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 In St. Genevieve: A Woman for all Ages Mrs. Rydelek takes
                                                                            A	Woman	for	all	Ages
 the reader into the world of fifth-century Gaul, a time when
 the power and authority of Rome was waning and the nation
                                                                            by Irene Rodak-Rydelek
 that would become France was in an embryonic stage. The
 Christian Church was extending deep roots among the                 Saint Genevieve, Patroness of Paris, is one of the Saints of the West,
 various peoples of Europe, roots that would shape and inform        canonized before the Great Schism in 1054, whose lives and works inspire,
 Western culture for centuries to come. It was an uncertain
                                                                     and from whom we can draw strength through prayer and veneration.
 time, a time of barbarians, of collapse, of hunger and misery.
 There were wars and rumors of wars.
      Into this world God sent a woman, Genevieve. Even as a
 child, she sought after and understood the “one thing needful,
                                                                                                             We give thanks for Irene
“that good part” which could not and would not be taken away
 from her. A woman of singular focus and purpose                                                              Rydelek for reminding us
 [who] grew to become a woman who                                                                              of Saint Genevieve, a
 could inspire a nation.                                                                                         woman whose example
      Mrs. Rydelek paints the                                                                                      fifteen centuries ago
 portrait of a real, human                                                                                           is still able to freshly
 person. She shows us a real
                                                                                                                       inspire us today.
 woman filled with God’s Holy
 Spirit, a vessel through which
 grace was poured into this
 world. St. Genevieve is revealed
 as a woman of prayer and ascetic
 discipline [whose] spiritual strength
 gave strength and courage to men.
 It brought deliverance to the City
 of Paris when it was threatened with
 death, starvation and destruction.
      Her words to the people of Paris:
“Have faith in God – He will not abandon
 us – if we fast and pray and keep our faith;
 trust in Him. Remember how He helped us in
 the past” ring true for us in our troubled times.
—from the Introduction by Benjamin,
 Bishop of San Francisco and the West

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