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					                                100 Marathon Club
                                            Newsletter no.1 -2006

                     Warren D‟Rozario completing his 100th marathon in Atlanta

                                Winner of the Photo of the Year 2005

The aims of the Club are:
 1 To provide a focal point for runners in the United Kingdom and Ireland who have completed 100 or more
   races of marathon distance or longer.
 2 To maintain a database of marathon statistics relating to members’ achievements.
 3 To promote and organise various marathon challenges for members.
 4 To assist members to enter races of marathon distance and longer, individually and collectively.
 5 To share knowledge and experience and encourage newcomers to the sport of marathon running.
 6 To assist the organisers of road marathons in the British Isles by providing constructive feedback.
 7 To promote road marathons in the British Isles.

    In Memoriam: Basia Szlachetka

    1. Editorial (Peter Graham)

    2. Chairman‟s Report (Roger Biggs)

    3. Membership Form

    4. Club Statistics

    5. Members in the News

    6. Club Competitions
       UK & Ireland Road Marathon Shield
       Photo of the Year
       UK & Ireland Counties Challenge

    7. Forthcoming Events
       UK & Ireland Marathons
       UK, Ireland & Foreign Ultras
       European Marathons

    8. 100MC Overseas Travel Club

    9. Race Results/Reports

    10. Readers‟ Letters

    11. Club Kit

    12. Addenda:
        Minutes of the 100 Marathon Club AGM held 4 Dec 2005
        Minutes of the Committee Meeting held 9 Jan 2006
        UK & Ireland Counties Challenge Form
        Entry Form – Crawley 6 & 12 hour track race – 8 April

                                                     Club Committee
        Roger Biggs – Chairman
        Peter Graham – Secretary
        Tad Lancucki – Treasurer
        Peter Burns
        Dave Major
        Dave Phillips

        Club Bank account:-
        Alliance & Leicester Community Account No. 72-06-00 574245189

        Club Magazine:-
        Published quarterly Feb May Aug Nov
        Editor – Peter Graham
        Articles & letters for inclusion should be with the Editor two weeks before publication date.

      In Memoriam:           Barbara Szlachetka - born 17.05.1956                            died 24.11.2005

Basia Szlachetka, Club member no 189, died at the age of 49 on 24th November 2005 at home in Hamburg after a year
and a half fighting cancer. She was looked after devotedly by Christian Hottas throughout her illness.

In the autumn of 1997 whilst working in Germany to provide for her family in Poland she saw a marathon on the TV.
Without any training she ran a half marathon, then on 15.11.1997 her first Marathon. Her first Ultra she ran just four
weeks later. She completed her 100 marathons in less than two years (1 y 11 m 24 d).

Her achievements in her short running career were remarkable.

She specialised in track, indoor and road races from 12 to 72 hours in which she held all Polish national records (total,
road, indoor & track) as well as the European record 48 hour on road and from 2000 to 2001 the W40 age group record
48 hours indoor. She represented her country, Poland, at 24-hours. She won bronze medals at the 48-hour World
Championships 2000 and World Cup 2001.

In June 1998, still in her first full Marathon year, she became for the first time German W40 age group champion over 24
hours. In 1999 she ran her first 48-hour and achieved her first Polish record (at that time 251 km). She also achieved
Polish records over 12 hours, 24 hours and 72 hours on various surfaces. All those records have not been beaten. She
became International German champion over 24 hours and European record holder over 48 hours on the road in 2003.

In the year 2000, less than three years after her Marathon debut, she became a member of the official Polish national
team and represented her country at 24-hours in the European championships in 2000, 2001 and 2003 as well as the
world championships in 2001 and 2003.

She won bronze medals in the IAU 48 Hours World Championship indoor 2000 (284,053 km, at the time a W40 world
record) and the IAU 48 Hours World Cup indoor 2001.

In Spartathlon 2003 at her first attempt she finished third woman and, behind two Japanese, as best European in

In July 2004, few days before a 48-hour race in Cologne, she went with acute stomach pain to hospital. An advanced
cancer was diagnosed. Despite approximately 50 chemotherapy sessions and other treatments she still ran up to July
2005 24 Marathons and three Ultras "just for fun”.

Altogether she ran 279 marathons and 57 ultras, 336 in total.

Basia was a devoted mother to two children, Katarzyna and Krzystof. She was always full of fun, always ready for a good
time out with her friends. She ran several races in the UK and Ireland. In 2000 she was one of the first female finishers of
the Grand Union Canal 145 Miles Trail Race from Birmingham to London, running more than 50 % of that distance with
terrible blisters. She was first woman in the 100 Club‟s Greenwich Foot Tunnel Centenary Marathon in 2002.

She will be missed.

A fund has been set up to pay for her two children‟s further education. If anyone wishes to contribute please send to Peter
Graham who will pass on to the trustees.
1. Editorial

Welcome to the first Newsletter of 2006.

I am delighted to say we now have over 100 Members/Wanabees paid up in 2006.The Club will be issuing Membership
Cards to all Members who have joined.

I would like to welcome to the 100 Marathon Club Committee Peter Burns and David Philips. Also thank Merv Nutburn for
his help in 2005.

I believe it is important that we do hold our own races and in 2005 Club Members Chris Seeney and Peter & Moira Reed
did organise two great events. So it is great that the Club is building on this and holding our own 100 Marathon Club
Event. The idea of also incorporating our AGM so Members could turn up at the meeting afterwards also in my view is a
good idea. So if you are interested in running or if you do not want to run but could offer some help that would be much

There will also be the same competition as we did last year to see who can run the most UK Road Marathons. Colin
Longworth won this competition last year completing 25 Road Marathons. In 2002 we looked at doing a County
Challenge. Now, committee member Peter Burns has been given the job of taking this forward and I hope for many
Members who do NOT travel abroad this will be a chance to achieve another fun target.

If any Member wishes to mention a special Event that they are doing or produce a race report for the next Newsletter
please let me know .We will be doing the next Newsletter at the start of May.

The London Marathon place went to Howard Bailey. We had a draw just before Christmas and his name was pulled out of
the hat.

If any member who receives the newsletter by email wishes to be sent a hard copy, please let me know.

Peter Graham

2. Chairman’s Comments

Opening Gambit                                                                 Fu, (approaching wannabe status), Warren
                                                                               & Danny during the Calvia Marathon
Bearing in mind we are volunteers, fitting the 100 Marathon Club into our
normal lives, then I think 2005 was a good year. Of course we would like
to have done more, so we will strive to do even better in 2006. The
website was upgraded; new kit introduced and range still extending;
membership cards produced; UK Marathon Challenge; Photo of the
Year; all culminating in a well attended AGM following the Luton

While it has not always been possible to pull it all together in a timely
manner, there have been plenty of trips with numbers into double
figures. Genk, Night of Flanders/MittelRhein, Kasterlee and the end of
season bash in Mallorca probably being the highlights. Already in 2006,
18 members and friends paid a 2 visit to Genk, followed very recently
by another 18 travelling to Apeldoorn to welcome Michaela into the club
                   Post Calvia presentation
                                                                  as a wannabe! As you should be well aware, I travelled the
                                                                 globe in my Continent quest, and also managed to meet up
                                                                 with 6 of our foreign members in the process.

                                                              The bad news is that as hard as we try, the Committee
                                                              cannot take the club forward on its own; we do need your
                                                              help. Take a look at the sections on the Website and the
                                                              2006 AGM Marathon, and consider if there is anything you
                                                              can do to help.

                                                              I know that the subject of email is a contentious issue. You
                                                              cannot avoid the fact, that it is so easy to send an email, but
                                                              we must make sure that all members get the regular
                                                              newsletter, if nothing else. It will be the intention that non-PC
                                                              users get all communications, but there is likely to be a
                                                              delay, and sometimes, several communications might be

batched. Obviously, if you could find a friend or relation who is prepared to pass on emails etc, that would be great! To
make things equal would mean reducing the current service to email users, which I don‟t think anyone would agree is
taking the club forward.

Lastly in my opening gambit, could I thank outgoing committee member Merv Nutburn for his efforts in 2005, and
welcome aboard new committee members Peter Burns & Dave Phillips. It goes without saying that thanks go out to Peter
Graham (Secretary), Tad Lancucki (Treasurer) and Dave Major (kit), who remain on the committee into 2006.

Vetting & Statistics

At the time of going to press I had received lists from 85 members, not bad, but still a few to get!! We have said it‟s not
compulsory for previous members, but of course we would prefer that you did. We want to be the UK encyclopaedia of
marathon running, and be able to say without contradiction that the figures quoted are correct, so if you can find your way
to producing a list, that would be great!

While I will pick up results from the Internet, it is your responsibility to keep me up-to-date after I‟ve had the original lists.
This is why I encourage spreadsheets, so that you can just add new races on the bottom and re-send. If this is not for
you, telephone; text; bits of paper; anything will do.

Amended Rules

At the first committee meeting of 2006, the matter of what is and isn‟t a marathon was discussed. A year in, with a lot of
lists submitted it was agreed that the current rules did not best fit the actual position. To follow the constitution, then we
are not actually allowed to change the rules outside of an AGM. We are hence calling this an interim measure that
hopefully you will endorse at the 2006 AGM.

Personally I had always intended that the words „road‟ and „trail‟ were tags to represent accurate and not accurate. For
the vast majority of marathons these tags fit the bill. The only obvious exception I can think of is the White Peak
Marathon. This has a permit, is called a marathon, hence must be accurate. So while we know this as a trail marathon, it
actually gets put in the road category.

Ok, that‟s the easy bit. Our rules state that 26 miles can count, as the distance is an approximation. To take the rules to
the letter of the law, 26.1 miles doesn‟t, as this suggests that it has been measured in some way and is therefore short.
As 26.1 miles is very close to the metric equivalent of 26 miles, ie. 42km, it would make a nonsense if we allowed 42km
and rejected 26.1 miles. There are a variety of events out there that may or may not call themselves marathons, that
come up a little bit over. As those of us who do these on a regular basis know, in actual terms the advertised distance
does sometimes mean very little!

Ask any Ultra runner, and they probably tell you that an Ultra starts at 30 miles / 50km. So what do we do with the in
between? At the end of the day we are a marathon club, so we have decided to draw the marathon limit at 26.9 miles
(43.3km), with anything above being called an ultra. As I have always said, what you do with your personal records
outside the club is up to you, but for stats inside the club, this rule will apply. I guess the first casualty that I can think of is
the Daffodil Dawdle, which this year is advertised at 27 miles!


Although transparent to the members, the website has been upgraded to allow for the forum and quite a bit of data. The
„forum‟ can be accessed from its own button on the left. You will need to key a user-id and passport. To start with this will
be the same for all. This is intended to be a members‟ only section, so please do not pass on the details to non members.
User id: 100Clubber, password: Alaska - both are case sensitive!! Obviously we would appreciate if comments are
appropriate, non-offensive and clean!

The committee suggests that members use this to say where you are running. This may help with transport and tell you
that there will be a friendly face when you arrive.

In overall terms the 2 things I use all the time are the foreign marathon links, accessed via the „links‟ button, and the UK
marathon list, accessed via the „events‟ button. I‟ve split the foreign marathons geographically and kept them all in date
sequence. The UK list includes all the marathons in the competition plus any of the trail marathons that meet the rules.
(See above)

I‟m sure you will all agree that the „photo gallery‟ took a giant step forward recently. Unfortunately, the local person who
was helping me is unable to continue. Simply put, I cannot find the time to do this plus keep everything else going. As I‟ve
always said, when you start to work on a website, time ceases to exist!

Is there anyone out there with the skills and/or inclination to help me with the website? If so, please let me know. Even
just 1 hour spent each week would make such a difference.
(At the time of going to press, I had 2 volunteers, so keep those photos coming in. There will probably a lull while I get
things rolling, but after that we should see regular photo updates.)
100 Marathon Club Medal & Pins

                                       Here are photos of
                                       my 100 Marathon
                                       Club Medal in its
                                       case with the pins
                                       we suggested at the
                                       AGM. The one with
                                       the sellotape is the
                                       actual printing,
                                       while the other two
                                       are the North
                                       America version.
                                       As you can see, I
                                       personally have
                                       100, 200 & 300. I
                                       have had a lot of
                                       interest generated from my email, but if you haven‟t already advised me, please do
                                       so asap. We are actually getting them done in the States, and I intend to place an
                                       order so that I can pick them up when I go to Arkansas in early march. Cost is likely
                                       to be around £3/£4 each.

                                       Following on from the comments made at the AGM, we are looking at changing the
                                       centre piece of the medal to have „100 Marathon Club‟ embossed on it. This would
                                       then make the medal unique, and of course has the advantage that you could
                                       easily change your existing centre for the new one. We will report to the members
                                       once this has been costed.

2006 AGM Marathon

At the AGM a handicap marathon (slowest start first) was suggested as a pre-cursor to the 2006 AGM. The marathon
would take place on Sunday, 17 December 2006. It is intended that we have a 3k lap within the Fairlands Valley Park,
Stevenage, at the location of the Fairlands Valley Challenge. I would not get involved unless it was a properly constituted
marathon, as such it will be measured and count towards the Challenge competition.

Again, responses to my email have shown that we have enough support to go ahead with this event. If you have not
already done so, please respond in terms of running and supplying helpers. The entry fee will be set to break even on the


Don‟t forget that all the contact email addresses have a purpose, so do use them. Using the addresses below gives you a
better chance of getting through to the correct person, especially when I‟m not around.

As previously stated, in most cases the recipient will reply from his/her personal email, but that‟s fine, as you have now
made contact with the appropriate person.

General Enquiries -
Members Broadcast Messages -
Members race results -
Order Club Kit -
Interested in a trip! -
Photos for the Photo gallery -

Roger Biggs
Chairman 100 Marathon Club

3. Membership Form

                                                                                  100 Marathon Club

                                      Membership Application Form - Full / Associate
Full Name:
Date of Birth:

Telephone Number:
First Claim Club:
I wish to join the 100 Marathon Club as a first claim member? Yes / No
I declare that I am an amateur as defined by UK Athletics rules and that I am eligible to join the 100 Marathon
Club. I enclose a cheque for £10 made payable to 100 Marathon Club.
New members should show proof they have run the required number of marathons by either providing a paper
list with this form, or sending an electronic list (preferred) to
I am enclosing a list of all my marathons?                          Yes / No
I have sent a list via email?                                       Yes / No
Fees are set at the AGM. For 2006 the joining fee for both Full and Associate** Members is £10.
For 2006 the renewal subscription fees are £10 Full & £8 Associate. In the year after joining renewal fees may
be reduced by a percentage based on the quarter of the year the member joined.
** Known as ‘Wannabe’, for those who have completed at least 50 marathons/ultras.

Signed: ......................................................................
Date: .........................................................................
Please send this completed form (& list if appropriate), enclosing your cheque to the Club Secretary:
Peter Graham, 2 Trinity Court, Trinity Road, London N2 8JH.

4. Club Statistics

The Stats so Far! by Roger Biggs:

Below are those members who have submitted their races for scrutiny. This is updated to the last point I was advised by

I will continue to gather results from the Internet etc, however, I will only advance marathon totals when specifically
advised by the member. It has to be your responsibility, as spelling mistakes and duplicates (we now have 2 „David
Lewis‟), mean I can‟t guarantee I have these correct. Of course, you never run in someone else‟s name, do you?
(For the record, I‟m going to refer to the Blackheath David as „Dave‟ and the Eltham David as „David‟)

The debate will always go on about what is and what isn‟t a marathon. If you disagree or would like the opportunity to
mention other events outside of the rules, we would welcome linking an article to your race history online. Going forward
this could be achievements and include a photograph.

                         No of     No of                                                                     Year of
                         Road      Trail     Total   No of                   Up to &                          100th
C’try Name             Marathons Marathons Marathons Ultras           TOTAL   Incl.           Event         Marathon
 UK Paul Allsop            77        14        91      2                93  29Oct05       Beachy Head           -
 UK Derek Appleton        100        0        100      0               100  27Oct91         Maidstone         1991
 UK Chas Avis              12        71        83      29              112  02Oct05     Flower of Suffolk     2004
 UK Howard Bailey          60        8         68      32              100  04Jun05     Dartmoor Dis 32m      2005
 UK Roger Biggs           207       143       350      14              364  11Dec05      Calvia, Majorca      1996
 UK Jack Brooks           115        30       145      1               146  04Dec05           Luton           2003
 UK Martin Bulger          70        57       127      7               134  14Aug05      Salisbury ORM        1905
 UK Peter Burns           166        3        169      0               169  20Mar05        Mediterrani        1999
 UK Martin Bush           380        19       399      1               400  16Oct05         Abingdon          1995
 UK Janet Cobby            41        39        80      20              100  28May05     Grand Union 145       2005
 UK Tony Cotton           118        14       132     132              132  17Apr05          London           1994
 UK Selina Da Silva        96        20       116      30              146  20Nov05          Cornish          2003
 UK John Dawson           136        24       160      2               162  31Dec05       San Silvestro       2003
 UK Kevin Day              51        10        61      4                65  06Nov05          Athens             -
 UK Warren D'Rozario      121        5        126      1               127  27Nov05         Benidorm          2004
 UK Steve Edwards         388        14       402      11              413  04Dec05           Luton           1990
 UK Darren Fazackerley    101        3        104      ??              104  16Apr00          London           1998
 UK Peter Ferris          209        13       222      39              261  31Oct05           Dublin          1996
 UK Ivan Field            181        28       209      16              225  05Mar05       FinDelMundo         1993
 UK Mike Gaunt             68        31        99      7               106  23Oct04       Beachy Head         2004
 UK John Gibson           104        4        108      1               109  19Sep04          Warsaw           2002
 UK Brian Glover           17        44        61      51              112  06Nov05     Steppingley ORM       2004
 UK Eric Good             141        7        148      ??              148  11Apr99          Bungay           1992
 UK Ted Goodreid          120        9        129      ??              129  13Jun04       Caen, France        1997
 UK Richard Griffin        86        22       108      10              118  05Jun05        Stockholm          2004
 UK Richard Gurd           77        33       110      4               114  18Sep05        New Forest         2004
 UK John Hiscox            51        0         51      ??               51  21Sep05             ??              -
 UK John Horgan            90        11       101      0               101  12Dec04      Calvia, Majorca      2004
 UK Brent Iddles          199        24       223      4               227  20Nov05          Cornish          1993
 UK Gilbert John          189        43       232      37              269  01May05        Three Forts        1993
 UK Chris Johnson          41        16        57      54              111  28May05        Chiltern 100       2003
 UK Danny Kay             251        19       270      0               270  15May05         Halstead          1994
 UK Dave King              51        22        73      5                78   17Jul05     F.V. Chall ORM         -
 UK Nick Kyritsis          62        19        81      0                81  18Dec06     Mole Valley ORM         „-
 UK Tad Lancucki          210        33       243      21              264  13Nov05     Br'meadow ORM         1999
 UK Dave Lewis             88       101       189      24              213  02Oct05      Clarendon Way          -
 UK David Lewis            37        16        53      0                53  04Sep05       Kent Coastal          -
 UK Gina Little           102        69       171      27              198  11Dec05      Calvia, Majorca      1999
 UK Dave Major            120        30       150      5               155  18Dec05     Mole Valley ORM       2004
 UK Linda Major            51        23        74      0                74  11Dec05      Calvia, Majorca        -
 UK John McFarlane        116        2        118      2               120  12Jun05         Edinburgh         1992
 UK Noel McInerney        100        0        100      0               100  31Oct05           Dublin          2005
                             No of     No of                                                              Year of
                             Road      Trail     Total   No of             Up to &                         100th
C’try Name                 Marathons Marathons Marathons Ultras     TOTAL   Incl.           Event        Marathon
  UK Brian Mills              480        53       533      6         539  10Apr05         Rotterdam        1993
  UK David Moles              106        36       142      4         146  12Dec04      Calvia, Majorca     2003
  UK Mike Newbitt             226       262       488      50        538  31Dec05       San Silvestro      1992
  UK Michaela Norton-Ly        28        22        50      0          50  04Feb06         Apeldoorn          -
  UK Fiona Nutburn             50        60       110      32        142  17Oct04      Founders ORM        2003
  UK Merv Nutburn             169       107       276      87        363  07Nov04        Stevenage         1996
  UK Anne Oakes               100        0        100      0         100  06Nov05         New York         2005
  UK Wally Oakes              277        0        277      ??        277  11Dec05      Calvia, Majorca     1994
 Eire Collette O'Hagan        115        2        117      7         124  31Oct05           Dublin         2003
  UK Ken Ottley                12        66        78      20         98  26Feb05       Belvoir ORM          -
  UK Carol Paul                63        60       123      1         124  31Dec05       San Silvestro      2004
  UK John Poidevin            118        18       136      4         140  18Dec05     Mole Valley ORM      2000
  UK Colin Poole              112        35       147      15        162  04Dec05         Las Vegas        2001
  UK Moira Reed                85        42       127      7         134  11Dec06      Calvia, Majorca     2004
  UK Peter Reed                77        41       118      8         126  11Dec06      Calvia, Majorca     2004
  UK Keith Robbins             55        10        65      36        101  01May05        Three Forts       2005
  UK Dave Ryder               108        0        108      0         108  24Apr05       Shakespeare        2004
  UK Bill Salkeld              50        44        94      6         100   17Jul05     F.V. Chall ORM      2005
  UK Peter Sargeant           136        34       170      53        223  03Oct99     London/Brighton      1991
  UK Chris Seeney              56        51       107      ??        107   10Jul05    Rottingdean ORM      2005
  UK David Sill                36        18        54      73        129  11Dec05      Calvia, Majorca     2003
  UK Peter Simpson             52        1         53      70        123  11Dec05      Calvia, Majorca     2002
  UK Michael.J Smith           54        7         61      0          61  16Oct05         Abingdon           -
  UK Pam Storey                60        4         64      26         90  31Oct05           Dublin           -
  UK Don Taylor                65        4         69      2          71  30Jan05         Ocala, FL          -
  UK Siri Terjesen             42        16        58      14         72   10Jul05    Rottingdean ORM        -
  UK Dougie Tobutt            100        1        101      ??        101  11Dec05      Calvia, Majorca     2005
  UK Gary Wade                 59        6         65      0          65  25Sep05          Anglesey          -
  UK John Walshaw             102        0        102      0         102  19Jun05         Blackpool        2004
  UK Osy Waye                  93        5         98      1          99  13Nov05            Beirut          -
  UK Andy Wilmot              255        74       329      29        358  01May05      Heritage Coast      1994
  UK Robin Wilson             223        25       248      30        278  27Nov05        La Rochelle       1992
  UK Rush Yadave               49        2         51      0          51  18Dec05     Mole Valley ORM        -
 USA Tom Adair                167        4        171      38        209  10Dec05      Texas Trail 50k     2000
Latvia Gunars Akerbergs       261        0        261      14        275  03Sep05         Drammen          1990
 USA Paula Boone              129        ??       129      10        139  19Feb05       Myrtle Beach       2003
 USA Steve Boone              252        ??       252      18        270  19Feb05       Myrtle Beach       1997
 Can Jean Champoux            153        2        155      ??        155  26Oct97       Niagara Falls      1993
 USA Bob Dolphin              318        1        319      44        363  13Aug05      Crater Lake, OR     1991
 USA Larry Macon              165        0        165      ??        165  26Mar05       Tri State, UT      2004
 UAE Allan Nimmo               96        0         96      9         105  03Apr05           Zurich         2004
  NL Dick Van Es               85                  85      18        103  30Oct05        Brabant, NL       2005
 USA John Wallace             236        6        242      0         242  07May05           Krakow         1996
 Italy Gregorio Zucchinali    152        14       166      33        199  31Oct05           Dublin         2001

5. Members in the News

Danny Kay was hit by a car while out running last Friday. He has had an operation on his ankle/foot, and will be out of
action for quite a few weeks. If you would like to cheer him up with a card, his address is:
8 Cranmore Close, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, BA14 9BU

Congratulations to Roger Biggs who received the 'Sportsman of the Year' award given by his local newspaper the
Stevenage Comet, representing North Herts, for the completing marathons on the 7 continents!
Roger was also nominated in the categories for Veteran Achievement and Against all Odds!

6. Club Competitions

The 100MC UK & Ireland Road Marathon Shield - by Roger Biggs

                                                    While many us will continue to run on the trails at home and on the roads
                                                    abroad, the idea of this competition was to support UK & Ireland road
                                                    marathons. We all have our views, but we also know that the real
                                                    marathon distance is 26m 386y (42.195km). I think I can say that the
                                                    competition was a great success, with Colin Longworth being a worthy
                                                    winner with 20 marathons out of a possible 24. (This latter figure
                                                    includes 1 Saturday/Sunday double, but rules out all same day clashes.

                                                    Those that received awards for 2005 were:
                                                    Colin Longworth, Brent Iddles, Steve Edwards, John Dawson, Danny
                                                    Kay, Martin Bush & Selina Da Silva

                                                    It was the will of the AGM to continue with this competition in 2006. The
                                                    committee has decided though to remove the anomaly around the
                                                    London Marathon, hence no trail events will count in 2006.

Photo of the Year - by Roger Biggs

The other competition in 2005 was the „Photo of the Year‟. The winning photo was actually taken in 2004, but not sent in
until 2005. The winning photo will be included within this newsletter, and hopefully by the time you read this, convict
Warren D‟Rozario will have received his framed photo (see front cover).
This year we will keep the competition to the strict calendar year 2006. Photos should be taken by the runner or
supporters. Official race photos are not eligible for the competition (but are welcome for the website).
Please send your photos to leaving the photo in a high resolution.

The UK & Ireland Counties Challenge - by Peter Burns

The Club Committee has decided to establish a Challenge to members, and other runners, to complete a race of
marathon distance or longer in as many of the counties of the United Kingdom and the Irish Republic as possible. Not all
counties currently host such an event but, as the challenge progresses, we hope that this situation will change and that
organisers will be persuaded to organise events in those counties where currently there is none.

The rules of the Challenge and the list of counties are set out below. Runners who have already run a qualifying event in
20 or more counties are invited to submit their record for consideration and inclusion in a league table that will be
compiled and published in the next Newsletter. Participants will then need to send updated information quarterly so that
the league table can be kept up to date. Information should be provided showing the date and name of the event and the
county claimed, ideally on a copy of the form supplied below. Additional information may be requested and must be
supplied where the details of a particular event cannot easily be verified. Records should be sent to Peter Burns
preferably by email to or by mail to 29, Avenue Road, Witham, Essex CM8 2DT. Records
should be submitted before 31 March 2006 so that the first table can be included in the next Newsletter.

Initially, a certificate will be awarded when a runner has “collected” 50 counties. Issue of further milestone certificates will
be considered in due course in the light of responses to the Challenge and records submitted.

The Challenge Rules:

To complete races of marathon distance or longer in as many different counties of the United Kingdom and
Ireland as possible.

The Aims:

a.   To encourage runners to enter UK & Irish marathons and ultras they have not run before.
b.   To encourage runners to support new UK & Irish marathons and ultras.
c.   To encourage runners who have only run road marathons to try the off-road and ultra experience.
d.   To persuade organisers to introduce distance events in those counties that do not currently have any.

Some counties listed do not currently hold races of marathon distance or longer. They may, however, hold such events in
the future. Once the Challenge is in operation we may be able to form a significant lobby group for new races or organise
some ourselves as a Club.

The Challenge is open to all runners not just 100 Marathon Club members.
A list of participating runners and their totals will be published in the quarterly club newsletter to encourage a spirit of
friendly competition. Runners will be listed once they have completed races in 20 different counties.

Runners wishing to participate in the Challenge should provide quarterly updates, if appropriate.

Solely for the purpose of this challenge the following rules should be applied .

Only races should be included. Training runs should not be included, whatever the distance run. Distance runs of a “non-
competitive” nature, often undertaken for charitable purposes by one or two runners should not be included. Runs of
marathon distance or more in counties with no such races should not be included.

Race definition: - An official event open to all applicants (occasionally subject to entry limits or qualification restrictions),
advertised beforehand in the running press, on the web, by leaflets at other races or some similar manner. Normally but
not always, competitive. Normally at least 3 participants. Results available.

The runner must have completed the whole race and have run (jogged, walked) the whole course (unless misdirected by
the organisers) for the race to count. For example, dropping out at the marathon distance in an ultra race cannot be
counted for the Challenge unless this was advertised beforehand as part of the race rules. The declared race distance
counts (the runner is not penalised if the race distance subsequently appears to be short).

Marathons: - Races where the distance measured and stated by organisers is 26m 385y (26.2 miles) / 42.195 km (42.2
kilometres) on the road or, for trail marathons, accepting that exact measurement is not possible, approximated i.e. 26m
or 42km. Races less than marathon distance should not be included e.g. 25m or 40km.

Ultra Marathons: - Road or trail races of distance longer than marathon.

Stage Races: - Races over several days with a set distance each day. One of the stages must be of marathon distance or
longer for the race to count. A stage race counts as one event unless two or more stages are of marathon distance or
longer, each of those stages can be entered separately, and separate stage results are published. Where all of these
conditions are satisfied stages of at least marathon length may be counted separately.

Where a race runs through more than one county, the county in which the race starts, finishes or travels through may be
counted but only one county can be counted in that race and that race may be counted only once.

The same race may not be counted twice e.g. same course different name, same name slight change of course.
Races, which no longer exist, may be counted.
In the case of a dispute the decision of the Club committee is final.

The Counties Challenge form is appended.

7. Forthcoming Events by Roger Biggs

Pam Storey is putting on a 6/12 hour track race in Crawley on the 8 April. Beginners welcome! Entry form below.
After the great success of his first marathon in November Chris Seeney is putting on another on the 14 April.

UK & Ireland Marathons        Hyperlink may be website or email

2006        2006 Competition: Marathons of the exact distance of 26m 385yds, held in the United Kingdom
            and Ireland. (Event should hold a recognised permit) All qualifying events in CAPITALS below
            Events in green are email addresses
            If it's not on this list, under 100 Marathon Club rules, it isn't considered a marathon
            (please contact us with any queries)
Jan.15      Cold Christmas to Good Easter (TR/F).
Feb.25      Devon Coastal (TR).
Feb.26      New Forest (OR/ldwa).
Mar.5       Steyning Stinger (TR), Wendover Gap (OR/F).
Mar.12      DUCHY .
Mar.19      DUMFRIES .
Mar.26      CONNEMARA (Ireland).
Apr.1       Charnwood (OR,Leics).
Apr.2       BUNGAY, Taunton .
Apr.14      Good Friday (OR/F, Stratford).
Apr.22      Bath Beat (OR), Caythorpe Canter (OR,Leics).

Apr.30        Neolithic (MT), Three Forts (MT/F).
May.1         BELFAST (F).
May.7         SHAKESPEARE (F), Dundee (Prov Date).
May13         Waendel (OR/F).
May.14        HALSTEAD (F), Waendel (OR/F).
May.21        50th ISLE OF WIGHT (F).
Jun.4         BLACKPOOL
Jun.11        EDINBURGH (F), Hedonic Path (OR, Rushden), South Downs (Trail).
Jul.23        Fairlands Valley Challenge (OR/F).
Aug.6         Dovedale Dipper (OR).
Aug.13        ISLE OF MAN, Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 (OR/F).
Aug.27        LONGFORD (Ireland)
Aug.28        Pathfinder (OR,Cambs).
Sep.3         MORAY
Sep.10        Mablethorpe , ROBIN HOOD .
Sep.17        NEW FOREST .
Sep.24        ANGLESEY (F).
Oct.1         LOCH NESS .
Oct.29        SNOWDONIA (F).
Oct.30        DUBLIN (Ireland).

UK, Ireland & Foreign Ultras           Hyperlink may be website or email

Jan.8         Winter Tanners 30m (OR/ldwa,Leatherhead).
Jan.28        MOB Tring to Town 45m (OR).
Feb.12        Draycote Water 35m (Rugby), Punchbowl 30m (OR/ldwa).
Feb.18        Thames Meander 54m (MT).
Feb.25        Libyan Dessert Challenge 190km.
Mar.8         100km Del Sahara (F/Tunisia).
Mar.25        Compton Full Fat 40m (OR), Daffodil Dawdle 27m (OR/F).
Apr.2         Gloucester 100km.
Apr.8         Crawley 12hr/6hr (Track) Entry form appended below, Calderdale Hike 35m (OR,Yorks).
Apr.15        Two Oceans 56k (South Africa).
May.6         East Hull 24hr (Track/F), Ridgeway 40m (TR/ldwa).
May.13        Fellsman 61m (OR/F).
May.27        Grand Union Canal 145m (TR).
Jul.8         Lyke Wake 42m (OR, Yorks).
Jul.29        Davos (TR,Switz).
Aug.5         Caerphilly Summits Challenge 31m (OR).
Aug.13        Boddington 50k
Sep.3         Marathon of Britain (6 days), Coventry Way 40m (OR).
Sep.30        Lake Tahoe 72m.
Oct.29        Himalayan 100 mile (5 days).

European Marathons

Genk Marathon 15Jan06 (Belgium)                                        St.Pauli-Elbtunnel Marathon 29Jan06 (Germany)
Apeldoorn Marathon 04Feb06 (Netherlands)                               Valencia Marathon 19Feb06 (Spain)
Seville Marathon 26Feb06 (Spain)                                       Malta Marathon 05Mar06
Paphos Marathon 12Mar06 (Cyprus)                                       Treviso Marathon 12Mar06 (Italy)
Barcelona Marathon 26Mar06 (Spain) Original marathon‟s back!           Rome Marathon 26Mar06
Paris Marathon 09Apr06 (France)                                        Rotterdam Marathon 09Apr06 (Netherlands)
Zurich Marathon 09Apr09 (Switzerland)                                  Leidsche-Rijn-City Marathon 17Apr06 (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Hamburg Marathon 23Apr06 (Germany)                           London Marathon 23Apr06
Wroclaw Marathon 23Apr06 (Poland)                            Geneve Marathon 30Apr06 (Switzerland)
Madrid Marathon 30Apr06 (Spain)                              Salzburg Marathon 30Apr06 (Austria)
Krakow Marathon 06May06 (Poland)                             Dusseldorf Marathon 07May06 (Germany)
Vienna Marathon 07May06 (Austria)                            Prague Marathon 14May06 (Czech Rep)
Riga Marathon 20May06 (Latvia)                               Copenhagen Marathon 21May06 (Denmark)
Europe Marathon 27May06 (Luxembourg)                         Stockholm Marathon 03Jun06 (Sweden)
Liechtenstein Marathon 10Jun06                               Spitzbergen Marathon 10Jun06 (Norway)
Caen Marathon 11Jun06 (France)                               Night of Flanders Marathon 16Jun06 (Belgium)
Midnight Sun Marathon 17Jun06 (Tromso, Norway)               Mont Saint-Michel Marathon 17Jun06 (France)
Leiden Marathon 18Jun06 (Netherlands)                        MittelRhein Marathon 18Jun06 (Germany)
White Nights Marathon 24Jun06 (Russia, St Petersburg)        Mont Blanc Marathon 26Jun05 (France)
Brugge Marathon 02Jul06 (Belgium)                            Tallinn Marathon 08Jul06 (Estonia)
Zermatt Marathon 08Jul06 (Switzerland)                       Torshavn Marathon 16Jul06 (Faroes)
Helsinki Marathon 19Aug06 (Finland)                          Reykjavik Marathon 19Aug06 (Iceland)
Brussels Marathon 27Aug06 (Belgium)                          Basel City Marathon 03Sep06 (Switzerland)
Marathon du Medoc 09Sep06 (France)                           Vilnius Marathon 10Sep05 (Lithuania)
Jungfrau Marathon 10Sep05 (Switzerland)                      In Flanders Fields Marathon 11Sep05 (Belgium)
Moscow Int'l. Peace Marathon 11Sep05 (Russia)                Oranje Bloeman Kroeg Marathon 16Sep06 (Netherlands)
Warsaw Marathon 17Sep06 (Poland)                             Berlin Marathon 24Sep06 (Germany)
Turin Marathon 24Sep06 (Italy)                               de Kust Marathon 01Oct05 (Belgium)
Budapest Marathon 01Oct06 (Hungary)                          Kosice Peace Marathon 01Oct06 (Slovakia)
Cologne Marathon 08Oct06 (Germany)                           Eindhoven Marathon 08Oct06 (Netherlands)
Munich Marathon 08Oct06 (Germany)                            Amsterdam Marathon 15Oct06 (Netherlands)
Echternach Marathon 15Oct06 (Luxembourg)                     Palermo Super Marathon 15Oct06 (Sicily, Italy)
Porto Marathon 15Oct06 (Portugal)                            Reims Marathon 15Oct06 (France)
Dresden Marathon 22Oct06 (Germany)                           Lausanne Marathon 22Oct06 (Switz.)
Palma Marathon 22Oct06 (Majorca)                             Venice Marathon 22Oct06 (Italy)
Frankfurt Marathon 29Oct06 (Germany)                         Dublin Marathon 30Oct06 (Ireland)
Athens Marathon 06Nov05 (Greece)                             Marathon Kasterlee 13Nov05 (Belgium)
Monaco Marathon 12Nov06 (Monaco/French Riviera)              Palermo Marathon 20Nov05 (Sicily, Italy)
Benidorm Marathon 26Nov06 (Spain)                            Florence Marathon 27Nov05 (Italy)
La Rochelle Marathon 26Nov06 (France)                        Lanzerote Marathon 03Dec05 (Canary Isles)
Lisbon Marathon 04Dec05 (Portugal)                           Calvia Marathon 11Dec05 (Majorca)

8. 100MC Overseas Travel Club by Roger Biggs & Dave Major

The contact in club terms is the co-ordinator only, and cannot be held responsible for race cancellations or travel

Personal insurance is advised.

All communications should commence to , although subsequent emails will be to/from the
individual co-ordinator.

Since the last newsletter, large groups have gone to Kasterlee in Belgium; the end of season bash in Mallorca; and
already to Genk (Belgium) and Apeldoorn (Netherlands) in 2006!

I think between us, we are learning that every trip can‟t be a 100 Club trip, you just can‟t get everything together in time.
Sometimes it‟s just word of mouth, yet we now have double figures going to Utrecht; 12 signed up for Prague, and an
amazing 20 for St Petersburg, and 8 to the Faroe Islands. Mind you if you ever think of going to Russia, start the visa
process very early!!!

Ok, the next trip being considered as a 100 Marathon Club trip is:
Night of Flanders Marathon (also 10k) – Friday, 16 June 2006
Leiden Marathon (also H/M, 10k & 5k) – Sunday, 18 June 2006

The primary purpose of this trip is to celebrate with Badger (Mike Newbitt) as he strives to combine his 500 marathon
with his 60 birthday in Torhout for the Night of Flanders event. Most of you will already be aware that when we finally try
to put our heads down, we just crash out in mats in the back of the hall.

It had been the intention to mimic last year‟s trip by going on to Koblenz in Germany for the MittelRhein Marathon. Well,
this year it just happens to be right in the middle of the Soccer World Cup. With Leiden moving to occupy the Sunday, this
seemed too good an opportunity to miss.

With the ports likely to be choked up with Football supporters, and Leiden only a few miles from Amsterdam, it seems a
much more sensible proposal to fly into Amsterdam, and catch a train down to Torhout on the Friday. The marathon isn‟t
until 20:00hrs, so plenty of time. On the Saturday, we just catch a train(s) back to Leiden ready for the marathon on

We would not expect members to run Leiden only, but if there is enough interest in just running NOF, then we can either
batch people up to use their own cars, or of course hire a minibus.

We have already made contact with the Night of Flanders Race Director, so no problem with entry there, whether you do
one or both events. Once we have a better idea of numbers we‟ll get in touch with the Leiden Marathon and start to look
at Leiden Hotels.

At the moment we are not considering the minibus a viable option for the double, unless of course, you lot say otherwise.
So what next? Just let us know your intentions asap.

Other Dates for your Diary are:
08Oct06 – Munich (Linda’s 100 !              12Nov06 – Kasterlee,          26Nov06 – Benidorm,            10Dec06 – Calvia

9. Race Results / Reports

Race Results by Roger Biggs

Results are only being shown for current members, including events completed before they signed up. Results carry on
from where I left off in the last newsletter, from the end of August.

As per the last newsletter, there would be too many results to include them all, so I will limit inclusion to marathons in the
competition, and those marathons considered organised trips. However, all results will be shown in the results section on
the website. (again, members only)

             Name                           Actual      Pos         Off            Name                           Actual      Pos            Off

Dec.31       Marathon di San Silvestro (Calderara di Reno, Italy)

         P   Warren D'Rozario              3:24:xx                                 Mike Newbitt                  3:41:21
             Dave Major                    3:51:xx                                 Carol Paul                    4:04:46
             Dave Paul                     4:13:45                            P    Linda Major                   4:16:xx
             John Dawson                   4:25:44

Dec.11       Calvia Marathon (Magalluf, Mallorca)

        V1   David Sill                    3:22:51        33     3:22:51            Peter Simpson                3:29:29       40        3:29:29
        W    Ian Brisland                                 42     3:32:56      V2 Danny Kay                       3:34:54       43        3:34:54
             Warren D'Rozario              3:34:40        45     3:34:55
             Colin Longworth               3:41:40        52     3:41:43            Mike Newbitt                 3:45:48       58        3:45:58
             Dave Major                    3:54:16                                  Roger Biggs                  3:55:07
             Dave Lewis                    3:58:20                                  Robert Hardy                 4:02:14
        V3   Carol Paul                    4:06:30                            V4 Gina Little                     4:10:41
        V5   Anne Oakes                    4:16:22                                  John McDonald                4:20:15
             Peter Reed                    4:24:xx                                  John Dawson                  4:25:08
        W    Linda Major                   4:31:25                                  Robin Wilson                 4:37:54
             Doug Tobutt                   4:42:12                                  David Moles                  4:48:26
             Moira Reed                    4:51:xx                                  Wally Oakes                  4:56:06
             Peter Morris                        N
             Martin Bush                         N                                  Brian Mills                       N
             Chris Seeney                        N                                  Robert Tinnyunt                   N
             Michael Alsworth                    N                                  Frank Chivers                     N
             V1= 1st vet55, V2= 1st V60, V3= 2nd Lvet35, V4= 1st Lvet55, V5= 2nd Lvet45

Dec.4        Luton Marathon                                                                           +++ 426 finishers +++

             Richard Gurd                                 7     2:54:22            Steve Edwards                 3:14:29       53        3:14:31
             Adam Holmes                                 63     3:18:20            Roy Barnes                                  83        3:24:31

             Name                         Actual        Pos       Off       Name                           Actual       Pos        Off
             Andy Wilmot                                 94   3:28:21   W   Dave King                     3:28:38        96    3:28:51
             Warren D'Rozario            3:31:26        115   3:32:14       Peter Ferris                  3:33:35       126    3:33:35
        W    Gary Wade                   3:38:39        154   3:40:01       Neil Fennel                                 157    3:40:55
             Danny Kay                   3:43:27        179   3:43:38       Jack Brooks                   3:46:34       194    3:47:01
             Mike Newbitt                3:48:41        206   3:48:46       Roger Biggs                   3:54:59       239    3:55:20
        W    Michael.J Smith                            240   3:55:24       Colin Longworth               3:56:46       248    3:56:46
                                                                            Dave Lewis                    4:08:xx       291    4:09:25
                                                                            John Poidevin                 4:16:xx       316    4:16:25
             Sharon Crowley              4:15:58        317   4:16:43   W   Jim McKellar                                355    4:31:19
                                                                            Ray McCurdy                                 369    4:36:08
             John Dawson                 4:45:09        381   4:45:45       Gilbert John                  4:48:xx       384    4:48:06
             Syd Wheeler                                394   4:54:16       Paul Watts                                  395    4:54:16
                                                                            Jack Borland                                399    4:56:15
             Pat Seabrook                               400   4:56:15       John Wallace                                401    4:56:24
             David Moles                 4:57:09        402   4:57:09       Steve New                                   405    4:57:41
             Liam Fenelon                5:13:xx        418   5:13:22
             Brent Iddles                               422   5:22:53       Dave Carter                   5:41:24       423    5:41:27
             Peter Graham                               425   5:50:05       Ray Hoyle                                   426    6:56:46

Dec.4        Barbados Marathon

             Collette O‟Hagan

Dec.4        Las Vegas Marathon (NV, USA)                                                     +++ 8227 finishers +++

             Colin Poole                 4:22:55       3150   4:22:59

Dec.3        Lanzerote Marathon (Canary Islands, Spain)                                        +++ 177 finishers +++

             Dave Major                  3:52:48         84   3:52:48       Linda Major                   4:43:42       164    4:43:42
             Mike Gaunt                                 177   5:20:11

Nov.27       Benidorm Marathon (Spain)                                                         +++ 455 finishers +++

             Ian Brisland                               192   3:25:55       Danny Kay                     3:36:xx       256    3:36:18
             Warren D‟Rozario            3:49:49        331   3:49:36       Dave Major                    3:50:20       323    3:50:39
             Colin Longworth                            341   3:52:08       Martin Bush                                 374    4:01:31
             Dave Lewis                                 407   4:15:58
         P   Linda Major                 4:21:57        419   4:22:13       John Dawson                   4:23:03       426    4:23:17
             Brian Mills                                451   4:40:46

Nov.27       La Rochelle Marathon (France)

             Robin Wilson                4:41:xx

Nov.27       Cornish Marathon                                                                  +++ 165 finishers +++

             Richard Gurd                                 4   2:55:39       Adam Holmes                                  18    3:17:24
             Steve Edwards               3:18:15         21   3:18:15       Roy Barnes                                   37    3:35:58
             Ian Brisland                                50   3:42:57       Danny Kay                                    65    3:51:42
             Colin Longworth                            107   4:16:14
             Martin Bush                                132   4:44:06       Brian Mills                                 134    4:47:06
             Paul Watts                                 136   4:48:49       Allan Green                                 137    4:48:49
             Robert Tinnyunt                            148   5:06:23       Mike Gaunt                                  150    5:16:03
             Pat Seabrook                               152   5:18:29       Jack Borland                                153    5:18:29
             Selina Da Silva             5:20:26        154   5:20:26       Liam Fenelon                                156    5:24:08
                                                                            Bob Webster                                 163    5:38:10
             Brent Iddles                5:58:xx        165   5:58:08

Nov.13       Kasterlee Marathon (Belgium, 60% Trail)                                           +++ 251 finishers +++

             Jack Brooks                 3:27:54         76   3:28:03       Mike Newbitt                  3:30:51        84    3:31:05
             Dave Major                  3:52:04        158   3:52:26       Carol Paul                    4:01:50       192    4:02:07
             Roger Biggs                 4:02:59        195   4:03:17       Colin Poole                   4:07:04       205    4:07:10
             Gina Little                 4:18:25        218   4:18:48       John Dawson                   4:23:59       223    4:24:27
             Brian Mills                 4:29:xx                            Linda Major                   4:34:01       235    4:34:23
             Warren D‟Rozario            4:53:20        244   4:53:38       Chris Seeney                  5:08:xx       250    5:07:06

Nov.13       Huntington Marathon (West Virginia, USA)                                            +++ 361 finishers

             Peter Graham                               342   5:23:47

Nov.13       Beirut Marathon (Lebanon)

             Osy Waye                          N

Nov.6        New York Marathon                                                                +++ 36847 finishers +++

             Anne Oakes                  4:26:09   15188      4:27:12       Alan Morton                   6:33:20      36007   6:48:31
         Name                         Actual     Pos       Off         Name                           Actual         Pos       Off
         Wally Oakes                 5:04:21   25747   5:05:22         Ray Hoyle                     6:41:39       36188   6:58:39

Nov.6    Athens Marathon (Greece)                                                         +++ 2561 finishers +++

         Kevin Day                   3:17:04    243    3:18:13

Nov.5    MidSouth Marathon (Wynne, Arkansas, USA)                                         +++ 158 finishers +++

         Cliff Burgess                          111    4:58:10         Peter Graham                  5:52:xx        152    5:51:54

Oct.31   Dublin Marathon                                                                  +++ 7941 finishers +++

         Peter Simpson               3:23:10    745    3:23:41         Ian Brisland                  3:39:00       1752    3:46:47
         Andy Wilmot                 3:42:05   1817    3:47:47         Noel McInerney                3:49:06       1894    3:39:26
         Peter Ferris                3:48:28   2095    3:53:17         Warren D‟Rozario              3:52:01       2761    4:03:24
         Gary Wade                   4:04:54   3042    4:07:44         Dave Lewis                    4:37:06       5066    4:45:08
         Martin Bush                 4:40:31   5330    4:51:53         Pam Storey                    4:52:24       5472    4:54:40
         John Dawson                 4:47:33   5605    4:58:12         Selina Da Silva               4:55:32       5741    5:01:35
                                                                       Collette O‟Hagan              5:26:32       6463    5:26:39
         Liam Fenelon                5:22:14   6482    5:27:44         Brent Iddles                  5:44:00       6867    5:47:58

Oct.30   Snowdonia Marathon                                                               +++ 948 finishers +++

         Peter Ferris                3:28:xx     77    3:28:01         Kevin Day                     3:43:26        170    3:43:26
         Dave Ryder                             351    4:04:13         Dave King                                    360    4:05:15
         Colin Longworth                        429    4:10:50         Mike Newbitt                  4:13:50        455    4:13:57
         Warren D‟Rozario            4:16:40    492    4:17:28
         John Horgan                            653    4:36:05         Dave Major                    4:35:23        654    4:36:05
         Carol Paul                  4:38:42    679    4:39:15         Sharon Crowley                4:42:20        704    4:43:22
         Brian Mills                            737    4:48:00
         Linda Major                 4:56:29    790    4:57:08         John Dawson                   4:57:56        796    4:57:56
         Dave Lewis                             813    4:59:31         Dick Griffin                                 814    4:59:54
         Robert Tinnyunt                        818    5:00:48
         Joe Avery                              848    5:12:51         Philip Duffy                                 853    5:14:08
                                                                       David Moles                                  914    5:38:35
                                                                       Bob Webster                                  935    6:02:51
         Brent Iddles                6:04:xx    937    6:05:18

Oct.30   Marine Corps Marathon (DC, USA)                                                +++ 19211 finishers +++

         Wally Oakes                 4:51:57   10322   4:52:29                                             ?

Oct.30   Aaland Marathon (Finland)                                                        +++ 159 finishers +++

         Tad Lancucki                           147    4:48:09                                             ?

Oct.29   Beachy Head Marathon (Trail, Eastbourne)                                     +++ 713 finishers < 6hrs +++

         Richard Gurd                             9    3:25:xx         Andy Wilmot                                   88    4:03:xx
         Roy Barnes                             106    4:07:xx         Joe Avery                                    118    4:11:xx
         Neil Fennel                            128    4:13:xx         David Sill                    4:27:xx        193    4:27:xx
                                                                       Warren D‟Rozario              4:36:59        248    4:37:xx
         John Williams                          271    4:40:xx N       Hilary Walker                                324    4:47:xx
         Martin Bulger                          338    4:49:xx         Robert Hardy                  4:57:20        383    4:57:xx
         Colin Poole                 5:02:26    406    5:02:xx         Gilbert John                  5:05:xx        410    5:03:xx
                                                                       Dave Lewis                                   471    5:13:xx
         Chas Avis                              527    5:24:xx         Brian Glover                  5:24:xx        529    5:24:xx
                                                                       Gina Little                                  593    5:36:xx
         Roger Biggs                 5:37:22    611    5:37:xx     W   Paul Allsop                   5:00:42        645    5:47:xx
         Mike Gaunt                  5:53:xx    678    5:53:xx         Robin Wilson                                 690    5:56:xx
         Janet Cobby                            699    5:57:00     W   David Lewis                                  700    5:57:xx
         Brent Iddles                5:58:40    702    5:58:00         Julie Wing                    6:05:xx
         Dave Carter                 6:47:30                           Bob Webster                   7:02:30
         Chris Seeney                      N

Oct.23   Dresden Marathon (Germany)                                                       +++ 1364 finishers +++

         Tad Lancucki                4:45:34   1276    4:48:08                                             ?

Oct.23   Palma Marathon (Mallorca)                                                        +++ 724 finishers +++

         Brian Mills                 4:39:35    585    4:40:40         Peter Morris                  5:21:27        694    5:23:11

Oct.16   Amsterdam Marathon (Netherlands)                                                 +++ 5336 finishers +++

         Peter Ferris                3:30:53           3:33:46         Dave Major                    3:59:22               4:01:35
         Linda Major                 4:29:02           4:34:21         Brian Mills                   4:35:07               4:40:25

Oct.16   Abingdon Marathon                                                                +++ 680 finishers +++

             Name                           Actual      Pos       Off         Name                           Actual       Pos        Off
             Richard Gurd                                35   2:56:16         Joe Avery                                    57    3:02:55
                                                                              Steve Edwards                 3:13:41        99    3:13:42
             Adam Holmes                                100   3:13:43     W   Kevin Day                     3:18:40       126    3:18:40
             Andy Wilmot                                155   3:23:23         Roy Barnes                                  223    3:33:15
             Danny Kay                                  253   3:37:39         John Williams                               349    3:48:27
         W   Michael.J Smith                            365   3:50:52     W   Gary Wade                                   415    3:57:19
             Dave Phillips                              438   4:00:53         Ernie Barker                                474    4:08:24
             Colin Poole                   4:12:23      490   4:12:22     W   Jim McKellar                                508    4:16:34
             Michael Alsworth                           544   4:27:19         Anne Oakes                    4:30:08       557    4:30:13
             John Horgan                                560   4:31:53         Robert Tinnyunt                             571    4:35:29
             John Dawson                   4:35:17      573   4:35:38
             Robin Wilson                               605   4:49:02         Jack Borland                                609    4:50:00
             Martin Bush                                619   4:56:09         David Moles                                 628    4:58:30
             Selina Da Silva               4:58:53      631   4:58:53         Brent Iddles                  5:16:41       653    5:16:44

Oct.16       Beijing Marathon (China)                                                            +++ 3377 finishers +++

             Roger Biggs                   4:05:42   1460     4:06:34         Cliff Burgess                  4:52:xx      3177   4:54:02

Oct.9        Bihac Marathon (Bosnia & Herzegovina)                                                +++ 11 finishers +++

             John Wallace                  3:52:xx        2                   Chris Seeney                   5:10:xx
             Tad Lancucki                  5:42:xx       11

Oct.9        Melbourne Marathon (Australia)                                                      +++ 1564 finishers +++

             Roger Biggs                   3:59:24      948   4:01:12         John Zeleznikow                6:15:xx      1564

Oct.9        Eindhoven Marathon (Netherlands)                                                    +++ 1086 finishers +++

             Dave Major                    3:51:16    749     3:52:15         Anne Oakes                    4:14:35        971   4:15:19
             Linda Major                   4:29:14   1040     4:30:13         Brian Mills                   4:29:34       1041   4:30:33
             Wally Oakes                   4:55:49   1075     4:56:36

Oct.9        Cardiff Marathon                                                                    +++ 1304 finishers +++

             Steve Edwards                 3:11:58    129     3:12:02         David Ryder                   3:39:01        409   3:39:33
             Danny Kay                     3:41:22    430     3:41:45     W   Gary Wade                     3:43:49        463   3:44:12
             Colin Longworth               3:47:34    525     3:47:48     W   David King                    3:49:17        576   3:50:48
             Syd Wheeler                   3:58:02    691     3:59:01     W   Brian Smith                   3:58:47        707   4:00:19
             Stephen New                   4:08:04    789     4:09:10         Colin Poole                   4:24:22        949   4:25:50
             John Dawson                   4:28:33    980     4:30:10         Robert Tinnyunt               4:37:49       1037   4:37:57
             Martin Bush                   5:04:28   1204     5:06:27     W   Osy Waye                      5:09:33       1216   5:11:06
             Brent Iddles                  5:18:45   1248     5:20:08
             Liam Fenelon                            1301     6:04:52

Oct.9        Mount Rushmore Marathon (Rapid City, SD, USA)                                       +++ 214 finishers +++

             Jack Brooks                   4:08:xx       45   4:08:00         Warren D‟Rozario               4:16:xx       51    4:15:57

Oct.2        London To Brighton 54 miles                                                         +++ 101 finishers +++

             Richard Gurd                                17   7:16:45         Joe Avery                                    47    8:23:31
             Adam Holmes                                 48   8:23:55         Roy Barnes                                   68    8:49:57

Oct.2        Budapest Marathon (Hungary)                                                         +++ 2791 finishers +++

             Mike Newbitt                  3:29:25    533     3:30:15         Dave King                     3:33:56        641   3:35:55
             Ian Brisland                  3:38:49    777     3:41:19         Roger Biggs                   3:57:41       1390   3:59:49
             Carol Paul                    4:07:04   1639     4:09:18         Colin Poole                   4:13:43       1831   4:15:38
             Gina Little                   4:21:55   2040     4:24:14         Brian Mills                   4:26:43       2166   4:29:39
             Martin Bush                         N

Oct.2        Porto Marathon (Portugal)                                                           +++ 310 finishers +++

             Dave Major                    3:58:57      223   3:59:26         John Dawson                   4:30:27       290    4:30:46
             Linda Major                   4:40:37      299   4:40:37

Oct.2        Leicester Marathon                                                                   +++ 86 finishers +++

             Steve Edwards                               15   3:15:21         Neil Fennel                                  49    3:50:38
             Colin Longworth                             62   4:02:45         Dave Phillips                                68    4:12:07
             John Horgan                                 70   4:19:58         Phil Duffy                                   72    4:21:37
             Chris Seeney                                79   4:50:58         David Moles                                  81    4:54:13
             Selina Da Silva               4:55:39       82   4:55:39         Robin Wilson                                 83    5:01:57

Oct.2        Loch Ness Marathon (Inverness, Scotland)                                            +++ 1144 finishers +++

         W   Kevin Day                     3:20:38    116     3:20:38         Ivan Field                                   142   3:26:30
             Noel McInerney                           265     3:37:48 N   W   David Toms                                   618   4:07:55
             Jim Waters                              1010     5:03:34         Collette O'Hagan               5:16:xx      1044   5:19:27
            Name                            Actual    Pos          Off       Name                            Actual       Pos          Off

Oct.2       Twin Cities Marathon (MN, USA)                                                      +++ 7765 finishers +++

            Jack Brooks                    3:51:45   1713      3:52:27       Warren D‟Rozario               3:57:20       2054     3:58:12

Sep.25      Berlin Marathon (Germany)                                                           +++ 30374 finishers +++

            Ian Brisland                   3:41:53    7641     3:44:52       Dave Major                     3:45:02       8414     3:46:45
            Martin Bush                    4:16:37   17650     4:19:36       Gina Little                    4:24:11      19755     4:25:40
            Linda Major                    4:44:29   24118     4:48:00

Sep.25      Anglesey Marathon                                                                    +++ 171 finishers +++

            Mike Newbitt                   3:30:26     26      3:30:41       Gary Wade                      3:48:36        50      3:48:44
            Jack Brooks                    3:52:28     60      3:52:34
            Colin Longworth                            74      3:58:31       Carol Paul                     4:08:59        92      4:09:10
                                                                             Dave Lewis                     4:20:xx       108      4:16:37
            Roger Biggs                    4:17:17    110      4:17:27       Anne Oakes                     4:32:30       131      4:32:40
            Brian Mills                          N    135      4:33:49       John Dawson                    4:34:xx       136      4:35:12
            Dougie Tobutt                  4:52:xx    152      4:52:57       Brent Iddles                   5:01:49       154      5:01:41
            Wally Oakes                    5:02:xx    157      5:02:55       Chris Seeney                                 160      5:09:50
            Peter Graham                   5:45:xx    164      5:44:57       Liam Fenelon                   5:47:xx       165      5:47:32
            Ray Hoyle                                 171      6:16:37

Sep.18      New Forest Marathon (New Milton)                                                     +++ 421 finishers +++

            Adam Holmes                                 3    2:56:39         Richard Gurd                                  11    3:02:11
            Steve Edwards                  3:18:20     40    3:18:20         Roy Barnes                                    71    3:31:27
        W   Ian Brisland                               95    3:39:49     W   Dave King                                    138    3:48:25
            Danny Kay                                 144    3:49:51         Dave Major                     3:57:55       183    3:58:19
            Roger Biggs                    4:08:10    230    4:08:40         Allan Green                                  232    4:09:09
            Dave Lewis                     4:15:xx    259    4:16:10
            Martin Bulger                             282    4:23:25         Martin Bush                                  307 4:30:12
            John Dawson                    4:33:23    316    4:33:52         Michael Alsworth                             324 4:35:35
        W   Linda Major                    4:35:34    326    4:35:57         Pat Seabrook                     (300)       363 4:50:50
            Jack Borland                              364    4:50:51
            Brent Iddles                   5:41:05

Sep.11      Kiev Marathon (Ukraine)                                                              +++ 20 finishers +++

            Tad Lancucki                   5:07:xx     20

Sep.11      Robin Hood Marathon (Nottingham)                                                      Incomplete Result

            Richard Gurd                   2:58:33                           Steve Edwards                  3:14:33       138
            Warren D‟Rozario               3:51:42                           Dave Phillips                  4:08:xx
            Gary Wade                      3:59:54                           Brent Iddles                   5:04:47
            Colin Longworth                      N                           Danny Kay                            N
            Andy Wilmot                          N                           Peter Simpson                  3:48:09

Sep.11      Moscow Marathon (Russia)

            Osy Waye                            N

Sep.11      In Flanders Fields Marathon (Belgium)                                                +++ 323 finishers +++

            Ian Brisland                              199      3:59:41       Brian Mills                                  273      4:30:10
            Martin Bush                               289      4:37:42

Sep.11      Cape Town Marathon (South Africa)                                                    +++ 651 finishers +++

            Jack Brooks                    3:27:06    135      3:27:17       Roger Biggs                    3:55:57       284      3:56:10

Sep.11      Sydney Marathon (Australia)                                                         +++ 1165 finishers +++

            Peter Reed                     4:50:50   1121      4:51:57       Moira Reed                     4:59:10       1156     5:00:17

Sep.10      Vilnius Marathon (Lithuania)                                                         +++ 232 finishers +++

            Dave Vaughan                   4:31:xx    165      4:31:50       John Dawson                    4:33:55       170      4:34:03

Sep.4       Moray Marathon (Elgin, Scotland)                                                     +++ 86 finishers +++

            Neil Fennel                                56      4:05:55   243 Robin Wilson                   5:02:xx        80      5:02:52

Sep.4       Wolverhampton Marathon                                                               +++ 194 finishers +++

            Dave Ryder                                 76      3:59:01       Danny Kay                                    106      4:11:08
            Warren D‟Rozario               4:21:38    119      4:22:23       Phil Duffy                                   134      4:29:38
            Dave Phillips                  4:34:xx    141      4:34:53       Brian Mills                                  144      4:38:14
            John Dawson                    4:41:04    148      4:41:49       Jack Borland                                 157      4:50:59

          Name                              Actual    Pos       Off   Name                           Actual      Pos       Off
                                                                      Selina Da Silva               5:06:41      171   5:06:41
          Pat Seabrook                                180   5:13:44   Brent Iddles                  5:37:31      186   5:37:32

Sep.4     Great Langdale Marathon (Lake District)                                        +++ 60 finishers +++

          Gary Wade                                    29   4:25:16   Dave Major                    4:32:57       32   4:32:57
          Colin Longworth                              40   4:48:47   Linda Major                   5:30:32       55   5:30:32

Sep.4     Kent Coastal Marathon (Margate)                                                +++ 157 finishers +++

          Andy Holmes                                  10   3:15:19   Richard Gurd                  3:17:03       13   3:17:03
          Janet Cobby                                  32   3:34:30   Andy Wilmot                                 50   3:43:45
          Roy Barnes                                   56   3:48:10   John Williams                               61   3:50:19
          Dave King                                    88   4:10:59   Joe Avery
          Dave Lewis                        4:30:xx   116   4:32:24   Michael Alsworth                           122   4:36:23
          Martin Bush                                 125   4:38:51   Brian Smith                                126   4:39:18
          David Lewis                                 134   4:46:39   Roger Biggs                   4:49:28      137   4:49:36
          Julie Wing                                  138   4:51:05   John Poidevin                 4:57:xx      142   4:56:56
          David Moles                                 155   5:28:51

Sep.3     Drammen Marathon (Norway)                                                      +++ 134 finishers +++

          Peter Burns                                 120   4:49:14   Tad Lancucki                               122   4:50:59
          Gunars Akerbergs                            123   4:54:47

Race Reports
Oldbury Power 30 Miles – 23 January 2005 - by David Sill

The race was the first road ultra race in the UK for 2005.

This was a new event being held for the first time. It is one of several short ultra road races now on the running calendar
which are only slightly longer than a marathon. The Sutton Park and Boddington 50K races are other examples. I must
say I regard all these races as marathons.

The route started and finished at Oldbury Power Station and was on quiet, almost traffic-free country roads. The course
was very flat and consisted of an initial section followed by five laps of 5 miles and the exit to the finish. It was a
convenient location to get to being situated close to motorways in South Gloucestershire.

Half of the 59 finishers recorded times of less than 4 hours for the 30 miles and less than 3 hours 30 minutes at the
marathon split. This shows just how flat and fast the course was. Whilst the race attracted quite a few faster runners, the
time limit was 6 hours so everyone was welcome.

The start of the race was delayed by 45 minutes because of ice on the roads. It was a cold day. There were mile markers
for the first few miles but once we started the five mile loops they were only every five miles.

The results can be found on the web at:
Marathon split times are recorded there too.

The race results were on the International Association of Ultrarunners web site the day after the race. The IAU web site is
developing into and very good site for ultra race fixture lists for the UK and around the world, as well as giving reports and
results from some races too.

Finishers included the following who are, or were, members of the 100 Marathon Club:
Pos     Name                                                    marathon       30 miles
11      Steve Edwards                                           3:11:46        3:40:58
24      Ramona Thevenet-Smith                                   3:24:11        3:55:24
28      David Sill                                              3:25:02        3:57:56
35      Sid Morrison                                            3:43:20        4:16:58
37      Roy Barnes                                              3:43:31        4:17:35
50      Syd Wheeler                                             4:10:49        4:49:10
52      Gil John                                                4:19:50        4:58:30
57      Selina Da Silva                                         4:57:06        5:44:15
Poznan Marathon – Poland, 16 October 2005 – by Peter Burns

Poznan, Poland‟s fifth city with a population over 600,000, hosts the country‟s largest marathon held for the sixth time on
16 October 2005. It is not clear whether its claim to be the biggest marathon relies on the in-line skaters to boost the

numbers. It would have been helpful had Tad been available with his Polish background and knowledge of the language
but he was already Bosnia bound.

I entered on-line through the English version of the site towards the middle of September. I found myself in the
alphabetic list of competitors within 24 hours of registering, a good pointer to a well-organised race, and so it proved.
Race entry was free to those runners either entering for the first time, or who had run in all five previous Poznan events.
My wife Mary and I flew Ryanair, which has recently started up a daily service to Poznan from Stansted, but Wizz also fly
to Poznan from Luton.

On arrival at Poznan airport we committed the cardinal sin of jumping into the first taxi we saw. After a half hour‟s journey
we were charged the equivalent of £13. The return journey in a taxi called by the hotel cost only £7. Luckily, the
difference did not amount to megabucks. I understand we should have chosen a radio cab!

We stayed at the Novotel situated around the 8 Kilometre mark on the course, but within a Kilometre of registration and
only a little further to the start line. The hotel was reasonably priced, comfortable and fulfilled all our needs, including an
endless supply of ice-cool water from a dispenser at the end of the corridor. The hotel was particularly helpful on the last
day of our stay when we were allowed to retain our room until the evening at no extra cost. Getting to the centre of
Poznan was no problem; we had the choice of a fifteen-minute walk, or a pleasurable 30p tram ride using the frequent
service from the stop just outside the hotel.

Alternatively, the marathon organisers provided free overnight accommodation in a hall close to the start line, though you
did have to bring your own sleeping bag. Fellow 100-marathon clubber John McFarlane took advantage of this on the
Saturday night and had no complaints. Indeed, it would have been possible with this year‟s arrangements and flight
schedules (early evening out/late evening return) to complete the return trip in 24 hours, overnight for free in the hall,
gorge on the pasta and free breakfast supplied and have only travel costs to find.

The marathon headquarters were situated on the edge of the magnificent Lake Malta, a championship regatta and rowing
lake around 3 Kilometres east of the city centre. The lake is very scenic and the area also boasts an artificial ski-slope.
A little further east are the Zoological Gardens, which the marathon course also skirted.

I registered on Saturday morning in what was a very efficient process with plenty of English speakers on hand. Among
the unusual items to be found in the goody-bag were a bottle of special marathon beer and six postcards devoted to the
marathon. There was also the chance to win a car in a lottery simply by filling in a form with your race number and the
exact marathon distance! I found that no problem once someone translated for me. We were also given a T-shirt and a
pre-numbered plastic sack for baggage. Championchips were issued against a fully returnable £10 deposit.

The marathon started at eleven o‟clock on the Sunday morning. There were plenty of loos and baggage storage was
well organised with the numbered plastic bags issued at registration. I had jogged the Kilometre to registration on the
Saturday morning wearing only a short-sleeved T-shirt and ended up lathered in sweat. This influenced my decision to
wear my club vest for the race. That was a big mistake. Though the sun was shining at the start the temperature soon
dropped when the sun went behind the clouds and, certainly, on the second circuit, I ended up feeling a bit sick with the
cold. There were official pacemakers and though I didn‟t use them I believe they came in spot on time.

The course was not inspiring - a repeat loop, run on traffic free roads, apart from the official cars that went past at regular
intervals. The occasional tramlines did not present much of a hazard. The course was reasonably flat apart from a
couple of short sharp uphill sections on each circuit. Water stops were frequent and well stocked with the offer not only
of water but also energy drinks and bananas. The finish coincided with the end of the rowing course overlooking the
lake but, with the exception of a couple of Kilometres over the cobbles of the old town and its attractive square, the
marathon followed mainly dual carriageway skirting round parkland and the zoo.

The main “danger” came from the in-line skaters and wheelchair athletes. I was taken completely unawares when the
leaders overlapped us, bearing down on us at breakneck speed. Their warning shout in Polish didn‟t register with me.
Thankfully, I followed the locals, always a sensible thing to do when running abroad, and moved to the other side of the
road just in time before they whistled past. After that experience I was more wary of wheeled competitors coming up

The finish was well managed. I did notice a queue for the return of the £10 chip deposits but I had no problem as I had
my own chip, so I headed straight for the beer tent regally cloaked in my foil blanket. The results were available on site
reasonably quickly but only on the Polish language version. Information included placing, gross and net finishing times
with half-marathon and 30 Kilometre split times.

So, apart from the run, what else is there to do? Despite its position as the ancient Polish capital, Poznan is not exactly
a Mecca for tourists. The cobbled main square housing the Renaissance Town Hall is the main attraction. We waited at
noon to see the spectacle of the town hall clock. When noon struck the doors of the clock tower opened to reveal a
couple of small billy-goats head butting each other. A trumpeter then appeared and blasted out from each corner of the
tower before the goats went back in from whence they came! The square also has a number of interesting tenement
houses. It is also the place to eat and drink with a variety of restaurants, from pubs offering cheap wholesome fare (the
ubiquitous goulash soup was welcome after a trek round in the cold), to rather more expensive restaurants providing
sophisticated international and Polish cuisine. Most of the establishments had outside “eateries” but it was significant
that all of these were dismantled on the day after the run – a clear acknowledgement that the weather had turned for the

The beer, as I find with most Continental ales, was a little on the sweet side but palatable nonetheless, and a great deal
cheaper than at home. I did try a few bottles of “Dog in the Fog” beer, which resembled the bottled beer that we generally
get from small brewers. I‟m afraid I didn‟t sample the vodka but I did have a plate of Sweet Black Duck soup, described
as a Poznan speciality, which the waiter then told me was made with duck‟s blood sweetened with fruit and enhanced by
the addition of the bird‟s inners! He refused to confide the recipe until I had wolfed down the last spoonful. But I have to
admit it was very tasty.

Poznan abounds in churches, including the magnificent SS Peter and Paul Cathedral, the ornate St. Stanislaus parish
church, and the Church of St John of Jerusalem, one of Poland‟s first brick buildings. The Malta Lake and its surrounding
parkland are well worth strolling round and the tram rides are wonderful.

The Pole Leszek Beblo won the marathon in a time of 2:17:07 followed by the Kenyan Emmanel Lagat in 2:19:30. First
lady was Natalia Kulesz Krawiec from Belarus in a time of 2:40:47 with the Polish athlete Krystyna Kuta coming home in
Athens Marathon, 5 November 2005 – by Peter Burns

Where could I run in November? On consulting the world marathon calendar Athens was the place that stood out.

Over the years I had heard quite a few complaints about the Athens Classic Marathon whether it be getting left behind in
Athens when all the buses had departed for the start, running out of water, or having to wade through a mountain range
of baggage looking for your particular bundle. But for all marathon “anoraks” it has to be the one to do. There are many
reasons for this. It might be the attraction of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, reputed to have run from Marathon to Athens
to report the Greek victory over the Persians, then died – though the historical accuracy of that feat is doubtful……… or,
that Athens was the setting for the first modern day Olympics in 1896 and that the Olympic Marathon finished, as does
today‟s Classic Marathon, in the magnificence of the marbled Panathanaikon Stadium with its roots going back to the 4
century BC. …… or, it could be the challenge to complete the course that proved too much for Paula Radcliffe at the 2004
Olympics. Whatever, it has to be done!

The Athens Classic Marathon website was very customer friendly. I entered on-line in September. My entry was
confirmed overnight but my card was not charged the 70 Euro fee until the week before the run. There are a number of
carriers that fly to Athens but I chose British Airways for the convenience of its flight times and my preference for
Heathrow Airport. I also found a very reasonably priced hotel in the Plakar district close to the Akropolis, right in the
centre of things and only a ten-minute walk from the finish line.

Athens is a very easy city to get round since the 2004 Olympics. The public transport signs and announcements are in
both Greek and English. The metro system, with its three lines, is spotless and simple to use. The trams are equally
convenient. I travelled by underground from the airport to my hotel at the foot of the Akropolis and experienced no
difficulty at all. The tram journey out to the coast to the Olympic complex to pick up my number and chip was equally
stress free.

Registration in the hall that hosted the martial arts events in the Olympics
was straightforward and efficient though quite a number of the people
manning the desks were smoking – not a plus point, I‟m afraid! The goody
bag contained a poster for the event, a lapel badge, key ring and t-shirt.
We were also given a baggage sack and an identity card to wear. The hall
was immense, out of all proportion to the penny numbers rolling up to pick
up their numbers Saturday mid-morning. It was here that I again met
Gunars Akersberg from Latvia – he gets everywhere - and his mates from
the Baltic States, and a couple of “Winnable” guys from Croydon.

Fast forward to Sunday, the day of the run. The first and only real problem
I had (if you discount the fall I had the day before the race avoiding a
Greek biker who jumped a red light – a feat I was later to repeat during the
race when I tripped over a metal stud in the road at around 38Km) was
dragging myself out of bed to catch the bus that left at 6am. I had already
had to advance my watch, as Greece is two hours ahead of the UK, so my
body clock was registering 3.30am when I left he hotel! I had bought a few
pastries from the bakers the night before to get over the lack of breakfast –
not ideal but better than nothing. More accomplished runners would no
doubt want to give that aspect more thought when making their own
individual preparations.

The buses were already outside the stadium when I got there and the one I got on set off within a couple of minutes for
the 40minute journey to Marathon. I heard no complaints about anyone being left behind, but then I probably wouldn‟t
have done! The bus ride was fairly uneventful with only the embers of an Athens‟ Saturday night to view before the sun
came up.

At Marathon I met quite a number of Brits – no surprise, really, as there were so many! Unfortunately I can‟t remember
names. There were the two Winnable lads from Croydon that I kept bumping into, Steve Price (without his mate Colin
Longworth who had been left back in Liverpool) with whom I lined up at the start. During the race there was the fellow
100 Marathon Clubber (unknown to me) from Hertfordshire who gave a word of encouragement as he passed me half
way up a hill. I never did manage to catch him to find out more. Then there was the chap from Bristol who I ran with at
Halstead a couple of years ago. There seemed to be more “foreigners” than Greeks, and surprisingly, as it was the same
weekend as the New York Marathon, there were quite a number of Americans running.

The first 10Km were reasonably gentle with a slight uphill approaching the 10Km point. But from here till the 32Km mark
there was a continuous series of hills, with little respite, leaving little in the tank to take advantage of the relatively easier
part of the course from there to the end. For the first hour of the run the sun was quite strong but it then clouded over. It
stayed warm, however, and I still managed to get burned as I had stupidly forgotten to bring sun cream. The injury I
sustained from my fall on the Saturday didn‟t make things any easier and the second fall in the latter part of the run ruled
out all chances of my getting a respectable time. (And I had only a couple of beers on Saturday night!)

The final 200 metres in the Panathanaikon stadium had to be savoured. Everything was mind-blowing – the sheer size of
the oval shaped arena, the cushioned track (if only there could be such carpeting for 42.195 Kms!), the awe inspiring
marbled terraced seating, and the Olympic rings beckoning you on. There was also the sense of following in a few historic
footsteps from the athletes in the ancient games, through to Spiros Louis winning the 1896 Marathon and, more recently,
to Stefano Baldini collecting his Olympic gold marathon medal in 2004.

The impressive finisher‟s medal was placed round my neck and I headed for the baggage area where I retrieved my bag
without any trouble. I picked up my blank commemorative certificate (in Greek) on the way. But I couldn‟t leave without
first dragging myself up the very steep marble stairs, not easy even with fresh legs, which I certainly didn‟t have, to take in
the atmosphere of the place. I then headed off for the hotel for a welcome shower, a few Mythos beers and some grub.
What is certain is that you earn your medal in this run. Athens is acknowledged as one of the toughest courses anywhere,
one of only four Olympic marathons along with Mexico City, Los Angeles and Barcelona, which have a net uphill gradient.

I travelled on my own and these days I try to run different marathons and not repeat those I have already done. However,
I would certainly consider repeating this one for the sheer challenge of it and to give my wife the chance to run the 10Km
race that also finishes in the stadium so that she too can share in the exhilaration. I fell in love with this race. I realise that
on another day, perhaps when it rains and the course is waterlogged, as I understand it is prone to do, things might be
different but I came away from this run with only good experiences …… and isn‟t Athens, where I had been before but not
run, a beautiful city?!

The Kenyan runner James Saina won the race in a time of 2:16:05, followed closely by his fellow countrymen Sammy
Chemweno (2:16:14) and Paul Kanda (2:16:57). In the ladies‟ race the Ethiopians Sisay Measo and Hirur Abera came
home in 2:38:39 and 2:41:30 respectively. The Greek runner Georgia Ampatzidou finished in third place in a time of
                                                  th                                              th
2:42:50. The first Brits were Raymond Stanier 48 overall in 2:50:17 and Erica Christie who was 15 lady and 233rd
overall in 3:17:12. I managed 2081st place in a time of 4:44:34. Old friend Gunars Akerbergs came home in 1774
position in 4:29:28. There were 2561 finishers with the last runner crossing the line in 6:27:34.

Kasterlee Marathon – Belgium, 13th November 2005 - by Colin Poole

Colin together with 15 of his 100 Marathon Club friends travelled by Eurostar to a small town in Belgium called Kasterlee
to run the Kasterlee Marathon. The Eurostar took us as far as Brussels and then changed to a local train (of equal
standard and quality) to arrive in a small town called Geel at which point the local runners picked us up to take us some
9/10 km to Kasterlee

The accommodation in Kasterlee was some 250 m from the start which made the start on the Sunday morning quite
acceptable at 1000 hrs

The marathon was joined by a large group of half marathon runners with the route being a mixture of hard surface around
fields and into the woods with a firm footing through the wood sections

The course was a “two lap” passing the start line which on the first (and finish point) was a “funnel in a marquee “, the first
lap running parallel to the half marathon through the marquee. The course had a small section at around 17 km which
consisted of a small “sandy hill“ (and of course again at 38 km) , the rest being relatively flat which is indicative of Belgium
Marathons. The temperature during the marathon was a comfortable 9 / 10 °C cloudy in the early stages which
brightened up as the race progressed.

Colin was happy to complete the course in a time of 4.05.04 (which included two “pit stops“) so happy with the result even
though he was position 205 out of 251 but first V65 (no prizes given though!!).
It is an event which Colin recommends since it was well organized and turned out to be a fantastic weekend which
culminated in the Eurostar return to Waterloo at 2300 hrs on the Sunday Night. Put it in your calendar for November 2006
to be a race that you want to participate in – the Belgium hospitality is second to none.
The Broadmeadow Marathon, 19 November 2005 – by Peter Graham

This event was organised by Chris Seeney who did a fantastic job from start
to finish.

The day of the race was not ideal as the temperature was below freezing
and there was fog so vision would not be very good for finding your way. The
event was just north of Stratford-Upon-Avon so it was not too bad a drive
                                 from London other than there were pockets
                                 of fog so it was clear one moment then foggy
                                 the next.

                                 On arrival the Event started from Chris
                                 Seeney‟s home we were offered a hot drink
                                 which was very much needed. A quick change and a drink and we were on our way.
                                 There was no main start so Chris came out and said a few words and off me and Tad
                                 went. The course was not to demanding at first just that the fields we were crossing were
                                 quite wet and this meant having wet feet made you feel very cold. The frozen ground did
                                 mean that where there might have been heavy mud it was frozen so the ground was just

                                 Chris Seeney was on hand at all the checkpoints offering hot and cold drinks cakes and
                                 many sweet things. It was tempting to stay all day but you knew that you had to press on.
                                 The course went through some very nice countryside but was by no means flat so it was a
                                                                  struggle at times for me to keep going as it was cold and
                                                                  with all the muddy pathways quite demanding at times.
                                                                  Chris Seeney was on hand again to offer drink and food.
                                                                  The only dodgy bit as far as I was concerned was the
                                                                  last section running along the Avon Canal. To get from
                                                                  one side of the Canal to the other you had to cross a
                                                                  lock gate. On one side was a 30ft drop and on the other
                                                                  the water was frozen. So I did not want to fall in and the
                                                                  Lock gate was quite a narrow walkway!

                                                              So a great day out and afterwards Chris again looked
                                                              after the runners with hot food and plenty to drink which
                                                              was very welcome. I recommend this event as the trail
was not too demanding and Chris Seeney did a good job looking after all the competitors. If you would like to run this
event Chris is planning a rerun on Good Friday April 14 2006

Pau Marathon - France, 20 November 2005 – by Peter Burns

Year-end was approaching and I was beginning to contemplate hibernation. Then, while surfing the net, I happened on
the Ryanair site and found a £25 return flight to Pau in the French Pyrenees. A quick check confirmed my recollection that
there was, indeed, a Pau marathon in mid- November. I accessed the marathon site but found I couldn‟t pay on-line, as
my bankcard was inexplicably unacceptable. Undeterred, I contacted Daniel Juin, the organiser by email and all my
problems were solved. Using my best French we agreed I could send the 35 Euro entry fee directly to the Marathon
Office. A copy of my 100MC membership card was accepted as evidence that I was a “licensed” runner and there was
thus no need to fulfil the usual French requirement to produce a medical certificate. I reckon that has paid for next year‟s
membership, as a doctor‟s certificate would, undoubtedly, have cost me more than a tenner!

I took the organiser‟s advice to book into the Kyriad Hotel in the centre of Pau, which was offering special rates to
marathoners. For £35 per night I had a massive room with two double beds. Unusual for the continent, there were
tea/coffee making facilities in the room and sweets on the pillow! – excellent value.
There wasn‟t much to do in Pau but the weather was pleasant and a stroll down the Boulevard des Pyrénées with its
magnificent views of the snow-capped peaks beyond the trees in all their Autumnal splendour made the trip worthwhile –
even better when I enjoyed the view sat outside one of the cafés with glass in hand. But I was to rue my unorthodox
marathon preparations. I had a seafood pizza with mussels that were not quite right. As a result I had a severe reaction
that kept me out of bed all night and would have prevented any sensible person from contemplating a marathon run! But
common sense is not something I possess in abundance so, on Sunday morning, I made my way to the start-line outside
the majestic Palais Beaumont. It was a lovely crisp sunny morning and the distant Pyrenees glinted in the sunshine.

I met Dave Vaughan and his non-running mate Steve at the start. I
knew from the list of entrants that Dave was running but I had been
unable to contact him before leaving for France.

The first 10Kilometres of the run comprised a tour of the town before
arriving back at the start. I had the idea that if things didn‟t work out I
could drop out at that point. I jogged round with Dave for the first 8
Kilometres but I knew things were not going too well when the
“sweep” bus kept trying to overtake us. I told Dave to carry on and
that I would catch him but I never did. By 12 Kilometres I found
myself walking more and more. The course headed out into the
country past the various vineyards that produce the sweet Jurançon
wines. I didn‟t feel particularly comfortable, however, running along
the verge of a busy road, especially passing a large sign warning
that 25 people had died on that stretch in the last five years!
However, the route soon went off into real countryside on quiet
roads. I found it hard to believe I was in a marathon; it seemed more
like a walk in the country as I passed endless farmhouses with only
the sound of the barking dogs to disturb the peace. I didn‟t see a
soul save at the water stations, and I became more relaxed as the
official car that occasionally stopped to enquire after my welfare
didn‟t seem interested in pulling me out of the “race”. It was also
reassuring to find water stations still fully operational and all
crossings and directional changes dutifully manned.
                                                                                   Peter strides out
                                                 By 30 Kilometres I had started to perk up and actually ran non-stop from
                                                 there to the end, up a steady climb, to a sports stadium on the northern
                                                 outskirts of Pau. But by this time the rest of the field had long disappeared
                                                 and I was grateful to get onto the running track for the last 200 metres.
                                                 Dave, who had finished some considerable time before, was waiting for me.
                                                 I crossed the line in a very slow 5 hours 07 minutes 39 seconds but I was
                                                 relieved to have made it and be able to count my 99 different marathon
                                                 towards my goal of running 100 different marathons.

                                                 I gratefully accepted the medal, the size of a ten pence piece, which
                                                 contrasted markedly with the top of the range Reebok shirt that I was also
                                                 given. Unfortunately, by the time I finished there was only an XXL size
                                                 available, which even I have difficulty filling! As I like to keep my marathon
                                                 numbers as souvenirs it was disappointing that this was retained.

                                                 My joy at finishing was heightened when I found that I was not last over the
                                                 line and that four people finished behind me. The race was won by local
                                                 runner Ghislain Ploix in a time of 2 hours 37 minutes 15 seconds. First lady
                                                 was a local triathlete, Corinne Rius who finished in a time of 2 hours 59
                                                 minutes 48 seconds. Dave Vaughan finished in 364 place in a time of 4
                                                 hours 27minutes 51 seconds. I came 397 in 5 hours 07 minutes 39
                                                 seconds. There were 401 finishers, with the last runner crossing the line in a
      A smiling Dave Vaughan                      time of 5 hours 36 minutes 59 seconds.

I stayed on in Pau, the day after the marathon, and went on a personal pilgrimage to the
Catholic shrine of Lourdes, only a half hour‟s train journey away. Many miracles have been
recorded at Lourdes but I reckoned I had experienced my own minor miracle the day
before covering the marathon course. I vow to do some proper training before I attempt my
100 different marathon, wherever that might be!

I can recommend the Pau run. It was well organised and, if you disregard the three
Kilometres along the busy stretch of road past the vineyards, the course was pleasant and
not too demanding. The medal was a disappointment but the T-shirt was worth more than
the entry fee. Entering races in France can be fraught with difficulty, with their insistence on
a precise form of medical certification. The Pau Marathon organisers were relaxed and
helpful in their acceptance of UK Club membership as tantamount to being a “licensed”
runner, and waiving the need for a medical certificate. There isn‟t a great deal to see or do
in the town of Pau but the panoramic views of the Pyrenees are wonderful. There is a good
selection of restaurants and cafes - but best avoid mussels! The organisers are keen to
see their event host the French Regional and, ultimately, the French National
Championships so the organisation is likely to remain of a high standard.

Las Vegas Marathon – Nevada, USA, 4th December 2005 - by Colin Poole

Colin and his wife Shirley decided to have a nice winter break in Las Vegas and guess what Colin found a Marathon to
run whilst he was there – surprise /surprise!!
Well not really since the 40 Las Vegas Marathon was in fact a NEW event (the old Marathon held last in February 2005
has been taken over by the new organization) and involved running through the “STRIP” and not as previously starting
out in the desert. Las Vegas is in fact a city built in the desert and expanding at a great rate, the new organization wanted
to make the marathon a more “city friendly“ event, hence the whole of the single circuit was up the strip and around the
perimeter of the city.

The marathon started at 0600 hrs (Colin left his hotel for the start some 2.5 miles away at 0430 hrs) with a temperature of
some 38 °F ie 3 ° C which was a little cool since the wind kept the temperature down for most of the race with the
temperature peaking at 49 °F ie 9 °C towards the end. For the first 14 miles (the Americans still use miles though Chip
Mats were placed at every 5 km) was hard with running into the wind which was most tiring, at 14 miles to 20 miles it was
on the back and 20 to 26 was a mixture of “rear to side wind“. The race was well organized with the Police controlling the
traffic keeping them away from the runners, water was provided at every mile station with energy drinks at every “other“
water station, there seemed to be plenty of both for all.

Colin‟s time of 4.21.42 was a direct reflection on the first 14 miles against the wind and low temperatures which seemed
to drain the “energy resources“, but happy with the event and recommend this race to those who want to see the “city of
Casino‟s”. Whilst this was slower than Kasterlee with a position of 3086 out of nearly 11000 runners listed to run then
nothing to complain about in the 65 to 69 age group.

Go on give it a “whirl“ in 2006, run the race, enjoy the city which never sleeps and spend your “bonus“ on the casino
The Mole Valley Marathon, 18 December 2005 – by Peter Graham

A well organised event by Peter & Moira Reed.

The start of the event was a Sports Centre. The course was a series of loops and you went round 6 times a larger loop of
3 miles and 4 loops of 1 mile. Then there was 2 miles to and from the Sports Centre. Peter Reed was manning the one
aid station around the course.

It was a beautiful day with the sun shining but it was very cold. The runners went off at times that suited them. The course
had some steep climbs but when you climb up there is always downhill to recover. The 3mile loop consisted of a steep
climb then a flat section before reaching a top section and running down. There were pathways that were very uneven
and you could easily slip care was needed on some downhill sections. The mile loop climbed up to a ridge before levelling
out and going downhill steeply to the main pathway that we had come along. Then the pathway lead back to the main
loop. Peter Reed not only had to look after the runners at the aid station but also make sure that runners completed the
correct number of loops.

Another great thing as far as I was concerned was the pathway was marked with flour so even I could not get lost.
At the end at the Sports Centre a Swim was the best thing I was looking forward to. Also there was some food and drink
at the end.

So another great day out and I hope that it will be repeated in 2006 so those runners who did not make the 2005 event
will be able to have a go in 2006

10. Readers’ Letters

Please write! We want your views and comments! Is there anyone out there?

11. Club Kit by Dave Major

It has been decided that the price of vests and t-shirts should remain at £15.
The price of sweatshirts was set at £18.
These prices will be reviewed at regular intervals.

We are getting samples of jackets but they seem to be very expensive.

Members have also expressed an interest in tricksters.

We are also looking around for an additional supplier for items such as fleeces etc.

                      Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held 3.30 pm, Sunday 4 December 2005
                         in the Bar, 1 Floor Lea Manor Recreation Centre, Northwell Drive, Luton
     The Chairman welcomed those members who had stayed after the marathon to attend the meeting.
     1. Apologies for Absence

     Apologies had been received from committee member Dave Major and several other Club members.

     2. Minutes of the IGM

     The minutes of the Inaugural General Meeting were approved after changing the year of John Wallace‟s 50th birthday marathon from 2006 to

     3. Reports of the Committee

     a: Roger Biggs gave the Chairman‟s Report
     As Chairman my job was to sell the new Club to the old members and make sure we followed through on the aims of the club and its members.

     My passion is of course to get the race stats from everyone. I guess I‟ve got somewhere in the middle on this one. My list says that we have the
     potential to get 260 members, but realistically it‟s quite a bit lower than that, perhaps less than 200. From our 130 members I‟ve received over 80
     lists to vet, so we are getting there.

     The real yardstick is that of those running marathons on a regular basis there are only around 6 old members who have not joined in 2005!

     The big visual success has of course been the kit. The range needs to be expanded, but when a large group of us wear the kit abroad, it really is
     getting noticed.

     I have been involved with 2 big trips in 2005. I could call them 100 Marathon Club trips, but we also get a lot of friends and local club colleagues
     that come along. Some of course will become members in the future. Back in June, 18 of us boarded 2 minibuses for a Belgium/German double
     with the Night of Flanders/MittelRhein Marathons. The weather nearly finished us off and some decided against the 2nd marathon, but it was a
     great, if tiring, weekend. We also had another 3 members travel out by car for the Belgium leg. I have signed up 67 runners/friends for the annual
     pilgrimage to Calvia in Majorca one week after the AGM. As usual the marathon will be followed by a very late night in the local hostelry.
     Dave and I are already plotting for 2006, so do watch this space!

     One of the objectives for this year was to try to get some consistency in distances for the Off Road (LDWA type) Marathons. As a club we have
     approached the LDWA and BWF on this subject, but have not made significant progress at present. I hope this action can be carried forward by
     the new committee.

     There is still plenty to do, but stick with us. Please also bear in mind that we don‟t have all the ideas, and sometimes we need a little help. I‟ve
     had the busiest running year of my life this year, but I think I can still look back in satisfaction at what has been achieved.

     b: Peter Graham gave the Secretary‟s Report

     At the start in January the Membership was 40 full Members and 2 Associate Members.
     The Membership in now stands at 119 full Members and 16 Associate Members.

     All Members, full and Associate, should have received a Membership Card for the year.

     We have produced a Newsletter quarterly, electronically for those on email and sent hard copies to the rest. Amongst other things the Newsletter
     keeps members informed about future events, what events fellow members are going to and how they did in the events they participated in,
     results and reports.

     The Web site has been significantly improved by our webmaster and now includes an interactive forum so 100 Marathon Club members can air
     their views and suggestions.
     c: Tad Lancucki gave the Treasurer‟s Report

     The statement of accounts at 30.9.05 is attached. In the following report I have rounded the figures for the sake of clarity.

     The Club is in a reasonably healthy financial state.

     Total income was £1400 made up of £1200 membership subscriptions and £200 other income, mainly profit on sale of kit. However, the profit
     on sale of kit was a result of a one off discount on the first order and at current kit prices will be eaten away.

     Expenses of running the Club are shown as £250. This is understated as members are still subsidising the Club by not claiming back full cost of
     stationery and postage.

     Of the resulting surplus of £1150 at the year end £570 is invested in stock of kit with the balance of £580 representing cash at bank less
     outstanding loans and advances.

     Without the loans of £1000 (£850 at the year end) advanced by five generous members at the start of the constituted Club we would not have
     been able to pay for the first kit orders. We are still dependant on the loans if we wish to invest in further orders of different items of kit or set up
     costs and stock of specially struck 100 Marathon Club medals.

     d: In Dave Major‟s absence Roger Biggs read the Kit & Trip report
      After taking over the kit from Roger in July I have placed two orders for new kit due to the popularity of the vest and T-shirt. More supplies are
      due at the end of November and therefore I hope any back orders can be fulfilled by Xmas.

      I have ordered a small sample stock of sweatshirts which I hope to be able to sell in Luton or Calvia and depending on orders will follow up with
      another large order prior to the New Year.

  Next item on the potential list of stock is a jacket if it can be produced at a reasonable price. If any member has any special request for stock
  such as shorts etc please contact me.

  2005 was very popular for trips for 100 Club full members and wannabes. Both Genk and Kasterlee in Belgium have turned out to be superbly
  run events and easily reached by Eurostar and at a reasonable cost.

  2006 I am hoping to add one or two more especially for those members who are not able to reach London / Home counties easily although this
  is logistically more difficult to arrange. More on this in the next newsletter. Genk in January has already sold out and Apeldoorn in February has
  a few places left. It is hoped that between Roger and myself we can try to offer at least one trip every month.

 The benefit of these trips, amongst other things, is that we can obtain discounts travelling as one club by negotiating with the hotels and some
 transport companies.
4. Resolutions: None were received

5. The Chairman proposed an amendment to Constitution

Due to the fact that committee members may be geographically distant from each other and are often traveling we feel it would help if there was
an additional member so that quorums may be achieved and committee business progress.
Proposed new paragraph 5 increasing the committee from five to six members including officers

The Club will be managed by a Committee comprised of the offices of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to three other members. If a vote
of the committee is tied the Chairman shall have the casting vote.
5.1 Committee members including officers will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting.
5.2 All officers will retire each year but will be eligible for re-appointment.
5.3The Committee will have the power to co-opt additional members from time to time for specific purposes. Such co-opted members shall be

Voting was 52 for and none against. The motion was carried.
6. Election of Committee Members

The three officers of the Committee put themselves up for re-election unopposed. Three members, including one sitting member, put
themselves up for election for the other three places on the committee.

Voting was as follows:                                                                                       For       Against
 Chairman                Roger Biggs                                                                           52            0
 Secretary               Peter Graham                                                                          51            1
 Treasurer               Tad Lancucki                                                                          52            0
 Member                  Dave Major                                                                            52            0
 Member                  Dave Phillips                                                                         52            0
 Member                  Peter Burns                                                                           52            0
All the above named were duly elected to the committee for 2006.

7. The Chairman proposed an amendment to Constitution.

Following consultation and discussion we feel that the proposed new fee structure and membership year are appropriate.
Proposed new paragraph 8 changing fee structure, and membership year to calendar year

Members will pay a joining fee on election and thereafter a subscription fee annually on the 1st January. The subscription fee in the first full year
of membership may be reduced to take into account the date of joining. Options may be made available to pay subscriptions for periods greater
than one year including life membership. Joining fee and subscription charges will be determined at Annual General Meetings of the Club.
 8.1      Reminders will be broadcast for any subscriptions outstanding at the 1 January to all members signed up on email. Individual reminders
          will be issued to non-email members.
 8.2      Membership will be assumed to have lapsed for any member whose subscription is still outstanding at 31 January. Any lapsed member
          who returns to the Club between the 1 February and 28 February of the year in which their membership lapsed will be required to pay
          the full year‟s subscription.
8.3     Honorary Life Members will pay no obligatory subscriptions.

Voting was 52 for and none against. The motion was carried.
8. The treasurer outlined the options re the fee structure and determination of Subscription Rates for 2006.

The committee is proposing single fee of £10 for all new members in the year of joining. The annual subscription fee payable for the year
subsequent to the year of joining will be reduced to take into account the date of joining. It is proposed that the reduction would be 25% per
quarter year. i.e. Joining in the 2nd quarter of the year would trigger a 25% reduction in the subsequent year‟s subscription, 3 rd quarter 50%
reduction and 4th quarter 75% reduction.

The Committee would like to reduce the annual full membership subscription fee to £5 from £10 (and associate subscription fee to £4 from
£7.50). However, there is an argument for delaying any reduction for at least one year. Among the plans of the Committee are extending the
range of kit and having a special 100 Marathon medal minted. This would require a significant financial investment. At present this will only be
possible due to the generosity of a few Club members who have made loans the Club. Individual circumstances can change and, though
unlikely, the Club could be required to repay these loans at any time, instantly. This could leave the Club in a parlous financial state. We ask
the members to decide between two options.

Voting was as follows:
I agree to a joining fee of £10 for all members and that the subscription                                    For       Against
in the year subsequent to the year of joining may be reduced to take
 into account the date of joining.                                                                              52           0
 The motion was carried.

      £10 for Full Members and £8 for Associate Members                                                            For          45

      £5 for Full Members and £4 for Associate Members                                                             For           6
      It was agreed that membership fees for 2006 will be £10 for Full Members and £8 for Associate Members

      9. Presentation of Honorary Life Memberships

      The committee presented three Honorary Life Memberships for long and distinguished service to the Club. They were to: Colin Greene, Brian
      Doherty and Peter Sargeant. This met with universal acclaim. Brian Doherty was presented with his life membership card.

     10. Any Other Business

       Tad Lancucki advised members of the death of Barbara Szlachetka.
       BASIA SZLACHETKA, one of our overseas members, died at the age of 49 on 24th November at home in Hamburg after a year and a half
       fighting cancer. She was looked after devotedly by Christian Hottas throughout her illness.

       In the autumn of 1997 whilst working as a cleaner in Germany to provide for her family in Poland she saw a marathon on the TV. Without any
       training she ran a half marathon, then on 15.11.1997 her first Marathon. Her first Ultra she ran just four weeks later. She completed her 100 in
       less than two years.

       Her achievements in her short running career were remarkable.
       She specialised in track and road races from 12 to 72 hours in which she held Polish national records as well as 48 hour European and World
       age group records. She represented her country at 24-hours. She won bronze medals at two 48-hour World championships and was third lady
       in the 2003 Spartathlon.
       In July 2004, few days before a 48-hour race in Cologne, she went with acute stomach pain to hospital. An advanced cancer was diagnosed.
       Despite approximately 50 chemotherapy sessions and other treatments she still ran upto July 2005 24 Marathons and three Ultras "just for fun”.

       Altogether she ran 279 marathons and 57 ultras, 336 in total.

       She was always full of fun, always ready for a good time out with her friends. She ran several races in the UK and Ireland. She was first woman
       in the 100 Club‟s Greenwich Foot Tunnel Centenary Marathon in 2002.

       She will be missed.

       AGM2006 – The subject was raised about encompassing the 2006 AGM with a Handicap Marathon at the site of the Fairlands Valley Challenge
       in Stevenage. Suggested date of Sunday, 17th December.
       The idea was well received, so Roger will take this forward to see if possible.

       Marathon/Ultra vetting – Roger stated that the vetting had generally been well received. While some members had the odd event removed, they
       understood why. It was not the intention of the 100 Marathon Club to remove any individuality, but merely to have a level playing field when
       showing figures.

       Roger also asked that he be updated on a regular basis. While he attempts to extract results from the internet etc, the responsibility has to be on
       the member to report his/her race activity.

       Paul Watts – A debate was led by Syd Wheeler concerning our blind member, Paul Watts. In simple terms Paul needs guides to get him round
       marathons, and there is a shortage of volunteers.

       There seemed no shortage of volunteers from the members present at the meeting. It was agreed that Paul would discuss this with Roger to try
       and come up with a list of marathons that Paul would like to do. This could then be issued out to members for volunteers.

       Mablethorpe Marathon: Roger mentioned about this new marathon scheduled for Sep.10 next year. At present this race does not hold a permit,
       but an email received subsequent to the AGM has stated an intention to get one. To get a permit, then the course must be measured. Watch this
       space on this one!

       John Wallace 50th Birthday Marathon – John (aka Superman), has stated the intention to organise a marathon in 2007, with a suggested date of
       the end of May. This will be held as a sanctioned 100 Marathon Club Marathon.

       Mike Newbitt and his 60th birthday – Mike Newbitt (aka Badger), is scheduled to complete his 500th marathon on his 60th Birthday at the Night of
       Flanders Marathon in Belgium. (Jun.16). For those that want a double, this will be combined with a very scenic marathon along the Rhein in

       Marathon Certificate – Roger asked if there would be an interest in receiving a certificate showing their 100 marathons (or 2nd/3rd etc 100). This
       was well received. This will be taken forward at the next committee meeting

       2005 Challenge Competition – In basic terms, a new perpetual trophy would go to the member who completed the most road marathons in the
       UK and Ireland during 2005. The winner gets to keep the Shield for one year, and also receives a small trophy to keep, as did the runners-up.

       Including one Saturday/Sunday double it was possible to complete 24 qualifying marathons. The winner managed 20!

       1st – Colin Longworth (20)
       2nd – Brent Iddles (18)
       3rd= - John Dawson (14)
       3rd= - Steve Edwards (14)
       5th= - Martin Bush (13)
       5th= - Danny Kay (13)
       1st Lady – Selina Da Silva (12)

       2006 Challenge Competition – There was general support that the competition should continue in its present guise in 2006.

       2005 Photo Competition – Photos are now getting on the website on a regular basis, although Roger asked the gathering for more photos. On a
       fairly regular basis (there are not enough photos to do this every month) a „photo of the Month‟ is chosen. The committee will select a „photo of
       the year‟ from these. The winner will received a framed copy of the winning photo.

       Countries/ Counties Competition – There have been several attempts to get this going. It was still felt by the meeting to be worthwhile, so the
       committee will discuss at the next committee meeting.

       London Marathon 2006 – The club receives one guaranteed place for the London Marathon. It was agreed by the meeting that any member
       (must have been paid up as at October 21st), who receives a rejection from the ballot, is eligible to go into a draw for the one place. It is intended
       that this takes place no later than December 20th.

       50th Isle of Wight Marathon – Roger brought to the attention of the meeting that the 50th Isle of Wight Marathon would take place on 21st May
       2006. It is suggested that the club should try to support this event.

       New 100 Marathon Club Medal – Roger had suggested that we might like to consider having a new centre for the existing medal. While the
       centre was well received for trophies etc. it was felt that this was not suitable for the medal. As changing the centre only gives all members the
       opportunity to cheaply upgrade, Roger is now pursuing the possibility of an embossed centre to replace the existing centre. The idea of having
       pins to represent further 100‟s, which could easily be stored in the medal box, was well received and will be taken forward by the committee.

       Foreign Trip Comments – Runners World are looking for short articles on Foreign events. Roger is happy to collate these, and sees this as an
       opportunity of raising the profile of the 100 Marathon Club. Please send any comments through the website.
       The meeting closed at 5pm.

                                                                  100 MARATHON CLUB

Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank plc 720600                          Community Account No 57424518(9)
Bootle, Merseyside G1R 0AA                                               Instant Reserve Account No 3513157


INCOME & EXPENDITURE - period to 30th September 2005

                                                                                                  Income                 Expenditure                 Net

  Subscriptions                                        - Full                                      £1,098.00                                  £1,098.00
                                                       - Associate                                   £102.50                                    £102.50
  Donations                                                                                           £10.00                                     £10.00
  Profit on sales to members                                                                         £189.00                                    £189.00

  SEAA – Affiliation Fee                                                                                                     -£60.00            -£60.00
  Sample kit                                                                                                                 -£23.15            -£23.15
  Stationery & post                                                                                                          -£41.56            -£41.56
  Newsletter inc post                                                                                                        -£84.08            -£84.08
  Website                                                                                                                    -£39.68            -£39.68

  Total                                                                                            £1,399.50               -£248.47           £1,151.03

BALANCE SHEET at 30th September 2005

  Accumulated surplus                                                                                                                        £1,151.03

  Represented by:                           Current assets:                          Stock of kit 1 - 0 at cost £13.20                           £0.00
                                                                                    Stock of kit 2 - 18 at cost £14.37                         £258.66
                                                                                    Stock of kit 3 - 20 at cost £15.61                         £312.26
                                                                                         Stock of medals - 0 at cost                             £0.00
                                                                                                       Sundry debtors                            £0.00
                                                                                                         Cash at bank                        £1,500.29

                                                          Less:                                      Sundry creditors                          -£71.00
                                                                                                              Loans                           -£849.18

  Net Assets                                                                                                                                 £1,151.03

                   Minutes of the100 Marathon Club Committee meeting held on 9 January 2006

Present: Roger Biggs – Chairman
         Peter Graham – Secretary
         Tad Lancucki – Treasurer
         David Phillips
         Peter Burns

The Chairman formally welcomed new committee members Peter Burns and David Phillips.

1) Apologies for Absence: David Major was on holiday.
2) Approval of last Minutes: The minutes of the meeting held on 26 September 2005 were approved.

3) There were no matters arising from the minutes.
4) There has been a good response from the Members in rejoining 100 Marathon Club for 2006. There were also a few
   new members signed up.

5) Tad read out the finances figures. David Philips was asked to review them.

6)   David Major‟s written kit report was discussed.
     It was decided that the price of vests and t-shirts should remain at £15. This will be reviewed at regular intervals. The
     price of sweatshirts was set at £18. We are getting samples of jackets.

7)   There was detailed discussion about what we should count as Trail Marathons for Club Statistics. It was finally
     agreed that off-road events that are advertised between 26 miles and 26.9 miles inclusive will be counted as Trail
     Marathons whilst off-road events advertised at 27 miles and over will be counted as Ultras.

8)   It was agreed that we would allow Members who have retired from running to have Life Membership of 100
     Marathon Club for a one off nominal fee.

9)   It was agreed that the UK & Ireland Road Marathon Challenge was a worthwhile pursuit for 100 Marathon Club
     Members so it was decided we would continue with it this year.

     Peter Burns agreed to administer the UK & Ireland County Challenge. Details of the Challenge, and how people
     could enter, would be included in the next issue of the Newsletter

10) A photo of Warren D‟Rozario was chosen as the winner of the photo of the year Competition for 2005.If there is to be
     a photo Competition for 2006 Roger would need someone to help maintain the photo section of the web site

11) It was agreed that we would proceed with the idea of a Handicap Marathon at Stevenage in December after Luton
      Marathon. The AGM would then be held after the new run.
     Roger would find out what this would cost and prepare for the next event. Volunteers would be required to help
      Roger with the organisation
     It was suggested that we could use this event to raise money for the education fund for the children of Barbara
      Szlachetka a Polish member who had died of Cancer late last year.

12) The suggestion that we have pins for achieving 100, 200, 300 Marathons etc was accepted and it was decided we
     would get some. Roger showed samples from North America.

13) The Meeting Closed at 4.30PM. No date or time was fixed for next meeting

                                                         100 MARATHON CLUB


 Period: Quarter to 31.12.2005                                             Income             Expenditure        Net

 Subscriptions                                 - Full                      £456.00                           £456.00
                                               - Associate                  £32.00                            £32.00
 Donations                                                                   £0.50                             £0.50
 Profit on sales to members                                                 £18.85                            £18.85

 SEAA – Affiliation Fee                                                                             £0.00       £0.00
 ABAC membership                                                                                  -£25.00     -£25.00
 Stationery & Post                                                                                -£48.92     -£48.92
 Newsletter inc Postage                                                                             £0.00       £0.00
 Website                                                                                            £0.00       £0.00
 Trophies & Medal Centres                                                                        -£153.60    -£153.60

 Total                                                                     £507.35               -£227.52    £279.83

BALANCE SHEET at 31 December 2005

 Surplus brought forward at 1st October 2005                                                                £1,151.03

 Surplus for period 1.10.05 to 31.12.05                                                                      £279.83

 Accumulated surplus                                                                                        £1,430.86

 Represented by:                      Current assets:        Stock of kit 1 – 0 ts/v at cost £13.20             £0.00
                                                             Stock of kit 2 - 6 ts/v at cost £14.37            £86.22
                                                             Stock of kit 3 - 20 ts/v at cost £15.61          £312.26
                                                             Stock of kit 4 - 15 ts at cost £16.18            £242.63
                                                             Stock of kit 5 – 11 v at cost £14.16             £155.77
                                                             Stock of kit 6 – 9 sw at cost £17.27             £155.43
                                                             Stock of medals - 3 at £15.85                     £47.55
                                                             Sundry debtors                                     £0.00
                                                             Cash at bank                                   £1,224.18

                                                Less:        Sundry creditors                                 -£19.00
                                                             Loans                                           -£774.18

 Net Assets                                                                                                 £1,430.86

                                         THE UNITED KINGDOM & IRELAND COUNTIES
                                                  MARATHON CHALLENGE
 Name :                                                                              Date:           Tot:

                                   Road Marathon   Year   Off-road Marathon   Year           Ultra   Year   Total
      1   Avon
      2   Bedfordshire
      3   Berkshire
      4   Buckinghamshire
      5   Cambridgeshire
      6   Cheshire
      7   Cleveland
      8   Cornwall
      9   Cumbria
     10   Derbyshire
     11   Devon
     12   Dorset
     13   Durham
     14   East Sussex
     15   Essex
     16   Gloucestershire
     17   Greater London
     18   Greater Manchester
     19   Hampshire
     20   Hereford and Worcester
     21   Hertfordshire
     22   Humberside
     23   Isle of Wight
     24   Kent
     25   Lancashire
     26   Leicestershire
     27   Lincolnshire
     28   Merseyside
     29   Norfolk
     30   Northamptonshire
     31   Northumberland
     32   North Yorkshire
     33   Nottinghamshire
     34   Oxfordshire
     35   Shropshire
     36   Somerset

37   South Yorkshire
38   Staffordshire
39   Suffolk
40   Surrey
41   Tyne and Wear
42   Warwickshire
43   West Midlands
44   West Sussex
45   West Yorkshire
46   Wiltshire
47   Isle of Man
48   Isles of Scilly
49   Jersey
50   Guernsey
51   Antrim
52   Armagh
53   Down
54   Fermanagh
55   Londonderry
56   Tyrone
57   Borders
58   Central
59   Dumfries and Galloway
60   Fife
61   Grampian
62   Highland
63   Lothian
64   Strathclyde
65   Tayside
66   Orkney
67   Shetland
68   Western Isles
69   Clwyd
70   Dyfed
71   Gwent
72   Gwynedd
73   Isle of Anglesey
74   Mid Glamorgan
75   Powys
76   South Glamorgan
77   West Glamorgan
      78   Carlow
      79   Cavan
      80   Clare
      81   Cork
      82   Donegal
      83   Dublin
      84   Galway
      85   Kerry
      86   Kildare
      87   Kilkenny
      88   Laois
      89   Leitrim
      90   Limerick
      91   Longford
      92   Louth
      93   Mayo
      94   Meath
      95   Monaghan
      96   Offaly
      97   Roscommon
      98   Sligo
      99   Tipperary
     100   Waterford
     101   Westmeath
     102   Wexford
     103   Wicklow


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