Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan by wpr1947


									CERP Guidance Memorandum
Recreation and Public Use
Planning                    US Army Corps
                            of Engineers
          CERP Goals and Objectives

   Goal: Enhance Ecological Values
     Increase the total spatial extent of natural areas
     Improve habitat and functional quality
     Improve native plant and animal species
      abundance and diversity
   Goal: Enhance Economic Values And
    Social Well Being
     Increase availability of fresh water
     Reduce flood damages (agricultural/urban)
     Provide recreational and navigation opportunities
     Protect cultural and archeological resources and

   Provides Guidance to Project
    Delivery Teams for:
     Evaluatingimpacts of alternative designs
     on existing recreation and public use
     Evaluatingnew public use and recreation
     opportunities for potential inclusion in
     project designs

 Current   list of topics
     Philosophy and Checklist
     Minimum Design Considerations
     Evaluation of Project Impacts
     Interaction Between Teams
           GUIDANCE -
           Philosophy and Checklist
   Include statement that, where possible,
    Project Delivery Teams should :
          Attempt to minimize negative impacts on
           existing public use and recreation
          Attempt to provide new public use and
           recreation opportunities
   Summarize guidance from Corps
    Engineering Regulation ER-1105-2-100
   Include checklist of cost-sharable
    recreation/public use features
     Minimum Design Considerations

 General   Criteria
   American with Disabilities
   Threatened and     endangered species
   Compatibility with project purposes,
   goals and objectives
       GUIDANCE -
       Minimum Design Considerations
Feature specific design criteria for:
  Bird watching                Canoe/Kayaking
  Picnicking                   Hiking
  Nature/Interpretive Trails   Bicycling
  Equestrian Trails            Off-Road Biking
  Boat Ramps                   Bank Fishing
  Hunting                      Frogging
  Camping                      Airboating
  Off-Road Vehicles            Soccer
  Football                     Skeet shooting
  Rifle Ranges                 Archery
           GUIDANCE -
           Evaluation of Project Impacts

   Recreation Planning Team:
       Regional inventory of existing public use and
        recreation opportunities
       Regional evaluation of CERP project impacts
        and opportunities
   Project Delivery Teams - Project Specific
     Baseline Assessment of existing public access
      in project area
     Effects of Alternative Designs
     Compensation Proposals
       GUIDANCE -
       Interaction Between Teams

   Describe and differentiate between
    roles of the following teams:
     Recreation   Planning Team
     Project   Delivery Teams
     Recreation Sub-Team of the RECOVER
      Regional Evaluation Team

   Primary application is for the plan
    formulation phase:
     Project   Implementation Reports
     Feasibility   Reports
   May also be applicable for detailed
    design phase
      Schedule for Development

   Draft guidance memo for Regional
    Planning Team review in October
   Draft guidance memo for Corps and
    SFWMD internal review in November
   Final guidance memo for CERP
    Program Manager approval in

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