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                                         MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults
                                                        Lecture List
                  The following is a list of ALL of our lectures.
           Note color coding: Tape – red; CD – black; MP3 - blue
Current to January 2011 residency.                                                 A special thanks to Louise Simone (7/04) and Tami Lewis Brown (1/06)
                                                                                   for their help in digitizing older lectures.
 First Name     Last Name            Lecture Title                                                            Status term        Tape/CD/
 Lynn           Acheson              Once Upon a Time and Time Again: On the Art of Retelling Fairy           student July 08 CD
 Maha           Addasi               Harems, Veils And Belly Dancers—Getting The Details Right In             student July 10 MP3
                                     Multi-Cultural Writing
 Cheryl         Adelman              Cross My Heart, Hope to Die, Stick a Needle in My Eye                    student Jan 01 T
 Abigail        Aguirre                                   Making The Foreign Familiar:                        Student Jan 11 MP3
                                                      Writing Stories Set In Unique Places
 Carol          Allen                Girls Who Break the Rules                                                Student July 09 CD
 Ariana         Amini                The Role of Moodiness in Humor                                           student July 03 T
 Anna           An                   Creating a Writing Life: Habits, Resources and False Deadlines           student July 99 T
 Anna           An                   Q&A                                                                      vis writer Jan 07 T
 Anna           An                   Book Talk: "A Step From Heaven"                                          student Jul 01 T
 Tobin          Anderson             Techniques for Writing Comic Dialogue                                    faculty    Jan 00 MP3
 Tobin          Anderson             Touching Ghouls: Techniques for Writing Horror and Suspense              faculty    July 00 CD
                                     (poor quality; $2 only)
 Tobin          Anderson             Border Territory: Where History Leaves off and Imagination Begins, faculty          Jan 01 CD
                                     History Day Panel
 Tobin          Anderson             Methods of Writing Convincing Period Dialogue                            faculty    Jan 01 T
 Tobin          Anderson             Techniques in Manuscript Revision                                        faculty    Jan 02 MP3
 Tobin          Anderson             Submission                                                               faculty    Jan 04 CD
First Name   Last Name   Lecture Title                                                            Status       term      Tape/CD/
Tobin        Anderson    Plotting (and Plodding) in the Historical Novel                          faculty      Jan 05    CD
Tobin        Anderson    A Miniature Course on Literary Theory                                    V. Writer    Jan 11    MP3
Tobin        Anderson    Panel Discussion, Nonfiction Day                                         faculty      July 01   CD
Tobin        Anderson    Children‘s Literature and the Avant-Garde                                faculty      July 02   CD
Tobin        Anderson    Reading                                                                  faculty      July 02   T
Tobin        Anderson    Brimstone Journals, Poetry Days                                          faculty      July 02   T
Tobin        Anderson    The Art of Fugue                                                         faculty      July 03   MP3
Tobin        Anderson    If I Ran the Zoo: Politics in Writing for Children (Special Event Day)   Vis writer   July 07   CD
Tobin        Anderson    Theories of Plot and Narrative                                           Vis writer   July 08   MP3
Ann          Angel       A Perfect Marriage: Blending Details of Setting and Character to         student      Jan 99    T
                         Create a Moving Story
Kathi        Appelt      Just the Facts, Ma‘am? Writing Non-fiction                               faculty      Jan 03    CD
Kathi        Appelt      Original Sample School Presentation                                      faculty      Jan 03    T
Kathi        Appelt      Nonfiction: It's Not Your Daddy's Oldsmobile - Edgy Fiction              faculty      Jan 04    CD
Kathi        Appelt      What the Blind Mice Knew: The Strange Something(s) of Concept            Faculty      Jan 08    MP3
                         Books this lecture had a lot of visual aids used
Kathi        Appelt      Mining Your Memories – Writing A Memoir                                  Faculty      Jan 10    MP3
Kathi        Appelt      Teaching Writing/Jumping off Cliffs                                      faculty      July 03   CD
Kathi        Appelt      Character in a Matter of Pages                                           Faculty      July 05   CD
Kathi        Appelt      Blurred Lines                                                            Faculty      July 09   CD
Kathi        Appelt      Wizards And Tigers And Bears, Oh My!                                     faculty      July 10   MP3
Mike         Arena       Writing the Classic Picture Book                                         student      Jan 03    T
Jennifer     Armstrong   Border Territory: Where History Leaves off and Imagination Begins,       vis.writer   Jan 01    CD
                         History Day Panel
Marc         Aronson     Reading                                                                  vis.editor   Jan 98    T
Marc         Aronson     What Is Originality in Non-Fiction                                       Faculty      Jan 06    CD
Sarah        Aronson     Light! Camers! Actions!                                                  student      July 06   MP3
Allison      Arth        Censorship as Sentiment                                                  Student      Jan 06    CD
Mary         Atkinson    Activate Your Core: How to Add Muscle to the Middle of Your Story        Student      Jan 08    CD
Vickey       Aubrey      The Little People--They are Among Us                                     student      July 04   T
Andrew       Auseon      Ain't Your Parents' Funny Pages                                          student      Jan 04    T
First Name    Last Name   Lecture Title                                                       Status    term    Tape/CD/
Natalie       Babbitt     Reading                                                             vis.writer Jan 02 T
Marianna      Baer        Let‘s Talk About Sex: The Challenges and Craft of Writing YA Sex    student July 08 CD
Kathi         Baron       Trauma and Transformation: Crafting the Psychological Flashback     student   July 04   T
Barbara       Barrett     Waiting for the 'Buts'                                              student   Jan 00    T
Kelly         Barson      Writing From Both Sides Of The Brain                                Student   Jan 11    MP3
Janie         Baskin      It's the Something Extra that Makes the Difference: Humor,          student   July 03   T
                          Imagination, Compelling Language and Emotional Depth Transform
                          a Picture Book from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary
Marion Dane   Bauer       The First Challenge: Point of View                                  faculty   July 97 CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       Developing Character                                                faculty   Jan 98 CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       A Career as a Children' s Writer: What Can You Expect Once You      faculty   July 98 CD
                          Are Published?
Marion Dane   Bauer       Writing Picture Books or Anybody Can Do Better than That…Can't      faculty   Jan 01    CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       When Animals Talk (Seminar)                                         faculty   Jan 02    CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       Voice and Point of View: How You and Your Characters Work           faculty   Jan 03    CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       Writing… Can it be taught and How?                                  faculty   Jan 04    CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       How to Write Picture Books                                          faculty   Jan 07    CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       The Shape of Story                                                  faculty   Jan 08    CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       Re-Vision: Finding a new vision of your work                        Faculty   July 01   CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       Writing for the Very Young                                          faculty   July 03   CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       Growing a Career as a Children's Writer                             faculty   July 04   CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       Point of View, Psychic Distance, and Voice                          Faculty   July 05   CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       You Scholar, You!                                                   Faculty   July 06   CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       Point of View and Psychic Distance                                  faculty   July 08   CD
Marion Dane   Bauer       The Shape of Story: A Three-Point Trajectory with You as the Wild   Faculty   July 09   CD
Kari          Baumbach    Imagining The Unthinkable: How To Mitigate Horrific Material For    student   July 10 MP3
                          Young Readers
Katie         Bayerl      Must We All Be Heroes? Alternatives To The Hero‘s Journey In        student   July 10 MP3
                          Young Adult Literature
First Name   Last Name     Lecture Title                                                       Status      term      Tape/CD/
Margaret     Bechard       We Are None of Us Perfect: The Joys and Sorrows of Revision        faculty      Jan 05    CD
                           (with Tim Wynne-Jones)
Margaret     Bechard       A Man Walked into a Bar—Ouch! (On Being Funny…)                    faculty      Jan 06    MP3
Margaret     Bechard       No Pain, No Gain—And No Story                                      Faculty      Jan 07    CD
Margaret     Bechard       How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Plot                       Faculty      Jan 08    MP3
Margaret     Bechard       The Plot Thickens, and What to Do if it Doesn't                    faculty      July 03   MP3
Margaret     Bechard       "I Can't Believe You Said That": A Dialogue on Dialogue            faculty      July 04   CD
Margaret     Bechard       Outside the Tower                                                  Faculty      July 06   MP3
Margaret     Bechard       If You Don‘t Have Anything Interesting to Say, Don‘t Say Anything Faculty       July 08   MP3
                           at All: A Dialogue on Dialogue
Kelly        Bennett       Incredible Edibles—Creating Multisensory Images with Food          student      July 07   CD
Richard      Bently        Reading                                                            vis.writer   Jan 97    T
Julianna     Berry         Humility and the Writing Life                                      student      Jan 08    CD
Franny       Billingsley   The 100,000 Word Tune-Up                                           Faculty      Jan 11    MP3
Franny       Billingsley   Finding Your Character‘s Voice                                     faculty      July 10   MP3
Barbara      Bishop        Making Authentic Portraits: How Sensibilities Can Color The Truth student       July 10   MP3
Anna Marie   Black         When Best is Not Better: Best Friends in Children's Literature     student      Jan 99    T
Elizabeth    Bluemle       Stealing form Art: Thinking Visually in Order to Write Effectively student      July 04   T
Gwenda       Bond          No Guts, No Glory: Tackling Challenging Projects                   student      Jan 09    CD
Coe          Booth         Zen And The Art Of Getting Through The First Draft (Without Losing Faculty      Jan 11    MP3
                           Your Mind!)
Coe          Booth         The Family Assessment                                              faculty      July 10 MP3
Lisa Rabe    Bose          Spinning Straw into Gold: Techniques for Transforming Personal     student      July 04 T
                           Tragedy Into Fictional Truth
Carol        Brendler      When Fractals Meet Fiction: Echo Effects in Children‘s Literature  Student      July 08 CD
Gene         Brenek        Where the Wild Things Are: Why Write About Fear? And How to        Student      Jan 09 CD
                           Create It
Ed           Briant        The Third Meaning                                                  Student      July 06   CD
Bruce        Brooks        Lecture                                                            faculty      July 97   T
Bruce        Brooks        Reading                                                            faculty      July 97   T
Tami Lewis   Brown         Betwixt and Between—The Craft of Liminal Time, Place, and          student      Jan 06    CD
First Name   Last Name     Lecture Title                                                          Status       term      Tape/CD/
Patti        Brown         Character Exploration: Using the Tarot to Demystify the Future         student      July 08   CD
Catherine    Broyles       Teen Fashion Magazines—Friends or Frenemies?                           student      Jan 06    CD
Ashley       Bryan         Lecture                                                                vis.writer   Jan 97    T
Ashley       Bryan         Reading                                                                vis.writer   Jan 97    T
Ashley       Bryan         Reading                                                                vis.writer   July 00   T
Ashley       Bryan         Informal Talk                                                          vis.writer   July 00   T
Sharon       Bryant        Writing By Hand                                                        student      Jan 99    T
Anne         Bustard       Are Elephants Required? A Look At Crafting Successful Author           student      July 10   MP3
Dawn         Buthorn       Who Can You Trust: The Truth About Unreliable Narrators                student      July 10 MP3
Dorothy      Byers         Ethical Responsibilities in Writing for Children (Lecture with Linda   student      Jan 99 T
Suzanne      Byrne         Dusting for Prints‖ Where‘s the Author, Where‘s the Art?               student Jan 02 T
Michael      Cart          Rush Hour and The Return of Short Fiction                              vis.writer July 05 T
Kerry        Castano       Ask Both What Chapter Books Can Do for You, and What You Can           student July 07 CD
                           Do for Chapter Books
Bev          Chapman       The Premise Is the Promise: Help for the Plot-Challenged Novelist      student      Jan 07 CD
Richard      Chapman       Writing for Pictures                                                   student      July 02 T
Barbara      Chavez-Rock   Boom, Swish, Pop! Using the Senses to Evoke Mood and Emotion           student      July 03 T
                           in Picture Books
Kitty        Clark         The Picture Book                                                       student      Jan 99    T
Pauline      Clarke        Prose is Square, and Other Shapely Observations about Verbal Art       student      Jan 05    T
Patricia     Cleary        The Internal and External Plot Development of a Literary Young         student      Jan 03    T
                           Adult Novel versus the Superficial Quick Read
Brock        Cole          Lecture                                                                faculty      July 97   T
Brock        Cole          Pushing the Envelope                                                   faculty      Jan 98    T
Brock        Cole          The Abuse of Fiction                                                   faculty      Jan 02    T
Brock        Cole          Writing Picture Books – Seminar – CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE                faculty      July 01   T
Carolyn      Coman         Voices in My Head                                                      faculty      July 98   CD
Carolyn      Coman         Things I Say Over and Over and Over – To Struggling Writers,           faculty      Jan 00    CD
                           Myself Among Them
Carolyn      Coman         Lecture                                                                faculty      Jan 04    T
First Name   Last Name   Lecture Title                                                      Status       term      Tape/CD/
Carolyn      Coman       Talk—Visiting Writer                                               Vis.writer   Jan 09    CD
Carolyn      Coman       Lingering with Intent: Notes from a cross-genre fledgling          faculty      July 01   T
Carolyn      Coman       Blasts from the Past: Incorporating Flashbacks and Backstory       facutly      July 04   CD
Winifred     Conkling    Cleaning Up The Shitty First Draft: The Craft Of Revision          Student      Jan 11    MP3
Liz          Cook        Why Are You Here Now? Setting As An Extension Of Character         student      July 10   MP3
Rachel       Cope        Deepening Desire: Coming Of Age Through The Young Adult,           student      July 10   MP3
                         Romantic Quest
Cheryl       Coupé       With a Little Help from My Friends—What the Novelist Can Learn     student      Jan 07    CD
                         from the Study of Children‘s Friendships
Carolyn      Crimi       But It Looks So Easy! The Blood, Sweat, Tears and Chocolate        student      July 00 T
                         Consumption of a Picture Book Writer (Kemp)
Marty        Crisp       A Trusted Companion On The Path To Story                           student      July 10   MP3
Barb         Crispin     Dual Main Characters: Double the Stuff That Kids Find Funny        student      July 07   CD
Margaret     Crocker     Don‘t Kill The Parents—Neutralize Them!                            student      July 10   MP3
Mary E.      Cronin      Crafting Resilient Characters: Three Essential Ingredients         Student      Jan 11    MP3
Alan         Cumyn       Leaving Room for the Audience: Narrative Songs and the Basics Of   Faculty      Jan 09    MP3
Alan         Cumyn       What Makes A Good Story Iii (And Final): Writing From Your Core    Faculty      Jan 11 MP3
Alan         Cumyn       Eating Penguins on Elephant Island: Some Thoughts on               Faculty      July 08 MP3
                         Perseverance in the Writing Game
Alan         Cumyn       What Makes a Good Story? A Personal Inquiry                        Faculty      July 09 CD
Alan         Cumyn       What Makes A Good Story Ii:                                        faculty      July 10 MP3
                         An Examination Of "For Esmé -- With Love And Squalor
Cassandra    Dahl        The Three Levels of Character Landscape Development: Creating      student      Jan 07    CD
                         Unforgettable Protagonists
Audrey M.    Danielson   The Bridge Between the Musical Word & the Written Word             student      Jan 03    T
Sharon       Darrow      Every Passion Has Its Pulse: Emotion, Revisioning, and Self-       faculty      Jan 98    CD
Sharon       Darrow      Workshopping and the Process Approach to Creative Writing          faculty      July 98   CD
Sharon       Darrow      Three in Third                                                     faculty      Jan 01    T
Sharon       Darrow      The Excessive Imagination                                          faculty      Jan 03    T
Sharon       Darrow      The Voice of Autobiography: How the Voices We Remember Can         faculty      Jan 05    CD
                         Be Welcomed into our Writing of Both Fiction and Nonfiction
First Name   Last Name    Lecture Title                                                        Status       term      Tape/CD/
Sharon       Darrow       The Words and the Music                                              faculty      Jan 08    MP3
Sharon       Darrow       Braiding the Character‘s Emotional Trajectory Into the Event         Faculty      Jan 10    MP3
Sharon       Darrow       Teaching Writing                                                     Faculty      Jan 11 MP3
Sharon       Darrow       Emotion and Revision: How to Find the ―Emotional Core" in            faculty      July 02 CD
Sharon       Darrow       Through Their Eyes & From Your Heart                                 Faculty      July 04   CD
Sharon       Darrow       Making Meaning                                                       Faculty      July 05   CD
Sharon       Darrow       Critical Writing Presentation                                        faculty      July 07   CD
Sharon       Darrow       The Clothesline: Life in the Country—Regional Writing and the Self   faculty      July 08   MP3
Sharon       Darrow       Emotion and Revision: How to Get to the Emotional Core of            Faculty      July 09   CD
Meredith     Davis        It‘s About Time: Understanding And Manipulating Time To              Student      Jan 11    MP3
                          Strengthen Your Novel
Patricia     Davis        Setting: Another Tool for your Writer's Toolbox                      student      July 03 T
Deborah      Dean         The Blessings of Backstory                                           student      Jan 99    T
Bethany      Dellinger    Fantasy: The World as it Should Be                                   student      Jan 04    T
Kate         Di Camillo   Informal Talk                                                        vis.writer   July 01   T
Kate         Di Camillo   Reading                                                              vis.writer   July 01   T
Kate         Di Camillo   Let's Just Concentrate on Our Buttering: The Tale of and Editor-     visitor      July 04   CD
                          Author Relationship
Jessica      Dils         Getting Up and Write! Mobility and Creativity: Tapping in to What    Student      Jan 10    CD
                          We Do Best
Lisa         Doan         What the Big Brains Knew, But Had a Hard Time Explaining—            student      July 08 CD
                          Creating Humor in Character-Driven Fiction
Marylee      Donovan      Critique Panel (with Amy Ehrlich, Jean Marzollo, Chris Paul)         vis.writer July 00 T
Marylee      Donovan      A Reading, and a Discussion of the Process of Writing the Text and   vis.writer July 00 T
                          How the Text Changed as it was Illustrated and Designed - Picture
                          Book Day (lecture with Amy Ehrlich & Jean Marzollo)
Lisa         Dougher      Psychological Development and the Picture Book                       student      Jan 02 T
Anne         Downer       A Brief Introduction To Digital Literature And Hypertext Narrative   student      July 10 MP3
Bobi         Downey       Conflict Comes from Character                                        student      July 99 T
First Name   Last Name   Lecture Title                                                        Status       term Tape/CD/
Caroline     Downs       The Critical Route                                                   student July 01 T
Eugenie      Doyle       Reading                                                              vis.writer Jan 97 T
Muriel       Dubois      Creative Non-Fiction: A Twelve Step Program                          student July 01 T
Debbie       Dunn        Demystifying the Mystery Novel: Balancing the Mechanics of the       student Jan 06 CD
                         Puzzle with the Under-story
Michelle     Edwards     Presentation                                                         vis.writer   July 99   T
Michelle     Edwards     Informal Talk                                                        vis.writer   July 99   T
Debby Dahl   Edwardson   Coming Out From Beneath the                                          student      July 05   T
Amy          Ehrlich     Informal Talk                                                        vis.editor   July 98   T
Amy          Ehrlich     Reading                                                              faculty      July 99   T
Amy          Ehrlich     What is a Short Story? Two Viewpoints (Lecture with Norma Fox        faculty      Jan 00    CD
Amy          Ehrlich     Question & Answer Session (with Norma Fox Mazer, part of "What       faculty      Jan 00    T
                         is a Short Story")
Amy          Ehrlich     Critique Panel - Picture Book Day (with Mary Lee Donovan, Jean       vis.writer July 00 T
                         Marzollo & Chris Paul)
Amy          Ehrlich     A Reading, and a Discussion of the Process of Writing the Text and   vis.writer July 00 T
                         How the Text Changed as it was Illustrated and Designed - Picture
                         Book Day (lecture with Mary Lee Donovan & Jean Marzollo)
Pamela (PJ   Eicher      The Long and the Short of It                                         student      July 05 T
Sarah        Ellis       Fits Under the Seat in Front of You: The Short Story                 faculty      Jan 08    CD
Sarah        Ellis       A Picture Book Primer                                                Faculty      Jan 10    CD
Sarah        Ellis       The Problem of Parents                                               faculty      July 07   CD
Sarah        Ellis       Sports of Nature: Fairies Among Us                                   faculty      July 08   MP3
David        Elzey       The Boy Book Manifesto: A Ten-Point Plan for Making Books More       Student      Jan 10    CD
                         ―Boy Friendly‖ (And Why We Should)
Amy          Emm         The Subtle Sentiment: Practical Strategies For Using Nuance To       Student      Jan 11    MP3
                         Depict Character Emotion
Nora         Ericson     Layering as an Approach to Research or, Why Your Characters          Student      Jan 10    CD
                         Can be Naked Until Nearly the Final Draft
Michelle     Eubanks     Presentation                                                         vis.writer July 99 CD
Michelle     Eubanks     Informal Talk                                                        vis.writer July 99 T
First Name     Last Name      Lecture Title                                                       Status       term    Tape/CD/
Sally          Eubanks        How to Fight Writer's Block                                         student      Jan 01 T
Cynthia        Faughnan       Reaching the Finish Lines: The Craft of Satisfying Endings          student      July 07 CD
Leigh          Fenly          Take a Moment                                                       student      Jan 99 T
Nicole         Feret          Writing, Reading, and Understanding Three: Supporting               student      Jan 06 CD
                              Sensemaking in Fiction
Karen          Fisher         Elements of Historically Accurate Novels That Appeal to Modern      student      Jan 02    T
Cathy          Fishman        The Feng Shui of …                                                  Student      July 06 CD
Susan          Fletcher       Echoes and Mirrors: Powerful Pattern of Repetition                  faculty      July 00 T
Susan          Fletcher       Your Research is Showing! Strategies for Exposition in Historical   faculty      Jan 01 T
                              Fiction - History Day (Lecture with Ellen Howard)
Susan          Fletcher       The Price of Magic: Writing a Fantasy Novel                         faculty      Jan 02    CD
Susan          Fletcher       The Vocabulary of Emotion                                           faculty      Jan 03    T
Susan          Fletcher       Writing Outside your World - Edgy Fiction Weekend                   faculty      Jan 04    T
Susan          Fletcher       Echoes And Mirrors: Powerful Patterns Of Repetition                 Faculty      Jan 11    MP3
Susan          Fletcher       Behold The Monster!                                                 faculty      July 10   MP3
Nancy          Flood and      Words That Sing: A Poet‘s Tools, A Writer‘s Principles—The          students     Jan 07    CD
               Dianne White   Meaning and Music of Emotion in Prose
Wilmoth        Foreman        From Memory (Not Necessarily Fact) to Fiction                       student      Jan 02    T
Lissa          Forney         It‘s the Details that Count: Enhancing Your Plot Through Research   student      Jan 03    T
Janet          Fox            Elusive Elision: What Lies Between In Novels For Young Readers      student      July 10   MP3
Russell        Freedman       Bring ‘Em Back Alive, Nonfiction Day                                vis.writer   July 01   CD
Russell        Freedman       Panel Discussion - Nonfiction Day (With Tobin Anderson, Ellen       vis.writer   July 01   T
                              Levine, Jane Resh Thomas)
Julia          Frickert       Lords and Ladies of the Flies: Violence in Young Adult Literature   student      July 03   T
Bruce          Frost          Breathing Life into Picture Book Biographies                        student      Jan 07    CD
David          Gale           Informal Talk                                                       vis.editor   Jan 00    T
Elizabeth      Gallagher      How I Shelved This Book: A Lecture of Adults, Teenagers, and        Student      Jan 06    CD
Jack           Gantos         A Brief Examination of Short Stories                                faculty    July 97 CD
Patricia Lee   Gauch          Reading                                                             vis.writer Jan 01 T
Patty Lee      Gauch          Informal Talk                                                       vis.writer Jan 01 T
First Name    Last Name       Lecture Title                                                        Status       term      Tape/CD/
Jennifer      Gennari         No More Bloopers: How to Edit Like a Professional                    Student Jan 06         CD
Mordecai      Gerstein        Lecture (Picture Book Day)                                           Vis writer Jan 06      CD
Gretchen      Geser           For One Thing, Dinner: Significant and Meaningful Material for       Student Jan 06         CD
                              Children‘s Picture Books
Rhiannon      Gharibeh        Francesca Lia Book                                                   Student      Jan 06    CD
James Cross   Giblin          Informal Talk                                                        vis.writer   Jan 99    T
James Cross   Giblin          Reading                                                              vis.writer   Jan 99    T
David         Gifaldi         Searching for Story                                                  faculty      Jan 07    CD
David         Gifaldi         Mining Childhood Memories                                            faculty      Jan 08    CD
David         Gifaldi         Why I Write Short Fiction                                            Faculty      July 05   CD
David         Gifaldi         The Middle Grade Novel: A Short Trip from Innocence to               faculty      July 06   CD
David         Gifaldi         Unblocking the Flow / Getting Back on Track                          faculty      July 07 CD
Jane Spivey   Gilchrist       Who Owns the Picturebooks?                                           student      July 01 T
Miriam        Glassman        Only Connect: Using Patterns of Connection and Disconnection in      student      Jan 07 CD
Mel           Glenn           That Character is Me: Writing the Poetry Novel                       faculty      July 02   T
Mel           Glenn           Reading                                                              faculty      July 02   T
Kelly         Going           Informal Talk                                                        Vis writer   Jan 06    CD
Kelly         Going           Reading                                                              Vis writer   Jan 06    CD
Debbie        Gonzales        The Genre of the Sports Novel: Take Your Reader to the New Old       Student      July 08   CD
                              Ball Game
Lynda         Graham-Barber   The Answer My Writer Friend Is Blowin‘ in the Wind: The Many         Student      Jan 09    CD
                              Messages Conveyed by Wind Metaphors in Children‘s Literature
Cynthia       Granberg        A Different Way of Knowing: The Power of Verse                       student      Jul 07    CD
Nancy         Gray            "If You Hadn't Been There…"                                          student      Jan 00    T
Laura         Greene          Voice: Staying in Tune with Voice: Noting the Nots and Knots         student      Jan 04    T
Stephanie     Greene          ―Enough About Me, What Do You Think About Me?‖ The Perils and        student      Jan 07    CD
                              Potential of Writing in First Person
Mitchell      Greene          Poetry and the Beasts: Animals in Children's Light Verse             student July 03 T
Amy           Griffin         Border Territory: Where History Leaves off and Imagination Begins,   vis.writer Jan 01 T
                              History Day Panel (with Tobin Anderson, Jennifer Armstrong,
First Name     Last Name   Lecture Title                                                           Status       term      Tape/CD/
                           Susan Bartoletti)
Amy            Griffin     Dear America: From a Seed to a Forest, History Day                      vis.writer Jan 01      T
Jeanne Marie   Grunwell    Why Red Herrings Aren't Red And Other Mysteries of the Mystery          student Jan 01         T
Desiree        Guzman      Border Crossing: Writing Outside your Culture                           student      Jan 04    T
Frances Lee    Hall        The Artist Protagonist: How Art Enhances Character and Story            student      Jan 08    CD
Sarah          Hamburg     Point and Counterpoint                                                  student      July 02   T
Sharon         Harmon      Reading                                                                 faculty      Jan 97    T
Phyllis        Harris      Playing the Literary Wildcard: The Timeless Young Adult Novel           student      July 00   T
Teresa         Harris      The Bridge Between Us: Connecting with Your Reader Through              student      July 07   CD
                           Theme and Subtext
Christopher    Hart        Marginally Amusing Pedestrian Asides                                    Student      Jan 10    CD
Brent          Hartinger   Why Every Writer Should Also be a Playwright                            Faculty      July 06   CD
Juanita        Havill      Reading                                                                 vis.writer   July 01   T
Juanita        Havill      Informal Talk                                                           vis.writer   July 01   T
Louise         Hawes       Kidspeak: Dialogue in Children's Literature                             faculty      Jan 97    T
Louise         Hawes       Lecture                                                                 faculty      July 97   T
Louise         Hawes       Taking Out the Trash: The Joys of Revision                              faculty      Jan 98    T
Louise         Hawes       Writing from the Core: Does It Have to Hurt?                            faculty      July 00   CD
Louise         Hawes       Writer‘s Block? It‘s not a Plumbing Problem, It‘s a Failure of Faith!   faculty      Jan 02    T
Louise         Hawes       On Writing too Well                                                     faculty      July 01   T
Louise         Hawes       Thou Shalt Not Tell….Or Shalt Thou?                                     faculty      July 04   T
Louise         Hawes       Desire Is the Cause of All Plot: The Shape of Yearning In Life and      faculty      July 08   MP3
Louise         Hawes       Communion: The Participatory Nature of Narrative                        Faculty      July 09 MP3
Louise         Hawes       Wabi Sabi:                                                              faculty      July 10 MP3
                           The Extraordinary Power Of The Ordinary
Lynn E.        Hazen       Familiarity But Not Contempt: Successful Sequels, Series, and           student      July 04 T
                           Companion Books
Bethany        Hegedus     If You Build It, They Will Read: A Nuts & Bolts Approach to Scene &     student      Jan 05    T
Helen          Hemphill    Finding the Deeper Character: Using Setting to Chart Character          student      Jan 04    T
First Name   Last Name    Lecture Title                                                        Status       term    Tape/CD/
Karyn        Henley       Character Intention: The Warp and Woof of Scene Weaving              student      Jan 04 T
Robbin       Herrera      Young Adults, Slang, And You: The Definitive Guide To Creating       student      July 10 MP3
                          Authentic Slang For Your Young Adult Novel
Mary         Heslin       Borrowing (shamelessly) …                                            Student      July 06   CD
Kimberley    Heuston      The Art and Craft of the Beautiful Lie                               V. Writer    Jan 05    T
Maurene      Hinds        Coming out of the Closet (and Out from Under the Bed)                student      Jan 02    T
Catherine    Hoellwarth   Lights, Camera, Action: How 'voice' captures and projects a          student      Jan 00    T
Kate         Holmes       Are We There Yet? A Satisfying Story's Journey Begins with its       student      Jan 04    T
Melissa      Hood         Passing Down the Heirloom: The Writer Teaches the Next               student      Jan 99    T
Anne         Hoppe        Half the Story (More or Less)                                        Vis. Ed.               CD
Gabe         Horn         Reading                                                              vis.writer Jan 98      T
Katherine    Hosford      Returning To A Place Of Wonder: Reconnecting With Poetry             Student Jan 11         MP3
Roswitha     Houghton     Selection Not Censorship                                             Student      Jan 06 CD
Marguerite   Houle        The Clown ….                                                         Student      July 06 CD
Ellen        Howard       In the Beginning Was the Word…And in the Middle…And at the           faculty      July 98 CD
                          End: Precision of Language (lecture updated with Words, Words,
                          Words 1/10)
Ellen        Howard       A Place (and Time) for Everything                                    faculty      July 99 CD
Ellen        Howard       How Can I Keep from Singing? Finding the Voice of Your Story         faculty      Jan 03 CD
Ellen        Howard       Religion: The Last Taboo in Children's Books? Edgy Fiction           faculty      Jan 04 CD
Ellen        Howard       Eavesdropping Across the Years                                       faculty      Jan 05    CD
Ellen        Howard       Yes, But Is It Literature?                                           faculty      Jan 06    CD
Ellen        Howard       Boring Old Punctuation: Why Worry About It?                          faculty      Jan 07    CD
Ellen        Howard       Reading for Life: Middle-Age Children and Their Books                faculty      Jan 09    MP3
Ellen        Howard       Words, Words, Words                                                  Faculty      Jan 10    MP3
Ellen        Howard       Listening to the Silence (lecture update with Sacred Silence 7/08)   faculty      July 01   CD
Ellen        Howard       Sacred Silence                                                       faculty      July 08   MP3
Johanna      Hurwitz      Reading – Good Humor Days                                            vis.writer   Jan 03    T
First Name      Last Name     Lecture Title                                                       Status     term Tape/CD/
Johanna         Hurwitz       Q&A                                                              vis.writer Jan 03 T
Karen           Huxman        From Mickey Mouse to Word Wizard                                 faculty    July 01 T
Morgan          Irons         The Silent Side Of Dialogue: Enriching Scenes Through Non-Verbal student July 10 MP3
Ann             Jacobus       Surprise Me! Using the Power of the Unexpected in Writing for    student Jan 07 CD
Lisa            Jahn-Clough   The Role of Embedded Humor in Creative Writing (or How to Play) faculty     Jan 04 T
Lisa            Jahn-Clough   From Picture Book to Novel, and Back Again                       faculty    Jan 05 T
Lisa            Jahn-Clough   The Format of the Picture Book: In Words and Pictures            faculty    July 02 T
Lisa            Jahn-Clough   Traditional Literature: Folk and Fairy Tales                     faculty    July 03 T
Paul            Janeczko      TBA                                                              faculty    Jan 05 T
Paul            Janeczko      Confessions of a Collector – Poetry Days                         vis.writer July 02 T
AM              Jenkins       The Ins and Outs of Sex Scenes                                   Faculty Jan 10 MP3
Amanda          Jenkins       The Dragon: A Discussion                                         Faculty Jan 11 MP3
Amanda          Jenkins       Practical Techniques For Fleshing Out Scenes                     faculty    July 10 MP3
Maxine          Jimerson      Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast                           student Jan 01 T
Lindan          Johnson       The TOP Secret Report on the Subliminal Effects of Using the Word student      July 00 T
                              "Underwear" in Writing Humorously for Children (Mayo)
Sarah Blake     Johnson       Who Am I? Character Roles And Identity                               Student   Jan 11 MP3
Ginger          Johnson       Resurrecting Aristotle, or the Greek Still Speaks: Utilizing Ancient Student   July 09 CD
                              Unities in Modern Fiction
Varian          Johnson       The Metaphor: So Much More Than a Simple Comparison                  Student   July 09 CD
Carrie          Jones         Zip! Zap! Zop! Using Improv Techniques to Write and Teach Writing student      Jan 07 CD
Mari            Jorgensen     The Adulation of Modulation: Using Craft Elements to Add Depth to student      July 08 CD
                              Your Story‘s ―Musical Line‖
Daphne          Kalmar        The Short Story Cycle: A Case Study in Trusting Your Reader          Student   Jan 10 CD
Jennifer Wolf   Kam           The Art of Bodysnatching: Techniques for Inhabiting Your             student   July 07 CD
                              Perceiving Character
Helen           Kampion       Elements That Jerk the Reader Out of the Fictive Dream               student   July 07 CD
Michelle M.     Karol         It's a Mystery!                                                      student   July 04 T
Joshua          Keels         Avoiding Stereotypes: Embracing the Various Selves of our            student   July 02 T
James                         Characters
First Name     Last Name      Lecture Title                                                        Status      term    Tape/CD/
Liza           Ketchum        Hands on: Writing About Work                                        faculty      Jan 02 T
Liza           Ketchum        10 Tips & Readings – Good Humor Days (with Laura Kvasnosky)         faculty      Jan 03 T
Liza           Ketchum        He Said She Said: The Power of Effective Dialogue                   faculty      Jan 04 T
Liza           Ketchum        An Object Lesson                                                    faculty      July 01 T
Nina           Kidd           The Fireworks Principles: Techniques to Make Your Scenes            Student      July 08 CD
Eric           Kimmel         School Lecture                                                      faculty      July 99   T
Eric           Kimmel         School Presentation                                                 faculty      July 99   T
Eric           Kimmel         No One Can Tell My Story – Wanna Bet?                               faculty      July 99   T
Eric           Kimmel         A Thumbnail History of Children's Books                             faculty      July 00   T
Patricia       Kirtley        Come Join the Hunt for Pirate Treasure                              student      July 08   CD
Mikki          Knudsen        Other Worlds Than These: Building Your Fantasy Universe             student      July 10   MP3
Cathren Page   Koehlert       Pinning a Cloud to the Ground: How Story Truths Influence Craft     student      Jan 08    CD
Ron            Koertge        Take Two Haiku and Call Me in the Morning: Poetry as a              faculty      July 98 T
                              Prescription for Better Prose
Ron            Koertge        Poetry & Prose                                                      faculty      July 01   T
Ron            Koertge        Let the Long Poem Lead You                                          faculty      July 04   T
Karmen         Kooyers        Point of View-How to Choose and Create a Compelling Voice           student      Jan 05    T
Erik P.        Kraft          Justify Your Procrastination                                        student      Jan 00    T
Barbara        Krasner        The Art of the Sketch: Using Your Own Life to Spark Character       student      Jan 06    CD
Tina           Krejei         Are We There Yet? Must I Iron?                                      student      July 01   T
Uma            Krishnaswami   Tick, Talk                                                          faculty      Jan 07    CD
Uma            Krishnaswami   Profluence in Picture Book Text: 12 Steps to 32 Pages               faculty      Jan 09    MP3
Uma            Krishnaswami   Emotional Refraction: Exploring the Relationships Between Voice & Faculty        Jan 10    MP3
                              Point of View
Uma            Krishnaswami   On the Seashore …. (an introductory lecture)                        Faculty      July 06   CD
Uma            Krishnaswami   Now That We‘re All Free: Empire Talks Back in Children‘s Literature faculty      July 07   CD
Uma            Krishnaswami   Tools and Techniques for Accessing the Inner Life of Your Novel     Faculty      July 09   MP3
Grigory        Kruzhkov       Reading                                                             vis.writer   July 97   T
Grigory        Kruzhkov       Informal Talk                                                       vis.writer   July 97   T
First Name   Last Name   Lecture Title                                                      Status       term    Tape/CD/
Annie        Kuhn        Countering Culture: Responsible Handling of Sexual Matter in YA    student      July 02 T
Jane         Kurtz       School Visits—An Inside Look                                       faculty                CD
Jane         Kurtz       Short Course: A Short History of Modern Trends in Children‘s       faculty      Jan 07    CD
                         Literature . . . or Yes, the ‗60s Changed Everything Else So Why
                         Not Books? Parts 1, 1a, 2, 2a (4 CDs)
Jane         Kurtz       Plot in the Middle-Grade Novel: Salivation and Satisfaction        Faculty      Jan 09    MP3
Jane         Kurtz       Surprised (Or Not) Across Several Children‘s Literature Genres     Faculty      Jan 11    MP3
Jane         Kurtz       Digging up the Dirt …                                              Faculty      July 06   CD
Jane         Kurtz       What Is This Thing Called ―Voice‖?                                 Faculty      July 07   CD
Jane         Kurtz       Plot In The Middle Grade Novel: Appetite And Effect Wanted         faculty      July 10   MP3
Laura        Kvasnosky   The Creative Life 101                                              faculty      Jan 01    T
Laura        Kvasnosky   Sample School Presentation                                         faculty      Jan 01    T
Laura        Kvasnosky   ―Telling It Slant‖                                                 faculty      Jan 02    T
Laura        Kvasnosky   Picture Book Making                                                faculty      Jan 05    T
Laura        Kvasnosky   Writing for Beginning Readers                                      Faculty      Jan 10    CD
Laura        Kvasnosky   Visual Pursuits                                                    Faculty      Jan 11    MP3
Josanne      La Valley   "Beats" Are Good for You: You Gotta Have 'Em                       student      July 04   T
Wendy        Lamb        Informal Talk                                                      vis.editor   July 97   T
Sarah        Lamstein    Cross-Culture Writing – Books and Attitudes since 1960             student      Jan 03    T
Margo        Lanagan     Q&A                                                                Vis writer   July 09   CD
Lindsey      Lane        Out On The Bendy Branches: Shifting The Paradigm From ―Write       student      July 10   MP3
                         What You Know‖ To ―Write What You Think You Can‘t‖
Sue          LaNeve      Maslow and the Art of Picture Book Maintenance – a.k.a. Guts,      Student      July 09 CD
                         Glory, Giggle, Glee – Actualize Your Rhyming Picture Book
Julie        Larios      Unbuilding the Building: The Creative Writer as Critical Reader    faculty      Jan 07    CD
Julie        Larios      The Marvelous Real and the Marvelous Unreal                        faculty      Jan 08    MP3
Julie        Larios      How Poetry Works and How It Doesn't, According to Me               faculty      Jan 09    MP3
Julie        Larios      Getting the World Right: Mapping the Fictive Dream                 Faculty      Jan 10    MP3
Julie        Larios      How to Play Like a Kid with Poetry                                 faculty      July 06   CD
Julie        Larios      The Art of the Flaneur: On the Writerly Benefits of Heading        faculty      July 07   CD
                         Nowhere in Particular
First Name    Last Name    Lecture Title                                                       Status       term    Tape/CD/
Julie         Larios       On Sentences: Bricks, Mortar And Bravery                            faculty      July 10 MP3
Maya          Lassiter     Show Don't Tell—But How?                                            student      July 03 T
Jessica       Leader       Am I Done Yet? Strategies for Completing Your Character‘s           Student      July 09 CD
Kerry         Leaf         Humor in Dark Places: For Writers of Picture Books, Middle Grade,   student      Jan 05    T
                           and Young Adult Fiction
Martine       Leavitt      Real Shmeal                                                         Faculty      Jan 08    MP3
Martine       Leavitt      Theme                                                               Faculty      Jan 10    MP3
Martine       Leavitt      Time is a Bad Husband                                               student      July 03   T
Martine       Leavitt      The 650,000th Hour (Sequel to ―Time Is a Bad Husband,‖ Graduate     Faculty      July 08   MP3
                           Lecture, 2003)
Martine       Leavitt      Harry Potter And The Million-Dollar Secret                          faculty      July 10 MP3
Jane          LeGrow       Conservative Innovation and Rampant Humanism in Young Adult         student      July 03 T
Ralph         Leonard      What Makes it Play: A Method for Scene Planning & Analysis          student      July 02   T
Ellen         Levine       Open (and Closed) to Change—The Macro and Micro Picture             faculty      Jan 05    T
Ellen         Levine       The Search for Details, Nonfiction Day                              vis.writer   July 01   CD
Ellen         Levine       Feeling Foolish, Feeling Shy, Feeling Fear: The Interview           faculty      July 02   T
Ellen         Levine       Serendipity; Or, the Importance of Hanging Loose                    faculty      July 03   T
Ellen         Levine       The Grand Adventure of Nonfiction                                   faculty      July 04   T
Corrinne      Lewis        Vampires, Mermaids, and Werewolves—Oh My! The Gift of the           faculty      Jan 07    CD
                           Shapeshifter to the Writer
Gwen          Lindley      The Power of Evil—CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE                             student      Jan 01    T
Catherine     Linka        Getting Under a Character‘s Feathers                                student      Jan 06    CD
Janet         Lisle        The Language of Fiction                                             visitor      July 04   T
Galen         Longstreth   Listening Like a Writer: Audio Books and the Writing Life           student      Jan 09    CD
Lois          Lowry        Informal Talk                                                       vis.writer   July 97   T
Lois          Lowry        Reading                                                             vis.writer   July 97   T
Chris         Lynch        Lecture                                                             faculty      July 97   T
Chris         Lynch        Inspiration, the Muse, and Other Useless Crockery                   faculty      Jan 98    T
George Ella   Lyon         Reading                                                             vis.writer   July 00   T
First Name     Last Name      Lecture Title                                                      Status       term  Tape/CD/
George Ella    Lyon           Informal Talk                                                      vis.writer July 00 T
Reneé          Lyons          Mix Ingredients and Blend Well: A Recipe for Writing Non-Fiction   student July 07 CD
Critcher                      Children‘s Literature
Anne           Mackenzie      Structure-ology 101                                                student      Jan 03    T
Patricia       MacLaughlin    Informal Talk                                                      vis.writer   July 97   T
Patricia       MacLaughlin    Reading                                                            vis.writer   July 97   T
Carolyn        Marsden        Subscribe! (Rodman-Downing)                                        student      July 00   T
Stephanie      Marshall       Putting Your Heart on the Page                                     student      Jan 07    CD
Christopher    Maselli        Up! Up! And Write Away! Superheroes in Children‘s Literature       student      Jan 07    CD
David          Masterton      Beowulf Meets Harry Potter: What Myths Can Teach Us About          student      July 00   T
                              Story Structure
Katie          Mather         Forming the Imagination: Using Formal Structures to Ignite the     student      July 07 CD
Petra          Mathers        Informal Talk                                                      vis.writer Jan 02 T
Petra          Mathers        Reading                                                            vis.writer Jan 02 T
Blessy         Mathew-        The Power Of Symbolism: Adding Layers Of Meaning To Your           student July 10 MP3
               Alancheril     Story
Norma Fox      Mazer          Lecture                                                            faculty      July 97   T
Norma Fox      Mazer          Lecture                                                            faculty      Jan 98    T
Norma Fox      Mazer          Begin Again…And Again…And Again…                                   faculty      July 98   T
Norma Fox      Mazer          Apprenticeship: What Is It? Does Everyone Need One? For How        faculty      July 99   T
                              Long? And How Do You Know When It's Over?
Norma Fox      Mazer          Question & Answer Session (with Amy Ehrlich, part of "What is a    faculty      Jan 00    T
                              Short Story?")
Norma Fox      Mazer          Easy on the Sighs, Smiles, Shivers and Swallows: A Seminar on      faculty      Jan 02    T
                              Line Editing
Norma Fox      Mazer          The Uses of Detail in Fiction                                      faculty      Jan 03    T
Norma Fox      Mazer          A Brief Examination of Short Stories                               faculty      Jan 04    CD
Harry          Mazer          Untitled                                                           V. Writer    Jan 05    T
Norma Fox      Mazer          Breathing Life into a Story                                        faculty      Jan 05    T
Norma Fox      Mazer          The S Word: What is Structure? Do You Need It? Why?                faculty      July 02   T
Norma Fox      Mazer          What Is the Short Story, and Why Write It?                         faculty      July 05   T
Harry, Linda   Mazer, Park,   Panel Q&A                                                          Vis          Jan 05    T
First Name    Last Name       Lecture Title                                                       Status       term      Tape/CD/
Sue, and      Rochman                                                                             Writer
Michelle R.   McCann          The Naked Picture Book: From Words to Pictures to Books             student      Jan 04    T
Cori M.       Mccarthy        Nuances In Naming                                                   Student      Jan 11    MP3
Patricia      McCormick       Q & A and Reading                                                   vis.writer   Jan 04    T
Alison        McGhee          The Importance of Cutting                                           faculty      Jan 04    T
Alison        McGhee          The Importance of Tense                                             faculty      July 03   T
Hatsy         McGraw          Which Came First: The Poem or the Picture Book?                     student      July 05   T
Nancie        McLean          Seeing Is Believing                                                 student      July 99   T
Margaret      McManis         Researching Historical Characters for Children's Picture Books      student      July 03   T
Linden        McNeilly        Taming the Beast: How to Conquer Universal Fears About              Student      Jan 10    CD
                              Creativity & Have a Great Writing Life
Katie         Mead            Flight Instructions: Bringing the Lessons Home                      student      July 99 T
Cheli         Mennella        Tendrilous Impressions: The Vignetted Novel in Young Adult          student      Jan 01 T
Eric          Metaxas         Informal Talk – a.m.                                                vis.writer   Jan 98    T
Eric          Metaxas         Informal Talk – p.m.                                                vis.writer   Jan 98    T
Jennifer      Meyer           Finding the Time to Write Even When There is No Time                student      Jan 01    T
Betty         Miles           Reading                                                             vis.writer   Jan 99    T
Mara          Miller          What's the Matter with Rhyme and Meter?                             student      Jan 99    T
Sara          Miller          Growing a Character: Tracking Choices Made by Fantasy Heroes        student      Jan 05    T
Tololwa M.    Mollel          Informal Talk                                                       vis.writer   Jan 01    T
Marianne      Monson-Burton   Water, Water, Everywhere …                                          Student      July 06   CD
Nancy         Montague        Elements of Poetry in Picture Book Writing                          student      July 01   T
Steve         Mooser          Reading                                                             vis.writer   Jan 00    T
Steve         Mooser          Informal Talk                                                       vis.writer   Jan 00    T
Angela        Morrison        From Faith to Fiction: Lessons from Katherine Paterson              student      July 04   T
Marsha        Morrow          Three's A Character: An Approach To Writing Crowd Scenes            Student      Jan 11    MP3
Erin          Moulton         Stage Design and the Writer: An Exploration of the Conceptual       student      July 07   CD
Ellen         Murphey         Dream On: Fantasy as a Guide through the Adolescent Wilderness      student      Jan 01    T
Lauren        Myracle         One Risky Step at a Time: Homosexuality in Young Adult Literature   student      Jan 00    T
First Name   Last Name        Lecture Title                                                   Status    term      Tape/CD/
An           Na              Is The Book Always Better?                                        Faculty Jan 11 MP3
An           Na              Structuring Stories                                               faculty    July 10 MP3
Shenaaz      Nanji           One Button Plastic Surgery to Shape our Story                     student Jan 04 T
Marilyn      Nelson          Reading & Discussion, Poetry Days                                 vis.writer July 02 T
Marilyn      Nelson          Panel Discussion, Poetry Days (with Liz Bicknell, Brenda Bowen & vis.writer July 02 T
                             Ron Koertge)
Jandy        Nelson          ―The Thing Perhaps Is to Eat Flowers and Not Be Afraid‖—E. E.     student July 08 CD
                             Cummings: Breaking Rules, Taking Risks, Finding Voice and
                             Following Vision
Margaret     Nevinski        Cultural Authenticity: A Working Approach                         Student Jan 08 CD
Tara         Nickerson       The Sound Of Silence: How The Elective Mute Character Can         Student Jan 11 MP3
                             Impact Craft
Kathy        Nuzum           The Monster's Sacrifice: Historic Time - The Uses of Mythic and   student July 03 T
                             Liminal Time in Monster Literature
Annemarie    O‘Brien         Never Say Never: To Prologue or Not to Prologue                   Student July 09 CD
Linda        Oatman High     Cracks Of Light In The Darkness: Instilling Hope Into The Darkest student July 10 MP3
                             Of Stories
Micol        Ostow           "High Concept with Heart": Bridging the Gap Between Commercial student Jan 09 CD
                             and Character-Driven Narrative
Toni         Palmerio        The Titanic vs. The Love Boad: How Setting Keeps a Story Afloat student Jan 03 T
Linda Sue    Park            Reading and Q&A                                                   Vis        Jan 05 T
Ann          Parr            A Nose for Nonfiction                                             student Jan 04 T
Betsy        Partridge       Writing Kick-Ass Non-Fiction: Why Non-Fiction Books Are           Faculty Jan 11 MP3
                             Sweeping The Awards
Katherine    Paterson        Informal Talk                                                     vis.writer Jan 00 T
Katherine    Paterson        Reading                                                           vis.writer Jan 00 T
Chris        Paul            Critique Panel - Picture Book Day (with Amy Ehrlich, Mary Lee     vis.writer July 00 T
                             Donovan & Jean Marzollo)
Chris        Paul            Reading, - Picture Book Day (with Amy Ehrlich)                    vis.writer July 00 T
Trinity      Peacock-Broyles Angels as Agents of Change in ―Realistic‖ Middle Grade Fiction    student July 07 CD
Richard      Peck            Informal Talk                                                     vis.writer July 99 T
Richard      Peck            Reading                                                           vis.writer July 99 T
First Name     Last Name     Lecture Title                                                          Status       term    Tape/CD/
Erin           Perry         How a Diary Approach Can Make or Break a Novel                         student      July 02 T
Trish          Pierson       Feeding the Muse                                                       student      July 02 T
Danielle       Pignataro     Students‘ Muses: How Our Writing Inspires                              Student      July 09 CD
Eric           Pinder        Animal Attraction: Engaging The Reader With Realistic Animal           Student      Jan 11 MP3
Elsa           Pla           Onions and Yellow-Spotted Lizards: Symbolism in the Magical            student      Jan 05    T
                             Realist YA Novel
Alicia         Potter        An Unlikely Story: Crafting the Nontraditional Picture Book            student      Jan 05 T
Randy          Powell        What's the Point? Who Cares? A Question to Ask of Our Novel, and       faculty      July 98 T
                             of Our Writing Life
Randy          Powell        Are You Wrestling an Angel - or With a Corpse?                         faculty      Jan 00    T
Kelly          Powell        Quality Literature                                                     student      July 01   T
Ann            Pugmire       Whom May I say is ……                                                   Student      July 06   CD
Carol          Purcell       Presenting Perfectly Prickly and Painful Problems in Picture Pooks,    student      July 03   T
                             er, Books: Grieving of Granny and Gramps
Mary           Quattlebaum   Read It Again! Revising For Rhythm And Sound                           Faculty      Jan 11    MP3
Gayleen        Rabakukk      The Science Of Emotions                                                Student      Jan 11    MP3
Candice        Ransom        View from the Playpen: Writing and Illustrating Board Books            student      July 04   T
Adam           Rapp          Reading                                                                vis.writer   Jan 00    T
Adam           Rapp          Informal Talk                                                          vis.writer   Jan 00    T
Adam           Rapp          Fiction and Drama                                                      faculty      Jan 01    T
Chris          Raschka       Lecture                                                                faculty      Jan 98    T
Mary           Rattray       Research in Fiction: How I Discovered Research and How It Can          student      Jan 03    T
                             Help You Bring a Scene to Life
Emily          Rawleigh      When I was a Little Girl…Using the Experiences, Emotions, and          student      July 03 T
                             Characters from your Own Life to Enrich Your Fiction
Joyce          Ray           Journey to the Heart                                                   student      July 01 T
Trent          Reedy         YANA: You Are Not Alone. Using the Words of the Masters to Find        student      July 08 CD
                             Comfort During Times of Troubled Writing
Michele        Regenold      Solving the Mystery of Literary Detective Fiction                      student Jan 08         CD
Dawn           Reno          Reading                                                                vis.writer Jan 97      T
Nancy Thalia   Reynolds      The Intertidal Zone: Writing Multiracial Characters in a Multiracial   Student Jan 08         CD
First Name   Last Name    Lecture Title                                                         Status       term    Tape/CD/
Carmen       Richardson   Character Motivation: The Catalyst, Compass, and Glue of Fiction      student      July 04 T
Pat          Riley        Written With a Condor's Quill: How Authors Choose Themes for          student      Jan 99 T
                          Their Novels
Sally        Riley        Home is Where One Starts From                                         student      Jan 03    T
Barbara A.   Roberts      Beyond False Teeth And Canes: A Call For Change In The                Student      Jan 11    MP3
                          Representation Of Grandparents In Picture Books
Linda        Robinson     Airships And Goggles And Brass, Oh My! Prof. L. A. Robinson's         Student      Jan 11    MP3
                          Illuminating Guide To The Extraordinary World Of YA Steampunk.
Hazel        Rochman      Whose History is It?                                                  v. Writer    Jan 05    T
Phyllis      Root         The Shape of a Story                                                  faculty      Jan 98    T
Phyllis      Root         The Self as a Source of the Story: Writing as a Subversive Activity   faculty      July 98   T
Phyllis      Root         The Four R's of Picture Book Writing: Rhythm, Rhyme, Repetition       faculty      Jan 00    T
                          and Resonance
Phyllis      Root         Rowing Exercises                                                      faculty      Jan 02    T
Phyllis      Root         What Makes A Picture Book Matter                                      faculty      Jan 05    T
Phyllis      Root         The Language of Picture Books (Seminar)                               faculty      July 03   T
Elizabeth    Roth         Let Your True Colors Come Shining Through!                            student      July 04   T
Stephen      Roxburgh     Good & Evil talk                                                      Vis ed       July 09   CD
Adi          Rule         Visual Cues In Writing                                                student      July 10   MP3
Graham       Salisbury    Lecture                                                               faculty      Jan 97    T
Graham       Salisbury    Beginnings                                                            faculty      July 97   T
Graham       Salisbury    Generating and Developing an Idea                                     faculty      Jan 98    T
Graham       Salisbury    The Writer's Journal: A Most Valuable Tool                            faculty      July 98   T
Jill         Santopolo    Making Your Voice Heard                                               Student      July 08   CD
Barb         Santucci     The Use of the Metaphoric Object in Picture Books                     Student      Jan 06    CD
Deborah      Savage       Reading                                                               vis.writer   Jan 97    T
Jill         Sayre        Which Comes First, the Story or the Research?                         student      July 02   T
Ellen        Schaefer     Haiku in English: What It is and How to Write It                      student      Jan 01    T
Nicole       Schreiber    Fitting a Flat Archetype into a Round Character                       student      July 04   T
Patty L.     Schremmer    ―I Shot an Arrow into the Air…‖                                       student      Jan 03    T
Allyson      Schrier      From Strasberg to Spinelli: Exploring the Method of Getting to the    Student      July 09   CD
Valentine                 Emotional Heart of Your Character
First Name        Last Name     Lecture Title                                                            Status       term      Tape/CD/
Leda              Schubert      Informal Talk II                                                         vis.writer   Jan 00    T
Leda              Schubert      Informal Talk I                                                          vis.writer   Jan 00    T
Leda              Schubert      I Meant what I Said and I Said what I Meant: The Picture Book Hero       student      Jan 04    T
Leda              Schubert      Picture Book Day Lecture                                                 Faculty      Jan 06    CD
Leda              Schubert      The Art of the Picture Book this lecture had a lot of visual aids used   Faculty      Jan 08    MP3
Leda              Schubert      It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: The Promise and Perils of the            Faculty      Jan 09    MP3
                                Picture Book Beginning this lecture had a lot of visual aids used
Leda              Schubert      Exit, Pusued by a Bear (The Winter‘s Tale, Act III, Scene III) this      Faculty      Jan 10    MP3
                                lecture had a lot of visual aids used
Leda              Schubert      Picture Books & Aristotle‘s ….                                           Faculty      July 06 T
Janice            Scully        No Matter What: Humor And The Indomitable Spirit In Serious              student      July 10 MP3
                                Middle Grade Novels
Tor               Seidler       Reading                                                                  vis.writer July 99 T
Tor               Seidler       Informal Talk                                                            vis.writer July 99 T
Anindita Basu     Sempere       Verse and Vignette Novels: Why You Should (or Shouldn‘t) Break           Student July 07 CD
                                Traditional Form
Sherry            Shahan        Heart and Soul: How the Novel in Verse Delves into the Emotional         Student      July 07 CD
                                Lives of Its Characters
Meribeth          Shank         Plotting the Picture Book: How Important Are Patterns?                   student Jan 00         T
Jill              Sheffield     From ―I Laughed, I Cried, I Cared!‖ to ―Elves and Talking Broccoli?      students Jan 03        T
                                Frankly My Dear, I Don‘t Give a…Darned.‖ (Lecture with Beth
Andrew            Sherrod       Combating Aliteracy: Crafting Books That Interest Boys                   Student      July 08   CD
Amy Speach        Shires        Honoring the Writer Within: Methods for Living the Writer‘s Life         student      Jan 03    T
Hollis            Shore         The Voice of Silence – Elisian and the Power of Restraint in Fiction     Student      July 06   CD
Patricia Allott   Silbert       On the Need for Sucessful and Altruistic Role Models in the Lives of     student      Jan 99    T
Susa              Silvermarie   Gender Fluidity In Selected Young Adult Novels                           student      July 10   MP3
Anita             Silvey        Reading                                                                  student      Jan 97    T
Anita             Silvey        History of Picture Books                                                 vis.writer   July 99   T
Anita             Silvey        Informal Talk                                                            vis.writer   July 00   T
Anita             Silvey        Our Best Picture Books for Children and the Stories Behind Them          V. Writer    July 03   T
Anita             Silvey        Middle Grade Fiction from Anne of Green Gables to Because of             visitor      July 04   T
First Name     Last Name        Lecture Title                                                        Status    term      Tape/CD/
                                Winn Dixie
Vikk           Simmons          Show Don't Tell: Recreating the Fictive World Through the Use of     student   Jan 00    T
                                the Senses
Louise         Simone           My Name is Keoko, or Shazam, or Zel, and I'm Going to Tell My        student   July 04 T
                                Side of the Story
Joel           Singerman        Fear and Loathing in Young Adult Fiction                             student   Jan 03    T
Sheri Cooper   Sinykin          How to Penetrate Character (Without Bullets or Sexual Objects)       student   Jan 03    T
Emily          Smith            Well…Er…Um…He Whispered Loudly: Using Dialogue Effectively           student   July 99   T
Cynthia        Smith            You Like Me! You Really Like Me!                                     Faculty   Jan 06    CD
Emily Wing     Smith            Narrative Collage: How Diversifying Your Format Can Deepen Your      student   Jan 07    CD
Cynthia        Smith            Stepping into Your Fictional World: Creating a Resonant Setting in   Faculty   Jan 09    MP3
Leitich                         Realistic and Fantasy Fiction
Clete          Smith            Stand –Up vs. Improv: Writing Humor With Meaning                     Student   Jan 10 CD
Diane          Smith            I'll Tell You a Tale: Oral Storytelling for Beginners                student   July 03 T
Cynthia        Smith            Beyond Feathers and Fangs                                            Faculty   July 05 T
Cynthia        Smith            Rewriting the Master: Retellings & Reinventions                      Faculty   July 06 CD
Tamara         Smith            The Vibrant Triangle: The Relationship Between the Picture Book,     student   July 07 CD
                                the Adult Reader and the Child Listener
Teresa         Smith            Crafting Emotions: Revealing the Heart of Your Character             student   July 07 CD
Cynthia        Smith            Demystifying Mysteries: A Lay of the Land, Clues to Success,     Faculty       July 09 MP3
Leitich                         Questions to Ask, Red Herrings, Theories, and by Jove! We've Got

Mtthew         Smith            The Art Of The (Im)Possible: Lessons From Translation                student   July 10 MP3
Cynthia        Smith, and Tim   Xtreme Revision: Adios to Your Inner Wimp (And Wimpy Draft)          faculty   July 07 CD
Leitich        Wynne-Jones      (with Tim Wynne-Jones)

Patricia       Snodgrass        Wanted: One-Of-a-Kind, Realistic Character Images                    student   Jan 02    T
First Name    Last Name    Lecture Title                                                         Status    term    Tape/CD/
Kim Heuston   Sorenson     Research for Writers                                                  student   Jan 00 T
Trina         St. Jean     Handling Subplots… without Singeing your Eyebrows                     student   Jan 04 T
Johanna       Staley       This Is Hip-Hop                                                       student   Jan 07 CD
Barbara       Steinhauer   Seeing a Tree for the Forest                                          student   July 01 T
Nancy         Stevenson    Whodunits: What, How, Why? Or a Search for A Clue: What Writers       student   Jan 01 T
                           Can Do beyond Nancy Drew
Maura         Stokes       Linked Stories: Background, Characteristics, and Illustration with    student   July 03 T
                           Recent Young Adult Fiction
Shawn         Stout        The Great and Terrible Beauty of Early Drafts: Giving Yourself the    student   Jan 09    CD
                           Great Freedom (and the Permission) to Write Terribly
Sarah         Sullivan     The Alchemy of Place and Longing….                                    Student   Jan 05 T
Erik          Talkin       ―My Only Friend, The End‖—Finding Your Perfect YA/MG Ending           Student   July 08 CD
Shelley       Tanaka       Mastering the Short Critical Essay: A Closer Look at This Essential   Faculty   Jan 09 MP3
                           Component of the MFA Program
Shelley       Tanaka       Books From Away: Considering Children's Writers Around The            Faculty   Jan 11    MP3
Shelley       Tanaka       I Wasn‘t There: The Challenges of Imaginative Approaches to           Faculty   July 08 MP3
                           Children‘s Non-Fiction
Shelley       Tanaka       May Contain Mature Subject Matter: Writing from the Child‘s Point     Faculty   July 09 MP3
                           of View
Jennifer      Taylor       Writing for Independent Young Readers: Meeting the                    Faculty   July 09 CD
                           Developmental Needs of K–3, Without Sacrificing Story
Ann           Teplick      Emotion in Minimalist Poetry: An Examination of Word Choice, or       student   Jan 05    T
                           the Hunt for Jalapenos
Larissa       Theule       Eurocentrism in Literature Set in China: It‘s Time to Move On         Student   July 09   CD
Jane Resh     Thomas       The Hazards and Pleasures of Writing Non-Fiction                      faculty   July 98   T
Jane Resh     Thomas       What's the Point? Unity in Nonfiction                                 faculty   Jan 05    T
Jane Resh     Thomas       Panel Discussion, Nonfiction Day (with Tobin Anderson, Russell        faculty   July 01   T
                           Freedman & Ellen Levine)
Jane Resh     Thomas       Nonfiction Books for Children: Hazards & Strategies                   faculty   July 01   T
Jane Resh     Thomas       Writing from the Inside Out                                           faculty   July 03   T
Jane Resh     Thomas       The Unreliable Narrator                                               Faculty   July 04   T
Ricki         Thompson     That‘s Relativity ….                                                  Student   July 06   CD
First Name     Last Name     Lecture Title                                                           Status       term      Tape/CD/
Mima           Tipper        Who‘s Your Baddy? Crafting the Worthy Antagonist for Children‘s         Student      Jan 10    CD
Olson          Tod           Many Voices No place to rest                                            Student      July 05 T
Sarah Wones    Tomp          You Are Invited: Party Scenes in Literature for Children and Young      Student      July 07 CD
Seta           Toroyan       The Page Turn in the Picture Book: What It Does, and How to Make        Student      July 09 CD
                             Use of It
Pam            Turner        Who is Snooker Ganoot and Why Do You Care?                              student      Jan 05 T
Connie         Van Hoven     Writing Whoppers 101                                                    student      July 04 T
Rebecca        Van Slyke     Early Reader Biographies: A DIY Approach to Building Windows            student      July 08 CD
                             into the Past
Zu             Vincent       Navigating the Landscape of Love and Longing…..                         Student      Jan 06 T
Neville        Vines         Boys Will be Boys Will Be….Who? Static and Fluid Images of Boys         student      July 03 T
                             in Children's Books
Jeremy R. de   Wailes        We are Writing for Children… Hoping to Satisfy the Critics Among        student      Jan 02    T
B                            Them
Debra          Wainwright    Dreams as a Portal to Artistic Inspiration: Investigating Their Value   student      Jan 05    T
                             and Significance in the Writer's Toolbox
Dana           Walrath       Picture Postcards: Memory And The Graphic Narrative                     student      July 10 MP3
Pam            Watts         Mechanics Of The Script: How To Write A Graphic Novel If You            Student      Jan 11 MP3
                             Can't Draw
Beckie         Weinheimer    Realistic Fiction—Beginnings                                            student      Jan 02    T
Rosemary       Wells         Reading                                                                 vis.writer   Jan 00    T
Rosemary       Wells         Informal Talk                                                           vis.writer   Jan 00    T
Nancy          Werlin        Q&A                                                                     Vis writer   July 05   T
Nancy          Werlin        Good & Evil talk                                                        Vis writer   July 09   CD
Betsy          Wernert       Dog is in the Details: Writing from Unique Points of View               student      Jan 04    T
Anne           Westrick      Crafting Narrative Voices                                               Student      Jan 11    MP3
Marcy          Weydemuller   How Poetry and Picture Book Principles Can Energize Your Novel          student      Jan 01    T
Jennifer       White         Fresh Flashbacks                                                        student      Jan 07    CD
Dianne         White and     Words That Sing: A Poet‘s Tools, A Writer‘s Principles—The              students     Jan 07    CD
               Nancy Flood   Meaning and Music of Emotion in Prose
Kelly          Wightman      What's the Problem? Elements of Crafting Conflict                       student      Jan 04    T
First Name    Last Name         Lecture Title                                                     Status     term      Tape/CD/
Deborah       Wiles             The Snake-Oil Salesman School of Writing                           student   Jan 03    CD
Deborah       Wiles             I Come from a Family with a Lot of Dead People                     visitor   July 04   CD
Deborah       Wiles             You are the Root/Route of all Writing: Mapping ….                  Faculty   July 06   T
Zarle         Williams          Seeing Is Believing                                                student   July 99   T
Vera B.       Williams          Informal Talk & Q&A                                                vis.      July 03   T
Vera B.       Williams          Reading                                                            vis.      July 03 T
Carol Lynch   Williams          Getting to the Heart of the Matter in Middle Grade and Young Adult student   July 08 CD
                                Novels: Emotion in Writing
Rita          Williams-Garcia   Beyond Talking Heads                                               Faculty   Jan 06    CD
Rita          Williams-Garcia   Where Do I Begin?                                                  Faculty   Jan 08    MP3
Rita          Williams-Garcia   Objects, Artifacts, and Stuff                                      Faculty   Jan 10    MP3
Rita          Williams-Garcia   Sequels: The Continuing Storyline                                  Faculty   Jan 11    MP3
Rita          Williams-Garcia   Whose Consciousness Is It?                                         faculty   July 05   CD
Rita          Williams-Garcia   Mahjon Tiles & The Stalled Cursor                                  Faculty   July 06   CD
Rita          Williams-Garcia   You Can Handle the Truth                                           Faculty   July 07   CD
Rita          Williams-Garcia   Coping with Loss                                                   Faculty   July 08   MP3
Rita          Williams-Garcia   Stereotypes, Stock Types and Cliches                               Faculty   July 09   MP3
Kim           Williams-         Brain Function and Creativity or Keeping Your Muse on a Leash      student   July 03   T
Rachel        Wilson            Fantastic Wonder: A Balancing Act                                 Student    July 09 CD
Kim           Winters           The Things Stories Carry: How a Rope, a Loop of Red Thread…       student    July 05 T
Ellen         Wittenger,        Q & A Panel Discussion                                                       July 05 T
              Kroupa, Cart,
Vicki         Wittenstein       The Writer‘s Stage: Converting Acting Techniques to the Page      student Jan 06 CD
Virginia      Wolff             Informal Talk                                                     vis.writer July 98 T
Virginia      Wolff             Reading                                                           vis.writer July 98 T
Jacqueline    Woodson           Remembering the Child You Were                                    faculty   Jan 97 T
Jacqueline    Woodson           Reading                                                           v. Writer July 03 T
First Name   Last Name     Lecture Title                                                       Status    term    Tape/CD/
Jacqueline   Woodson       Informal Talk                                                       v. Writer July 03 T
Sharry       Wright        Babble On: Let‘s Talk About Dialogue                                student July 07 CD
Tim          Wynne-Jones   Antic Semantics: A Grammar of Humorous Writing                      faculty   Jan 03 MP3
Tim          Wynne-Jones   Who Will Save Us from the Rabbits? Edgy Fiction Weekend             faculty   Jan 04 CD
Tim          Wynne-Jones   We Are None of Us Perfect: The Joys and Sorrows of Revision         faculty   Jan 05 MP3
                           (with Margaret Bechard)
Tim          Wynne-Jones   Smoke and Essences                                                  Faculty   Jan 07    CD
Tim          Wynne-Jones   The Mind of Narrative                                               Faculty   Jan 08    MP3
Tim          Wynne-Jones   Moving Readers to the Edge of Their Seats: A Look at Anticipation   Faculty   Jan 09    MP3
                           and Momentum
Tim          Wynne-Jones   The Point Of Suspense                                               Faculty   Jan 11    MP3
Tim          Wynne-Jones   Where Ideas Really Come From                                        faculty   July 02   CD
Tim          Wynne-Jones   Short Tempered                                                      Faculty   July 05   CD
Tim          Wynne-Jones   Tell It Slant …..                                                   Faculty   July 06   MP3
Tim          Wynne-Jones   You Carry Those Groceries into the Study, Freddy, Honey,            Faculty   July 08   MP3
                           Because . . .
Tim          Wynne-Jones   An Address and a Map: Discovering Your Genius Through an            Faculty   July 09 MP3
                           Openness to Text
Tim          Wynne-Jones   Ma: A Sense Of Place                                                faculty   July 10 MP3
Ellen        Yeomans       The Unreliable Narrator: A Guide Without A Compass                  student   July 04 T
Barbara      Younger       The Moon Sees Me! Using Personification To Bring Your Writing To    student   Jan 08 CD
Christy      Zatkin        Breaking The Rules And Staying In Print—Looking At What Lasts In    student   Jan 06    CD
                           YA Literature
Sarah        Ziegelmayer   The Combo Journal                                                   Student   Jan 10 CD
Joelle       Ziemian       His Heart Leapt In His Chest. Really? A Medical Perspective         Student   July 04 T
Vanessa      Ziff          Please, Sweat The Small Stuff! Shaping Tone With Sound And          Student   July 07 CD

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