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June 2009
   At Burntwood Methodist Church
 Cannock Road, Burntwood, WS7 0BJ

 Morning Worship           10.00 am
 Junior Church             10.00 am
 (Joint worship for first 15 minutes)
Tea and Coffee served after Morning Service.

Evening Worship              6.15 pm
       Morning Worship             10.45 am
  If you require a lift to any of the Services,
            please contact a steward

                  UNITED SERVICES

     5th July 4pm United at Salem (no 6pm service)

 9th August 6pm United Section Service at Chase Terrace
     23rd August United with Burntwood at Chasetown

Dear Friends,                      in? Perhaps in a
                                   particular way. No
Firstly I expect most of you know calling is any more
by now that I've been              or less important
recommended for pre-ordination as they all fit
training to be a Deacon. I want to together as part of
say a big thank to those of you    a much larger picture - building
who prompted me to take this       God's Kingdom here on earth.
step, for all who have encouraged
and prayed for me during the       Paul puts it like this;
process of candidating. It's been "There are varieties of service,
wonderful to be so well            but the same spirit. There are
supported.                         varieties of activity, but in all of
                                   them and in everyone the same
I encourage you to pray and        God is active. In each of us the
support Christopher as he          same spirit is at work for some
approaches his ordination on 5th useful purpose".
July. I'm sure that it will be a   (1 Corinthians 12 verses 4-6)
wonderful day. If you aren't able
to go to Worcester Cathedral       These are really encouraging
please try to go along to Salem at words for all of us!
4pm ,where a service will be held
at the same time to celebrate      Where do you fit into that big
Christopher's ordination.          picture?!

We have all been called by God
to work for him. God wants to                            Love and
see all of us use the wide variety                       prayers
of gifts he has given us. Not just
to fill a gap but fulfill a role                         Georgina <><
carefully planned by him for each
one of us.

If you aren't sure what that role is     Front Cover: Rev David Alford,
we can ask God to help us find it.       Rev Christopher Parkes, Rev
What do you feel passionate              Michael Langstaff & Rev John
about? Does God want you to              Howard after the District
use the situation you are currently      Ordinand’s Testimony Service.

          Chase Terrace Ladies Guild
              meets on Monday at 2pm.

                  June Programme
                  1st   Ken Wiles
                 8th    Peter Dunn
                 15th Pete Shelley
               22nd Georgina Brooks
                29th Brenda Benton

           Chasetown Ladies Guild
              meets on Tuesday at 7pm.

          Ladies Guild Rota for June
Date        Cakes and        Leader        Speaker

2.6.09     Ingrid       Glennis             George
9.6.09     Dianne       Ingrid             Georgina
16.6.09    Margaret     Pauline            Members
23.6.09    Gwyneth      Marilyn/ Yvonne       Mr.
30.6.09    Yvonne       Margaret           Members


We must thank everyone for all your concerns during the past
months. They have been most difficult as we know you are aware.

Your enquires, concern, cards and prayers have been and still are
a great source of strength and comfort to us all.

Chasetown Wednesday group have been especially diligent, not
forgetting Christopher who has been there for us throughout.

Judy is making a good recovery and thankful for the care and skill
of all the staff at Birmingham Heartslands Hospital and even more
thankful that all tests are clear.

Judy and Robert

Bible moved to top shelf in           published by the Museums,
libraries                             Libraries and Archives Council
Librarians have been advised that     (MLA), a quango that answers to
the Bible and the Koran should be     Andy Burnham, the Culture
moved to the top shelves – in         Secretary.
order to avoid offending the          Librarians in Leicester had
Islamic community.                    consulted the Federation of Muslim
Muslims have complained that the      Organisations, and had been
Koran has often been put on lower     advised that all religious texts
shelves, and see this as offensive.   should be kept
They believe that the holy book       on the top
should be placed above                shelf to ensure
‘commonplace things’. As a result,    equality.
library officials have been advised   Libraries are
to keep ALL holy books, including     not obliged to
the Bible, on their top shelves, in   follow the
the interests of equality.            advice.
This decision came to light earlier
this year when guidance on how to
handle controversial materials was

Thank God it’s Saturday
(A New Life in the Spirit meeting)

 Saturday 12th September
      At Chasetown Methodist Church, Lawnswood Avenue
                Tea available from 6:30pm

              7pm Celebration
         All are welcome to join us in worship

 TGIS Praise—a time for music, ministry
            and celebration

Funeral music goes pop!                 made for classical music.
If you attend a funeral nowadays,       ‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra is
you are much more likely to hear        overall most favourite. Next
chart hits, anthems from the            comes ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’
talent show X Factor, or even TV        by Bette Midler, and ‘Time to Say
theme tunes rather than the             Good-bye’ by Andrea Bocelli and
traditional hymns such as Abide         Sarah Brightman. Other, more
with Me or Amazing Grace.               unusual requests have included
A survey of 30,000 funerals last        Radio 4’s ‘Shipping Forecast’, and
year found that hymns were most         the themes from ‘Only Fools and
popular at only 35% of services,        Horses’, ‘Top Gear’ and Channel 4
down from 41% in 2005. 58% of           ‘Racing’.
all requests were for                   The survey was carried out by Co-
contemporary songs, with only           operative Funeralcare.
seven per cent of requests being

A visit from our grandson found us in Go Bananas recently and a
casual comment about the impressive cleanliness of the place led
on to a warm conversation with one of the staff, Stephen. It
transpired he is a Christian with a powerful testimony.

Some years ago Stephen was involved in a head on collision.
Badly injured he was trapped in his car and prayed that if it was
time for him to meet his maker, God would bless his wife and
unborn child. However, becoming aware of smoke he also prayed
that the flames would not consume him. Suddenly the windows of
the car shattered and miraculously he found himself on the grass
verge, sustaining very bad lacerations to the knee and severe
bruising to his chest. He can only attribute this incredible escape
to God’s grace.

His wife, Julie, set up Go Bananas after leaving her job as a
teacher. She felt called to provide a safe play environment for
children to play and parents to relax. I spent a very enjoyable
morning watching my grandson and would recommend this
unusual holy space!
                 GO BANANAS PLAYZONE LTD
                   UNIT 11 SMITHS CLOSE,
                         WS7 3FT

                   ¤ 01543 682194
Leaflets are available in all the churches with details of opening
times, etc.
                    Sunday 12th July 11am

     July Family Service at Chasetown
This service will be held café style, with tea & coffee being
served as you arrive. It would help if you are able to arrive
a little earlier than usual to give time to get served before
                         worship begins.

                         A time of worship for the whole
                       church family, from the youngest to
                                   the oldest.

                       Sunday 12th July 11am—11:45am


                    The theme is ‘Time’.

            Service will be led by Peter Dunn
      together with a guest from ‘Action for Children’

                       Tel: 07538 024965
If any one from either of the three churches is able to offer sometime to help in this
outreach at Chase Terrace please could you give Georgina a ring
Tel.01543279695. Don't worry even the smallest amount of time is invaluable and
there are many different ways you can help!

Chasetown’s home Charity this year is:
          Addiction Dependancy Solutions (ADS)
ADS provides a free and confidential service to anyone who is 18
years and over, who lives in the Staffordshire area and has a
problem with drug or alcohol misuse. They also provide support
and advice to those who may be concerned or worried about a
family member with a drug misuse problem. They accept referrals
via partner agencies or people can self-refer.

Their central office is in Stafford but they have branches at Burton,
Uttoxeter, Newcastle, Leek, Cannock & Tamworth. They are hoping
to open a branch in the Burntwood area. The Cannock branch was
started in Mill Street Methodist Church 18 months ago but has now
moved to Coniston Hall in Chadsmoor.

Commissioned by Staffordshire Drug & Alcohol Action Team, they
deliver the Drug Intervention Programme (DIP) and Structured Day
Care services in Staffordshire and have recently been
commissioned to deliver Bridging the Gap, an innovative training
programme designed to help people who have experienced
substance misuse related problems, to gain the skills needed to
become alcohol and drug support workers.
ADS Staffordshire is divided into five operational areas, each with a
Structured Day Care Worker, DIP worker and DIP support worker.

The DIP team offer support to those involved in the criminal justice
system by providing:
• access to treatment
• one-to-one support and motivation towards maintaining a healthy
and drug-free lifestyle
• advise on harm reduction and harm minimisation
• your one point of contact for all other related services (e.g.
housing, training, employment)
• prison link work to ensure the continuation of treatment and care
planning upon release

The structured day care            Key Facts
programme is available to          • Alcohol related deaths have
anyone with a history of drug      doubled since 1979
misuse. The team provides          • 180,000 people each year are
structured psycho-social           admitted to hospital because of
interventions to complement        alcohol related illness or injury
prescribing. They can assist by    • Between 15,000 and 22,000
providing:                         premature deaths occur each
• One-to-one support               year from alcohol misuse
• a wide range of structured       • 1.1 million people are
motivational workshops             dependent on alcohol
• service user groups              • 332,000 problem drug users
• social and leisure activities    in England
• auricular acupuncture            • 195,000 people were in
• partner and family support       contact with drug treatment
• referral to other specialist     services in 2006-07
                                   • Class A drug use generates
                                   £15.4 billion in crime and health
The centre at Cannock aim to
                                   costs each year
provide a cooked meal twice a
                                   • For every £1 spent on drug
week but also has snacks
                                   treatment at least £9.50 in crime
available for people to serve
                                   and health costs can be saved
themselves with throughout the
week. These snacks such as a
piece of toast may be the only
meal of the day for some people.
So donations of food are always
                                                      Coniston Hall
                                                    opened it doors
                                                     the crime rate
The Cannock centre at Coniston
                                                     in Chadsmoor
Hall, Cecil Street, Chadsmoor is
                                                        has gone
open four days a week—Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.
People are welcome to drop in
anytime and see the work that we
are supporting.

                               Methodist Conference 2009
                               will be held at the Civic Hall,
                               Wolverhampton from 2-9 July.

The different sessions of Conference will be held as follows:
Ministerial Session, Thursday 2 July from 14.30 and Friday 3 July from 09.30.
Diaconal Session, Saturday 4 July from 10.30.
Representative Session and Opening of Conference, Saturday 4 July from
Representative Session and Reception of Ordinands, Sunday 5 July from 10.30.
Representative Session, Monday 6 July from 09.15 to Thursday 9 July.

The Conference is the ruling body of the Methodist Church. It sets the
rules, the direction and the attitude of the Church. It is a place for
celebration, worship and some serious business.

The total membership of the representative session is currently
310 people. Of those at least 21 have to be deacons, at least 103
ministers (presbyters) and at least 103 lay people. The other 93
can be either lay people, deacons or ministers. The biggest group
of members are district representatives. There are also 12
Conference elected representatives. They are elected to
attend for a number of years in a row, in order to provide
continuity. Then there are people representing
various bodies within the Church or with strong associations to the
Church: Women’s Network, the Diaconal Order and the Youth

You are welcome to attend all open sessions of the representative
session of Conference; Monday 6th July – Thursday 9th July 2009
at Wolverhampton Civic Hall.

For more information about any of these events contact Rev
Andrew Farrington 07985 308637,, or look on the
Conference web-site via
                                     BEYOND THE FRINGE
                                     There are lots of fringe events, These are not
                                     officially part of the Conference but are an important
                                     part of it. You are welcome to attend any of them—
                                     some require booking or tickets.

Friday 3rd July 2009                         Street
8am Holy Communion at St Peter’s Collegiate  7.30pm Women’s Network/World Federation
Church, Queens Sq. Wolv.                     Event at Darlington Street Methodist Church
8.15pm Peake Lecture—‘In Our Own Image’      7.45pm for 8pm The 2009 Beckly Social
Lecturer: Rev Dr R.G. Bates                  Services Lecture at Lea Brook Methodist
Saturday 4th July 2009                       8pm Methodist Evangelicals Together (MET)
8am Holy Communion at St Peter’s Collegiate at Central Methodist Church, Wednesbury
Church                                       6.30pm buffet for 7.30pm Inter Faith
10.30am Conference Colloquium at St. Peter’s Relations at St. Peter’s House, Wolv.
House, 4 Exchange St., Wolv.                 8pm Fernley Hartley Lecture at Central
1pm PRAYER & WALK OF WITNESS Methodist Church, Wednesbury
Several easy walks of not more than 30
mins in length leave & return to the Civic    Tuesday 7th July 2009
Hall. Stopping & praying at various sites     1pm Parables Street Theatre Civic Centre
and distributing Conference Rock. All         Piazza/St Peter’s Square, Wolv.
walks will pass the Parables Street           7.30pm for 8pm Methodist Sacramental
Drama.                                        Fellowship at Central Methodist Church,
1pm Parables Street Drama. Queen’s Square,    Wednesbury.
Wolverhampton                                 7.30pm for 8pm Christian Aid—The Big Tax
Evening: Pig Roast, BBQ & Social at Codsall   Return. Speaker: Paul Brannen at Lea Brook
Methodist Church.                             Methodist Church, Wednesbury.
7.30pm Chase Orpheous Male Voice Choir at     Evening World Church Event at Darlington
Central Methodist Church, Wednesbury.         St. Methodist Church, Wolv.
                                              7.30pm Ecumenical Accompaniment
                                              Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI)
Sunday 5th July 2009                          Speakers: Dr Liz Burroughs, Rev Shari
7pm for 7.30pm CONFERENCE                     Brown, Rev Warren Bardsley. at Beckminster
PRAISE! Come and Sing your                    Methodist Church, Wolv.
hearts out! St Peter’s Collegiate
                                              For more information about any of these
Church                                        events contact Rev. Andrew Farrington 07985
                                              308637 or email
Monday 6th July 2009                
8am Holy Communion at St Peter’s
4.30pm Methodist Peach Fellowship AGM at
Cranmer Methodist Church followed by a talk
and discussion commencing at 8pm
7.30pm Fresh Expressions at Novotel, Union

Is your faith a bit shaky?           part of keeping healthy and we
Here’s how to grow it...             neglect it at our peril.
From time to time we may             What practical steps can we
come across people who say to        take to do something about
us ‘I wish I had your faith’. We     this? First of all, we should
may know deep down, however,         admit to ourselves that reading
that our own faith is rather         the Bible may well be more
shaky, not to say downright          than simply a matter of opening
weak. So the challenge is: how       the book and reading it. Some
can we build up our own faith to     parts of Scripture are very
be a solid basis for how we live     accessible to most people while
our lives?                           others are far removed from
We can grow as Christian             our world and our personal
disciples in a number of ways –      experience.
prayer, attending church, and        Secondly, we can make use of
especially fellowship with other     the wide range of Bible reading
believers. But what about            aids available. Study Bibles,
reading the Bible? Bible reading     commentaries, daily notes and
can become one of those things       other resources all teach us
we know is good for us, but we       about the Bible and help us
can’t quite get round to. We         apply it to our lives. As we
may feel we don’t have enough        continue to read the Bible,
time; we don’t know where to         whether alone or in the
begin; and when we do actually       company of others, so the Spirit
pick up a Bible, we can’t make       works within us to instruct our
head or tail of it!                  hearts, inform our minds and
If we think of it another way,       strengthen our faith. And as we
though, Bible reading is not a       become more and more familiar
chore like weeding the garden,       with God’s written Word, almost
but essential for spiritual health   imperceptibly we find the
and well-being, rather like a        presence of the living Word
well-balanced meal. If we’re         transforming our
really busy, it may seem too         walk of
much bother to stop for a            discipleship.
decent meal. Or we may be            There are many
tempted to grab something on         Bible reading
the run, which ends up giving        resources. For just
us indigestion. Like reading the     some, visit:
Bible, eating well is an essential

  Sunday 28th June
 11am Worship led by Rev Anthony Hick
   6pm Worship led by Rosalind Hick

  Join in a Celebration Sunday Lunch
            3 courses for £5
 served at church after morning worship

       followed by family games.

Please book your meal with Carol Whitson
 (01543 675852) or put your name on the
           board in the foyer.

                                   Sunday 9th August
                                  on the lawn (weather
                                permitting) at Chasetown

         Start picking your favourite hymns.

STATISTIC OF THE                There are
MONTH:                          some
The Recession Bites             reports of
George Barna, a key             charities
researcher of the American      closing, and
church scene, has               more
investigated the amount that    reports of significant
people have downsized their     downturns in giving. The
giving to churches over the     latest edition of The UK
last year. A quarter, 26%,      Christian (Resources)
have not cut back at all, but   Handbook indicates that
another quarter, 22%, have      overall income/turnover
stopped totally. The overall    between 2007 and 2008 to
average has been a              Christian organisations
reduction in giving of 42%.     dropped 10% and that there
Younger people have cut         were 120 fewer Christian
back more than older            agencies in 2008. Churches
people.                         turnover, however, which is
We do not have directly         part of the overall scene,
equivalent figures for the      dropped over 50%.
UK. However, a different        This calls for a time of re-
study, but British,             thinking priorities, sensing to
undertaken before the           know what God is saying to
present economic crisis,        us through the economic
compared giving across          problems hitting the world,
generations, finding that       and is a challenge to pray
those aged 35 to 49 gave        for provision for those
only 80% in real terms what     seeking to take the message
those of a similar age would    to those who have yet to
have given in 1973, which       hear or who have heard but
might suggest that the UK       not understood.
could follow the American
pattern during the recession.

                                            of the house with an adult human being,
Those teenagers around your house           and it can be safely said that no
this summer...                              teenager in his or her right mind wants
                                            to be seen in public with his or her
Have you ever thought how much they
have in common with cats?
                                            4. Cats and teenagers can lie on the
                                            living-room sofa for hours on end
1. Neither teenagers nor cats turn their    without moving, barely breathing.
heads when you call them by name.

                                            5. Both cats and teenagers eat some
2. No matter what you do for them, it is    very odd things – at very odd hours.
not enough. Indeed, all humane efforts
are barely adequate to compensate for
the privilege of waiting on them hand       6. Cats are obsessed with themselves
and foot.                                   and their appearance. Teenagers....!

                                            7. Cats have nine lives. Teenagers act
3. You rarely see a cat walking outside     as if they did.

Oral hygiene                                Job interview

Grandfather noticed his five year old
granddaughter out in the garden             Would-be employer: “So, do you have
brushing the family dog’s teeth. When       references from your last place of
he asked her what in the world she was      employment?”
doing, she replied quickly: “I’m brushing
Sooty’s teeth. But don’t worry, grand-pa    Applicant: “Yes indeed, sir. Here’s their
– I’ll put your toothbrush back, like I     letter. It reads: ‘To whom it may
always have.”                               concern: We have had Sam Jones
                                            working for us for the last three weeks,
                                            and we can say we are satisfied!’”
Going going…
Auctioneer: “Now what am I offered for
this beautiful bust of Robert Browning?”

Man in crowd: “That isn’t Browning –        The fastest growing thing in nature is a
that’s Shakespeare!”                        fish – from the time the fisherman
                                            catches it until the time he can tell
Auctioneer: “ Sorry – just goes to show     someone all about it.
how much I know about the Bible.”

Letter from St James the Least of was only when one of your friends
All - On the hazards of the
     -                                             asked me why I was bellowing at
Summer Picnic                                      them all, that I discovered their
                                                   hearing was perfect and that they
 .T...................................The Rectory, were listening to music. How you
                     ....St. James the Least manage to fit sets of records into
                                                   one of those little machines, let
My dear Nephew Darren
                                                   alone squeeze in a turntable, is
                                                   beyond me. And
It was lovely to see you and your
                                                   why call them
curate friends last week when you
                                                   eye-pods when
came for your Summer picnic in
                                                   they fit into your
the countryside. I was delighted
when you said you where bringing
Chardonnay, but somewhat
                                                   On another occasion, do remind
disconcerted to discover that what
                                                   your friends that a farmer’s field
                               I assumed
                                                   differs from an inner city park.
                               would be
                                                   Fields do not have benches, let
                               coming in
                                                   alone picnic tables; power points
                               bottles, arrived
                                                   for electric kettles and mobile
                               in a pink track
                                                   phone chargers are not in every
suit. I had the white wine glasses
                                                   field corner; you sit on the grass
all ready. I presume your
                                                   and accommodate yourself around
baptismal register is full of Claret
                                                   the sheep droppings. I know it
Smiths, Burgundy Jones and
                                                   will come as a surprise to some of
Beaujolais Browns.
                                                   your group, but farm animals are
                                                   not trained to visit lavatories.
I was saddened to see
that almost all of the
                                                   Neither are fields centrally heated;
group were wearing
                                                   we have what are called hats,
hearing aids, and
                                                   coats and scarves when enjoying
assumed it must be a
                                                   the open air – anyway, it was not
consequence of
                                                   cold, it was bracing. And do
spending so much time with your
                                                   remember that barbed wire has
noisy “music groups” in church. It
                                                   that name for a reason.
Brandon’s left jacket pocket can    the odd
be retrieved from the fence next    sandwich was
time he visits.                     something to
In our villages, we tend to think   behold. Sheep
of the dangers lurking in inner     are perfectly
city streets, but apparently they   amiable, they are
are nothing compared with the       most unlikely to
endless hazards you encounter in    trample you underfoot and I have
the countryside.                    never known anyone torn limb
                                    from limb by a crazed ewe. That
I was sorry that the day ended so sort of behaviour is only to be
suddenly. When I got one of our found at church jumble sales.
local farmers to let you use his
field, it never occurred to me that But it was your loss; it allowed
he should be asked to clear it of   me to finish off the picnic, with
his stock. I fully realise that the my own Chardonnay which was
nearest your urban colleagues will rather more elegantly clad in
have got to a sheep will have       green glass – and your killer
been in a supermarket among the sheep thoroughly enjoyed the
lamb chops wrapped in cling film, chocolate cake.
but the panic that spread through
them when the flock ambled over                 Your loving uncle,
to see if they might be treated to                Eustace

 The real test of golf and in life is not keeping out of the
 rough...but getting out after we are in.

 Stretch your purse to the utmost, and do all the good you can. Richard Baxter

 Most of our comforts grow up between our crosses. – Young

 It takes two to make a marriage a success and only one to make it a failure.
 Herbert Samuel

This Month we wish Happy Birthday to:
2nd Isla Fitzgerald
3rd Pat Littler
3rd Joanne Howell will be 15
4th Samuel Ellis
6th Summer Butler
11th Dorothy Yates
18th Evelyn Slater
19th Barbara Fox

19th June     Madge Bowen will be 100 years young!

You are invited to a service on Friday 19th June at
2:30pm (house open from 2pm) to celebrate this
occasion with Madge and her family.

            HAPPY 100th BIRTHDAY MADGE

Wedding Anniversaries

2nd June Pauline & Alan Widdowson
11th June Val & Bill Betts
28th June Victor & Maureen Keenan—40th

Please let us have birthdays, anniversaries and any other
family news for the next issue by the deadline – see back

Let us pray for:-
1st    Christopher as he prepares for his ordination
2nd Carolyn and family in their support of Christopher
3rd    Methodism at Cannock Wood and their celebrations
4th    All members of the Circuit Meeting
5th    All District Ordinands as they prepare themselves
6th    Those leading events of Fresh Expressions
7th    Our Local Preachers
8th    All the Ministers in our Circuit
9th    Alice and Georgina, our Lay Workers
10th The Circuit Leadership Team
11th The future vision of our church
12th Methodists all over the world
13th The new ventures at Chase Terrace & Burntwood
Let us give thanks for:-
14th New ideas and enthusiasm
15th Tolerance and understanding in our communities
16th The Emergency Services
17th The work of voluntary organisations
18th Our young people in Junior Church
19th Our hearing and our sight
20th The labours of our farmers
21st Those who work with drug addicts
Let us pray for:-
22nd Those who are sick at home or in hospital
23rd Those who are anxious or depressed
24th People who have disabilities
25th Those who are struggling with debts
26th Our soldiers overseas
27th The bereaved in their loss
28th Chasetown Church on its anniversary
29th Our Junior Church, its staff and children
30th Peace throughout the world


10am-12noon Sugarcraft Classes
2pm-4pm Over 50’s Social Group
7:00pm Boys’/Girls Brigade Band Practice
7:30pm Bible Study (fortnightly)
8:00pm Regnal

6:15pm Girls’ Brigade

1:30pm Live at Home—Friendship Group
2:00pm Bible Study—House Group
6:30pm Boys’ Brigade—Anchor boys

10:45am Thursday Church
6:45pm Boys’ Brigade—Junior Section
8:30pm Boys’ Brigade—Company Section


         If you require any further details of these activities
               please contact our minister—see below
             (Details of other group meetings in Notices)

     Rev Christopher Parkes, 60, Queen Street, Chasetown.
     Tel 01543 682277
Pastoral Assistant:
     Mrs Georgina Brooks, 10 Turquoise Grove, Heath Hayes.
     Tel: 01543 279695

Please let the editor know of any dates you wish to be included in the next edition.
JUNE                                       5th    3pm Christopher’s Ordination
17th Messy Church Seminar at                      Service at Worcester
      Telford–page 13                             4pm Circuit Service at Salem
18th 7:30pm Lichfield Guides                      7pm Conference Praise at
      Meeting at Chasetown                        Wolverhampton—see page 13
19th 2:30pm Short Service to               9th    7:30pm Chasetown Church
      celebrate Madge Bowen’s                     Council
      100th Birthday at her home.          11th   Manse Open Morning-see
20th Vision Day at Stourbridge—                   below
      page 13                              12th   11am Chasetown Family
22nd 7:45pm Chasetown Stewards                    Service ‘TIME’ - page 8
      Meeting                              14th   Last Art Class for this term at
27th 9:30am-1:30pm Church                         Chasetown
      Steward Training at                  21st   Busy Bees training day at
      Chadsmoor                                   Chasetown
27th 9:30am Don’t Panic! Church            30th   Blood Donors at Chasetown
      Stewards Training at
28th Chasetown Church
      Anniversary & meal— page 15            Manse open morning
28th Burntwood Church Picnic on
      The Chase                              Everyone is invited to the
                                             Manse on Saturday 11th July
JULY                                         between 10.00am and
2nd-8th Methodist Conference in              12.30pm. Come and join us
     Wolverhampton                           for Tea, coffee and Cakes.
4th 1pm Conference Walk of
     Witness at Wolverhampton—
     see page 13
                                             Carolyn and Christopher

          Weekly Activities are inside the back page.
              Chasetown Bookings & Meetings : Betty Myers 682383
             Burntwood Bookings & Meetings : Shelia Chaplin 686065
           Chase Terrace Bookings & Meetings : Brenda Jackson 670632
‘Link’ Editor : Carol Whitson on 01543 675852
                or e-mail:
              Next Deadline : Sunday 5th July
            JULY/AUG ISSUE—is due out on Sunday 12th July

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