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									Why finding the right niche is important

Niche marketing is important to your online business. There are numerous
benefits to finding a niche versus marketing to a large crowded market.

What is a niche?

A niche, simply said, is a specific group of people which you identify
and can market very specific products to that will be of interest to that

An example of a large market for example is:

Diets and weightloss

An example of a niche market within that group is:

Moms who want to lose weight after pregnancy

By targeting a small and very specific group of people you get to know
your market inside out. This means that you’ll know what they need, what
they respond to and what makes them tick. This is difficult to do when
you’re trying to be all things to all people.

By targeting a small niche market it’s also easier to gain expert status.
If all your marketing is focused on one very specific group and their
needs you’ll gain trust and expert status within that group very quickly.

Soon, you’ll become the trusted go to expert on that one topic. Once you
put yourself in that position your marketing becomes effortless. People
recommend you to others and when you have something to sell people will
trust the quality of that product and want to buy it – without a lot of
effort on your part.

Niche marketing also means more specific keywords and keyword phrases for
your website. Search engines love specific niche sites with quality
information. By targeting a niche market you can really dominate the
search engine traffic results for that niche.

This means more website visitors, more customers, more trust and
eventually more money.

It’s hard to be all things to all people. You’ll never get the balance
right and someone will always be unhappy. While niche marketing doesn’t
assure you won’t have unhappy customers at some point you definitely
minimize the risks. And not only that but you increase the odds of
building a highly profitable online business.


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