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                               A publication of the M.i.s.s. Foundation: a non-profit organization
 A Sanctuary for Bereaved Families - for over twelve years March/April 2011 Volume 15, Issue 2

  A Mother’s Gift - From Grief to Giving
                   By Alicia Munoz - Sammy & Gabriel’s mama
                                                                                       ♥	 Inside this issue: ♥	
                                                                                       A Mothers Gift Continued      2
On April 25th, 2008, I went in for a
                                                                                       AGAST Peer Contacts           3
"routine" ultrasound. I was pregnant
with Samuel & Gabriel, identical twin                                                  T.E.A.R. Study                3
boys. It was exciting to finally be
joining the community of the "mommy                                                    Raising AZ Kids Feature       4
world" and I always made it a point
to treat each doctor appointment as a                                                  Congressional Update          4
mini celebration of my new mommy
                                                                                       Empty Strollers Walk          5
                                                                                       For Tyler                     6
I started my morning early, so I could
prepare for my 18-week photo session                                                   Our Journey                   6
(ultrasound) with the boys. The
morning was spent in song, smiles,                                                     AZ Support Groups             7
and an excitement knowing I would
                                                                                       Raising AZ Kids Responses 8-9
see Sam & Gabe.
                                              mommy basking in the glory of a twin     Birthdays Remembered       10-11
It was always surreal watching the            belly. After spending over the usual
boys during the ultrasound. They each         amount of the time on the ultrasound     Donations                    12
had their own distinct personality.           table, I realized not much had been
Gabriel was the more outgoing baby.           said during the appointment. Normal      Kids Korner                  13
He was a mover and seemed to enjoy            ultrasounds took maybe half an hour      Remembering our Children 14
the spotlight when it was on him.             to get measurements for both of the
Samuel on the other hand was quieter,         kids. An hour was not normal, nor was    Missing Ingredients          16
still not wanting the attention of the        this particular appointment.
camera. It was hard to get a face shot                                                 Recent Losses                16
in, as he often would hide behind his         Knowing something wasn’t right; I
little fists. I always found it interesting   called my mom & dad to come to the       Announcements                16
to see their personalities developing so      doctor’s office. I explained I thought   Mailbox                      17
early.                                        something was wrong with the boys
                                              because of how long the ultrasound       International Contacts       17
The ultrasound started out routine,           was taking.
nothing out of the ordinary. Gabriel                                                   Chapters & Mentors         18-19
was active and Samuel was calm,                                  continued on page 2

“It is the nature of love and of death to touch every person                               See Page 5 for
in a totally unique way. Comfort comes from knowing that                               information on Empty
people have made the same journey. And solace comes from                               Strollers, Empty Shoes
understanding how others have learned to sing again.”
                                          ~ Helen Steiner Rice                                                       ♥	
   continued from front page

                        A Mother’s Gift - From Grief to Giving
                                       By Alicia Munoz - Sammy & Gabriel’s mama

   The three hours we spent waiting to                                          blonde, turning to a golden shade of
   see the doctor were filled with fear,                                        red-orange before the close of day 1
   hope, uncertainty, and anticipation. In                                      after his arrival. He had smoky blue-
   our third hour at the doctor’s office,                                       grey eyes and a perfect nose. The very
   my mom, dad, husband and I sat in a                                          first moment I touched him, I knew my
   room with the doctor listening to the                                        purpose in the world. I was a mother,
   words I never imagined I’d hear, "your                                       the greatest gift I could have ever been
   babies are very sick and could die                                           given.
   very soon." I had heard of a condition
   during my pregnancy called Twin-to-                                            I spent my day in Samuel’s NICU
   Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS),                                              room, sneaking peaks of him under his
   happening only in identical twins. We                        covered isolette bed. We shared quiet slumbers; talked
   knew the boys were identical by week 12, but I didn’t        of trips to the beach we would take during the summer,
   pay much attention to something I knew they "wouldn’t        sang songs to fill the quiet of the morning, and prayed
   get." We were told Gabriel was near heart failure due        for God to give us another day together. I cherished
   to the amount of blood he was receiving from a shared        the times the nurses would lift the cover of his bed so I
   placenta, and Samuel was severely anemic due to the          could kiss his face and caress his golden hair. The kisses
   lack of blood he was receiving. The doctor gave us our       I gave my son were always followed by the words, "I
   options: termination of the pregnancy, compassionate         love you son, and you are a whole lot of goodness."
   care and delivery, or fetal laser surgery.                   There was no place I would rather be.

   Three days later I was on a plane to Hollywood to meet       On July 2nd, 2008, 17 days after his arrival, Samuel
   with the only surgeon on the West coast who would be         died in my arms at 1:21 a.m. The hopes and dreams I
   performing fetal laser surgery, in hopes of reversing        had for my two sons were suddenly a distant memory.
   the Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome. During the
   meeting with the surgeon, we were given the details of       Today is March 4th, 2011. The boys are nearing their
   the surgery and the truth of their condition. Gabriel was    3rd birthday and I have been walking this journey for
   suffering from heart failure due to the amount of fluid      almost three years. On June 3rd, 2010, I became part of
   build up and excess amount of blood getting pumped           a new family, the MISS family. During my first MISS
   to his heart and Samuel was "shrink wrapped", for            meeting, I shared with my new family the story of my
   lack of a better term, in his sac due to the lack of fluid   Samuel & Gabriel. I could hardly take a breath to make
   surrounding him and severely anemic from blood loss.         it through my first meeting. In the room, that warm
   The predicted outcome of the surgery was unknown.            Thursday night, my MISSters held my hand and took
                                                                the breaths I could no longer take on my own.
   On the morning of April 29th, during fetal laser surgery,
   Gabriel lost his fight with TTTS. My sweet baby boy          One of the missions of MISS is to provide ongoing to
   was still. Samuel was left to finish the fight alone.        support to bereaved families. The support MISS has
                                                                given me opened a new world for me, a place of safety,
   For nine weeks, I prepared myself to deliver a baby I        love, and comfort. Without MISS my days would still
   knew would never take a breath, feel the warmth of the       be long, dark, and alone. Through the people I’ve met
   sun, or know the feel of my arms. I prepared myself to       through MISS, I’ve received support, friendship, and
   bury one son and see his face in the eyes of another.        an understanding of the bereaved community. It is my
                                                                mission to give back and provide support for bereaved
   On June 15th, 2008, Samuel made his way into the             families and bring awareness to those who are unaware
   world, 14 weeks too soon. He weighed 1lb. 3oz. and           of the bereaved community in need.
   was the smallest baby in the NICU. His hair was

 MISSing Angels Newsletter
2                                                                                                      March/April 2011
     Grandparent                          New Jersey             Traumatic Experiences
                                           Pat Taylor
     Peer Contacts                  and Resiliency Study
           Arizona                  Dorothy “Dotty” Conaty     T.E.A.R. Study Launch Phase II!
        Sandra Graben,            Call for open participants bereaved                                        parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles,
                                           New York            siblings, & friends who have experienced
  Robin/Ed Kennedy, Phoenix               Patricia Fife        the death of a child family member!       
        602-547-1244                     516-223-3280          A team of researchers from Arizona State
                                                               University, University of Nebraska-
     Pam DeGraff, Phoenix                   Ohio               Lincoln, and Austin College are                Mary Ellen Lewis        exploring the experiences of those aged
         602-291-5336                  18 and older who have experienced the
                                                               death of a child. The second wave of
           California                    Pennsylvania
                                                               the study will explore the experiences
         Carole Guttila                Beryle Greenwald     of those who have experienced the
                                                               deaths of other significant people such as
            Florida                       Joan Higgs           partners, parents, siblings, grandchildren,
         Leslie Doepke             and others.                  717-891-9443
813-757-0788 H, 813-716-6326 C                                 The purpose of this study is to determine
                                          Washington           the individual, familial, and societal
            Georgia                     Michelle LeFave        effects of significant loss and to improve
          Kathy Heard     standards of care to the bereaved and a                                   model of compassionate caregiving and
                                        West Virginia          intervention that fosters resiliency at
            Hawaii                      Sandy Hoffman          every level.
       Marcia Brinkley                     304-292-0238          You can now participate in the T.E.A.R.
         808-965-6299                                          Study by visiting:
            Illinois                    Pat DeCabooter         If you have questions about this study,
        Eileen Murray              please contact Dr. Joanne Cacciatore                                       at 602-574-1000 or email at Joanne.
        630-986-1431                      Wymoning   
                                        Vicky Demshar
         Nora Maddox                The research team would like to                307-634-4615          acknowledge volunteer forum
 630-363-1302 c 630-326-9334 h
                                                               moderators with the MISS Foundation,
            Kansas                                             bereaved parents, who provided
     Ted & Susan Bredehoft                                     invaluable feedback and aid in the                                         development of the research tool for this
       John & Cheryl Cox

   Clarissa Thibodeau, Maine

        Denna Atkinson

Volume 15, Issue 2                                               3           
     Congressional Stillbirth and SUID Newsletter Update
 President Obama’s Budget vs. U.S. House Budget could                   The U.S. House of Representative’s budget proposal
 leave opposite outcomes for unexplained stillbirth, SUID               would cut $1 billion from the NIH. The Senate budget has
 (sudden unexplained infant death), and SUDC (sudden                    not been publicly released but is estimated at $32 billion
 unexplained death in childhood) Research                               worth of cuts across the board. The specific budget cuts,
                                                                        such as to the NIH, are still unknown.
 President Obama’s recent budget proposal spares the
 National Institute of Health (NIH) appropriations research             “One of the most positive outcomes over the budget fights
 and even goes as far to publicly promote further NIH                   is that President Obama was the first U.S. Senator to
 research. The National Institute of Child Health and                   introduce the Stillbirth Research and Awareness Act. So
 Development Agency (NICHD) where this funding                          MISS members have, at least, one of the branches in our
 originates is an agency within the NIH. The NICHD began                corner,” states Dr. Cacciatore.
 stillbirth research six years ago at the urging of activists
 and organizations including the MISS Foundation. Now                   The Stillbirth Research and Awareness Act will be re-
 the NICHD wants to continue its research with further                  introduced again this session
 appropriations. Further stillbirth, SUID, and SUDC
 research will depend on which appropriations package is                   Rep. Peter King (R-NY) and Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-
 passed.                                                                   NJ) will re-introduce each of their versions of the Stillbirth
                                                                           Research and Awareness Act. Both offices reported to
                                                                           the MISS Foundation that legislation will, most likely,
                                                                                                be introduced within the next two
   MISS Foundation’s MISSing Angels Bill Legislation                                            months. Both offices are looking for
                                                                                                as much bi-partisan co-sponsorship
   What is the MISSing Angels Bill?
   The MISSing Angels Bill is a piece of legislation that allows for the issuance of a
                                                                                                prior to its official introduction to
   “Certificate of Birth resulting in Stillbirth (CBRS)” by a state’s vital records office      show its strength in both houses.
   for any stillborn infant.                                                                    MISS members are encouraged to
                                                                                                personally contact their U.S. House
   Why is the MISSing Angels Bill necessary?
                                                                                                of Representative and U.S. Senators
   Every state in the U.S. already issues a death certificate for all stillbirths.
   Additionally, each state has a final disposition mandate for stillbirths. Many parents       to encourage their co-sponsorship of
   want to have their child’s birth certificate in addition to their death certificate.         each bill.
   Unfortunately, without legislative change, most states are unable to accomodate the
   parents’ wishes.                                                                            The Stillbirth Research and Awareness
                                                                                               Act mandates hospital protocol to
   How can I get a MISSing Angels Bill passed in my state?
                                                                                               maintain accurate data regarding
   Some states have already followed Arizona’s lead in issuing the CBRS. If your
   state has not passed this legislation and you’d like to champion for it, please find        stillbirth. The bill directs the NICHD
   out how by visiting:                                             to appropriate stillbirth and SUID
                                                                                               research and methods to properly
                                                                                               help grieving parents handle such a
  Miss Foundation's              A beautiful gift representing the eternal love be-
                                 tween Mother and Child. This exclusive pendant is
                                                                                          devastating loss. The bills do not ask for
                                                                                          further appropriations from taxpayers
  Sacred Hearts Logo Pendant
                                 custom made of sterling silver and hangs on your         but directs the NICHD to use its existing
                                 choice of a 20" or 24" chain. Now available with or
                                 without a birthstone. Orders for the Sacred Hearts
                                                                                          appropriations to address stillbirth research
                                 Pendant can be placed on-line in our store at www.       and assistance to grieving parents.
                        Be sure to indicate your options
                                 (i.e. birthstone month, chain size).                     For more information how to help, e-mail
                                      Pricing: Pendant w/20" chain $60                    MISS Congressional Liaison Richard May
                                      Add birthstone           add $12                    at Please stay tuned
                                      With 24" chain            add $5                    for further updates.

 MISSing Angels Newsletter
                                                                                                                 March/April 2011
        Empty Strollers, Empty Shoes: We walk for them.

Each day around the world, parents walk their                       com/missfoundation. After you register, you can build
babies, safely nestled in their strollers, around parks,            your own page, just like walkers who will be at the event.
neighborhoods, schools, and even zoos. Each day around              You can set your fundraising goal and make a team, just
the world, parents hear the steps of their children come            like everyone else. Then, on Walk day, your child’s name,
through the door at the end of their school day. Each day           date of birth and angel date will be written on a beautiful
around the world, parents experience their children’s feet          paper footprint. Another MISS Family will carry your
returning home for family gatherings and holidays.                  beloved’s footprint in their honor during the main Walk
                                                                    event – and at the end of walk, at Lakeside Ramada, all of
But, tragically, not all children get to ride in their strollers,   the footprints will be carefully collected and planted in the
return home at the end of the school day, or spend holidays         MISS Foundation’s FOOTPRINT GARDEN.
with family.

The Empty Strollers-Empty Shoes Walk is an international
memorial walk to remember all the mothers, fathers, and
families- and their beloved children
- and to honor those relationships on
the most sacred of days for families;
Mother’s Day. Because death is not
bigger than a family’s love, and
because even in their absence, they
continue to walk with us, as we walk
for them.

In the Phoenix area, our MISS
chapters will be gathering at the
Phoenix Zoo on Mothers Day,
Sunday, May 8, 2011 to Walk For

Full info & registration for Phoenix
event, visit:

Do you live too far away to
participate in the Pheonix Zoo walk
on Mother’s Day?

Do you want to participate in the
Empty Strollers, Empty Shoes Walk,
but don’t know how??

Footprint Registration - $10
For those families who want to
participate but who cannot be at the
Pheonix Zoo event, you can now
register for the Walk with a Footprint
Registration at http://www.firstgiving.

Volume 15, Issue 2                                                                     5       
                                             me all the time, “All these girls and    wept tears of joy. That scene became
   For Tyler                                 no boys?” Sometimes I can answer;        a part of me that day- I never forgot
   by Courtney Holt Norman                   sometimes I just smile and nod,          it. I think now that I was supposed to
                                             smile and nod.                           see it. So I would know. Know that
   Today is your 9th birthday. Today                                                  you’re OK. Know that I will be OK.
   will be the 9th time we have              You have a piece of my heart with        Know that Jesus loves me and one
   celebrated your birthday without you      you. It will never be the same as long   sweet, sweet day he will place you in
   here. The 9th time we will write our      as I am here. That hole hurts so much    my arms.
   notes to you on balloons and release      worse around this day, the day you
   them in the sky. The 1000th time I        were born. The day I held you in my      I love you, Tyler. Happy 9th
   will return home from your grave,         arms and had to let you go. I didn’t     birthday, my precious baby boy.
   devastated that you are not here with     want to; I wanted to hold you just
   me.                                       a tiny bit longer and then a tiny bit
   I MISS you SO much!! We all do.
   Your Daddy, you were supposed to          Once, when I was about 12 years
   be his little buddy. The only other       old, I saw a play at church. There
   male in this house full of females.       was one scene in the play that always
   And your sisters, they miss you,          stuck with me. It was a mother who
   too. They always include you in the       had just got to Heaven and as she’s
   pictures they make or the stories         entering Heaven’s gates, Jesus is
   they tell. You were supposed to be        there with her smiling baby in his
   here, but you’re not. People say to       arms. The mother ran to them and

                     Our Journey
                        By Michele Newton                                 Save the Date!
 Branden, my dear son, you are missed every day. Nine years
 from where we started to where we are today. Tears and
 sadness often mixed with plenty of laughter and joy.
 This journey has not always been easy. I was determined not to
 be stalled in self-pity. But instead hoping to make you proud.
 Giving your life meaning is one of my priorities.
 I know this journey has an ending and that it will lead me to
 you. I don’t stand at your grave looking for you. Nor do I ever
 wonder where you are. You are waiting just on the other side         We have already started planning the
 of this grief path. Hanging out in my heart.                         2012 conference. In response to our 2010
 Today I can say, I am content, comfortable, safe, happy and          conference attendee feedback, we are
 loved as I move closer to seeing you. You and I are the same         sending a survey to see which weekend
 what we were for each other we still are. Death can never take
 that away.
                                                                      you would prefer to attend the 2012 MISS
                                                                      Foundation Conference. Please visit:
 This is our journey where you will be remembered as a young
 man who touched others as we work together to help quiet sad
 burdened hearts. Sadly, so many parents are just starting out        P9NK9Q7
 on their grief journey. We can only pray that we provide them        to complete the survey (**note the $69
 with hope.
                                                                      room rate in early September vs $99 room
 As life moves on, I move on with it. Learning that my                rate in late September/early October).
 successes or failures are just a stepping stone to being with you
 again. I’m not in a hurry; there is so much love here: Bethany
                                                                      Please check the MISS website for
 and Caleb, Breanne and Valerie, family and special friends.          more updated information as it becomes
 But until then, hoping with a little stroke of luck I can be
 blessed to meet you some nights in a dream.
 With love on this your 24th birthday, missing you always,
                                                                      We look forward to seeing you at the 2012
 Mom                                                                  Conference!
 MISSing Angels Newsletter
6                                                                                                        March/April 2011
                               Arizona Support Groups
    Phoenix area Support Groups                             Scottsdale Christian Grief Support
    Phoenix, North West Valley                              1st Wednesday of the month: 7-8:30 p.m.
    3rd Thursday of the month: 6:45 p.m.                    La Casa De Cristo Church
    Peace Lutheran Church                                   6300 E. Bell Rd. room 208
    Fellowship Hall                                         (NW side of campus, 2nd floor)
    18265 N. 89th Ave, Peoria, AZ                           Childcare available w/ reservation 1 week in advance
    Contact: Michele Newton 623-329-2970 or                 Contact: Amy MacDonald 623-434-3283                     or
                                                            Janeen Kokodynski 480-415-0613
    North Phoenix/Anthem/Carefree - Bereaved parent
    and grandparent support group
    1st Thursday of every month: 7:00 p.m.                  Phoenix - AGAST Grandparents Support Meeting
    2525 W. Carefree Highway                                Call for more details
    Bldg 7 Suite 148 @ the Center for Loss and Trauma       Contact: Robin or Ed Kennedy 602-799-6481
    Contact: Dr. Joanne Cacciatore 623-979-1000    or or Co-Facilitator             Pam DeGaff 602-291-5996
    Dr. Melissa Delgado         

    Phoenix- Native American Support Meeting                KISS – Kids In Sympathy and Support Bereaved
    MISS Foundation Co-Facilitators Judy Yazzie Haines      Children’s Group
    and Shannon LaRance, MSW are offering a culturally      3rd Thursday of the month: 6:45 p.m.
    sensitive and respectful grief support group once or    Peace Lutheran Church
    twice a month to Native American parents and families   Fellowship Hall
    whose children have died.                               18265 N. 89th Avenue, Peoria, AZ
    Contact: Shannon LaRance 602-405-2261 or                Support for children 5 years and older
    Judy Yazzie Haines 480-362-5718                         Contact: Robin or Ed Kennedy 602-799-6481
    Far West Valley                                         Pam DeGaff 602-291-5996
    Contact: Wendy Peters                         
    623-853-9170 or 623-297-2186                                Grupo de Ayuda en Espanol
                                                            Second Monday of each month @ 6:30 P.M.
    Tempe - East Valley Support Group for Child Loss        Sacred Heart Parish
    1st Thursday of the month: 6:30 p.m.                    1421 S. 12th St., Phoenix, AZ 85034
    Day Spring United Methodist Church                      (12th St. south of Buckeye)
    1365 E. Eliot Rd Room #110                              Por Favor llame a Roberto Sanchez para mas
    Contact: Michele Newton 623-329-2970                    informacion: 602-518-2262 or                 
    Joe Spadafino 602-618-8786

Volume 15, Issue 2                                                         7       
 Responses to article on MISS in Raising AZ Kids Magazine, January 2011
 Karen,                                              Losing one of my children has been my greatest       would have. Had I though, I would never have
 Your article, “Finding Purpose in Grief”            fear in life…and, as you say, the articles will      become who I am today; adopted a child after
 highlighting the MISS Foundation, couldn’t          not be easy to read…yet I believe we all have        raising two children or been able to say if God
 have come at a more poignant time. On Dec.          something to learn from these parents and their      came to me today and said I could have my old
 11, my dear friend delivered a 7 pound angel        journeys through grief. I hope I will learn to       life back I would respond that while I would
 daughter who was born just over a week shy          live my life more fully, with even more love         most definitely take my son back, I would not
 of her due date. For reasons unknown, her           and gratitude for all of the people I am fortunate   want my old life. I would want to keep all the
 heartbeat suddenly stopped in utero. The grief      enough to have in it.                                lessons I have learned through the ultimate
 my friend and her family are experiencing right                                                          grief journey a parent can experience and the
 now is indescribable. When I got the news, I        Sincerely,                                           amazing people I have met along this journey,
 felt completely helpless and poured through         Margo S. O’Neill                                     including Joanne.
 online articles trying to find something,
 anything I could do to help the situation.          Dear RAK,                                            Thank you for a great article on a tender
 I was at a complete loss, and I shed many           I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for    subject.
 tears and started having nightmares about the       your article on MISS. My group and the people        Beckie A. Miller, Chapter-Leader
 situation because I am currently 5 months           from the online forums were a vital to me
 pregnant. Thank you for spotlighting the MISS       making it through my daughter’s death. Nobody        Dear RAK,
 Foundation here in Phoenix. I’ve passed along       wants to talk about a child dying, and I really      I am a MISS Facilitator in the state of WA and
 your article to my grieving friend and they are     hope that your words will both help out grieving     I just read your article entitled Finding Purpose
 attending an upcoming support group meeting.        parents who don’t know where to turn, and also       in Grief. Thank you writing about this issue
                                                     educate those who haven’t been through it to         and what MISS is doing to help families who
 Stephanie Jarnagan                                  better support those who have. There can be a        have experienced the loss of a child at any age
                                                     world of difference between good intentions and      from any reason.
 Karen,                                              good results.
 Thank you, thank you, thank you for finding                                                              The loss of a child (at ANY age) is so
 Joanne and show casing MISS Foundation. I           Again, thank you, Deanna, mom to three               overwhelming and it’s even more complicated
 was a student of Joanne’s in one of her first       daughters, two I hug and one I miss                  by the fact that many people don’t get it or
 grief and trauma classes in 2005. The class                                                              understand. This ends up leaving the bereaved
 changed my life. I have not lost a child, but       Dear RAK,                                            so lonely, distraught and feeling completely
 view the loss of a child differently then I ever    Great article about Joanne Cacciatore, whom          fragile. Physical problems arise, anxiety grows
 could imagine because of Joanne. I now have         I know personally from the MISS Foundation.          to unmanageable levels and you are barely able
 clients I work with that are grieving the loss      I run an organization to provide support,            to take on the most basic tasks of everyday life.
 of a child, and I am fortunate that I have had a    advocacy, awareness, prevention and education        As more articles like this one are written and
 window into their pain to understand that the       for the parents of a murdered child and other        end up in the hands of everyone (not just those
 pain will shift but never go away.                  family members who have lost a loved one to          who have experienced a loss) we may have a
                                                     murder. It is a harsh reality that is compounded     more understanding and compassionate world
 I hope the articles help grieving parents see       further by the violent way they died, society’s      in which to grieve.
 there is help, and help others understand how       belief we get over it in a short time, when in
 to help.                                            truth we never get over, but can get on with it if   I will be sharing the article with many others
                                                     we work hard and the intrusion, frustration and      – and again – thank you for writing about such
 As an adoptive mom I have lost many                 often unfairness of the judicial process if there    an important issue!
 nameless/faceless children over the past 7          is even an arrest.
 years in our waiting for phone calls from CPS.                                                           In their memory,
 Nothing compared to a death of a child, but         Like Joanne, at one point, in my grief from          Sara (Micah, Liam AND Isabelle’s (06/29-
 a loss non-the-less. Joanne and her strength        losing my son to murder (robbed and shot to          06/30 2004) mama)
 she provided me as her student helped me and        death at age 18 in 1991)I learned and chose that
 my husband persevere. I am thankful to say          a way to live with my life-long pain would be in     Dear Mary Ann,
 that this past fall we were placed with two         service to others enduring the same thing. Our       I am a parent in Austin TX whose infant
 additional children and their adoptions will be     chapter has grown since I began leading it in        daughter was stillborn almost four years ago. I
 finalized early in 2011, adding to our one other    1993 to more than 1400 families locally. I went      wanted to thank you for your very meaningful
 adopted daughter which now completed our            from being a stay-at-home mom, providing             and well-written story on the MISS Foundation
 family.                                             day care in my home, to take on all the many         and Dr. Joanne Cacciatore. A special thanks
                                                     challenges facing a growing organization             to your publication for making it the cover
 Keep the authentic articles coming.                 of our reality: more meetings, fundraising,          story and for giving this under-reported topic
 Noelle Landay, LMSW                                 grant writing, teaching and learning from the        the prominence it deserves. Without the
                                                     professionals we deal with and so much more.         continuous support of Dr. Cacciatore and the
 Karen,                                              I also began writing as a way to heal, educate       MISS Foundation, I am not sure I would have
 I have been a faithful reader of your magazine      and sing my son’s silenced song. While my            made it through this extremely isolating and
 for years. Having just finished reading your        work with POMC is never easy, it is very             traumatic time in my life.
 “behind the ‘zine” article in January’s edition,    rewarding. It kept me sane, gave me a purpose
 I felt compelled to write you and let you know      and became my greatest passion. Like Joanne,         This article will undoubtedly help so many
 how much I admire your decision to run a            I truly thought I would die from my pain,            parents who are going through similar
 series of articles on parents dealing with grief.   and if honest, earlier on sometimes wished I         experiences. Thank you very much for your
8 MISSing Angels Newsletter                                                                                                     March/April 2011
thoughtful research and coverage on this issue.    future bereaved parents. My husband also           saying the “wrong” thing or merely out of
Not many writers have the guts to approach         spoke during lectures on a couple of different     the uncomfortable thoughts that the death
this subject so I am very grateful that you took   occasions for Joanne. I guess, for me, my          of a child provokes. I really look forward to
the time and energy to write such a significant    healing came through helping others. It gave       upcoming issues and applaud you in your
article.                                           me the opportunity to use my own experiences       efforts of educating readers on the support and
                                                   to encourage others through their pain. When       comfort that the MISS Foundation provides
Dr. Cacciatore has been a lifeline to so many      it came time that I no longer needed the group     during the journey that one experiences
of us. I am really glad she got some of the very   environment, I felt the need to give back. For a   following the death of their beloved child.
deserved spotlight.                                couple of years, I provided childcare during the
                                                   monthly meetings so that other parents would       My son’s website is listed below if you would
Sincerely,                                         be able to attend.                                 like to get a glimpse of the 11 wonderful years
Kelli Montgomery                                                                                      we were blessed to spend with Jason.
                                                   Without MISS, I can’t say where I would be
Dear RAK,                                          today. Through my experience with MISS, I
Thank you so much for publishing this series.      learned that there is no right or wrong way to     Keep up the great work!
I apologize in advance for the random order        grieve. I was free to grieve in my own way,        DonitaMcGlasson
of this email; my excitement makes it difficult    without feeling any pressure from society to
to organize my thoughts. I am a bereaved           ‘get over it’. We are doing fine now. Charis is    Hi Mary Ann,
parent, and was introduced to the MISS             remembered in our home, and our 4 year old         I just wanted to take the time to thank you from
Foundation by the RTS coordinator at Banner        son speaks of someday meeting his sister in        the bottom of my heart for running the article
Thunderbird Medical Center after delivering        heaven. We also have a baby, and I’m sure he       about MISS Foundation and Dr. Cacciatore.
my stillborn daughter on May 28, 2005. We          will soon be talking about his sister too.         Loss on this level is experienced by too many
named our daughter Charis. It took me a couple                                                        families and many of these families never
of months to get up the courage to attend a        Sincerely Yours,                                   really get the proper help needed to regain life.
support meeting, but what a blessing it was        Mrs. Lori Wainwright, In memory of Charis          So often parents without proper peer support
once I finally got there. Although many of my                                                         try to stuff the feelings believing they don’t
friends and family tried to be supportive of       Hi,                                                have a right to grieve as they feel they need.
our feelings, they just fell short. Furthermore,   I just wanted to take a moment to let you          Hopefully, by you running this article, someone
after time, they quit calling and coming over.     all know how excited I was to learn that the       in need of support will find us.
Through MISS’s various monthly meetings and        MISS Foundation was featured in Raising
the website, I was able to receive much needed     Arizona Kids. The MISS Foundation, and Dr.         Thanks again,
support. The difference here is that nobody        Cacciatore in particular, have been a catalyst     Trevor Van Huizen
was expecting me to feel better, or to move        in helping my family heal following the            Father of Diego Van Huizen
on. I was allowed to feel my pain and talk         unexpected death of my son Jason in 2008.          May 12 2008-May 13 2008
about my feelings without making anybody           Jason was 11 when he died of an “intercerebral
feel uncomfortable. Additionally, I was on a       hemorrhage of unknown etiology.” My
quest to meet other people who also had lost       husband and I have 4 other children at home        Having a child die hasn’t made me strong;
children, and could empathize with me as well      and MISS has been a huge support to all of us.     living after losing a child has.
as encourage me. I just wanted somebody to                                                            Great article in RAK. I have it on my desk
say, “I’ve been through this, and you’re going     Jason’s death completely changed the way I         at work, and am so thankful for my time with
to be okay.” I found that through MISS.            viewed life and motivated me to do something       MISS every time I work with a grieving parent.
                                                   to honor his memory. I wanted to help others
As I was reading this article, I kept thinking,    experiencing the trauma of child loss and I        Krista Long
"Yes, yes! That’s exactly how I felt!" I           decided to leave the world of finance (13 years
laughed to myself when I read the comment          in the banking industry and a graduate degree
about walking around the piles of reference        in management) and enroll as a full-time
material in Joanne’s office. It took me back       student. I am currently a graduate student at
to an evening that my husband and I spent          ASU in the MSW and CTB programs (masters
interviewing with Joanne.                          in social work and certificate in trauma and
                                                   bereavement) and also attend Phoenix Institute
Initially, my hope was to spend every moment       of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture to work
of my life finding ways to memorialize             on my masters degree in acupuncture. I plan
Charis’s brief life in my womb. I was very         to serve the community as a bereavement
fortunate to build a relationship with the         specialist incorporating talk therapy and
RTS coordinator at Thunderbird, which              alternative medicine, specifically acupuncture
resulted in me speaking to nurses at several       as a healing modality. The support of the
training seminars. During my hospital stay,        MISS Foundation and Dr. Cacciatore has been
I was crushed and confused by the treatment        instrumental in my educational decision. I
I received from the medical staff. Most of         truly believe if it wasn’t for the path that Dr.
them were afraid to look at me, while what I       Cacciatore paved, I might not be headed the
needed was for them to show me they cared.         direction I am today.
My therapy was to later have an opportunity
to look at these nurses, and tell them what        I am really happy to see that Raising Arizona
I had needed as a patient. My prayer is that       Kids is breaking the silence about child loss.
my contribution during this training helped        Too often, no one speaks about it for fear of

Volume 15, Issue 2                                                                                  9               
                    Peace           Remembering our March & April Children...
                                                          Caden Lee Vatne                  Hope Vasquez           Lujan Gregory Arvallo Jr.

                                                        Caleb Lee Janowitz           Humberto Paulo Caloca            Lyndsay Dane Alm
                                                       Cameron Shane Gray                Ian Patrick Moore              Madeleine May
                                                    Campbell Raines Nickerson             Ikaika Noah Ilac       Madison Elaine McInerney
                                                        Carina Loren Kurtz                   Israel Bird         Madison Marie Macomber
                                                      Casey James Overacker         Jacklynn Elizabeth Stecker         Malak Dhaouadi
                                                      Cassandra Nicole Stone           Jackson Alan Grader              Marek Kostewa

                                                         Catherine Dacosh             Jacob Alan Boatwright            Maria Valentina
                                March                Celeste E. Marie Detillier         Jacob Eloe Graham           Mario David DeMarco
                          Aaron Allen O’Rourke        Chance Michael Harris                Jacob Sullivan           Marissa Grace Miller
                           Aaron Jeffrey Ahlman        Chaney Brooke Almon              Jaden Chase Brown                Mary Palmer
                           Aaron Wayne Lindsey        Chaney Warner Combs                Jaime Ryan Block               Matthew Beatty
                         Abigayle V. Cunningham         Charles Gregory III             James Nicholas Volk          Matthew Hernandez

                           Adam James Hewlett              Charles Smith             Jaquan Dawayne Carter         Matthew Thomas Bryan
                          Adisyn Rain Hathaway       Christepher Lee Spivey Jr.          Jasmine Gonzalez           Max Alexander Dingus
                            Aerolynn Rose Lentz      Christepher Lee Spivey Sr.        Jason Everett Booden           Max Joseph Sholly
                           Aidan Williams Burke              (Cho-Cho)                   Jenna Ann Rumsey               Michael Floyd
                                                       Christian Ryan Juarez         Jennalee Rose Ambuehl       Michelle Elizabeth Dickerson

                                Aiden Gibbs
                          Ajani Marcello Laniyan          Christina E Hunt                   Jesse Verde             Michelle Joy Pourier
                           Alexander Culbertson     Christopher J. Mellinger-Kirk    Jessica Lynne Musgrove          Mikaila Underwood
                             Alexander Swartz          Christopher Potempa                   Joel Ramos           Morgan E. Renee Blissett
                              Alexander Zeiser        Christopher Travis Seal           John Henry Farwell           Morgan Shay Gould
                              Alexandra Sainz           Clayton Alex Haynes            Jonathan Dale Miller        Murphy Andrew Nichols

                              Alexis Jade Redd           Cody Lee Rudolph              Jordan Joseph Miller      Nicholas Scott Gulbransen

                            Alfonso Jesus Baez         Connor Lane Higgins            Josef Damien Moeschl              Nicholas Verde
                         Allison Rose Kuczmarski            Dakota Jones                    Joseph Funk                  Nicolas Baloh
                           Alyssa Marie Furman              Daniel Fritea               Joshua Keith Sexton        Nolan Fairway LaVelle
                          Alyssa Marie Monahan          Daniel Jacob Dexter           Joshua Tyler Elfenbein        Olivia Monique Swope
                             Alyssa Nicole Rayl       Daniel Mark Spadafino            Josua Dominic Nolan                Paige Suter
                           Amanda Joy Marottek        David A. Stratton-Ebert          Julia Catherine Derr         Parker Brooke Daigle
                        Amberlee Elizabeth Brown         David Larry Thoe              Juliann Paige Alcorn          Parker Cho Freeman
                            Americo Sedillo III           Devon Weidauer               Juliette Olivia Wright       Rachel Nicole Sharpe

                            Angel Alexis Lopez         Dominic Fulton Miller         Julious Alecz Grantham       Rachel Taylor Barberian
                           Angel Baby Anguiano       Dominic James Marzitello           Justin Paul Gardner          Randy James Greene
                          Anthony Cameron Gay         Donald Ray Ambler, III            Kaiden Noah Brown              Rebecca Woolery
                           Arianna Rose Watkins          Emma Irene Smith             Kaitlynn Tayler Pettus       Reese Alexander Wyrick
                           Ariel Baldridge-Hall      Eric Robert Contreras Jr.          Kate Ellen Penswick        Robert Benjamin Imhoff
                               Ashley Crouch               Erick Mendoza            Katherine Wilhite Condne         Ryan Andrew Pence
                             Audree Jett Seeley          Erik Andrew Weiss              Kathryn Mary Cook          Ryan Emerson Rafferty
                                                           Erik Rocha, Jr.              Kaylee Dawn Burch                Sabrina Mills

                            Austen Wayne Curry
                         Autumn Michelle Cantor       Esai E. Michael Jacquez       Keegan Mitchell Fehlinger     Sagan K. Williams-Carey
                                 Baby Beyer             Esteban Madrigales           Keione LeAnthony Gines       Samantha Louise Whitney
                              Baby Boy Towler       Ethan Andrew Wedderburn              Keleb Lee Scanlon         Samuel Andrew Seaney
                                 Baby Smith              Evelyn Marie Gray            Kennedy Rose Daniels         Sarah Elizabeth Barclay
                             Bella Rose Marvel      Faith A. Burkholder-McDevitt      Kimberlin Elaina West         Sarah Elizabeth Wintz
                          Benjamin James Hesler            Faith Vasquez              Kristi Kioko Morinishi            Sarah Martinez
                         Benjamin James Swanson            Gabriel Collins            Kristiana Faith Tackett        Scott Michael Jessie

                          Benjamin Scott Winget       Gabriela Jordan Nenner             Kyle David Miller            Seth Ryan Newman
                         Benjamin Terrence Hardy      Gabriella Faith Fraser          Lance Gregory Lamere           Shannon Lory Smith
                              Bianca Coleman            Gavin William Sneed               Lance Kowalski            Shelby Lynn Kuchinski
                             Brad Alexx Poppe         Geneva Elaine Hedman                Landon Carl Nix          Stephanie Lynn Bieniek
                            Braiden Lee Barnes         Grant Connor Maddox                  Lapo Rivaldi               Sweet Pea Jones
                        Brandon Michael Boettcher           Gregory Bird               Lara Christine Marsh            Tara Ellen Young
                         Braxton Michael Whisler        Hannah Avery Crose                Laureen Sue Vila           Taylor Joy McClure
                            Brittany Leigh Chen      Heloise Quince Meagher            Levi Matthew Dejong          Taylor Kristina Young
                          Brittney Michelle Stone          Henry Gilman               Logan James Harman         Teighlor J. Blakemore-Brock
                        Caden Christopher Mathes      Hogan Blake Crawshaw             Louis Bertram Copps         Thomas Jason Williams
                                                    Hope Katherine Crawshaw            Lucas Darley Dutton
   MISSing Angels Newsletter
                                                                                                                      March/April 2011
  Thomas Wesley Jackson           Carey David Niesen         Hunter Isabella Johnson        Michael Ryan Dautriel
 Tiffany J. Peterson/Cohen        Carlie Lynn Brooks         Hunter Michael Johnson           Monica Ann Hudsen
    Tommy Montgomery             Carsten Cole Buckley             Isabel Villagomez             Nathan Marimon

  Trinity Elizabeth Rauen       Catherine Ann Sanford         James Aaron DeLaCruz         Nathan McGuire Carney

      Tyler John Vorce          Celest Letteau Stallings        James Allan Zablocki              Nicholas Hush
     Tyler Scott Norman         Celia Dorothy Furman             Jared Evan Dahlke       Nicholas Lee Guthrie-Nelkie
Vanessa Jane Tait-Raymond       Chance Thomas Dubell          Jason Michael Sanchez             Nussima Strauss
 Virginia Paige Fehlinger         Chandler Lee Vatne                Jason Sanchez           Olivia Tatianna Sicilian
    Wayne VanSickle, Jr.       Cheyenne Elizabeth Kirts        Jennifer Ruth Higgins        Paige Danyell Bronson
    Weston Ladd Shields         Cheyenne Lee Compton           Jennifer Susan Loomis        Paige Madigan Renton
   William Cho Freeman          Chloe Melisa O’Gwynn         Jesper T. DeWitt Golden       Paul M. David Arrowood
 Willie Clarence Calvin III   Christopher James Vazoulas             Jessica Dang            Penelope April Carrey
   Willow Elyse Williams      Christopher Jason Newman         Jessica Nicole French          Peyton Ann Murphy
 Zachary Jordan Didawick         Christopher Matteson            Johnathan Edwards        Piper M. Van Middendorp
  Zachery Taylor Fossum         Christopher M. Bartlett       Jordan Lexie Teafatiller           Rebecca Gaitan

     Zander Aiden Mora          Ciara Shalay Noueihed       Joshua Matthew Pastorius        Reilly M. Rodgers-Ward
                                      Cody Bohn                   Joshua Richmond               River Dougherty
         April                 Courtney Eileen Sanders            Josiah Lee Poarch         Robert Bodie Thrasher
     Abbi Grace Kontra                Craig Lovell              Josie Simone Pruneti         Robert Brian Simpson
         Abel Correa                Damerio Smith             Juliet Mariah Kathleen           Roy Bernard Davis
    Alaia Caitlyn Carter       Damian Michael Kimmel                   Kennedy               Ryan Michael Sweeny
    Alesia Dawn Carder          Daniel Patrick Wilhelm      Juliette Heavenlea Raquel          Ryan Robert Torres

  Alexandria Jaiden Wick            Dawson Thomas                       Dubrul                Ryan Zachary Byron
 Alexandria Jewell Havens          Derek John Sneed              Justin Allen Dodson           Samantha Roberts
Alexandria Marie Krueger       Destinee A. Nycole Taylor   Kai Asunta Madison Sweeny         Sara Elizabeth Hulme
        Aline Bethann         Destinee J. Armida Medina            Kami Beznoska            Sara Marie Greenwood
  Amber Pearson-Gibson         Devin Phillip Izydorczak         Kasey Bryan Rushton            Scott Robert Keen
 Andrew Jay Vanderschaaf        Devon Justice Hinman-         Kayla Marie Jankowski          Sean Patrick Noonan
   Andrew Joseph Waden                Shackleford                Kelsey Nicole Mills     Sebastian Maximiliano Arias
  Andrew Travis Sparkes

                                 Diana Joelle Kissman          Kenneth Scott Whiting          Sebella Leanna Paz
     Angel Alexis Lopez        Dianna Christine Bowden        Kimberly Deanne Orta         Shaelagh Francis Kirvan
   Angelina Jean Cooper           Dillon Pierzchalski             Kody Stevens Rye         Shafin Mohammed Ismail
  Angelina Marie Sabella         Dillon Thomas Chen               Kyler Joshua Paez           Shalom Abel Garcia
 Aniyah Camille Lovelace       Dixie Alexandra Lindsey             Kyra Lin Jones              Sienna Rae Spiegel
      Anne Elise Bacon          Dylan T. Mellinger-Kirk       Lauren Grace Sausville        Sloan Elizabeth Holand
   Arianna Souza-Dotson       Eban James Medina Sarten       Leandra Michelle Garcia     Spencer Christian Engstrom
Ashley McKenzie Woodard            Eian James Albin        Leslie-Ann Willow Schlomer          Spencer Engstrom
    Ashley Taylor Tipton       Elizabeth Margaret Wolff          Lily Victoria Harris    Stanley B. Hayden Arrowood

      Azaleah Maestes

                                  Eloara Sky Aldana         Logan L.Marie Brakhahn             Stephanie Gayosso
    Azuncion Guzman Jr.            Emily Skye Kleber           Lucas Marshall Prueh           Steven Ryan Christie
      Baby Boy Begay             Emma Nicole Fratila         Lucette Letteau Stallings           Tabitha Roberts
     Baby Boy Richards        Esperanza Alexandra Matta           Mackenzie Grothe            Tanner Cole Fugate
         Baby Steger               Esperanza Ochoa         Madison America Sherwood          Taylor Alisha Dushion
         Baby Taylor             Evelyn Elizabeth Pate         Madison Leigh Young              Tehuitzin Enrique         Strength
     Benjamin Gamblin           Ezra Charles Reinders           Makalie Jane Herzog          Teresa Wesley Hough
  Benjamin Joseph Carter       Fabian E. Herrera-Lopez            Malcolm Sharratt               Thomas Mcphee
    Billy Espinoza Clark            Frankie T Hunt             Malea Lynea Whitfield      Timothy W. Nicholas Streit
         Billy Walker            Gabriel Angel Quiros             Matthew Gallardo        Trevor Aidan James Webb
    Blaine Marie Nelson          Gabriel Raul De Lao        Matthew James Bobrowitz      Trey Alexander Tucker-Leal

      Blake Whitehead          Giavanna Grace Ferrucci     Matthew J. Fredrick Gnage        Tristan Blakely Thorne
      Brandon Jacobs            Gillian Grace Peterson               Max Colbath              Tucker Brooks Baer
   Brandon Russell Rice         Grant Cooper Gartner           Maxwell Joel Munsen           Tyler Jay (T. J.) Olive
 Brandon William Jacobs               Guanqi Cao                 Maya Renee Adcock               Tyler Jay Olive
Brendan C. Giovanni Cothern       Gunnar Dougherty                 Mele Rose Tooa                Vincent P. Fetsis
Brian Clavecillas Madrigal      Haiden Blake Pearson                Melissa Godoy              William McConnell

       Brianna Conroy          Hannah Kathleen Bayer             Melody Joy Munsen               Zackery Woods
    Cailee Nicole Wynne              Hannah Roer           Michael Church Nordhagen         Zacory Jude O’Connor
     Caleb Wainwright          Heather Lynn Fitzpatrick            Michael Manna
  Callie Drew Castleman              Hunter Garen                 Michael R. Artman
 Due to space limitations, we are printing only birth/birth-death dates in the remembering section.
 We will continue to make every effort to print your child’s full name. Thank you for understanding.
Volume 15, Issue 2                                                       11                         
 Memorial Donations                                      In Loving Memory of...
         Meagan Matur                      McKenna Jodell Fox           American Express Employee
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               Cassidy                     February 27, 2004                    Albertson’s
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   Cassidy’s Great-Grandparents                                             Child Crisis Center
 Ben and Bess Zimmerli for all the      Grace Elizabeth Yelanich
  love and joy they showed their              11/29/2002                  Sarah Workman Events
 children, grandchildren and great        By Joseph Yelanich
 grandchildren. They are MISSed                                                   Target
         and remembered                       Stena Jacobs
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        Richard Spielman                 Alex Kean and his mom            Diamondbacks Baseball
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        By Mari Chernow               Bristol-Myers Squibb Company      You can also make your
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MISSing Angels Newsletter
                                                                                    March/April 2011
          "The most honest, truth-telling in this world is done by children."   Oliver Wendall Holmes

                                                        Then I came across a scholarship that was designed
My Story                                                on the participant finding a way to help out his/her
                                                        community. I seized the opportunity and immediately
by Corey Grothe, junior in High School
He is spearheading a fundraising walk in Iowa           went to finding different ways to help MISS. I am
                                                                             trying to raise awareness and
I was seven years old when I
                                                                             money for the MISS Foundation,
lost by baby sister, Nora. I was
                                                                             so they can continue to help
confused and didn’t understand
                                                                             grieving families, just as they
what had happened. It was
                                                                             helped us.
devastating to watch my mom
not being able to stop crying,
                                                                             When a family loses a child, it
and my dad with that blank look
                                                                             doesn’t just affect them. It effects
of shock on his face. We needed
                                                                             their whole community, it is my
help. Most of our extended
                                                                             goal to show those families they
family just wanted us to get over
                                                                             are not alone. There are other
it and “move on.” But my mom
                                                                             families and experienced people
couldn’t so they stopped talking
                                                                             who can help them.
to us.

                                                                             I am organizing a walk not only
Then my mom found the MISS
                                                                             for those families, but for their
foundation. They helped my
                                                                             friends, too. People who haven’t
family learn how to grieve and
                                                        lost a child don’t know how to grieve and become
had people our own age talk with us. They helped
                                                        silent when the family asks for help. I want to show
tremendously and to this day, I haven’t forgotten
                                                        them a way to get information and to get a voice so
about them.
                                                        they can help the grieving family through their pain.

Volume 15, Issue 2                                                               

                                                                                                Amanda Faith Olson

                                                      Alyssa Marie Furman
                     Alexander Michael Swartz

                                                                                Amanda Truxell          April Louise

                                            Brendan Wyborn
                       Braden Jason

 Brandon Boettcher                                                                                  Cody Alan Oldham
                                                                                  William File
                                                                  Carey David
                                            Chance Thomas
                   Cameron Shane Gray

    Carina Kurtz                                                            Christopher Matteson     Courtney Sanders
                          Cheyenne Lee Compton         Christepher Lee
                                                         Spivey Jr.

    Dakota Jones            Daniel Fritea                                                       Elizabeth Renee Stewart
                                                                           Daniel Mark
                                               Danielle Marie Hansen        Spadafino

                     Esai Edward-Michael         Francis Baldoz      Gunnar & River Daugherty    Hayley Noel Zanetta
 MISSing Angels Newsletter
                                                                                                   March/April 2011
       ...Our Children's Birthdays

                                                       Jenna Ann
Jason Michael Sanchez       Jakob Detwiler              Rumsey                 Jillian

                                     Joshua Keith Sexton
  Julieete Olivia                                         Joey Anthony Masaniai
      Wright        Joseph Moeschl
                                                                                 Kaylee Dawn Burch
                                                                                                 Kimberly Deanne Orta

                                                  Kody Stevens Rye
     Jon Dukes           Kalinda Marie Hicks
                                                                     Madison Elaine McInerney
                                                                                                   Lili Claire Resnick

   Mary Palmer
                                                 Melody Joy Munsen        Megan Wondra
                         Maxwell Joel Munsen
                                                                                                        Rachel Hage

  Sammy Seaney                                 Mikaila Marie Underwood
                                                                              Shane Clause
                                                                                                   Tara Ellen Young
                       Sarah Elizabeth Wintz

Teighlor Janae Brock          Taylor McClure          Zachery Taylor Fossum     Zane Allen White
 Volume 15, Issue 2                                                                      
 MISSing Ingredients Cookbook                                          Announcements!
 A re-member-ing cookbook is now officially released and
 available through the MISS site at           Thank you to the MISS
 Retail copies are $20 + shipping. We are so excited to see this   Foundation Board of Directors,
 book come to print and honored to tell you that funds raised           Past and Present
 from sales of this book benefit the MISS Foundation.
                                                                   On behalf of all of the families that the MISS
 NEW OPTION AVAILABLE: Please note that any trained                Foundation serves, I would like to formally
 MISS volunteer who has access to the Training Materials page      acknowledge and thank our outgoing board
                                                                   of directors: Cindi Nanetti, Linda Schmidt,
 will now find a new option available under the Finances &
                                                                   Dana Southworth, Roberto Sanchez and Dr.
 Fundraising section of that page!! You and your local groups      Guillermo Gutierrez. As is customary with
 can get copies of the cookbook at a discounted rate to resell     nonprofit organizations, board terms expire,
 locally. Please check out that section of the Materials page.     some board members remain and some new
                                                                   board members join the fold. As of January 31,
                                                                   2011 MISS has transitioned to a new Board of
                                                                   Directors. This new board, is truly a “working
                                                                   board” as we meet monthly to develop and
                                                                   evolve the strategic plan and vision for the
                                                                   MISS Foundation.

                                                                   I’m proud to introduce the 2011 MISS
                                                                   Foundation Board of Directors:

                                                                   Dr. Joanne Cacciatore: President
                                                                   Tony Cuchiara: Vice President
                                                                   Rob Dalager: Treasurer
                                                                   Ginny Jontes: Secretary and Events Chairperson
                                                                   Cristina Archibeque: Board Member
                                                                   Bettina Nava: Board Member
                                                                   Jeff Bell: Board Member

                                                                   Advisory Board Member:
                                                                   Dean Martin

                                                                   In the coming days, weeks and months we
                                                                   will be asking for your comments, opinions,
                                                                   suggestions as we work together to care for
         To the families of these children,                        families facing the death of a child.
       our sympathies for your recent loss...                      I invite you to contact me with your ideas:
                                                          or call

                       Natasha Varela                              In their memory,
                                                                   Kathy Sandler, MSW
                        Grant Snair
                                                                   Executive Director
                                                                   MISS Foundation

 MISSing Angels Newsletter
                                                                                                March/April 2011
Letters From The
MISS Mailbox...
Joanne,                                        We, five bereaved
I met you at the conference When a child       mothers, here in Lithu-
dies in Arizona in 2006. I am sure you will    ania now are preparing new website
not remember me but I was so thrilled to       for grieving parents “Parents of An-
attend that five day gathering and took away   gels” and we are searching for useful
a lot to use in Regina Saskatchewan where      information.
I work. Your work influence me a great                                                     International Contacts:
deal. I have implemented the slide show        I looked up your website and found
to honour the memory of our babies at our                                                             Ann Howell
                                               some articles, which would be inter-
Annual Memorial Gathering. The province                                                             Montreal, Canada
                                               ested for many parents in our country.
of Saskatchewan now has the availability of                                            
a Still birth Certificate and with the major   My question is: can we translate
renovations of the new unit we included a      some of your articles (or parts of the                DeeDee Epstein
Memento room, a place to work with                       articles) or use quota-                    Montreal, Canada
our deceased babied and still                              tions from some of your    
born to collect memories for                                 articles and put them                    514-489-4121
the parents.                                                 on our new website
                                                             with the link to your                   Cathie Shipton
Our Perinatal Loss Committee                                 website and the name of                London, England
has worked very hard and this                               the author? We would      
weekend received an excellence                             also note that articles are               07932 812931
award for recognition of the hard                        prepared according to your
work. I am passing on the newspaper article    website.                                                   Carla
just as an FYI. You touched me with your                                                          Mexico City, Mexico
compassion and talent. I work hard to give     This information would be really        
our community a fraction of what you have      useful for the grieving parents here in               5255-5579 1327
given the world. I thought you needed to       Lithuania.
hear how very appreciative I am to have                                                           Marion Elichalt-Roesink
met you and even relaxed by the pool with      I’m looking forward from hearing                             France
you and Vanessa Gorman!                        from you.                        
                                                                                             0033-0559285551 or 0559287121
Joanne, you are a special person and           Egle
while our paths crossing may have been a
small event in your busy life you left huge
                                                                                                       Bianca Brad
                                               Dear Dr. Cacciatore,
memories with me. While my appreciation                                                            Bucharest, Romania
                                               Hello. I am 37 years old and I live in
is coming years after, you truly are with me   Prattville, Alabama. My son, Luke,
every day, influencing my practice and care    died on June 1, 2010. He was 39
for these patients. I also expose my student   weeks and 1 day. He weighed 9 lbs. 2                     Salut Torne
nurses to Perinatal loss as ambassadors        oz. and was 20 inches long. So, I am                  Barcelona, Spain
when they go forward in the work place to      still new to all of this... grieving.     
say and do the correct things. In my teach-
ing presentation I have a picture of you and   I am writing to share my interest in                    Tere Bone
I , to show them how special my meeting        learning more about the MISSing                        Madrid, Span
you and attending the conference was.          Angels Bill. I have teamed up with
                                               another mom and we have become                      Gilda ArrúaRiveros
Thank you for being you!                       fast friends and support for each other.                  Paraguay
                                               We have a shared interest in getting    
Sincerely, Danita Lang R.N. ( and bereaved     the legislation going in the state of                595-981-291-333
mother of Baby Kayla April 8-12, 1983 died     Alabama.
of congenital anomalies)                                                                            Sinead Williamson
Danita Lang R.N. B.Sc.N.                       Thank you in advance for any guid-                     Dublin, Ireland
Good morning,                                                                                        353 1 453 8061
I’m writing to you from Europe, Lithuania.     Julie Bebawy

Volume 15, Issue 2                                                                             
      MISS Foundation Chapters &                                                                      Mentors
 Facilitators & Support Groups               Sari Edber, Los Angeles, CA              Jaimie Beamer, Attica, OH
 Kelli Rivera, Peoria, AZ                                         310-770-0626                             419-426-5406 or 419-681-3707
                                             Jami Bachrad, Los Angeles, CA            Terri Latham, Cincinnati, OH
 Linda Williamson, Phoenix,AZ                
                                             Marlowe Lichtenfeld, Los Angeles, CA     Matthew Latham, Cincinnati, OH
 Melissa Delgado, Phoenix, AZ        
                                             Kim Lotz, Merced, CA                     Jill Estfon , Tullahoma, TN
 Berdette Carrasco, Phoenix,AZ                                     209-617-3440                             931-205-3864

 Gennie Contreras, Phoenix,AZ                Kim St. Laurent, SoCA, CA                Jennifer Soos, San Antonio, TX                       
                                             714-585-5679                             210-487-0367
                                             Corinne O’Flynn, Parker , CO             Nicole Visser, San Antonio, TX
 Michele Newton, Glendale, AZ                        303-378-4300                             210-682-9915
                                             Jennifer Mayes, Parker, CO               Ginny Shutt, Salt Lake City, UT
 Stephanie Holmes, Scottsdale, AZ                           801-524-8200 or 801-964-9466                 (303) 842-7106
 (480) 286-8776                                                                       Roberta Quirk
                                             Amanda Seeley, Denver, CO                Washington, DC
 Gloria Rice, Scottsdale, AZ                                              303-660-4165                             703-728-8446
                                             SuzAnneCortright, Denver, CO             Katie Inlow, Washington, DC
 Wendy Peters, Buckeye, AZ                                (303) 842-7106
 623-853-9170                                                                         Karla Helbert, Richmond/Montpelier, VA
                                             Stephanie Riskey, Eagle, CO    
 Laura R. Umphrey, Flagstaff, AZ                          970 653 0298                             Lorna Harper, Louisa, VA
 (928) 526-9448; (928) 814-9662                                             
                                             Danielle Cantalini, Davenport, FL        (540)967-5945 OR (202)409-5524
 Carrie Sanders, Flagstaff, AZ                             754-273-6464                             Sarah Bain, Spokane, WA
 (602) 793-1823                                                             
                                             JinaCopstead, Coeur d’Alene, ID          509-244-2909 ext. 35
 Audra White, Tucson, AZ                                208.818.5394                             Sara Weaver-Lundberg, Spokane, WA
 (520) 404-1004                                                             
                                                         509-244-2909 ext. 35
 Heather Farrier, Surprise, AZ               (847) 217-1548 (cell)                                                                  Amanda Linder, Spokane, WA
 623-308-1322                                Julie Levandaski, Wheaton, IL  
                                                         509-244-2909 ext. 35
 Jodi Levesque, Goodyear, AZ                 847-420-2150                                                                       Arah Kunz, Spokane, WA
 602-677-6566                                Wendy Pierzchalski, Wheaton, IL
                                                 509-244-2909 ext. 35
 Danielle Renae Wright, Fountain Hills, AZ   847-420-2150                                                             MISS Mentors
 480-444-8340                                CrissyTohm, Indianapolis, IN             Jehnifer (Schwartz) Ehmann, Palmer, Alaska
 Andrea Ruble, Bethel, AK                    317-797-7896                             907-354-0059
 907-543-4432                                Heidi Ciepielinski, Alexandria, MN       Deborah Brooks, Peoria, AZ
                                             320-859-5660                             623-487-4275
 Kristin Jared, Glendora, CA                         Trina Charles, Alexandria, MN
 626-963-9120                                                                         MitraKhazai, Phoenix, AZ
 Carolyn Rowley, Glendale CA                                                              Dana Southworth, Phoenix, AZ
                                             Jeanne Putnam, Breckenridge, MN
 818-377-5120                                           602-472-2057
 Teri Blanton, Hemet, CA                                                              Trevor Van Huizen, Phoenix, AZ
                                             Rachelle Baumgartner, Breckenridge, MN
 951-927-2018                                218-643-1612

 MISSing Angels Newsletter
                                                                                                          March/April 2011
     MISS Foundation Chapters &                                                                              Mentors
Barbara Schischa, Scottsdale, AZ      Kelly Wilcott, Scottsdale, AZ                    Pat Flynn, Kansas City, MO                                          816-468-9574
602-315-5757                          (602) 430-5231 or (480) 483-0972
                                                                                       Kathy Evans, Somers Point, NJ
Diana Romero, Surprise, AZ            Laurie-Beth Brennan, Fremont, CA                                            609-601-0563
623-266-0128                          510-744-0512
                                                                                       Rex Butts, Randolph, NJ
John Romero, Surprise, AZ             Teri Blanton, Hemet, CA                          973-580-3995           
623-266-0128                          951-927-2018                                     Laura Butts, Randolph, NJ
Wendy Peters, Buckeye, AZ             Kim Lotz, Merced, CA                                      Halo Golden, Los Alamos, NM
623-397-2186 / 623-853-9170           209-617-2496                           
Gennie Contreras, Phoenix, AZ         AsenaNicolosi, San Francisco, CA                                         Lisa DeRamo, Smithtown, Long Island, NY
                                      Rusti Johnson, Palm Beach, FL                    631-724-5886
Kara Jones, Sedona, AZ               561-281-1947                                     Jaimie Beamer, Attica, OH
928-225-5416                                                                           419-426-5406, 419-681-3707
                                      Dorothea Bell, Atlanta, GA
Hawk Jones, Sedona , AZ                                     Jessie Carpenter, Eugene, OR              404-244-3823 H                                   541.870.8367
Berdette Carrasco, Phoenix, AZ        Nancy Grayson, Boise, ID                         Kristine Almand, Dallas, TX                    
                                      (208) 853-8988 or (505) 920-3676                 972-837-6869
Daniel Rynard, Glendale, AZ                   Tracie Baker, Rathdrum (near Cour d’Alene), ID   Tami Prangle, Houston, TX
623-776-3370 H 602-315-6226 Cell                    
                                      (208)610-8672                                    281-455-2361
Allison Sommers, Phoenix, AZ                   Jeannie Jordan, Chicago, IL                      Tamara Vogt, Houston, TX
                                      847-217-1548                                     281-414-6199
Angelique Watson, Phoenix, AZ
602-451-0380                          Heidi Combs, Kendallville, IN                    Stefanie Hackfeld, Bay City, TX
Carrie Sanders, Flagstaff, AZ         260-343-0273                                     979-245-6311
602-793-1823                          Katie Irby , Indianapolis, IN                    Melissa Howell, Dallas, TX
Janel Wilcox, Flagstaff, AZ                                                            (903) 453-7990                      CrissyTohm, Indianapolis, IN
928-526-1429 H                                        Beth and Kyle Brown, Centerville, UT
                                      317-797-7896                                     801.797.9061 H (480) 440-4858 C
Linda Williamson, Phoenix, AZ              Christine Grothe, Conesville, IA                 Ginny Shutt, West Valley City, UT
Mary Torrez, Phoenix, AZ              563-299-8861                                                                          Tara Pitts, Dumfries, VA
                                      Alan and Karen Wondra, Wichita, KS     
Mark Milkie, Phoenix, AZ              316-721-8284                                     703-730-8266
602-980-2271                          Jackie Nell, Patterson, LA                       Tanya Bennett, Grottoes, VA
Nicole Dougherty, Scottsdale, AZ      985-312-8247                                                            Frank Bennett, Grottoes, VA
602 505 9132                          KahiliaWoodlon, Baltimore, MD                      540-383-9082
Jodi Levesque, Phoenix/Avondale, AZ   443-794-0778                                     Krista McInerney, Seattle, WA
602-677-6566                          Jenifer Stark, Waldorf, MD              206-938-5454
Heather Farrier, Peoria, AZ           443-624-9578                                     Liz Allen, Seattle, WA                                                              425-590-9098
623-308-1322                          Lynne Barberian, West Medford, MA
                                                      For specific meeting days and times, please call or
Shannon LaRance, Scottsdale AZ        617-877-6970                                     email the Group Facilitator or you may visit www.                                                          
602-405-2261                          Sarah Burke, Eagan, MN
Judy Yazzie Haines, Scottsdale AZ     612-272-2806
480-202-7533                          Gregg Carder, Kansas City, MO

Volume 15, Issue 2                                                                                           
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           ♥	Because all the Children Matter ♥

Grief is part of the human existence.
Not letting ourselves feel grief is part of
human deprivation.

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