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									 ST. SAVIOUR’S C.E.

 Reporting on the Academic Year
                     GOVERNORS’ ANNUAL REPORT
                                  St. Saviour’s C.E. Primary School,
                                            Shirland Road,
                                           London, W9 2JD

                                    Telephone: 020 7641 6414

The Governors of St. Saviour’s C.E. Primary School take great pleasure in publishing their annual report for
                                      the academic year 2003-2004.

 Under new regulations, a meeting to discuss this report will only be called if fifteen (15) families request it.
               If no such request is received by 23rd October, no meeting will be convened.

         In the event that a meeting is called, the meeting will take place on Tuesday 9th November
                         at St. Saviour’s Church, Warwick Avenue, W9 at 7:15 p.m.

                 The meeting will be announced through the voice of the school Newsletter.
                   In the event of a meeting being called, the following agenda will used:

                                              Mass at 6:30 p.m.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the Governors’ Report to Parents, which gives information on how
the Governing Body, Headteacher, Staff and L.E.A. carry out their duties in relation to the School.

   1.      Opening Prayer

   2.      Welcome and Introduction

   3.      Governors’ Report to Parents (attached)

   4.      General discussion and questions

   5.      Closing Prayers
The Report of the Governors of St. Saviour’s C.E. Primary School, Shirland Road, London, W9 to the parents.

Serving Governors

Father Gary Bradley (Chairman of Governors) – Ex Officio
6, Park Place Villas, Little Venice, W2 1SP

Telephone:    020 7723 1968
Fax:          020 7724 5332

Ms. Lindsey Woodford (Headteacher) – Ex Officio
St. Saviour’s C.E. Primary School, Shirland Road, London, W9 2JD

Telephone:    020 7641 6414
Fax:          020 7641 6416

Name of Governor                           Area of Representation                      Exp. Date of Office
Mr. John Moran                                    P.C.C. Representative                       31.08.05
Mr. Simon Kerton-Johnson                   P.C.C. Representative                       04.06.07
                                           (Vice Chair of Governors)

Mr. Jonathan Hawkins                       L.D.B.S. Representative                     31.08.05
Mrs. Betty Robinson                        L.D.B.S. Representative                     31.08.08

Mrs. Mary Holt                             Deanery Synod Representative                31.08.04
Vacancy                                    Deanery Synod Representative

Ms. Julie Bromilow                         Foundation Parent Representative            29.01.05
Vacancy                                    Foundation Parent Representative

Mrs. Hannah Dempsey                        Elected Teacher Representative              24.09.05
Mr. Lee Higgins                            Elected Staff Representative                09.11.04

Mr. Anton Young OBE                        Local Authority Representative              15.06.08
Mr. Gabriel Bowman                         Local Authority Representative              01.02.08

Mrs. Alex Martin-Zakheim                   Elected Parent Representative               01.03.08
Mrs. Pepe Mykoo                            Elected Parent Representative               01.03.08

Clerk to the Governors
Mr. Vernon Hickling, 1, Pinecroft, Marlow, Buckinghamshire, SL7 3BJ
Telephone:    01628 476390          Fax:          01628 478408
The Highlights From A Fantastic Year
The mural of remembrance of Mrs. Victoria Tripp, our beloved Governor, has now been created and will be
unveiled in October 2004. This is a wonderful design from our Artist in Residence, Gail Astbury, who
worked with our Gifted and Talented artists. The artists involved were: Christian Kerton-Johnson, Funmi
Ademuwagun, Noah Dunbar, Daniel Coombes, Nylah Ibnahten, Vanessa Zreik, Adam Hayes, Emils
A photograph of the mural is given pride of place on the front cover of this report.

Wedding Bells at St. Saviour’s School
The Governors were delighted to hear the announcement that Miss Hannah Young and Mr. Michael
Dempsey were due to marry on July 17th 2004. Many of the school staff were present at the wedding in
Faversham, Kent and, despite the torrential rain, the day was a wonderful success. The sun came out during
the wedding luncheon and the very happy photographs taken record a really fabulous day.

We were also blessed with a second wedding over the summer. Our Special Educational Needs Nursery
Nurse, Nichola Ward also married in July 2004 at her parents’ home in Wiltshire.

As a result of these nuptial ceremonies, we welcome Mrs. Hannah Dempsey and Mrs. Nichola Nicholson to
our staff!

Successes Across the Board - Buildings
As Governors, we are continually thrilled by the many successes that emanate from our school. Over the
past two years, we have been awarded a significant number of very serious awards for academic, artistic and
sporting achievements. These have been built upon over the past year and the school is recognised and used
as a model by the Local Education Authority (LEA) and visiting teachers.

In particular, we are well known in the LEA and the London Diocesan Board for Schools (LDBS) as
innovators in the use of school buildings and grounds. Much has been made of our small and restricted site
over the last ten years. It still amazes us that what looks like a very compact building from Shirland Road
and Formosa Street becomes a veritable “Doctor Who’s Tardis” on the inside.

We were very pleased indeed to have raised enough funds to proceed with the new Multi-Purpose Arts Room
at the front of the building. This will double our existing large space and enable staff to continue with whole
class activities without hindrance. The space will also allow us to expand the number of lettings we can
accommodate and will include use of the space for parties and weddings.

Standard Achievement Tests (SATS)
We are very proud of our academic results this year. On the face of it, however, the actual scores are down
on the year before. Attached to this report is an in-depth analysis of both the Key Stage Two (KS2) and Key
Stage One (KS1) SATs results as Appendix B and we would urge you to read these carefully when looking at
the scores.

The Year Six class of 2003-2004 contained a wonderful but challenging group of children. There were many
exceptionally bright children within their number and these were justifiably proud of their high scores
(Level 5 scores: Maths 30.8%, English 38.2% and Science 64.4%). However, there were also a significant
number of children with academic challenges, four of them who either had statements for special needs or
were in the process of being assessed for such additional help (30.8% with SEN, 50% speaking English as an
additional language, 26.9% behavioural issues and a low attendance figure of 76.9%).
Since this class started in Reception, there has also been over 38.5% movement. This was mainly to do with
families moving out of London for larger properties or better secondary schools or both. All of the children
who left were ones with a very good chance of gaining Level 4 or 5 in the SATs. These children were, on the
whole, replaced by children with SEN or spoke English as an additional language.

Two children skewed the Year Two results with long-term absence which meant they were not able to take
the required tests. One child was experiencing health problems and the other was deliberately kept away
from school. These absences affected the SATs results and our absence targets with the LEA.

We are very proud of the fact that whatever challenges children faced in Year Six and Year Two, they all
achieved or exceeded the targets that they were set. Unfortunately, these results are not reflected in the SATs
results or the league tables. All children in these classes grew personally, are a shining example of good
behaviour and appreciate the difference between right and wrong. The Year Six class, in particular, have
shown themselves to be able to cope under pressure, smile through difficulties and end up as a credit to our
school and their families. All present at the Leavers’ Concert in July will testify to that.

Focus Weeks Throughout The Year
The school has held four focus weeks during the year. The hugely successful Science week was, once again,
organised by Mrs. Stephenson to great effect. Visiting scientists added to the week and children
experimented with many different ideas. We held a Black History Day for the second time and this proved
very popular. Many parents came and helped us by sharing their culture and history with the children. Many
children demonstrated the things they had learnt including an African dance troupe led by Mrs. Eburajolo.

Mrs. Basyal and Ms. Woodford organised a Christian Day which allowed the children many opportunities to
explore our Christian faith. They sampled food and wine that would have been familiar to Jesus, met with
religious leaders and explored different parts of the Bible. Key Stage One enjoyed riding on a donkey, which
was paid for by the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

For the first time this year, we held a Creative Arts week in June, which was organised by Miss O’Brien and
Miss Kirby. This was a huge success and many parents, friends and artistic companies joined us to celebrate
the many fine things we do with the Arts. Parents and friends helped to organise artistic workshops, which
included flower arranging, cooking, dream catchers, photography and many more. The week was rounded
off with an Expressive Arts concert in which children revealed a wide range of artistic talents. This ranged
from piano playing (from very advanced to beginners), cello and guitar playing, poetry reading, singing,
African dancing, Irish dancing and gymnastic ballet.

The event was filmed by BBC cameramen and had a commentary by one of our parents, Mr. Nolan. We also
had the advantage of a complex sound system organised by another parent, Mr. Tattershall-Dodd. The
concert was also accompanied by a show of the children’s artwork as well as a fantastic poster designed by
Mr. Brotherson and a very professional programme designed by Mrs. Samuel. We are hoping that this will
become an annual event as it showed just what amazing talent we have amongst our children and the school

The School Council
The School Council had a very successful year and it was involved in making very serious decisions about
charity donations and purchases. The children involved were from KS2 classes and were elected by their
peers to serve for one year on the Council. The School Council for 2003-2004 were: Year Six: Benjamin
Rumney, Omar El-Gazzar and Alice Smith, Year Five: Bellaray Bertrand-Webb and Bawo Eburajolo, Year
Four: Jessica Hagan and Daniel O’Donnell and Year Three: Daniel Deutrom and Ruby Cavanaugh.
The Council meets each Monday to discuss a variety of issues, many of which were raised through the
suggestion box placed in each classroom.

Decisions the Council has taken include the donation of the Carol Concert collection to Challenging Cancer
and Leukaemia in Childhood (CLIC) the provision of hot chocolate on Friday lunchtimes and orange juice
(both low sugar) on Wednesday, meeting with the Head of Westminster catering services to discuss lunches
and reporting back to their classes on matters discussed.

The Council also met with the organiser of the Healthy Schools project to give its view on how the school
was organised and how much say children felt they had. Such a positive impression was created by this visit
that the School Council was invited to a special Healthy Schools conference held at The Commonwealth
Institute. They spent the day investigating different healthy projects and stood in front of all the delegates to
report their findings. This was another very positive example of how confident our children are as well as
how used to giving their opinions (in a polite way, of course!) they are.

Support for Charities
The school continues to support charities and the children are encouraged to consider those who are less
fortunate than themselves. Over £70 was collected when Year Six sold Remembrance Poppies in November.
The yearly donations of food and domestic supplies were particularly successful this year and a large number
of parcels were delivered to St. Mary’s Church in Willesden. St. Mary’s is now the home of Father David
Clues who moved from being Associate Vicar at St. Saviour’s to being their Vicar in September 2001.

The school also adopted two children through the World Vision scheme. Zerihun Ahmed from Ethiopia and
Queen Mangena from South Africa benefit from the £36 per month that we collect at the Monday Mass.
Children are encouraged to bring small coins (either 5p or 10p) each Monday to give during the Offertory.
This new idea also helps the children to understand the idea of supporting their church during a service.

The Much Valued Support From The PTA
The PTA goes from strength to strength and this year is no exception. The money raised is specifically
targeted to providing additional equipment and services for the children. New projects this year have
included contributions to the new Multi-Purpose Arts Room (£10,000), contributions to art and sports
material and Maths equipment. It was also decided that the PTA would provide funds to allow the school to
have a dedicated Music teacher one day a week so that each class could have a music lesson (£7,500).

The auction, held on March 26th, was a great success with over £9000 raised in just under three hours. Father
Bradley was an amazing auctioneer and was able to encourage all present to give just that little bit more (and
in some cases a lot more!) for PTA funds. The Committee has decided to organise this event every year as it
is such a fun evening and it clearly is a successful money-spinner.

The Quiz night has become a firm fixture in the calendar and all who helped out at this event were happy but
exhausted at the end of the evening. Although not the greatest money raiser, it is certainly a jolly occasion
where a healthy attitude towards cheating is actively encouraged!

The PTA held their first Summer Fair in June and it was, without doubt, a huge success. Many people came
to see, enjoy and buy at the many stalls that had been set up. David Soul opened the Fair and many people
asked for his autograph. The event has already grown out of the venue and we are hoping that the Fair will
be held in the parish hall and church grounds at St. Mary’s Paddington Green in the future.
Another very successful and popular event, the International Evening did not appear on the 2003-2004
calendars. This, we understand, is not a permanent decision but rather a postponement. The event will be
held in October 2004 in conjunction with our Black History Week.

The Class Representatives have made life much easier for the PTA Committee. Their role is to directly
contact parents directly in their respective classes and to rally support for the various events organised. This
has been a very successful initiative and of considerable help to everyone.

Parental Involvement
We are delighted that more and more parents are becoming involved in the life of our school. More parents
are offering to help on school trips (both day and residential) and with after school clubs. A group of parents
have been examining the possibility of creating our own catering contract in partnership with other local
schools. Meetings have been held at Robinsfield School and we are looking to twin schools together as some
can cook on site whilst others, like us, have only a servery. Further meetings are planned next year so that an
informed choice can be made when the catering contract comes up for renewal.

A group of parents also met with Mrs. Morrisson to create a “Welcome to St. Saviour’s School” booklet,
which would be given to all new parents as they join the school. This leaflet gives parents a snapshot of what
to expect at different times of the year and how to contact teachers or Ms. Woodford. New parents in the
Nursery and Reception classes also have the advantage of a home visit and are given a copy of the school
calendar to help them plan which events they would like to take part in.

Three parents, Mrs. Javed, Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Portic helped to create some amazing team flags for our
various events. These are large flags made from felt, which have the team’s name emblazoned on them as
well as a picture of the planet concerned. These flags first appeared at the sports day in July and were very
popular indeed. Each team sat under their flag and this proved to be a real focal point for the afternoon. The
four teams are Earth, Mars, Mercury and Saturn. Children are allocated a team when they arrive at the
school and can gain team points for, quite literally, anything positive. Progress on the team-point chart is
announced at the end of each Friday assembly and the children take this very seriously indeed.

Planned Improvements for the Playground
The front playground went into “mothballs” in the last few weeks of the summer term and during the summer
holiday. The work to convert the underground playground into a new Multi-Purpose Arts room is well
underway with an anticipated finish date of the middle of October. We intend to have a party to open the
room officially as well as celebrate the mural dedicated to Mrs. Vicky Tripp in the back playground.

Once the work in the room has finished and the site cleared and handed back to us, there are plans to cover
the playground with a green and blue safety surface. We will also be able to finish the fantastic mural on the
wall by adding the promised climbing wall. To make the playground compliant with the new Disability
Access Act, new slopes at the bottom of the fire-escape staircase will be completed at the same time.

Architectural plans have now been drawn up and planning permission applied for to make improvements to
the Nursery playground. The planned effect will be to enclose the existing playground, which adjoins the
back playground so that it resembles a conservatory. There will also be improvements to the open space
beneath the Nursery entrance. This will stop the current wind-tunnel effect and provide an all-year-round
resource. An ex-parent, Gareth Jones, has provided us with a design and we have begun raising funds for
this project, which will cost an estimated £125,000. Anyone with knowledge of additional sources of money
through grants or charities, please let either Ms. Woodford or Father Bradley know.
                                 THE MAIN REPORT
1.     The Financial Statement

A copy of the budget for 2003-2004 and how the funds were allocated is included in Appendix A for your
information. This clearly shows how we, as Governors, manage the budget in order to meet the needs of our

The budget is calculated on the number of children who are on the register at St. Saviour’s in January 2003.
Moreover, we also attract additional funds for free school meal entitlement, to support children who speak
English as an additional language, those children with special educational needs as well as for those with
refugee and homeless status.

Governors are responsible for all purchases made and the budget is regularly audited. Mrs. Sheila Kirby
manages the finances of the school magnificently and we are always impressed that she keeps such a close
eye on our finances. Audits are always extremely successful with little alteration required.

This year was the fourth one in which the Governors had more control over their expenditure. We make
decisions about which services to purchase from Westminster City Council as well as from the wider
business community. We have also been able to negotiate several different contracts with council
departments because we do not wish to use all that is on offer. For example, we do not make full use of the
LEA Building department. This is because we have the very good services of our surveyor, Neville Brown
as well as our own Lee Higgins.

The historical budget that was announced in March 2002 was a devastating one. The shortfall of £45,000 at
this time made for the need for some very difficult decisions to be taken. We were able to avoid any
redundancies and major cuts but there were effects on our hardworking staff that Governors needed to take
into account. All staff (both teaching and support) took on additional duties and we had to restrict the
number of courses they were allowed to attend. This is contrary to the way we would like to provide in-
service training as this is the key to attracting and retaining excellent staff.

Through the generosity of the PTA, we were able to maintain a dedicated Music teacher. This additional
£7,500 made it possible to allocate money to other sections of the budget and ease the strain financially.
Mrs. Morrisson also remains as a floating Deputy Headteacher, which is essential as there are considerable
demands on the administration and senior management team.

The Governors will maintain an even closer eye on the budget this year than in the past. We have informed
the LEA of our concern and the fact that we cannot guarantee that the budget will not go “overdrawn”. We
particularly value the support offered by the parents who contributed much to our argument that the funds
provided were insufficient to continue to provide, in real term, the excellent education offered at St.

The Governors’ Building Fund is an essential way of raising funds to help us maintain our school. We ask
that parents pay £10 per child per term to support the work we do. There is a way, however, in which we can
increase the amount of money given by asking parents to do so through Gift Aid. Parents or friends of the
school need give no additional money but Governors can claim up to 28p for every pound donated directly
from the Tax Office. A Gift Aid system will be introduced during the Autumn term 2004 and we hope that
parents will be encouraged to give through a Direct Debit system. More information will be provided to
parents shortly about this initiative.

2.     Staffing

It is well known that the recruitment of good staff is harder in London and other large cities than in other
parts of the country. Our school is particularly affected by being located in a desirable part of the city and
staff wishing to purchase their own property find this very difficult.

We are very pleased that teachers tend only to leave St. Saviour’s to gain promotion but they are looking for
this outside Westminster and now as far away as Surrey. Two very experienced and valued teachers have
done this over the last year. There is clearly nothing we can do about property prices but by providing
internal and well-deserved promotion to a number of staff we have been able to keep them at our school.

The staff at St. Saviour’s School are a very committed body. Most teachers stay for longer than the average
and many of our support staff members have been with us for a considerable time. Parents will be familiar
with Mrs. Kirby and Mrs. Otero who do such a splendid job in the School Office. Mrs. Otero also works in
Year Two supporting children during Literacy and Numeracy lessons. Our Nursery Staff Mrs. Vasiliou and
Mrs. Pearman have worked hard during the year to maintain the high standards in the Early Years. They
provide a sense of stability during the first year of educating our children.

Our Teaching Assistants, Mrs. El-Sahn, Miss Cook, Miss Smith, Mrs. Southwood and Miss Thomas,
continue to provide sterling support for the teachers. This past year has seen them being more closely
involved in detailed work such as Year Six Booster lessons and the Early Literacy Strategy. Mrs. El-Sahn
and Miss Cook undertook additional Information Communication Technology (ICT) training this year and
this enables them to use computers and other technology to enhance the lessons further. They have also
proved to be a vital help in creating the individual annual reports for the children

Our Site Manager, Lee Higgins, enables us all to work in a safe and warm environment. He also co-ordinates
the many building and maintenance programmes that the Governors plan. We can always rely on his being
ultra-organised and the projects well managed.

Extending a Warm Welcome
We were delighted to appoint two new teachers to work with us from September 2004. Ms. Oliffe will be
working with Year Five and Mrs. Beurthe will be working with Year Three.

We were faced with a very strange situation in that Miss Cook felt she had to leave after nine years of service
to our school as she had recently bought a house in Ilford and the journey was proving too expensive and
arduous. However, we missed her so much and she could not find a similar job close to home. Therefore,
she came back to us under a new job description that involved increased duties – including the running of the
After Schools Clubs with Ms. Woodford.

Bidding a Fond Farewell
This July saw us saying a sad farewell to two much valued teachers. Mrs. Stephenson gained a very well
deserved promotion to the position of Assistant Headteacher at a school in Kingston. She was a truly superb
teacher with a love of all subjects but particularly Science. She will be sorely missed not only for her
enthusiasm but also her sense of humour. She gained much experience over the four years she worked with
us and increased her understanding of senior management. She did not wish to leave St. Saviour’s in
principle but had needed to as the daily travel to school from Esher was proving too difficult.
We always knew that Miss Brinckman would be looking to return to her homeland of Australia and were
grateful to Ms. Woodford for persuading her to remain with us for five years. She made a particular impact
on the teaching of Special Educational Needs and was an asset to the school. Miss Brinckman’s work was
celebrated by the LEA and held up as an excellent example of providing a truly inclusive environment for all

The Future – September 2004 and Beyond

Class                         Teacher               Responsibility
Nursery                       Mrs. K. John          Personal Social Health & Citizenship Education
                                                    (PSHCE) and Geography
Reception                     Miss C. O’Brien       Science
Year One                      Miss T. Spiers        History
Year Two                      Miss H. Kirby         KS1 Literacy and Music
Year Three                    Mrs. Beurthe          Newly appointed
Year Four                     Mrs. S. Basyal        R.E. and ICT
Year Five                     Miss Oliffe           Newly appointed
Year Six                      Miss H. Young         KS2 Literacy and Senior Management
Floating Teacher              Mrs. R. Morrisson     Assessment, Planning, Special Educational Needs Co-
                                                    Ordinator and Maths
Floating Teacher              Miss Rennie           Class cover, non-contact and Physical Education

As Governors, we have every confidence in all our staff, new and existing, and we are eagerly looking
forward to another successful year of excellence, both academic and spiritual.

3.     Local Community

It is always a pleasure to report the close links that we have with the Community both locally and further a-
field. We continued to raise funds for charities throughout the year and have made contributions to The
Poppy Fund, the National Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) and adopted two
children through the World Vision charity. The children also contributed foodstuffs and toiletries to the
annual Harvest appeal. These were sent, once again, to St. Mary’s Church in Willesden, which runs a centre
for the homeless and needy.

We continue to have close links with the Westminster Education Action Zone and Ms. Woodford leads on
environmental and arts issues. Mrs. Morrisson is our Link Teacher with Zone and attends regular meetings
to work with others on a number of exciting programmes.

Year Six hosted a very successful Senior Citizens’ Christmas Party and we welcomed both familiar and new
faces to this wonderful occasion. Over fifty guests were treated to a wonderful afternoon tea and the
combined choir of Years Five and Six sang a selection of songs and carols. Each guest was also given a
Christmas gift. It is a really warming sight to see both old and young enjoying and entertaining themselves
so much. The laughter could be heard throughout the school and was heartwarming to say the least. This is a
wonderful event and looked forward to enormously by both the children and their guests.

The children are expected to behave themselves at all times both in and out of school. We have many reports
from members of the community who write or telephone to say what a shining example our children are and
how impressed they were by their behaviour. This has happened following day trips out of school at venues,
on the tube or bus or from local events.
Additional Trips from the Diary
Two residential trips have taken place this year. Year Four spent three days in the Suffolk countryside where
they visited the Holy Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham. The purpose of this trip was threefold. Firstly,
they experienced the peace and tranquillity of the Shrine and learnt much about the purpose of a shrine.
Secondly, they learnt about the Tudor associations of the former monastery and the role King Henry VIII
took in its dissolution. Thirdly, they also took the opportunity to study an alternative location as part of a
Geography topic. Three members of staff (Mrs. Basyal, Mrs. Vasiliou and Ms. Smith) and a father (Nancy
Shepherd’s father) accompanied the children. This trip was extremely successful.

Miss Young, Mrs. Stephenson and Miss Brinckman escorted Year Six to the weeklong stay at
The Kingswood Centre in Wolverhampton. This was the seventh year we have used this centre which
provides five activity packed days in which the children have three sessions in the computer lab each day.
There were also many positive comments about our children from the centre’s staff and Year Six were also
another credit to St. Saviour’s School.

The After School Clubs’ programme continues to be a great success and many children have benefited from
the additional time that each teacher offers. We also must thank the increasing number of parents who offer
their time to run clubs for us. Mrs. Martin-Zakheim helps run the Website club with Ms. Woodford; Mr.
Hamchary runs the Chess club; Mrs. Judge runs a French club for Year One; and Mrs. Garnett runs a Latin
club for Year Six. We received funding from the New Opportunities Fund to provide our choir, which is run
by our Music teacher.

Syllabuses and Curriculum Planning

The National Curriculum is the guiding tool for teaching the children. This provides guidance within which
the teachers can use their professional judgment on the delivery of lessons. The Senior Management Team
(Ms. Woodford, Mrs. Morrisson and Mrs. Stephenson) monitor the delivery closely and have observed a
programme of lessons over the year.

The Governors take a keen interest in the standards of teaching and the overall education of the children. A
number of Governors have taken the opportunity to visit classrooms and observe lessons as well as talking to
the children. For your information, the areas we take special interest in are:

Name of Governor                     Curriculum Link/Year Interest
Father Bradley                       R.E., Secondary Transfer & Management
Mr. Kerton-Johnson                   Treasurer, PE and Foundation Years
Mr. Hawkins                          P.E.
Mr. Moran                            History
Mrs. Holt                            KS2, English and RE
Mr. Bowman                           Humanities and SEN
Ms. Bromilow                         PSHCE and Health and Safety
Mr. Young                            Numeracy, Music and Art
Mrs. Martin-Zakheim                  ICT, PE and KS1 English
Mrs. Mykoo                           Foundation Years and Display
Mrs. Robinson                        Music and Art

This year we have the full implementation of our planning, assessment and monitoring system across the
school. All teaching staff have had an input into this work but the leading light has been Mrs. Morrisson who
takes an active and very real lead in this area. This work has been hard but, following some revisions, we are
confident that the systems now in place will enable the setting of real but challenging targets to ensure the
continued progress of each child.

Our children with additional needs continued to benefit from the expertise offered by Miss Brinckman. She
is an excellent teacher who offers much humour and fun to her lessons. All children love working with her
and she keeps a very close eye on the progress of her children. This year we have also maintained the
register and monitoring of children who are Gifted and Talented. The areas that these children “shine” at
cover the whole curriculum and we are very proud that the subjects they excel in carry equal merit.

A number of children have been involved in the creation of the memorial mural for Mrs. Tripp our beloved
Governor and loved friend of the school. Children from Reception to Year Six worked with our Artist in
Residence, Gail Astbury, to produce a truly amazing piece of artwork. Our amazing artists were: Funmi
Ademuwagnun, Christian Kerton-Johnson, Daniel Coombes, Noah Dunbar, Nylah Ibnahaten, Vanessa Zreik,
Daniel Tattershall-Dodd, Emils Zenne, Adam Hay, Elizabeth Shofoluwe, Emma Nicholson, Rohan Wyn-
Frank, Claire Joines, Jeidi Lei and Tom Roche. Money for this was raised through donations from parents
and friends both at the school and the church. There are plans for a grand unveiling of this in October 2004.

Children who have shown real flair for language have been involved in two after school clubs run by parents.
Four Year Six children have worked with Mrs. Garnett in the Latin club and five children have been learning
French with Mrs. Morgan. Mrs. Morrisson works with gifted mathematicians in her maths club and
Ms. Woodford and Mrs. Martin-Zakheim have worked with eight talented ICT pupils on the maintenance of
the school website.

Ms. Woodford has also looked into establishing links with outside groups who could work with our Gifted
and Talented children. She has helped two potential athletes begin lessons at Paddington Green running
track as well as helping them to join Highgate Harriers athletic club. Roll on the Olympics in 2012 or 2016!

We also monitor closely all children with English as an additional language. At present, there are 37
different countries represented and 35 languages spoken in the school. These children are at various stages
of English acquisition but, just as with children with special needs, few can be immediately identified as
“different”. Children with the ability to speak another language are also asked to help with translating
information to new children who arrive speaking no English. This is not only helpful but also seen as a real
and very positive contribution that a child can make to our community. For example, a boy in Year One is
helping a Year Six boy to become fully integrated into the school. This is one of the areas of development
that we are particularly proud. The most recent audit of SEN and Ethnic Monitoring and Achievement Grant
showed that our level of monitoring, target-setting and progression was in the excellent category.

5.     Premises

Over the last ten years since Ms. Woodford’s appointment, there have been significant and very real changes
in the condition of the building and the plans that we have been able to implement. We are very fortunate in
having such a competent site manager in Mr. Higgins and a hugely professional surveyor, Neville Brown,
who both enable the realization of Ms Woodford’s ideas as well as helping us to gain additional money
towards costly projects.

The school is a shining example of what can be achieved with consistent care and attention to detail and the
use of “thinking outside the box”. There are very few areas which are not used to capacity and our meetings
to discuss new ideas are both informative and fun. This year we have secured funds from the London
Diocesan Board for Schools and the Government to assist with the front playground conversion.
As already discussed, this year’s big project is the creation of a new large space at the front of the building.
There are also plans for the extension of playground facilities for the Nursery; installation of a disabled lift;
and extension of the gardens to include more hanging baskets and an increase in the watering system.

We continue to search for additional funds to help with our building projects. We have been very fortunate
to attract additional Seed Challenge money from the Government as well as money from the LDBS building
fund. In these restricted budgetary times, it would be very helpful to hear of any grant giving or charitable
organizations that parents are aware of. Please let Ms. Woodford know, if you know of any.

A comprehensive Disabled Access Action Plan has been drawn up. This is a legal requirement but, as
Governors, we have always been determined to create the most accessible building possible. We have
detailed plans to improve the front entrance with a ramp and new doors and the access to different levels of
the playground will be improved by the provision of ramps during the Autumn term 2004.

The main problem facing us is access to all three floors. When the Victorian architects designed the
building, no consideration was given to disabled people enjoying the faculties of the school. The
Government is committed to ensuring that access is available to all and, subject to the award of a significant
grant, we have plans to install a lift, which will enable access to anyone in a wheelchair to every classroom.
This will be constructed on the back elevation of the building, as an internal lift would take up too much of
our precious space.

We have already put in place a bright colour scheme on walls, which will help poorly sighted visitors, pupils
and employees. We have looked at the provision of different coloured signs, which would help direct people
around the building. We are conscious that some classrooms are, at present, inaccessible but have plans to
ensure a rotation of classrooms in the event that we have a child or member of staff who requires easy access.

6.     Admissions

We are very proud and delighted that St. Saviour’s is considered a successful school in every sense of the
word both by ourselves and a growing number of national award-giving bodies. We are equally proud of the
fact that our school is considered successful in the local community and further afield.

Each February, application packs are sent to prospective parents and they are invited to an Open Afternoon to
see the school in action. Father Bradley and Ms. Woodford meet with parents in the school hall and discuss
the various aspects of school life and the admissions process. Parents are also given the opportunity to take a
tour of the school with guides from Year Six. Many parents have reported that this gives them a different
view of the school and they find that they are able to ask different questions to ones they may have asked of
the adults. Following this tour, Ms. Woodford and Father Bradley receive many, many comments about their
guides. This is a deliberate ploy on our behalf. By using Year Six pupils, these parents can see the “finished
product” which we are able to produce!

This year, the Prospective Parents’ meeting was very well attended. It was difficult at times to accommodate
all our visitors. This is another example of how popular the school has become. This success means that an
increasing number of families wish their children to be educated in our school. This is very good news but it
also means that an increasing number of families are being disappointed.

For admission to the academic year 2003-2004, we received 67 applications for the 30 places in the Nursery
and 72 applications for the 30 places available in Reception. For legal reasons, all existing Nursery children
need to re-apply to enter the Reception class and, this year, all existing Nursery children (i.e. 2002-2003)
were offered places in the next class. This clearly shows that applications with stronger church references
and family commitment to worship are being received year on year.

Clearly, this causes much upset. These rules are not our own but we need to be seen to apply the published
Admissions Criteria fairly. As the school is considered more successful and, therefore, more popular, the
Admissions Committee has been faced with more difficult decisions year on year. This year, ten appeals
were heard and none were successful.

For the Nursery class 2003-2004, the Admissions Committee did not admit anyone below Category Three
(any other Christian denomination) and all children admitted came from families with a significant
commitment to family worship. This is very good news for the future as we are committed to offering an
exceptional education to Christian families.

7.     The Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association is a marvellous organization. There is a strong committee consisting of Mrs.
Linda Mackay, Mrs. Karen Peakman, Mrs. Tina Southwood, Mrs. Garwood-Watkins, Miss Hannah Young,
Mrs. Samantha Stephenson, Miss Claire O’Brien, Mrs. Rebecca Morrisson and Ms. Woodford who are ably
supported by the newly appointed Class Representatives:

Nursery                Mrs. Webb
Reception              Mrs. Simpson
Year One               Mrs. Morgan
Year Two               Mrs. Ibnahaten (now resigned) and Miss Patterson
Year Three             Mrs. Court
Year Four              Mrs. Jones
Year Five              Mrs. Davies
Year Six               Ms. Carrelli and Mrs. Yamac

8      Parent Governors

The Governing Body of St. Saviour’s have always been extremely well served by our two elected Parent
Governors and two new Governors were elected this year. Mrs. Mykoo has three children in school
(Ashantee in Reception, Tonee in Year Four and Lorelle in Year Five) and Mrs. Martin-Zakheim has two
children enrolled (Xanthe is in Year One and Monty is in the Nursery). Both parents have always been
closely involved with the school and their support as Governors has been most appreciated.

9.     Transfer To Secondary School

We do not think it a rash statement to say that most parents are very happy with the family-oriented and safe
environment that is provided for our children at St. Saviour’s. When faced with the prospect of transfer to a
secondary school, many parents express real concern at the prospect of their children moving on and the
thought of buying more property to create St. Saviour’s Secondary School has been mentioned several times!

However, in the real world, we are faced with our children moving on to a wide range of secondary schools.
We pride ourselves in looking to find the right school for the child, be that a state or private school. We have
a proven success record in preparing children for common entrance, if that is suitable, as well as gaining
many places at over-subscribed Westminster secondary schools.
A secondary transfer meeting is arranged early each September and Ms. Woodford invites parents of Year
Six and Five children to discuss the various procedures necessary for this process. Ms. Woodford is of the
view that it is never too soon to consider moving on (although she really does loathe losing her children!) and
an invitation to this meeting is offered to all parents.

Most children in the present Year Six gained admission to schools that their parents wished them to go to.
However, there were some unhappy parents who were unable to gain entry to their chosen schools mainly
due to lack of commitment to worship. This is a vitally important issue at a time when places in popular
schools are at a premium.

We were particularly pleased that a good number of girls gained admission to the Greycoat Hospital,
St. Marylebone and the Convent of Jesus and Mary Schools this year. Another school that has become
popular is Twyford High School in Ealing with three boys offered places. It cannot be stressed strongly
enough that attention to admissions’ criteria is essential. Ms. Woodford feels it is very important to match
the school to the child. She is able to talk with authority on the state and private system but it is always
important to plan ahead.

We urge all parents to speak to Ms. Woodford, who is very experienced in these matters, well in advance of
the year your child is to transfer. Without reservation, she considers it essential that you speak with her when
your child enters Year Three.

Details of the transfer to secondary schools for the academic year 2002-2003 are attached as Appendix B.

10.    Information About School Performance

The results for Key Stage One and Key Stage Two are included in Appendix C. We hope that you will join
us in congratulating the children concerned and the many staff who have contributed to their success.

11.    Progress on the OFSTED Action Plan

We are pleased to confirm that we have achieved all the Key Action points since our last OFSTED inspection
in July 1999. We are also pleased to announce that we have moved far beyond the requirements for
improvement mentioned in that report. At the moment, we are anticipating that a new inspection is fast
approaching us but, as usual, we do not know when this will be.

A detailed report can be seen in the school office but due to a computer malfunction, it is impossible to re-
print the action plan as a whole. If you would like to see last year’s progress and hear a report on this year’s
achievements, please speak to Ms. Woodford.

Appendices     A       The budget 2003-2004
               B       Secondary Transfer
               C       Information about School Performance (KS1 & KS2 SATs)
               D       School holidays 2004-2005

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