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					Date:                21 December 2010

To:                  BUCS Members

Subject:             BUCS Canoe Slalom Championships 2011 – Entry Information

Date:                26-27 February 2011

Venue:               Holme Pierrepont, Nottingham

                     For full directions and maps please see the event website:

Organisers:          This event is organised for BUCS by The Friends of Durham University Canoe Club on
                     behalf Durham University Canoe Club (DUCC). All queries before the race weekend
                     should be sent to the organisers at

Event Information:   Clubs are advised to view the event website: In addition to this
                     document, Pre Event Information (including a start list) will be available by February 19th
                     2011 through the BUCS website ( and via the event website.

Categories:          BUCS Canoe Slalom Individual Championships
                     BUCS Canoe Slalom Team Championships

Accommodation:       Both camping and indoor options are available in close proximity to the venue. Further
                     details are available on the event website: Unversities are
                     responsible for arranging their own accommodation.

Cancellation:        There is a significant risk of the event being cancelled at short notice due to flooding or
                     other unsuitable water conditions. If the event is cancelled university contacts will be
                     emailed and the event website will be updated appropriately. In the event of cancellation
                     all money paid to BUCS will be refunded however the organisers cannot be held
                     responsible for other costs incurred as a result.

Event Party:         TBC
                                                      RACE DETAILS

Eligibility:      The BUCS Canoe Slalom Championships are open to all students who satisfy BUCS’
                  eligibility requirements as noted in the BUCS GENERAL REGULATIONS 2010-11
                  (page 28), Competitors must bring their valid university ID cards
                  and produce them upon request by the event organisers.

Race Classes:     Individual Events
                  Men's K1 (K1M)
                  Men's individual kayak, all types of K1 kayak allowed, see equipment rules below.

                  Women's K1 (K1W)
                  Women's individual kayak, all types of K1 kayak allowed, see equipment rules

                  Event open to both men and women. All types of C1 closed-cockpit canoe allowed.

                  Event open to both men and women. All types of C2 closed-cockpit 2-person canoe

                  Team Events
                  Open Team
                  3 boats per team. Event open to all classes

                  Mixed Teams
                  3 boats per team. Event open to all classes except K1 Men.

                  There are no restrictions on the number of entries this year however competitors may
                  only enter one team in any class of boat.

Entry:            Entries are made through a two-stage process:
                      1) One individual from each university must register for Online Entry at
                 This person must then enter the details of all
                          competitors and events they are entering onto this site along with any potential
                          reserves who may be involved.
                      2) The second stage of this process is to hand in or e-mail the Entry Summary and
                          Reserve List to your Athletic Union/Sports Office. They must then submit these
                          to via an AU recognised email address or sign and post
                          them to the BUCS Office as authorisation that all entrants and potential reserves
                          are eligible. Payment for entries must also be sent by cheque or BACS to
                          accompany the Entry Summary.

                  NB: Entries are not confirmed until both the online entry has been completed AND the
                  paper/email copy of the Entry Summary has been received.
                  All institutions will be sent an invoice for entry fees through the usual BUCS process.

Entry Deadline:   11 February 2011. No entries will be accepted after this date.

Entry fees:       £13.50 per individual/C2
                    £18.00 per team

                    PLEASE NOTE: Changes to entries can be made by e-mailing
                    up to midnight on the 18 February 2011. Any changes after this date, will incur a £2
                    administration fee per change. All names being substituted in MUST either appear
                    on the Reserve List or be already entered into another event in the competition.
                    The Reserve List is available to complete as part of the online registration system.

Club Captains’      Club Captains are responsible for ensuring that their members conduct themselves in a
Responsibilities:   safe and responsible manner throughout the weekend, and follow the guidelines and
                    rules set out by the organisers and the BCU. The organisers reserve the right to
                    disqualify any competitor or university if they do not conduct themselves in an
                    appropriate manner. Anyone who is disqualified may be subject to BUCS disciplinary
                    procedures. A captains briefing will be held early Saturday morning. All clubs should
                    ensure a representative is present. A judges meeting will follow where full training for
                    judges will be provided. It would be appreciated if all universities could provide some
                    judges – no experience is required.

Registration:       All competitors or team captains must report to control upon arrival on Saturday morning
                    with proof of eligibility to collect bibs. Upon registration each competitor will receive a
                    numbered bib in exchange for a £40 deposit per university. Bibs must be worn at all
                    times when on the water, including practice sessions and inside-out if providing safety
                    for other club members. Return procedures will be advised when bibs are collected. A
                    final start list will be available at registration. Lost or damaged bibs will be charged at
                    £20 per bib. Bibs returned late will be charged at £5 per bib.

Race Course:        White water course at Holme Pierepoint

Race Rules:         The race will be run in accordance with the BCU Slalom Committee rules.
                    The overall winning university will be decided using a points scoring system for all
                    competitors posting a time in a BUCS event. The details of the points scoring system are
                    published on the event website (

Equipment:          All competitors must wear suitable safety equipment and boats/equipment must be in a
                    river worthy condition with airbags.

                    Further information regarding the types and condition of boats eligible in each class, and
                    rules surrounding personal safety equipment can be found on the event website. Boats
                    may be inspected before a run starts.

Safety:             The event will be run in accordance with the BCU Slalom Committee guidelines. Clubs
                    may provide safety boaters for their members (i.e. to follow competitors down the
                    course). The organisers should be made aware of this at the start line. Club Captains
                    are advised that bank-side safety is usually more appropriate. Clubs are responsible for
                    the safety of their paddlers. Any safety provided by the organizers is additional to this.

Practice Session:   There will be a free practice session for all competitors on Saturday morning prior to the
                    start of the competition.

Prize Giving:       Race results will be posted as soon as possible and prizes presented will be presented
                    soon after the end of the event on Sunday afternoon.

Provisional Event   Saturday 26 February 2011
Timetable:          Open practice
                    Captains briefing
                    Judges Brieifing
                    1st Run (Men’s K1)
                    2nd Run (Men’s K1)
                    Mixed Team Event (one run only)
                    Evening (19.30)
                    Event Social (Venue TBC).

                    Sunday 27 February 2011
                    Women’s K1, C1’s and C2’s 1st Runs
                    Women’s K1, C1’s and C2’s 2nd Runs
                    Open Team event (one run only)

Friends of Durham Canoeing                  Ed Curran
Slalom Race Organisers                      BUCS Sports Manager