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					RedChip Small-Cap
Investor Conference
February 12, 2007

  ONH               Presentation by
Safe Harbor Statement

 Certain statements in this presentation constitute “forward-looking
 statements” within the meaning of the Securities Act of 1933, as
 amended, and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the
 “Acts”). Any statements contained herein that are not statements of
 historical fact are deemed to be forward-looking statements.
 The forward-looking statements in this presentation are based on
 current beliefs, estimates and assumptions concerning the operation,
 future results, and prospects of Orion HealthCorp, Inc. and the other
 companies described herein. As actual operations and results may
 materially differ from those assumed in forward-looking statements,
 there is no assurance that forward-looking statements will prove to be
 accurate. Forward-looking statements are subject to the safe harbors
 created in the Acts. Any number of factors could affect future
 operations and results.      Orion HealthCorp, Inc. undertakes no
 obligation to update publicly any forward-looking statements, whether
 as a result of new information or future events.


  Orion HealthCorp, Inc. is a provider of physician
  billing, collections, and revenue cycle, financial and
  practice management services in seven states

  The Company is well positioned to capitalize on the
  growing trend by hospital-based physician groups
  throughout the U.S. to outsource their billing

  The Company recently completed a $24.5 million
  financing concurrent with two strategic acquisitions

Investment Highlights

   Attractive Physician Billing Outsourcing Market
   Experienced Senior Management Team
   Recurring, Predictable Revenue Model
   High Customer Retention Rate
   Strong Free Cash Flow
   Low Leverage
   Fragmented Market
   Market Leader Recently Acquired for 3X Revenue
   (January 26, 2007)

Company Profile
   Headquarters:           Roswell, GA
   Formed:                 December 2004
   AMEX Ticker:            ONH
   Market Cap:             $42.4 million (fully-diluted) as of 2/5/07
   Business Segments:      ● Billing, Collections & Revenue Cycle Management (“RCM”)
                           ● Practice Management (“PM”)

Pro Forma Net Revenue By Segment (a)                  Pro Forma EBITDA By Segment (a)
For the nine months ended September 30, 2006       For the nine months ended September 30, 2006

          PM             RCM                                        $1,106     RCM
        $14,352         $14,630                                               $3,253

       Total               $28,982                          Pre-Corporate        $4,359
                                                            Total                $1,988
                                                         (a) $ in thousands
Company Overview
                                                Orion HealthCorp, Inc.

                       Revenue Cycle Management                          Practice Management

Focus:           Hospital-based physician billing              Physician practice management
Services:        Billing                                       Accounting and bookkeeping
                 Collecting                                    Human resources management
                 Accounts receivable management                Accounts receivable management
                 Coding & reimbursement services               Evaluation of staffing needs
                 Reimbursement analysis                        Quality assurance programs
                 Practice consulting                           Physician credentialing assistance
                 Managed care contract management              Fee schedule review
                 Accounting and bookkeeping                    Formulation of scheduling systems
                                                               Training and continuing education
                                                               Billing and reimbursement analysis
Revenue Model:   Percent of collections                        Management fee

Specialty:       Anesthesiology, Radiology, Pathology,         Pediatrics
                 Orthopedics, ER

Clients:         513                                           8 clinic sites
States:          Alabama, California, Oregon,                  Illinois and Ohio
                 Pennsylvania and Texas
Significant Events
 December 2004       Orion formed and refinanced
      April 2005     Announced new strategic direction
 December 2006       Closed $24.5 million financing
                       $8.0 million of new capital, consisting of
                       $4.65 million of common equity and $3.35
                       million of senior subordinated notes
                       $16.5 million of senior secured financing,
                       consisting of $2.0 million revolving credit
                       facility, $4.5 million term loan and $10.0
                       million acquisition facility
                     Restructured debt and capital structure
                     Completed two RCM acquisitions

Strong Senior Management Team

                                                   Years of Healthcare
 Name                  Title                           Experience

 Terrence L. Bauer     President & CEO                      26
 Stephen H. Murdock    Chief Financial Officer              22
 Dennis M. Cain        CEO of Medical Billing Services      30
 Marvin Retsky, M.D.   President of Rand Medical Billing    31
 Tommy M. Smith        President of Medical Billing Services 23
 William Suffich       President of On Line Companies       30

Experienced Board of Directors

Name                         Title             Company

Terrence L. Bauer            President & CEO   Orion HealthCorp
Paul H. Cascio               General Partner   Brantley Partners
David Crane *                CEO               NewHope Bariatrics, LLC
Michael J. Finn              General Partner   Brantley Partners/Lander North
Joseph M. Valley, Jr. * CEO                    NCT, Inc.
* Denotes outside director

Growth Strategies

   Expanded platform lends scale and credibility
   Increase sales and marketing efforts
   Leverage multi-specialty expertise across existing markets
   Broaden range of services to physicians beyond medical billing

 Mergers and Acquisitions
   Build out nearby geographic regions
   Capitalize on fragmented market to acquire hospital-based physician
   billing companies
   Develop into multi-regional market leader

Attractive Hospital-Based Physician Billing Market
Large Growing Market                                     Opportunity by Medical Specialty
                                                                              (Dollars in Millions)
   225,000 hospital-based physicians                                                                  $3,257

   Market opportunity of $7.3 billion
   Approx. 30% is currently outsourced                                                                             $2,044
   Outsourcing growing at 15% per year

What is Driving Growth?                    $424                         $451              $364
  Lost revenue
      Physicians fail to collect 8-10    Radiology Anesthesiology Pathology           Em ergency      Academ ic    Surgical
                                                                                       Medicine       Medicine    Specialties
      cents of every dollar billed         Source: Industry Research Report

   Complex billing environment                             Target Market Segmentation
      Regulatory pressures and
      changing reimbursement models
      increasing billing complexity
      21% of all claims require
      resubmission to payers; 15% of
      those claims are never                                        70%
      resubmitted                           In House
      $6 billion in lost income
      70% of claims require manual
                                           Source: Industry Research Report
Acquisition Strategy

        Opportunity           Capitalize on highly fragmented
                              Strengthen existing service offerings
                              Cross-sell across geographic markets
                              and specialties

       Target Profile         Competent management
                              Geographic fit
                              Net revenues: $3 - $20mm
                              EBITDA margin: 15 - 20%
 Integration Considerations   Leverage IT systems and expertise
                              Centralize compliance, financial and
                              personnel management and
                              employee training

Financial Overview

    Income Statement Metrics
    ($ in thousands)                                     Twelve Mos.          Twelve Mos.    Nine Mos.
                                                            Ended                Ended         Ended
                                                          9/30/2006            12/31/2005    9/30/2006
                                                               Actual          Pro Forma     Pro Forma

        Net operating revenues                                $28,588          $37,630       $28,982
        EBITDA                                                 $122             ($876)        $1,988

    Reconciliation of EBITDA to net income (loss):
      EBITDA                                                      $122             ($876)       $1,988
      Less: Depreciation and amortization                        (1,709)           (4,227)       (2,288)
      Less: Total other income (expenses), net                     196               (701)         156
      Less: Minority interest loss in partnership                       (4)            (6)             0
      Less: Income (loss) from discontinued operations           (3,129)          (15,118)         576
      Net income (loss)                                         ($4,525)         ($20,928)        $432

 Balance Sheet Metrics

($ in thousands)                                            TTM                   TTM
                                                         9/30/2006             9/30/2006
                                                            Actual             Pro Forma

Total Senior Secured Debt                                  $2,496               $4,756
Total Funded Debt                                          $2,496               $8,191
Total Debt                                                 $7,525              $12,586 3
Total Senior Secured Debt / EBITDA                          20.5 x               1.8 x 4
Total Funded Debt / EBITDA                                  20.5 x               3.1 x
Total Debt / EBITDA                                         61.7 x               4.7 x
EBITDA / Interest Expense                                    0.3 x                2.4 x

      Pro forma at 9/30/06, including new senior debt and capital leases
      Pro forma at 9/30/06, including total senior secured debt plus subordinated debt
      Pro forma at 9/30/06, including all debt
      EBITDA annualized using pro forma EBITDA for the nine months ended September 30, 2006

    Company Capitalization and Ownership
                                                                     Capitalization at
                                                               11/30/2006         12/1/2006
                                                                  Pre-              Post-
                                                              Transactions      Transactions

 Class A Common Stock                                           12,913,776              105,374,487
 Class B Common Stock 1                                         10,448,470                        -
 Class C Common Stock                                            1,437,572                        -
 Class D Common Stock                                                    -               24,658,955
 Options and Warrants                                            4,436,575                4,474,378
 As-converted, fully-diluted Common Stock                      105,112,320              134,507,820
    Converted into Class A Common Stock at a ratio of approximately 7.76:1 on 12/1/06
2                                                                                                            Class A
    Converted into Class A Common Stock at a ratio of approximately 16.5:1 on 12/1/06
                                                                                                         Common Stock
                                                                                    Options               as-converted
                                                Class A      Class D                  and                 fully-diluted
Ownership at December 1, 2006:               Common Stock Common Stock              Warrants          No. of Shares % of Class

   Brantley Partners                             64,759,438          8,749,952              20,455     73,529,845     54.7%
   Phoenix Life Insurance Company                         -         15,909,003           1,421,629     17,330,632     12.9%
   Insiders and executive management             24,392,537                  -           1,277,000     25,669,537     19.1%
   All other stockholders                        16,222,512                  -           1,755,294     17,977,806     13.4%
Total                                           105,374,487         24,658,955           4,474,378    134,507,820    100.0%


  Attractive Physician Billing Outsourcing Market
  Experienced Senior Management Team
  Recurring, Predictable Revenue Model
  High Customer Retention Rate
  Strong Free Cash Flow
  Low Leverage
  Fragmented Market
  Market Leader Recently Acquired for 3X Revenue
  (January 26, 2007)

RedChip Small-Cap
Investor Conference
February 12, 2007

  ONH               Presentation by

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