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1 The Flash Arthur and Sally Berry bring their Healey to the


									 November 2004 Volume XXIII Issue 11

 Material deadline for the December                                           Visit our Web Site:
 Issue is November 24, 2004                                         

    Arthur and Sally Berry bring their Healey to the Corvette Car Show! They get 1st Place in our book!

The Flash                                                                                                     1
                                                    NEWSLETTER OF THE ATLANTA AUSTIN-HEALEY CLUB
                                                                        THE FLASH
                                                                 EDITOR AND PUBLISHER
                                                          Debra Harrington and Sander Slomovic
 Volume XXIII Issue 11
                                                      The Flash is a publication of the Atlanta Austin-Healey Club.
 Atlanta Austin-Healey Club                      All material presented in the publication may be used in other
                                                 clubs’ publications provided The Flash and the author are given
 President…Charlie Moshell                            Contributions to The Flash are greatly appreciated and wel-
                                                 comed. It is preferred that material be e-mailed or submitted on
 770-831-8669                                    computer disk, using Microsoft Word and labeled with the name of                               the article and author. A printed copy accompanying the disk would
                                                 be appreciated. Articles are also accepted on plain old paper.
 Vice President…Phillip Mullinax                      The technical articles that appear in The Flash represent the
                                                 opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the
 706-864-3434                                    Atlanta Austin-Healey Club, or the editor.
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 770-422-5239                                    contact the                      editor.
                                                      Non-commercial ads are free of charge to AHCA members.
 Membership…Cyndi & Sam Marble                   The normal run time for an ad is three issues. The ad may run
                                                 longer with notification to the editor prior to the publication dead-
 770-972-8747                                    line.                                 The acceptance of advertising for any product or service in The
                                                 Flash does not imply endorsement for that product or the service by
 National Delegate…Len Thomas                    either the Atlanta Austin-Healey Club or the Austin-Healey Club of

 Historians…Beverly & Hoke Smith
 706-839-6715                                    In this issue…
                                                  1 ….. Arthur & Sally Berry
 Directors ...                                    2 ….. Officers / Birthdays
 Robert Handshuh                                  3 ...…Calendar
 Cyndi Marble
                                                  4 ...…President’s Column
 Walter Duffee
                                                  5 ….. Great Breaking News
                                                  5 ….. Slate of Club Officers
                                                  6 ….. Maggie Valley pictures
                                                  7 ….. Oh What Fun
                                                  7 ….. Jonesborough Show
                                                  8 ….. An Easy Trophy
                                                  9 ….. Holiday party
                                                 10 …. Planning Meeting Invitation
    Members celebrating birthdays in November    11 …. Tech article
                 Larry Mercier                   12 …. Tech article
                Brian Johnstone                  13 ..... Montgomery Show
                                                 13 …. Editor’s Column
                Robert Phillips                  14 …. Atlanta Imported Ad
     Please send us the month you were born so   15 …. MarketPlace
     we can include you in our announcement:     16 …. Conclave 2005 Registration Form

The Flash                                                                                                           2
                                   Schedule of Events
        Monthly membership meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month unless stated otherwise.

                                       Norcross Station Café
                                     40 South Peachtree Street
                                            Norcross GA
                         Dinner begins at 6:00 p.m. followed by Healey talk.
 Directions to Norcross Station Café:
 From I 285, exit 31B, go north on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. At the Hwy 141/Peachtree Industrial Blvd.
 split, stay right and go to the first traffic light. Turn right onto Holcomb Bridge Road and go until you cross
 the railroad tracks. Immediately turn left and it’s the first building on the left. Parking is available in the lot
 or on the street.

                                       2004 - 2005 Events Calendar

                                                             JANUARY 2005
 5-7:     British Car Show Chattanooga, TN
 13:      Southeastern Classic Planning Meeting              8:   Polar Bear Run
 18:      Monthly meeting                                         with all local British car clubs
                                                             TBA: Planning meeting
                                                             JUNE 2005
 5:       Club Holiday Party
          Linda and David Steger                             26-7/1.. Carolina Conclave, Winston Salem, NC

         No meeting this month                               SEPTEMBER 2005

      Items in bold are club attended events                 22-26: Southeastern Classic 2005

                                                                   Members are encouraged to submit articles,
                                                                   photographs or other materials of interest by
                                                                  mailing them to the club mailbox shown below.

                                                                       Atlanta Austin Healey Club Editors
                                                                            6562 Meadow Rue Drive
                                                                              Norcross, GA 30092

                                                                  Members may also submit items of interest via
                                                                          e-mail by sending them to

         Beverly & Hoke Smith in Maggie Valley              

The Flash                                                                                                          3
 President’s Column                                      of the area children this year at Christmas. Everyone
 by Charlie Moshell                                      is asked to participate as the Atlanta Chapter of the
                                                         Austin Healey Club of America teams up with the
     Can you believe it’s No-                            Toys for Tots program initiated by the United States
 vember? The other day, on a                             Marine Corps. Please take a moment to read the fol-
 fall Healey drive, someone                              lowing information I found on the Toys for Tots
 asked me how I was doing. I                             Web page (
 replied “better than I deserve.”                           ORIGIN AND EVOLUTION OF TOYS FOR TOTS
 They said “what do you mean                             Toys for Tots began in 1947 when Major Bill Hendricks,
 by that?” The run down                                  USMCR and a group of Marine Reservists in Los Ange-
 (condensed version) went like                             les collected and distributed 5,000 toys to needy chil-
 this: I had a wonderful family                          dren. The idea came from Bill's wife, Diane. In the fall of
 vacation in Germany; I had one                          1947, Diane handcrafted a Raggedy Ann doll and asked
                                                           Bill to deliver the doll to an organization, which would
 son graduate from college and                             give it to a needy child at Christmas. When Bill deter-
 acquire a steady, healthy pay-                             mined that no agency existed, Diane told Bill that he
 check; the Healey gang helped                             should start one. He did. The 1947 campaign was so
 me keep my Healey safe and                              successful that the Marine Corps adopted Toys for Tots
 dependable with all of the ga- Charlie & Sheron           in 1948 and expanded it into a nationwide campaign.
                                                         That year, Marine Corps Reserve units across the nation
 rage crawls; I attended SE                               conducted Toys for Tots campaigns in each community
 Classic without any breakdowns and beat all of the      in which a Marine Reserve Center was located. Marines
 Hurricane events; I have experienced numerous             have conducted successful nationwide campaigns at
 Healey outings both on my favorite Healey roads           Christmas each year since 1948. The initial objective
 and with folks I enjoy being around; the “Spousal          that remains the hallmark of the program today is to
                                                          "bring the joy of Christmas to America's needy children
 Queen” passed the CPA exams that she’s been
 working so hard for; I still have several fun Healey      U.S. MARINE CORPS RESERVE TOYS FOR TOTS
 events to look forward to before the end of the driv-                     PROGRAM
 ing season; I will be starting the reassembly of my
                                                         MISSION: The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Re-
 yellow 100-6 soon; and I’m looking forward to the       serve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, un-
 SE Classic event comradery and detail planning.         wrapped toys during October, November and December
 What a year of fortune and blessings. Like I said,      each year and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to
 “I’m doing better than I deserve”.                      needy children in the community in which the campaign
                                                         is conducted.
     Last November I shared the following story
 about a little boy on the beach. He thought he could    GOAL: The primary goal of Toys for Tots is to deliver,
 make a difference. There was a child on the beach       through a shiny new toy at Christmas, a message of
 after a major September hurricane. Hundreds of          hope to needy youngsters that will motivate them to grow
                                                         into responsible, productive, patriotic citizens and com-
 starfish had washed upon the shore. One by one the
                                                         munity leaders.
 little boy picked them up, gently tossing them back
 into the warm gulf waters hoping to keep them           OBJECTIVES: The objectives of Toys for Tots are to
 alive. An older gentleman, strolling along the shore,   help needy children throughout the United States experi-
 stopped and watched. After watching for a while,        ence the joy of Christmas; to play an active role in the
                                                         development of one of our nation's most valuable natural
 the stranger said, “There are so many of those small    resources - our children; to unite all members of local
 creatures stranded, dying on the beach. Do you          communities in a common cause for three months each
 really think you are making a difference? The little    year during the annual toy collection and distribution
 boy replied, “Well, I’m pretty sure I’m making a        campaign; and to contribute to better communities in the
 difference to this one”.                                future.
     With the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays        ACTIVITIES: The principal Toys for Tots activities which
 upon us, we all have so much to be grateful for. It’s   take place each year are the collection and distribution of
 only appropriate that we pull together as a club to     toys in the communities in which a Marine Corps Re-
 help make a difference for someone.                     serve Unit is located and in the communities without a
                                                         Reserve Unit that has a Marine Corps League Detach-
     Our opportunity is to make a difference for some
                                                                                                  Continued on page 5 ….

The Flash                                                                                                            4
    Continued from page 4

 ment or group of men and women, generally veteran Ma-            GREAT BREAKING NEWS!
 rines, authorized by Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to
 conduct a local Toys for Tots campaign. Local Toys for          The Atlanta Chapter of the Austin Healey Club
 Tots Campaign Coordinators conduct an array of activi-      of America is pleased to announce that the 2005 SE
 ties throughout the year, which include golf tournaments,   Classic has been relocated to the 503 acre Brass-
 foot races, bicycle races and other purely voluntary
 events designed to increase interest in Toys for Tots,
                                                             town Valley Mountain Resort in Young Harris, GA.
 and concurrently generate toy and monetary donations.       Young Harris is located west of Hiawassee, GA.
                                                             Our previous site, the Gold Creek resort, was pur-
    Are you up to the challenge? As Thanksgiving
                                                             chased by a private college for their exclusive use
 approaches so does the Christmas holiday rush.
                                                             and they terminated all 2005 events. However,
 Take time out and look at your life everyday for one
                                                             Gold Creek was able to secure this new venue for
 week. Notice how you spend your time, notice how
                                                             us. We are very fortunate that Brasstown Valley has
 you spend your resources. Do the things you do
                                                             offered to transfer our existing contractual needs to
 really reflect what you value? Do you value what’s
                                                             their property for this event. Thanks to the folks at
 important? Do you find yourself taking for granted
                                                             both resorts for looking out for us.
 the things and people around you?
                                                                 There are 102 rooms at the main hotel at the
     Even if you are not planning to attend this year’s
                                                             same great rate of $99.00. Not only are the facilities
 annual Holiday Party, you can still participate by
                                                             a pleasant upgrade, but the location gets us closer to
 providing a new unwrapped toy to be distributed to
                                                             our favorite mountain winding roads. An amended
 needy children at this time. Just get them to me or to
                                                             registration form will be available soon reflecting
 David and Linda Steger by December 5th. You’ll be
                                                             these changes. If you are already registered and
 glad you did.
                                                             booked your rooms at Gold Creek, your reserva-
     We should be looking for opportunities for each
                                                             tions will be automatically transferred and confir-
 and every one to lend a hand and to help out within
                                                             mation will be provided to you in the upcoming
 our club. Some members have been giving their
 time and talent year after year to ensure that our
                                                                 This change in location will make this event one
 club continues with its success. To them we are
                                                             of the best ever. We are looking forward to spend-
 grateful and say thank you.
                                                             ing time with our Healey friends around the 72-foot
     Several members who are experiencing health
                                                             fieldstone fireplace in the lobby and overlook as we
 issues have also expressed thanks time and time
                                                             gather around to discuss the day's events. For more
 again to those Healey Helping Hands we have
                                                             information on the accommodations, you can check
 within our membership. Special thanks are in order
                                                             out their website at
 to those providing assistance to our members in
                                                                 If you have any questions or need additional in-
 need whenever the call arises. Please keep those in
                                                             formation, please do not hesitate to contact Charlie
 need current in your thoughts as they continue deal-
                                                             Moshell at 770 831 8669 or daytime 770 822 5080,
 ing with their concerns and issues. If you are able,
                                                             or via email at
 be like the little boy on the beach and try to make a
 difference for them. Let us all be thankful this
 Thanksgiving season.
     We are all so fortunate to share such an interest        SLATE OF CLUB OFFICERS for 2005—2006
 as enjoying classic automobiles. Do we take for
 granted the closeness resulting from this common                 President            Robert Handshuh
 bond? Let us stop and recognize what we truly
 value. Let us share the values we treasure with oth-             Vice President       Rick Alley
 ers, especially with each other.
 Happy Thanksgiving.
                                                                  Treasurer            Walter Duffee
                 If you change internet service
                    be sure to send your new                      Delegate              Lenny Thomas
                 e-mail address to the editor at:

The Flash                                                                                                        5
                 October’s “Winding Roads” trip to Maggie Valley, NC

             Terry and Denise Moon                Geri & Phillip will return to “Smokey Shadows” on
                                                  December 10th to exchange their wedding vows

    Another wonderful meal at Smokey Shadows          Sheron & Charlie Moshell’s highway view
         Lodge, prepared by host, Ginger

    Phillip finds happiness wherever he “goes”!           8 cars caravanning from GA to NC

The Flash                                                                                         6
 Oh What Fun                                               Jonesborough, TN Car Show
 by Lou Ballard                                            by Lou Ballard

     Pat and I just returned from our third weekend in         This is an event we look forward to each year.
 a row of winding roads, mountain air and fall col-        This year our destination was Jonesborough, Ten-
 ors. First weekend was our trip to Waynesboro, Vir-       nessee. It is the oldest town in the state and has the
 ginia for the All British Car Show. Last weekend          distinction of being the International Storytelling
 was the MGB Fall Tour to Jonesborough, Tennes-            Center in America. Its Main Street is several blocks
 see. This weekend was the Austin Healey Winding           long containing many historic buildings dating from
 Roads tour to Maggie Valley, N.C. Those of you            the American Revolution. Not far way is the birth-
 who own a British Car and don’t participate in any        place of Davey Crockett and Andrew Johnson.
 of these driving events are really missing a great            We stayed Friday and Saturday night at the his-
 time. In fact you don’t have to own a British car.        toric 200 year old Eureka Hotel where we enjoyed a
 This weekend we had two non-British cars in our           catered BBQ Dinner Friday night after arriving. Be-
 group.                                                    fore dinner we sat on the balcony overlooking Main
     We started out Friday morning from Dahlonega          Street rocking, sharing snacks and liquid refresh-
 with four big Healeys and wound our way up via            ments and swapping stories.
 back roads to Nantahala where we stopped for lunch            On Saturday, five car loads of race enthusiasts
 and there continued on up to Waynesville for a little     motored over to the race track at Bristol, Tennessee
 shopping before heading into Maggie Valley. We            while the remaining folks perused the shops and
 arrived at the Smokey Shadows Lodge in time for a         restaurants along Main Street. A few others drove
 social gathering on the covered back porch which          through the surrounding countryside enjoying the
 extends across the back of the lodge and offers one       changing colors. You can’t be in the home of the
 of the best views in the Smokies. Because it was a        Storytelling Center of the U.S. without taking in a
 little cool, they also had a roaring fire in the large    performance, so five couples, including Pat and I,
 fireplace with rockers to sit in while sharing snacks     attended a matinee by a Storyteller from California.
 and refreshments. This lodge is constructed of old        I think Jerry Cram missed his calling because he’s
 log buildings and has 15 rooms. Although it may be        the best storyteller in my opinion.
 considered a little primitive by a few, it still offers       Saturday afternoon many of us had our televi-
 all the amenities us city slickers are used to. The       sions tuned into watch the BRAVES and DAWGS
 fare included continental breakfast as well.              go down to defeat. Saturday evening we all enjoyed
      Saturday we started out about 9:30am and cov-        dinner on Main Street at Bistro 105, an elegant yet
 ered some of the best roads for driving that I have       casual restaurant a block from our hotel.
 experienced all year. Pat and I have participated in          As you may know by now, the great event each
 many of these tours but are always amazed to find         year is hosted by Jerry and Paulette Cram. They
 yet another back road that we haven’t traveled. Sat-      spend a lot of time scoping out these interesting lo-
 urday afternoon we returned to the lodge while            cations and we’ve enjoyed each and every one. Be-
 some of us shopped at the many festivals going on         sides being a driving event, Jerry and Paulette add a
 in the surrounding communities including the An-          little fun to the drive by putting together a quiz
 nual Apple Festival in Waynesville.                       which offers clues to different items of interest
     The highlight of the day was sitting down to an       along the route. The winner gets Friday night meal
 old fashioned home cooked meal prepared and su-           paid for. The last two years Tom and Kathy George
 pervised by Ginger, the owner of Smokey Shadows           have won by getting every answer correct. Pat and I
 Lodge. One of the dishes served was called Tomato         had the distinction of getting the most incorrect an-
 Pie and had everyone asking for second and third          swers. This year’s trip included 13 couples with 11
 helpings. Sunday morning, with a temperature of 34        British cars. So you see you don’t have to drive a
 degrees, we all got up and, after a breakfast of hot      British car to participate. We had only one technical
 oatmeal and warm muffins, we all headed our sepa-         problem. Phil O’Brien’s 1962 MGA developed a
 rate ways. This is definitely the best time of year for   malfunctioning voltage regulator. As luck would
 mountain touring with all the trees looking their fin-    have it, Jerry Cram had a spare so with the help of
 est, wood smoke in the air and nice cool afternoons.                                          Continued on page 8 ….

The Flash                                                                                                           7
   Continued from page 7
                                                             Well, I’ve never
 Barry Rosenberg the problem was diagnosed and           been a trophy hunter,
 repaired in the hotel parking lot.                      probably because I’ve
     The drive home on Sunday was partly cloudy.         never had cars nice
 The reason I’m including this in the Austin Healey      enough to win any-
 newsletter is because several members, including        thing. It was the “big
 me, own MG’s. In fact, this year I drove the Healey.    trophies” that got my
 In the past, we’ve had Triumphs as well. So keep        attention. In went the
 this event in mind for next year. It’s fun, relaxing    Healey and out came            Debbie and Debbie
 and we get to visit many interesting and historic ar-   the ‘Vette.
 eas in the Southeast.                                       We met up with the Vaughns and started check-
                                                         ing out the Corvettes. Since the event was just two
                                                         blocks away from Sally and Arthur Berry’s home
 An easy way to win a trophy!                            we gave them a call and left a message on their ma-
 by Sander Slomovic
                                                         chine. When they got home and heard our message
     The phone rang one Friday                           they joined us at the show. After an hour of viewing
 night. It was Claude Vaughn                             cars, the Berry’s suggested a restaurant for lunch,
 asking if “my Debbie” and I                             Pig-N-Chick Barbeque. This place has great atmos-
 were planning on attending the                          phere and delicious food.
 Tom Jumper Chevy Corvette                                   A few minutes after returning from lunch they
 show the next day. In addition                          started announcing awards. Sally and Arthur had to
 to owning Healeys, we both                              leave because their beloved “Dawgs” ballgame was
 own Corvettes. I didn’t know                            about to start. As Claude had promised, we got our
 anything about the show, I had                          “big trophy”. Waiting for the other trophies to be
 no plans on entering a car, but                         awarded it became quite obvious that most of the
 said we might drive our 100-6                           people at this event knew each other and were mem-
 over to the show since he and                           bers of the same car club. You had to have the only
 “his Debbie” were going to be                           car within a class or you had to be in that club to
 there. We talked about cars a                           “win”. A stinky ‘80 coupe won over the Vaughn’s
 little more then said goodnight.                        beautiful ‘70 convertible. It just wasn’t fair. It was
     The next morning as I was getting the Healey out    also weird seeing an award going to a 2004 model.
 of the garage I got another call from Claude. They      How difficult is it to buy a car off the showroom
 were already at the show and nearly 60 Corvettes        floor?
 had registered, but not a single model like mine. He      The free Corvette t-shirt is nice, we’ve got our “big
 then shared that they had ‘Vette t-shirts, “big tro-    trophy” but the best part of the day was spending it
 phies” and by “just showing up” I’d get one of each!    with our Healey friends!

 Debbie & Sander / ‘62 Corvette      Arthur& Sally / ‘63 AH Tri-carb          Claude & Debbie / ‘70 Corvette

The Flash                                                                                                     8
            Atlanta Austin Healey Club
                  Holiday Party
            Sunday, December 5, 2004
     Kurt’s Restaurant, 4225 River Green Parkway, Duluth, GA 30096
                        (private building behind the main restaurant)

  Cocktails (cash bar) 5pm to 6pm - Dinner Buffet 6pm - $32.00 per person

 The holidays are quickly approaching. To get a head start on the details of our
 annual holiday party we would like to let everyone know that we will celebrate at Kurt’s
 Restaurant again this year with the same menu as last year. Those of you who attended last
 year know that the food was delicious and getting together to close out a busy year with
 great friends was a lot of fun.

    We would like each person to bring an unwrapped toy that we will present to the
    U.S. Marine’s Toys for Tots program to help some children have a happy holiday.

  Send a check for $32.00 per person made payable to AAHC (Atlanta Austin Healey Club) to:

                               Linda & David Steger
                            549 Johnson Ferry Road, NE
                             Atlanta, GA 30328-4152
                         Any questions, please call at 404-252-5483

            We will need a final headcount by December 1, 2004
                          Kurt’s website is:

The Flash                                                                                     9
               Planning Meeting for Southeastern Classic 2005
                      Saturday, November 13th, 2004

                  Meeting starts at 4pm — Dinner will be at 6pm
                       Sheron & Charlie Moshell’s Home

You may bring a covered dish or dessert to share, but that’s optional. As extra incentive (as if
you needed it), Charlie promises to fry up lots of yummy catfish.

Please RSVP 770-831-8669 or to make sure there’s enough catfish!

Directions to the Moshell’s
From I-285 go north towards Greenville on I-85 N
Take Exit #111 Lawrenceville Suwannee Rd. (approximately 22 miles)
Turn Left back across I- 85
Take first Right onto Sawmill Rd (between Chevron and Suwannee Package Store)
Just after a hairpin curve there is a 3-way Stop.
Continue straight through the 3-way stop.
Go approximately 1-mile turn right onto Westbrook Rd. (across from a tree farm)
After passing the Swim and Racquet Club, Take the 4th right onto Havenmist Cove)
Turn Left onto Havenmist Landing
440 Havenmist Landing
Lost? Call 770-831-8669

                         September 22-26, 2005
              Brasstown Valley Resort, Young Harris, Georgia
                     Hosted by the Atlanta Austin Healey Club
The Flash                                                                                     10
 Tech Corner                                           Sequence I use:
 by Barry Rosenberg                      part 1 of 2   1) Remove plugs and do compression check
                                                       2) Remove valve cover and adjust valves
      Tools required for tune up:                      3) Clean carbs with Gumout and remove top
    1)  Torque wrench                                     and piston. Set both mixture needles the
    2)  Flat screwdrivers, one short fat stubby one       same depth (if you have twin S.U.s) and set
        to be included                                    jet tube at top of guide then drop 8 flats.
    3) Posi drive (not Philips) screwdrivers           4) Gap points (replace if pitted and check low
    4) Combination wrench set                             tension lead for condition)
    5) Long 7/16 open end wrench (for loosening        5) Replace plugs
        the dist.)                                     6) Crank car
    6) 1/8” rubber tube 2 ft long (or a unisyn)        7) Set timing to 30 degrees BTDC at 3,000
    7) Feeler gauge set (go/nogo are best)                RPM.
    8) Timing light (the type with the advance on      8) Adjust carbs
        the back is best)
    9) S.U. or Stromberg card tool/adjusting kit       A little more detail:
    10) Compression gauge                              1) When you remove plugs, look closely inside
    11) Spark plug socket                                  for the color of the ceramic and look at gap.
    12) Ratchet with extension                             Measure gap to see how big it is. It should
    13) Socket set (make it fit ratchet)                   be .025” for best results, even if you have
    14) Remote starter switch                              electronic ignition. In MGs, use either
    15) 12 volt test light                                 Champion or NGK plugs. Multi split, plati-
    16) Pliers (small regular and needle nose will         num tip, etc. will work no better in your av-
        do)                                                erage street engine. If your engine fouls the
                                                           plugs a little but otherwise runs fine, you can
    Chemicals/fluids required:                             replace the offending cylinder plug with one
    1) Gumout carb cleaner (this works better than         that is one heat range hotter. Yes, you can
       all others)                                         mix plugs without doing any harm.
    2) WD 40                                           2) Do a dry compression check and write the
    3) Engine oil (in squirt gun for wet compres-          numbers down. Then squirt a little oil in the
       sion check)                                         cylinders (one at a time unless you like get-
    4) ATF (automatic trans fluid) for your carb           ting splattered with oil) and retake the com-
       (do not waste money on S.U. oil)                    pression. Compare with the first numbers. If
    5) Moly grease (small amount for point rub-            they are the same, fine. But first, I allow at
       bing block)                                         least 15 to 20 lbs. of compression difference
    6) Anti seize (for dist. shaft and spark plugs)        between high and low cylinder as long as
    7) Aviation gasket glue (most any will do ex-          they are all over 100 lbs. I allow the wet
       cept silicone, I don’t like that)                   compression to be the same spread over the
    8) 3M yellow trim adhesive (works better than          dry without concern also (on a normal street
       #7 for valve cover gasket)                          engine). If you have a very big spread be-
                                                           tween cylinders on the dry compression
    Parts you might need:                                  check or if the wet goes way up past the dry
    1) Correct spark plugs (not fancy multi tipped         numbers, then we may have a problem.
       ones)                                           3) Remove the valve cover and check your
    2) Valve cover gasket                                  valves clearances. If you have a low cylin-
    3) Points, condenser, low tension lead, rotor,         der, you may have a tight valve. If you have
       dist. cap                                           high compression , you may have a loose
    4) Plug wires (not fancy shielded type either)         valve. Set your valves to the factory specs
    5) Air filter (or two)                                 for now. And retake your compression. If
                                                           you have only one or two valves that are real
                                                                                       Continued on page 12 ….

The Flash                                                                                                  11
 Continued from page 11 ….
                                        tight, almost no       clearance is too tight and the piston may
         clearance, you may have a burned seat. If             drag going up causing a richer acceleration
         you have a few very loose valves, you could           mixture and drop too slowly causing it to
         have a worn cam or lifters. If you have any           run lean when you let off the gas. If it is
         valves that use the full adjustment range and         within the specs, replace the piston and top
         you still can’t get the correct clearance, you        and do not fill with oil yet.
         must check out why. If loose was the prob-         6) Pull the dist. for ease of working. Mark its
         lem, you can re-loosen the rocker and slide it        position in the engine with a scratch or dab
         to the side enough to get a pushrod out. On           of paint. Also mark the rotor position or set
         most MGs, you will also have to remove the            the engine to TDC on #1 cylinder firing
         side covers to remove the lifter. If your lifter      stroke. Clean or replace the points with new.
         is pitted, plan on reading my articles on re-         If using new, clean the contacts before in-
         freshing your engine. Any more work here              stalling (machining oil may be on them). I
         will be a waste of time and money. Unfortu-           do not always use a new condenser as there
         nately, if it was real tight, you will have to        have been problems with them in the past. A
         pull the head to check and repair. At least           new rotor and cap are good also if they are
         you may not need an entire engine.                    worn. Check inside the cap for the center
      4) If you have no compression in one cylinder            contact carbon! We have found them miss-
         after the wet check and the valve was set             ing before! Use gumout to clean inside the
         close to specs, you will have to pull the head        dist. and then oil it. Make sure that the cam
         to see what is wrong. It could be a burned            part of the shaft moves on the rest of the
         valve or a burned piston. That will cost you.         shaft. Also check the breaker plate for play.
      5) If compression was good, proceed to carbs.            If it is too loose, remove it and tighten it. I
         Remove the tops and pistons. Set the mix-             will demonstrate this. Set the new points
         ture needle level with the bottom of the pis-         to .016” gap and put a small dab of grease
         ton. On S.U.s set the jet tube down about 8           on the cam. Check the ground wire and low
         flats or 4 ½ turns on the screws for HIF type.        tension lead for wear and any bare spots.
         On Strombergs, set the needle level and               When installing your points and condenser;
         screw it up 1 ¾ turns with the tool. Spray the        THE WIRES FROM THE LOW TENSION
         carbs with gumout to clean inside and out.            LEAD AND THE CONDENSOR GO UN-
         For heavy dirt, use an old small paint brush.         DER THE LITTLE PLASTIC BUSHING
         On S.U. there is one quick test you can make          ON THE POINT SPRING, NOT ON
         to make sure that the clearance between the           TOP!!!! If the wires touch the center stud
         dome and piston is correct. Remove the                that comes up through the spring, the car
         spring and dry out the dome. Hold your                will NOT START.
         thumb or tape over the hole on top. Also,
         tape over the holes in the piston. Slowly           (to be continued in the December issue of The
         push the piston into the dome and let it drop                             Flash)
         out, but not onto the floor. It should take
         about 5 to 7 seconds to drop down. If it
         comes out too fast and you are sure you have
         no leaks in the holes you taped up, you may
         need a different piston. Why? If the piston
         drops too fast, then the clearance is too loose
         and when running, the vacuum will not lift
         the piston high enough for the rpm you are
         running As there is still vacuum, and the
         piston is not up high enough to let sufficient
         air into the carb, it will still suck in gas and
         run rich. If the piston drops to slow, the
                                                             Cyndi & Sam Marble, Montgomery Show

The Flash                                                                                                  12
 Editor’s Column                                           Montgomery, AL Car Show
 by Debbie Harrington                                      by Lou Ballard

     This is truly a time to be thankful….the Red Sox          Pat and I just returned from the 10th annual Brit-
 won the World Series!!!! I can’t tell you how happy       ish Car Day held at the Shakespeare Festival
 that makes me. I remember as a kid in Maryland go-        Grounds in Montgomery, Alabama. This was our 3rd
 ing to Orioles games whenever they played the Sox.        consecutive show and it won’t be our last. This
 I was watching on TV when Carlton Fisk hit the fa-        show is held in conjunction with the Alabama High-
 mous game winning home run in game 6 of the               land Games which makes for a much more interest-
 World Series against the Reds (of course they still       ing day. Lots of bag pipe bands and loads of tasty
 didn’t win that series). I still have that picture in a   food to sample. Pat and I stuck to the old favorite,
 scrap book in the attic. I was also watching when         fish and chips but we have sampled the Scottish
 the Sox were one strike away from winning the ’86         eggs, meat pies and shepherds pie in the past. With
 series and Bill Buckner let an easy grounder go           the Highland Games going on the same time as the
 right through his legs. I spent a summer with my          car show, we had many spectators come by to ad-
 grandparents in Massachusetts and watched all the         mire the cars. The featured marquee this year was
 games with them. Like typical Sox fans, we called         the Rolls Royce. As usual, the British Motoring
 them bums when they lost and heroes when they             Club members of Montgomery laid out complimen-
 won, but we always watched! It’s often heart break-       tary hors d’oeuvres and refreshments on Friday eve-
 ing to be a Sox fan, but that just makes the victories    ning. We picked up our registration dash plaque and
 all the sweeter!                                          goody bag that evening. The weather was great both
     Being a Red Sox fan is kind of like being a Brit-     Friday and Saturday. The show is held on the banks
 ish car enthusiast (I know you were wondering             of a small lake with plenty of shade to gather and
 where I was going with this!). Much of the time, the      mingle with other car enthusiasts. The gates opened
 cars aren’t running, or aren’t running well (we cur-      at 8:00am on Saturday and by 10:00am we had 40
 rently have 2 out of 5 that are out of commission…        to 50 cars. Besides Pat and me, the Atlanta club was
 not too bad actually). There are limited sources for      represented by Raymond and Shirley Cooper and
 parts and information. We curse them when they            Hamer Phillips from Montgomery, Charlie and
 breakdown and beam when they run well. And of             Sheron Moshell, Rick Alley, Sam and Cyndi Marble
 course, most people think we’re crazy for caring so       and Scott Laramy. You probably remember Scott
 much about these troublesome beasts. But it’s that        from his gas engine powered Margarita Machine.
 much sweeter when you’re in a caravan of 5, 10,           Rick Alley and Sam and Cyndi are members of the
 20…..British cars, cruising the back roads, enjoying      Peachtree MG and the Austin Healey Clubs.
 a beautiful day with others that share your passion.          We all did our clubs proud by taking home a tro-
     Like the Red Sox Nation, we come from all             phy. To our astonishment our Austin Healey also
 walks of life, with different backgrounds and ex-         won BEST OF SHOW which I consider an honor
 periences, but the cars bring us together. And like       knowing other owners of other fine British Cars
 the Sox, we will one day overcome the Curse               chose to bestow on us this gratuitous recognition.
 (Lucas) and all of our cars will be running smoothly      Again we would like to thank the members of the
 at the same time. Ahhh, sweet victory at last! I can’t    BMC for hosting a great show and welcoming their
 tell you how happy that will make me.                     cousins from Atlanta.

The Flash                                                                                                     13
The Flash   14

                   FOR SALE                                      WANTED
 1974 Jensen Healey, tangerine with tan         I need a complete Healey dashboard. Any-
 interior. Body in excellent condition.         thing from a 1956 BN4 through a 1963
 Engine has been rebuilt, new clutch, great     BJ7. I also need any gages you have in
 tires. Very fast, handles awesome. $7000       good condition.
 Contact:                                       Please call:
 Phillip Mullinax at 706-864-3434               Roger Futrell
 E-mail:                770-535-1510

     Searching ...for side shift transmission                   FOR SALE
        for early 3000 or gears for same in     1973 (Round Arch) MG Midget
        great shape. Dust covered ones are      Great driving 1275 cc chrome bumper car.
        acceptable. Also needed, if priced      Has recent new top, tires, clutch, brakes,
       right, a good front shroud with mini-    seat covers, and carpet. $5,000
              mal body work required.           Contact:
                                                Sam Marble
 John Homonek                                   770-972-8747

                  WANTED                                        WANTED
 Enthusiastic Healey driver wanted to drive     1964-65 Austin-Healey 3000 MK III,
 a beautiful 1960 3000 MKI to local events      British Racing Green. Will consider all
 with passenger. Must have valid driver's       conditions and prices.
 license and love to drive Big Healeys.         Contact:
 Contact :                                      Roger Toland
 Tom Long                                       770-514-7194

                 Selling something? Looking for a special part?
                Send your ad to

The Flash                                                                                 15
               Carolina Conclave, Winston Salem, North Carolina
                                                June 26-July 1, 2005
 NAME: ________________________________________ SPOUSE/GUEST:          _____________________________________
 ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
 COUNTRY: ______________________________ CLUB: ____________________________________________________________
 TELEPHONE: _______________ E-MAIL: _______________________________________________________________________
 CHILDREN ATTENDING: _________________________                 __________________________         _________________
                     name / age                                name / age                         name / age

  Registration covers 1 car, 2 adults and immediate family under 18. All attendees must be registered for admission to
  hospitality functions, popularity judging, driving events, tech sessions and other scheduled events (some events may
  require additional fees). Your Registration Number will be sent to you by e-mail or by telephone. Accommodations at
  the host Adam’s Mark Hotel may be obtained only with your registration number provided to you after receipt of this
  form and your payment of fees. The basic room rate is $99 US plus tax per day, which includes parking in the adjacent
  parking deck. Trailer parking is allowed only in the designated surface lot. Night-time security is provided.
_____ Check here if you are interested in On-Site Child Care
 Would you like to participate in:                                  Fees                                  Number Amount Totals
 ____Popularity      ____Concours*                               Registration                             ______ x $95 = ______
 ____Rally           ____RC Car Races                            Each additional Healey Car or Boat        ______ x $30 = ______
 ____Autocross       ____Funkhana                                Each additional Adult                    ______ x $30 = ______
 ____Arts & Crafts ____Pinewood Derby**                          Trailer Parking                          ______ x $20 = ______
                                                                 Wednesday Awards Dinner                  ______ x $25 = ______
 Vehicles to register:                                           Thursday Awards Dinner                   ______ x $35 = ______
 ____100               ____3000 Mk I                             Thursday Dinner (Child under 12)         ______ x $20 = ______
 ____100-M             ____3000 Mk II-BT7 / BT7                  Thursday Children’s Alt. Pizza Party     ______ x $12 = ______
 ____100-S             ____3000 Mk II-BJ7                        Concours Fee (per car)                    ______ x $30 = ______
 ____100-6             ____3000 Mk III                                                               Total payment due = _________
 ____Sprite Mk I       ____Jensen Healey
 ____Sprite Mk II ____Nash Healey                                                        (fees include tax and gratuity)
 ____Sprite Mk III ____Modified                                                        NO REFUNDS AFTER MAY 1, 2005
 ____Sprite Mk IV ____Healey Boat
 Other: ____________________________
          *For Concours Guidelines, contact to George Marinos, 105 Thornbury Avenue, Glen Rock, NJ 07452 201-445-3124
               **For $8 Pinewood Derby Kit, contact Gary Lownsdale at or 865-458-0993
                 Mail this page and your payment to: Shirley Keel, 3600 Madison Ave., Greensboro, NC 27403
                                       Make your check payable to “Carolina Conclave”
                                                                — Or —
 Visa/MasterCard #: _________________________________________ & 3 digit V code from back of card: __________

 Expiration Date: ___________ Required: ______________________________________________ ________________
                                           Card Holder’s Signature                          Date
   Questions? Contact:             Gary Brierton 336-249-8869
                                   9 Chestnut Street
       The Flash                   Lexington, NC 27292                                                                    16

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