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EPIC II Snape Kills Dumbledore - DOC


									EPIC II: Snape Kills Dumbledore
Packet #4

Questions by Gautam Kandlikar, Trevor Davis, Colin O’Donnell, Sam Daub, Andrew Hart, Rob Carson,
Kirk Walton, Bernadette Spencer, Mike Bentley, Jonathan Magin, Quentin Roper, Parry Cadwallader,
Michael Wright, Anant Shah, Gaurav Kandlikar, and Robin Heinonen


1. <Kandlikar>
This man portrayed Vincent Van Gogh in the Akira Kurosawa film Dreams and voiced the character
Sykes in the 2004 movie Shark Tale. He adapted Edith Wharton’s Age of Innocence for the big screen in
1993, and he worked on a documentary about the life of Bob Dylan titled No Direction Home. Jon
Stewart once mocked him for winning fewer awards than the 3 6 Mafia, and he is better known for his
adaptation of a Nikos Kazantzakis work, The Last Temptation of Christ. FTP, identify this director of
Raging Bull, who won the 2007 Best Director Oscar for The Departed.
ANSWER: Martin Scorsese

2. <Hart>
The video for this song features an eyeless, bearded woman's face with two pigtails on a stick figure
body, as well as a little girl clad in red who is promised to be told a secret "Faster than you can say
poopty-peupty pants," because "It is so good to hear it." The musical portion of this song starts with
rhythmic clicking while the lead singer counts in units including "Schwam," "scheven," "schforteen-teen"
and "twenty-seven half." "Girlfriend's age," "My IQ," and "You must pay" are all labeled as the titular
number of this song. For 10 points, name this song that claims five plus five is the titular number, by
Group X.
ANSWER: Schfifty-five [accept fifty-five]

3. <Kandlikar>
Along with Judi Dench, this actress portrayed the younger version of the titular author in Iris, and her
other literary roles include Sue Bridehead in Jude, Marianne Dashwood in Sense and Sensibility, and
Ophelia in Kenneth Brannagh's Hamlet. She is the youngest person to have received five Oscar
nominations, and in a notable role as Clementine she tries to erase her memory of a relationship with
Joel Barish in Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind. FTP, identify this British actress who starred
opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.
ANSWER: Kate Elizabeth Winslet

4. <Davis>
Minor characters in this game include a merchant who likes to say “This price is crazy,” a wayfarer who
lives on Banaan Island and really wants to see a mermaid, and Aroo, an Anouki who is impersonated by
a Yook. The player must gather the three pure metals and bring them to Zauz the Blacksmith in order
for him to forge a sword capable of defeating Bellum, who has taken residence in the Temple of the
Ocean King and must be defeated to save Tetra. FTP, name this sequel to The Wind Waker, a DS game
that is the latest in the Legend of Zelda series.
ANSWER: The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass

5. <Walton>
David Nied was the starting pitcher for this franchise's first game, and in their first season, their ERA
and wins leader was Kevin Ritz. In 1995, they were dubbed the "Blake Street Bombers" and made the
playoffs for the first time as a Wild Card but lost to the Braves in 4 games. Ryan Spilborghs played 97
games for this team last year, and its everyday third baseman is Garrett Atkins. FTP, name this team
that beat the Padres in a one-game playoff to earn the 2007 NL Wild Card, a club led by Matt Holliday
and Todd Helton that won last year's National League Pennant.
ANSWER: Colorado Rockies (accept either answer)
6. <O'Donnell>
For a short time, this character ran a children's TV show that featured readings of Dumas's The Man In
The Iron Mask before being arrested for framing a robbery. He later moved to Tuscany and became a
village mayor after having a son, Gino, with his wife Francesca. In one appearance, he was tricked into
singing the entire score of the HMS Pinafore before being caught on a houseboat. He was nearly
successful in blowing up his then-wife Selma Bouvier during their honeymoon. He has two mortal
enemies: garden rakes and Bart Simpson. For ten points, name this homicidal maniac and original
sidekick to Krusty the Klown, voiced by Kelsey Grammer.
Answer: Robert "Sideshow Bob" Underdunk Terwilliger (accept Robert Terwilliger or Bob

7. <O'Donnell/Kandlikar>
In a recent video with his cronies on, this man claims that "you're gonna get BAN BAN
BAN BAN," etc. if you "keep playin'." A song on this man's debut album states that he has "so much
ice" to "make you blind" refuting the titular claim that this main "Ain't got no money." Other songs on
that album include "Do the Right Thing" and "I Got Me Some Bapes." A song from his most recent
album features I-15 and claims that "you gotta snap like this" to be the titular girl, though in a more
obnoxious song, he claims that "haterz get mad" because of his purchase of "bathin apes." FTP, name
this rapper most famous for the lead single of the eponymous LP, "Crank That".
Answer: Soulja Boy

8. <Kandlikar>
A childish telephone conversation between President Muffley and Premier Kissoff ensues in this movie
after General Turgidson has a scuffle with Ambassador Sadesky. One character disagrees with
Clemenceau's statement that "war is too important to be left to the generals," and decides to take
immediate action to prevent the “international Communist conspiracy [from sapping] all of our precious
bodily fluids." FTP identify this Stanley Kubrick production in which the titular character, an ex-Nazi
scientist, is asked to assess the threat of the Doomsday device, and is finally able to walk at the end of
the movie.
ANSWER: Dr. Strangelove; or How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb (accept either,
praise both)

9. <Hart>
This injury ended Dallas Clark's rookie season after 10 games, while Garrison Hearst suffered this injury
in the 1998-99 playoffs. Tim Couch suffered this injury in the final regular season game of 2002,
causing him to miss the playoffs and lose his starting job to Kelly Holcomb. Bob Griese came back from
this injury in the third quarter of the 1972 AFC Championship game, replacing Earl Morrall after missing
10 games with this injury and helping the Dolphins maintain their perfect season. For 10 points, name
this injury that Harry Carson and Lawrence Taylor inflicted upon Joe Theismann, ending his career.
ANSWER: broken leg [accept equivalents, prompt on "broken bone" or equivalents]

10. <Kandlikar>
Its namesake company sponsored a mountain-bike competition last held in Utah in 2004, and the
Salzburg Football club and the New York MLS club now both bear its name. Its product website claims
that it is certified Kosher, and it is a certified beverage under the NSF Athletic Banned Substances
Certification Program. It was discovered in Thailand being sold under the name “Krating Daeng,” and
was sold commercially by Austrian Dietrich Mateschitz. It is banned in several countries due to its high
taurine content but remains effective due to its high caffeine content. FTP, identify this energy drink
which “gives you wings.”
ANSWER: Red Bull

11. <Kandlikar>
He drinks the "elixir of life" at a certain picnic every summer, which increases his life span by 7 years.
His name is based on Metacomet and he lives at the Gobblers Knob. His followers consider his most
famous act as an interpretation of the Candlemas tradition, and he speaks to the president of the 'Inner
Circle' about his vision of his shadow. Making an annual appearance on February 2, FTP, identify this
rodent who makes a prediction about the winter from a namesake Pennsylvanian town.
ANSWER: Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog (prompt on "groundhog")
12. <O’Donnell>
One deleted scene shows a British homeless shelter that offers acupuncture and foot massages, and
another displays the fact that psoriasis patients in Norway are eligible for a free trip to the Canary
Islands. Its producer, Harvey Weinstein, unsuccessfully asked to delete a scene critical of Hillary
Clinton. A Treasury Department investigation into the filmmaker was prompted by another scene, in
which he takes 9-11 rescue workers traveling to Cuba for various free treatments. FTP, name this
documentary critical of the American health care system, a 2007 work of Michael Moore.

13. <Walton>
This man's two sons are named Zaire Blessing and Zion Malachi Airimas. In a commercial, this man is
decried for having an "ugly sweater" before his cell phone rings, causing him to miss a putt, while
earlier T-Mobile commercials centered on Charles Barkley's attempts to get into this man's "Five." After
leading Marquette to a surprise Final Four appearance, he was drafted after Chris Bosh in the 2003 NBA
draft. He earned the NBA Finals MVP in 2006 after sinking the Dirk Nowitzki-led Mavericks while
playing alongside Shaquille O'Neal. For 10 points, name this star shooting guard of the Miami Heat.
ANSWER: Dwyane Wade

14. <O'Donnell>
They provided the soundtrack for the 2004 documentary The Other Side of AIDS. Their original guitarist
announced he was leaving the band during a set on the marquee of Radio City Music Hall. That
guitarist, Pat Smear, rejoined the band during a 2006 acoustic tour where the majority of songs were
culled from the quiet half of that year's In Your Honor, but also featured "Marigold," a B-side from their
singer's stint in Nirvana. FTP, name this post-grunge band known for songs like "One By One," "Learn
to Fly," and "Monkey Wrench," fronted by Dave Grohl.
Answer: The Foo Fighters

15. <Bentley>
Russian-based Animation Magic was partially to blame for a canceled adventure game in this series
featuring Deathwing and Gazlowe, subtitled Lord of the Clans. Some of the few unique units in the first
game in this franchise were Daemons and Water Elementals, while its sequel was popular on the online
service Kali and introduced ships like oil tankers. The third game's campaign saw the Lich King trying
to get freed from his Frozen Throne as well as the exploits of Thrall and Uther Lightbringer. FTP,
identify this series, perhaps best known for its MMORPG set in Azeroth, including Orcs and Night Elves,
developed by Blizzard.
ANSWER: Warcraft

16. <Kandlikar>
The 10th anniversary special of this show introduced the titular character's baby brother, and that
character was born with a key that opens a playroom featuring Rory the Dinosaur and Polka Dots. It
spawned a spinoff series that took place in the title character's room, and recurring characters in this
show include Paprika, the offspring of Mrs. Pepper and Mr. Salt, as well as Shovel, and Pail. Its host jots
down items in a "Handy Dandy" notebook, and sits in the Thinking Chair to solve some mystery. FTP,
identify this interactive Nickelodeon TV show for toddlers in which a monochromatic dog leaves behind
some pawprints to show what she's excited about.
ANSWER: Blue's Clues

17. <Kandlikar>
In one scene, the protagonist imagines himself and his friend stealing a gun from a cop who sits next to
him in a donut shop. The protagonist repeatedly pawns a TV with Mr. Rabinowitz and hopes to establish
a fashion store with his girlfriend. Another character in this movie desires to wear a red dress she is
proud of, and dreams of appearing with the protagonist in Tappy Tibbon's Hour of Power. This movie
also features several prominent montages which notably contain pupils dilating and end in sighs of
content. For 10 points, identify this film directed by Darren Aronofsky, whose central characters destroy
themselves with their drug addictions.
ANSWER: Requiem for a Dream
18. <Walton>
The website "A meeting with [this man]-dot-com" allows people to upload videos if they look like him or
are his biggest fan, to be used in upcoming Crowne Plaza Hotel commercials featuring this athlete. A satire claimed that Chris DiMarco caused this man to have a "golf shirt malfunction"
similar to the Janet Jackson Super Bowl fiasco. He won the 2005 PGA championship after hitting his
signature soft-pitch to within two feet of the cup for a tap-in birdie on 18. This Arizona State graduate
lost to Jeff Ogilvy after making a disastrous double-bogey on the final hole of the 2006 US Open, and
he won the 2004 Masters for his long-awaited first Major victory. FTP, identify this three-time major
winner nicknamed "Lefty."
ANSWER: Phil Mickelson

19. <Kandlikar>
Its last letter is written in pink on its logo, which now features the phrase "loves you," and for a long
time it claimed to be in the "gamma" status. Verizon generated controversy after improperly crediting
some of the content uploaded on this site, which includes some EXIF information and also allows users
to geo-tag images. FTP, identify this service acquired by Yahoo, known for its photostreams and tagging
facilities and which competes with photobucket.
ANSWER: Flickr (; pronounced Flicker)

20. <O'Donnell>
The singer and Fraulein Wunderbar "had a laugh" in one of this band's songs, while the subject of
another of their song reminds the sing of the "moon like a smile hanging over Bombay." Those songs
appeared in a 2002 album, Stand Up, after which this band took a four year break. They returned in
2006's For Sale but are best known for 1992's Up, which included singles like the soulful "Deeply Dippy"
and their biggest hit, which refers to a cat, a car, a hat, a shirt, Milan, New York, and Japan as things
the singer is too attractive for. FTP, name this English pop bad best know for "I'm Too Sexy."
Answer: Right Said Fred

21. <Kandlikar>
This band's guitarist recently acquired his PhD by finishing a dissertation on zodiacal dust clouds. Its
Zoroastrian singer was born in Tanzania but fled to England after the revolution of 1964. The band was
formed in 1970 when those two teamed up with drummer Roger Taylor, and after bassist John Deacon
joined its ranks, it released the albums Sheer Heart Atack, A Kind of Magic, and A Night at the Opera.
FTP, identify this band headed by Brian May and Freddie Mercury which produced such classics as "We
Are The Champions" and "Bohemian Rhapsody."

22. <Kandlikar>
This company ended its partnership with Toys R Us over online retail sales after a 2004 lawsuit, and it
recently released an MP3 download service which sells DRM free music. It purchased JK Rowling's The
Tales of Beedle the Bard for about $4 Million, and its subsidiaries now include CreateSpace and
BookSurge. Founded by Jeff Bezos in 1994, it is fighting a patent battle over the 1-click ordering
system with competitor Barnes and Noble. FTP, identify this online retailer which is named after a large
South American river.

1. <Daub>
A new challenger approaches! 5 points for one, ten for two, twenty for three, or thirty for all four,
name the video game characters who made their fighting game debut in the recently-released Super
Smash Bros.: Brawl.
[A] He stands on the sidelines, making Charizard, Ivysaur, and Squirtle fight for him.
Answer: Pokemon Trainer
[B] This space captain plucks Pikmin from the ground and throws them at his opponents.
Answer: Captain Olimar
[C] This blonde-haired lead character of the Japan-only Mother 3 fights with psychic powers, much like
Ness from the first two games.
Answer: Lucas or Ryuka
[D] This star of Kid Icarus can transform his Bow of Palutena into two swords. His Final Smash
summons forth an army of winged centurions.
Answer: Pit

2. <O'Donnell>
Identify these recent musical works by God, working through the mouth of Bruce Springsteen FTPE:
[10] This 2002 work, a meditation on September 11th that included songs like "Let's Be Friends" and
"Lonesome Day", won Springsteen the Grammy for Rock Album of the Year.
Answer: The Rising
[10] 2006 saw Bruce release two versions of We Shall Overcome, a tribute to this folk singer known for
songs like "If I Had A Hammer." His last name sounds the same as that of the horrible-but-
omnipresent singer of "Old Time Rock and Roll."
Answer: Pete Seeger
[10] Springsteen released the 2007 album "Magic" that contained songs like "Long Walk Home" and
"Radio Nowhere" with this backing band, whose current drummer is Conan O'Brian musician Max
Answer: the E Street Band

3. <Walton>
For 10 points each, identify these all-time statistical leaders of the NBA.
[10] The all-time leading scorer is this former UCLA center who won NBA titles with Milwaukee and the
Los Angeles Lakers.
Answer: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar [accept Lew Alcindor]
[10] The all-time leading rebounder was this former Kansas center that once scored 100 points in a
game for the Philadelphia Warriors.
Answer: Wilt Chamberlain
[10] This all-time leader in three point field goal percentage also leads the NBA in that statistic this year
and won the three point shooting contest. He's a Hawaiian-born guard for the Toronto Raptors.
Answer: Jason Kapono

4. <O'Donnell/Davis>
Identify these characters from the film Zoolander FTP each:
[10] This musician appears as himself to judge the walk-off between Derek and Hansel. He's known for
songs like "Ziggy Stardust," "Let's Dance," and, with Queen, "Under Pressure."
ANSWER: David Bowie
[10] This character's fashion campaign, Derelicte, is a front to kill the Malaysian Prime Minister.
ANSWER: Jacobim Mugatu (accept Jacob Moogberg)
[10] David Duchovny portrays this reclusive former hand model who reveals the fashion industry's
involvement in the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy.
ANSWER: J.P. Prewitt (accept either)
5. <Kandlikar>
The last few years have been plagued by mediocre Hip-Hop. FTPE, identify things that fit the category.
[10] The titular claim of this MIMS songs is supported by fallacious claims including, "'cause I'm fly" and
"You ain't 'cuz you not."
ANSWER: This Is Why I'm Hot
[10] This Shreveport, LA native is best known for his "Ay Bay Bay" which appears on his album 51/50
Ratchet. He features a stage name reminiscent of a powerful tropical storm.
ANSWER: Hurricane Chris or Chris Dooley Jr.
[10] The East, West, North, and South side variations of the titular action addressed in this most
popular Unk song from Beat'n Down Yo Block! may have inspired some dance moves based on the
ANSWER: "Walk It Out"

6. <Hart>
Name these members of the original five inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame in 1936, for 10 points
[10] This Yankees slugger, a former Red Sox pitching ace, smashed 714 homers in his illustrious career
and brought the "Curse of the Bambino" upon Boston.
ANSWER: George Herman "Babe" Ruth
[10] This Tigers star known as the "Georgia Peach" was the all-time batting average champion and also
held the career record for hits until Pete Rose came along. He may be better known for being a dirty
player and an insane curmudgeonly racist.
ANSWER: Tyrus Raymond "Ty" Cobb
[10] Nicknamed "The Big Train," this Senators' ace held the career strikeout record for over 50 years.
He shares his last name with former Mets' third baseman nicknamed "HoJo."
ANSWER: Walter Johnson

7. <Daub>
Their deaths may have sparked a war between the United States and Canada. 5 points for one, 10 for
two, 20 for three, 30 for all four, identify the following Baldwins.
[5] He plays unscrupulous network executive Jack Donaghy on NBC's "30 Rock," in addition to
portraying Captain George Ellerby in The Departed.
ANSWER: Alec Baldwin
[5] His book, "The Unusual Suspect," references his role in Bryan Singer's The Usual Suspects. He also
played Barney Rubble in The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas and is a contestant on The Celebrity
ANSWER: Stephen Baldwin
[5] He starred in Backdraft and Flatliners before coming to television as a voice actor on "Danny
Phantom" and a son of Donald Sutherland in ABC's "Dirty Sexy Money."
ANSWER: William Baldwin or Billy Baldwin
[5] He voiced a marine in Halo 3, but he is better-known as the mercenary Jayne Cobb in Joss
Whedon's "Firefly." He is not a Baldwin brother.
ANSWER: Adam Baldwin

8. <O'Donnell/Hart>
Name some things that "Will it Blend?" host Tom Dickson found will or will not blend, for 10 points
[10] The fragments of this blended Apple product with namesake communication abilities sold for 901
dollars on eBay along with a blender and a DVD.
Answer: iPhone (do not accept "iPod Touch")
[10] Dickson also found that this disgusting Kraft aerosol dairy product will blend.
ANSWER: Easy Cheese
[10] An action figure of this endorser of Mike Huckabee and the Total Gym, unsurprisingly, is the only
thing that does not blend.
Answer: Chuck Norris
9. <Bentley>
Identify these rhythm games, FTPE:
[10] You've probably seen or maybe even are one of those spastic kids who step to the arrows in this
Konami series that has seen Ultramix and Extreme versions.
ANSWER: Dance Dance Revolution
[10] If you're more of the Karaoke type, you would probably enjoy this Playstation series that comes
with red and blue USB microphones. There have been a bunch of mixes like Party, Rocks, and
Bollywood released since 2004.
ANSWER: SingStar
[10] This DS game, an American version of the superb Ouendan, involves male cheerleaders doing
things like helping two pop stars employ animal helpers to get them off a desert island to the tune of
Material Girl.
ANSWER: Elite Beat Agents

10. <Davis>
1976 was a puzzling year at the Oscars. FTPE:
[10] Although Beatrice Straight managed to win a best supporting actress Oscar despite her horrible
overacting, this Sidney Lumet-directed satire was overlooked for best picture. Today it’s probably best
remembered for the quote “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”
ANSWER: Network
[10] Not only did this film not win best picture and Robert De Niro miss out on best actor for his
performance as lunatic Travis Bickle, but Martin Scorsese strangely wasn’t even nominated for best
director. I guess Karate Kid creator John Avildsen was just more deserving.
ANSWER: Taxi Driver
[10] Instead of either of the previously mentioned films or All the President’s Men, this film starring
Sylvester Stallone took home the big prize. The Academy must have a thing for Italian Stallions.

11. <Kandlikar>
For 10 points each, identify the following boybands.
[10] Composed of Chris Kilpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, JC Chasez, and Justin Timberlake, this
band is notable for albums such as No Strings Attached and Celebrity, as well as for not being the
Backstreet Boys.
[10] This band from Philadelphia is best known for R&B and soul music. Along with Elvis and The
Beatles, they are the only band to replace themselves at the billboard #1 top 100 spot, when their "On
Bended Knee" replaced their "I'll Make Love to You" in 1994.
[10] This band's penchant for females wearing Abercrombie and Fitch was noted in their hit "Summer
Girls." This band disintegrated in 2001, and its lead singer was Rich Cronin.
ANSWER: LFO or Lyte Funky Ones

12. <Walton>
Many baseball fans would agree...any season the New York Yankees DON'T win the World Series is a
good season. For 10 points each, identify these teams who beat the Bronx Bombers in the Fall Classic.
[10] In 2003, this upstart team led by Pudge Rodriguez, Brad Penny, and MVP Josh Beckett upset the
Yankees in 6 games.
ANSWER: Florida Marlins [accept either]
[10] In 2001, this team scored two runs in the bottom of the ninth in Game 7 to win the Series, capped
by Luis Gonzalez's hit off Mariano Rivera.
ANSWER: Arizona Diamondbacks [accept either; accept D-Backs]
[10] In 1960, this team beat the Yankees on Bill Mazeroski's walk-off Series Winning home run. Its
other stars included Dick Groat and Roberto Clemente.
ANSWER: Pittsburgh Pirates [accept either]
13. <Walton>
Identify these cleverly named Wikis, for 10 points each.
[10] Launched in 2005, this is the official Star Wars wiki is named in honor of the native race of
Kashyyyk (KESH-ik), one of whom is Chewbacca.
ANSWER: Wookieepedia
[10] This now-defunct wiki, hosted on, claimed to be a resource for witches and wizards, and
is named after a pagan religion.
ANSWER: Wiccapedia (make sure they make an effort to differentiate from “wikipedia”)
[10] Baseball Think Factory users frequent a Wiki named after this catcher for the Padres, Mariners,
and Nationals, whose actual first name is Wiki. Give the last name that he shares with former American
League MVP Juan, and current Padres first baseman Adrian.
ANSWER: Wiki Gonzalez

14. <Kandlikar>
FTPE, identify the following hilarious things pertaining to business management.
[10] Advanced by a British naval historian, this law states that “work expands to fill the time available
for its completion.” Its namesake shares his name with a disease that Michael J. Fox has.
ANSWER: Parkinson's law
[10] This law states that "In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence." Its
namesake argued that social stratification was a solution to the problem.
ANSWER: Peter principle
[10] A specific case of the Peter principle, this law of Scott Adams states that “The most ineffective
workers are systematically moved to the place where they can do the least damage – management.” It
is named for a title cartoon character whose Pointy-Haired Boss exemplifies this principle.
ANSWER: Dilbert principle

15. <Kandlikar/Kandlikar>
If nautical nonsense is something you wish, then answer the following about an absorbent, yellow, and
porous sea dweller, FTPE.
[10] Name this neighbor of Squidward Tentacles, a Nickelodeon character who “lives in a pineapple
under the sea,” in the city of Bikini Bottom.
ANSWER: SpongeBob SquarePants
[10] Spongebob works in this establishment which is constantly under threat from Plankton's evil plans
to destroy its business.
ANSWER: the Krusty Krab
[10] This squirrel from Texas is one of the few non-aquatic residents of Bikini Bottom. She is well
versed in the martial arts and builds her water-free chamber in the sea.
ANSWER: Sandy Cheeks

16. <Walton>
Harrison Ford has been unquestionably the most successful of the original Star Wars trilogy actors.
FTPE, identify these actors that have not shared the same success as the man who played Han Solo.
[10] The star of the original trilogy, he acted on Broadway immediately after his roles as Luke
Skywalker to avoid being typecast.
ANSWER: Mark Hamill
[10] After portraying Lando Calrissian, his best known role may have been as district attorney Harvey
Dent in 1989's Batman.
ANSWER: Billy Dee Williams
[10] This veteran British actor was well known for portraying Victor Frankenstein before his role as
Grand Moff Tarkin in A New Hope.
ANSWER: Peter Cushing
17. <Kandlikar>
For 10 points each, identify the following men who run very fast.
[10] This Jamaican currently holds the world record for the 100 meter dash at 9.74 seconds. He bested
his own record in September 2007 at the IAAF Grand Prix in Italy.
ANSWER: Asafa Powell
[10] This gold medalist dueled with Powell over the world record 100 meter time, and his personal best
was 9.77 seconds. More recently, he's been in the news for his four-year ban for a second doping
offense, which he is currently appealing.
ANSWER: Justin Gatlin
[10] Five out of this man's 9 Olympic golds are from running, and the remaining four golds are all for
the long jump. He was named “Olympian of the Century” by the Sports Illustrated magazine. He
shares his last name with Cleveland Browns running back Jamal, who doesn't run nearly as fast.
ANSWER: Frederick Carlton “Carl” Lewis

18. <Walton>
This band's singles include the #1 hit "Jump" as well as the classic "You Really Got Me." For 10 points
[10] Name this band that currently features three members of its namesake family, Wolfgang, Alex,
and Eddie.
ANSWER: Van Halen
[10] Van Halen's original lead singer was this crazyman, who rejoined the band for a 2007 tour.
ANSWER: David Lee Roth
[10] Roth was replaced by Sammy Hagar in 1985, who was himself replaced by Gary Cherone, the
former lead singer of this band famous for their acoustic ballad "More Than Words".
ANSWER: Extreme

19. <Walton>
In addition to Packer linebacker Nick Barnett, who was tackled by ref Jim Quirk, Oregon State has
produced several star NFL players. For 10 points each:
[10] This most notable Oregon State alum does commercials for GoDaddy and often goes by "Ocho
ANSWER: Chad Johnson
[10] Chad Johnson's teammate in both college and the pros is this former 7th round draft pick who co-
led the NFL in receptions in 2007 with Wes Welker.
ANSWER: (Touraj) T.J. Houshmandzadeh [pronounced Hoosh-mand-zaa-daa; prompt on "Housh"]
[10] This 5th round pick out of Oregon State in the 2005 NFL Draft never played with the Baltimore
Ravens, who drafted him, but was an AFC Pro Bowl quarterback in 2007 with the Cleveland Browns.
ANSWER: Derek Anderson

20. <O’Donnell>
Late night talk shows would be nothing without the musical foil to the host’s jokes. Identify these
bandleaders and sidemen FTPE:
[10] This Canadian keyboardist has played sidekick to David Letterman since 1982 as the leader of the
CBS Orchestra.
Answer: Paul Shaffer
[10] Often the butt of substance abuse jokes; he’s the guitarist and head of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show
Answer: Kevin Eubanks
[10] This drummer plays the stoic man on Late Night With Conan O’Brien.
Answer: “The Mighty” Max Weinberg

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