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									                                                                      Henry Street, Five Dock, 2046
                                                                      T: 9713 7044         F: 9712 1256
   RESPECT, PARTICIPATE, BELONG, ACHIEVE                             fivedock-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au
         Term 1, Week 9 - Wednesday 23 March 2011

Dear Parents/Caregivers and Students,

In spite of the rain last Sunday, the working bee organised by one of our OOSH Convenors, Melissa Wormleaton, went ahead. A
huge thank you to those people who braved the awful weather and gave of their time to tidy up and do some painting in the toilets
attached to E Block.


Conversation starter

―Harmony is ...‖.


This week we are holding our Community Breakfast on Friday as a celebration of Harmony Week. Last Friday I worked with the
Student Leaders to put together a short presentation at our morning assembly. We talked about what harmony is and how it’s
important to us, not just at Five Dock Public School, but in the wider world. As always, the children come up with some fantastic
ideas and it is always a privilege to work with them and hear their ideas.


Over the last couple of weeks our training and development activities have involved closely analysing our NAPLAN data in the
area of numeracy. One of the areas of our students’ numeracy development we are focusing on is measurement and we have
been looking at different strategies to increase our students’ understanding of measurement concepts. Ways the parents/
caregivers can help their children develop their measurement concepts are to: Talk with them about time – how long until some-
thing happens, how long something took to do; have them help in the kitchen – estimating how many spoonfuls fill a container,
reading recipes that require measuring out quantities; those parents/caregivers in trades can talk about how they use measure-
ment; and, if gardening, talking about the size of a garden bed, how deep seeds need to be planted or the distance between
seeds. These are just a couple of suggestions. The important thing is for children to understand that what they learn at school
translates to real life.

PBL Focus

The rule we are focusing on this week is:

                                                     ACHIEVE YOUR BEST

                                                   LEARNING FOR LIVING
                                       Term 1, Week 9                                                                     Page 2

The number of tokens for each of the houses were counted last Friday. The tally was:

                                     Giallo – 84, Rosso – 61, Verde - 49 and Azzurro – 44.


A reminder that our first walk through will be tomorrow at 11:45am.


This week’s Principal’s Award goes to Ironbark who are doing some wonderful work in Mathletics to achieve their best! Keep it

Warm regards,


150th Anniversary News

We need assistance mounting photos on display boards for our function on Saturday, 30 April. If you can spare an hour or so,
please let Kerry in the office, know.

If you have recipes you’d like to contribute, or photos, particularly ones from previous decades, please email them to morag-
nap@bigpond.com or the school, fivedock-.school@det.nsw.edu.au or, drop in a hard copy. Any photos need to be in an enve-
lope with all your details for returning them to you. We realise that handing in photos for scanning/copying is giving over some-
thing that is special and want to ensure we can get them back to their owners safely.

If you know of anyone in the community; elderly neighbours or other people who have had a connection to the school, please
invite them to contact us so we can put them on our data base in order to provide them with regular updates of any functions that
may be coming up.

150th   Anniversary Organising Committee


Bookclub orders are expected to arrive on Fri 1 April.

                                                    LEARNING FOR LIVING
                                      Term 1, Week 9                                                                     Page 3

Please note that whilst every effort is made to be accurate, omissions and errors do happen.
We will correct any mistakes as soon as we become aware.
Thu           Mar 24     11.45        Walk through for prospective enrolments in 2012
Fri           Mar 25     8-9.00       Community Breakfast to celebrate Harmony Day
Sat           Mar 26                  State election – helpers needed to work on barbeque and to organise cake stall
Week          Mar 28                  Year 1-6 Parent/Teacher Interviews
Fri           Apr 1                   Moonlight Cinema
Wed           Apr 6                   Cross Country—this date has changed from Thursday, 7 April
Fri           Apr 8                   Easter Hat Parade/Grandfriends’ Day
Term 2
Wed           Apr 27                  Staff return to school for School Development Day
Thu           Apr 28                  Students return to school for Term 2
                                      2012 Preschool enrolment applications open
Sat           Apr 30     11am-1pm     Launch of 150th Celebrations, Opening of School Hall and Oval
Fri           May 6                   2012 Preschool enrolment applications close
                                      Kindergarten cake stall
Tue           May 10                  NAPLAN—Writing

Wed           May 11                  NAPLAN—Reading
                         7.30pm       P&C Meeting in Library
Thu           May 12                  NAPLAN—Numeracy
Fri           May 13     9.10         P&C follow –up meeting in Library
Wed           May 18                  School photos
Thu           May 19                  School photos
Wed           May 25                  Zone Cross Country
                         7.00pm       Band Concert
Thu           May 26     10.30        Walk through for prospective enrolments in 2012
Fri           Jun 1                   Year 1 cake stall
Tue           Jun 7      2.15         Cuppa & Chat - OOSH room
Wed           Jun 22                  Yr 3-6 Athletics Carnival
Thu           Jun 23     2.00         Walk through for prospective enrolments in 2012
Thu           Jun 30                  Yr 3-6 Field Events Carnival
Fri           Jul 1                   Year 2 cake stall
                                      Term 2 concludes


There are still a number of literacy resources that need to be covered with contact. Any parents who could help with covering
these new resources please contact the office. The books can be taken home and covered at your convenience.

                                                  LEARNING FOR LIVING
                                          Term 1, Week 9                                                                         Page 4

The Community Language Program first began at the school in 1981. It is funded under the Community Language Program. All
students receive 2 lessons per week as part of the Italian program.
Learning Italian provides opportunities for students to become more accepting of diversity and more respectful of others. It en-
ables students to gain access to Italy's rich cultural, historical, artistic and literary contributions to the world. The program aims to
develop positive attitudes to further study of other languages and cultures.
Learning Italian supports literacy development. Students learning another language:
      develop understandings of how languages work
      gain an understanding of the English language by understanding the processes of learning another language
      transfer literacy skills developed in another language to English
have access to different cultures and different ways of thinking
 Italian language and culture are taught through a variety of activities such as drama, song, dance, art, games as well as more
traditional methods. The Italian program is integrated with class programs where possible.

CLASS               TAUGHT BY                                      ON

Boronia             Signora Lopes & Signora Gatsas                 Monday & Friday

Coolabah            Signora Lopes & Signora Gatsas                 Tuesday & Friday

Snow Gum            Signora Caputo & Signora Gatsas                Thursday & Friday

Gumnuts             Signora Lopes & Signora Gatsas                 Monday & Wednesday

Wattle              Signora Lopes & Signora Gatsas                 Monday & Wednesday

Waratahs            Signora Lopes & Signora Caputo                 Monday & Thursday

Banksia             Signora Lopes                                  Monday & Tuesday

    Grevillea       Signora Lopes & Signora Gatsas                 Monday & Wednesday

Red Gum             Signora Gatsas                                 Wednesday & Friday

Ironbark            Signora Gatsas & Signora Caputo                Wednesday & Thursday

Xanthorrea          Signora Caputo & Signora Gatsas                Thursday & Friday

Orchid              Signora Lopes & Signora Caputo                 Tuesday & Thursday

Tea Tree            Signora Lopes & Signora Gatsas                 Tuesday & Wednesday

Please feel free to make an appointment to see the relevant teacher to discuss the program or
your child’s progress.

The Italian Teachers

                                                      LEARNING FOR LIVING
                                        Term 1, Week 9                                                                         Page 5

Please provide the school with your new address or contact numbers if they change. We cannot stress how important it is for us
to maintain correct information. Please make sure your details are correct so that in the case of an emergency we can contact
you without delay.

If your child is in Year 6, this is a gentle reminder that all application forms for entry to high school should have been returned last
Friday 18 March. This form must be completed for every student in NSW, whether they will be going to a local, non-local, selec-
tive or private secondary school in 2012.

ELECTION DAY CAKE STALL - 26 March - 8am—12 noon
The P&C will be running a cake stall at the school on Saturday 26th March. The last Election Day Cake Stall
was a huge success, selling out of all cakes and treats and raising nearly $800 for the school. We are asking
all of the school community for your support again in making cakes (whole or cupcakes), slices, biscuits, and
other yummy things to sell on the day.

Paper cake boxes will be available from the canteen to collect, or alternatively please label clearly all your own containers wo
they can be returned the following Monday. Any potential allergens such as nuts, should be highlighted and ingredients included
if possible. Please drop off to canteen on Friday 25th March.

Thank you for your support.


Please support the Five Dock P & C to raise funds for electronic whiteboards while you vote this Saturday at the
Five Dock Public School hall.

There will be a BBQ selling yummy sausages and onion on a roll, as well as bacon and egg rolls. You can even have the lot!
The BBQ will start from 8am till we sell out!

                                               WORKING BEE THANK YOU
 Thank you to the following people who volunteered their time to help with the painting of the top toilet block, fitting new toilet
 seats, cleaning of the bottom toilet block and library windows.
   From OOSH                            Melissa Wormleaton                         Patricia Demicheli
   Marye Joannidis                      Hannah White (Red Gum)                     Christian Persichetti (Iron Bark)
   Samantha Ivancsik
                                        Imanta Harris                              Philip Jones & Charlotte Doud
                                        Kate Harris (Xanthorrea)                   Niamh Jones          (Red Gum)
                                        Vicki Stewart
                                        Anna Stewart (Red Gum)
 OOSH provided all of the paints, toilet seats and materials for this project. Stop by the top toilet block to view the improve-
 Thanks, Melissa
 OOSH Convenor

                                                     LEARNING FOR LIVING
                                  Term 1, Week 9                                      Page 6

The following students received awards at last week’s K-6 Assembly.

Banksia        Zoe H                                        Red Gum      Niamh J
Boronia        Adrian J                                     Snow Gum     Evie M
Coolabah       Leila H                                      Tea Tree     Maddy W
Grevillea      Melanie P                                    Waratahs     Rhiannon C
Gumnuts        Excel A                                      Wattle       Grace P
Ironbark       Milla H                                      Xanthorrea   Matias P
Lillypilly     Valentine S                                  ESL          Kornpol S
Orchid         James F                                      ICT          Jack S

       150                                   LEARNING FOR LIVING
Term 1, Week 9                Page 7

                                       Term 1, Week 9                                                                       Page 8

                                              Frequently Asked Questions
Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the wonderful, enthusiastic response to the moonlight cinema. We are very much looking forward to it! If you have
already placed an order for tickets they will be distributed to your child’s class today (Wednesday 23 March).
Q.      What date is the cinema on?
A.      Friday 1 April
Q.      What time does the movie start?
A.      The gates will open at 6.00 pm with the movie starting at 7.30 pm. Registration for the Beyblade tournament will
        be at 6.00 pm (if you haven’t pre-registered) with the competition starting promptly at 6.30 pm.
Q.      How many people is a ―family‖
A.      Up to 2 adults and 4 children.
Q.      My child wants to play in the Beyblade tournament but doesn’t want to watch the movie. Is this OK?
A.      To enter the Beyblade tournament you must purchase a movie ticket.
Q.      Do we have to pre-order food? Can we buy extra sausages/drinks/popcorn or are we restricted to what we have ordered
A.      It is really helpful to our catering if you pre-order your food. However, we will have extra food and drink available on the
        night and look forward to serving you!
Q.      When do I have to return my order?
A.      You need to return your order by Thursday 31 March 2011. We will also be selling tickets at the gate, but really
        appreciate everyone pre-ordering.
Q.      I have some friends that would like to come. Are they allowed?
A.      Yes definitely! Invite everyone. This event is open to the general public.
Q.      I have lost my order form, can I get another one?
A.      Yes, spare order forms are available at the school office and from OOSH.
Q.      Can one child enter the Beyblade competition more than once?

A.      I checked with Brad from Anime and you can only put in one entry per person.
                                                          Silent Auction
On the night we will have the following items up for silent auction. Please come ready to bid!
    Party for 10 at Corner Cubby House (value $250)
    3 x Women’s Weekly Hard Cover cookbooks (these look fabulous). These will individually auctioned.
    2 x $50 Bunnings Vouchers (indivicually auctioned)
    2 x $50 Supabarn Vouchers (individually auctioned)
    Plaster Painting Party to the value of $100
    Do It Yourself Decorating Book
    Wine Pack with platter
    2 x bottles of wine (individualy auctioned)
    Tennis camp at GM Tennis, Cintra Park valued at $150
    Tennis court hire valued at $36
Tickets will be available to purchase on the night - $2 per ticket or 3 for $5. Thanks to our very generous donors for the following
     2 prizes of a haircut, colour and style from Hair to Toe, Drummoyne (each prize valued at between $95 and $135)
     Bunnings $100 gift voucher
     Perfume Pack ($125)
     Supabarn Voucher $100
     Imagine Photography Session
There will be 6 winners drawn on the night during intermission. First person drawn gets first choice of the above prizes, second
person gets the next choice and so on!

                                               Lolly Guessing Competition
We will also be running a guess the number of lollies in the vase competition. The vase is a beautiful Mikasa vase.

Please support our generous sponsors (see their ads that are attached). We
                              LEARNING FOR our
        really appreciate their support ofLIVINGevent and our school!

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