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                         NORTHSHORE TECHNICAL COLLEGE

                                 Course Syllabus for
                                  MTTC 2710 CNC

Course: MTTC 2710, CNC
Department: Machine Tool Technology
Course Credits: 6 credit hour, 3 Lec./3 Lab
Class Location:

Course Description: Identify coding used in CNC technology. Write CNC programs.
Install programs in CNC machines. Manufacture parts using CNC technology.

Course Mission: To help the student to understand and be able to learn how to read
and write a CNC program, and be able to satisfactorily manufacture parts using a CNC

Prerequisites: Student is required to pass entrance exam for the college, MTTC 2110.
MTTC 2120, MTTC 2310, MTTC 2410.

                      The student is also required to take and complete successfully
                       the review test on CNC programming.
                      The student is required to complete satisfactorily projects issued
                       to them by the instructor.

Course Objectives:
                       I. Identify and practice safety rules.
                      II. Describe history of computer numerical control.
                     III. Describe the functions of G-codes and M-codes.
                     IV. Write program using G-codes and M-codes.

                      V. Install program in a CNC machine.
                      VI. Manufacture parts using CNC machining.

     Text: CNC Blueprints

                                   Course Syllabus for
                                     MTTC 2710 CNC

Evaluation and Grading: Louisiana Technical College (LTC) has established a grading
scale describing the letter grade that is associated with the percentage grade.


The grading scale at Louisiana Technical College for all programs, except those
regulated by a licensing board, is listed below. The students’ transcript will include the
letter grade only, not the percentage grade.

     90% - 100%      A
     80% - 89%       B
     70% - 79%       C
     60% - 69%       D
     59% - Below     F

The LTC grading scale for programs regulated by licensing boards is:

     94% - 100%      A
     88% - 93%       B
     80% - 87%       C
     70% - 79%       D
     69% - Below     F

Academic Honesty: Plagiarism, cheating, and other forms of academic dishonesty are
prohibited. In addition to other possible disciplinary sanctions, which may be imposed
through the regular institutional procedures as a result of academic misconduct, your
instructor will a assign an “F” for the exercise or examination that evidences academic
misconduct for the first offense and assign an “F” for the course for repeated offenses.

Students With Disabilities: The Louisiana Technical College complies with Section 504
and the Americans with Disabilities Act. Students with disabilities who seek

accommodations must make their requests known by contacting the Disabilities
Coordinator at the beginning of each semester. If a disability is identified later in the
semester, a non-retroactive accommodation plan will be developed.

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