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designs for VILA Clothes by shuifanglj


									                    designs for VILA Clothes

What does VILA Clothes, Coca-cola light and Anna Abreu have in common? They all love to combine
fashion, music and good times.

One of Finland’s most popular singers Anna Abreu, the fashion brand VILA Clothes and Coca Cola
Light join forces around design of a pair of limited edition jeans. ‘The Slam jeans’ is named after one of
Anna Abreu’s tracks and will be available in all VILA shops in Finland from beginning of October.

The singer Anna Abreu has put her heart and her soul into the design that shows her passion for fashion.
The result is a pair of jeans that reflects her own style and has a touch of music and a twist of Coca cola

‘It has been so exciting to take part in the progress and to get the opportunity to create some jeans
with nice details that fits me perfectly! I am really looking forward to seeing ‘my’ jeans in all the VILA
Stores!’, Anna says.

You can buy the Slam jeans and see the amazing campaign pictures in all Finnish VILA shops from
beginning of October.

                                                       Maria Niskanen, VILA Retail Finland   Anu Makkonen, VILA PR Finland
                                                               Phone: +358 2 07474679             Phone: +358 2 07474673
                                                                Mobile +358 5 05828330            Mobile: +358 4 05954777

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