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MYTH (noun) \mith\: an unfounded or false notion: a person or thing having only an imaginary
                                    or unverifiable existence
 FACT (noun) \’fakt\: the quality of being actual: a piece of information presented as having
                                        objective reality

    STUDENT HOUSING MYTH # 1:”I’ll commute from home and
                           save money!”
    FACT: The cost of commuting to campus may equal or exceed
              the cost of living at Nittany Commons!
     COMMUTER: Charlie Commuter lives near Pittston PA, 14.7 miles to PSU WB campus 1. Let’s
      call it a 29 mile round trip. Charlie drives this route 5 days per week, or 180 days during the
      2010-11 academic year2. Charlie drives a 2007 Pontiac G6 that gets 20 MPG 3 and he buys
      regular unleaded gas at $3.883 per gallon4. Charlie’s DAILY cost to commute is $20.885, or
      $3758.40 for the 180-day academic year. ADD YOUR (OR PARENTS) CAR PAYMENT TO
     NITTANY COMMONS RESIDENT: Nancy Nittany also lives near Pittston, and is a resident of
      Nittany Commons. She visits home about 50% of the 38 weekends in the academic year, so
      when she drives it costs her about $21 round-trip…when she does not hop a ride home with
      Charlie (Former High School Sweethearts!). She stays in a single bedroom in the Aspen
      Building, sharing her apartment with 4 other friends. She pays her rent on the semester
      payment plan6 and shares her utility costs with apartment-mates7. On a ride home together,
      Nancy (a Business major) calculated her DAILY cost of occupancy at $21.13 per day 8. SORRY,
     HAPPY ENDING: Charlie applies for, and is accepted to reside at Nittany Commons for the
      2011-12 academic year. Nancy thinks he is smart and they rekindle their relationship…and still
      go home together on some weekends to visit Mom & Dad! ---See OVER for Environmental
      Impact Info

1 Source: Google Earth Maps
2 Source: Workdays calculator app iPhone: 8/18/10 to 5/10/11=265 calendar days minus 189 workdays minus 9
holidays = 180 commuting days
3 Source: 2007 Pontiac G6 17 City/26 Hwy/20 Combined MPG
4 Source: AAA Fuel Gauge Report: PA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre/Hazleton average for regular at 4/27/2011
5 Commuting Cost calculator, includes FHWA operating costs including depreciation,

repairs and insurance. DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY CAR PAYMENT.
6 Source: Pricing page 2010-11 rent for Aspen/Birch single- 2-payments of $2500 for fall

and spring semesters.
7 Source: FAQ’s page 2010-11 average utility cost (Includes electric; DirecTV; Hi-Speed

Internet) $600 for 2010-11 academic year
8 $5000 rent + $600 utilities = $5600/265 days in lease term= $21.13. If divided by 180 days = $31.11 per weekday

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     Environmental Impact of Charlie’s Decision to live at Nittany Commons
                       and avoid Commute of 180 days


       Charlie’s 2007 Pontiac G6 consumes 16.3 Barrels of Petroleum each year (1
          barrel = 42 gallons)
         That’s Over 8 Barrels or 338 gallons of oil for his 180-day commute!
         His Vehicle Emits 8.9 Tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year
         That’s 4.4 Tons of pollutant avoided during his 180-day commute
         Charlie’s decision to live at Nittany Commons makes him feel like he has actually
          done something to improve air quality
         His friend, Paul Pollute, still commutes from Pittston area in his 2005 Ford
          F150 Pick-Up
         Charlie computed, with Nancy’s help, Paul’s DAILY cost at $24.70 per day plus
          his truck payment
         Paul is now Charlie’s apartment-mate!!!

                                           OTHER FACTORS:

       Commute time is 27 minutes each way10. That is 54 minutes per day or 162
        HOURS in the car for the 180 day commuting year
       Ice/Snow/Accidents can add stress and substantial COSTS to commuting
       162 Hours of commuting can be used for a) Time with Nancy b) Play X-
        Box/PlayStation, etc. c) campus activities/clubs d) hanging out with Friends e)
        participate in sports/work out/join a PSU-WB Team OR f) AS A LAST


9   Source: and
10   Source: Google Earth Maps
11   Source: COMMON SENSE !