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Rack-a-Thon Dance -a-Thon

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									  THURSDAY                                                                                                                                                     INSIDE
  February 24, 2011
                                                                                                                                                          Justin Bieber’s journey
                                                                                                                                                                to the top.

         Opinions......4-6                                                                                                                               LIFESTYLES PG 7
         Lifestyles..7-9                                                                                                                               Is our culture desensitizing
         Sports.....10-12                                                                                                                                   the issue of rape?

 Vol. LXXXVIII No. 13                                                                                                                                     OPINIONS PG 6

                         State University of New York College at Cortland

                 Rack-a-Thon Dance -a-Thon
Students danced all
night to raise money for
Breast Cancer Research

By Megan O’Brien
Staff Writer

     Last Friday night, Cortland
students danced their ‘racks’ off at
the first ever Rack-a-thon Dance-
a-thon. From 8 p.m. until about 2
a.m., Corey Union Function Room
was transformed to raise money
for breast cancer research. Upon
entering, students donated five
dollars and had the symbolic rib-
bon for cancer drawn on the back
of their hand for re-admission.
     Jill Cole, President of RHA,
said their goal amount of money
to raise is $2,000 or more, with
all the proceeds going to a breast
cancer organization through
Syracuse University Hospital.
Cole said, “RHA and NRHH are
sister organizations, so they usu-
ally work together for events,
but this is the first time we are
working with CSA for an event,
and it has been a success.”
     Lima Stafford, a CSA mem-
ber said, “I like that we’re doing
something different by collabo-
rating with the residence halls.
Now we can have a bigger event
and bring even more people out.”
     DJ Tumbo played bass-
thumping dance tunes as people                                                                                                                               photo by Jonathan Rodriguez
                 See DANCE , page 2 Jason Carriero and Lima Maria Stafford dance to various types of music to support breast cancer research last Friday night in Corey Union

Stilettos to Sneakers Freedom Aprons
Alumni Laura Buitrago                                                                                        Speaker explains hard-                 tended Johnson’s presentation.
                                                                                                                                                         Johnson proceeded to literally
will compete in the San                                                                                      ships of slaves and the                act out the feelings and emotions
Diego Marathon                                                                                               Underground Railroad                   of slaves and slave masters. Each
                                                                                                                                                    “act” featured a different person
                                                                                                                                                    that existed during slave times.
By Daniel Harding, Jr.                                                                                       By Adam Dejesus Gonzalez               Her first story started off with
Editor-in-Chief                                                                                              Staff Writer                           three separate “toots” that were
                                                                                                                                                    used to notify other members of
                                                                                                                                                    the railroad that slaves were com-
                                                                                                                  “Do you remember the an-          ing through. Johnson took the role
     Cortland Alumni and former                                                                              cestors? It means that we are
member of the Sigma Delta Tau                                                                                                                       of a young girl that had to get the
                                                                                                             aware, for we did not make our-        blankets for the slaves that were
sorority, Laura Buitrago won’t                                                                               selves. It’s easy to forget, we
hesitate to admit that she was                                                                                                                      jumping off the trains that passed
                                                                                                             were not the first to suffer. Forget   through Syracuse. She embod-
no athlete while at Cortland.                                                                                and die,” sang Vanessa Johnson
In fact, when she first decided                                                                                                                     ied the emotion of the young girl
                                                                                                             to set the mood for her presenta-      as she acted out the situation.
to give running a try last fall                                                                              tion entitled: “Freedom Aprons.”
she could barely run two miles.                                                                                                                          Johnson also took the role of
                                                                                                                  Vanessa Johnson is a Griot, or    a fleeing slave mother who ran
     This Spring, Buitrago, a Long                                                                           African story teller. She uses her
Island resident, will be competing                                                                                                                  from her slave plantation with her
                                                                                                             research of slaves in the Syracuse     husband and newborn son. The
in the San Diego Marathon as a                                                                               area in order to raise awareness
member of The Leukemia and                                                                                                                          act depicted the family making it
                                                                                                             about the role the city of Syracuse    to Syracuse after much difficulty,
Lymphoma Society’s Team in                                                                                   played in freeing slaves using the
Training, an international running                                                                                                                  but after a few months the Fed-
                                                                                                             Underground Railroad. Johnson          eral government passed the Fu-
club that raises money for Leu-                                                                              dressed in “slave garb” which
kemia and Lymphoma research.                                                                                                                        gitive Slave Act of 1850, which
                                                                                                             was a basic grey, long sleeved         required all runaway slaves to be
     Team in Training helps in-                                                                              dress that drooped down to her
dividuals complete their goal of                                                                                                                    returned to their previous masters.
                                                                                                             feet. She also wore an orange,              The family fled north to
completing either a marathon,                                                                                brown, and yellow head wrap.
half marathon, triathlon, century                                                                                                                   Canada but during the journey
                                                                                                                  Johnson is the creator of         the couple lost their baby and
ride(100 mile bike ride) or hiking                                                                           the “Imagine Syracuse” pro-
adventure. In exchange for pledg-                                                                                                                   tried to commit suicide from
                                                                                                             gram that exposes 4th, 5th, and        grief. This is just one of the
ing to raise funds for the society                                                                           6th graders to college campuses
during your training, they provide                                                                                                                  many difficult situations slaves
                                                                                                             in Syracuse. The purpose is to         faced when trying to run away.
their athletes with everything from                                                                          motivate young children to at-
                                                                          photo provided by Laura Buitrago                                               Johnson stirred many emo-
                                                                                                             tend college after high school.
              See TRAINING , page 3    Inspired by a cancer patient, Buitrago now runs for the cause         Some of these children also at-                     See RAILROAD , page 2
2      February 24, 2011                                        The Dragon Chronicle                                                                                                    NEWS

What’s Going On?                                                                FROM COVER PAGE
                                                                                                                            IAC Breaks It Down
                                                                                tions	 from	 the	 crowd,	 and	 au-
 Calendar of Events: February 24 - March 2                                      dience	 members	 wiped	 away	
                                                                                                                            The International                      ter	 the	 18th	 day	 of	 protests,	
                                                                                their	 tears	 and	 hid	 their	 faces.	
                                                                                                                                                                   President	 Mubarak	 stepped	
                                 Today:                                         Even	 the	 children	 present	 in	 the	
                                                                                audience	 felt	 the	 pain	 and	 an-
                                                                                                                            Awareness Club                         down	 and	 fled	 to	 a	 resort	 on	
12 p.m. Susan Rayl, Kinesiology and Africana Studies Departments will           guish	 in	 Johnson’s	 tone.	 John-          explains world issues                  the	 Red	 Sea	 with	 his	 family.
                                                                                son	 was	 able	 to	 recreate	 events	                                              Now:	 Though	 President	
        present, “The Mighty Burner: The Life and Legacy of G. Larry                                                        By Erica Frerking                      Mubarak	 has	 stepped	 down,	
                                                                                from	 the	 Underground	 Railroad	
        James,” at this Black History Month Sandwich Seminar. Located           to	 remind	 people	 during	 Black	
                                                                                                                            Contributing Writer                    there	 is	 still	 a	 lot	 of	 prog-
        in Brockway Hall Jacobus Lounge.                                        History	 Month	 of	 the	 difficult	                                                ress	 to	 be	 made	 in	 Egypt.	
                                                                                past	 African	 Americans	 share.	    	                                             People	 continue	 to	 demon-
                                 Friday:                                                                                    Where?	Egypt.                          strate,	 showing	 their	 unity	
                                                                                                                            Who?	 Egyptian	               Peo-     and	 determination	 to	 establish	
3 p.m.     Get information on how you can study abroad at the Study                                                         ple	 vs.	 President	 Hosni	            a	 representative	 democracy.	
           Abroad Informational Session. Please contact the James M. Clark                                                  Mubarak	 &	 his	 supporters.                 Plans	 to	 amend	 certain	
                                                                                                                            What?	 Anti-government	 pro-           constitutional	 clauses	 are	
           Center for International Education to sign up: studyabroad@                                                      tests	 in	 Egypt	 break	 out	 on	      in	 effect,	 though	 the	 people	
  or (607) 753-2209. Event located in Brockway Hall                                                   January	 25	 calling	 for	 change.     hope	 for	 more	 dramatic	 re-
           Jacobus Lounge.                                                                                                  Why?	 After	 weeks	 of	 anti-          form,	 eventually	 rewriting	
                                                                                                                            government	 protests	 in	 Tu-          the	 constitution	 as	 a	 whole.
8 p.m.     The Performing Arts Department presents, “The Drowsy Chaper-                                                     nisia,	 resulting	 in	 Tunisian	       Why we should care:	Egypt	is	
                                                                                                                            president	 Zine	 al-Abidine	 Ben	      the	most	populous	country	in	the	
           one” at the Dowd Fine Arts Theater. The show will run March 25,                                                  Ali	 stepping	 down	 from	 of-         Arab	world,	and	thus	it	carries	a	
           26, 27 and April 1, 2 and 3.                                                                                     fice,	 protests	 in	 Egypt	 began.     lot	of	weight	in	the	Middle	East.	
                                                                                                                                 Protesters	 demonstrated	               Additionally,	 the	 Suez	
                              Saturday:                                                                                     against	 the	 ongoing	 pov-            Canal	 sees	 a	 lot	 of	 trade	 traf-
                                                                                                                            erty,	 corruption	 and	 unem-          fic,	 and	 unrest	 in	 the	 country	
11 a.m. Cortland Chill-a-Bration celebrates all things winter at Court                                                      ployment	 the	 country	 had	           could	affect	the	prices	of	goods	
        House Park. The event features ice sculptures and good food.                                                        been	 facing	 since	 the	 30	 year	    that	 travel	 through	 the	 canal.
                                                                                                                            rule	 of	 President	 Mubarak.	               The	 demonstrations	 by	
                                                                                                                                 Continuing	 protests	 and	        Egyptians,	 especially	 by	 the	
                                Sunday:                                                                                     numerous	deaths	and	casualties	        youth	 and	 the	 labor	 groups,	
4 p.m.    Hear the SUNY Cortland Gospel Choir and other choirs sing at                                                      saw	 the	 resignation	 of	 the	 rul-   have	inspired	many	populations	
          the Gospel Choir Cultural Celebration, located in Old Main.                                                       ing	party	on	February	5,	though	       in	 other	 countries	 who	 are	 un-
                                                                                                                            President	 Mubarak	 stated	 he	        happy	 with	 their	 governments	
                                                                                      photo by Adam Dejesus Gonzalez        would	stay	in	power	until	elec-        (namely	 Yemen,	 Bahrain,	 Al-
                                Monday:                                                                                     tions	 were	 held	 in	 September.      geria	 &	 Morocco)	 to	 voice	
                                                                                Johnson shows freedom apron                      On	 February	 11,	 just	 af-      their	 opinions	 and	 concerns.	
5 p.m.      The Dowd Fine Arts Gallery will be showcasing, ”Bògòlanfini,
            Patterns of Bamana Culture,” an exhibit that explores authentic

            mudcloth methods practiced by people belonging to Bamana                                                      in	the	residence	halls	and	I’d	like	     as	Allison	 taught	 steps	 to	 “Livin	
            Culture in Mali, Africa. The artwork is from the personal collec-                                             to	 do	 more	 teaching,	 especially	     la	 Vida	 Loca”	 by	 Ricky	 Martin.	
            tion of Kassim Kone, professor of anthropology and linguistics at                                             for	 such	 a	 great	 cause.	 Some	       They	 also	 danced	 to	 “Jai	 Ho”,	
                                                                                                                          people	 pick	 it	 up	 very	 quickly	     and	 “Don’t	 Stop	 (Wiggle	 Wig-
            Cortland.                                                           FROM COVER PAGE                           and	 it’s	 rewarding	 to	 see	 a	 re-    gle),”	 by	 the	 Outhere	 Brothers.
                                                                                                                          sult.”	His	partner	Richards	picked	           At	 10	 p.m.,	 Danceworks	
                               Tuesday:                                         started	to	arrive.	Students	enjoyed	
                                                                                                                          up	swing	dance	from	Keefe,	and	
                                                                                                                          they	 exchanged	 spirited	 high	
                                                                                                                                                                   and	 Kickline	 demonstrated	 ex-
                                                                                                                                                                   treme	 feats	 of	 flexibility	 and	
1:15       A faculty senate meeting will be held in the Park Center Hall of     a	huge	spread	of	food,	including	         fives	 after	 a	 successful	 lesson.     gave	 high	 energy	 performances.	
                                                                                pink	frosted	breast	cancer	ribbon-             Stephanie	 Vitale,	 a	 Resi-        The	 crowd	 was	 pumped	 up	 and	
p.m.       Fame Room, D242.                                                     shaped	cookies,	pink	cotton	can-          dent	 Assistant	 Senator	 in	 RHA	       returned	 back	 to	 the	 dance	 floor	
                                                                                dy,	 pink	 snow	 cones,	 and	 many	       said,	 “It’s	 rewarding	 to	 see	        for	 more	 Zumba,	 and	 then	 some	
                                                                                other	 snacks.	 Pizza	 and	 wings	        the	 end	 result	 of	 what	 every-       Salsa	lessons	with	Carlos	Malave.	
                             Wednesday                                          were	 delivered	 fresh	 hourly.           one	 has	 done,	 since	 so	 much	        DJ	 Tumbo	 played	 until	 2	 a.m.
7 p.m.     Wellness Wednesday presents, “Enhancing Your Life with                    When	 they	 took	 a	 break	          work	 was	 put	 into	 it.	 I	 think	          To	 raise	 even	 more	 money,	
                                                                                from	 dancing	 to	 eat,	 students,	       people	 will	 appreciate	 the	 event	    each	residence	hall	hosted	a	basket	
           Zumba!” Brittany Jarrard, a Cortland student and Zumba instruc-      siblings,	 teachers,	 staff,	 and	 fac-   since	 it	 is	 something	 different.”    for	a	silent	auction.	Clark	Hall	had	
           tor, will lead the event in Corey Union Exhibition Lounge.           ulty	 sat	 at	 tables	 decorated	 in	          The	 events	 continued	 on	 af-     a	 “Sweet	 Tooth	 Delight”	 basket	
                                                                                pink	 tablecloths	 and	 pink	 flow-       ter	 swing	 dancing	 as	 those	 on	      full	of	candy,	while	Glass	Tower	
        Do you want to get                                                      ers.	 Balloons	 shaped	 like	 the	
                                                                                breast	 cancer	 ribbon	 were	 also	
                                                                                                                          the	 dance	 floor	 formed	 an	 im-
                                                                                                                          promptu	dance	train	conga	line	to	
                                                                                                                                                                   had	a	“Spirit”	basket	full	of	Cort-
                                                                                                                                                                   land	gear.	Hendrick	Hall	donated	
                                                                                around.	 Reminders	 of	 the	 cause	       a	Black	Eyed	Peas	medley,	which	         the	 “Ultimate	 College	 Survival	
 involved on campus, meet new                                                   for	 this	 event	 were	 everywhere.
                                                                                     The	 night	 started	 out	 with	
                                                                                                                          was	 a	 crowd	 favorite	 that	 night.
                                                                                                                               Shortly	after	9	p.m.,	‘Zumba	
                                                                                                                                                                   Kit”	 full	 of	 the	 essentials:	 mark-
                                                                                                                                                                   ers,	 pens,	 highlighters,	 snacks,	
    people and have your voice                                                  Brian	Keefe	and	Wendy	Richards	
                                                                                teaching	 couples	 swing	 dancing.	
                                                                                                                          with	Allison”	began.	Allison	is	a	
                                                                                                                          Cortland	 alumni	 who	 did	 chore-
                                                                                                                                                                   and	 of	 course,	 Ramen	 noodles.
                                                                                                                                                                        To	 get	 involved,	 RHA	
                                                                                Simple	 dance	 steps	 were	 put	 to-      ography	with	the	Cortland	Dance	         meets	 every	 Tuesday	 at	 7	
              heard?                                                            gether	into	larger	combinations	to	
                                                                                popular	 oldies	 songs.	 Keefe	 is	 a	
                                                                                                                          Company.	 She	 explained	 to	 the	       p.m.	 in	 the	 Fireplace	 Lounge,	
                                                                                                                          crowd	 that	 “Zumba	 is	 a	 Latin	       and	 CSA	 meets	 Thursdays	
   Join The Dragon Chronicle!                                                   Cortland	 graduate	 who	 has	 been	
                                                                                taking	swing	lessons	since	2007.	
                                                                                                                          based	dance	that	incorporates	oth-
                                                                                                                          er	cultures	as	well.”	After	a	brief	
                                                                                                                                                                   at	 7	 p.m.	 in	 the	 Voice	 Office.

  Meetings are held every Mon-                                                  He	said,	“I	loved	doing	programs	         warm	 up,	 the	 energy	 was	 high	

 day at 9:30 p.m. in Corey 111.

3 girls need housemate!
   41 upper Clayton Ave.
     Pictures available at
Student Housing for
    2-6 Students
Walking Distance to
  Call 607-842-6269                                                                                                                                                          photo by Jonathan Rodriguez
                                                                                The E-boards for NRHH, CSA and RHA display their “Nice Rack” t-shirts in honor of breast cancer awareness
NEWS                                                         The Dragon Chronicle                                                                                 February 24, 2011                3

         Student Justices
Students have the op-                 ing board, and ultimately de-          outside the classroom or office.
                                      cide whether or not a student is       The voluntary participation of
portunity to help decide              in violation of school policy.         faculty and staff members is vital
Cortland judicial cases                   Justices hear cases dealing        to the judicial process and it also
                                      with all aspects of the Code of        provides them with a great oppor-
                                      Student Conduct, from alcohol          tunity to become more involved
By Michael Pitaro                     and drug policy to physical as-        with campus and student life.
Contributing Writer                   sault. If a student is found in             Current student justices par-
                                      violation, the justices decide         ticipate because they have an in-
                                      what educational sanctions will        terest in the judicial system and
     Are you looking for a            be imposed to ensure the safe-         want to ensure a fair process for
way to become more involved           ty of the campus community.            all respondents. Being a student
in what goes on at Cortland?              While student justices gain        justice is also a great resume

                                      valuable experience and under-         builder and the communication                                                 clinics explaining running form,
Have you always wanted to                                                                                                                                  race strategy and cross train-
be part of an important deci-         standing of how the college ju-        skills attained in the group set-
                                      dicial system works, they have         ting are an asset to any future                                               ing, among other topics, Team
sion making process? If so,                                                                                                                                in Training aims at adequate-
then Judicial Affairs wants you.      the opportunity to receive one         employment. Students of all             FROM COVER PAGE                       ly preparing every member.
     We are looking for a diverse     credit for each semester of their      majors are encouraged to apply.
                                      involvement. Student justices at-            If being a part of the judicial                                              “Laura is relatively new to
group of student, faculty, and                                                                                       running partners and coaches,         the program but has been adapt-
staff to serve as justices on the     tend monthly training sessions         process at Cortland is something
                                      and participate in about three         that interests you, applications can    to mentors and running apparel.       ing really well and really seems
Judicial Review Board (JRB) and                                                                                           It wasn’t until she com-         to be enjoying the program,” says
College Hearing Panel (CHP) for       to four hearings a semester in-        be found at
                                      volving alleged violations of          daffairs by clicking on the leader-     pleted her first half marathon        Cruz. “I can’t wait for her and
the 2010-2011 academic year.                                                                                         that she built up the courage         my other athletes to complete
This is a great way to get more in-   the Code of Student Conduct.           ship opportunities link. Applica-
                                          As members on the panel,           tions are due March 9, 2011 at 4        to sign up and begin attend-          their goals; it’s priceless to see.”
volved in the college community.                                                                                     ing Team in Training meetings.             With the race day of June 5
     As justices, members of          faculty and staff are provided an      p.m. If you have any questions,
                                      opportunity to positively inter-       please contact Judicial Affairs at           When she first signed up,        fast approaching, Buitrago isn’t
the panel listen to respondent                                                                                       Buitrago’s main goal was to           sure whether it’s running the
and witness testimony, review         act with student justices and also     x4725 or stop by Corey Union
                                      have a role in educating students      409-B for more information.             get back in shape. However,           marathon or raising the money
evidence provided to the hear-                                                                                       just a few weeks into the pro-        that has her the most scared,
                                                                                                                     gram she found a higher calling.      but she finds comfort in know-

                       Crime Alert
                                                                                                                          “At one of my first meetings,    ing that she isn’t in it alone.
                                                                                                                     a cancer survivor came to speak            “Whether it’s cancer patients
                                                                                                                     to us about how she won her bat-      or athletes, the whole idea of Team
                                                                                                                     tle with cancer, and is currently     in Training is that you don’t have
                                                                                                                     training for a triathlon,” says Bu-   to go through it alone. You have
                                                                                                                     itrago. “To see a woman who was       people with you to support you
                                                                                                                     once bed ridden persevere and         and motivate you,” said Buirtago.
                                                                                                                     compete as an athlete really makes
Recent string of sexual               portant to note that the suspect       gression Defense System is a            you think anything is possible.”
                                      was known to the victim before         program of realistic self-defense                                                     • Blood cancers such as
assults remind students                                                                                                   Team in Training has pro-          leukemia, Hodgkin lympho-
                                      the assault took place. Assistant      tactics and techniques for women.       vided Buitrago with a cus-
to protect themselves                 Chief of Police, Mark DePaull               DePaull gave tips to stu-                                                  ma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma,
                                                                                                                     tomized training program that           myeloma and myelodysplas-
                                      said, “We need to understand           dents to avoid unfortunate inci-        works around her full time
                                      that it’s still a misconception that   dences like the ones that have                                                  tic syndromes are cancers
By Becky Greenland                                                                                                   substitute job during the day           that originate in the bone
                                      most sexual assaults occur from        occurred in the past month. To          and graduate courses at night.
News Editor                           the attacker hiding in the bushes.     defend yourself against stranger                                                marrow or lymphatic tissues.
                                                                                                                          “We generally have the                   • Every 4 minutes,
                                      Stranger sexual assaults do occur,     sexual assaults, DePaull says,          athletes train on a 16 to 24
                                      but the vast majority of sexual        “walk in groups, do not walk in                                                 one person is diagnosed
                                                                                                                     week program (for a mara-               with a blood cancer.
                                      assaults are committed by some-        dark areas, stay away from ar-          thon) but we customize each
     Within a 16-day time span,       one who is known to the victim.”       eas where someone could hide,                                                         • An estimated 137,260
three sexually-related incidents                                                                                     of them based on individual             people in the United
                                           He reported that the Na-          be aware of the locations of the        goals and special needs,” said
occurred in the city of Cortland      tional Crime Victimization Sur-        blue light emergency phones,                                                    States will be diagnosed
against three Cortland students.                                                                                     nine year Team in Training              with leukemia, lympho-
                                      vey revealed that 73 percent           let someone know where you              running Coach Carmen Cruz.
On January 28, a female Cort-         of sexual assaults were per-           will be and trust your instincts.”                                              ma or myeloma in 2010.
land student was sexually as-                                                                                             The particular team Buit-                •Every ten minutes, some-
                                      petrated by a “non-stranger.”               He also reminded students to       rago trains with is composed
saulted in the Groton Avenue               Cortland takes students’          limit their alcohol consumption                                                 one dies from a blood cancer.
area. The suspect was known                                                                                          of college students, former ath-              •Leukemia causes more
                                      safety seriously, and the pro-         because alcoholic beverages are         letic standouts, and single moth-
to the victim and has been re-        fessionally trained University         considered the most widely used                                                 deaths than any other cancer
ferred to Judicial Affairs.                                                                                          ers, as well as members in their        among children and young
                                      Police officers patrol the cam-        “date rape” drug and are readily        50’s and 60’s all with varying
     About two weeks later, an-       pus by foot, bike and vehicle 24       available. He said to be confident                                              adults under the age of 20.
other female student reported                                                                                        degrees running experience.                   • An estimated 957,902
                                      hours a day, seven days a week.        in your principles regarding sexual     As diverse as the members of
that she had been raped in an              The college starts program-       activity; both parties need to com-                                             people in the United States
on-campus residence hall in the                                                                                      the team are, their reasons for         are currently living with,
                                      ming efforts at the new student        municate and set up parameters.         joining are equally as diverse.
early morning hours of Febru-         Orientation Program and contin-             Remember that “no” means                                                   or are in remission from,
ary 12. The suspect has been                                                                                              “Some joined to lose weight,       leukemia, Hodgkin lym-
                                      ues throughout the year with guest     “no,” and it is not up for inter-       others wanted to raise money, and
identified and was known to           speakers and peer education.           pretation or debate. Sexual activ-                                              phoma, NHL or myeloma.
the victim prior to the incident.                                                                                    others have always dreamed of                 Courtesy           of      www.
                                           “We have a committee on           ity in the past does not mean it is     running a marathon,” said Cruz.
      In the early morning hours      campus, the Sexual Assault             permissible now. Also, be cau-                                                  l e u k e m i a - l y m p h o m a . o rg
of February 13, a female stu-                                                                                             With weekly team runs, and
                                      Awareness and Programming              tious of new acquaintances, espe-
dent was raped in a residence         Committee (SAAPC), which               cially in bars or at house parties.
location off-campus, located          has been instrumental with pro-             By remembering these tips
in the area of Prospect Terrace.      gramming and with bringing the         and utilizing programs spon-
This suspect was also known to        Rape Aggression Defense (RAD)          sored by the University Police,
the victim prior to the incident.     System Program to campus,”             students can lead safer lives on
     In each incident it is im-       reported DePaull. The Rape Ag-         and off-campus at Cortland.
                                                                                                                                        Have something to say and want
                                                                                                                                      your voice to be heard by the campus
                                                                                                                                        community? Then speak up and
                                                                                                                                            e-mail your thoughts to

           Our View                                                         Letter to the editor:
                                                                                  NCATE Board of Examiners Plan to Visit Cortland.
                                                                                 Did you realize that Cortland     During their time here, members
       Black History Month is almost over. Within the                       is a nationally accredited college     of the Board of Examiners will
   Black community there are various opinions about                         for teacher education? Well            interview people across campus,
   the month and what it represents. Black actor Morgan                     we are and we will soon have           visit partner schools, and prepare
   Freeman strongly opposes the month, claiming it is                       the opportunity to earn that           a reaccreditation report.
                                                                            recognition again.                          They may pop in and observe         Avoid sickness as winter
   ridiculous and racist. On an episode of “60 Minutes,”                         NCATE (National Council           one of your classes. They may
   from 2006, Freeman poses the rhetorical question,                        for Accreditation of Teacher           stop and ask you questions about         winds down by getting
   “You’re going to relegate my history to a month?…                        Education) is the largest national     your experience at Cortland. We          enough Vitamin C
   which month is white history month?” Freeman makes                       accrediting body for teacher           want all students, faculty and
   a strong and provocative point, and he sums it up by                     education       programs        both   staff to be aware of the visit and
                                                                            internationally and in the United      to be prepared to put our best foot      By Jason DiStefano
   saying, “Black History is American history.” Can’t                       States.                                forward.                                 Staff Writer
   argue with that logic, and it seems Freeman effectively                       Cortland has been accredited           To learn more about NCATE,
   sapped some of the buzz and representation out of the                    by NCATE since 2004: the time          feel free to click on www.                     With flu season in full swing,
   month when he said those things.                                         of the last site visit by a national           everyone is trying to kick the
       There is the opposition to Freeman’s argument                        team of reviewers. A five-                                                      sickness and get healthy.
                                                                            member national team will visit            -Michelina Gibbons
   that defends the month by claiming that it reminds                       our campus March 5-9, 2011.                Career Resource Specialist
                                                                                                                                                                 The problem is that many
   us all of the social inequalities that still exist in our                                                                                                of us don’t take the necessary
                                                                                                                                                            measures to win the prevention
   country, all while educating people of the struggles and
                                                                            Start a Facebook Riot
   contributions of African Americans. Like everything                                                                                                           It is the middle of February
   else, this is a subjective discussion with no clear right                                                                                                and the Central New York weather
   or wrong position.                                                                                                                                       doesn’t favor our immune system.
       There may be an argument to be discussed and                                                                                                         Although it is like living in
                                                                                                                                                            Antarctica right now, we still can
   possibly won here, but the point is that you should                      Social networking pro-                       The events in Egypt and the
                                                                                                                                                            be healthy and keep pumping the
   celebrate the month if you please, or ignore it if you                                                          surrounding countries are not
                                                                            vides plenty of oppurtu-               finished. The overthrowing of            immune system with nutrients.
   please. Too often we constitute opinion for reality.                     nities to share voice                  Hosni Mubarak was a success,                  Everybody       knows       the
   Black History Month currently exists, it’s up to the                                                            but they still have to rebuild their     obvious: lots of rest and fluids can
   individual to observe it or not.                                                                                government. So, the people are           help to stay healthy, but do we
                                                                            By Nick Larocca                        organizing their ideas online; this      know how important it is to have
                                                                            Staff Writer                           organization amongst the citizens        a well-balanced diet that consists
                                                                                                                   is the reason they were able to          of immune-boosting foods?
                                                                                                                   overthrow their former leader.                If you missed out on
                                                                                 “We Are All Khaled Saeed”                                                  Valentine’s Day, vitamin C is
                                                                            is a Facebook group that was                 Egypt is also creating a
                                                                                                                   domino effect for surrounding            willing to be your date. It will be
                                                                            formed by Google executive                                                      the best date in the world because
                                                                            Wael Ghonim to provide a place         countries.        Tunisia,     Jordan,
                                                                                                                   Algeria, Yemen, Bahrain, and             the pros outweigh the cons in this
                                                                            where like-minded individuals                                                   relationship.
                                                                            could organize and respond to          Sudan are all starting to stir and
                                                                                                                   government protests are on the                Vitamin C helps the body
                                                                            their oppressing leaders.                                                       maintain healthy tissues and a
                                                                                 The group attracted hundreds      rise.
                                                                                                                         It is sad to see citizens of any   strong immune system. The foods
                                                                            of thousands of members                                                         that have the highest levels of
               138 Years of Tradition                                       worldwide and played a major           country die for any reason, but
                                                                                                                                                            vitamin C are also quite tasty and
                                                                            role in spreading awareness            when it is to change the course of
                            Editor-in-Chief:                                                                       history for a nation, the deaths are     easy to add to the diet.
                                                                            leading to the eventual over-throw                                                   Orange juice and vitamin C
                               Dan Harding                                  of Egyptian President Hosni            not unnoticed.
                                                                                                                         Activists are always looking       usually go hand-in-hand, in terms
                                         Mubarak it provided; a virtual
                                                                                                                   for ways to network with other           of vitamin C consumption, but
                                                                            place where citizens of these                                                   what many don’t realize is how
           News Editor:                      Opinions Editor:               oppressed nations could share          people with similar ideas. They
                                                                                                                   know organization is key if they         unhealthy orange juice can be.
          Becky Greenland                       Matt Ianno                  ideas and become organized to                                                        Within in the top three
                                                                            start a revolution that the Secret     want to accomplish their goals.                                                       After seeing the potential         ingredients is high fructose corn
                                                                            Police would have a hard time                                                   syrup, a man-made sugar that
                                                                            monitoring.                            in Facebook for connecting
         Lifestyles Editor:                    Sports Editor:                                                      individuals, activists, oppressed        spikes your blood sugar.
                                                                                 This is awesome. The                                                            So, cut out orange juice
            Tiffany Lewars                     Tyrone Heppard               internet is literally changing the     citizens, and the average                                                consumer, we can all fight back          and pick up an actual orange if
                                                                            world. Obviously the World Wide                                                 you want to boost your immune
                                                                            Web has changed the way we             and really accomplish something
                                                                                                                   big.                                     system and start gearing up for
          Photo Editor:                       Webmaster:                    shop, communicate, and acquire                                                  beach season.
        Jonathan Rodriguez                        TBA                       information, but now it is starting          Egypt is a perfect example
                                                                                                                   of this. When blogs were created,             It is time to think outside of                     TBA’s email                  revolutions.
                                                                                                                   it really just gave opinionated          the box when trying to boost the
                                                                                 Social networking sites,                                                   immune system and beat the flu
                             Copy Editors:                                  like Facebook, are becoming            individuals a place to rant about
                                                                                                                                                            season. Most would be surprised
                              Cara Shulman                                  remarkable mediums to bring old        the latest movie they watched or
                                                                                                                   the newest song they heard.              to hear that an orange isn’t the
                                         friends back together, start new                                                highest source of vitamin C in
                             Jessica Downer                                 relationships, and form support              However, blogs never really
                                                                                                                   accomplished anything except             foods.
                                       groups for politics, personal                                                        According the thedailygreen.
                                                                            goals, or anything that you can                                                 com here are the top ten sources
                         SGA Representative:                                think of.                                            See FACEBOOK, page 6       of vitamin C: 1) Guava. 2) Red
                            Tyrone Heppard                                                                                                                  Pepper. 3) Kiwi. 4) Orange. 5)

                                                                            Blake Takes the Cake
                                                                                                                       Green Pepper. 6) Grapefruit
                                                                                                                                                            Juice. 7) Vegetable Juice. 8)
                         Business Manager:                                                                                                                  Strawberries. 9) Brussels Sprouts.
             Please contact                                                                                                   10) Cantaloupe.
                                                                                                                                                                 Outside of the vegetable juice
                 Staff Writers and Photographers:                           The NBA set up the Dunk                thing the network and the league         and Brussels sprouts, these foods
Hannah Connelly, Adam Gonzalez, Samantha Ficken, Jessica                                                           took part in.                            are tasty and won’t be a challenge
Downer, Steven Cuce, Kevin McDonnell, Justin Ritzel, Teddy                  Contest so Blake Griffen                    With a commercial break             to add to the diet.
Montalvo, Nathan Vaji, Mark Nader, Mike Kasel, Melissa Kane,                would win                              every few minutes, it became                  Here are some quick tips on
Brittani Sahm, Sam Dutkowsky, Jay Distefano, Brian Lupo,                                                           apparent that waiting for Griffin’s      how to add these food sources
Megan O’Brien, Kimberly Massaro, Christina D’Agostino, Sarah                                                       finale was a way to insert more          to a diet: try sautéing both the
McCannon, Chris Oullette, Todd Curtis, Matt Tyoe, Justin Atkin-             By Samuel Dutkowsky                    advertising and up revenue for           green and red peppers in olive oil
son, Steve Hernandez, Molly Fogarty, Giovanni Diomede, Tony                 Staff Writer                           the league.                              and put them in your egg white
Nguyen, Teresa Riley, Nick Larocca, Dave Mindich,                                                                       The extracurricular activities      omelets; they can also be diced
                                                                                                                   that came with every contestant          and put into a salad.
    Flag & Stamp Designer:                      Faculty Adviser:                 Anyone who watched the            were also suspect. Serge Ibaka                With the grapefruit juice, aim
         Antonio Mancilla                          Scott Rapp               Sprite Slam Dunk Contest this          used a child to role play one of         for the brand Simply Grapefruit,                   year could have guessed how            his dunks. Javale McGee used             and try to drink eight ounces a
                                                                            it turned out. Blake Griffin was       his mother’s charm on the judges         day. Make a fruit salad with kiwi,
                                                                            going to do something that hasn’t      hoping to get a better score.            strawberries and cantaloupe for a
                                                                            been done yet and easily win the            Remember when Michael               vitamin C crunch.
      The Dragon Chronicle              Newsroom: (607) 753-2803            crown.                                 Jordan pulled stunts like this?               It is also nice to cut these
         111 Corey Union                     Fax: (607)753-2805                  The anticipation for this         How about Vince Carter? No,              fruits up and throw them on some
        Cortland, NY 13045          E-mail:   moment was very high, with the         they didn’t do things like this          oatmeal to jazz it up.
                                                                            network constantly running back                                                      Wash those hands, rest up,
             Website:               old dunks from previous contests.                                               and try to eat some of these foods
                    Activities funded by SGA and MAF                        However, that wasn’t the only                         See DUNKING , page 6      to beat that sickness. Good luck.
OPINIONS                                                       The Dragon Chronicle                                                                                 February 24, 2011          5

                           Consider this, Cortland
     Wal-Mart: it started as a               Wal-Mart also offers nearly       unambiguous negatives that Wal-        strictly a consumer, a new Wal-        Wal-Mart doesn’t will most likely
small business and grew into the        everything and anything a              Mart enforces on a local economy,      Mart is a positive thing. If you       replace those that were forced out
most successful retailer in the         consumer can consume. The              but are there positives?               are a small business owner             of business.
world. It visualized and attained       new super-sized Wal-Mart in                 There appears to be one,          specializing in the sale of any of         Restaurants, music stores,
its American dream, which was to        Cortland sells everything from         which is the amount of jobs that a     the products that Wal-Mart offers,     coffee shops, and other local
start small, gradually build, and       toe nail clippers to haircuts; it      Wal-Mart provides. It is estimated     then a new Wal-Mart is a negative      businesses can emerge where
eventually succeed on a national/       sells authentic pro sports gear and    that a Wal-Mart employs between        thing.                                 others failed because they offer
global scale.                           baby food.                             150-350 people.                             Whichever         title     you   things Wal-Mart doesn’t.
     We Americans should be                  Cortland is a rural area,              In an area like Cortland, this    individually fit into will most            This might just indicate
applauding this demonstration           meaning there are not many             is a big deal, and the opening of      likely dictate your opinion            the circle of life in American
and representation of the               consumer options in the town.          the new store on Rt. 281 definitely    of what Wal-Mart is doing to           capitalism. It is not so much
American way, but this is hard          Wal-Mart has capitalized on this       opened up job opportunities that       America. The new Wal-Mart in           survival of the fittest, but rather
to do when it is becoming               by creating its own monopoly, as       didn’t exist previously. However,      Cortland is still in its preliminary   survival of the company that
more evident that Wal-Mart is           it sells products most other stores    keep in mind that these positions      months of operation, meaning           offers     something       Wal-Mart
damaging local business.                sell for the lowest possible price.    often pay minimum wage, and            that the citizenry still possesses     doesn’t.
     Wal-Mart         provides      a        A common understanding            that there are people out there        an infatuation for a new option.           That’s right, Wal-Mart has
cornucopia         of      consumer     of economics and consumerism           that either run or work at small            These first few months are        made it to the top of our capitalistic
possibilities; it is a survival guide   is all it takes for one to realize     businesses that are losing their       definitely the hardest for any local   food chain, and local economies
to American life. The variety           that local business will suffer in     jobs at the same time others are       business, especially ones that         will be forced to adapt and act
and breadth of offered goods,           a rural town taken over by the         gaining them.                          sell similar products or provide       accordingly. “Save money, live
combined with the always low            largest, most recognized retailer           So far, I have been looking at    similar services to that of the        better.” As a consumer, I can’t
prices, have made Wal-Mart the          on the globe.                          this topic through the perception      super retail store. Some stores        argue with that.
ideal choice for any American                The most affected and             of the small business owner            will inevitably close, while others
citizen looking to maintain their       devastated      local   businesses     and retailer. If I look at it as a     will experience a large decline in
lives.                                  in this situation are those that       consumer, Wal-Mart is a positive       revenue and sales.                         This column is intended
     But is Wal-Mart introducing        sell specific items like jewelry,      addition to a community because             But let’s say we look into the    to motivate participation and
demise to the local business            hardware, apparel, and groceries,      it offers quality products for the     future at the Wal-Mart situation       feedback from our readers.
enterprise in America? The              because Wal-Mart offers all of         lowest prices, all at one location.    in Cortland. In a few years            Please e-mail your responses
short answer is yes. Wal-               these things at a lower price and           That’s right, the very same       from now—after Wal-Mart has            in relation to this article to
Mart has created a successful           all under the same roof. If “one-      thing that hurts the local business,   firmly established that it is the      dragon.chronicle@cortland.
marriage between producers and          stop shopping” ever needed an          benefits the local consumer; a         head retailer and many small           edu, addressed as a letter to the
consumers, which allows them to         advocate, Wal-Mart would be the        conundrum so intricate that I’m        businesses have closed—other           editor.
offer goods at a lower price than       clear choice.                          left contemplating the American        stores, shops, and businesses that
competing local businesses.                  Ok, so these are the              consumer system. If you’re             offer products and/or services that
                                                                                                                                                                                 -Matt Ianno

We need More Students and Less Parking                                                                                Same old Oscar
Cortland’s parking situ-                though while we may be short           we stand on the never-ending           The Oscars are back to                 with these criteria that a movie
                                        on horizontal real estate, we          Subway line.                                                                  should win Best Picture.
ation is terrible; here’s a             still have quite an abundance of            More time to contemplate the      being typical this year;                    I haven’t seen “The King’s
solution                                vertical to spare.                     human condition as we decide           expect the usual results               Speech,” but I think this movie
                                             However, I quickly realized       between going crotch to crotch                                                will take home Best Picture.
                                        that the few hundred more              or crotch to ass as we brush past                                             From what I’ve heard, it is an
By David Mindich                        students paying three dollars a        classmates during the twenty           By Brian Lupo                          excellent film, but what bothers
Staff Writer                            day to park there would never          minute walk from the dance floor       Staff Writer                           me is that this film is so typical
                                        be able to add up to the revenue       to the bathroom in Dark Horse.                                                in what the Academy loves: it’s a
           COLUMN                       Cortland must already receive               More time to find that spot on         Sunday, February 27 marks         period piece.
                                        through ticketing its delinquent       a girl’s back where you can place      the date of the 83rd Annual                 I mean really, who cares?
                                        student parking violators.             your hand as you make your way         Academy Awards, and contrary to        Unlike “The Social Network”
     I love looking for parking              I for one have contributed at     to the bar that doesn’t make you                                              which told a story that is still
in Cortland. Every minute spent                                                                                       last year’s ceremony, things seem
                                        least a hundred dollars to Cortland    look like a creep, but still allows    to be back to the way they’ve          unfolding today, “The King’s
missing class as I look for a place     over some discrepancies of a few       you to subliminally cop a feel and                                            Speech” is a historical drama that
to squeeze my Jeep into is another                                                                                    always been.
                                        inches on several occasions. And       check for more than an uninviting           Last year was an important        has no room for an open ending
minute for my mind to freely            let’s not forget, kids, Cortland’s     reaction.                                                                     because the events happened over
wonder about whatever I damn                                                                                          year for the Oscars as far as
                                        a business first and foremost,              “Oh, excuse me…excuse             diversity.     Kathryn    Bigelow      50 years ago.
well please.                            isn’t it? We can already see this      me.”                                                                               In short, it’s what the
     As I rounded the corner                                                                                          became the first female to win the
                                        ideology being put into effect              More time to think about          award for best director, and the       Academy consistently picks.
of Neubig road and drove past           when looking at the current            whatever as we look for a place                                               Films come to mind such as
our new 24-hour convenience                                                                                           film “Precious,” which featured a
                                        rooming situation. I remember          to park.                               predominately African-American         “Titanic,” “Shakespeare in Love,”
vending machine the other day,          when owning a “tripled” T-shirt             Now I know many of                                                       and “The English Patient.” All
I began to thank my lucky stars                                                                                       cast, was nominated for many
                                        was a rarity, not the norm.            you may prefer the idea of a           awards.                                Best Picture winners. But, were
that we Cortland students now                So what does Cortland really      parking garage. It gets cold here,                                            they really the best films that
have the ability to buy bottles                                                                                            But what happened this
                                        need? Well, more dorms of course.      walking sucks. I hear you. But,        year? Aside from “The Kids Are         came out those years?
of shampoo and giant bags of            I figure for every car we could        as Cortland’s current students,                                                    It just goes to show that if you
Doritos at literally any time                                                                                         All Right,” which focuses on a
                                        fit into that hypothetical parking     we have to do what’s best for          lesbian couple raising teenagers,      want your movie to have a better
we feel the need, provided we           garage, we could easily squeeze        Cortland’s future students, don’t                                             chance of winning an Oscar, add
don’t mind paying a “slight”                                                                                          the Best Picture category lacks
                                        two or three more students.            we? And what speaks more               diversity. Also, the nominees for      in as much drama and romance as
convenience mark-up of course.               A few extra stories should        towards a school’s respectability                                                                   you can, and
     As I attempted to pull into                                                                                      Best Director
                                        allow for a couple hundred more        than the sheer multitude of its        features only                                                make sure the
the consistently full “pay lot”         students no problem. And we            student body? Certainly not its                                                                     setting isn’t
however, already being five                                                                                           white men.
                                        don’t even have to stop there,         parking.                                    And the                                                 present day
minutes late, I couldn’t help but       imagine how many kids we could              So, as we wait to see the                                                                      (preferably
wonder if there wasn’t something                                                                                      Best Actress
                                        get into a building that covered the   formulation of Cortland’s next         and          the                                             during       or
more useful Cortland should be          parking lot behind the gym? Shit,      campus enhancement project                                                                          before World
spending its money on.                                                                                                Best     Actor
                                        we could probably fit somebody         (if not dorms, maybe a 24 hour         nominees                                                     War II).
     Now while I love to let my         into the 24-hour vending machine       bathroom facility? Sometimes the                                                                         I could
mind wander, it doesn’t always                                                                                        (aside from
                                        if we really wanted to—get them        trek back to the dorms at night        Javier Bardem                                                be     wrong.
know where to go at first.              on some kind of work-study             is just too long) I guess we’ll                                                                     “The Social
     For a brief moment, I toyed                                                                                      who is from
                                        program.                               just have to get used to walking.      Spain) are all                                               Network”
with the idea of building some               More students, that’s what        Bundle up, folks.                                                                                   or the other
sort of parking garage, perhaps                                                                                       white. This is
                                        Cortland needs. More time to                                                  disappointing                                                eight     films
where the pay lot is, seeing as         consider the fragility of life as                                                                                                          aside     from
                                                                                                                      for those who
                                                                                                                      saw hope for                                                 “The King’s
                                                                                                                      change in last                                               Speech”
                                                                                                                      year’s awards.                                               could      win.
                                                                                                                           It    isn’t                                             And maybe
                                                                                                                      just     about                                               next       year
                                                                                                                      ethnic and racial diversity; it        there will be non-white actors
                                                                                                                      seems that the Oscars will always      and actresses who are acclaimed
                                                                                                                      flow with the same narrative.          for their effort.
                                                                                                                      For example, I believe that “The            Either way, Sunday night I
                                                                                                                      Social Network” should win the         will be watching, rooting for my
                                                                                                                      Oscar for Best Picture.                man Mark Ruffalo to win Best
                                                                                                                           Many viewers dismissed            Supporting Actor, and hoping that
                                                                                                                      this film, simply calling it “The      Anne Hathaway wears something
                                                                                                                      Facebook Movie.” However,              sexy.
                                                                                                                      it was a brilliant effort in
                                                                                                                      screenwriting, directing, and
                                                                                                                      acting. More importantly, the film
                                                                                                                      was relative to this generation’s
                                                                                                                      attitudes and aspirations. It is
6 February 24, 2011                                           The Dragon Chronicle                                                                             OPINIONS

DUNKING                                                                                                            Living off campus

because it is clear the NBA is
more about making money and                                                                                        Cortland students can               cheaper to move off campus than
                                                                                                                                                       continuing to live on campus. For
commercialism than they are                                                                                        live off campus as well as          me, off campus life is very fun
about the actual contest anymore.
     This point was proven to be                                                                                   on campus                           and relaxing.
quite obvious when Blake Griffin                                                                                                                            There are no floor meetings
dunked over the “official car of                                                                                   By Tony Nguyen                      to go to and none of the closing
the NBA” and sealed the deal                                                                                       Staff Writer                        hassles when leaving for the
for the contest. If you ask me,                                                                                                                        holidays.
it seems like they had Griffin’s                                                                                        At Cortland, students have          My room is bigger and my
name etched on the trophy prior                                                                                    the option of moving off campus     closet is a walk-in. It’s also easier
to the contest.                                                                                                    after two years.                    to have guests visit, because you
     When it came down to                                                                                               I, myself decided to move      don’t have to sign them in. They
the two finalists, Griffin and                                                                                     off campus for my senior year to    can just come and go whenever
McGee, it was clear that someone                                                                                   have the experience of living on    you have them up visiting.
was going to have to pull off                                                                                      my own without the supervision           One negative is having to
something absurd to win. McGee                                                                                     of a resident assistant.            shovel the driveway to get out
did just that, executing a crazy                                                                                        Moving off campus with my      and go places, but it still beats the
windmill coming from under the                                                                                     three good friends is probably      icy parking lots of PER.
hoop.                                                                                                              the best choice I’ve made. The           Some people prefer off
     It wasn’t until Griffin rolled                                                                                location of the house we lease      campus life and others prefer
out the car and dunked over the                                                                                    is located near campus, which       to stay on; it is all about who
hood that fans became excited. If                                                                                  makes the commute to classes        you are and what you feel more
he cleared the entire car, it would                                                                                minimal. This is especially         comfortable with.
have been the best dunk of all                                                                                     helpful in the cold weather.             I made the right choice
time.                                                                                                                   Having the parking lot right   moving off campus, so if you
     But he didn’t. He got an alley-                                                                               behind the house and having my      think moving off campus is what
oop over the hood and threw it                                                                                     own parking spot is a big plus      you want to do, don’t be afraid to
down, winning him the contest.                                                                                     since I don’t need to walk 10       do it.
Any contestant could have easily                                                                                   minutes from the dorm to get my
pulled this dunk off. The blatantly                                                                                car.
obvious point the NBA made was                                                                                          Living off campus also gives
that they set up the most popular                                                                                  you the ability to cook your own
player to win, not leaving it open                                                                                 dinners at night.
for all the contestants.                                                                                                Depending on housing prices
     After all, it wasn’t even their                                                   photo provided by Google    and everything else that comes
dunk contest anymore; maybe                                                                                        with the house, it can be a lot
Sprite put them up to it. Maybe                Blake Griffen soars over a Kia to capture Slam Dunk Crown
the people at Kia played a role in
the outcome. Whatever the case,

                                       Stop Assisting Assault
it is clear that money played the
biggest role in determining the
winner of the 2011 dunk contest.

FACEBOOK                               Changes need to be made
                                       in light of three sexual at-
                                                                             throw and points they score.
                                                                                  This trend of tolerance
FROM PAGE 4                                                                  towards these crimes needs to
                                       tacks in Cortland                     change and it needs to start within
                                                                             our own community and campus.
accomplished anything except                                                 Many are quick to point a finger
make a few people famous.              By Dan Harding Jr.                    at Cortland City and University
YouTube is similar to blogging         Editor-in-Chief                       police, though they are usually
just with video. Again, the focus                                            the same people who are paranoid
is on the individual not the cause.          Within the last three weeks     about hearing a knock at their
     Social networking sites focus     two female Cortland students          door from them.
on connecting rather than self-        were the victim of rape and                It’s up to us. We need to be
promoting. It is a tremendous          another fell victim to sexual         adults and start looking out for
feeling knowing that if a big          assault. One of the rapes occurred    one another. If you see a situation
company screws you over,               on campus, while the other two        that doesn’t seem right to you,
you can make your experience           incidents occurred off campus.        chances are that it isn’t. If you
public and connect with other          In each circumstance, the victim      see someone getting out of line
consumers that may also have           knew their attacker.                  and are fearful that a dangerous
been wrongfully dealt with by               Based on the above statistics,   situation like sexual assault may
that company.                          Cortland is averaging one sexual      occur, don’t worry about being
     So, kudos to Egypt for            attack a week. At what point do       a “tattle-tale” and call the police
showing the rest of the world          we sound the alarm and realize        immediately.
what’s good when it comes to           that this is unacceptable?                 “Safety in numbers” may be
overthrowing a government.                  It seems as if our community     a common term that was drilled in
     It will be very interesting to    as well as our culture, has become    our minds in elementary school,
see what goes on in the nations        immune to hearing about rape          but now, more then ever, it is
surrounding Egypt in the next few      victims. Never has this theory        relevant. And, no, I’m not talking
months. Organization is essential.     been more evident than with           about remembering to bring your
So get organized and start a riot.     the idolization of professional       wingman when you go out. What
                                       athletes despite them being           I mean is when you head out for
   Want to place an                    accused of sexual assault.            the night plan to return home with
                                                                             everybody you left with.
                                            Pittsburg Steelers quarterback
   advertisement in
     The Dragon
                                       Ben Roethlisberger has recently
                                       faced two allegations of sexual
                                                                                  At this point, you may be
                                                                             saying, “relax, that’s overkill;      Spacious     2     Bedroom
                                       assault and NBA star Kobe             that’s not necessary; what’s the
                                       Bryant was accused of raping          big deal?”
      Chronicle?                       a hotel worker while he was a              That is the type of
                                       patron in 2003.
                                            Despite these atrocious
                                                                             complacent, nonchalant attitude
                                                                             that got us in this predicament to       Fall 2011-Spring 2012
                                       allegations, jerseys adorning
                                       their names are still flying off of
                                       shelves and onto young people
                                                                             begin with.
                                                                                  In the last three weeks, three
                                                                             girls were the victim of sexual
                                                                                                                   Only $2,000 per student per for                    everywhere. Sports Center has
                                       long forgotten about the charges
                                                                             assault. Let’s get our act together
                                                                             and work to keep Cortland a place
                                       brought upon these two men and        we are proud to call home.
  more information.
                                                      Includes heat,
                                       focuses on how many yards they

                   Quote of the Week:                 hotwater
                                                      and garbage
“Always be a first-rate version of yourself and not a Call 756-5951
       second-rate version of someone else.”          Steve or Leslie
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 “Bieber Fever” Continues to Infect The World
16-year-old recording                       Braun immediately tracked
                                       down Bieber’s mother and, just
artist Justin Bieber is                like that, Bieber was flown to
quickly taking over pop                Atlanta, Georgia to record demo
                                       tapes at the young age of 13.
By Kimberly Mazzaro                         Within that week, Bieber
Staff Writer                           sang for R&B singer/songwriter
                                       Usher and shortly after, Bieber
                                       was signed to Island Records in
     “Bieber fever” has hit fans       October 2008, with Braun as his
throughout the world harder than       manager.
ever and it looks as if it is here          Bieber’s hit singles which
to stay.                               include “One Time,” “One Less
      Only 16 years old, Justin        Lonely Girl,” “Love Me,” and
Bieber’s arrival to the entertain-     “Baby,” have peaked on the Bill-
ment world has caused a phe-           board Hot 100, and the Canadian
nomenon among not only young           Hot 100.
teens, but adults as well, and is           His debut album, “My World
causing one of the biggest stirs in    2.0,” charted at number five in the
the music industry thus far.           U.S., while reaching the top ten in
     Justin Drew Bieber was born       seven other countries as well.
on March 1, 1994. Growing up                It debuted number one on
with a passion for music, Bieber       the U.S. Billboard 200 and num-
taught himself how to play the         ber one in 18 other countries.
drums, trumpet, piano and guitar.      Bieber’s success has made him
     Bieber’s talent became ex-        the youngest solo male act to top
posed when he began to partici-        the charts since Stevie Wonder in
pate in singing competitions and       1963 and his success is only go-
his mother would post the videos       ing to expand.
of his performance on YouTube               Bieber has performed at var-                                                                                        photo provided by
for their friends and family to see.   ious events. He has performed
     Shortly after, Bieber’s moth-     for U.S. President Barak Obama          Justin Bieber and Usher doing a collaborative performance during this year’s Grammy Award show
er, continued to upload videos         and first lady Michelle Obama, at
of her son, only to later discover     Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’        wide phenomenon that swept the         holds the record for the top debut   He is mentioned in sitcoms, mov-
that the videos would be the main      Eve with Ryan Seacrest, Saturday       country and only contributed to        for a music-documentary.             ies, and songs and is leaving his
component towards his uprising         Night Live, the 2010 MTV Video         his growing fame.                           Justin Bieber’s success has     mark in pop history.
fame and popularity.                   Music Awards, the 52nd Grammy               Along with millions of al-        grown in an outstanding way.              Although he may be hated by
     The discovery of Bieber hap-      Awards in 2010, and most recent-       bums sold, Bieber’s recent film,       Starting out as a young boy from     many just as much as he is loved,
pened relatively fast: Scooter         ly he performed with Usher and         “Never Say Never” was released         Stanford, Ontario to a pop culture   he has entered the music industry
Braun, a former marketing execu-       Jaden Smith at the 2011 Grammy         February 11, 2011 and topped           phenomenon, Bieber has proved        with a bang and will be a part of it
tive of So So Def, accidentally        Awards, which were held at the         the box office with an estimated       to young teens around the world      for years to come.
came upon one of Bieber’s You-         Staples Center in Los Angeles.         $12.4 million on its opening day,      that anything is possible.                If you’re interested in catch-
Tube videos and found himself to            Bieber’s world tour titled,       being shown in 3,105 theaters.              In a matter of three years      ing the “Bieber Fever” go see
be rather impressed.                   “My World Tour,” was a world-               His film grossed $30.3 mil-       Bieber has managed to influence      “Never Say Never” in theatres
                                                                              lion for the weekend and now           music and pop culture altogether.    now.

Grammy Hosts Fashions Do’s and Dont’s                                                                                   No, It’s Jersday
2011 Grammy Award                      Givenchy.                                                                     Thursday’s have been of-             network's most viewed series
                                            While I found                                                                                                 telecast.
show was the home for                  Minaj’s       choice                                                          ficially been taken over                  The series follows the lives
fashion icons and clowns               of clothing abso-                                                             by MTV’s “Jersey Shore”              of eight housemates spending
                                       lutely ridiculous,                                                                                                 their summer at the Jersey Shore.
By Stephanie Disen                     it worked for her.                                                            By Sarah McCannon                    Season two followed the cast es-
Staff Writer                           If anyone else had                                                            Staff Writer                         caping the cold northeast winter
                                       stepped onto the                                                                                                   to Miami Beach. This season,
                                       red carpet in this                                                                                                 the cast headed back to the Jersey
           REVIEW                      number, it would                                                                   Thursday, better known to       Shore.
                                       have been his or her                                                          it’s viewers as “Jersday,” is the         Season three’s cast includes:
                                       ultimate downfall.                                                            best day of the week.                Paul “Pauly D” DelVecchio,
     Many viewers tuned in for              However, not                                                                  MTV’s reality hit show, “Jer-   Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Sammi
the 2011 Grammys last Sunday,          everyone was able                                                             sey Shore,” airs at 10 p.m. Urban    “Sweetheart” Giancola, Vinny
some for the award show and oth-       to look as good.                                                              Dictionary defines “Jersday” as:     Guadagnino, Ronnie Ortiz-Mar-
ers to take witness to the sheer in-   My advice to some                                                             Another name for the Thurs-          go, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, Mi-
sanity that is seen on the red car-    of the people that                                                            day nights that new episodes of      chael “The Situation” Sorrentino,
pet and during the show in regard      stepped on to the                                                             “Jersey Shore” air, which have       and it’s newest member, Deena
to celebrity fashion.                  carpet is that you                                                            become a phenomenon across           Nicole Cortese.
     Everyone at the Grammys           probably      should                                                          the country. It can be used in a          These housemates live the
had one thing in common: every-        have thought twice                                                            sentence as, “Nah, bro. I can’t go   “Guido/Guidette” lifestyle, which
one was dressed to impress.            about what you                                                                out tonight. It's Jersday.”          has caused controversy regarding
     Hundreds of paparazzi were        chose to wear.                                                                     “Jersey Shore” is an Ameri-     the portrayals of Italian-Ameri-
ready with their cameras to take            One outfit that
                                                                              photo provided by   can reality television series that   can stereotypes.
the pictures of the world’s favor-     was       memorable,                                                          premiered on December 9, 2009             Also, Jersey Shore locals are
ite celebrities that would later       (and not in a good Jennifer Lopez sparkles on the red carpet                  on MTV.                              annoyed because the cast mem-
be posted on the Internet and          way), was Rihanna’s                                                                The show has earned record      bers weren’t residents of the area,
scanned through various types of       dress by Jean Paul                                                            ratings for MTV, making it the       and they are sending the “wrong
media.                                 Gaultier. It looked like someone he would wear a multi colored
     Many celebrities and artists      decided that she was a tree that bird costume to perform “Forget
presented themselves in a truly        needed to be tee-peed on Hal- You” during the ceremony.
elegant manner, showing off this       loween. I agree with many others        Although Cee-lo’s perfor-
season’s latest trends: females        that she took a huge risk, but she mance was spectacular, he basi-
in one shoulder, lace, or sequen       really should have thought about cally looked like a multicolored
gowns and males in fitted suits.       keeping it simpler                  big bird, which caused many
     Many such as Jennifer Lo-              One person that many people people to wonder if he "laid the
pez, who sported a long sleeved,       were waiting to outshine every- egg that Lady Gaga came out of."
extremely short, silver dress by       one else was Lady Gaga. I was            My advice to anyone in the
Emilio Pucci, looked absolutely        disappointed in her choice of future who is going to attend
beautiful. Despite having twins        “walking” the red carpet in an the Grammys or any award cer-
not too long ago, J-Lo didn’t look     egg. I would have prefered to see emony: please consult a stylist,
like it.                               her in an outrageous outfit instead family, or friends because no one
     The Grammys also had many         of being incubated, [like a child,] wants to be featured in any form
risk-takers, who showed just how       in an egg.                          of media as “worst dressed” or                                                    photo provided by
far they can take it. One of these          Last, but not least, in the “biggest joke.” Also, shoot an
risk-takers was Nicki Minaj in a       most outrageous costume was invite my way; everyone likes a                    Season 3 cast of The Jersey Shore pose for the shows promo photo
head – to - toe leopard number by      Cee-lo Green’s, who decided that companion.
                                                                                                                                                                          See JERSDAY , page 8
8 February 24, 2011                                          The Dragon Chronicle                                                                              LIFESTYLES

 Have You Heard About Tubelord?                                                                                                                        JERSDAY
                                                                                                                                                       FROM PAGE 7
UK band Tubelord makes                 subjected to on a daily
                                       basis.                                                                                                           image” of the Jersey Shore.
their way to fame with                      The lyrics are ob-                                                                                                Along with controversy, the
unique sound and talent                scure yet easy to relate                                                                                         “Jersey Shore” cast has brought
                                       to and the instrumentals                                                                                         new phrases that have become
By Steve Hernandez                     create a sort of confusion,                                                                                      very popular in American Pop
Staff Writer                           which by the end of the                                                                                          Culture.
                                       album, the listener will                                                                                               Along with “Jersday,” some
           REVIEW                            The band also uses
                                                                                                                                                        of the most common are: “It’s
                                                                                                                                                        T-Shirt time!,” “Cabs are here!,”
                                       some instruments that                                                                                            “G.T.L” (gym, tan, laundry),
     It’s not everyday that a band     most musicians are prob-                                                                                         “Smush,” “Grenade” (an unat-
generates a following by playing       ably afraid to use for fear                                                                                      tractive girl), “Beat up the beat”
shows at small venues and base-        of criticism, such as the                                                                                        (fist pump), and many more.
ments, and with just one full-         xylophone.                                                                                                             The cast has especially in-
length album to their name.                 When looking at the                                                                                         fluenced American teens. On
     That’s exactly what Tubelord      track listing of “Our First                                                                                      Wednesday, February 16th, a teen
from Kingston upon Thames,             American Friends” for                                                                                            fan tweeted to Sammi Giancola:
England has done despite never         the first time, make sure                                                                                        “I woke up on Jersday, started
leaving their homeland.                you listen to the ones                                                                                           straightening my hair for school
     You’re probably thinking,         with the strangest titles,                                                                                       and thought, “I really want my
“Why on earth would I listen to        because those are the                                                                                            hair to be as straight as @mt-
a band named Tubelord?” I’ll           ones that are worth listen-                                                                                      vsammi!”
tell you why. You would want to        ing to the most, although                                                                                              Not everyone is striving to
listen to a band named Tubelord        every song on the album                                                                                          be like Sammi “Sweetheart,”
because with only four members,        is worth listening to.                                                 photo provided by
                                                                                                                                                       though. 15 year old (yes, 15 year
they do things that most bands              “Your Bed Is Kind Of                                                                                       olds even watch the show), Ashley
need at least five people to pull      Frightening,” “Night Of Tubelord does a live performance for fans at Banquet Records in the U.K.                Cooper from New Jersey, stated,
off.                                   The Pencils,” “He Awoke                                                                                         “They are paid to do nothing but
     Their debut album, “Our           On A Bench In Aber-                 helps to hear music that addresses with a band is a rarity today.           party and create drama. With par-
First American Friends,” which         gavenny,” and “Cows To The what you have felt emotionally.                  There are a lot of great and        tying comes drinking, mistakes,
was released on October 12, 2009       East, Cities To The West” are, in       The most important thing influential bands that have come               and confusion. I’m sorry, I know
by Hassle Records, takes who-          my opinion, the best songs on the about this band is its connection out of England, such as The Bea-            I’m 15 and this show is designed
ever is lucky enough to listen to      album.                              with their fans. The band runs its tles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin,          to ‘appeal’ to me, but I honestly
it through 10 songs of utter cre-           Their lyrical content express- own online merchandise store, Queen, The Smiths, and Radio-                 think MTV is glamorizing a life-
ativity.                               es emotions in relation to sex, and personally mails the items head.                                            style of drunken mistakes.”
     Fronted by Joseph Prend-          chasing after a girl you know you purchased.                                These bands got their start in            I’m sure many parents agree
ergrast, the band’s lead singer        can’t have, the loss of a parent to     I know this because David the United Kingdom and eventu-                with her.
and guitarist, the band employs        death or divorce, and reminiscing Catmur, the band’s drummer, ally found success and popularity                       MTV has announced that
strange time signatures and pro-       about time spent with your clos- mailed me my copy of “Our First in the United States as well; with             a fourth season, which will be
gressive song structures, which        est friends.                        American” Friends himself and their musical prowess, there is no            filmed in Italy, will air in late
saves the spoon-fed music listen-           Sure, some of those are bad even corresponded with me over reason that Tubelord cannot do                  2011.
er from the usual “verse, chorus,      things, but most people can relate e-mail when I had questions about the very same thing.                             Tune in on Jersday nights at
verse” song structure that they are    to things like that, and it always my order. That sort of connection                                            10 p.m. on MTV.

                                                                                                                    Keep it locked and keep it
Shipwreck Golf Lights Up Cortland                                                                                              loud!
Cortland nights are now                                                                                           Listen often and listen proud!
brighter with addition of
new mini golf course
By Hannah Connelly
Staff Writer

     Cortland students now have
another way to have fun on week-                                                                                     Student programming from noon until
ends. Shipwreck Golf Amuse-                                                                                                   midnight everyday!
ment Center, located on Route
13, recently opened their new                                                                                            We play what YOU want to hear.
Black Light Mini Golf course.
     Not only is it an exciting new
attraction for Cortland, it’s the
largest indoor golf course, as well
as the largest black light course in
the nation.                                                                   photo provided by Hannah Connelly
     The new black light course
opened December 26th, 2010 in           Shipwreck Golf’s animated black light course with animal theme               Live online streaming
addition to their outdoor Ship-
wreck Pirate course that opened
in June of 2005.                       popular with Cortland students,     together for the price of four.
                                       but also with Mark Sanchez,              Fundraising opportunities are
     The 450 ft. new black light
course is colorfully painted in        quarterback of the Jets, who        also offered for campus clubs,         SuMMEr CaMp CounSElor poSitionS
glow-in-the-dark paint and is          “golfs at lease twice a week dur-   sports teams, and fraternities/so-
a great place to have fun with         ing Training Camp,” according       rorities. Fundraising nights are                             Must have a love of children, lots of energy
friends on the weekend. Students       to Patty Jordan of the Shipwreck    Monday – Wednesday and groups                                and be able to teach one or more of the
are encouraged to wear white for       Amusement Center.                   keep half the admission.
                                           Shipwreck Center also offers         For fundraising opportunities                           following activities:
maximum glow effect.
     Shipwreck Golf Center offers      a range of discounts for Cortland   or any other information, call the                           All Team Sports, Tennis, Golf, Waterfront Activities,
three attractions including the        students.                           Shipwreck Center at 607-758-                                 Swimming, Art, Dance, Theatre, Gymnastics,
two 18 hole mini golf courses, as          Students can play half price    8585. The center is open Monday                              Newspaper, Rocketry & Radio and more.
well as a Bounce and Play Center       when their parents play with them   – Thursday 12pm – 10pm, Friday
                                       on Parent’s Weekend. During Fi-     11am-11pm, Saturday 10am –                                   Great salaries, room & board, travel.
for young kids.
     Shipwreck Golf is not only        nals Week, five students can golf   11pm, and Sunday 10am – 10pm.

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                            Let us know!
                                                                                                                  Enjoy a great summer that promises to be unforgettable!
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                                                                                                                    interviewers will be at SunY Cortland on March 3rd
                                                                                                                        in the Corey union, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
LIFESTYLES                                                    The Dragon Chronicle                                                                                  February 24, 2011         9

 True Life: I’m A Resident Assistant Best Buy Buys Back
Pet peeves and truths                 enforcing the policies of the Col-      from residents; just because I           Best Buy impliments new               about your purchases, Best Buy
                                      lege, and 2) I don’t pay for my         document situations that involve                                               has come up with a new buy back
from your Resident As-                room.                                   you—however frequently—does              buy back program to                   program where you can bring
sistant, Cara Shulman                      Two: It’s harder than it looks.    not mean that a) I am targeting          revamp your gadgets                   your cellular phone, laptop, tab-
                                      Being an RA doesn’t require             you or b) don’t like you. As an                                                let, and TV, sell it, and get up to
By Cara Shulman                       knowledge of rocket science,            RA, it is my job to document situ-       By Jessica Downer                     50% back for your product.
Copy Editor                           but it does require flexibility,        ations that break College policies.      Copy Editor                                This idea is great so you
                                      patience, good communication,                 Additionally, when I get up in                                           don’t have to start from scratch to
                                      leadership skills, and time man-        the morning, I don’t ask myself,              Picture this: you find out       buy a new product.
          COLUMN                      agement.                                “Whom should I document to-              about that new 3G Smartphone,              For cellular phones, you get
                                           Three: Just because it’s           day?” In fact, I think I can speak       which is all the rage, big in Japan   up to 50% off the retail value
     True Life: I’m a Resident As-    3:00p.m, doesn’t mean you               for most other resident assistants                                             which, depending on the type of
sistant (RA). Like many other                                                                                          and anyone who is anyone will
                                      should be “obnoxious.” We are           when I say that I can think of so        have it. You look down at your        phone can be a lot more than what
jobs and identities, the resident     students first, and therefore, it is    many other things I’d rather and                                               you pay for a phone with a plan.
assistant one is not without ste-                                                                                      cruddy old 2G cellular device and
                                      important to create and maintain        could be doing than writing an           decide to save up and eventually           But, if you think about it, the
reotypes and assumptions; some        an environment in the residence         incident report: exercising, sleep-                                            newer product might be a lot more
people assume that I am a goody                                                                                        be able to video chat with your
                                      halls that is suitable for learning     ing, taking a test, doing home-          cool friends who have one.            money than the original product.
two-shoes who likes to get peo-       and studying. My biggest pet            work, and watching paint dry, for                                                   So, if you sell your old prod-
ple in trouble. Wrong. Others                                                                                               The day comes when you
                                      peeve as an RA is when residents        example.                                 walk into the store, throw your       uct for the 50% you get, which
believe I’m only an RA for the        aren’t courteous to one another;              I once had to deal with and                                              must be done within six months
“free room.” Wrong again. Still                                                                                        money down and say, “I want
                                      we are all part of the same com-        document a situation for eight           THAT,” finally buying that hard-      of purchasing the product, then
others call me things I am not al-    munity, and although we are not         hours. Eight hours! If you think                                               you might have to spend even
lowed to write in the newspaper,                                                                                       earned device.
                                      required to like everyone, we           I want to document you or write               Not even a week later after      more money.
when I simply do my job. I guess      do have to treat everyone with          an incident report for eight hours                                                  Also, with the ever changing
the first thing you should know                                                                                        buying it, you see a commercial
                                      respect, and we have to live to-        again, we need to have a chat,           on TV announcing the new and          technology, how often would you
about me is that I don’t care; I      gether. My biggest wish is for          stat.                                                                          be able to get your money back
don’t care what people think of                                                                                        improved 4G device which has
                                      residents to respect others—who               Five: It’s a fun job. Yes, the     speak to text capabilities and        for obsolete products?
me. And I know that’s been said       may be studying or go to bed            RA job requires a lot of hard work                                                  Remember, you only get
a million times before me, but it’s                                                                                    other cool things that your “new”
                                      early—by being conscientious of         and is very demanding, but it is         phone doesn’t have.                   50% back for your products six
true; however, there are several      noise levels, particularly at night.    also very rewarding. I have met                                                months after you buy them and
things I think residents—and oth-                                                                                           Most people, at that point,
                                      I don’t think it’s too difficult to     my best friends—and boyfriend            will cry, throw their phone against   then the percentage goes down
er students—should know about         quiet down at night, and half the       (aw)—through residence life and                                                as time passes. You also have to
resident assistants.                                                                                                   the wall, or just accept their new
                                      time, shutting the door would suf-      housing, and I’ve had the ability to     piece of ancient technology.          add the program to your Best Buy
     One: We’re just like you.        fice. Really.                           express myself creatively through                                              purchase.
We take classes and tests, pull                                                                                             Imagine if there was a pro-
                                           In addition, regardless of         making door tags and bulletin            gram where you could return                Though it seems like a good
all-nighters, and drink too much      your views on the College poli-         boards and leading programs. Al-                                               idea to get some of the money
coffee; we have best friends and                                                                                       your product and get some of the
                                      cies, they still exist and it is nec-   though it seems, most days, that I       money you spent back, which you       back, you are losing money every
boyfriends (and girlfriends),         essary to follow them. Please,          live in a fishbowl—people know                                                 time you do this program. Is it re-
we’re athletes and singers, and                                                                                        could use to be on top of the new
                                      don’t get angry with me for docu-       me—I can honestly say that I love        technology.                           ally worth it to try to stay on top
we make mistakes. We’re stu-          menting an alcohol situation that       my job. I save money (while the                                                of the changing technology?
dents, not your mom or dad, and                                                                                             To give you peace of mind
                                      may involve you; I don’t make           free room isn’t the reason I took
we like to have fun.                  the policies (or laws), just enforce    the job, it’s a great benefit), and
     The only real differences be-    them.                                   I get paid to do what I love. For
tween you (a resident) and me (an          Four: We aren’t out to get         what more could I ask?
RA) are 1) I am responsible for       you. I hear this all the time

Odom and Kardashian are “Unbreakable”
Newlyweds Lamar Odom
and Khloe Kardashian
produce new fragrance
By Christina D’Agostino
Staff Writer

           REVIEW                                                                                                                                               photo provided by
                                                                                                                       Best buy buys back your old electronics so you can stay in the loop
     When asked about Lamar
Odom, one would say that when
they hear his name, the first thing
they think about would obviously
be the Lakers; however, what the
public doesn’t know- is that he
has an obsession with cologne
and body sprays.
     Odom and wife Khloe Kar-
dashian would spend hours upon
hours shopping for fragrances,
just to satisfy his urge to smell
     After hours of shopping, Kar-
dashian finally got skeptical, and
asked him “what his obsession
with fragrance was” a question
that sparked what they consider
their most prized project.
     Odom revealed that he con-
stantly searched for new scents,
because he hadn’t found the “per-
fect one” yet. It was this response
that inspired Kardashian to begin
formulating a fragrance that em-
bodied her husband and herself
dually and that, was the birth of                                             photo provided by Christina D’Agostino
the unisex fragrance, “Unbreak-
able.”                                Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian in an ad for their joint scent
     “Unbreakable” possesses the
unique bond and relationship of
Khloe and Lamar, by emoting                The commercial, which was          joint fragrance should erase a bit
scents such as Italian bergamot,      released at Super Bowl 45, con-         of doubt in the minds of skeptics,
sparkling clementine, Asian saf-      tains Kardashian stating, “There’s      and maybe force people to root
fron, green apple, African gera-      something sexy about a couple           for Odom off the court. This joint
nium, sheer jasmine, lily of the      who shares a scent,” followed by        scent solidifies the loving bond
valley, juicy red fruits, Texas       Odom’s response, “the perfect           between the couple.
cedarwood, tonka bean, vanilla        sense of masculine and femi-                 There’s just nothing that can
bean and dark chocolate.              nine.”                                  keep these two newlyweds insep-
     The fragrance ideally sym-            With the rush of their rela-       arable, not even body scent.
bolizes a mixture of all of their     tionship, many speculators were              Unbreakable is available at
most favorite scents, to produce a    skeptical of Odom and Kardashi- and any
distinctive, sexy overall product.    an’s love. The production of their      DASH store, beginning in March.
SPORTS                                                         The Dragon Chronicle                                                                         FEBRUARY 24, 2011          10

        Atheletes of the Week Stay Afloat
Both of Cortland’s swim
teams shatter records
and set new goals
By Ashley Wysocarski
Staff Writer

      Red Dragon swimmers were
the cause of much attention
during the SUNYAC Swimming
and Diving Championships. Both
the men and women’s teams
saw records shattered during the
      Ben Strickland holds the
title of male Athlete of the Week,
after he raised the bar on multiple
levels, setting the school record
for his performance in the 100-
yard backstroke, by clocking in at
51.99 seconds.
      Strickland’s        incredible
performance in this race not only
set records, but his time was also
quick enough to allow Strickland
to make the NCAA “B” cut
      Strickland saw success in
multiple races. He also was a part
of Cortland’s winning 800-meter
freestyle team relay, and was the
anchor for the 200-yard winning
freestyle relay.
      In his other races, Strickland
helped his relay teams finish                                                                                                                                 photo by
strong with two second-place           Ben Strikland set not only a school record but also a championship record while competing on day three of the SUNYAC Championships
endings: one in the 200-yard
medley, and one in the 400-yard        to date was just recently winning       butterfly in 58.23 seconds, and     3:34.36.                                   “My driving force behind
freestyle.                             the 100-yard butterfly in the           the 100-yard freestyle in 53.54          Cortland     finished    third    swimming has always been my
      Not to be outdone, the           SUNYAC championship,” Evans             seconds.                            overall, out of nine, an impressive    father, he was my first swim
women’s team also saw the team’s       said.                                       Evans also swam in the          ending to an impressive 10-3           coach as has always helped me
history rewritten. Jessica Evans is        Evans did not just win that         400-yardfreestyle relay team.       season.                                throughout my career. I wasn't
Cortland’s female Athlete of the       race, she broke the school record       Evans swam the opening leg of            Evans was a strong swimmer        even going to swim in college
Week, after she put together an        for it, and would go on to set          what was a strong race by all       for the Red Dragons, even though       but my dad was the one who
endlessly brilliant showing.           school records in two other races.      team members, leading to another    she almost never dove into             encouraged me to.” Evans said.
      “My greatest accomplishment          Evans swam the 100-yard             school record with a time of        Cortland’s pools:

Orange & Blue Shine Brighter than Crimson & Gold
Syracuse wins its first                Josh Amidon all had goals in the                                                                                   them seventeen to seven. Goalie
                                       first half.                                                                                                        John Galloway picked up right
season game against                          Denver’s comeback at the                                                                                     where he left off last season as he
Denver                                 end of the first half was short                                                                                    had eight saves and he cleared the
                                       lived because Syracuse came                                                                                        ball like he was the number one
By Justin Atkinson                     out hot at the beginning of the                                                                                    clearing goalie in the nation.
Staff Writer                           second half. Syracuse showed                                                                                            This was a great way for
                                       why they are Syracuse and why                                                                                      Syracuse to start off the season
     Syracuse kicked off its season    Denver is Denver. Syracuse came                                                                                    because it showed that there was
the same way it started its season     out and scored five goals in the                                                                                   no hangover from losing to Army
last year. Syracuse slaughtered the    third quarter as they put the game                                                                                 in the first round of the NCAA
University of Denver on Sunday.        away. Desko, Keogh, Amidon,                                                                                        tournament last season. The
Syracuse won 13-7. Right from          Miller, Marasco all had goals                                                                                      schedule only gets more difficult
the start it was clear that it was     in the third quarter. For most of                                                                                  for the Orange though. Syracuse
going to be a blowout. Syracuse        them it was their second goal of                                                                                   will be heavily tested the next
jumped out early to a six to one       the game. At the end of the third                                                                                  three games. Up next Syracuse
lead. Denver’s freshman goalie         it was twelve to five Syracuse.                                                                                    has a rematch against Army, then
Jamie Faus was obviously rattled       The fourth quarter was more of                                                                                     they will face number one ranked
and was clearly intimidated by         a defensive quarter because their                                                                                  Virginia, and then they will have
the Syracuse offense and the           only three total goals scored. In                                                                                  go to Baltimore in the Konica
Carrier Dome. Denver managed           the fourth Pete Coleman had the                                                                                    Minolta Face-Off Classic to face
to cut the deficit at halftime to      only Syracuse goal.                                                                                                Georgetown. This upcoming
seven to four. All of Syracuse’s             Syracuse didn’t just blowout                                                                                 stretch of games will reveal what
seven first half goals came from       Denver, they dominated the                                                                                         kind of team Syracuse is. Their
seven different players. Tim           whole       game       statistically.                                                                              next game will be home against
Desko, Stephen Keogh, JoJo             Syracuse outshot Denver fifty                                                                                      Army on Sunday February 27t at
Marasco, Kevin Drew, Jovan             to twenty eight. When it came                                                          photo provided by   4:00PM.
Miller, Jeremy Thompson and            to face offs Syracuse destroyed         Jovan Miller’s third quarter goal helped pave the way to victory.
11 FEBRUARY 24, 2010                                         The Dragon Chronicle                                                                                      SPORTS

the Red Dragons the lead with 14
seconds left in the first period off
an assist from Markell for his first
career goal.
     After the first period, it was
all Geneseo for the rest of the
game, scoring on four of their
ten shots in the second period.
At 3:10 into the second period,
Vit scored his second goal of the
night on a deflection in front of
the net. Olson scored the game
winning goal at 6:03 with a wrist
shot from the face-off circle.
Forgione added the insurance
at 12:26 while Geneseo was
shorthanded on a wrist shot that
went over Kuhlman’s shoulder,
and then Bulach finished the
scoring at 14:30 with a goal in
front of the net.
     On Saturday, Cortland ended
their season on a high note as they
defeated The Brockport Golden
Eagles, 5-3, at the Alumni Arena
in the season finale for both
teams. Also, history was made
as senior Jarrett Gold recorded a
goal and an assist to become the                                                                                                                                        photo by Todd Curtis
10th player in Cortland history        Geneseo’s Cory Gershon watches the puck as it sails past him and into the net. Despite their best efforts, the Red Dragons lose it 6-3
to record over 100 career points.
Gold finished his four-year career                                               Prior to the game, seniors       due to a leaking pipe that was        then finished the scoring for the
                                       made 40 saves.                       Gold, Jewell, and Porpora were        dripping hot water onto the           Golden Eagles on a penalty shot
with 101 points on 46 points and            On the Golden Eagles side,
55 assists, which makes him tied                                            honored for senior day.               ice. Once the game continued,         at 17:12 after a Brockport player
                                       senior Tom Galiani, junior Ian            Finnerty gave the Golden         Markell gave the Red Dragons          was tripped on a breakaway.
for seventh place on the all-time      Finnerty, and freshman Matt
scoring list.                                                               Eagles the lead at 6:43 of the        a 3-1 lead on a breakaway that        Brockport then pulled Rossignolo
                                       DeLuca scored the goals for          first period on a power play.         went through Wren’s pads at 3:10      for the final 2:21 for the extra
     Saville also registered a         Brockport, and four different
goal and an assist for Cortland,                                            Christiano then tied up the game      of the second period. DeLuca          skater but couldn’t capitalize on
                                       players registered one assist.       at 15:31 on a shot from the right     made it a 3-2 game with a wrist       the advantage.
while Ryan Markell and Joey            Junior goalie Oliver Wren
Christiano and freshman Zangara                                             circle for his team-high 10th goal    shot from the left side. Less than         Cortland    finished    their
                                       stopped 31 shots in 57 minutes,      of the season. Gold then reached      two minutes later, Zangara gave       season with a record of 6-17-2
each scored a goal. Junior Peter       one second before giving way to
Lompado and sophomore Chris                                                 the 100-point mark at 17:52 with      Cortland a two-goal lead with a       overall and 5-10-1 in conference
                                       senior goalie Jeremy Rossignolo,     a wraparound goal from behind         one timer in front.                   play, while Brockport finished
Kaleta had two assists, and            who did not make one save in 38
seniors Justin Porpora and Matt                                             the net.                                  Saville made Cortland’s lead      with 4-18-3 overall and 2-13-2 in
                                       seconds. Brockport then played            Before the second period, the    to 5-2 at 13:58 in the third period   conference play.
Davie contributed with an assist       the final 2:21 with an empty net.
apiece. Senior goalie Dan Jewell                                            game was delayed 59 minutes           with a power play, and Galiani

East Meets West in The Battle of Los Angeles                                                                      Slam Dunk Contest followed.           (Kia) with NBA and Sprite logos
The 2011 NBA All-                                                                                                 This year’s participants were         on it, it was all about promoting
Star Game keeps fans                                                                                              Serge Ibaka, DeMar DeRozan,           products and promoting Griffin”.
watching all weekend                                                                                              JaVale McGee, and All-Star Blake           The All-Star game was
                                                                                                                  Griffin. Each dunker recieves two     held on Sunday night. The pre-
By Matt Tyoe                                                                                                      dunks in the first round. It was      game featured a performance by
Staff Writer                                                                                                      evident that JaVale McGee was         Bruno Mars and Keri Hilson. The
                                                                                                                  coming into the event trying to       halftime show featured Rihanna,
                                                                                                                  do new things. In his first dunks     Drake and Kanye West.
     This season, the All-Star                                                                                    McGee dunked two balls into two            The game was a highly
festivities began on Friday,                                                                                      hoops, while throwing himself an      competitive battle that matched
February 18 and continued with                                                                                    alley-oop off of the backboard.       stars of the East vs. Stars of the
events leading up the actual all-                                                                                 This dunk scored him a perfect        West. Various times throughout
star game on Sunday, February                                                                                     50. He also dunked three balls        the game, LeBron James
20. The Staples Center in Los                                                                                     into the hoop at once; dunking        was shown trying to get his
Angeles hosted the event this                                                                                     two and receiving the third on an     teammates pumped up, showing
year.                                                                                                             alley-oop from teammate John          leadership and presenting himself
     The BBVA Celebrity All-Star                                                                                  Wall, scoring a 49. In a disputed     in a positive light. Despite his
game opened up the weekend                                                                                        victory, Blake Griffin moved          leadership, the West edged
on Friday Night. NBA legends                                                                                      on with a score of 95 edged out       out the East 148-143. He also
Magic Johnson and Bill Walton                                                                                     DeMar DeRozan’s 94.                   recorded the second triple double
coached the West and the East                                                                                          In the second round, each        in All-Star history, putting him in
respectively. The West was                                                                                        dunker got two dunks. However,        company with Michael Jordan.
starred former NBA players Rick                                                     photo provided by   this round was decided by fan         Despite defeat, James led the East
Fox, A.C Green, and Jalen Rose.        Pop star Justin Bieber dazzles the crowd with his skills on the court      voting. Griffin’s final dunk was      with 29 points, 12 rebounds and
Current WNBA player Swin                                                                                          an alley-oop out of a sun roof        10 assists. Amar’e Stoudemire
Cash also played along with                                                                                       and over the hood of a brand new      also added 29 points points and
celebrities like Justin Bieber,        saying, "He's got a nice little      were Stephen Curry, Russell           Kia. The fans voted him as the        six boards in the loss.
Rob Kardashian, Trey Songz,            game... but more importantly, he's   Westbrook, John Wall, Chris           Slam Dunk Champion. Cortland               The West was led by game
and rapper/USC basketball player       got great passion. It looked like    Paul, and Defending Champion          Grad Student Clint DeVinney felt      MVP Kobe Bryant’s 37 point
Romeo Miller. The East was             he loves the game.”                  Derrick Rose.                         that the contest was set up for a     14 rebound explosion. Kevin
headed by former NBA players                Following      the     BBVA          After the first round, Russell   win by Rookie Sensation Blake         Durant also added an impressive
Scottie Pippen, Mitch Richmond,        Celebrity was the T-Mobile           Westbrook and Stephen Curry led       Griffin. DeVinney said, “Blake’s      34 points in the victory. It was a
and Chris Mullin. Current WNBA         Rookie Challenge. The Rookies        with the fastest times and moved      final dunk was premeditated and       great weekend to be an NBA fan.
star Tamika Catchings also             were headed by DeMarcus              onto the next round. Stephen          required a car from a sponsor
played alongside celebrities such      Cousin, Blake Griffin, and John      Curry dominated the final round
as Common, Nick Cannon and             Wall. The sophomore’s top            recording the lowest time of the
U.S Secretary of Education Arne        players were James Harden,           competition at 28.2 seconds.
Duncan. The game was a fun             Stephen Curry, and DeJuan Blair.          The next event that took
watch for fans of basketball and       The rookie squad up-ended the        place was the historic Foot
pop culture.                           elder sophomore squad 148-           Locker Three-Point Contest. The
     The East’s top scorer in their    140. Rookie DeMarcus Cousins         contestants were James Jones,
54-49 win was Scottie Pippen           dominated the game, scoring 33       defending champion Paul Pierce,
with a game-high 17 points. The        points and 14 rebounds. John         Ray Allen Dorell Wright, Daniel
West’s top scorer was Romeo            Wall also added a game-high 22       Gibson, and Kevin Durant.
Miller with 14 points. The MVP         assists. Sophomore James Harden           The three players to move
voting was done by a fan vote.         scored 30 points for his team.       on are Miami Heat forward
This vote showed that America          DeJuan Blair added 15 boards.        James Jones and fellow Celtics
truly does have “Bieber Fever”              On Saturday players showed      Ray Allen and Paul Pierce.
voting him as the game’s MVP           their talents, starting with the     Each of these shooters shoots
with his eight points (3-11 FG),       Taco Bell Skills Challenge. In       again in second round; with the
two rebounds, and a game-high          this event, players must utilize     highest score taking home the
four assists. NBA legend Chris         their speed, agility, passing, and   title of champion. James Jones
Mullin talked about Bieber’s           shooting skills to complete an       was crowned champion with 20
performance after the game             obstacle course in the shortest      points.
                                       amount of time. The contestants           The highly anticipated Sprite
Red Dragons’ Hard Work Pays Off                                                                                                                                 Cortland
After rough week                                                                                                  point attempts. The Red Dragons
                                                                                                                  entered the contest hitting on 36.9
Cortland lands a spot in                                                                                          percent on the year.
championships                                                                                                          Geneseo led by 12 early in
                                                                                                                  the first half, but the Red Dragons
By Nathan Vaji                                                                                                    cut the lead to 34-26 at halftime.
Staff Writer                                                                                                      The Knights pushed their lead
                                                                                                                  to 13 early in the second half,         WRESTLING
     Heading into the final week                                                                                  but Cortland would not go down
of SUNYAC play, the Cortland                                                                                      without a fight.                         Cortland             13
women’s basketball team sat                                                                                            Cortland went on a 9-2              Ithaca               21
comfortably in second place                                                                                       run, capped by a Micki Volpini
behind Geneseo with a 17-4                                                                                        3-pointer from the corner to
record.                                                                                                           cut the lead to 54-50 with four
     Tuesday night, Oneonta                                                                                       minutes left.
                                                                                                                                                          WOMEN’S ICE HOCKEY
came into Cortland for a battle                                                                                        Geneseo put the game away          Cortland                   3
of the Red Dragons. The visiting                                                                                  down the stretch by nailing three       Buffalo St.                3
Red Dragons pulled out a 78-70                                                                                    out of four free throws in the final
victory, but it didn’t come easy.                                                                                 26 seconds.
     Cortland       jumped      out                                                                                    The Red Dragons wouldn’t
early with a 6-4 lead, but                                                                                        wait long to get back on the            MEN’S ICE HOCKEY
Kate Wilverding sank three                                                                                        court. They hosted Brockport the         Cortland                      5
consecutive three pointers for                                                                                    following afternoon on Senior
Oneonta to put them ahead 13-6.                                                                                   Day.
                                                                                                                                                           Brockport                     3
Oneonta pushed their lead to 14                                                                                        However, it was a junior
at one point late in the first half                                                                               that led the way as Molly Byrne
before Cortland cut the lead to 10                                                                                scored 22 points to lead the Red
(37-27) at halftime.                                                                                              Dragons to a 67-57 victory in the       GYMNASTICS places 3rd
     Oneonta opened the second                                                                                    final game of the regular season.
half with a quick run to push                                                                                          Brittany Cohen finished with       at Harriett Marranca
their lead back to 14 points, but                                                                                 12 points, hitting on three of          Invitational
Cortland used an 8-0 run of their                                                                                 seven three pointers.
own to cut the lead to 44-38.                                                                                          Cortland jumped out quickly        Next: vs. Ithaca
     Brittany Cohen scored all                                                                                    and led 34-25 at halftime. The
of her game-high 22 points after                                                                                  Red Dragons pushed their lead to
halftime, including 8-of-8 from                                                                                   16 in the second half with Rosie        BASEBALL(SpringTraining)
the foul line. Cohen’s seven                                                                                      McKee’s three point play. McKee
straight points started a Cortland                                                                                                                        Cortland              3
                                                                                                                  scored five points in 21 minutes
run that would eventually tie the                                                                                 off the bench. She also recorded        Salisbury             0
game with just under 12 minutes                                                                                   five rebounds, two assists, and          Next: at Staten Island
to play.                                                                                                          two steals.
     However, Cortland went                                                                                            Brockport made the game
cold from the field and didn’t                                                                                    interesting with a 13-2 run
score for the next five minutes                                                                                   midway through the second half
while Oneonta scored 10 straight                                                                                  to cut the lead to five, but Megan
points to push their lead to 67-

                                                                                           photo by Todd Curtis   Maycumber and Cohen both hit
56 with just under four minutes                                                                                   key free throws in the next minute
remaining.                            Caryn Crary breaks through Geneseo’s defense to score
                                      SUNYAC        leading   Geneseo           Jennifer      Patten     was      to push the Cortland lead back to
     Cortland clawed back to

                                                                                                                                                               of the
                                      Friday night with the hopes of       Cortland’s lone double-figure          nine.
cut the lead to six points, but                                                                                        After the game, Cortland
Oneonta made eight consecutive        getting back on the winning          scorer with 16 points. Micki
                                      track. However, the Knights kept     Volpini finished with nine points      recognized its two seniors
free throws down the stretch to

                                      Cortland off those tracks with a     and Caryn Crary scored a career-       Jennifer Patten and Jen Polan.
seal the victory. Oneonta missed                                                                                  Cortland will enter the SUNYAC
just one free throw on the evening    61-52 win.                           high eight points.
                                           Geneseo was led by Bri               Cortland was unusually cold       tournament as the #4 seed with
(19-20 overall).                                                                                                  an 18-6 overall record and a
     Cortland       then    hosted    Dunton and Melissa Graham with       from three-point land, hitting on

Cortland Ends Season on a High Note
                                      11 points apiece.                    just two of 24 (8.3 percent) three     SUNYAC record of 13-5.

Red Dragons lose Friday
night, but take the win
on Saturday
By Chris Ouellette
Staff Writer

     On Friday, the Red Dragons
lost their fourth game in a row as                                                                                                                                 Jessica Evans
the Geneseo Knights scored four                                                                                                                              Women’s Swimming & Diving
unanswered goals in the second                                                                                                                               Set two school records and
period in win, 6-3, in Alumni                                                                                                                              contributed to the Red Dragons
Arena. With the loss, Cortland                                                                                                                            record-setting victory at SUNYAC
fell to a record of 5-17-2 overall
and 4-10-1 in the conference,
while Geneseo improved to 16-6-
2 and 10-4-1.
     Juniors Jake Saville and
Joey Christiano and freshman
Joel Zangara scored the goals
for Cortland. Senior Jarrett
Gold, junior Ryan Markell, and
freshmen Stephen Nardi and
Matt McNamee each collected
an assist. Junior goalie Brittan
Kuhlman made 17 saves through                                                                                                      photo by Todd Curtis
the first two periods, while junior
Mike Reilly stopped all 14 shots      Goalie Brittan Kuhlman racked up 17 saves during the first two periods against the visiting Knights
in the third period.                  Redlick added a goal and two             Vit gave Geneseo the 1-0           Cortland the lead with 3:15 left
           On the Geneseo side,       assists. Senior Michael Forgione     lead at 1:56 of the first period       in the first period, but Redlick
freshman Zachary Vit contributed      and sophomore Ryan Bulach each       with a wrist shot during a power       tied it up again on a power play                   Ben Strikland
to the Knights’ win with two          scored a goal, and four others       play. Christiano tied the game         with one minute, 35 seconds left             Men’s Swimming & Diving
goals and two assists. Junior         collected an assist apiece. Junior   at 8:31 when he scored off a           in the period. Zangara then gave         Set school and championshiop
Clint Olson had a goal and three      goalie Cory Gershon registered       rebound after Nardi’s shot hit                                                 records and helped Red Dragons
assists, while junior Jonathon        20 saves.                            the crossbar. Saville then gave                      See HOCKEY, page 11            win two SUNYAC events

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