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EC Declaration of conformity                                                                   D-73726 Esslingen
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(in accordance with EC Directive 89/336/EEC)                                                   Telefon     (0711) 3518 0
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Month, Year:                EK 09 - 07/99 E

We declare at our sole responsibility that the products

                            D.C. geared motors in the series
                            P04, P05, P08

fulfil the requirements specified in the Council's directive concerning the harmonisation of the member
states' statutory provisions regarding electromagnetic compatibility (89/336/EEC).

This declaration only applies under the following conditions:

    The products must be connected either to a speed control unit or a speed regulator (power
    converter) from Danfoss Bauer GmbH.
    The information on installation provided in the operating instructions for the power converter
    must be followed.
    All wires to the motor must be screened, the screen must be earthed at the motor across a
    wide area, for example by metal cable entry with screen contact.

    Clear reference is made in the operating instructions for the products to this restrictions.

The following standards have been used to assess the electromagnetic compatibility of the products:

                            DIN EN 50081 - 2 : 1993            Basic specification Emitted interference
                            DIN EN 50082 - 2 : 1995            Basic specification Noise immunity

Esslingen, 1st July 1999                                                                                  EE-dop/wz

Danfoss Bauer GmbH

ppa. Dr.-Ing. Doppelbauer                i.V. Fuchs
           (Manager EE)                 (Manager QA)

This declaration provides no guarantee of characteristics.
The safety information in the product documentation supplied must be observed.

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