HUMOR HUMOR  He s a Mustache Machine By Jerry by AnthoIndo



   He's a Mustache Machine! By Jerry Landry

    He shaves it off. It reappears above his lips two days later. Some call this a blessing.
    He regards it as a curse. This upper lip follicle factory .... there is a good answer to
    any of these questions. Then again, we really haven’t been able to think too clearly
    ever since we saw that dazzling ‘stache.

   Funny Sayings and Messages By Rob Wa

    Funny sayings provide you and friends with chances to laugh, raise self-awareness,
    or mitigate a tough mood. The selection of funny quotations, sayings .... begun is
    half done." -Horace "Great boasters are little doers."-French Proverb "Creditors have
    better memories than borrowers."

   Secrets Behind a Successful Comedy Podcast By Sean Green

    It used to be if you were in a comedian in a small market you were forced to move to
    LA or New York to make, however with the advent of the comedy podcast .... with
    the seismic shift to on-line advertising those days could be few and far between, so
    strike while the iron is hot and start your own comedy podcast.

   Free comedy – The Smartest Way to Locate the Funniest Video Clips Online By Sean

    The best place to share a funny joke is on the Internet. Instead of knock-knock jokes
    and one liners people on the Internet enjoy sharing funny video .... are looking to
    watch free comedy online make sure to stay up to date with Funny Or, The, and

   Stand up comedian funny podcasts are dominating Internet radio By Sean Green

    Instead of listening to commercial packed terrestrial radio, fans of talk radio are
    turning to the Internet to get original content from some of their .... demand and
    often with little commercial interruptions? The comedy podcasts created by stand up
    comedians are dominating downloads and are here to stay.

   The Best Free Comedy Podcasts and Comedy Radio Online By Sean Green

    With the explosion of the Internet, tons of free comedy podcasts have been created
    by comedians, giving you an overwhelming amount of options when it comes .... kind
    of taste you have. Even if your favorite stand up comedian doesn’t have a comedy
    podcast now, there is a good chance they will in the near future.

   Los Angeles Stand Up Comedians on the Move By Sean Green

    Looking for a great place to find thousands of aspiring stand up comedians? Los
    Angeles is it. We all know the established stand up comedians like Louis .... Factory,
    the Comedy Store and the Hollywood Improv are all great places to go and check out
    these fresh faces as well as see some more established acts.

   Find the Best Free Comedy in Los Angeles By Sean Green

    A free lunch can be hard to find, especially if you are short on cash. But you do have
    some entertainment options when it comes to free comedy. You can .... frequent
    changes to their dates and times, so be sure to confirm with the location that the
    comedy show is still on for the night before heading that way.

   Harmless Pranks That Can Lighten The Mood By Brendan Sinclair

    Do harmless pranks make you smile, or do you appreciate the hilarity of little good-
    natured tomfoolery? If making people laugh is one of your favorite .... offending the
    recipients. So, pull out your sense of humor, come up with some creative jokes, and
    enjoy all the smiles and laughter your antics will bring.

   Um.... Excuse me? By Daniel Blechle

    Who was your first? Simple question, right? A common enough question anyways. A
    question that when asked, most people seem comfortable enough answering ....
    other guys". It is really nothing personal Mom. I do love you. So think of this as me
    protecting you. Protecting you from the harsh truths of reality.

   Funny Christmas Traditions By Evija Melne

    It’s Christmas time out there. Do you feel it? Not really? So this is for you. If you are
    not very excited about this celebration you need something that .... celebration will
    be funny enough. The most important thing is not to be a Grinch but be able to find
    something good in every life situation. Merry Christmas!!!

   Top Resources To Learn How To Draw Caricatures By Edith Ozera

    Learning how to draw caricature can be a fun hobby for people who enjoy drawing
    things and humor at the same time. In this post I will try to list some .... caricature in
    a step by step manner. You’ll find analysis of the various points in a man’s personality
    to be seized upon when learning how to draw caricature.
   Funny Tshirts In Times Of Reality And Fashion Sense By Adam Leaf

    Comedy is what all the youngsters and teenagers want to be involved in today’s
    society, whether that’s in our country our throughout the world. Kids talk .... funny
    printed slogans can also be printed on hoodies and long sleeve t-shirts, so there isn’t
    a cloth of item that can’t be printed with a funny side on.

   What Makes a Good Joke By Derrick Anderson

    How does one tell a good joke? What makes some jokes better than others? These
    are good questions with no specific, definite answers. There is no exact .... sure
    things until the audience responded with silence. Practice and experience are really
    the only ways to have any certainty that your jokes are funny.

   Short Hilarious Jokes and One-Liners To Spice Up Your Speeches By Soren Lauritzen

    Adding short hilarious jokes or funny one-liners to your speeches will capture your
    listener's attention and make your presentation more interesting .... interested can be
    challenging. Adding a few appropriate short hilarious jokes or one-liners can break
    the ice and set the stage for a successful presentation.

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