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Learning Objective: To revise the
techniques used in a poem.
Sonnets in Shakespeare‟s time generally
had limited themes.

They were usually about love, nature, time
and beauty.

They often made women unreachable –
often making them almost angelic,
immortalising them in poetry.
Sonnet 18

Have a look at sonnet 18.
1. Work out how the woman is perceived by
   the author.
2. What is the position of the male here?
Have a look at „Sonnet of a Chavette‟ –
expertly prepared for you by an unknown
source (who wants no credit for it
         Sonnet 130

Learning Objective: To annotate
the poem, analysing the poetic
techniques used.
Sonnets – usually had themes of unrequited
love, beauty, nature and time.

This one has:
14 Lines
3 Quatrains
1 Rhyming Couplet
It‟s written in iambic pentameter (a mixture of
stressed and unstressed syllables to keep the

…and a rather different take on things…
      Anne Hathaway

Learning Objective: To explore the
feelings and ideas in Duffy‟s poem
„Anne Hathaway‟.
Think of as many euphemisms/metaphors
for a sexual encounter that you can.
Sex is like …
Remember, it must be appropriate for class

… a world of art
… a sea of waves
Anne Hathaway was married to
Shakespeare. She was 8 years his senior
and bore three of his children. This poem is
written by Carol Anne Duffy, a prominent
poet in our country at the moment. Duffy has
written the poem from Hathaway‟s POV; it also has
the structure of a sonnet, though does not have a
regular rhyme scheme or syllable count like
Shakespeare‟s does (perhaps this is a signifier to
the fact that it has been written in the modern era,
1. What message is the poet attempting to get
2. How does she talk about her lover (and how
     does this compare/contrast with the other
3. Look for techniques used and comment on
     how that shows feelings/attitudes and ideas-
-Punctuation (which is an aspect of structure)
-Romantic and literary language
4. Look at the closing couplet – how does this
     compare/contrast to the other poem?



(Links – closing couplets)
      Anne Hathaway

Learning Objective: To analyse
the techniques used in „Anne
Form: Sonnet (has fourteen lines and
rhyming couplet – has theme we would
expect: love, memories
Language: literary, romantic, poetic, highly
Metaphorical, adjectives „spinning‟ „shooting‟
Structure: Multiple clauses for narrative-like
feel; TURNING POINT: Hathaway reveals
that the „next best bed‟ was extraordinary to
her (at the start we probably thought the
second best bed was inferior to the „best‟)
• Answer the questions on the sheet using
  the point, quote, comment form. Make
  sure that you allude to how this may
  generate different
  responses/interpretations from readers, as
  this will ensure that you achieve a higher
        Ben Jonson

Learning Objective: To analyse
Jonson‟s elegy „On my first
• Ben Jonson (1572-1637) - Was one of the
  most important poets of his time. Also
  write plays and was a friend of

• Elegy - a sad poem or song, especially
  remembering someone who has died or
  something in the past
Write an elegy for someone you love that
you have lost. This could be a pet, or even a
person. The poem can be in any format that
you like – it can have rhyming couplets or
may not even rhyme at all. The important
thing is that you demonstrate feelings of
love, hope, loss and memory in the same
way that Jonson does.
        Ben Jonson

Learning Objective: To comment
on Jonson‟s elegy „On my first
Being Creative In Your Analysis:

Phrases such as

„it makes the reader want to read on‟ or
„it adds emphasis‟

… do not get As or A*s
When looking at a particular technique, you
need to look at the words that are being
used and suggest possible interpretations:
Living, laughing love
The alliteration used here adds lyricism to
the poem, further emphasising the aspects
of Shakespeare that Anne Hathaway
supposedly loved. Words such as „living‟ imply that
Hathaway‟s love will never die, and evokes
feelings of celebration and joy, despite the fact that
the main subject is dead.
Try it with a different line:

My lover's words were shooting stars
which fell to earth as kisses on these lips

Alliteration is used by Duffy to …
Duffy – Before You Were Mine

  Learning Objective: To look at the
  poem „Before You Were Mine‟ and to
  analyse the themes, attitudes and
Describe what your parents were like before
you were born. You may describe how
they used to look (and dress – groan!) and
their hobbies/ personalities.
1. What impact do you imagine that your
   birth had on your parents?

2. Did they have to stop any of these
Write a humorous, cheesy rhyme/story
entitled „Before You Were Mine‟ for your

Minimum required:

Poem =    10 lines
Story =   2 paragraphs
Mum. Before You Were Mine you dressed poorly,
Your hair was awful and you looked dorky;
I love the way your clothes resemble the „glamour‟ of the
80s „revolution‟;
But frankly you should have been in a fashion institution.

Dad. Before You Were Mine your taste in music was

And so on …
       Armitage: Kid

Learning Objective: To decode the
roles of heroes and anti-heroes in
relation to the poem „Kid‟.
List the qualities of both …
The poem is a dramatic monologue by Robin
the Boy Wonder, the loyal sidekick to Batman
in the comic strips, television programmes and
films. Robin talks about how he has separated
from Batman and is learning to lead his own,
independent life. In the process he publicises
some of Batman's secrets so that we see the
'superhero' in a new light. Robin ends up
stronger and more mature. The poem is often
humorous but has a serious message too.
Listen to the opening of the batman
episode …

… now try to sing the poem to the
tune …

So … the rhythm is like the series
(adds to satirical tone)
Write a narrative in a similar style
to this one from the position of
  Armitage: Mother, any

Learning Objective: To think about the
relationships that we have with others,
and how they change over time.
List the things that you want to do
when you are free from your
               Be on your own?

                                      To date
                                      whoever you
                                      like, without
Can you describe the feelings you
will experience when you leave
your parents for the first time?
Is there a part of you that will miss

What specific things will you miss?
(they don‟t have to be BIG things)

Draw a mini-timeline of your life,
charting the activities that you take
part in that you start to do on your
own …
  Robert Browning: The

Learning Objective: To explore the
themes of evil in relation to the
poem „The Laboratory‟

List/map all of the obsessions that
you have (or the obsessions that
humans tend to have)
Put your psycho hats on …

… how would you get rid of a
Form: Monologue

Structured in rhyming couplets …
how might we interpret this?
… as opposed to like a
     Armitage: Hitcher

Learning Objective: To explore the
poem „Hitcher‟ and to compare it
with „The Laboratory‟
What does a hitch-hiker look like?

You want to Hitch-hike back home.
You have been out with your
friends and for whatever reason, you
have to get a lift home.
Put your psycho hats on …

… again …
A red Corsa swerved around the
bend. The (wo)man stopped the
vehicle, prompting me to get in.
(S)he looked happy and pleasant; I
had no reason to be afraid.

Or so I thought.
     Armitage: Hitcher

Learning Objective: An analysis of
(with notes)
Robert Browning: My Last

Learning Objective: To look
specifically at language in relation
to the poem

Euphemisms are phrases that
soften the effect of something else
so that it is less harsh in some way.

Let‟s have a look at some …
She‟s dead.(She‟s passed away)
Ethnic Cleansing
Adult Entertainment
Batting for the other side
Collateral Damage
Do your business
Hankie Pankie
It fell off the back of the truck
Madonna Hankie Pankie
Robert Browning: My Last

Learning Objective: To analyse
language in MLD
Let‟s look at the questions and
compare the form and structure of
the poems:
Robert Browning: My Last

Learning Objective: continued …

      Duffy: Havisham

Learning Objective: To decide
how fantastic Miss‟ artist skills are
compared to Mr Barber …
- If you were jilted on your wedding
  day, what would be your course
  of action ?
Enjambment: When lines run on
from each other –

Beloved sweetheart bastard. Not a day since then
I haven‟t wished him dead.
- Familiarise yourself with the poem
  „The Laboratory‟

- Get ready to be averagely
  impressed …
       Duffy - Stealing

Learning Objective: To explore the
idea of theft in relation to „Stealing‟
If you could steal anything, what would it

Give us your top three „steals‟!
Stealing is a part of human life. It is natural
to steal – animals do it all the time.

Write a short two/three paragraph narrative
about stealing something. Make it as
fantastical as you can – but not silly.

Leave it on a cliff hanger …
A 54 Karat Diamond?
Pair of Jimmy Choos?
A Bugatti Veyron?
Or … a snowman?
What are the themes of the poem?
You annotate the poem.
Violence/ Repetition
What does the mirrors/sigh image tell us?
Which stanza is the odd one out?
What does the alliteration highlight in the
first stanza?

List all the words first.
      Duffy - Stealing

Learning Objective: To comment
on the techniques used in the
Re-familiarise yourself with the poem.

What are the themes of the poem, in your

What violent verbs can you see?

What colloqualisms can you find?
Armitage - Homecoming

Learning Objective: To explore the
poem „Homecoming‟.
Poem invites us to look at two things
separately, then put them together. It is
vague, but it is about something that
happened in the past, which needed to be
put right – this is the “Homecoming” of the

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