First Day of School

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					My First Day of School

     Melissa Morel
                                                       I’m sorry
                                                    Melissa. You
                                                     can wear it
                                                    another day.
                                                    You need to
                                                hurry or we’ll be
                       MOM! Where’s my                    late!
                     favorite Batman shirt? I
                                                 I put it in the
But Mom, I really     want to wear it today!
                                                wash Melissa.
wanted to wear it.                                  That shirt
                                                  looks much
                                                better for your
                                                   first day of
                             This is going to be a
                          special day Melissa, your
                            first day of preschool!

 I know you wanted
to wear that Batman
shirt today, but you’ll
    still have fun.
   I’m so
 What if I
don’t make          What if no
 friends?            one likes
                    me? What
                    if I hate it?

        Are you ready to
         see your new
        school, Melissa?
I hope so…      Don’t worry
             Melissa. You are
               going to love
             school. And you’ll
             make new friends
Wait for me at the
 top of the stairs
Melissa! You don’t
know where your
  classroom is!
   I’m so
 nervous. I
hope I meet    Let’s find your
  friends.     classroom! It’s
                  called the
              Rainbow Room.
                 Here’s your new
                   classroom        Okay, I’m going to
                  Melissa, the     leave now Melissa,
                 Rainbow Room!     but I will be back to
                                    pick you up at 11!
Wow…it looks
  like fun!
 Maybe this
 won’t be so
bad after all!
      I guess I
     have been
     so worried    Hi, my name is
      after all!        Erin.
                    Want to come
  I’m Melissa.      play with me?

Sure! Let’s
                 The End!

I love school!