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					Item               Qty   Item               Qty   Item                 Qty
Toothpaste               Black Beans              Spinach
Floss                    Green Beans              Green Pepper
Shaving Cream            Carrots                  Avacado
Razors                   Diced Tomatoes           Onion
Deoderant                Tomato Soup              Grapefruit
Soap                     Shake 'n' Bake           Grapes
Make-Up                  Uncle Ben's Rice         Apples
Face Lotion              Olive Oil                Bananas
Body Lotion              Chopped Walnuts          Pineapple
Baby Lotion              Raisins                  Cucumber
Baby Wipes               Milled Flax              Sweet Potatoes
Diapers                  Cooking Spray            Blueberries
Baby Powder              Wraps                    Strawberries
Vitamins                 Raisin Bread             Waffles
Fish Oil                 Wheat Bread              Broccoli
Toilet Paper             English Muffins          Carrots
Paper Towels             Tuna                     Beef
Paper Plates             Peanut Butter            Chicken
Ziploc Bags              Jelly                    Turkey
Foil                     Graham Crackers          Chicken Nuggets
Saran Wrap               Wheat Crackers           Chicken Strips
Trash Bags               Goldfish                 Turkey Dogs
Milk                     Applesauce               Fish
Soy Milk                 Rice Cakes               Salmon
Eggs                     Truvia                   Dish Soap
Butter                   Cinnamon                 Dishwasher Tablets
Yogurt                   Mrs. Dash                Clean Shower
2% Cheese                Salt                     Comet
Swiss Cheese             Pepper                   Laundry Detergent
Feta Cheese              Pasta Noodles            OxiClean
Juice                    Mac & Cheese             Carpet Fresh
Sour Cream               Marinara Sauce           Clorox Wipes
Cottage Cheese           Salsa                    Hand Sanitizer
Turkey Slices            Cheese Sauce             Batteries
Oatmeal                  Mustard                  Gum
Sugar-Free Syrup         Ketchup
Cereal Bars              Salad Dressing

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