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					                         Department of Psychology
                Unanimous Recommendation for Emeritus Status

                                   Dr. F. Samuel Bauer

Whereas: Dr. F. Samuel Bauer of the Department of Psychology has served Christopher
Newport College and then, Christopher Newport University, with distinction, unfailing energy
and commitment, and loyalty for 37 years, and

Whereas: Professor Bauer gave the first Dean William Parks Colloquium and presented a
second lecture based on current research activities that engaged our students with guidance,
encouraging mentorship, and essential integrity, and

Whereas:       Professor Bauer served unselfishly, productively, and with foresight, as the
Chairman of the Department of Psychology for 17 years while promoting the interests and
aspirations of its faculty and students, and

Whereas: Professor Bauer served as the Chairman of the Faculty Advisory Committee for one
year, a precursor to the Faculty Senate, and served as a passionate faculty advocate on the Faculty
Senate for two terms, and

Whereas: Professor Bauer has prepared and taught 16 different courses and 11 different
topical seminars for psychology students over the course of his career and has offered with rigor
and high standards the course in Behavioral Statistics on over 60 occasions, and

Whereas: Professor Bauer has collaborated with faculty and contributed to the instruction of
Human Ecology, Physiology, Evolution, Astronomy and Human Origins, and Evolution, and

Whereas: Professor Bauer has mentored numerous accomplished and successful students who
have achieved significantly in psychology and other scholarly disciplines, and

Whereas: Professor Bauer has introduced the spirit and substance of Objective Psychology to
this academic community and has been a persuasive and effective advocate for the essential role
of systematic rigor, measurement, and experimentation in the study of human thought, emotion,
and cognition,
Bauer Emeritus Resolution – 2.

Whereas: In the light of such service and accomplishment, his decision to retire from the
Faculty of Christopher Newport University has caused the Department of Psychology and the
Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to recommend that his long professional
association with Christopher Newport University be continued beyond the date of retirement.

Therefore Be It Resolved That: Professor F. Samuel Bauer, in the best and most
stringent traditions of experimental and physiological psychology, be recognized as Professor
Emeritus of Psychology, and that his wisdom, patience, and insight continue to guide the
direction of his department and Christopher Newport University, and that the Faculty Senate of
Christopher Newport University hereby recommends that the title of Professor Emeritus be
conferred upon
F. Samuel Bauer, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., with all the rights, honors, and privileges attendant to such

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