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A network of special advisors, one from each of the (at least) twenty countries
targeted by the research.

Special advisors are responsible for providing information about the systems
relating to patient safety within their country, to be a second opinion to help
interpret the significance of information and generally to promote the research.

A special advisor is an expert in his/her country in the field of patient safety. They
have an overview of what is happening on the several issues, for example patient
safety systems, standards, accreditation, regulation, etcetera. Special advisors also
are knowledgeable about the institutions which specialise in patient safety and
patient safety experts in their country.

AUSTRIA               Maria Woschitz-Merkatz
                      Deputy Head of Department III/A/1: Hospitals, Quality Assurance,
                      Patient Safety of the Federal Ministry of Health and Women

BELGIUM               Jean-Luc Fagnaart
                      Professor and Lawyer, THELIUS, a law firm

BULGARIA              Lidia Mladenova
                      Head of Department of the Faculty of Public Health, Medical
                      University, Sofia

CROATIA               Ana Stavljenic Rukavina

CZECH REPUBLIC        Ales Bourek
                      Chief executive officer of the National Institute of Public Health,
                      Center for Healthcare Quality
DENMARK      Beth Lilja
             Head Danish Society for Patient Safety, Denmark

ESTONIA      Laine Peedu
             Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Social Affairs

FINLAND      Pirjo Pennanen
             senior medical oficer

FRANCE       Philippe Michel
             Medical director of CCECQA, Comité de Coordination de
             l'Evaluation Clinique et de la Qualité en Aquitaine

GERMANY      Annette Riesberg

GREECE       Anastasius Moumtzougulu
             Professor, (1) Educational and Technological Institutions,
             Department of Health Services Management, (2) National Centre of
             Civil Service, Institute of Education, (3) “P. & A. Kyriakou”
             Children’s Hospital

HUNGARY      Peter Makai
             External Advisor of the Ministry of Health and PhD Student of the
             Budapest Corvinus University

IRELAND      Cornelia Stuart
             Corporate Risk Manager, chair of the Healthcare Risk Managers’
             Forum, HSE NE - Health Service Executive North Eastern Area

ITALY        Piera Poletti
             Director CEREF - Centro Ricerca e Formazione

LITHUANIA    Juozas Galdikas
             Deputy General Director of the State Health Care Accreditation
             Agency at The Ministry of Health

LUXEMBOURG   Marc Hastert
             Secrétaire général of the Luxemburg Association of Hospitals, EHL
MALTA            John Cachia

NETHERLANDS      Susanne Smorenburg
                 Senior advisor Dutch Institute for Healthcare Improvement (CBO)

POLAND           Halina Kutaj-Wasikowska
                 President Polish Society for Quality Promotion in Health Care

PORTUGAL         Rui Miguel Loureiro
                 Invited Lecturer of the University of Lisbon

SERBIA           Viktorija Cucic
                 ESQH Contact ESQH, professor

SPAIN            Susana Lorenzo
                 Quality manager of the Fundacion Hospital Alcorcon

SWEDEN           Kaj Essinger

TURKEY           Hasan Kus
                 Vice Medical Director Acibadem Healthcare Group & Director
                 Kozyatagi Hospital

UNITED KINGDOM   Susan Burnett
                 Acting Director of Governance and Corporate Affairs of the
                 Chelsea & Westminster Healthcare NHS Trust

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