216 Cat 1 – Purr-fect Pals by wpr1947


									                           Cat Project Descriptions

216 Cat Level 1 – Purr-fect Pals

Learn about being a good cat owner by taking this beginning level cat project. You
will also learn about cat breeds, behavior, good health, grooming and feeding. Cat 1
is designed for youth in grades 3 through 5, but can be taken by any youth in the first
three years of this project.

217 Cat Level 2 – Climbing Up

Build on what you learned in Cat 1 by taking this intermediate level cat project.
Learn more about cat identification and characteristics, training and showing cats,
health and nutritional needs of cats, and responsible cat ownership. Cat 2 is
designed for youth in grades 6 through 8, but may be taken by youth in any grade
after they completed Cat 1. Cat 2 can be taken for three years.

218 Cat Level 3 – Leaping Forward

Delve deeper into some of the cat topics you’ve already explored in Cat 1 and Cat 2
(breeds, nutrition, health, and behavior) and meet some new topics (genetics and
aging cats). Investigate various cat-related careers, and practice your organization
and presentation skills. Cat 3 is designed for youth in grades 9 through 12, but may
be taken by any youth after completing Cat 1 and Cat 2.

216-8AG Cat Project Helper’s Guide

 Recommended for use by project advisors.
Use this Cat Helper’s Guide to assist with meeting plans and group activities. These
learn-by-doing activities, as well as most activities in Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3, can also be
adapted to the family, classroom or other groups. The answers to many of the
activities in Projects 216, 217, and 218 are also in this guide.

For more information please contact: Lucinda B. Miller, Extension Specialist, 4-H Youth
Development, Companion & Small Animal Programs. Phone: 740.289.2071, ext. 152. Email:

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