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                     “CHEAT SHEET”
It seems we have a bit of a problem in deciding what to bring in to consign. So, I’ve made a cheat
sheet to help both you and I decide what’s good to re-sell.

One of the biggest problems I’m having is people forgetting that Times2 was created for teen and
young adult fashion. I get in woman’s business attire, mens brown suits, dress shirts and slacks, and
little boys and girls clothing. Here’s a good way to judge. Grab a Teenager and ask their opinion. If
they give you a look like “ARE YOU SERIOUS?,” you might not want to bring it in.

We inspect every piece of clothing that comes into the store. If we see pinholes (which Hollister if
famous for), we can’t use them. And as far as stains go, usually the clothes that we get in are
wrinkled so it’s hard to see a stain. We usually put the shirt on the hanger and pull the fabric so that
we can see everything. Even a shirt with the smallest stain will be returned.

Okay, I realize that some people think that jeans are timeless. After all, bellbottoms and skinny jeans
have managed to find themselves back in style; however, “HIGH WASTED” jeans are still lost in
the 80’s. Here’s the deal….If the button of the jeans go to, or past your belly button….KEEP THEM.
They may be back in style but I’ll wait until then. ALSO.....Please DO NOT bring me in those jeans
that you bought at a yard sale 5 years ago.

Many nights I go home and dream that hairballs are chasing me. Please…if you have an animal, give
a second look to see if the clothes are hair free. I don’t mind taking a lint roller to a few pieces of
clothes, but if I have to get out the vacuum to remove the hair, I’m probably gonna give it back.

Here’s the deal! Yes! I smoke. It’s a nasty habit and I’m trying to quit (at $6.00 a pack) so when I
say this, I’m not trying to be mean. I CANNOT have clothing smelling like smoke. A non-smoker
can smell it right off the bat. When the store first opened, I was taking clothes home and washing
them, I can’t do that now with over 700 consignors. When I can smell the smoke on clothes (and I
smoke) it’s really bad. If you smoke and leave a bag of clothes in your car for a couple of days, and
you smoke in your car, they will smell like smoke. Or if your room is the only place you smoke and
the clothes have laid in there, they too will smell like smoke. I feel horrible about it, but I have no
choice to give ALL of the clothes back.

We DO NOT take logo T-shirts from schools or businesses. This includes, HHS "Volleyball", ABC
Plumbing, or T-shirts you got from Virginia Beach Spring break 2009 (or any other year. lol).
When I have to give a bunch of clothes back, I feel like a dirty rotten dog! I promise you, we go
through every single piece of clothes and try and make them work. We now have over 700
consignors (woo hoo) and the store is getting full so we can afford to be a little pickier about what
we put out on the racks. There’s only SO MUCH ROOM. Sometimes, I may give back a perfectly
good black spaghetti simply because I have 15 similar ones on the rack.

I hope all of this helps. Please don’t feel bad if I have you get a bunch of stuff back. The goal is to
sell the most quality pre-owned items that we possibly can.

Please, I really don’t mind going through the clothes. If you’ve abided by all of the above and just
aren’t sure, include them and we’ll decide. I realize that I can’t please everyone, but I would rather
cut off my right arm than to ever hurt someone’s feelings.


SHOES:         The shoes have gotten out of control. WE ONLY TAKE SHOES THAT LOOK
               ALMOST BRAND NEW and they MUST be in style! If they've been laying in your
               closet for 5 years....they're probably not!

PERFUME:       All perfume must be at least HALF FULL (or more)

BEDDING: mixed matched sets. COMPLETE SETS ONLY. (For example: no top
               sheet and pillow case without the fitted sheet).

BRAS:          Yes, we take pre-owned bras, HOWEVER, They MUST be in EXCELLENT

PANTIES:       We DO NOT accept pre-owned panties. This include ones that you "swear you've
               never worn, but just can't find the new tags". Unless the "new" tags are attached, we
               don't want em'.