Savvy outsourcing know how

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					Savvy outsourcing know how

Outsourcing is not only a great way to free up your time, it’s often a
necessary step to growing your business. However, it’s not always easy to
find great people to work with.

If you’d like to start outsourcing but aren’t sure where to start, these
tips will help.

#1 – Ask a lot of questions. Before you hire someone to work on a project
with you, ask questions. A lot of people are embarrassed to ask too many
questions or simply don’t know what to ask. But keep in mind that you’re
going to be working with this person and it’s best to learn early on if
you’re a good match.

Ask about their experience, their other work commitments (ie. will your
work have priority, etc.), their turnaround times, their billing
preference, their policy on correcting mistakes, and much more. The more
questions you are the better prepared you will be.

#2 – Write a contract. You should always have a written agreement in
place before working with someone. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a
formal contract but at the very least it needs to detail the project,
expectations and other important points. A clear written agreement will
help both parties involved know what their commitments are before moving

If you’re unsure of what your contact should include, it’s best to seek
the advice of a qualified legal professional.

#3 – Test the waters. Before going full force into a project with a
contractor, it’s always best to give them a sample or small project
first. This way if the person doesn’t work out, your commitment is

#4 – Ask for samples and references. Samples and references will help you
know the person’s work before hiring them. It’s good to get as much
information as you can about the quality of their work and what others
think of them – samples and references help you achieve this.

#5 – Treat people fairly. If you treat your contractors with respect and
fairness then they are more likely to show you the same in return.
Building strong working relationships is important to the success of your
business. Concentrate on building trust and rapport with your team. An
easy way to do this is by always treating people kindly and following
through on your word.

Outsourcing can be tricky at the best of times. Sometimes it’s difficult
to find good people to work with but it’s worth the effort in trying
until you do. When you find someone that’s a good match, treat them well
and keep them on your team. They may just become an invaluable resource
in the future.