Day of Caring Projects - Mat-Su School District by shuifanglj


          NAME OF ORG                     CONTACT NAME                                                   PROJECT                                                        # OF VOL
American Red Cross                   Bill Morrow              Empty Connex, paint with white paint, restock & organize connex                                               6
Big Brother's Big Sisters            Elsa King                Painting Two Walls                                                                                          2 to 3
Boy's & Girls Club Mat-Su            Howie Marks              Painting walls and moving furniture                                                                           3
CCS Early Learning                   Donna Johnson            painting in 4 classrooms                                                                                      12
CCS Early Learning                   Mark Lackey              Build Cubies --work with Interiors by Mae, sanding and painting                                               4
                                     Donna 745-4040
Co-Occuring Disorders Institute      Krisiti Campbell         Planting flower boxes, trash clean up, sweep small paved area, wash windows                                   6
Early Childhood Partnership of MS    S. Allen/L. Conover      Assemble baskets of supplies for day cares                                                                 15-May
Family Promise Mat-Su                Laurie Kari              Fix concrete walk to front entrance, need fast dry concrete, wood for forms,sledge hammer            6 (1 with knowledge)
Family Promise Mat-Su                Laurie Kari              Plant flowers,                                                                                              4 or 5
Family Promise Mat-Su                Laurie Kari              Yard Clean-up,                                                                                                6
Food Pantry of Wasilla               Eddie Ezell              Info to come

Food Pantry of Wasilla               Eddie Ezell              Info to come

Girl Scouts of Alaska (Camp Togowoods) Steve Cassens          Clean out fire circles and then rebuild them in each of the camp units by using wood logs, stones, and dirt   10+
                                       (907) 841-2159
Homeless Youth Task Force              Brenda Smart           garden construction and land clearing                                                                         25+
Mid Valley Seniors                     Lorie Rounds           Painting outside of building, 25 gal dark blue, plastic, sprayer, brushes, roller                              8+
Palmer Rotary                          Stephanie Allen        Clean and Update Park - Paint and Replace Tiles                                                             5 to 20
Palmer Senior Citizen's Center         R.Greenberg Joe Bowers Clean & Detail Vans                                                                                         5 to 20

The Children's Place                 Beth Hopper              Clean the outside of all windows and pick up the yard.                                                        5
The Salvation Army                   Major Dan Hughes         Painting, Carpet Cleaning, Chair Cleaning, Fence Repairs, Sweep Parking Lot, & Roof Repairs                4 to 10

Valley Charities (Turn-A-Leaf)       John Rozzi               Sorting Donations                                                                                           9 to 12
                                     355-5895 / 376-5740
Valley Performing Arts               Garry Forrester          Painting Outside Back Wall                                                                                  5 to 7
Wasilla Area Seniors, Inc. (WASI)   Dennie Jaques    Clean all inside windows                6 to 8
                                    (907) 376-3104
Wasilla Area Seniors, Inc. (WASI)   Jim Hendricks    Paint Outside Rails and Metal Columns   6 to 8
Wasilla Area Seniors, Inc. (WASI)   Jim Hendricks    Grounds Cleaning - trash                6 to 8
Wasilla Area Seniors, Inc. (WASI)   Jim Hendricks    Raking                                  6 to 8
                  LOCATION                                                                        NOTES                                              VOLUNTEERS
Knik Goose Bay School, Wasilla                 Lifting, Painting, organizing --gloves, rolloers, brushes 10 gal exterior white paint

1075 Check St. Suite 209                       Brushes, possibly paint

3700 E. Bogard Rd.                             From 10:00 am - 2:00 pm

7362 W Parks Hwy#752 Meadow Lakes Center       paint, brushes, rollers & exrtentions drop cloth, best if able to stand on ladder (Debbie 373-7165)

7610 E Palmer-Wasilla Hwy Palmer               big push broom, gloves, donation of flowers and soil for 2 lg 1 med window box

124 W Swanson Ave. Suite C Wasilla             from 10:30am-2 pm

690 S Knik-Goose Bay Rd, Wasilla               sledge hammer for breaking out old concrete,wood for forms, cement

690 S Knik-Goose Bay Rd, Wasilla               need shovel, rake, potting soil, flowers

690 S Knik-Goose Bay Rd, Wasilla               need rake, lopers, pruning shears, trash bags

Camp Togowoods, mile 11.6 off KGB              Work gloves. Will supply all the tools and equipment needed

5399 N Infinate Rd (aka Salvage Way) Wasilla   shovels, rakes, gloves, (bobcat with operator)

11975 W Mid-Valley Way Suite A, Houston        25 gals exterior paint, paint sprayer, rollers & brushes

Amoosement Park - Palmer                       Gloves for painting, sanding, removing cracked tiles, and glueing new tiles Starts at 12:00 pm

831 S Chugach St Palmer                        nice Weather

503 S. Talkeetna Street - Wasilla              Ladder/window squeege/buckets. If there's a lot to pick up in the yard maybe a wheelbarrow

209 W. Evergreen Ave. - Palmer                 Will provide materials, may need rug cleaning machine.

1241 Melanie Lane and 400 N. Yenlo Wasilla     Clothes that can get dirty, comfortable footwear-closed toe.

251 W Swanson, Wasilla                         paint sprayer, rollers & extentions, 10 gals. exterior paint, paint pans
1301 Century Circle, Wasilla,            Window Cleaning supplies, gloves, and a friendly attitude and smile for seniors

1301 Century Circle, Wasilla             Gloves, paint will be supplied, and friendly attitudes

1301 Century Circle, Wasilla             Pickup/wheelbarrow for trash, trash bags, gloves, friendly attitudes, lots of energy & bending

1301 Century Circle, Wasilla, AK 99654   Pickup/wheelbarrow for trash, trash bags, gloves, friendly attitudes, lots of energy & bending

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