anderson

  I  t is often said that Arkansas Children’s Hospital is a place where mira-
  cles happen every day. No one knows the truth to that statement better
                                                                                Retired Medical Director Dr. Betty Lowe
                                                                                says “something good happened every
                                                                                day” while she was at ACH.
  than Dr. Betty Lowe, former medical director and current financial con-
  tributor to the hospital.
       Dr. Lowe experienced — and helped make happen — the “miracle”                  During the dinner, Dr. Waddell, a pediatrician
  of the hospital’s transformation from a tiny facility with 45 beds and less   in Fort Smith, invited Lowe to spend the day in
  than 10 doctors to the world-class facility it has become today. Her pas-     her practice. Lowe took Waddell up on the offer,
  sion for Arkansas Children’s Hospital is the reason she continues to give     and that trip helped her make the decision to
  her time and money today, despite her retirement in 2002.                     attend medical school. A passionate teacher in
       “It’s just an outstanding place, and it truly does contribute,” Lowe     medical school, Dr. Katie Dodd, was responsible
  says of the hospital.                                                         for Lowe’s specific interest in pediatrics.
       Lowe completed medical school at the University of Arkansas for                She says she has never regretted her decision
  Medical Sciences in 1956 and went to Children’s Medical Center in             to go into medicine.
  Boston for her pediatric residency. She returned to Arkansas in 1959 as             “I loved it,” Lowe says of her career as a
  chief resident for her fourth year of residency and then practiced general    pediatrician. “I have always thoroughly enjoyed
  pediatrics in private practice for several years. In 1975, she returned to    what I was doing, whether it was in private prac-
  UAMS as director of education at Arkansas Children’s Hospital and then        tice or at Children’s Hospital.”
  served as medical director from 1976 until her retirement in 2002.                  In addition to her rich history as a physician
       Lowe was at Children’s Hospital in the 1970s when former CEO             and administrator, Lowe also supports ACH finan-
  Leland McGinnis had the dream of building an up-to-date hospital. She         cially. Not only has she made numerous cash
  was medical director when the ACH campus began really developing,             gifts, but she also has donated two life insurance
  and she continued teaching and practicing medicine while serving in the       policies. With the most recent life insurance gifts,
  administrative position. Her influential role in the growth of the hospital   Lowe made Children’s Hospital the beneficiary of
  is undeniable, but she is quick to recognize others for the roles they        her policy and also receives tax credit for paying
  have played in her success and the hospital’s success.                        the premium on her policy each year. She says
       “I have to admit, I owe a lot to my parents,” she says.                  it’s an affordable donation and will be a good
       Lowe’s parents were school teachers, and they liked working in small     return on her money in the long run.
  schools. They moved every two or three years until Lowe was in high                 Lowe says she gives back to the hospital
  school, when they finally found a permanent home in Fourche Valley.           because it feels right.
       “Both of my parents were good teachers, but my mother was superb               “I have been able to achieve an occupation
  in her support of kids. She insisted that all children could do well —        that I truly loved and enjoyed my entire life, plus
  would do well — and then helped them in any way she could.”                   a reasonable level of financial comfort,” Lowe
       It was expected that Lowe and her three siblings would go to col-        says. “You get to the point where you say to
  lege, but it was up to them to decide what to do after they got there.        yourself that you’d like to give back. It’s only
  Lowe took many different classes her freshman year, but becoming a            fair.”
  member of the pre-med club was a turning point.                                     She encourages others who might be think-
      “Three lady physicians, Dr. Ruth Lesh, Dr. Louise Henry and Dr. Pearl     ing about supporting the hospital to evaluate it
  Waddell, had a special dinner for all the women on the University of          like they would any charity. She says they should
  Arkansas campus who perhaps might be interested in medicine,” Lowe            become interested and knowledgeable so they
  remembers. “We all went — all seven or eight of us! They were such            truly understand what the hospital contributes to
  pleasant people, and these women were obviously doing something they          the health of children in Arkansas.
  thoroughly enjoyed.”


      Where Miracles Begin
      Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute
      and Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center
      Celebrate Expansion and Progress                                        Former Arkansas Governor and U.S. Senator Dale
                                                                              Bumpers was the keynote speaker at the dedication

      T   he Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI)
      and Arkansas Children’s Nutrition Center (ACNC) celebrated the
                                                                              ceremonies for the expansion project for the Arkansas
                                                                              Children’s Hospital Research Institute and Arkansas
                                                                              Children’s Nutrition Center.
      expansion of their facilities at an open house on October 27.
      Employees, board members and special guests gathered to dedi-          their communities through health promotion, outcomes, services
      cate the new space and celebrate the progress and future of the        and prevention research; identifying the link between obesity
      two institutions.                                                      and breast cancer; developing strategies to prevent childhood
          “Finding new and better ways to improve children’s health          obesity; and improving the lives of children with allergic and
      through biomedical research is the goal of all investigators at        respiratory disorders. Researchers at ACNC are investigating
      ACHRI. Biomedical research is the cornerstone of these health          how diet and dietary factors that optimize nutritional status pro-
      and medical care advances,” said Richard Jacobs,* M.D., ACHRI          mote development and health of children from conception
      president, during the ceremony. “We have long had a slogan             though adolescence, maximize their health as adults and pre-
      that Arkansas Children's Hospital is a place where miracles hap-       vent disease.
      pen every day, and research is where miracles begin.”                      The expansion of ACHRI and ACNC totals approximately
          Former Governor of Arkansas and U.S. Senator Dale Bumpers          54,000 square feet. In concert with its expansion, ACHRI
      participated in the dedication ceremonies.                             renovated second-floor research spaces of the original research
          “Dale Bumpers and his wife, Betty, have long been friends of       building for additional investigators to locate to the ACH cam-
      children and of children’s health care,” said Dr. Jacobs in his        pus. The new ACHRI and ACNC facilities will allow for the
      introduction of Bumpers. “As governor, Mr. Bumpers was                 expansion of existing research programs, development of new
      focused on children’s health care and helped ensure that               programs and recruitment of new faculty.
      Medicaid was available to Arkansas children, and as a senator,             The new large and open laboratory spaces at ACNC will be
      when he was chairman of the Agriculture Appropriations                 shared by multiple researchers, maximizing opportunities for
      Subcommittee, he played a key role in designating the ACNC as          communication and collaboration.
      a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) nutrition center.”                 “The openness is an important element because it means our
          The ACH board established ACHRI in 1989, and ACH official-         researchers see each other more,” said Thomas Badger,* Ph.D.,
      ly opened ACHRI on its campus in 1992. ACHRI provides an on-           director of ACNC. “In addition, we have designed the spaces to
      site research environment for the University of Arkansas for           be more functional, which allow us to do things in a more effi-
      Medical Sciences faculty serving as physicians at the hospital.        cient way than we could before.”
      The establishment of ACHRI created an atmosphere conducive                 With the latest expansion, the total space on the ACH cam-
      to collaboration and nurturing of interdisciplinary research           pus dedicated to pediatric research is more than 160,000 square
      teams.                                                                 feet.
          In 1995, the Agricultural Research Service, the chief scientific       Today, more than 100 pediatric researchers with expertise
      research agency of the USDA, established its sixth National            and experience that span the breadth of medical disciplines
      Human Nutrition Center, the Arkansas Children’s Nutrition              comprise the institute’s roster of investigators. The grant rev-
      Center, on the campus of ACH. The ACNC building was the first          enue of their research was $18.6 million for fiscal year 2006, of
      expansion of ACHRI. Unlike other USDA nutrition centers, the           which $11.6 million was obtained from federal sources.
      ACNC research facilities were not built with federal appropria-            “Research is about pursuing discovery and asking questions,”
      tions but with private contributions raised by the Arkansas            said Dr. Jacobs in closing. “There are three virtues that power
      Children’s Hospital Foundation.                                        us in our search — unbridled curiosity, imagination and explo-
         “In this day and time, a state cannot prosper without               ration — and these virtues are evidenced everywhere in this
      research,” said Bumpers. “This celebration of the research that        building. We are pursuing answers to questions that will make
      has been taking place and will take place is an important mile-        children happy and healthy.”
      stone and point of pride for Arkansas.”
          Research programs at ACHRI are investigating the biological          *Richard Jacobs, M.D., F.A.A.P., is president of ACHRI, physician in
      mechanisms underlying diabetes-related complications; decreas-         pediatric infectious disease at ACH, Horace C. Cabe Professor of
                                                                             Pediatrics and interim chairman of the department of pediatrics at
      ing the prevalence and impact of birth defects in Arkansas and         UAMS College of Medicine.
      throughout the nation; testing medications to develop the appro-         *Thomas Badger, Ph.D., is director of ACNC and professor of physiol-
      priate dosages; improving the health of children, families and         ogy/biophysics at UAMS College of Medicine.


    Two Physicians in Two Weeks Honored with Endowed Chairs
    ■ Alyssa Anderson

    I  n two investiture ceremonies in
    two weeks, Dr. Charles Bower,*
                                                                                                              Bower called Seibert a phe-
                                                                                                         nomenal person, a true
                                                                                                         Renaissance man, a gentleman and
    chief of pediatric otolaryngology at                                                                 an expert in everything he touch-
    Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and                                                                    es. “He’s the one we ought to
    Dr. Robert Jaquiss,* chief of pedi-                                                                  honor today,” Bower said.
    atric cardiothoracic surgery at ACH,                                                                      The James H. Hamlen,
    were honored as distinguished                                                                        II/Robert Seibert, M.D. Endowed
    endowed chairholders by ACH and                                                                      Chair in Pediatric Otolaryngology
    the University of Arkansas for                                                                       was made possible by a bequest
    Medical Sciences (UAMS).                                                                             from Little Rock businessman
         “I feel like we do this every        Dr. Robert Jaquiss (middle), poses with a group of James H. Hamlen, II. Hamlen’s
    Thursday,” joked UAMS chancellor          Log A Load volunteers who helped make possible             interest in ACH began many years
    Dr. I. Dodd Wilson before a large         the Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery Endowed               ago when the daughter of one of
    crowd in Chairman’s Hall.                 Chair. Pictured, from left, are: Susan Glaze, Holley his employees received surgery at
         Bower was honored with the           Wilson, Harrell Wilson, Grant Pace, Jaquiss, Kip           the hospital. Her surgery was per-
    James H. Hamlen, II/Robert Seibert,       Queathem, Gay Pace, Kelly Robbins, Ritchie                 formed by Seibert, the physician
    M.D. Endowed Chair in Pediatric           Shields and Anna Swaim.                                    who built the ear, nose and throat
    Otolaryngology on October 19, and                                                                     program at ACH and who has
    Jaquiss was invested as holder of                                                                     been a teacher and mentor to
    the Log A Load For Kids Endowed                                                                       many ENT students.
    Chair in Pediatric Cardiovascular                                                                         A very different kind of donor
    Surgery on October 26.                                                                                funded the Endowed Chair in
         “There’s no greater illustration                                                                 Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery,
    of respect than to entrust the care                                                                   which was presented to Jaquiss on
    of your own child to someone,”                                                                        October 26. Log A Load for Kids is
    said Dr. Debra Fiser, dean of the                                                                     a group of loggers and forestry
    UAMS College of Medicine, during                                                                      professionals who work together
    Bower’s investiture ceremony. “Dr.                                                                    to raise money for patients at
    Bower operated on my daughter                                                                         ACH.
    this summer, which I think says                                                                           During the investiture ceremo-
                                              Dr. Robert Seibert (left), congratulates Dr. Charles       ny, Anna Swaim, Arkansas Forestry
    more than anything else I might           Bower on his honor as the holder of the James H. Association communications direc-
    say.”                                     Hamlen, II/Robert Siebert, M.D. Endowed Chair.
         Dr. James Suen, chairman of                                                                     tor, spoke of the similarities
    otolaryngology/head and neck sur-                                                                    between forestry professionals and
    gery at UAMS, spoke of Bower’s residency 25 years ago.                                               the medical professionals at ACH.
         “We’ve had some outstanding residents come through,”                  “These are all highly trained and skilled people,” Swaim
    Suen began. “When I operate, I’m always trying to think                began. “They use high tech, expensive equipment, and they
    ahead, and residents are usually two to three steps behind             work with complex natural systems. And more than anything,
    me. Chuck impressed me because he was one of the few                   they’re taking care of children. Log A Load volunteers and
    residents who was almost always ahead of me. That was a                donors believe that supporting Arkansas Children’s Hospital is
    tremendous asset.”                                                     an investment with the highest rate of return, and that’s why
         Suen also spoke of Dr. Robert Seibert, retired chief of           we were eager to fund this endowment.”
    pediatric ear, nose and throat at ACH and for whom the                     Jaquiss, who came to ACH from the Children’s Hospital of
    endowed chair is partially named.                                      Wisconsin in November 2005, took a moment during the
         “Dr. Seibert is a jewel,” Suen said. “While at ACH, he            investiture ceremony to remember Dr. Jonathan Drummond-
    was known throughout the country for cleft lips and palates,           Webb, former holder of the Log A Load Chair who passed
    and we had many fellows who wanted to come here and                    away in December 2004.
    train under him.”                                                                             Continued on page 13


    Granddaughter’s Miracle
    Inspires Couple to Support ACH
    ■ Alyssa Anderson

    B      etta Carney believes in miracles. A little over three
    years ago, her granddaughter Sarah’s life was saved by
    Arkansas Children’s Hospital, and today she and her hus-
    band support the hospital financially so that others may
    experience a miracle, too.
        “You just don’t get the full impact of what happens at     Betta Carney (left) and her granddaughter Sarah go
    Arkansas Children’s Hospital until you experience it first-    through a binder with all the letters and photos from
    hand,” Carney says. “You feel a bonding with the hospital      Sarah’s stay at ACH. Sarah’s experience led to Betta’s
    as you meet other families and see what goes on all the        financial support of the hospital.
    time. We were fortunate because we were blessed — it was
    meant to be, in my opinion.”
        At age 13, Sarah Carney suffered an anoxic injury after    school, hanging out with friends and playing her saxo-
    losing oxygen for eight to 10 minutes. She was rushed to       phone. Sarah’s future goal is to get her doctorate in
    the emergency room in Jacksonville and then immediately        physical therapy and work at ACH one day.
    transported to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where doctors          “Sarah’s life was saved, but miracles don’t just hap-
    kept her in an induced coma and kept her body tempera-         pen,” says her dad, Kelly Carney. “You have to set an
    ture very cold for several days to help prevent brain          environment — leverage everything to the max — to be
    swelling.                                                      sure that a miracle can happen, and Arkansas Children’s
        No one expected her to live. Dozens of relatives rushed    Hospital is excellent at that. When you’re a father search-
    to her side.                                                   ing for a miracle, it’s really nice to know that the deck is
        “I think, at one time, we had about 28 family members      stacked in your favor.”
    in the intensive care unit waiting room,” Betta Carney              Because of Sarah’s experience, Betta Carney and her
    remembers.                                                     husband, Pat Ferry, recently chose to make Arkansas
        After a few weeks, Sarah had made it through the dan-      Children’s Hospital the beneficiary of a charitable
    ger zone as far as her life was concerned, but she wasn’t      remainder trust (CRT). A CRT is an arrangement in
    living just yet. She spent two months at Arkansas Children’s   which money, securities or other assets are transferred to
    Hospital doing speech, occupational and physical therapy,      a trust that will then pay the donor an income for life or
    and then six months at Timber Ridge Ranch in Benton.           for a period of years. The trust can also pay an income
         “She had to relearn everything,” says Sarah’s mom, Lisa   to another beneficiary of the donor’s chooing, At the
    Holloway-Sugg. “It was a slow process, but you could see       death of the surviving beneficiary, the remaining princi-
    her improving all the time.”                                   pal in the trust goes to a charity like ACH.
         There were small victories along the way, such as the          “We wanted to do something that would honor Sarah
    time Betta reached up to change the channel on the televi-     and the good work that’s been done at Children’s,”
    sion and Sarah said, “don’t change that,” and the time         Carney says. “I took some proceeds from the sale of my
    Sarah’s mom rolled her up to a computer in the waiting         company, World Wide Travel Service, to fund the trust.
    room and she typed in the Hotmail web address.                 Because I had been fortunate in my career, I thought,
         “She wanted to check her e-mail,” Holloway-Sugg           what better thing to do than to support the hospital.”
    laughs. “This was before she was really speaking or any-            Carney says she would encourage others to also
    thing.”                                                        think about giving their time and money to Arkansas
         Today, Sarah is 17 years old, and although her physical   Children’s Hospital.
    therapy is ongoing and she still visits Arkansas Children’s         “They should think of their families and the fact that
    Hospital once a year for check-ups, she basically lives the    we have a place like this in Little Rock,” Carney says.
    life of a normal teenager. She enjoys listening to music,      “And if anything happens, hopefully a miracle will hap-
    watching television, playing on the Internet, going to         pen for them as well.”


      ACH Named One of America’s Best
      Pediatric Hospitals by U.S. News &                                                          Back
      World Report Two Years in a Row                                                                      ack!

      F  or the second year in a row,
      Arkansas Children’s Hospital has
                                                                       “We have one focus and that focus is on our patients
                                                                    and their families,” says Jonathan Bates, M.D., president
      been nationally recognized as one of                           and CEO of ACH. “From our medical staff to the greeters
      the top children’s hospitals in America.                        at every entrance of our hospital, we strive to make every
          According to U.S. News & World                               moment of the hospital experience one that is safe, posi-
      Report’s “Amerca’s Best Hospitals” edi-                          tive and as kid-friendly as it can be. We are certainly
      tion, ACH was ranked among the top 25                             honored to be recognized for our efforts and know they
      pediatric hospitals in the country.                       are important in making a difference in public health.”

                                                                        Toy Donation Drive Aims to Make
                                                                        Spirits Brighter for ACH Patients
                                                                        During the Holidays

      Three days indates for holiday toy donations to ACH.
      nated drop-off
                     December have been set aside as desig-          Any business, organization or person can help make
                                                                  the season a little brighter for patients in the hospital
      Festival of Stars will be held December 14-16 in ACH’s      during the holidays by donating toys from ACH’s holi-
      main lobby. Musical performances                                                         day wish list. Items on the
      in the lobby will be scheduled                                                           list include: bubbles, hand-
      each day of Festival of Stars, and                                                       held games, dolls, art sets,
      volunteers will be on hand to                                                            card games, coloring books,
      assist donors.                                                                           board games, journals, dis-
          “We wanted to designate spe-        Festival of Stars Schedule posable cameras, stacking
      cific days and times for holiday                                                         rings, batteries and many
      toy donations so we could have a                Thursday, December 14                    other things. For a more
      fun, festive atmosphere for                          10 a.m.-4 p.m.                      detailed list, click on the
      donors, and so we could ensure                                                           Festival of Stars logo on the
      that we have plenty of volunteers                                                        volunteer page at
                                                        Friday, December 15           or call
      on hand to help out with the
                                                           10 a.m.-7 p.m.                      501-364-1825.
      unloading and storing of dona-
      tions,” says Robin Armstrong,
      director of volunteer services.                 Saturday, December 16
                                                           9 a.m.-12 p.m.


     Will Golf 4 Kids
     In Two Days, Golfers Made Great Progress
     Toward Fulfilling a Promise to Raise
     $1.5 Million for Transport Endowment
                                                                       Mike Sewell (left) and Mike White (right), co-chairs

     T    he 13th annual Will Golf 4 Kids event was held August
     23-24. Approximately 900 golfers converged in Bella Vista from
                                                                       of the Will Golf 4 Kids committee, were joined by
                                                                       former Dallas Cowboys player Emmitt Smith and
                                                                       former ACH cancer patient Abby Grant for the
     all over the country.                                             check presentation of $560,000 to ACH.
         The speakers for the Wednesday evening celebration dinner
     were the Grant family from Rogers. Abby, age 10, was joined           Will Golf 4 Kids raised nearly $560,000 this year, and
     on the stage by her parents, Dale and Joanie. Dale Grant          proceeds will go toward the group’s three-year pledge
     shared the story of their family’s experience at ACH during       to raise $1.5 million for the Angel One Transport
     Abby’s treatment for cancer.                                      endowment.
         The other special guest for the evening was former Dallas         Will Golf 4 Kids is organized by a volunteer commit-
     Cowboys player Emmitt Smith. Smith assisted with the live auc-    tee of Wal-Mart vendor and supplier representatives who
     tion, which included several items he donated to the event.       work year round to plan the event.

                                                                                      Will Golf 4 Kids chair Mike White,
                                                                                      auctioneer Gary Cooper and
                                                                                      former Dallas Cowboy Emmitt
                                                                                      Smith were a blur of movement
                                                                                      as they encouraged the flurry
                                                                                      of bids for an Emmitt Smith
                                                                                      autographed jersey and football.

         Log A Load For Kids Raises $150,000 in Recent Events
         T  wo recent fish fry and auc-
         tion events, organized by the
                                                                                    raise funds for local children’s
                                                                                    hospitals associated with the
         Central Arkansas and                                                       Children’s Miracle Network. For the
         Monticello Log A Load chap-                                                last two years, Arkansas has been
         ters, and a golf tournament                                                the highest fundraising state in the
         coordinated by the                                                         program.
         Glenwood chapter, raised                                                       Since 1993, the Arkansas Log A
         $150,000 for ACH.                                                          Load group has raised more than
             Log A Load is currently                                                $3.3 million for programs at ACH,
         raising funds toward a $1                                                  including transport endowment and
         million pledge to support the    One of the highlights of most Log A       funding of the Log A Load For Kids
         imaging/MRI program.             Load events is the auction of loads of    Endowed Chair in Pediatric
             Log A Load is a national     logs donated by logging companies.        Cardiovascular Surgery. Dr. Robert
         giving program that brings       Truckloads of logs are a very visual      Jaquiss became the second holder
         together loggers and other       symbol at almost all Log A Load events.   of that chair on October 26 (see
         forest products people to                                                  story page 7).


   Camp Wannaplay
   Newly Renovated Playroom Allows Patients to
   Temporarily Leave the Reality of Being in the Hospital

   A    t some point in time everyone, regardless of age or
   circumstance, needs an escape to a happier place; a
                                                                      The high-tech aspects of the area include a movie
                                                                   screen and projector, 32-inch TV screens, computers,
   place that is secluded and safe, where they are free to         X Box 360s and a DVD/CD player.
   relax. At ACH, that place is one of the many playrooms             The project was made possible, in part, with help
   scattered throughout the hospital. The main playroom,           from the Elf Foundation, a non-profit organization
   located on the third floor, recently was renovated and          founded in 2001 and based in Hollywood, Calif., with a
   dubbed “Camp Wannaplay.”                                        mission of creating rooms of magic for patients at chil-
       Designers, following the hospital-wide theme of             dren’s hospitals across America.
   “Arkansas — The Natural State,” transformed the play               “In 2002, I read an article about the Elf Foundation
   area into a campground. The decor features two over-            and its mission in an audio/video magazine, and I
   sized artificial oak trees; murals depicting baby animals in    knew that I had to make this happen at Arkansas
   a woodland setting; flooring in a pond theme that               Children’s Hospital,” said Jon-Claude Jenkins, project
   includes laminate frogs, fish, turtles and lily pads; craft     coordinator and independent volunteer for the project.
   tables and chairs resembling tree trunks; and a fishing            Those involved say it is gratifying to see how a
   boat sensory table. Patients and their families can spend       simple change in environment can affect a child’s
   time together watching movies on the 8-foot movie               behavior, attitude and outlook, and they hope they
   screen that drops down from the ceiling, take part in arts      have contributed to a happier visit and a more positive
   and craft projects, read books in the hideaway tree space       outcome for all of the children who visit this playroom.
   and many other activities.                                         Other contributors to Camp Wannaplay include the
       “Sometimes the best medicine for a child is to simply       John Boyd Family Endowment for Child Life, Cromwell
   let them be a child,” says Gloriane Kabat, director of the      Architects, Custom Audio and Video, and Nabholz
   child life and education department at ACH. “Camp               Construction.
   Wannaplay gives children the feeling of a magical wood-
   land experience and helps them forget they’re in the hos-

       Flakes Donate $1 Million to ACH
        K     aren and John Flake announced in September
        a gift of $1 million to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.
                                                                  serve children and their families. This marvelous gift
                                                                  will help speed this work along, and we certainly
            John Flake is a real estate developer, and Karen      will need space to house those services.”
        Flake is the chief executive officer of a marketing           The Flakes maintain residences in both Little Rock
        research firm.                                            and Fayetteville.
            The $1 million gift to ACH is designated toward           “We knew that Arkansas Children’s Hospital had
        development of an Arkansas Children’s Hospital            interest in serving northwest Arkansas, and we want-
        facility in northwest Arkansas.                           ed to provide them with some assistance in reaching
            “The hospital is currently working with medical       their objective,” says John Flake.
        and community leaders in northwest Arkansas to                “We are grateful for the support of Karen and
        determine what pediatric services are needed and          John Flake and their foresightedness in anticipating
        how best to provide such services,” says Jonathan         future needs for pediatric services in the fastest grow-
        Bates, M.D., president and CEO of ACH. “These             ing part of Arkansas,” says Bates.
        collaborative efforts are focused on how to best


     Circle of Friends
       Circle of Friends events held August-October, 2006.

                                 Special Events
          • Northwest Arkansas, “You’ve Been Suckered”
              Campaign, $23,000
          • Faulkner County, Stargazers Ball, $6,000
          • Spring River, Fall Festival, $22,000
          • Paragould, Radiothon with 107.1 The Ridge, $13,000
          • Paragould, Kampaign for Kids, $10,435
                                                                              Patient Jessica Easley and Maggie, a
                                 Phone Phrenzy                                Great Dane, were two of the guests at
           Phone Phrenzy is an event organized by Circle of Friends chap-     the T.A.I.L.S. fifth birthday party.
       ters. Volunteers gather for an evening of food, fun and phoning on
       behalf of the patients at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. All callers
       are encouraged to contact only friends and family — no cold call-
       ing is allowed.                                                        A Tail-Wagging
           • Lawrence County, $10,000

                              Kids Caring for Kids
          Through the Kids Caring for Kids program, students may partic-
                                                                              Good Time
       ipate in fundraising events that combine learning math, spelling
       and reading along with the value of helping others. Other activities
       include trike-, bike- or walk-a-thons or multi-school challenge
                                                                              T  he Child Life and Education depart-
                                                                              ment at ACH just celebrated the fifth
       events. Circle of Friends chapters work with schools in their com-     birthday of its animal assisted therapy
       munities to organize these programs.                                   program at ACH, also known as
          • Jonesboro Circle of Friends University Heights Elementary         T.A.I.L.S. (Therapeutic Animal
            School Walk-a-thon, $3,959                                        Interventions Lift Spirits). Since the
                                                                              program began, 22 certified dogs have
           Circle of Friends members work to promote children’s health        taken part in the program, helping to
       through education, advocacy and fundraising for Arkansas               brighten patients’ days at ACH as well
       Children's Hospital, the state’s only pediatric medical facility.      as assist in their therapy. All participat-
       Circle of Friends chapters are scattered all over Arkansas. If you     ing dogs are specially trained and
       are interested in joining a group, please contact Anne Mcmains         certified through the Delta Society.
       at 501-364-5307 or                          Each Tuesday and Wednesday, a
                                                                              pre-selected dog and his or her trainer
     Some of the children of                                                  visit the hospital and participate in
     Northwest Arkansas Circle                                                group sessions. Patients can also
     of Friends members got                                                   receive one-on-one visits in their
     together to give thanks to                                               rooms.
     those who donated $23,000                                                    Patients, staff, T.A.I.L.S. trainers and
     through the “You’ve Been                                                 several dogs recently gathered in one
     Suckered” campaign. Front                                                of the hospital’s playrooms for a big
     row (from left): Ty Smith                                                birthday celebration. Patients made
     and Jake Scott. Back row                                                 dog biscuits for the dogs, and the
     (from left): Ella Garland,                                               humans enjoyed cake.
     Parker Blakey, Emma
     Smith, Claire Scott, Emily
     Furlow and Davis Blakey.

Castaways & Golfers
Gather for Fun
and Fundraising                                                                  Committee for the Future president, Bryan
                                                                                 Hill (left), and golf classic chair, Steven
                                                                                 Ransdell, welcomed guests to the pre-tourna-

R     evelers dressed in island attire enjoyed the annual Castaways
Party on Sunday, September 10, at Pleasant Valley Country Club in
                                                                                 ment Castaways Party.

Little Rock. The party was a prelude to the Arkansas Children’s
Hospital Classic, presented by Committee for the Future.
    The golf tournament was held the Monday following the party.
    The Classic was supported by headline sponsors Isle of Capri
Casino, Nabholz Construction and Windstream Communications.
Steven Ransdell and James Harkins co-chaired the Classic commit-
tee, and Katie Ransdell and Heather Harris co-chaired the
Castaways committee.
    The two combined events netted more than $68,500 for ACH.
Committee for the Future is committing its 2006-07 fundraising
efforts to support the dental clinic, the simulation center, the
Research Institute and the group’s endowment fund.
    Committee for the Future is a group of young professionals and
community leaders from central Arkansas who support the hospital
through fundraising and awareness projects. If you are interested                One of the Isle of Capri teams enjoyed the
in more information about this group, please contact Carissa                     benefits of sponsorship — a round of golf
Wagnon at 501-364-1250.                                                          for a great cause.

 Continued from page 7

     “Dr. Drummond-Webb was a remarkable surgeon, a charis-             An endowed chair creates a fund that is set aside in per-
matic individual and I think an inspiring leader for the people    petuity with the earnings dedicated to the support of the
who worked with him and for him,” Jaquiss began. “I’m grate-       chairholder. It is the highest honor bestowed upon distin-
ful for the standard of excellence he brought to the surgical      guished faculty members at ACH and UAMS, and the practice
part of the institution and the very high bar he set for himself   is steeped in history. The first named chair was established in
and the people around him. I’m also grateful for some recruit-     England in 1502, when Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of the
ing he did, and by that I mean my partner, Dr. Michiaki            Earl of Richmond (by then Henry VII) donated the Lady
Imamura. He is among the most talented pediatric heart sur-        Margaret Professorship of Divinity to Cambridge. The first
geons in the world.”                                               endowed chair in America was established at Harvard
    Jaquiss also spoke of his entire heart team and said he is     University 50 years before the American Revolution. Arkansas
very fortunate to be surrounded by such excellent people.          Children’s Hospital established its first endowed chair in 1993,
     His friend and colleague Dr. David Bichell, chief of pedi-    and today that number has increased to 19.
atric cardiac surgery at Vanderbilt University, Monroe Carell
                                                                       * Charles M. Bower, M.D., is chief of pediatric otolaryngology at ACH
Children’s Hospital, said of Jaquiss, “You are awarding this
                                                                   and associate professor and vice chairman of otolaryngology-head and
chair to someone who I can assure you is not just going to sit     neck surgery, UAMS College of Medicine.
in it, but someone who’s really going to be an extraordinary          * Robert D.B. “Jake” Jaquiss, M.D., is chief of the pediatric cardiovascu-
advantage to this program and to this place.”                      lar surgery program at ACH and professor of surgery, UAMS College of


                      Thanks to You!
                                                                 The following individuals, businesses, foundations and
                                                                 organizations held fundraising events or made special
                                                                 gifts to benefit Arkansas Children’s Hospital during the
                                                                 last quarter. The time, talents and true acts of generos-
                                                                 ity from these special people help us in our mission to
                                                                 provide care, love and hope to patients and families.

     Air Transport International raised $32,000 at its         The Helena Health Foundation made a grant of
     annual golf tournament held at Greystone Country          $50,000 to support the exceptional needs program within
     Club in Cabot.                                            the hospital’s social work department.

     Amy’s Angels is a group recently formed by Evette         The 12th annual JM Products Invitational Charity
     Brady and family to raise money for the kidney pro-       Golf Classic was held September 18 at the Hot Springs
     gram at ACH. Amy’s Angels was formed in memory of         Country Club and raised $22,000.
     Brady’s niece, Amy Daniels-Farver, who was a kidney
     patient at ACH. The group hopes to raise $100,000         Rainbows for Kids was a first-time event organized and
     over the next year with various fundraising activities.   sponsored by The Little Red Fly Shop in Heber Springs.
     To date, $20,000 has been raised. A dinner and recep-     The event, held in August, featured games, auctions and
     tion was held in September at Brady’s Restaurant          prizes and raised $5,000. Next year’s event will feature a
     1620.                                                     fishing tournament.

     The second annual Arkadelphia Phone Phrenzy, a            On June 7, the Little Rock Firefighters Local 0034 held
     friends and family phoneathon, was held in October        its 14th annual golf tournament, raising $9,000 to benefit
     and raised $4,700. The callers were community volun-      the ACH Burn Center. The group has raised a total of
     teers and members of the Junior Auxiliary.                more than $100,000.

     The first college football game in Arkansas this year     The
     was between the University of Central Arkansas Bears      Professional
     and the Henderson State Reddies. The two in-state         Firefighters of
     teams came together in Little Rock for the second         Little Rock par-
     annual Capital City Classic. A portion of the ticket      ticipated in a
     proceeds benefited ACH.                                   payroll deduc-
                                                               tion campaign
     Prize watermelons were auctioned off at the Cave          resulting in
     City Watermelon Festival in August, raising $5,000        $12,000 being
     for ACH.                                                  designated for
                                                               Camp Sunshine.
     Opening day of dove hunting season was the setting        Camp Sunshine
     for the CenterPoint Energy Dove Hunt at Brantley          is a four-day
     Farms in England. The event raised $6,000 to be des-      camp for burn        Burn survivors give a thumbs up for the
     ignated to uncompensated care.                            survivors 4-17       firefighters who help make Camp
                                                               years of age         Sunshine possible.
     Members of the insurance claims department, the           with a goal of
     agency force and vendors participated in the              increasing self esteem and developing coping skills to
     Farmer’s Insurance Golf Tournament held at the            deal with the trauma they survived.
     Course at Eagle Mountain in Batesville. Tournament
     organizers designate their funds to the ACH Burn          Trane Midsouth District Sales Office held its first golf
     Center each year and this year raised $15,000.            tournament on September 11 to benefit ACH. The event
                                                               was held at Hurricane Greens Golf Club in Bryant and
     Statewide fundraising projects for the Fraternal          raised $11,000.
     Order of Eagles resulted in a donation of $15,863 to
     ACH. The donation is designated for cancer research.      Anglers participating in the White River Fisherman
                                                               Fishing Tournament on the White River, near Mountain
     This was the first year that the Gilliam Farms            View, helped raise more than $14,000.
     Pumpkin Festival in Judsonia, now in its seventh
     year, donated proceeds to ACH. The event raised
     more than $4,000 and featured corn mazes, hay rides
     and lots and lots of pumpkins.


     Greetings that Give
     C    ards featuring original art by ACH patients offer a       to the cards by ACH patients, a card by this year’s fea-
      meaningful way to send your holiday greetings while           tured artist, Gay Coe, is available.
      supporting programs and services at Arkansas Children’s           Cards and other items may be ordered online, by
      Hospital.                                                     phone or at one of more than 30 retail outlets through-
          Through the Holiday Card Project, an annual project       out Arkansas.
      of the ACH Auxiliary, patrons can purchase holiday                For descriptions and prices of all products, log on to
      cards, gift tags, photo cards and stationery. In addition and click on “Holiday Cards,” or
                                                                    call for a brochure, 501-364-1259 or 800-595-6498.

                                       RD                                                     C
                                /   CA                                                    Sara HRISTM MERR
                          P TER OTO ient             Order Online                             h Ste                  Y
                      ICO      PH pat                                                              r n, 1 AS TRE
                 HEL DEER ry, 11,                                                                                   E
                  REI ranber , TX
                                                                             5, pa
                                                                                                        Little tient
                     y G oston                                                                                Rock
                   T     B

                                                                     A Gift
                                                                    Just For
                                                                          MONEY HOLD
                                                            Sydney Webb, 7,          ER

         LE         ry, 10
  C AND Canterbu
        son        k             JOY TO
  Madi , Little Roc                         TH
   patient                      Chase Ala E WORLD SNO
                                            n Canter            WMEN
                                Little Roc          bury, 7,                                                                   AGE
                                          k                  patient                                                    PACK
                                                                                                                          O CA
                                                                                                                    PHOT r nor, 5,
                                                                                                                      ine Ho tient,
                                     GHTS                                                                       Cather        pa
                              ITH LI                                                                                                le
                   T REE W ombs, 15,                                                                                       Springda
                            en C          iever
                   Kathle nd Star ACH
                    patien k
                     Little Roc
                                                                               TRADITIONAL SANT
                                                                               Featured Artist Gay Co

                            ACKER                                 FOLK REIN b, 9,
                  HO NO                                                       Web
                            R CARD                                Alexandra         le
                  Lisa Alle                                        patient, Dardanel                        REIND
                           y, 15,                                                                         CROS EER
                          and Sta                                                                      Park      SING
                                  r ACHie
                 North Lit
                          tle Rock       ver,                                                     patient er Hall, 4,
                                                                                                         , Russe

 Lee and Bob Cress Board Room
     Honors ACH Volunteers

                 Board members of Arkansas Children’s Hospital, the ACH Foundation, the ACH Research Institute and other friends
                 gathered in September to dedicate the Lee and Bob Cress Board Room and honor the Cress’ for their combined
                 volunteer service and family philanthropy. During the dedication ceremony, the Cress’ shared memories of their time
                 at the hospital.
                    Lee Cress began her volunteer service at the hospital in 1958, doing crafts with the children. She was a founding
                 member of the Auxiliary in 1967, served as its president in 1984-85. In the years before and since, she has served in
                 almost every capacity and on every committee. She was a gift shop volunteer when the gift shop was just a mobile cart,
                 and still volunteers once a week in the current gift shop.
                    Bob Cress was asked to join the hospital board in 1964 and remained on the board until 1999. Highlights of his
                 board service include several stints as the nominating committee chair, chair of the board from 1976-79 and participa-
                 tion in the hospital’s first statewide fundraising campaign, an effort to raise $3.2 million. He currently serves on the
                 ACH Foundation board.

                                 Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation                                                Nonprofit
                                 800 Marshall Street/Slot 661                                                         Organization
                                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
                                 Little Rock, AR 72202-3591                                                                PAID
                                                                                                                     Little Rock, AR
                                 Address Service Requested                                                          Permit No. 1441

If you receive more than one copy of The ACHiever,
please pass the extras along to a friend.

Please write to us if you wish to have your name removed from the list to receive the ACHiever
magazine from the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Foundation in the future. Arkansas Children’s
Hospital Foundation, ACHiever magazine, 800 Marshall St., Slot 661, Little Rock, AR 72202.