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2003 04 02 by wpr1947


									                         The City and District of North Vancouver
                            Joint Bicycle Advisory Committee
                                 Minutes of April 2, 2003

Present (voting)                               (non-voting)
Ron Adams, DNV                                 Phil Bates, DWV staff
Jason Bond, CNV                                Ken Krueger, DNV staff
Joanne Franko, CNV                             Adrienne Mairs, CNV staff
Patrick Kinney, DNV                            Councillor Darrell Mussatto, CNV (arrived 8:10pm)
Jay Loder, DNV                                 Bruce Nelligan, CNV staff
Dave Perfitt, VACC (arrived 7:10pm)            Nancy Betts, CNV Committee Clerk
Paul Verlaan, CNV

Absent (voting)                                (non-voting)
Kyla Adams, DNV                                Constable Christy Veenstra
Lisa Dowding Carter (regrets)                  Dr. Robin Brayne, SD #44
Kevin Karlsson, CNV (regrets)                  Tom Walker, NV Recreation Commission

1.      Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 7:05pm.

2.      Adoption of Agenda – April 2, 2003

Under Referrals, Resolutions and Correspondence
      Add: Referral from City Clerk regarding BEST Request for Funding and
      Participation in Bike Month, June 2003

The agenda was adopted as amended.

3.      Adoption of Minutes – March 6, 2003

Moved, seconded and carried unanimously
     THAT the minutes of March 6, 2003 be adopted as presented.

At this time Phil Bates, DWV staff and Adrienne Mairs, CNV staff were introduced and
welcomed to the committee.

        Business Arising from the Minutes:
    Westview Shopping Plaza – Bike Rack (Pat Kinney reported that he had spoken to the
     Westview people and they were receptive to a bike rack being installed in the alcove)
    Tour de North Vancouver (update to be given under agenda item 5 (b)
    Helmet Use – Poster (update to be given under agenda item 5 (b)
    Traffic Calming Posts (Bruce to respond to email)
    Bike Racks at Presentation House/NS Neighbourhood House (the Presentation House
     rack is waiting for City crews to install a concrete pad; NS Neighbourhood House has a
     rack installed )
    Revision to Bicycle Master Plan (Ridgeway officially still in BMP, Report to Council
     recommending the revision to replace Ridgeway with St. Andrew’s could possibly go to
     Council for the April 14th meeting.)
    Update membership list (included in agenda package)
    JBAC DNV vacancy (TPAC advised, when applications received they will be forwarded
     to TPAC)

4.      Election of Co-Chairs

After a brief discussion on the matter, the following members volunteered to be Chair:
       Ron Adams, DNV – May
       Jason Bond, CNV – June
       Pat Kinney, DNV - July

5.      Working Group Reports

a)      Facilities and Route Aesthetics

Bike Racks

As bike racks are removed from municipalities and TransLink, they are installed where
needed. There is currently a waiting list for these donation racks with the schools getting
priority and then businesses.

A 10 x 3 rack has been installed at Riverside and is getting a lot of use by cyclists.
Unfortunately it has become a target for kids who like to move it around. If this continues
the rack may have to be chained or mounted in concrete.

The Westview Shopping Plaza is receptive to the installation of a bike rack and has
requested that it be located in the alcove.

b)      Education, Enforcement, Awareness & Encouragement

Tour de North Vancouver - Update
 List completed of bike shops and food suppliers
 Draft letter requesting endorsement sent to both City and District Mayors
 2002 poster modified for 2003; copy circulated to members
 Distribution of poster to libraries, city halls, recreation centers
   As the time draws nearer, a news release will be prepared.

Paul requested help to distribute posters, contact suppliers, etc. Joanne, Pat, Jay and
Dave all volunteered to help with this event.

 Instead of having separate letters from the Mayors, perhaps combine into one letter
  with both signatures.
 Last year there were two bike routes; 8km and 10km ride. It was noted that few
  participants did the longer route and perhaps it was too long for school aged riders.
  Suggestion was made to combine the routes into one.
 As Dizzy Cycles is the biggest supporter, their logo on the poster should be depicted
  larger as they are the main sponsor.
 Provide information to the school kids to get them involved in this event. If information
  was packaged in classroom-sized bundles, the teachers can distribute them.
 Use District/City advertisement space to promote event in newspaper.
 Donations of bike accessories, safety items, etc. were received last year; will it be the
  same this year?
 To accommodate various riding abilities, have buses transport riders to the top of the

Automall Bike Race
There will be a bike race in the Automall area with the route being the same as last year.

Action: Provide details of bike race at the Automall when they become available - Bruce.

There has been nothing confirmed from TransLink re bike racks on buses.

Action: Provide bike racks on buses update at next meeting - Adrienne.

Helmet Campaign
A student at Carson Graham School has provided a copy of a draft poster for the helmet
campaign. The logos currently displayed will be removed and replaced with sponsor
logos, the city and district logos and possibly the RCMP logo. Permission to use the
RCMP logo has been requested and we are currently awaiting a response.

Discussion ensued with the following comments:
 Compress bottom line to make more room for logos
 Need to decide how many to print and what size the final poster will be. As the size
   increases so does the cost to produce them. The 11 x 17 size can be copied at the
   City should this size be chosen.
 C-media offered to place poster on some of the bike racks
 Shops are supportive; like the advertising
    Education required on how to adjust straps on helmets, making sure helmet is snug
     and correctly fitted

Action: - Next steps:
           - work on press release, possibly get quotes from medical person, cyclists,
              RCMP- Dave
           - Brian Hunt (medical authority) very supportive of helmet usage, request
              quote from him - Joanne
           - finalize poster - Dave

c)      Bicycle routes Design & Bridges

The work group met and discussed various revisions needed to update the TransLink
bicycle map. Some of the changes noted:
 Two way cycling on 2nd Narrows bridge
 New bike lanes on bridge
 New Dollarton connector
 Show Tatlow route
 Show Low Level route all the way
 Switch Ridgeway to St. Andrew’s (pending Report to Council on revision)

Ken Krueger raised a number of questions concerning the differences in routes between
the TransLink bicycle map and the District of North Vancouver bicycle map. Some of the
areas in question were:
  East Keith/Mountain Highway to Hendry
  Side street links
  Lillooet Road to Arborlynn – bridge going across
  Delbrook to Evergreen
  Kennard Avenue greenway/Sunrise Park to Shavington pathway (rolling ramp not
  Colours should be consistent, if possible, with both DNV and TransLink maps
  Klahanee Multi-use Park not shown

It was agreed to briefly meet after the meeting to further discuss the necessary changes to
the routes.

A suggestion was made that a note be placed on both the TransLink and DNV bicycle
maps indicating parking areas. This would prove to be very useful to travelers.

Parking Issues – Top of Mountain Highway
Ron Adams gave a summary of discussion and options presented at the Open House on
March 13, 2003. At the TPAC meeting the proposals were discussed but no conclusion
was reached as it was felt that the options did not fully address the long-term needs of the
6.    Staff and Agency Update/Reports

a)    City of North Vancouver

Bicycle Master Plan
A Report to Council on the revision to the Bicycle Master Plan amending Ridgeway
Avenue to read St. Andrew’s Avenue is planned to go to Council in April.

17th Street
 Currently working on a signing plan for 17th Street
 catchbasins need to be raised
 intersection of Lonsdale/17th Street, new circular loops to be installed which will detect
    cyclists better

Tour de North Vancouver
Requesting funds; Report to Council to support this event.

Request for a donation to be dealt under Agenda item 7 – Referrals, Resolutions and

BC Cycling Criterium Championships - Update
The event organizer (NS Healthmasters Society) has canvassed the local businesses in
Lower Lonsdale to see if they would be agreeable to having a bike race in August in their
area. While most businesses are supportive, there are two that are concerned that their
clientele will lose parking. The city will try to accommodate the businesses by perhaps
moving the time of the race.

Keith Road Hill
A quote of $6,000 has been received to shift the lines on the Keith Road hill to the south to
give more room for a bike lane. This project will now proceed.

Stanley Park Bike Festival
Request for funding to be dealt with under Other Business.
b)    District of North Vancouver

Confirmed projects:
 widening of Lynn Valley Road curb lanes to 4.3m (wherever possible) between the
  areas already widened during developments
 Main Street from Mountain Highway to Cotton Road - restriping of curb lanes to
  achieve 4.3 meters width wherever possible, additional signage

Mountain Highway – south of 27th Street
It was noted that some additional land was used for a curb lane width of 4.3m in front of
the new Brody development on Mountain Highway. A question was raised if it was the
intention to increase this width for the rest of the road.

c)    VACC

There was nothing to report.

d)    TransLink

Feedback on bicycle map will be presented to Helen Cook at TransLink’s next meeting.

e)    RCMP Bike Squad

There was nothing to report.

f)    Other Agencies

Phil Bates – District of West Vancouver

Bike Route Connecting – West Vancouver and North Vancouver
Discussion ensued regarding a request to have a bike route connector between West
Vancouver and North Vancouver across the Highway No. 1 bridge. The existing bike route
follows from Capilano Road, across the bridge on Highway No. 1 and onto Horseshoe Bay.
There is a fire lane which is gravel and a gate that you have to ride around. It would be
useful to have 1 ½ metres beside the gate to provide ease of travel.

Cap Pacific Trail
The members would like to see a connection to the Lion’s Gate bridge.

Highway to Whistler – Upgrade for Olympics
Question was raised if there were any improvements for cyclists regarding the highway
upgrade to Whistler. As these plans are conceptual at the moment it was decided to wait
until a formal decision was announced.

7.    Referrals, Resolutions and Correspondence

A letter was received from Richard Campbell, Bike Month Coordinator BEST, requesting
support in the amount of $1000 to cover costs associated with bike month. There is
approximately $14,000 in the bike rack fund this year should the JBAC wish to support.
Action: It was suggested that BEST be contacted to ask them if they would be willing to
give the JBAC an overview of what their organization does.- Adrienne

The following motion was moved and seconded:

      THAT the City of North Vancouver contribute $1,000 to the Better
      Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST) for the 2003 Bike Month
      campaign costs;

      AND THAT the funds come from the Bike Rack Program.
                                                                   Carried Unanimously

8.    Other Business

The tentative dates for the CANBIKE course are Tuesday/Saturdays starting April 29, May
3,6, and 10. A suggested venue was the Harry Jerome Complex. It was also suggested
that as the dates for this course are coming up shortly, this could be deferred to July.
Further information will be supplied at the next meeting as Ken Wuschke is out of town.

Stanley Park Bike Festival
Correspondence has been received from Alistair Barrett, Stanley Park Bike Festival,
requesting funding support in the amount of $500. The Stanley Park Festival is a mix of
racing, education and art for all cyclists across the lower mainland.

After some discussion on the matter, the following motion was moved and seconded:

      THAT the City of North Vancouver contribute $500 to the Stanley Park Bike
      Festival to be held on June 15, 2003;

      AND THAT the funds for this contribution come from the Bike Rack Program.

                                                                   Carried Unanimously

Tour de North Vancouver
Paul Verlaan was complimented on the excellent job he was doing for the Tour de North
Vancouver. It was recommended that should additional funding be necessary, Paul is to
inform the JBAC.

BEST – Bike Month
Information was received on the BEST Bike Month Flyer. It was requested this information
be passed on to any interested parties.
9.    Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, May 7, 2003 at the City of North
Vancouver – Conference Room “A”. The Chair for this meeting will be Ron Adams, DNV.

10.   Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 pm.

        Jason Bond, CNV Chair               Nancy Betts, Committee Clerk

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