Discover Classics and Ancient History by shuifanglj


									                    Discover Classics and Ancient History
                       at The University of Manchester
                            Wednesday 5th March

 Time/ Location                                   Activity
   9.45-10am                              Arrival and Registration
 User Ed Room
  10-10.05am                             Welcome and introduction
    User Ed                                   Katie Howley

10.05am-10.30am      Overall View of Classics and Ancient History degree programme
     User Ed           (including the advantages of studying an ancient language)
                                       Dr. Peter Liddel, Admissions

  10.30-10.45am                            Career Prospects talk
     User Ed                                  Katie Howley

  10.45am-11am                         Break and workshop sign up

  11am-11.30am                         Lecture: Professor Tim Parkin
     User Ed                Living in ancient Rome - the splendour and the squalor

11.30am-12.15pm        Campus and Departmental tour with current undergraduate
12.15pm – 12.55pm                          Lunch Break

    12.55pm         Everyone meet outside the Library. Student helpers will then direct
                                       groups to workshop rooms
   1-2.15pm                               Choice of workshops
Parkinson Room                   Workshop 1: Life in Augustan Rome
    Library                                   April Pudsey

 Ellen Wilkinson                       Workshop 2: Greek Tragedy
 building C1.51                            Joanne McNamara

Samuel Alexander                       Workshop 3: Greek Tragedy
  Building S1.4                              Katharine Earnshaw
    2.15pm          Student helpers bring all groups to Samuel Alexander building room
 2.25pm-2.45pm         Student Question & Answer with Classics and Ancient History
Samuel Alexander                                  Students
  Building A101
   2.45pm-3pm                              Evaluation and Close
Samuel Alexander
  Building A101

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