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September 2008
Why Heartland?
Our philosophy!

We are local..
You have to
be big to be

                  …and small to
                     be big
 Established in 2000 - Now a leading OOH
 specialist in China

8 offices
100 people                                                                 Shenyang

Breadth of resource                                    Xian
Strong local relationships
Understanding of local market dynamics                  Guangzhou

Planning and buying know how in over 200 markets              Hong
Scale for best price and added value
Broad and deep sector knowledge
Proven track record

                      Since Dec 2000

                      Since Feb 2005

                      Since Mar 2006

       At Heartland our resource is your resource

 Accountability
       Planning and buying tools to tell you how many, how long and
        how much. We plan and buy based on what we know not what
        we‟re told.

       A best practice process that is totally focused on your objectives
        to make us accountable and carry learning through to your next

       Accountability through execution with our in house production,
        traffic and monitoring company
Examples of tools and
 OOH    Media Insight
    Heartbeat - News, innovation, case studies,
 Competitive    analysis
    CODC subscription
 Media   Scene
    Market Understanding
    Trends and opportunities

                            MARKET KNOWLEDGE
HeartSearch Planning Database
A full team behind your Heartland contacts to
leverage spend and knowledge


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                             Planning         Buying

                Regional     Regional     Country        Country
                Planning      Buying      Planning       Buying

      Traffic   Monitoring          Finance             Creative   Production
Heartland and Posterscope Worldwide

              On the ground – strong resources
                       Market insights
                Implementation capabilities

                    International Scale
                Access to network resource
                       and learning
                  Tools and Best practice
posterscope worldwide


                                           India           Taiwan


                            South Africa

                     #1 in airports
    630 people                                        $2.3 billion
                    6200 locations
    42 offices                                     worldwide billings
                      100 airports
   22 countries
                      90 countries
Heartland and Posterscope Worldwide –
refresh and develop
 • Our road map
  • Best practise
   • Re-fresh

  • Tools – further develop

  • Insight – develop

  • Innovation – share
Experienced, Award winning and passionate about
                 Out Of Home

                                  Jay Lin - 19 years in media

Gill Saul        Kris Yang          Johnny Zhang     Ice Liu      Carey Fung    Phoebe Leung
19 years in   16 years in media       14 years in   11 years in   14 years in    15 years in
  media                                 media         media         media          media
Innovation and
strategy examples
with Heartland
Coke – Journey to the Olympics
08.08.07 – 1 year countdown

As a headline sponsor the challenge for Red Lounge was to
raise the Coke presence above the clutter and noise of
sponsors and non sponsors alike.

In response Heartland booked 2008 (almost half) of all the
shelters in Beijing, creating a visual „road block‟ There was a
tease design which ran for three days and then overnight the
reveal was posted.

Red Lounge created 48 designs specifically for the shelters, to
surprise and delight consumers with vibrant and beautifully
designed creative work everywhere they looked, with specific
designs used in different locations to maximise the cut through.
Coke – Journey to the Olympics
           Coca Cola‟s Red Lounge team cleverly used an existing media
           opportunity (A massive suspended mega LED in a fashionable
           part of Beijing) and incorporated the Coke bottle as part of an
           exciting count down event which at the strike of new year saw Liu
           Xiang a Coke ambassador and Olympic Champion hurdler, hearts,
           flowers and beautiful shapes flowing out of the bottle and into the
           LED roof overhead. They cleverly used this site again during
           game time

                                                          Coke‟s neon bottle has
                                                          visited 4 cities and travelled
                                                          2500km reaching 16m Coke
                                                          and Olympic supporters
                                                          over the last 6 months
Coke – Journey to the Olympics
Olympic Torch Relay

                                 The Heartland Guangzhou team
                                 really entered into the Olympic
                                 Spirit when the torch came to
                                 Guangzhou, they secured key
                                 locations to dominate the route, and
                                 then went our to cheer on the
                                 runners, dressed in red of course
Coke – Journey to the Olympics

                          Heartland recreated a „Bird‟s Nest‟ in T3
                          Beijing Capital Airport to target domestic and
                          international travelers„ and to show Coca
                          Cola‟s support of the Games.
                          On either side of the special display stands
                          Yao Ming and Liu Xiang. The theme of the
                          display is “Supporting Olympic Dreams for
                          80 Years”.
                           A great photo opportunity for all the visitors!
Coke Game Time
   During Game Time Coke and Heartland identified key
    travel zones and high traffic hang out areas in major cities
    not just Olympic cities                                          Beijing

                        Shanghai                                   Guangzhou
Coca Cola
Olympic Culture Square (Beijing Chaoyang Park) ‘Shuang City”

                                     Coke built a „village‟ in a display area near the
                                      centre of Beijing in the Olympic Culture Square –
                                      they called in Shaung City, with images and style
                                      that had been the basis of their whole Olympic

                                     The Coke bottles were decorated by artists from
                                      China‟s 34 provinces showing different ethnic and
                                      artistic backgrounds.

                                     Other activities included icy Coke tasting, on-line
                                      games, performance, Coca Cola floats and
                                      Olympic badge exchange for consumers to
                                      experience the Olympic culture and Coco Cola's
Coca Cola- The Place in Beijing
adidas – Journey to the Olympics

                   adidas wanted the people of Beijing to become part of the adidas
                   support of the Chinese Olympic teams, and to announce the Adidas
                   Olympic sponsorship.
                   Wangfujin is a main street in Beijing dominated by sports stores and an
                   ideal place to talk to consumers.
                   Along with Carat and TBWA, In December Heartland created and
                   placed 16 experience zones for 2 weeks.

                   Part of the uniqueness of the campaign was that people could take
                   away photos of themselves interacting and becoming part of the
                   memory. There were over 35,000 interactions and 4km of photographic
                   paper was used.

On Jul 15, 2008, the Chinese Olympic Team medal presentation suit was launched. adidas and Heartland seized the
opportunity to showcase the design in multiple cities. In Guangzhou the new team suit was displayed on the tallest
building in the city at Zhongyin Plaza.
The suit was selected from more than 2,000 designs, and BOCOG and adidas took over 1 and a half years to make
the decision on the winning design!
Game Time


   Shanghai                 Beijing
              The suit was worn by the Chinese Olympic team in the creative throughout
              Game Time. The suit greeted travelers at Beijing airport and was on the
              largest building wrap in SH during this time. As with Coke, the client
              covered non Olympic cities using multiple formats.
              In Beijing they also created special display areas for builds during Game

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