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									        Class IV Students

• All students must choose a science
Elective – Chemistry or Physics

 • Students may elect Latin Prose
 instead of Latin 4
           AP Request Process
• Recommend 1 – 3 AP courses / student
• Attend informational sessions by
  – Overview of course expectations
  – Sample work
  – Profile of a successful student
• Discuss interest with parents and guidance
• Submit Course Request Form by March 24th
• Elective list will be reviewed by Program
  Directors and teachers
Information sessions about courses
    and electives offered by each
   Department will be held on the
  following dates at 2:30 pm in the

          March 1 - Science
          March 2 - English
          March 3 - History
March 4 - Modern Foreign Languages
       March 8 - Mathematics
 March 10 – Classics and Fine Arts
              Class III
          World History 2
              Class II
AP U.S. History - includes entire
 history of the United States, starting
 with pre-Columbian American
 civilization through to the present
 day is covered.
United States History II – covers
 the History of the United States
 from Reconstruction to the Present.
AP Economics
AP Modern European History
AP U.S. Government

American Foreign Policy

Facing History & Ourselves

Art History
 Class III Math


  Class II Math

  Pre Calculus
Pre-A.P. Calculus
  Algebra 2 (B)
   Class I Math Options

     AP Calculus AB
     AP Calculus BC
       AP Statistics
   AP Computer Science

 Students currently taking Honors
   Pre Calculus will take either
AP Calculus AB or AP Calculus BC
   Boston Latin School Science
Graduation Requirement
  • 3 years of science

  • 1 year each of: Biology, Chemistry
  and Physics

Environmental Science (Regular and A.P.)
  • Open to both Juniors and Seniors
                                 11TH or 12th Grade
                            ADV. CHEM or
             10TH   Grade     CHEM. AP

                            ADV. BIOLOGY
             CHEMISTRY I
                            or BIOLOGY AP
9TH Grade
                             PHYSICS I

              PHYSICS I                     PHYSICS AP

                            CHEMISTRY I


                              SCIENCE AP
      Class III - English 10
      Class II – English 11
      Class I – English 12 or….

  A.P. Literature and Composition
• for strong readers and writers
• additional summer reading and
  course requirements
• must take the AP exam in May
English Elective — Class II only

 A.P. Language and Composition
• taken in addition to College
  English 11
• an intensive course for students
  who write well and enjoy writing
• readings are primarily non-fiction
• must take the AP exam in May
   English Elective — Class I & II

• for students who enjoy exploring
  connections among the arts, history,
  literature, philosophy, religion, and
  other disciplines
• recommended for strong readers and
   Class III

Chinese 2 or 3

French 2 or 3

German 2 or 3

Italian 2 or 3

Spanish 2 or 3
   Class II                       Class I
Chinese 3 or 4                  Chinese AP
Chinese AP       Students in     Chinese
                 Class II may
French 3 or 4    add a second
                                French AP
French AP        language but
                 must make a    French 5

German 3 or 4    two year
                 commitment     German 5

Italian 3 or 4
                 ….seats are
                 limited.       Italian 5

Spanish 3 or 4
                                Spanish 5
Spanish AP
                                Spanish AP
• Class III
  – Latin 4
  – Latin Prose
  – Latin 2 (9B students)

• Class II (9 B students only)
  – Latin 4
  – Latin Prose
Classics Electives- Class I & II
  • AP Latin

  • The Myth Tradition

  • Greek I

  • Greek II (Greek I is a prerequisite)

  • Latin Prose --11B (3B) only
       Fine Arts Electives
Fundamentals of Visual Arts
  Class II and I
  Prerequisite for A.P. Art

A.P. Art
  Class I only
        Fine Arts Electives
Music Theory
  Class II and I
  Musical experience is recommended but not

A.P. Music Theory
  Class I
  Prior music theory experience recommended
  Ear training, dictation and sight singing are
   perhaps the most difficult aspects of the
   course and the AP test
Meet with your Guidance Counselor as
early as possible.
Choose courses with an eye to college
admission requirements……
    • 3 years of science for all and
    4 or more for others
    • make your final high school
    years your best
    • take on challenges that are
    reasonable – don’t overdo it
There is a limit of three A.P. courses
    that any student may take.

Students who feel an exception should
  be made must complete the online
 application and submit by March 8th.
  They will be notified by March 12th.

 WARNING: For seniors, the college
  search and application process is the
 equivalent of taking another AP course
Maintaining good health, both emotional
and physical, is critical.
   • Stress management is important
   • Getting adequate sleep is too
   • Effective time management is
   a skill that must be developed
   • If you need help, see your
   Guidance Counselor
Assistance with the online course
 request process will be available
in the Schawbel College Resource
 Center (to the right of the Library
   entrance on the first floor) on
 February 25th and 26th or March
 15th and 16th from 2:30 pm until
              3:30 pm.
                                  Class I

                       Class II

           Class III

Class IV
     College Night for Juniors
         and their Parents
     Wednesday, March 24th
6:30 – 7:30: Overview of the college
  search, application and financial aid

7:30 – 8:30: Students and parents
  meet as a group with their counselor
  to review the specifics of the process
  at BLS and ask questions.

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