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									Birthday Child’s Name & Age ___________________                                           SUPER HERO
WELCOME:                                                                           (Hulk / Batman / Superman / Spiderman)
POSTER:           Crayons / Water Paints                  Glue Stick for Assistant
Basic Concept:    Bingo yearns to be a Super Hero just like;
                  Green Hulk            /        Batman           /       Spiderman        /       Superman
Show Transition : Assistant dressed as a Super Hero wants to show his Dog Bingo his great costume.
Asstnts Costume: Batman … (or another Super Hero)                 MAKE SURE HAVE A MASK !!
Puppets & Props: Bingo (Dog), Frog (Green Hulk), Cat (Batman), Spider (Spiderman), Red Blue Bird (Superman)
Puppet Show Skit:
      Assistant:  (Knocks on door excitedly to show off his costume …… (Batman)) Calls for Bingo.
      Bingo       asks who it is.
      Assistant   tells Bingo it’s me, ______       _, your friend.
      Bingo       replies that he’ll be right there. Bingo makes loud “raspberry” noises from behind the theater.
                  Throws out Tissue – eww gross says kids & assistant
      Assistant   knocks again.
      Bingo       says he’ll be right there needs to finish blowing his nose. Opens door and is surprised to see friend
                  dressed in a costume, it’s not Holloween!
      Bingo       Wow, that’s great, can I try it on? Assistant struggling put on mask onto Bingo
      Bingo       Screams / Dark / Scared / Lights out
      Assistant   Only a costume / everything is fine
      Bingo       wants to be a super hero too! Please change me into a super hero.
      Assistant   explains that there are all types of super heroes. (Put in order making sense for your theme... i.e.- if the theme
                  is Spiderman, end it with Spiderman)
      Assistant   Explains: 1-          You can be the incredible HULK
                                        •        He’s green
                                        •        Strong
                                        •        He can jump high
      Bingo:      change me, change me..!
      Assistant:  let’s do birthday magic and change Bingo into the Hulk! (Come up with a word etc)              HULK / FROG
      Bingo       Enters as a FROG
      Assistant                 2- How about Superman -                                                      SUPERMAN / BIRD
                                        •        He wears all American colors Red, white, and blue
                                        •        He flies through the air
                                        •        And he wears a cape that looks like bird wings
      Bingo       Gets excited
      Bingo:      That’s the one
      Assistant:  Repeat Birthday magic
      Bingo       Enters as a BLUE or is it RED ?? BIRD!
      Assistant                 3- How about Spiderman?                                                   SPIDERMAN / SPIDER
                                        •        He climbs up wa1ls
                                        •        He shoots spider webs
                                        •        And helps anyone who is in trouble
      Bingo:      Enters as a SPIDER (peek-a-boo with the puppets)
      Assistant   tell Bingo he is not Spiderman but a spider.
      Assistant   Opps! Birthday magic didn’t work-Bingo,
                                4- What about Batman                                                            BATMAN / CAT
                                          •      He wears gray and black
                                          •      He can run fast
                                          •      And chase off the bad guys
      Bingo       Enters as a CAT...
      Assistant   tells Bingo that he turned into something that rhymes with bat.., cat
      Bingo:      I just want to be me. We can’t all be superheroes so be the best you can be.
                  Tell assistant to come a little closer, closer, closer ….. big slobbery kiss / thank you for turning me back
                  into me please go and play and enjoy the big room!
      Bingo: Happy Birthday____________________                   . BYE!
BIG ROOM:         Parachute / Bubbles            Face Paint:                               Tattoos
CENTER PIECE: Spider Man Pinata Head (?)

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