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 Vol. 11 No. 1                                                                                        1/14/2011

This is our first issue of Capital Review that will      Senator Sheryl L. Nuxoll (R) District 8 Housewife,
be published every Friday during the 2011 Idaho          Co-manager of farm/ranch
Legislative Session to the clients served by             Committees: Agricultural Affairs, Health & Welfare,
Association Management Group. We will review             Judiciary & Rules
information related to legislators, committees,          Born 3/7/51, Cottonwood, Idaho; housewife,
legislation and special activities happening in Boise    mother, teacher, co-manager of farm/ranch;
related to the legislature. This publication is mailed   business degree, Gonzaga University; CPA license;
to the boards of directors of AMG Clients and to         Idaho County Republican Central Committee,
other selected individuals.                              2008-2010; family: husband Felix and six children

        STATE OF THE STATE ADDRESS                       Senator Dan J. Schmidt (D) District 6 Physician
                                                    th   Committees: Agricultural Affairs, Commerce &
    Governor C. L. “Butch” Otter delivered his 5
                                                         Human Resources, Health & Welfare
State of the State Address on Monday, January 10
                                                         Born 8/3/54, Salem, Oregon; family physician;
– the opening day of the 2011 Idaho Legislature.
                                                         medical degree, University of Washington; Latah
The Governor’s address focused on the current
                                                         County coroner for 15 years; hospital board
state of Idaho’s economy and the projected
                                                         member, six years; hospital chief of staff; Ted
shortfalls in the state budget. Governor Otter
                                                         Phillips Award; top graduate in family medicine,
recommended a 2.2% average cut across all
                                                         UW; family: wife Martha and four daughters.
state agencies as well as additional cuts to
particular departments. One of the largest
                                                         Senator Steve Vick (R) District 3 Business Owner
reductions will be geared toward the Department
                                                         Committees: Judiciary & Rules - Vice Chair,
of Environmental Quality, decreasing their total
                                                         Agricultural Affairs, Health & Welfare
budget approximately 13%. He went on to say
                                                         Born 5/23/56, Great Falls, Montana; business
that his budget proposal for 2012 accounts for a 3%
                                                         owner; bachelor's degree in engineering, Montana
growth rate in revenue for Idaho. Governor Otter
                                                         State University; member, Montana House of
included soaring rhetoric stating, “…governance
                                                         Representatives, 1994-2001; family: wife Cheryl,
that emboldens and frees individuals and
                                                         four children and one grandson.
communities from the soul-crushing tyranny
of entitlement” forecasting a lean state government
                                                         Representative Gayle Batt (R) District 10
and rising fees for state and local services.
                                                         substituting for Pat Takasugi
                                                         Committees: Agricultural Affairs, Business, State
                 NEW LEGISLATORS
     We see a number of new faces in the Idaho           Gayle is involved in a family farming operation and
Legislature this year. Space does not allow us to        has been since high school. Gayle graduated from
list all 18 of the new legislators in one printing.      Wilder High School in 1994 and then attended
Therefore, we will provide a brief bio and back-         Oregon State University where she received a
ground information on just a few each week at the        degree in Ag Business Management. Gayle started
start of the Legislative Dession. This week we are       employment with the Idaho Water Users in 1998 as
featuring those legislators who are new members to       a Staff Assistant and lobbyist. She also served as
the Senate and House Ag Affairs Committees:              Executive Director of the Idaho Water Education
                                                         Foundation. Gayle is a past member of Idaho Agri
                                                         Women and a 4-H Club Leader. She is married to
                                                         Roger Batt and they reside on a farm in Wilder.
                                                                                                      more 
Representative Roy Lacey (D) District 30 Idaho            of legislators honored can be secured from our
Foodbank                                                  office.
Committees: Agricultural Affairs, Resources &
Conservation                                                 NEW FACES ON THE SENATE AND HOUSE
Born 11/5/47, Pocatello; Vice President of                         AG AFFAIRS COMMITTEES
Operations, Idaho Foodbank; attended Idaho State
University; family: wife Renee, four children and 13      Senate Agricultural       Chair Tim Corder           Les Bock
grandchildren.                                            Affairs                   Vice Chair                 Dan J. Schmidt*
                                                          T, TH, 8:00 am,           Melinda S. Smyser
                                                          Room WW53                 Jeff C. Siddoway
Representative Shannon McMillan (R) District 2            Secretary: Jo             Monty J. Pearce
Businesswoman                                             Ann Bujarski              James C. Hammond
Committees: Agricultural Affairs, Judiciary Rules &       332-1330                  Steve Vick*
Administration                                                                      Sheryl L. Nuxoll*
Born 12/16/60, Waupaca, Wisconsin;
                                                          House Agricultural        Chair Tom Trail            Donna Pence
businesswoman; graduate, Mount Baker High                 Affairs                   Vice Chair Ken Andrus      Roy Lacey*
School; pharmacy technician program, Apollo               Even Days, pm,            Dennis M. Lake
College, Spokane, WA; family: husband Kenneth,            Room EW20                 John A. Stevenson
one son and one grandson.                                 Secretary: Diane Tolley   Darrell Bolz
                                                          332-1137                  Mack G. Shirley
            INTERN MARK GODDARD                                                     Jim Patrick
                                                                                    Judy Boyle
    Welcome to Mark Goddard, intern serving                                         Shannon McMillan *
this session from the U of I on behalf of Food                                      Pat Takasugi
Producers. We asked Mark to write a short
                                                              * Note the write-up about new legislators serving
paragraph about himself:                                      on these committees on previous page.
    I am currently a senior at the University of Idaho
and am originally from Chico, California. I come                    LEGISLATION SLOW TO START
from an agriculture background; my grandmother                During the first weeks of the Legislative
owned a farm in Parma, and my father has used             session, the committees will deal with changes in
an Ag Business degree as a manufacturer's                 Idaho Code through rules and regulations. Sub
representative in California for the past thirty years.   committees have been working on some of those
    My family is active in California politics. I have    proposed changes mostly from government
worked on my godfather’s city council and                 agencies. We have heard discussions related to
California Assembly campaigns. Because I had              what is referred to as the Ham and Eggs Bill which
experience and interest in agriculture and politics,      would move the oversight of large poultry and
I became quite excited when I learned of this             swine operations from DEQ to ISDA. We have
internship. I am looking forward to this experience       not seen legislation at this time, but industry
and to working with everyone at the Capitol. I have       continues to meet and share ideas with selected
a feeling I will enjoy it immensely and gather a lot of   lawmakers.
knowledge, information and experience from it.                We have also heard that legislation may be
We hope many of you get to meet and know Mark.            developed in regard to immigration that would
                                                          reflect some of the AZ laws that have been written.
             AG ALL STAR AWARDS                           The AZ law is before the Supreme Court so leaders
                                                          in Idaho Immigration Reform Coalition are
    A total of 75 legislators from the 2010 Idaho         asking that no action be taken until the Court rules
Legislative Session were honored as Food                  on the AZ law to avoid unwanted costs to any
Producers of Idaho Ag All Stars on Thursday,              proposals potentially being challenged in court.
January 13. The legislators had voting records that
supported positions Food Producers had taken on                   Capitol Review is written to inform the clients of
legislation the organization tracked during the 2010              Association Management Group (Waitley
session. Over 160 legislators, industry                           Associates, Batt Associates and Kelly Associates)
representatives and guests were present for the                   about activities in the Idaho Legislature and, due to
event held at the Idaho Historical Museum.                        the proprietary nature of the publication, IS NOT for
Great food and opportunities for interacting                      distribution to others without attribution to AMG.
prevailed throughout the evening. A complete list