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									EPIC II: Snape Kills Dumbledore
Packet #6

Questions by Gautam Kandlikar, Trevor Davis, Colin O‟Donnell, Sam Daub, Andrew Hart, Rob Carson,
Kirk Walton, Bernadette Spencer, Mike Bentley, Jonathan Magin, Quentin Roper, Parry Cadwallader,
Michael Wright, Anant Shah, Gaurav Kandlikar, and Robin Heinonen


1. <Daub>
Hodge was one of these that died off-screen when he was caught in an electrical field, while Zhora,
Leon, and Pris were killed by gunshot wounds. Rachael's ultimate fate was left ambiguous, but Roy's
death came at the end of his four-year lifespan. They were introduced in the early 21st century by the
Tyrell Corporation, but violent uprisings off-world led to their outlawing on Earth, and by 2019 special
police units were charged with hunting them down and "retiring" them. Some debate exists over
whether or not Rick Deckard is, FTP, which kind of artificial life-form featured in 1982's Blade Runner?
ANSWER: Nexus-6 model Replicant

2. <Walton>
In 1998, he finished behind Caron Butler in the voting for Mr. Basketball in the State of Wisconsin.
Despite going undrafted, this Eastern Illinois graduate caught the eye of former EIU quarterback Sean
Payton, who would become his offensive coordinator. A blog that gives him a derogatory nickname is
supposedly run by Drew Bledsoe. After a 2007 muff that cost his team a chance to beat Seattle in the
first round of the playoffs, he set a franchise record with 36 touchdown passes, many of them to Patrick
Crayton and Terrell Owens. FTP, identify this Jessica Simpson travel companion, the Cowboys' starting
ANSWER: Antonio "Tony" Romo

3. <O'Donnell>
This album's promotion push included a performance on VH1 Storytellers, and it was pulled out of
iTunes due to concerns over single sales. The singer seeks to "tell ya what I ain't" before he asks the
listener to "Say Hello" in the third single off of this album. Bonus songs include the title track, which
samples "Short Eyes" by Curtis Mayfield, and the lead single, which features Pharell. FTP, name this
album that features "Blue Magic" and "Roc Boyz," the most recent work of Jay-Z, which was influenced
by a Denzel Washington movie of the same name.
Answer: American Gangster

4. <Kandlikar>
In a parody of one of this product's ad, the Daily Buzz added a 'b' before its name, while an early ad for
it sees an astronaut telling his crew that "whatever it is, it's incredibly advanced." It currently uses the
EDGE tehnology instead of the much faster HSDPA network. George Hotz allegedly was offered a Nissan
350Z for an unlocked version of this product, which features a microaccelerometer which helps in
changing the orientation of its screen. Famously used to dial a prank call with it to a nearby Starbucks
by Steve Jobs, FTP, identify this gadget that requires a contract with AT&T, a telecommunications
device produced by Apple.
ANSWER: iPhone (do not accept: "iPod Touch")

5. <Hart>
Anfernee Hardaway was born in this city, and its NASCAR track hosts the Nationwide Series Sam's
Town 250. Minor league teams in this city include the NAFL Panthers, the CHL RiverKings, and the
triple-A affiliate of the Cardinals, the Redbirds. Professional wrestling legend Jerry Lawler also hails from
this city. Its only big four pro team drafted Mike Conley fourth overall in 2007, and that team's biggest
stars are Mike Miller and Rudy Gay. Its college basketball team features Joey Dorsey and Chris
Douglas-Roberts and is coached by John Calipari. For 10 points, name this city that is home to the
undefeated, number one rated men's NCAA basketball team, as well as the NBA's Grizzlies.
ANSWER: Memphis
6. <Daub>
After the success of their first single, an album with the same name was quickly put together, resulting
in a number of tracks that share similar chord structures and melodies. Their second album, Perfect
Day, will see its American release in March after a disappointing December debut in the U.K. The first
single off Perfect Day, "What Hurts the Most," was met with limited success compared to previous
singles by this group, including "Bad Boy" and a cover of Savage Garden's "Truly Madly Deeply." Natalie
Horler provides vocals, while DJ Manian and Yanou serve as DJs and producers of, FTP, which
Eurodance group responsible for club hits like "Miracle" and "Everytime We Touch"?
ANSWER: Cascada

7. <Davis>
Jake Featherstone serves as an analog of this man in Harry Turtledove‟s Settling Accounts tetralogy and
he is committed to an insane asylum due to syphilis in Phillip K. Dick‟s The Man in the High Castle. In
one movie in which he appears, he signs an autograph after bumping into the protagonist in a crowd,
and the 94 fathers of his 94 clones are targeted for assassination in The Boys from Brazil. A 1973 film
shows the end of his life as portrayed by Alec Guinness, which inspired a 2004 film starring Bruno Ganz
that attempts to show the human side of this man‟s life, Downfall. FTP, name this subject of Triumph
of the Will, who was shown “on ice” in History of the World, Part I and for whom springtime was
declared in The Producers.
Answer: Adolf Hitler

8. <Daub>
The final stages of its predecessor's construction was overseen by Major Lewis Krantz before its
disappearance. Its unfinished section is referred to as "Downbelow", and its denizens are referred to as
"Lurkers". Orbiting the planet Epsilon III, it is defended by several squadrons of Starfuries, along with a
defensive grid system that is capable of taking out a full-sized Primus battleship. In the credits of the
first season of its namesake show, it is described as "the last, best hope for peace" by its first
commander, Jeffery Sinclair. FTP, name this title location of a J. Michael Straczynski (stra-zin-ski)
produced science fiction show, the last station to be given the "Babylon" name.
ANSWER: Babylon 5

9. <Bentley>
He was clad in purple in his second appearance, Wrecking Crew, while in a later game players can read
about his adventures in the Waffle Kingdom where he teamed up with Blooey to rescue Princess Eclair
from the Chestnut King. In one of his most recent appearances, he is rescued in the Ghostly Galaxy,
while he received the Poltergust 3000 from Professor E. Gadd in a Gamecube launch title. John
Leguizamo played him in a terrible 1993 film, and he is typically taller, can jump further and has worse
traction than his stocky brother. FTP, identify this plumber, often playing second fiddle to Mario.
ANSWER: Luigi Mario (do not accept just "Mario")

10. <Davis>
In Dilbert, Ratbert claims that he invokes this in the form "How would you like it if [the central figure of
this statement] killed you?" Quirk modified this statement to claim that it is invalid if intentionally
invoked. Case claims that if the subject is Robert Heinlein or homosexuality, the probability of this
being invoked is one. Named after a former attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, it‟s most
common form states that as length increases, the probability of a certain event approaches one. FTP,
name this “law” governing internet discussions that states that comparison to Hitler or the Nazis is
ANSWER: Godwin’s Law or Rule

11. <Magin>
The most recent person to perform this action, Jae Kuk Ryu, intentionally victimized a father named
Ozzy. In 1983, Dave Winfield inadvertently performed this action in Toronto, leading to his arrest and
subsequent $500 bail, after tossing a ball towards a batboy. In 2001, a spring training fastball to Calvin
Murray accidentally did this, resulting in an explosion of white feathers. FTP, name this action in which
a projectile executes an avian.
ANSWER: Killing a bird with a baseball [accept obvious equivalents]
12. <O‟Donnell/Davis>
Its promotional campaign included a set of fake trailers debuted at the South By Southwest Music
Festival, such as "Thanksgiving" and "Don't." A break occurs due to “missing reels” and a go-go dancer
named Cherry fights zombies in one part, while Zoe gets revenge when her desire to play “ship‟s mast”
is spoiled by Kurt Russell who plays Stuntman Mike in its second half. FTP, name this 2007 double
feature containing Robert Rodriguez‟s Planet Terror and Quentin Tarantino‟s Death Proof.
Answer: Grindhouse

13. <Hart>
A news report by Rick Fulbaum for the Chicago Fox affiliate attempted to explain the popularity of this,
and quotes Greg Lindsay as saying that it's the equivalent of quoting "WAAZAAAAP!!" This appeared on
YouTube when it was down for maintenance, leading some to believe the site had been hacked.
Popularized by a Jeffrey Ray Roberts techno track, this statement is countered with a call to fight "for
great justice," and its speaker is named "Cats." For 10 points, name this phrase that resulted because
"Somebody set up us the bomb," an awkward translation from Zero Wing.
ANSWER: All Your Base are Belong to Us [accept AYBABTU; prompt on "Somebody set up us the
bomb" or "Zero Wing" early]

14. <Walton>
This band first came together for a middle school talent show in their hometown of York, Pennsylvania.
They stayed together in high school as a new-wave cover band and settled on their original name Public
Affection. Their EP Four Songs featured the track "Operation Spirit" and paved the way for their 1991
debut album, Mental Jewelry. In 1994, their breakthrough album Throwing Copper featured 4 hit
singles and would eventually top the Billboard 200. FTP, name this Ed Kowalczyk [co-WALL-chick]-
fronted band best known for their songs "I Alone", "All Over You", "The Dolphin's Cry", and "Lightning
ANSWER: Live (rhymes with "five")

15. <Kandlikar/Kandlikar>
He acquires the nickname "Captain Cool" while studying in UC Berkeley, and he starts speaking
gibberish after experiencing an earthquake. He meets his biggest fan Marci Maven, in the first episode
of season 6, and at age 47, he learns to ride a bike from his father Jack after going on a long road trip.
His brother Ambrose feels guilty for his wife's death, and he is helped initially by Sharona Fleming and
currently by Natalie Teeger. FTP, name this character played by Tony Shalhoub who works with Randy
Disher and Leland Stottlemeyer, a detective with multiple phobias and the namesake of a USA show.
ANSWER: Adrian Monk

16. <Hart>
Lou Johnson smashed a game seven, fourth inning homer off of Jim Kaat for the winning run in this
franchise's 1965 World Series victory. Eric Karros has the third-most home runs in this team's history,
and its single-season homer mark is 49, held by Shawn Green. This franchise made an improbable
comeback in a 2006 game against the Padres when they hit four consecutive homers in the bottom of
the ninth inning to tie the game, later winning it on Nomar Garciaparra's two-run homer. For 10 points,
name this California team whose current sluggers include Jeff Kent, James Loney, and the newly
acquired Andruw Jones.
ANSWER: Los Angeles Dodgers [accept either]

17. <Walton>
It claims it was founded in 1756, and then taken over by the founder's son Herman in 1850, yes, 96
years later. In 1892, it launched a 24-Hour Television News Network. In reality, it was founded in
1988 by two college students, not by Friedrich Siegfried Zweibel, and its website launched in 1996
allowed it to receive national attention. Regular contributors include Larry Groznic, Smoove B, Gorzo
the Mighty, and before his untimely death in 2007, accounts receivable supervisor Herbert Kornfeld.
FTP, what is this parody newspaper founded in Madison, Wisconsin?
ANSWER: The Onion
18. <Daub>
The truth of the sub-titular object is only explained by a letter left by the main character's ancestor and
a film found in an abandoned German U-boat. Gabriel Roman succumbs to the effects of the cursed
sarcophagus, transforming into a mutant before being shot by Navarro. Kotaku named it their “Not
Quite Game of the Year” for 2007, praising the voice acting of characters like Victor Sullivan and Elena
Fisher. FTP, what Playstation 3 action-platformer follows the adventures of Nathan Drake through a
mysterious island in search of the lost treasure of El Dorado?
ANSWER: Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

19. <Daub>
He was born on January 12, 1992, in Urbana, Illinois, where he was instructed by Doctor Chandra. He
was sent into a Hofstadter-Moebius loop after receiving conflicting orders, which led him to falsely
report the failure of the AE-35 communications unit. His talents include art appreciation, chess, and lip-
reading, the last of which clued him in to Frank Poole and David Bowman's plan to disconnect him.
FTP, charged with maintaining the functions of the Discovery spacecraft was what malevolent artificial
intelligence who refused to open the pod bay doors in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey?
ANSWER: HAL 9000 or Heuristically programmed ALgorithmic computer

20. <Kandlikar>
The protagonist is accused of “showing feelings of an almost human nature” in this album's penultimate
song, and its last song describes life "Outside" the titular entity. It was made into a movie of the same
name starring Bob Geldof, and better known songs in this album include “The Thin Ice,” “Hey You,” and
"Comfortably Numb." FTP, identify this concept album by Pink Floyd, whose best known work is a
three-part song about “Another Brick” in the titular construct.
ANSWER: The Wall (accept "The Trial" before "this album" is said)

21. <Wright>
The title character notes that the cruelty of man is as wondrous as Peru, and shows insight that his and
his partner's plan will "allow those up above to serve those down below." That plan is put into action
after Mr. Pirelli recognizes the former Benjamin Barker and blackmails him. Barker then slits Pirelli's
throat, and Mrs. Lovett suggests selling his remains as meat pies. FTP, name this Tim Burton film
based based on a Steven Sondheim musical of the same name that stars Johnny Depp as the Demon
Barber of Fleet Street.
ANSWER: Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (Accept "Benjamin Barker" before the
name is mentioned)

22. <O'Donnell>
The Monkees were the first band to use one in a number one album. 1937 saw an oboe type, while the
1950s saw RCA make one that worked much like a player piano called the Mark II. However, 1964 saw
the advent of the first major brand with the debut of Robert Moog‟s modular one. FTP, name this
musical instrument, often a keyboard that works by modulating pitches and creating different sounds.
Answer: Synthesizer (prompt on synth)

1. <Kandlikar/Kandlikar/Davis>
Identify the following about a critically acclaimed movie from the 1950s. FTPE,
[10] The title group of this Akira Kurosawa movie include Kambei and Kikuchiyo, who help a small
Japanese village protect itself from bandits.
ANSWER: Seven Samurai (accept Shichinin no samura)
[10] This western starring Yul Brenner and Steve McQueen is based on Seven Samurai, replacing the
Japanese village with a Mexican one.
ANSWER: The Magnificent Seven
[10] This other movie by Kurosawa centers on the rape of a woman and the murder of her husband,
and all witnesses give different accounts. It influenced the movie Courage Under Fire.
ANSWER: Rashomon

2. <O'Donnell>
They kind of sort of reformed to release Zeitgeist in 2007. FTPE,
[10] Identify this Chicago post-grunge band that broke big with the double album Mellon Collie and the
Infinite Sadness. Among their better known songs are "Tonight, Tonight" and "Cherub Rock."
Answer: The Smashing Pumpkins
[10] The Smashing Pumpkins are headed by this freakishly pale, skinny, and bald guitarist. He broke off
from the band in 2000, after which he worked on the Zwan project.
Answer: Billy Corgan
[10] This Smashing Pumpkins hit claims that in a shakedown in the titular year, "cool kids never have
the time."
Answers: 1979

3. <Hart>
Name these X-Game athletes, for 10 points each.
[10] This man dubbed the "flying tomato" has won an Olympic Gold in the halfpipe in addition to seven
X-Games golds.
ANSWER: Shaun White
[10] This dude pulled the first ever competition Motocross double backflip at X-Games 12. He has won
golds in three Moto and Supercross events in addition to rally racing.
ANSWER: Travis Pastrana
[10] This Brazilian-born playable character in the first Tony Hawk video game holds the record for
highest score for a skateboard vert contest, pulling several moves so sick that they were yet unnamed
to earn a 98 at the 2001 X-Games. The original Pro Skater for n64 allows you to pull his signature
"One foot smith grind' move.
ANSWER: Bob Burnquist

4. <Daub>
We've got Movie-Sign! FTPE, identify the following about Mystery Science Theater 3000.
[10] This monster made several appearances on Mystery Science Theater, fighting rubber-suited
adversaries like the Sea Monster, Jet Jaguar, and Megalon.
ANSWER: Godzilla
[10] Called one of the worst movies of all time, this 1966 horror film features villains like the hoofed
Torgo and the Master. It was so bad that its director committed suicide several years after its release.
ANSWER: Manos: The Hands of Fate
[10] Its comically macho protagonist, David Ryder, was given such names as "Blast Hardcheese,"
"Stump Beefknob," "Big McLargehuge," "Buck Plankchest," and, accidentally, "Bob Johnson." All
exterior shots of the "Southern Sun" space cruiser were lifted from the original series of Battlestar
ANSWER: Space Mutiny or Mutiny in Space
5. <Kandlikar>
Along with The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and another band, this band is regarded as one of the 'big
four' bands of the British invasion. FTPE.
[10] Name this band whose core members are brothers Ray and Dave Davies and drummer Mick Avory,
and whose hits include "Lola," and "Sunny Afternoon."
ANSWER: The Kinks
[10] This other band of "My Generation," "I Can See for Miles," "Won't Get Fooled Again," and the rock
opera "Tommy" is considered the fourth of the British Invasion's "big four."
[10] This American band of the 1960s sounds a lot like The Who. Their music was featured in Coppola's
Apocalypse Now, and this Jim Morrison-fronted band played the songs "Light My Fire," "Break on
Through," "Hello, I Love You," and "Riders on the Storm."
ANSWER: The Doors

6. <Walton>
Trophy time! For 10 points each, identify these award winners of the 2007 College Football season.
[10] After passing and rushing for a combined 55 touchdowns, this Florida quarterback became the first
sophomore to ever win the Heisman Trophy.
ANSWER: Tim Tebow
[10] This Minnesotan and Ohio State linebacker won the Dick Butkus award after leading the Buckeyes
to the National Championship game.
ANSWER: James Laurinaitis
[10] The Ted Hendricks Award for outstanding defensive end went to this Virginia Cavalier, whose
father Howie played on the defensive line for the Raiders and is now a RadioShack spokesman.
ANSWER: Chris Long

7. <Bentley/Carson>
Given clues about a game reviewed by The Escapist's hilarious reviewer, Yahtzee, identify the game,
[10] Despite fearing that this game would be "endlessly repeating America's sole moment of glory in
living memory by punching out an endless stream of cackling Nazis with one hand and eating apple pie
with another", Yahtzee "mostly" enjoyed this recent Activision "Modern Warfare" FPS.
ANSWER: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
[10] "There's some guy called Master Chief who constantly wears a suit of armor that's probably in dire
need of odor eaters at this point, and this series is apparently so good that Xbox owners have been
tossing each other in glee for this third installment."
ANSWER: Halo 3
[10] In reference to this PSP game, Yahtzee states "I keep returning no matter how many times I get
slapped around by [this series'] friends Mr. Frustrating Combat and Professor Dodgy Camera
Positioning" before describing "Clueless Berk du Jour", Travis.
ANSWER: Silent Hill: Origins (prompt on "Silent Hill")

8. <Walton>
Since she's been a weekly staple of the tabloid magazines, people have forgotten that Lindsay Lohan, at
one point, could act. Or maybe not. At any rate, identify these Lohan movies FTPE:
[10] Perhaps her best role was in this movie as Cady Heron, a home-schooled girl who befriends a
popular clique when she attends high school for the first time.
ANSWER: Mean Girls
[10] Lohan was nominated for two Razzie Awards this year for different roles in the SAME film -- she
played Aubrey Fleming and Dakota Moss in this "thriller."
ANSWER: I Know Who Killed Me
[10] Lohan also played two different characters, Hallie Parker and Annie James, in this remake of a
Disney classic, her 1998 screen debut.
ANSWER: The Parent Trap
9. <Daub>
Mickey Mouse is inexplicably the best-known Disney character, despite the fact that he's been in, like,
no famous movies. Name stuff about him, for 10 points each.
[10] Mickey starred in an animated sequence set to Dukas's The Sorcerer's Apprentice for this Disney
film that set cartoons to classical music and is actually kind of famous.
ANSWER: Fantasia [not "Fantasia 2000"]
[10] The third appearance of Mickey Mouse was in this first cartoon to feature a synchronized
soundtrack. It was referenced in Kingdom Hearts II's "Timeless River" level, and is also rather famous.
ANSWER: "Steamboat Willie"
[10] Mickey was originally known by this name, which was reportedly changed at the request of
Disney's wife.
ANSWER: Mortimer Mouse

10. <Davis/Carson>
Rampant Mormonism notwithstanding, Orson Scott Card is a pretty good author. FTPE:
[10] Card is best know for this science fiction classic in which a child prodigy saves earth from the
ANSWER: Ender’s Game
[10] xkcd #304 tells the story of a mysterious girl who wanders by a man's house late at night reading
this third book in the Ender series. She inexplicably likes it more than Ender's Game or Speaker for the
Dead. Its title refers to the sobriquet Ender gained after wiping out the buggers.
ANSWER: Xenocide
[10] Two sequels are planned to this excellent Card novel about time travelers who seek to prevent the
title character from returning to Europe and causing the subsequent subjugation of Native Americans.
ANSWER: Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus

11. <Kandlikar>
It's album cover features a skimpily clad singer holding an apple in her right hand, as a child reaches
out to her. For 10 points each
[10] Name this album which includes such hits as "Illegal" in collaboration with Santana and "How Do
You Do." It was re-released in 2006 to include "Hips Don't Lie."
ANSWER: Oral Fixation Vol. 2
[10] Name the artist who produced Oral Fixation Vol. 2 who is best known for "Hips Don't Lie." She's
also known for "Whenever, Wherever" and for working with Beyonce on Beautiful Liar.
ANSWER: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll
[10] This Shakira hit claims that there's an "Endless story" in the titular area, that is her "territory, /
and all the things [she] deserve[s], for being such a good girl."
ANSWER: "Underneath Your Clothes"

It‟s the same show, but without all the spandex and 80‟s hairdo‟s, and the Hulkster to boot. For ten
points each, name the following about the 2008 version of American Gladiators.
[10] Hulk Hogan cohosts the new American Gladiators with this daughter of a famous boxer. Although a
famous boxer in her own right, she‟s probably more famous for coming in third on the fourth season of
Dancing with the Stars.
ANSWER: Laila Ali [Prompt on “Ali”]
[10] Something that hasn‟t changed is that each point ahead the player is gives them a half second
advantage over their foe in this event, which is an obstacle course including zip-lines, a thirty-foot rope
wall, and the dreaded Travelator.
ANSWER: The Eliminator
[10] Unlike the last go „round, most of the girls look relatively normal. An exception is this scary blonde
gladiator, who‟s always the last (and most imposing) leg in the female Gauntlet. Her name suggests a
Norse woman gone BAD.
ANSWER: Hellga [That‟s two L‟s, and one bad mother... shut yo mouth!]
13. <Hart>
Name these naughty things you might see ON THE INTERNETS [pronounced: ON THE INTERNETS!], for
10 points each.
[10] Like Drake Bell, much of the internet has gotten a hold of inappropriate pictures of this teen star of
High School Musical.
ANSWER: Vanessa Anne Hudgens
[10] Formerly hosted on the dot-cx domain extension of the Christmas Islands, this granddaddy of all
internet shock sites featured the infamous hello.jpg image.
ANSWER: Goatse.cx ["goat-see"]
[10] Videos of nasty car crashes, broken arms, and more violent things can be found at this shock site,
which has been incorporated into LiveLeak.com
ANSWER: Ogrish.com

14. <Roper>
The end of the second season sees this man sent to jail, taking the rap for his ex-wife, Joy, played by
Jamie Presley. For ten points each.
[10] Name this protagonist of an NBC sitcom involving this man‟s effort to absolve himself of bad karma
by making a list of everything he‟s done and attempting to write it. He‟s played by Jason Lee.
ANSWER: Earl Hickey (accept either)
[10] Earl‟s ex-wife Joy is married to this guy, who‟s nickname refers to his job as a cook. He‟s in the
witness protection program, and even though he graduated college at 14, people seem to brush off his
intelligent remarks.
ANSWER: Darnell Turner (Accept “Crabman” or Harry Monroe)
[10] Earl‟s father Carl is played by this man, who‟s also known for being General Landry on the later
seasons of Stargate: SG-1.
ANSWER: Beau Bridges

15. <O'Donnell>
Soccer happens in other places than where David Beckham is standing on crutches. Identify these good
soccer teams, for 10 points each.
[10] They've won 17 Italian Serie A titles and 7 Champions League titles. Their power now rests with
stars like Kaka, Ronaldo, Cafu, and their owner, former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. They play their
cross-town rivals Inter in the Milan Derby.
[10] The 2007 transfer of Thierry Henry gave them one of the strongest front lines in the history of
soccer. Stars of this Catalan club include Samuel Eto'o and Ronaldinho.
ANSWER: Barcelona CF
[10] Anchored by keeper Peter Cech and midfielder-captain Frank Lampard, they won both England's
League and FA Cups in 2007. Known as "The Blues," this team is managed by Israeli Avram Grant.
ANSWER: Chelsea FC [prompt on "The Pensioners"]

16. <Daub>
Dream Mix TV World Fighters was a Japan-only fighting game that featured characters from Konami,
Takara, and Hudson. Name these playable characters from that game FTPE:
[10] This leader of the Autobots was immediately playable, but his nemesis, Megatron, had to be
ANSWER: Optimus Prime or Convoy
[10] This protagonist of the original Castlevania was also playable, fighting with his Vampire Killer whip.
ANSWER: Simon Belmont (prompt on Belmont)
[10] This hero of the Adventure Island games repeatedly rescued his wife, Tina, from aliens and witch-
ANSWER: Master Higgins or Takahashi Meijin
17. <Walton>
Almost universally acclaimed as one of 2007's best films, Juno is about an overly sharp-tongued teen
confronting teen pregnancy. FTPE, answer these questions around Juno.
[10] Juno was portrayed by this actress that has been nominated for an Academy Award for the role.
ANSWER: Ellen Page
[10] Michael Cera appears as this friend and longtime admirer of Juno that is responsible for her
ANSWER: Paulie Bleeker (accept either)
[10] Juno's mother, Bren MacGuff, was portrayed by this actress who won four Emmys for playing C.J.
Cregg on The West Wing.
ANSWER: Allison Janney

18. <O‟Donnell>
Identify these academic subjects referenced in The Simpsons FTPE:
[10] Marge acted as Stella in the community theatre version of this Tennessee Williams play.
Answer: A Streetcar Named Desire
[10] During Bart‟s short sojourn in the Gifted and Talented program, the family went to see this opera
about a bullfighter, the most famous of Georges Bizet.
Answer: Carmen
[10] When looking for his mother‟s grave, Homer stumbles over the grave of this poet, writer of the
Leaves of Grass anthology.
Answer: Walt Whitman

19. <O'Donnell>
Drummers are elusive and expendable characters. Identify these bands that have cycled through
drummers FTPE:
[10] Two terms by Dale Crover along with ones by Aaron Burckhardt, Chad Channing, and Dan Peters
led up to Dave Grohl's work in this Kurt Cobain-fronted grunge band.
Answer: Nirvana
[10] Drummers of this fictional band usually died in odd ways, including bizarre gardening accidents,
asphyxiation on vomit, and spontaneous combustion.
Answer: Spinal Tap
[10] They had seven different drummers; one of them, Phil Collins, punished the world by becoming
lead singer.
Answer: Genesis

20. <Walton>
2007 saw 3 new baseball players join the illustrious 500 Home Run Club. For 10 points each:
[10] This former Seattle and Texas shortstop became the youngest member of the club at just 32 years
old when he homered off Kyle Davies. He went on to win the AL MVP.
Answer: Alex Rodriguez [accept A-Rod]
[10] This former Auburn football player hit most of his home runs with the White Sox, but hit his 500th
in the Metrodome as a member of the Blue Jays.
Answer: Frank Thomas [accept The Big Hurt]
[10] Another man who has hit his fair share of home runs in the Metrodome is this former Cleveland
star who hit his 500th homer in September with the White Sox. Word up.
Answer: Jim Thome

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