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					Although my ride is nothing like the batman or the superman both in six
flags Ohio my ride is just as amusing, my ride is called go karts and there
in almost any theme park that you go to, they are one of the most popular
attractions at the theme parks and the have been for a long time I will
explain to you some of the fundamentals of the ride and how go karts
came about.
Here is what my ride looks like
on the game RCT and I used this
program to figure out how my
ride would work and if people
would actually like it
                         1.Newton's first
                         law:defined as inertia
                         has to deal with my
                         whole ride because it is
                         always in motion
                                              2.Newton's second
                                              law: defined as
                                              F=MxD this deals
                                              with how fast you
                                              go because of the
                                              gas pedal

3.Newton's third law: defined as every
action has a equal and opposite reaction
is when you steer and also when you hit
the pedal
4.gravity: defined as force
exerted by any object has to do
with all rides and this deal with
the track and also when you
move in any direction
                            5.friction: defined as forces
                            that oppose motion has to
                            do with the kart and how
                            your body is towards the
6.air resistance: has to do
with the way the wind is
traveling and also the kart to
the track
7.Centripeical force:
doesn’t have nothing to
do with my ride           8.potential energy: has to do with
because my ride is self   the ride only when your in the
controlled                station and your not in motion
                          9.kenetic energy: deals with my ride
                          at all times except for in the station
                          and this is probably the biggest
                          factor of the ride as
F=MxD has to do with
force being exerted the
car during the distance
of the ride
11.electrical energy this only has to 12.mechanical energy as to do with
do with what the ride and how it all my ride because of when its still
functions and it keeps it going       and when its moving

              13.centrifical force this also has
              nothing to do with my ride because it is
              self controlling
This is a picture representing my ride popularity and all of its stats
and how fast it goes and how long your on the ride and all those
sort of fancy things

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