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									WKSU 2009–2010 Annual Report





   The WKSU Stations:
   89.7 WKSU Kent
   89.1 WKSV Thompson
   89.3 WKRW Wooster
   90.7 WNRK Norwalk
   91.5 WKRJ New Philadelphia   1960s
   95.7 Ashland
   107.5 Boardman
                                        Celebrating 60 Years
   Online at wksu.org                        of Service

Welcome                                                                                                        2

                            AL BARTHOLET, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND
                           ANNIVERSARY AT BLOSSOM MUSIC CENTER
                                   OF A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION.
    Dear Friend of WKSU,

          When WKSU first went on the air in 1950, station
    founder Walton D. Clarke could not have envisioned the
    depth and breadth of our programming sixty years later.
    From our early days as Kent State University’s ten-watt,
    student-operated radio station broadcasting just 25
    hours a week, WKSU is now Ohio’s largest FM radio
    signal. We continue to discover and refine ways of
    connecting with listeners.
          From a leadership perspective, Clarke as well as
    John Weiser (who led the station from 1962 to 1971)
    would be proud of the prominence that WKSU holds
    in the public media arena today. Much of our outstanding
    national reputation can be credited to our third general manager, John Perry, who
    embraced new technologies with enthusiasm; linked WKSU with NPR when that organization was formed
    in 1974; and broadened our signal reach by adding repeater stations in New Philadelphia, Thompson,
    and Wooster.
          Since beginning my tenure as WKSU’s general manager in 2001, we have added a repeater station
    in Norwalk and translators in Ashland and Boardman; successfully completed a fundraising campaign to
    establish the WKSU Endowment Fund; and launched Folk Alley.com, the worldwide leader for folk music
    content online.
          These days, WKSU is as much a content provider as a radio station. Thanks to technology, listeners
    access our programs in ways that are unconstrained by place or time. As we look forward, technological
    improvements will continue to change the way we do business. To ensure that we remain the best pos-
    sible public media outlet for listeners, WKSU’s Sound of the Future Capital Campaign—the largest-ever
    fundraising campaign in our history—is fully moving our station into the digital age.
          Thank you for supporting WKSU. Listeners and contributing members are the backbone of the
    station, and we are grateful to you.


    Mission Statement
    WKSU creates a shared civic and cultural life that
    connects communities through a diverse mix
    of media and that extends the heritage of Kent
    State University.
                                                               Al Bartholet
    Vision Statement                                           Executive Director and General Manager
    WKSU is committed to building relationships
    with communities of listeners whose lives are              P.S. I hope you enjoy reading the following
    enriched with news, information and cultural               60th anniversary highlights and welcome
    offerings that utilize appropriate media platforms.        your feedback at letters@wksu.org.
    WKSU will leverage its strengths as Ohio’s lead-
    ing public radio station by providing distinctive
    regional coverage that has national appeal and
    that capitalizes on WKSU’s increasingly valued
    role as a media institution for the region.
Fiscal Year 2009-2010 In Review                                                                                                          3

          Approximately 180,000 individuals listen to WKSU
      every week. This year, we expanded listening platforms
      beyond the station’s terrestrial signal, our online stream,
      and our HD channels. Now—in addition to HD-1 (our
      regular on-air schedule), HD-2 (Folk Alley), and HD-3 (all
      classical music)—we added HD-4.
          HD-4 is devoted to news and information program-
      ming from WKSU, NPR, the BBC, and other public
      radio sources. The schedule includes programs that are
      unavailable on the radio in our regional market, such as
      The Takeaway, On Point, Here and Now, The Story, and
      To the Point. WKSU is the first public radio station and
      only the second radio station in the U.S.— public                   WKSU COMMUNITY ADVISORY
      or commercial—to adopt the new technology that allows               COUNCIL MEMBER RICHIK SARKAR WITH
      four content streams to be aired simultaneously. WKSU               HIS WIFE ANDREA AT A SPRINGTIME FOLK ALLEY EVENT.
      also developed apps for WKSU and Folk Alley on the
      iPhone, iPad, and Android. These apps allow listeners to            students to achieve real-life work experiences in an accom-
      tune in to any of the station’s streams and to find reports         plished news department.
      from the WKSU newsroom.                                                 In addition, at regional and national recognition
          Today, whether you listen to WKSU’s on-air signal,              ceremonies throughout the fiscal year, WKSU reporters,
      our on-line streams, or on your mobile device with an app,          announcers, and other radio professionals collected 44
      WKSU reaches you in ways that are convenient and                    awards. In the past decade, WKSU staffers have won nearly
      accessible. With every listening choice, our goal is to             550 major awards. Highlights this year include:
      provide you with what you want to hear…when you                            Ohio Chapters of the Society of Professional
      want to hear it.                                                           Journalists (SPJ) for:
      NEWS & INFORMATION                                                         • Best News Operation in Ohio (large market)
          With WKSU supplying a news feature about Northeast                     • Best Anchor, presented to WKSU All Things
      Ohio to NPR nearly every month, our News Department                          Considered local host Vivian Goodman
      produced almost 2,000 local stories. Of those 2,000,                       Regional Edward R. Murrow awards for:
      approximately 260 were in-depth features. Kent State                       • The hour-long documentary “Good Jobs in
      University Journalism and Mass Communication students                        Bad Times” which was comprised of eight stories
      assist in the production of many of the stories thanks to a                  by Vivian Goodman, Kevin Niedermier, Amanda
      unique partnership program called J-Link. This partnership                   Rabinowitz, Tim Rudell, Karen Schaefer, M.L.
      exposes students to a professional newsroom and enables                      Schultze, and Jeff St. Clair.

1950s                     WKSU is officially founded on October 2, 1950, with five hours of broadcasting, Monday through Friday, and a
                          10-watt signal reach that barely extends beyond Kent State University’s campus.
Fiscal Year 2009-2010 In Review continued...                                                                                               4

         • Reporter/Producer Amanda Rabinowitz’s sports feature          quartets—The President’s Quartet and the Nexus String
           on Katie Spotz, the 22-year-old adventurer, as she            Quartet—shared classical music during impromptu perfor-
           prepared to become the youngest person—and only               mances in the Kent Student Center, Jazzman’s Café, the
           woman—to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean.                  Student Recreation and Wellness Center, and the Library as
      In the past eight years, the Ohio SPJ named the WKSU               well as at the School of Art Downtown Gallery in the city of
   newsroom Best News Operation five times and handed out                Kent. In the coming year, this classical music outreach will be
   Best Reporter in Ohio recognition to eight WKSU journalists.          expanded with additional student soloists and performance
                                                                         groups from Kent’s School of Music.
       Classical music staff—Assistant Director of Programming           FOLK NEWS
   for Music, David Roden and Hosts Sylvia Docking and Mark                  In March, FolkAlley.com welcomed its 100,000th registered
                                               Pennell—engaged           user, giving folk music’s online home one more reason to cel-
                                               listeners on-air          ebrate. In August, the Folk Alley motor coach traveled to the
                                                and online. In the       50th George Wein Newport Folk Festival in Newport, Rhode
                                                classroom, Sylvia        Island. WKSU was the official folk music content provider for
                                                 visited fifth graders   NPR, and we helped to record and broadcast the Festival live
                                                                         over NPR’s music site, NPRMusic.org.
                                                 at Charles W. Eliot
                                                                             The WKSU-produced 43rd Kent State Folk Festival con-
                                                  Middle School
                                                                         tinued a tradition of bringing together legends of folk and
                                                  in Cleveland,
                                                                         roots music musicians. This year the lineup included Puerto
                                                   introducing them
                                                                         Rican icon Edwin Colón Zayas, singer/songwriter Greg Brown,
                                                   to classical music    and youth favorites Old Crow Medicine Show and Edward
                                                    for a career day     Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. In addition, Folk Alley ‘Round
                                                     experience that     Town—the Festival’s town and gown event—was a musical hit
                                                     focused on          when more than 35 folk musicians presented free concerts at
                                                      public radio.      art galleries, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and other venues
                                                          We also        throughout the city of Kent.
                                                      took classical         Throughout the year, Folk Music Host Jim Blum interviewed
                                                       music out of      and recorded many prominent and up-and-coming folk musi-
                                                       the classroom     cians, including John Gorka and Susan Werner, and Solas. Each
                                        REPORTER/ when WKSU,             of these and other musicians were recorded and taped during
                 PRODUCER AMANDA RABINOWITZ Kent State’s                 live performances by students in Kent State University’s Franklin
         AND KANDY NEAL, TRAFFIC ASSISTANT, AT College of                Hall, a state-of-the-art television studio and home of the School
                                                       the Arts, and     of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC). The videos and
                                                       the Hugh A.       recordings of the live performances by JMC students receive
   Glauser School of Music joined together to create the WKSU            national attention each month when they are featured on
   Players. Thanks to this partnership, two student string               NPRMusic.org.

   Community Advisory Council

   Jody Bacon, Akron                   Paul Perantinides, Akron
   Nancy Baird, Cleveland              Richard Jay Rogen, Akron
   Elizabeth Bartz, Akron              Joseph Ruby, Uniontown
   Jim Cossler, Youngstown             Christoph Schmid, Wooster
   Barry Dunaway, Orrville             William Sheron, Wooster
   William Feth, Akron                 Martin Spector, Akron
   Jonathan Forman, Cleveland          Michael Strebler, Kent
   Thomas Forman, Pepper Pike          Dennis Wagner, Cleveland
   Paul Gaston, Kent                   Patrick Weschler, Akron
   Tom Hager, Akron and Kent           John West, Kent
   Lee Irving, Hudson                  Woody Woodward, Akron
   Elizabeth Juliano,
      Mayfield Heights
   Joanne Kim, Cleveland
                                                   Blossom Music
   Glenda Lehman Ervin, Dalton                 Center in Cuyahoga
   Benjamin Mathews, Cleveland                          Falls, Ohio.
Fiscal Year 2009-2010 In Review                                                                                                             5

         Approximately 75% of WKSU’s operating budget comes
    from the community with an additional 10% of direct
    support coming from Kent State University. Other fund-
    ing sources for WKSU include the Corporation for Public
    Broadcasting and eTech Ohio. Of WKSU’s 10,000 contribut-
    ing members, 13% have been supporting the station for
    20 years or more. Thanks to overwhelming response, our
    fall fund and spring fund drives were successful and nearly
    4,500 listeners pledged during the drives.
         In December during the station’s annual Hunger
    Challenge Fund Drive, WKSU received 1,130 pledges that
    brought in $182,810.63. It was a record-breaker for this
    Challenge, which matches membership pledges with
    corporate and individual gifts to the Akron-Canton Re-
    gional Foodbank, the Cleveland Foodbank, and Second
    Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio.
                                                                           DRUMMER CLYDE
         Partnerships with cultural organizations and the business
                                                                           STUBBLEFIELD OF THE WHAD’ YA KNOW…?
    community provide support to WKSU that is needed to                    BAND AT THE WOOSTER INN FOR PARTY ON THE PATIO.
    produce and broadcast our award-winning programming.
    These partners—over 200 businesses and non-profit organi-               WKSU AND YOU
    zations—are the backbone of WKSU.
                                                                                In 60 years, WKSU has become the largest FM signal in
         Other partnerships in the community lead WKSU an-
                                                                            the state of Ohio, is the first public radio station to implement
    nouncers, reporters, and other staff members to participate
                                                                            the technology that allows four content streams to be aired
    in many regional community events, including EarthFest at
                                                                            concurrently, and has won awards year after year. The WKSU
    the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo; Cleveland Orchestra perfor-               staff—from reporters to on-air hosts to engineers to produc-
    mances at Severance Hall and Blossom Music Center; Cleve-               ers and others—endeavors to achieve excellence every day. It
    land International Film Society; tables at Apollo’s Fire; Akron         is our mission to provide you with balanced, in-depth news;
    Symphony Orchestra performances; Downtown@Dusk at                       classical music that touches your heart; folk music that is fun
    the Akron Art Museum; Ohio State University’s Wooster                   and interesting; and special programs that entertain you while
    Campus Scarlet, Gray and Green Fair; and Garrison Keillor’s             expanding your knowledge. At WKSU, it is all about quality,
    A Prairie Home Companion at Blossom Music Center. WKSU                  choice, and community connections.
    staff was also involved with a number of summer festivals,                  Thank you for listening, supporting, and taking the journey
    including Art by the Falls in Chagrin Falls and the Cedar               with WKSU. We hope you will join us as we navigate our way
    Valley Settlers Festival in the Cleveland Metroparks.                   through the next 60 years.

1960s                      Application filed with the FCC to increase power to 1000 watts. Studios moved to the third floor
                           of the new Kent State University Music and Speech Building.
Member & Special Gifts (7/1/09 – 6/30/10)                                                                                              6

       $5,000 – Plus                  Elizabeth B. Juliano FA          Susan Murphy                        Linda Woodstock FA
       One Anonymous Gift             Joseph L. and Annette Ruby       Florence J. Phillips              Ramond A. Bologna
       Brennan Family                 Richard K. and                   William A. and                    Ruth J. Boza
         Foundation SOF                  Emily Smucker                   Ginny Post NIF                  Nancy J. Brennan
       The DiGirolamo Family          Tim and Jennifer Smucker         Susan Rehm SOF                    Jane Brice FA
         Fund WC                      Dennis W. and                    Michael and Maxine Smith          John and Lois Byers
                                         Kris Wagner SOF                                                 G. Phillip and
                                                                       $1,000 - $2,499                     Carol A. Cartwright SOF
                                      $2,500 - $4,999                  Five Anonymous Gifts              Holly Clark FA
                                      The Walter Henry                 The Cyrus Eaton                   Joyce Clark
                                        Freygang Foundation              Foundation NIF                  Timothy Clarke and
                                      The Laub Foundation              Brant Family Fund WC                Linda Grandstaff FA
                                      Charles E. & Mabel M. Ritchie    GOJO Industries, Inc.             Macy Coffey FA
                                        Memorial Foundation CI         Francis and Lemoine Peart         Ruth Coleman
                                                                         Family Fund                     Douglas Corwon
                                      Richard and
                                         Nazimoon Babb FA              Romich Foundation                 Donald Cybulski
                                      Roger F. Burgess                 Towanda Charitable                Thomas Daly FA
                                                                         Foundation Inc. FA
                                      Robert Byrd FA                                                     William Deal
                                      Anne Clouser                     Keith Alberts                     Stephen M. Denning and
                                      Barry Dunaway SOF                                                    Judith J. Johnson
                                                                       Mark S. and Michele Allio
                                      William R. and                                                     Henry C. and Mary Doll
                                                                       Larry Anson and
                                         Karen Feth SOF                   Peggy Hahn                     Constance L. Dubick
                                      Thomas and                       Josephine C. Bacon
                WKSU VOLUNTEER           Wendie Forman FA
        FRED GLOCK OUTSIDE THE                                         Nancy Baird SOF
                                      John C. and Barbara Gillette
       FOLK ALLEY MOTOR COACH.                                         Kenneth and                       Special gifts, in addition to WKSU
                                      Lillian W. Gross                    Joyce Baldwin                  membership support, are noted below
       Kel Tec                        Lee and Linda Irving                                               with the following designations:
                                                                       William and
       Kismet Foundation              Richard A. and                      Harriet Baldwin
       Lubrizol Foundation SOF           Jayne Janus SOF                                                 Sound of the Future Capital
                                                                       Aaron Ballonoff
       Mirapaul Foundation SOF        Susan Levitan                                                        Campaign Fund = SOF
                                                                       Allen E. Bartholet FA             Cultural Initiatives Fund = CI
       The J. M. Smucker              Orlene Makinson (in memory       Elizabeth Bartz                   Folk Alley = FA
         Company SOF                     of David Makinson)               and John Chames SOF            News and Information Fund = NIF
                                      Benjamin and                     Sally Bernhardt                   Walton D. Clarke Founders Fund = WC
       Ronald C. and                     Debbie Mathews
                                                                       Sam Bleadon and                   WKSU Endowment = WE
         Ann Allan SOF
                                      Bert W. and Marjorie Moyar                                         Sears Family Endowment = SE

1970s                     National Public Radio (NPR) is formed and in 1974 WKSU becomes an NPR affiliate under
                          the direction of John E. Perry.

Member & Special Gifts continued...                                                                                                 7

       Patrick C. and               Keith A. Klafehn NIF           Diane Pidwell                   Robert A. and Ellen Walker
         Julia Dunster SOF          R. E. Koskie                   Thomas A. Pinto and             Frank Walters
       Harold and                   Alan M. Krause                   Linda Parenti-Pinto           Barbara R. Watson
         Barbara Durian WC          Michelle L. Krocker and        Peter Plumb                     Richard T. and Judith Watson
       Ann and Jim Durr               Kate Raymond                 Jerry Price                     Daniel T. and
       David and Laura Dzurec       Glenda Lehman Ervin SOF        S. S. and Beatrice Rasiwala       Judy Weidenthal
       Lee Ann Eline and            Gary D. and Susan Lichten      Mary E. Reinthal                William M. Weiss
         Laura William              David G. and Martha Litaker    Paul Rhode                      Patrick J. Weschler SOF
       Michelle Fair                James P. Louis                 Dennis and Mary Rich            Rebecca Whelan
       Richard C. and Susan Figge   Robert Lucarelli               Richard J. Rogen SOF            Susan I. Williams
       Jonathan Forman and          Thomas R. and Susan Maas       Dina K. Rooney                  Mark Willis
         Jane Temple SOF                                           Frank and Roxie Ann Rossiter
                                    Wendy Macklin                                                  Kenneth R. and Gayle Wolfe
       Walter E. and                                               Frank Sainato
         Kathleen Fortney           Martha Maclachlan
                                    James and Barbara Malerba      Carl and Ann Schierhorn
       John Frentz                                                                                 $500 - $999
                                    Michelle Manzo                 Christoph and Laurel Schmid
       William Gerken SOF                                                                          One Anonymous Gift
                                    Stanley and Roberta Marks      Larry M. and Sally Sears SE
       Fred and Holly Glock FA                                                                     The Taylor-Winfield
                                    Charles W. Masters             Louise A. Sieben
       Edwin and Carol Gould                                                                         Foundation
                                    William J. and Marna Mateer    John R. Sinnenberg
       Tim and Debra Greszler
                                    Timothy O. Matson              David and Erica Solitt          Joyce Adams
       Donna M. Haas
                                    Russell Maurer                 Frederick and                   Miriam F. Agins
       Norval L. Hannah                                              Elizabeth Specht
                                    Ted and Michelle McQuade                                       Dave Anderson and
       John R. Hansel                                              Martin and Susan Spector
                                    Richard C. and                                                   Susan Mackowiak
       Nancy J. Harries                                            John W. Stamp
                                      Kristie Mentch                                               Karen Anderson
       Leslie S. Harrold                                           Gary Stonum and
                                    Derek R. and                                                   Pamela R. and
       Christopher and                                               Marilyn Shea-Stonum             Rachel Anderson
                                      Louisa Misquitta
         Magdalene Hines                                           Christopher A. and
                                    Hellen Mitten**                                                Mark S. and Sandra Auburn
       Melanie Jackson                                               Sharie Stranathan
                                    Andrew J. and Marilyn Niksa                                    Charles W. and Norma Baker
       Paul Janini                                                 Michael and Lisa Strebler
                                    Nina M. Njus                                                   Russell Barbitta
       George Keeter                                               David E. Sweeney
                                    Bill O’Connor FA                                               Robert Baris and
       George G. Keith                                             Kathy J. Szczesny                 Frederica G. Scott
                                    Rory H. and
       James T. and                                                Wayne Titus FA                  Robert B. and Cheryl Barsan
         Debra Kempthorn              Diane O’Neil SOF             Edwin A. and
                                    Michael A. Oliver                                              Thomas Baumgardner
       James D. and Susan Kendis                                     Elizabeth Upton
                                    Edward M. and                                                  Lynn T. Baxter
       Joanne J. Kim and                                           Mary Varalli and
                                      Susannah Perkinson SOF         John Perry SOF                Henry Beazlie
         Jim Nash SOF
                                    Jon H. and Patricia Peterson   Sarah Vradenburg                Robert L. Bedard
       James C. Kissman WC

                                                                   Emeriti Community Advisory Council
                                                                   Bruce Akers, Cleveland           David Lieberth, Akron
                                                                   Ronald Allan, Akron              Sheila Markley Black, Canton
                                                                   John Begala, Bay Village         Jeff Miller, Wooster
                                                                   Chuck Bennell, Canton            Walter Mirapaul, Akron
                                                                   Chip Billow, Akron               Phillip Nabors, Solon
                                                                   Ann Amer Brennan, Akron
                                                                                                    Thomasina Patton, Avon Lake
                                                                   Stephen Colecchi, Ravenna
                                                                   Stephen Cunliffe, Hudson         Don Philabaum, Akron
                                                                   Ann Durr, Cuyahoga Falls         Pat Primm, Cuyahoga Falls
                                                                   William Gerken, Norwalk          Ken Reichel**, Hudson
                                                                   Julia Fishelson, Wooster         Kathy Roberts, Brecksville
                                                                   Gerald Hinderhan, Valley City    Justin Rogers, Akron
                                                                   Kathryn Motz Hunter,             Ted Smithers, Aurora
                                                                      Silver Lake                   Brian Toll, Bath
                                                                   Judy Isroff**, Richfield         Tom Turner, Canton
                                                                   William Joseph, Cleveland        Robert Vail, Navarre
                                                                   Hershey Lerner, Streetsboro      Delese Wear, Tallmadge
                                                                   REPORTER/PRODUCER                Ted Williams**, Wooster
                                                                   VIVIAN GOODMAN.
Member & Special Gifts continued...                                                                                                      8

       Martha Behrens                  Rosemary E. Costigan
       Steve Belknap FA                Natalia C. Dale
       Alok Bhagat                     William Daniels
       Jeff and Kathleen Bielek        Pamela J. Davey
       Ross R. and Linda Black         Michael C. Davis
       Frank and Cheryl Blackwell      Laura De’Armond
       David and Bonnie Blank          Maryann DeJulio
       John H. Blazek                  Jeremy Dickson
       Barbara Bohlman                 Kathleen Divis
       Elizabeth Bowers                John M. Dohner
       Christine Bradbury              Steve Duerk
       Ellen Brady                     Mark Elderbrock                  THE
       David J. and Karen Braun        Marianne Engler                  WKSU PLAYERS—
                                                                        A PARTNERSHIP WITH THE ARTS
       Madeleine Breen                 Audrey Enix                      AND THE HUGH A. GLAUSER SCHOOL OF MUSIC—
       Richard Brockett                Sarah M. Evans and               AT A KENT STATE UNIVERSITY CAMPUS PERFORMANCE.
       Tom Bruch                         John P. Bergren
       James and Barbara Brunot        Jane Faldetta                      Ruth Golladay                     Cynthia Hoskins
       Doris Budin                     Douglas D. Farling                 Bruce and Erica Greer             James H. Howard
       David C. and Dawn Burke         Thomas Fellner                     Stanford W. and                   George P. and Mary Hruby
                                       Thomas R. Fenstermaker               Helen Gregory                   Kathryn M. Hunter
       Kenneth Buzzelli
                                       Gene Finn                          Tom Gregory FA                    Lee J. Hutton
       Jacqueline Caldwell
                                       Julia E. Fishelson                 Mark Gustafson                    Joseph E. Jackson
       Betty Carlisle
                                       Russell L. Fisher                  Nora Guthrie FA                   David James FA
       David Carpenter
                                       Wendy Ford                         John A. and Mary Ann Haag         Bill and Carolyn Jirousek
       J. Dean Carro
                                       Mark Frank                         John Hammond                      Gennie S. Johnston
       Margaret Carter
       Mary Cassidy                    Brian Friedmann                    Gerold and                        Scott Jones
                                       William H. and                       Dorothy Hanck FA                William S. Jordan, III and
       Jacqueline Chetelat
                                         Barbara Fuchsman                 Marta J. Hansson                    Laurel A. Winters
       Wade Chew FA
                                       David Garvin                       Thomas and Beth Haskins, Jr.      David Kachinko
       David Chlysta
                                       Paul Gault                         Justin A. Hastings                Julie C. Keller and
       William and Joan Clarke
                                       Leigh Gerstenberger                William F. and                      Jerry Sheehan
       Amanda Comunale
                                       James Gessner                        Roberta Henkel                  H. C. Kessler, III
       Kenneth and Karen Conley
                                       Jann Glann                         D. Jeanne Herman                  James T. and Gay Kitson
       Jim and Christine Cossler
                                                                          Will Holland                      Gail W. Klise
       Curtis H. Cost                  Walter S. and Mary Glazer

1980s                      WKSU increases signal strength to 50,000 watts and links up with the WESTAR I satellite, a communications
                           based satellite, enabling a broader signal reach.
Member & Special Gifts continued...                                                                                                          9

       Kevin and Maureen Knavish      Edward J. and Lynn Metzger        Joann Rubrake                      Grace M. Tompos
       Phyllis Komerofsky             Mark Metzger                      Peter and Nanette Ryerson          Scott and
       Reginald S. and                Randy and Janet Meyer             Dennis and Nancy Sabol               Marguerite Tremelin
         Marjorie Kramer              Raymond Moczadlo                  Stuart Schoenfeld FA               Pang Tsui
       Ronald H. Krasney              Ronald L. Morrow, III             Dianne Schubeck                    David J. Uhlik
       Philip E. Kunz                 Steven L. Mullet and              Brian and Anne Scott               Robert F. and Beverly Vail
       Mitzi Lai                         Jill Basing Mullet             Nan Sersig                         William and
       Patrick Landers                Latham and Marion Murfey          Ken and Jill Shafer                  Sandra Vanauken
       Carol W. Law                   John Naisbitt FA                  William E. and                     Michelle Varisco
       Bob and Susan Leggett          Richard B. and Jane Nash            Carolyn Sheron SOF               John H. and Denise Vinton
       Ralph and Joanne Lehman        Sally Nash                        Monica Shomos FA                   William Walker FA
       Jerry Lemasters                Charles A. and                    Mark Smith FA                      Glen Warner
       Larry L. and                      Elizabeth Nelson               Stephen G. Sokany                  Catherine Warren
         Judith Leuphaeuser           Georgia L. Newman                 Jim and Myrna Spira                Greg E. Warren and
       Glenn E. Lichtenwalter         Mary Ann Niesen                   Chuck Stark                          Karen Smolk-Warren
       Wendy F. Lichtenwalter         Louis Novak                       Sarah N. Steiner                   John A. and
       H. Robert Lindesmith           Manijeh Novini                                                         Maaja Washington
                                                                        Nuchi Stokes
       Kurt A. and Margaret Liske     Roger Pae                                                            David Watt
                                                                        John G. and
       Jeff Litwiller                 Jeffrey Pasek and                   Mary Alice Streeter              David B. and Patricia Weed
       Susan Lobalzo                     Margaret Morris                Erik Streib FA                     Paul Wellener
       Patrick Lorch                  Elizabeth A. Paynter              Thomas D. Strickler and            John L. West and
                                      Dale and Michelle Paytosh           Margo W. Curl                      Cevin Cole FA
       Bruce Lorincz
                                      William C. and                    Robert Sturr and                   Mark W. Wheeler
       Martha K. Lottman
                                         Jaqueline Peck                   Jennifer Welsh                   Ethel Wheland
       Bob Lux
                                      Stephen B. and Felica Perry       Roger Summers                      Carol Sue White
       C. Richard and
         Elizabeth Lynham             Virginia Price                    Dan Surdu                          Harold A. White
       Alfred W. Mackey               Ryan Prudoff                      Frank Svaty FA                     Robert G. and Karen Wiese
       Emily J. Maglott               Kun Qiu                           Ann Tainer                         John Wilber
       Richard and Ann Malthouse      John N. Rampe                     John C. Thesken                    Yvonne C. Williams
       Ed Mandac                      Margaret G. Redinbaugh            Glenn N. and Jay Thomas            Janet M. Wisner
       Steven A. and Jean Maurer      Denise N. Remark-Lundell          Geoffrey O. Thompson               Nelson L. Woods
       John and Margaret McBride         and Dennis Lundel              Jane Timmons-Mitchell              Leland and Sue Ellen Wright
       R. J. and Susan McCullagh      Janet Richison                    Brian M. Toll and                  David and Stacy Yaniglos
       Ruth McCullough FA             William F. and Roberta Ross         Marina Gorenshteyn               Sheryl A. Yankovich

1990s                     WKSU staff moves into the new broadcast facility, the current home of WKSU, on the Kent State University campus.
WKSU Awards Fiscal 2009-2010                                                                                                        10

       2009                                     First Place—Best
       National Federation of Press             Reporting, Karen
       Women—Communications Contest             Schaefer—“Natural
       First Place—Prepared Report, Vivian      Burial”
       Goodman—“40th Anniversary of the         First Place—
       Glenville Riots”                         Best Feature
       First Place—Best Presentation, Radio,    Reporting, Jeff St.
       Vivian Goodman—“All Things               Clair—“Insect
       Considered”                              Orchestra”
       First Place—Special Reporting Series,    First Place—
       M.L. Schultze—“The Scorched Earth of     Best General
       Evergreen”                               Assignment,
       First Place—Online Newsletters, Ann                            JIM BLUM, FOLK
       VerWiebe—“WKSU E-Notes”                                        MUSIC HOST, INTERVIEWING FOLK
                                                “Bridgestone          ALLEY PERFORMERS AT KENT STATE UNIVERSITY’S
       First Place—Four-color Brochure, Ann     Firestone Stays       FRANKLIN HALL—A STUDENT RUN VIDEO AND RECORDING STUDIO.
       VerWiebe—“Folk Alley Anniversary         in Akron”
       Brochure”                                                                            Cleveland Advertising Association—
                                                First Place—Best Health Care Feature
       Second Place—Interview, Vivian           Reporting, Vivian Goodman—“Music            Cleveland ADDY Awards
       Goodman—“Louis Stokes”                   and the Brain”                              Silver Award—Interactive Media,
       Honorable Mention—Entertainment          First Place—Best Investigative Reporting,   Bob Burford and Marcus Thomas
       Podcast, Chris Boros—“The AlleyCast”     M.L. Schultze—“Scorched Earth of            Advertising—“Kent State Folk Fest
                                                Evergreen”                                  website”
       Society of Professional Journalists—
       Ohio Chapter—SPJ Awards                  Second Place—Best Minority Issues           Bronze Award—Elements of Advertising/
                                                Coverage, Vivian Goodman—“The 40th          Illustration, Single, Bob Burford and
       Best of Show—Best News Operation in      Anniversary of the Glennville Riots”
       Ohio, Large Market, News Staff                                                       Marcus Thomas Advertising—“Kent
                                                                                            State Folk Fest poster”
       Best of Show—Best Anchor, Large          2010
       Market, Vivian Goodman                                                               Ohio Professional Writers, Inc.—
                                                Radio-Television News Directors             Communications Contest
       Best of Show—Best Web Site, Large        Association—Regional Murrow
       Market, Chuck Poulton and Scott Sharp                                                First Place—Prepared Report, Vivian
                                                                                            Goodman—“Gimme Rewrite
       Best of Show—Second Place—Best           News Documentary, M.L. Schultze and         Sweetheart!”
       Reporter in Ohio, Large Market, M.L.     Staff—“Good Jobs in Bad Times”
       Schultze                                                                             First Place—Interview, Amanda
                                                Sports Reporting, Amanda Rabinowitz—        Rabinowitz—“Terry Pluto on Delonte
       First Place—Best Consumer Reporting,     “Katie Spotz”
       Kevin Niedermier—“Making Buildings                                                   West”

       “Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks. Tonight
       we are driving north through Georgia listening to
       WKSU folk music on my iPhone. What a treat! We
       live in Florida but grew up in NE Ohio and have
       never stopped listening. It’s the perfect start to our
       visit home. Thanks again.”
       -Derrak & Melanie, Florida

       “…Listening to your station now on my computer
       here in South Africa. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
       Thank you for this music.”
       -Hazel, South Africa

                                  THE FOLK ALLEY MOTOR COACH
                                    ENGULFED BY CROWDS AT THE
                                        NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL.
WKSU Awards continued...                                                                                                                      11

       First Place—Special Reporting Series, M.L.    First Place—Radio Campaign, Mark             Second Place—Best Anchor, Large
       Schultze and Staff—“Good Jobs in Bad          Pennell—“Catchy Classical Promos”            Market, Jeff St. Clair
                                                     Second Place—Interview, Vivian               Press Club of Cleveland—Ohio
       First Place—Interview, Vivian                          Goodman—“Isabel and                 Excellence in Journalism Awards
       Goodman—“Mitsuko Uchida”                               Ruben Toledo”
                                                                                                  First Place—Spot News, Tim Rudell—
                                                                Second Place—Prepared             “Chrysler Dealer Survives”
                                                                Report, Jeff St. Clair—
                                                                                                  First Place—General News, Tim Rudell—
                                                                “A Wizard, a True Star”
                                                                 Second Place—Prepared
                                                                                                  First Place—Public Service, M.L. Schultze
                                                                 Report, Amanda
                                                                                                  and Staff—“Vital Signs: Diagnosing
                                                                                                  Health Care in Northeast Ohio”
                                                                                                  First Place—Documentary, M.L. Schultze
                                                                   Ohio Associated Press
                                                                                                  and Staff —“Good Jobs in Bad Times”
                                                                                                  First Place—Human Interest, Vivian
                                                                    First Place—Best Reporter,
                                                                                                  Goodman—“Gimme Rewrite
                                                                    Large Market, Vivian
                                                                                                  First Place—Use of Sound, Mark Urycki—
                                                                     First Place—Best Use of
                                                                                                  “A Perfect Day in Akron”
                                                                     Sound, Mark Urycki—“A
                                                                      Perfect Day in Akron”       Second Place—Radio Web Site Design,
                                                                                                  Joe Linstrum and Renee Volchko—
                                                                     First Place—Best
                                                                     Breaking News Coverage,
                           WKSU COMMUNITY ADVISORY
                                                                     Large Market, M.L.           Second Place—On-Going Coverage,
             AND HER DAUGHTER ALLISON AT A WKSU EVENT.               Schultze—“LeBron             M.L. Schultze and Staff—“The Ups and
                                                                     James Named MVP”             Downs of the Auto Industry”

       First Place—Presentation, Radio, Vivian       First Place—Best Enterprise Reporting,       Second Place—General News, Kevin
       Goodman—“All Things Considered”               Large Market, Vivian Goodman—                Niedermier—“A History of Cleveland
                                                     “Father and Son Songwriters”                 Corruption”
       First Place—Newsletter, Electronic, Ann
       VerWiebe—“Folk Alley Chat”                    Second Place—Best Feature Reporting,
       First Place—Color Brochure, Ann               Large Market, Jeff St. Clair—“A Wizard,
       VerWiebe and Bob Burford—“43rd Kent           a True Star”                                        Follow WKSU
       State Folk Festival Program Guide”
       First Place—News Releases, Multiple
                                                     Second Place—Best Breaking News
                                                     Coverage, Large Market, Tim Rudell—
                                                                                                         on Facebook
       Releases, Ann VerWiebe—“43rd Kent             “Twinsburg Plant Closes”                            and Twitter.
       State Folk Festival”

2000s                       WKSU expands signal reach even further by adding repeater and transmitter stations, reaching 22 counties in
                            Northeast and Noth Central Ohio and becoming the largest FM signal in the state of Ohio.

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