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									                                                   Our Town
                                                      A Publication for the Town of Bennett
                                                      Vol. 12, No. 3     August 2007

             A MINUTE FROM THE MAYOR                                        Our water supply is adequate for current use and also
                     By Sue Horn                                             meets all state standards.
                                                                            In 2009 new state standards will again cause our
As I began to write this article, I wondered what the topic                  wastewater treatment plant to be out of compliance. This
should be. In past articles, I’ve shared the town priorities, the            will happen even if no additional growth occurs.
action plans to deal with our key issues and the current status             We currently only have one set of pipes going under the
on many of our projects. I’ve also shared my perspective on                  tracks in Adams County from the north side of Bennett to
the joys of living in the country and how important it is to                 the south side of Bennett for wastewater treatment. We
keep our rural lifestyle. At the same time, we have some much                need to provide another wastewater crossing even if no
needed amenities that will become available later this year,                 additional growth occurs.
such as the rec center and the new Bennett Marketplace. What
                                                                            Aquifer water is used throughout the eastern part of
would be pertinent for this article, I wondered? Is there a new
                                                                             Colorado, and the aquifer levels are going down. Current
topic that we should discuss?
                                                                             estimates are that the pumping capacity of our wells will
The town recently sent out our annual survey and has                         decrease by as much as half (50%) in the next 20-30
summarized our responses so far. Our thanks go to those of                   years. We will need to double our current number of wells
you who have had the opportunity to respond. You’ve                          during that time if no additional growth occurs.
indicated that our priorities are also your priorities, so we are           We currently treat our well water at several well
encouraged that we are going in the right direction. However,                locations. The number of treatment locations will increase
we sent out approximately 1600 surveys and have received 64                  as we drill additional wells. As we drill more wells,
responses so far. I encourage all of you to take the time to fill            because the pumping capacity is diminishing, we will
in and return the survey, as we use it as a gauge to be sure we              need to build a centralized treatment facility even if no
are responsive to your needs. We want to be sure the                         additional growth occurs.
responses actually reflect the wishes of the majority of the                Our current sewer charges do not begin to cover our
town residents.                                                              current expenses, let alone future needs, if no additional
                                                                             growth occurs.
Back to the town priorities and my question of the topic for                Our negotiations and agreements with developers are
this article. We recently received our preliminary report from               designed to ensure that any future development pays its
our consultants on their recommendations for our Water and                   own way. That means that the developer will provide any
Wastewater Treatment Master Plan. This report and your                       infrastructure needed to support his/her development,
survey responses tell me that the topic for this article should              either by constructing that infrastructure or by providing
be an update on our current status and future needs in the areas             the capital for the town to do the construction.
of water and wastewater treatment.
                                                                         The bottom line is that both our water and wastewater
Survey responses and discussions with residents indicate that            treatment currently meet standards and serve us adequately.
everyone is well aware that water is a key issue for us.                 However, we will need to take action immediately and
Wastewater treatment is also a key issue. However, there are             implement a long-range master plan to ensure that we continue
some misconceptions in both areas. Our experience tells us               to have adequate essential services for the town.
that if we turn on our water tap and water comes out, we think
everything is OK. The same thing is true for wastewater: if we           So what are we doing about these issues?
flush the toilet and the contents go away, everything is OK.              We have for some time been exploring other opportunities
Many people believe that we don’t need to do anything unless                 to refine the usage of our existing water supply and to
there is growth; hence, growth is the enemy. That belief is not              develop new sources of water for the town. We will
really accurate.                                                             continue to move forward with this exploration and plan
                                                                             to make a decision on the direction to pursue by the end
Here are the facts:                                                          of this year.
 Currently our wastewater treatment is in compliance with                We must move forward with the construction of a new
    all state requirements. You may remember that we just                    wastewater treatment facility in order to meet state
    completed a fairly lengthy (and expensive) project to                    standards that become effective in just two years. Again,
    upgrade the plant to meet all current standards.                         we need to move into the next steps of that process by the
                                                                             end of this year.
   We need to initiate a rate study to determine the rates and    SUNDAY, AUGUST 26
    charges for wastewater treatment that will be needed to        Trupp Park
    cover the expenses. Some rate changes are likely to result     9:30 a.m. Community Church Services
    from this study, as they did last year for water as a result
    of our water rate study. This project needs to begin this      What a wonderful tradition we have with our annual Harvest
    year.                                                          Festival. Come out and meet your neighbors. Enjoy the craft
   We need to continue to refine our water and wastewater         booths and browse through the Flea Market. Visit with your
    master plan with the assistance of our consultants so that     Town Board at their booth. Bring a non-perishable food item
    we can budget over the long term to complete                   to the local Bennett Community Food Bank’s booth. Take a
    improvements as needed over the coming 5-10 years. The         chance or two on the cake walk!
    first portion of this master plan needs to be completed so
                                                                   If you would like to volunteer or need information, please call
    that we can take it into consideration when we do our
                                                                   Linda at 303-644-4442 or Lori at 303-644-4541.
    2008 budget this fall.
The Town of Bennett celebrated its 75th anniversary of
incorporation in 2005. For all that time it has been a strong      We have recently completed a video inspection of a portion of
community and a wonderful place to live. We will need your         the Town’s sewer lines, those underground pipes that collect
support to continue to stay the course to prioritize and look to   and transport wastewater from businesses and homes to our
the future to ensure that the Town of Bennett continues to be a    Treatment Plant. The videos clearly show the presence of
strong community and a wonderful place to live. I encourage        significant deposits of fats, oils and grease (FOG) in the sewer
you to let us hear from you. Our Town Board meets the              lines. Since service lines from homes to the Town’s sewer
second and fourth Tuesdays of each month and has a Work            mains are small and many of the sewer mains are only a little
Study the first and third Tuesdays. We invite you to join us for   larger, FOG deposits can easily block the sewer.
any of these meetings whenever you can. We also invite you
to give us feedback through the annual survey, by contacting       FOG come principally from meat, lard, cooking oil, butter and
town staff or by contacting one of the Board members or me.        shortening. The best way to stop these substances from
Your input is so important to us!                                  building up in sewer lines is to prevent them from entering
                                                                   your drains. All cooking grease and liquid oil from pots, pans
            BENNETT HARVEST FESTIVAL                               and fryers should be placed in a covered container or heat
                                                                   resistant bag and disposed of through a waste collection
     Mark your calendars for Friday evening, August 24th,          service.
    Saturday, August 25th and Sunday morning, August 26th
                  at Trupp Park in Bennett!                        Other effective Kitchen Practices include:

Come out and join the fun! We hope to see you there!!! Here           DO NOT use garbage disposals. Scrape fats, grease and
is the schedule of events:                                             food from plates and cooking utensils into the trash.
                                                                      WIPE OFF greasy pots and utensils instead of rinsing off
FRIDAY, AUGUST 24                                                      into the sink.
Events Begin at 6:00 p.m.                                             DO NOT pour milk, cream, salad dressing or butter down
VFW – Palmer Ave and 1st Street                                        the drain.
Guaranty Bank and Trust BBQ                                           USE basket strainers in your sink to catch food particles
Trupp Park                                                             and empty them into the trash.
Craft/Trade/Flea Market
Triple B Toys                                                      The high cost of cleaning FOG deposits from the sewer lines
Family Dance in the Park                                           and dealing with the FOG that reaches our Treatment Plant is
                                                                   shared by all homeowners and businesses. Your help with
SATURDAY, AUGUST 25                                                eliminating the source of the problem will be appreciated by
Eastern Star Pancake Breakfast (575 Palmer)                        all!
Bennett Fire & Rescue Burritos Breakfast (515 Washington
                                                                       BENNETT PARK AND RECREATION DISTRICT
Trupp Park                                                         Construction of the new Bennett Recreation Center is
Craft/Trade/Flea Market                                            progressing towards a September opening. In anticipation of
Farmer’s Market                                                    our opening, applications are being accepted for the positions
Triple B Toys                                                      of Building Attendant, Fitness Instructors, Yoga and Pilates
Parade – 10;00 a.m.                                                Instructors, Dance Instructors, Birthday Party Attendants,
Kids’ Games & Activities                                           Referees, Scorekeepers and Recreation Program Instructors.
Hot Dog Eating Contest                                             Applications can be picked up at the Muegge House, located
Flight for Life                                                    at 401 S. First Street in Bennett, between the hours of 9 a.m. to
Horse Tournament – 1:00 p.m..                                      12 noon, Monday through Friday. Applications will be
Dance in the Evening                                               accepted through August 11th.
                                                                   Be sure to check out our website at for
                                                                   facility updates and a listing of our fall programs.
                                                                    ($5) dollars and now it costs 15 to 20 times that much. Sewer
   A DAY WITHOUT SUNSHINE/A DAY WITHOUT                             system valves that cost $10 or $20 back in those days, now
                     SEWER                                          cost over $300.
           By: Neal A. Mancuso, Trustee
                                                                    We have choices to make in Bennett. If we want to minimize
Because we live in Colorado, we can expect 340 to 350 days          potential sewer system disasters, we have to keep paying our
of sunshine per year. Living here we fully expect that to be        “dental bills”.
the case. When one of those few dismal dingy sunless days
comes along, we complain about it, talk about how the                    TOWN HALL FLOWER BED RESTORATION
weather in Colorado sometimes seems to change by the
minute and express this opinion to anyone who will listen.          If you have driven past the Town Hall lately you probably
But, basically, while we drink our coffee and complain,             noticed the new landscaping in front. Town of Bennett
nothing else really happens and we continue on with our daily       employee, Jack Eva, went to Master Gardener Jeri Cretti, to
lives.                                                              seek help in designing a beautiful and colorful flower bed.
                                                                    (Jeri can be found at Greatwood Lumber surrounded by all the
If, however, we wake up one morning and stumble our way             flowers, shrubs, etc.) Jack told her that he was looking for
into the bathroom and discover that the water does not flow         plants which will withstand a lot of sun and heat. Using her
down the drain or that the sewer has backed up, we have a           excellent designing skills, Jeri came up with a creative design.
problem of monumental (to us) proportions to deal with. Even        Some of the plants that will be in among the rocks are: yellow
though this may happen only once a year, or has not occurred        potentilla, pink potentilla, barberry shrub, roses, gaillardia,
in over 5 years, the disruption to our daily life is enormous.      and ice plant. The Public Works Department has been
                                                                    working to get this project completed so we can all enjoy
We all know that weather and sewer, are really different            watching it grow. Thank you, Jeri, for all of your help and
things, but they are related, as storms and flood, for example,     expertise in making this project such an eye-catching success.
may cause sewer problems. Sunshine and sunny days – that’s          Your donation of time to complete the design will be enjoyed
Mother Nature at work. Sewer systems are man’s attempts to          for years to come.
help Mother Nature collect, consolidate and treat wastes and
runoffs. It seems as though any time man seeks to help out or
control certain aspects of Mother Nature, she finds a way to let                    CRIME PREVENTION
us know that she is still in command. Upset conditions can               Excerpt from Good Neighboring Resource Guide
and do happen and they are part of life. However, they, as far
as sewer systems are concerned, can be greatly minimized, if        Crime is an unfortunate feature of our neighborhoods. One
not virtually eliminated, by constantly monitoring conditions,      person out of every 25 becomes a victim of some type of
updating the system to meet changing needs and keeping it in        crime each year. How many victims does that mean for your
a good state of repair.                                             block? Here are some simple steps to protect yourself and
                                                                    your neighborhood from crime:
To make a rather unlikely comparison, sewer systems are              Get to know your neighbors. The better you and your
rather like teeth. Just as a baby is born without teeth, so was a       neighbors know each other, the more likely you are to
town like Bennett initially formed without a sewer system. As           know if something is wrong. Call your neighbors if you
babies grow, their teeth develop. Similarly, sewer systems              suspect that something is wrong or if you have been
develop in towns. Children’s teeth need to be monitored and             victimized. This will encourage them to watch out for
maintained and so do sewer systems. At a certain age, baby              problems.
teeth fall out. So, also, do the sewer systems deteriorate over      Keep your yard groomed and free of trash. A clean,
time and require updating to meet current and future needs.             well-groomed neighborhood sends a message to would-be
As a child develops his or her adult teeth, which is a sign of          criminals that you and your neighbors care about your
maturing, so does a maturing town, at some point, require a             community. Overgrown shrubbery provides criminals a
new sewer system, which is able to meet existing needs and              place to hide.
accommodate future demands. And just as teeth require                Leave lights on – inside and outside. Lighting makes it
dentists to help maintain them, sewer systems require regular           look like your home is occupied. It also makes it easier
evaluation and maintenance by professionals.                            for police and neighbors to see suspicious activity. Keep
                                                                        your porch light on all night, every night. It only costs
 There was an entire industry created around teeth – dentists           about $1.50 per month.
and dental equipment, toothpastes and mouthwashes, brushes           Keep your doors and windows locked. An unlocked
and flosses and etc. And this is the sad thing about teeth – no         door or window provides an opportunity for a burglar.
matter what stage of life we are in, we always have to take          Paint out graffiti – fast! A neighborhood cluttered with
care of them. If it’s not cavities or braces, it’s removal of           graffiti invites crime. It sends a message that you don’t
wisdom teeth, or procuring bridgework or implants. It is the            care about your community.
same with sewer systems. Over time they tend to self destruct,       Walk only in well-lit areas. This allows you to see and
and not unlike teeth, they require constant maintenance and             avoid would-be assailants. It’s also important to be
fixing, in order to continue performing their function well.            observant of your surroundings while walking.
And, like dental bills, costs of doing sewer work increase over      Be active in Community Policing. Work with your
time. When I was a kid, the cost of extracting a tooth was five
                                                                        neighborhood association and local law enforcement to
    help create community partnerships.        By working            Sun protection needs to be used during cloudy days as well,
    together, small problems can be solved before they grow          since the sun’s burning rays can penetrate clouds.
    into big ones.
                                                                     Anyone can get skin cancer from the sun’s rays, but those at
      TRI-COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT                                   higher risk include people with light skin tones; people with
   OFFERS ABCs OF SKIN CANCER PREVENTION                             blond or red hair and those with blue or green eyes; skin that
                                                                     burns, freckles or reddens easily; and people who have a
Skin cancer is by far the most common cancer in the United           family member who has had skin cancer.
States with more than one million new cases diagnosed each
year. It is also one of the fastest rising cancers. And because of   These few simple precautions can help everyone enjoy the
the sunny days and high altitude of Colorado, skin cancer rates      abundant Colorado sunshine more safely. For additional
in this state are increasing faster than the national average.       information about sun safety, visit the American Cancer
Skin cancer is preventable, and prevention needs to start in         Society website at, Colorado’s AMC Cancer
childhood and continue throughout life.                              Research Center at or the Centers for
                                                                     Disease Control and Prevention at
Approximately one in five children in the United States will
grow up to have some type of skin cancer. Even just one                    UPCOMING TOWN OF BENNETT EVENTS
severe sunburn before the age of 18 may double the risk of
developing malignant melanoma later in life. Research                Mark your calendars for these important upcoming Town of
indicates that most people receive as much as 80 percent of          Bennett events:
their total lifetime sun exposure during their first 18 years.       August
                                                                     20       First Day of School
“Malignant melanoma is a potentially fatal form of skin cancer       24-26 Bennett Harvest Festival
that arises from skin growths commonly known as moles.               September
Early detection is important, since melanoma is curable if           8        Town Clean up Day, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.
detected early,” warns Richard Vogt, MD, Executive Director                   Bennett Community Center Parking Lot
of Tri-County Health Department.                                     22       Grand Opening of Bennett Park and Recreation
                                                                              Center / Town of Bennett Open House
Health experts recommend using the A-B-C-D approach to                        Bennett Recreation Center, 455 S. First Street
evaluate possible skin damage that might require the advice of       November
a dermatologist:                                                     10       Veterans Day Celebration
          A- Check for moles that are Asymmetrical, meaning                   Annual Chili Cook-Off
not balanced on both sides                                                    Bennett Community Center 6 - 8 p.m.
          B- The Border of a mole should be smooth, without
irregular edges or notches                                           Watch the I-70 Scout for more details on these events.
          C- A mole is normally all one Color. More than one
color in a mole is concerning
          D- The Diameter of a mole should be no more than           This newsletter is a volunteer publication with the goal of
the size of a pencil eraser                                          addressing public interests of Bennett residents. It welcomes
                                                                     club news, questions, announcements, and suggestions. Your
Other important factors to watch for are a mole that grows           feedback is important and useful for the development of future
rapidly, changes shape, forms a sore, itches or bleeds. These        newsletters. Contact the Town Hall at (303) 644-3249. Many
symptoms do not necessarily indicate melanoma, but they              thanks to Dolora Reay for layout and editing, Jake Berzon of
definitely need a doctor’s evaluation.                               Baraban.Com for editing and volunteer services from Alice
                                                                     Bollinger, Eileen Church, Brianna Cundiff, Brittany Cundiff,
Accumulated lifetime exposure to the sun and severe sunburns         Karen Cundiff, Talyah Cundiff, and Janie Ganzkow.
are two primary triggers for skin cancer, and both can be
prevented. For instance, infants should be covered with
protective clothing, including hats and sunglasses, and baby
strollers should have some type of sun cover. Parents should                          MEETINGS SCHEDULE
apply sunscreen to children every day before school, and they
can teach their children how to apply it on their own. Adults        Town Board                 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month
need to set a good example by not sunbathing, avoiding                                          at 7:00 p.m.
tanning booths and using a minimum SPF 15 sunscreen                  Work Study                 1st, 3rd, & 5th Tuesdays of the month
themselves.                                                                                     at 7:00 p.m.
                                                                     Planning & Zoning          3rd Monday of the month at 7:00
Everyone can limit their time in the sun, especially during the                                 p.m.
peak sun intensity hours of 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Staying in          Municipal Court            4th Wednesday of the month at 7:00
the shade and wearing long-sleeved shirts, long pants and a                                     p.m. (unless otherwise posted)
wide-brimmed hat can help prevent harmful sunburns as well.
Baseball hats offer very little protection. Most sunglasses are      All meetings are held at Town Hall, 355 4th St., unless
effective at blocking harmful UV rays, and should also be            otherwise posted. Public is always welcome. For further
worn by children and adults to prevent serious eye damage.           information, please call (303) 644-3249.

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