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					        Regional Competitiveness and Employment Programme for
                            Yorkshire and the Humber
                  `European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)*
                                  Enquiry Form

*Please note that this enquiry form relates solely to the ERDF element of any funding package.
Enquiries relating to proposals with Single Pot match must therefore only be submitted by the
Yorkshire Forward Project Development Manager taking forward the RDA element of the

 Proposal Name:
 Proposal Estimated                              Estimated End Date:
 Start Date:
 Name of Delivery Organisation:
 Proposal developer:
 Contact details (tel, e-mail, address):
 Date of enquiry:
 Sub-region proposal will deliver in.
 Proposal Description: Explain your project’s objectives, activities and the difference it will
 make in no more than 500 words. Include the market gap it will fill, and the reason why the
 project is needed. This section should identify the activity in the Priority Prospectus that your
 proposal would deliver. It is very important that your description explains clearly how you will
 deliver the proposed activity. If your proposal concerns developing/refurbishing property or
 sites, include, if available, a location map, site plan and a summary of accommodation uses
 eg offices (xm2) industrial (xm2) residential (xm2) etc.

 What Outputs will you produce? (It is not essential to quantify outputs at this stage).

 Who Will Benefit?
 What is the estimated total cost: £
 What is maximum estimated total ERDF contribution to be sought: £
 Name other potential funders and their likely contribution (if utilising £
 existing Single Pot match then please specify the Single Pot project

Please send this enquiry form to:

You will be contacted with the name of the person who will be responsible for taking
forward your enquiry and if appropriate helping you to develop an application for funding.

     ERDF enquiry form Version 3 20 July 2009
For internal use only: If applicable, name & signature of
Yorkshire Forward Assistant Director and amount of
proposed Single Pot investment.

    ERDF enquiry form Version 3 20 July 2009

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