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Dear St Mary's Community_


									                                St. Mary’s Catholic School

                                Home Communicator

       Ph: (07) 5465 1240, Fax: (07) 5465 2505              P & F Assoc. meets 2nd Wednesday
       37A John Street, Laidley, 4341                                  of each month
                                Tuesday 22nd February, 2011

Dear St Mary’s Learning Community,
Last Friday evening the St Mary’s P&F hosted the Welcome BBQ to celebrate the
commencement of the new school year. This evening provided an opportunity to welcome all
new members to our school community including Prep students, new students to other year
levels, families and new staff members. It was a great way to meet new members in a relaxed
atmosphere. My sincere thanks to Lou Bruce and Mollie Haley for their organisation of the
evening and also thanks to Michael Wardle and Julian McKie for their handy BBQ skills.
During the night it was announced that our “Gala Evening” for 2011 is going to be held on
Saturday, 14 May. For those of you who attended our inaugural event in 2009, you will no
doubt remember what a fantastic night it was! Again, this evening provides an opportunity to
bring community members together (school and Parish) in a relaxed way. The venue will be
the Laidley Cultural Centre and a beautiful three course meal will be provided. Back by
popular demand will be the “WhosYaDaddies” to kick your heels up to and dance the night
In association with the evening there will also be a raffle, which will be drawn on the night.
Prizes include:
       1st Prize – Dexter Calf = Approx. 100kg of meat cut to your liking
       2nd Prize – Water Purifier
       3rd Prize - $100 Fuel Voucher
There will also be an Auction of various “items” on the night. I can’t reveal these just yet……
you will have to attend to find out!
The night is shaping up to again be a lot of fun and a great night out, so get cracking and start to
organise your table of 10! Tickets are limited and this year it is expected to be a sell out.

Nathan Haley
                    APRE NEWS                                                 GENERAL NEWS
                 Choose Your Attitude                                                 Raw Art
                                                                 st      nd
 There is always a choice about the way you do your         On 1 and 2 March, the RAW ART artists will be
 work, even if there is not a choice about the work         visiting the school to work with all the students.
 itself!                                                    RAW Art is a mobile Visual Arts service offering
   “Life is too precious just to be passing through to      children a range of awesome fun art-making activities.
                      retirement.”                          These workshops can include drawing and painting,
 Our attitude can be productive and appropriate or it       working with clay, and also Printmaking and
 can be counterproductive and inappropriate. The            Sculpture. Activities are hands-on, with children
 choice is ours!                                            discovering a new art process, while creating a vibrant
          We can choose to react or respond!                art piece! This will be an educational and fun
 Our reaction is how we automatically react to a            experience for everyone!
 situation. This is not always in the best interest of                     Severe Weather Procedures
 ourselves or others. Our response is the conscious         The events of recent weeks are still firmly in
 choice we make concerning our ongoing attitude             everyone’s minds and as we saw yesterday we have
 about the situation. Taking time to respond allows us      probably not seen the last of the wet weather. It is for
 to think before we do anything!                            these reasons that I would like to remind parents of our
            The Feast of the Chair Of Peter                 severe weather procedures. In the event of severe
 Today we celebrate the feast of the Chair of Peter.        weather that may cause flash flooding the following
 The early Christians celebrated this day in memory of      occurs:
 Peter, the first bishop of Rome. We celebrate the             1) The bus company contacts the school to alert us
 unity of our Bishop with the Bishop of Rome and the               that bus runs will be leaving early.
 diversity of the Church.                                      2) Parents of children catching the bus are notified
                   All powerful God,                               to ensure someone is home when children arrive.
 give your Church the gifts of unity and diversity in          3) Children are called to the school office, where
 every land and culture. We ask this through Christ                they are then called out for each bus.
 our Lord. Amen                                                4) At the same time many parents also come to
                                                                   collect students and it is most important that
    th                                                             parents come to the school office, where children
 24 Feb – Mothers’ Group and Playgroup
                                                                   are called and parents sign their child out.
 28th Feb – Uniform Shop open
                                                            Following this process ensures that all students get
  1st Mar – RAW Art visit
                                                            home safely. It is for the above reasons that it is most
  2nd Mar – RAW Art visit                                   important that the school has up-to-date contact
 16th Mar – St Mary’s Cross Country                         numbers. As you can imagine this process takes time
 17th Mar – St Patrick’s Day                                and has to occur in the space of about fifteen minutes.
 28th Mar – Laidley District Cross Country                  It becomes even more important when there is wide
          DONATIONS AVAILABLE                               spread flash flooding and we have multiple buses
                                                            leaving early. Thanks for your continued support in
The items listed below have been donated and are
                                                            helping to ensure student safety.
available for those affected by the recent floods. They
are currently being held at Hatton Vale and can be           PLAYGROUP AND MOTHERS’ GROUP
delivered to school or surrounding area. Items include:     During Term 1 Playgroup has been
2 single beds (frames and mattress), 2 TV’s, various        relocated to the Junior Adventure
baby boy clothes 0000-3, children’s books, doona and        Playground on the school grounds. All
covers (1 queen and 2 single), 2 port-a-cots, change        parents with pre-school aged children
table, sterilizer and bottles, baby sheets, blankets and    are more than welcome to join us!
nappy bags, 2 baby rockers, men’s clothes M-L,              Please bring a plate to share for
various toys (baby – toddler), girls clothes (baby – size   morning tea. We meet on a Thursday on a fortnightly
4), children’s table and chairs, toy box and many other     basis, so, please come along and join us this Thursday,
items. For further information please contact               24 February!
Monique Weekley on 0408743580.
                 GENERAL NEWS                                              PARISH MASS TIMES
                  2012 Prep Enrolments                         Times          1st         2nd         3rd           4th
Parents if you have a child born between 1 July 2006           Sat 6pm   Gatton       Laidley     Rosewood     Laidley
                                                               Sun       Glen’Grove   Marburg     Gatton       Rosewood
and 30 June 2007 please contact the school office to           7am
organise a Prep Enrolment Application. We have                 Sun       Rosewood     Gatton      Laidley      Gatton
already had a lot of requests for the 2012 school year         Lit Sun
and presently have in excess of 30 Prep Applications.          7am       Marburg      For’ Hill   Marburg      Marburg
Prep Interviews will again be held during Term 2.              8.30am    -            -           Glen’Grove   -
                                                               9am       Laidley      Rosewood    -            For’Hill
               Insurance Claim Update
All claims have been submitted and are awaiting                                UNIFORM NEWS
approval or completion. We have received                      Uniform Shop will be open fortnightly, on Mondays
                                                              8.15am – 9am, located at the old Convent next to the
confirmation that the new fence will be installed next        school. No uniforms will be available for purchase
week and will take most of the week to complete. The          from the school office. Uniform shop Term 1 dates are:
air conditioning installer is still waiting for delivery of   28th February, 14th and 28th March.
the units. Installation will occur as soon as these
                                                                                    H & PE NEWS
arrive. Each unit takes approximately six hours to
                                                                              Cross Country Training
install. Careful co-ordination will be required when
                                                              Training has been in full swing for a couple of weeks
this occurs to limit the amount of disruption to
                                                              now. Just a reminder to parents that training occurs on
classes. Every effort will be made by teachers to plan
                                                              Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings
activities that can continue in alternative spaces to
                                                              commencing at 8:00am. Students are encouraged to
limit the disruption for students.
                                                              come to at least two training sessions per week. It is
                School Bags for Purchase
                                                              important for runners to bring a change of shoes and
We have now received a new order of St. Mary’s
                                                              socks to get changed into after training. Presently the
School bags. These can be purchased from the office
                                                              grass can be wet from heavy dew or previous wet
for $35 each. For those parents wishing to buy one
                                                              weather. Congratulations students on your wonderful
please enquire at the office.
                                                              training, keep up the great work.
          GUIDANCE COUNCELLOR                                               COMMUNITY NEWS
              Avoiding morning mayhem!
                                                                             Downlands College
For the majority of families, mornings are often a time
                                                                              Sunday 3 April 3pm
of heightened stress and tension in the household. With
                                                                    Venue: Graham Centre, Downlands College
both parents and children leading increasingly hectic
                                                                           72 Ruthven St, Toowoomba
lives these days, the importance of establishing a clear,
                                                                   Tickets available from Downlands College
workable morning routine is something many families
                                                                                  07 4690 9500
find beneficial. The beginning of a new term is an ideal
                                                                           Adults $25 . Concession $18
time to start afresh and try some new ideas. Some
                                                               The Toowoomba Concert Orchestra is a highly
strategies to make mornings more manageable include:
                                                               regarded ensemble and together with the talented
 Having a clear routine which all members of the
                                                               music students of Downlands the afternoon will be a
   household understand (for the organisationally
                                                               wonderful occasion.
   challenged among us, a visual checklist often helps).
 Prioritising what needs to be done – for example, no
   TV until breakfast is eaten and cleared away, bag
   packed and dressed for school.
 Organise your day the night before – laying out
   clothes, having bags packed and talking with your
   children about the following day’s events are some
   simple but time-saving ideas.
For more ideas, or to discuss any questions or
concerns, please feel free to contact me on
0457321171. Have a great term! Caz Cipa – Guidance

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