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					                Learning Goals                                                 Learning Activities

 Skills                                                     Observations

 1) to be able to think theologically “on my feet” in the   1) My supervisor will observe me during an undisclosed
 casual encounters of campus life                           Sunday as I interact with the students

 2) to lead a small group that contributes to young adult   2) “Spirituality and Food” Lenten series
 faith formation

 3) to be able to make my knowledge and interest in         3) Sunday night bible study
 biblical studies applicable to college students

 4) to preach meaningfully to the campus community          4) My supervisor will go over the draft of my first sermon
                                                            with me before I preach


 - to learn about pastoral care: What is it, really? What - Watch and accompany my supervisor, as appropriate
 distinguishes it from counseling and what constitutes    - Discuss during supervision
 “being pastoral”                                         - Attend meetings of student services staff
                                                          - Read the campus paper
 - to become more familiar with the social and behavioral - Coffee dates (see below)
 issues facing college students                           - Read studies about alcohol on campus
                                                          - Read book on young adult faith formation
 - to understand how young adults have faith


 - to discern whether I want to be a college chaplain       -Discuss discernment in supervision
                                                            - Attend conference of college chaplains
 - to overcome my shyness with new people                   - Have at least ten coffee dates with students by the end of
                                                            Fall semester
                                                            - Lead Sunday night bible study at least six times
                                                            - Assist weekly in worship

Here is a sample Learning Agreement that I created using examples drawn from students’ actual Learning Agreements.
It imagines an intern in a denominational college chaplaincy or campus ministry setting. It probably represents more
than an intern could realistically do, but I wanted to give several sample ideas. You will note that some activities appear
in more than one place, as they correlate to more than one goal.