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					                                       Faculty of Business Studies
                              TMA Cover Sheet                                              FOR
                                          Jordan Branch
Academic Year          2009      -        2010              Semester        ѵ First        □ Second
                ……B120………………………… TMA No.                                    ѵ□ 1           □2
I. Student Information (to be completed by the student)
Student Name       Samer ali ababneh
Student No.        221100                               Section No.     01.
I hereby certify that the work presented in this TMA is my own and is not copied from any
source.                                           Date of
Signature       samer                             Submission             …28….. / …3…. / 2010

Questions         Q1            Q2           Q3            Q4          Q5             Q6       Total
  Marks         21/70     14/30                                                               35/100

Criteria For
                         Structure           Referencing        E-Library      Content                 Total
Question One

                                                                               (1 /5)
                                                                potential      SWOT
                                                                countries      Analysis
                                                                from           (10/20)         21/70
        Marks                 (2 /5)             ( 3/5)         Sources
                                                                (1/5)          Hofstede’s


Criteria For
                         Structure            Content                                                  Total
Question Two

                                           theory (8/15)
Marks                         ( /5)
                                           Job design

Marks deducted for Plagiarism for Overall Tma
Total Mark After Deduction for Plagiarism     100

Tutor's Comments
Most of your discussion was in general, and this is not
what is neede , you are required to apply the SWOT
analysis at the case , and to discuss the four dimensions of
Hofsted study, also to choose two countries and to
connect them, and in Q02 you should write a report to
advise the type of motivational theory to adapt and the
socio-technical approach should be explained .

Good luck

Tutor Name Adeeb Al-Omari
                                        …….. / ……. /
Signature Adeeb Al-Omari  Date Returned  20
Question One

Introduction ???

         The company has named the ancient and well
known and reputable company as a pioneer in the field of
telecommunications and enjoys the management of human
resources administration leadership, and work in a spirit of
cooperation and teamwork, and work within the
administrative structure unique and successful. √√

  They can also Operations Division supervisors and
specialists highly efficient technicians and engineers on high
levels. And since the company is among the first companies
in the Middle East and North Africa became a high-quality
products and have its name in the global market, the
company possesses significant financial capital and a great
capacity to invest and expand in all parts of the world except
Cuba that the investment in the State deer to collapse and fall
because of the political, economic, environmental and
climatic For example, recall the climatic factor is the
seriousness of that State, it is known that this state has a
subtropical climate, characterized by mild climate and heavy
rainfall during the this season, and are subject to storms and
thunderstorms, usually daily during the summer, and under
the western part of the island during the months of August
and September and October for some violent storms and rain
from time to time, and often destroys the storm buildings and
crops and lead to high waves, and floods in the coastal lands,
and low, and sweep the country, and currents warm during
the winter, making it a mild climate throughout the year and
solve the cold sometimes in the mountain areas and this
simple example of the lack of investment in that State and
there are several factors must therefore also work to improve
the performance of company in the states that are motivated
to invest larger and faster. Reference ??

And management of the company's top is highly experienced
in the management of telecommunications companies and is
always followed the latest developments in the labor market
and the world. √√√√

As for the cultural
 The fact that most of the staff of Arab culture, it is difficult for
them to adapt to foreign cultures and led by Cuban culture
that the State of Cuba speaks French, since most of the staff
of the company from a different culture they do not know the
Cuban culture or French (they were colonized by the French)
or not well to master the spoken language. And therefore the
company said that the staff use creative and proficient of all
languages which there will be a collapse of the capital of the
company. Reference ??

The company also lacked the staff of young people and new
ideas that comes with them, because young people usually
have a different view from that of the older group and
therefore Fsharkp lack of creativity and creative ideas.

The company's culture does not tend to learn a lot at work,
but learning by experience, which may be costly in many
cases, as was the case with the company in Iraq.

The company does not like taking risks in any decision,
especially after the incident to invest in Iraq, which would
have cost the company huge losses and damage.
Is the above discussion of SW ? if so illustrate ?
The company has the opportunity to recruit new staff with
new ideas and a high potential for development and on this
when the company employs staff of the same youth culture of
the state, which plans to invest such as recruitment of staff
Cobain It gives learning a new culture and take advantage of
their comparative and earn a learning culture to it.
 Based on the previous point, the employment of young
people love the company will earn two cups of Cuban society
as they help to solve the problem of unemployment in Cuba.
The company has the opportunity to motivate employees to
produce more, and through incentives and bonus and others.
The company has the opportunity to create an internal
environment conducive to teaching and learning.
Since the company has a large capital company has the
opportunity to invest and expand in various sectors such as
communications and media industry.
There are many countries as possible to be fertile ground for
the company to instill branches where, for example, Lebanon,
Bahrain, UAE, Iran, Ireland, Brazil, China and other countries.

 The company has the opportunity to gain customers through
posts such as social gardening and tree planting and care
activities and contributing towards the areas of health and

That the company plans to invest in Cuba have the
opportunity to sell at competitive prices for companies in
particular that the cost of communications is so high that the
service has been dependent on foreign tourists, Fsharkp can
earn service cheap and make the Cuban people and not just
tourists. √√√√

There are many competitors is this threat? Illustrate in the
market and have precedence in some sections such as
technology for some services such as Blackberry.
Economic crisis in the world have a significant impact on the
progress of the company.
New companies and competition for the company that
produces the salaries of the largest and offers the best of
staff and consequently, there is the fear of loss of staff with
expertise and high performance.
Cuban currency non-convertible and this reason are due to
the political problems of Cuba.

The Cuban people against the policy and anything that comes
by the government and the Cuban people, especially teenage
category have Zelda special in them and a way of life different
from other countries.

Cuban culture is probably one of the dimensions of cultures
on the distribution of Hofstd it is a society of any power after
that the people are not satisfied with the distribution of power
in society, and therefore The situation is tense and uncertain.
Since the company Egyptian Fbalastosmar in Cuba in the field
of political interference and that Cuba is at loggerheads with
the U.S. and they had to siege by America for not far from the
day and, therefore, that this quarrel turns to the company if
the company is headed in the future to invest in America.

Most of the Cuban people is one of the low-income and not
able to provide the cost of calls, or even get a
telecommunications service.√√√√

And must therefore work to exclude Cuba from the scheme
because of its negative impact on the company in all respects
and that the risk in that State will work to reverse the collapse
of the company's work on the expansion in other countries
such as Jordan and Kuwait, where that state is a favorable
climate and language appropriate to the company The
statistics indicate that consumption of those countries in the
telecommunications significantly.
Not clear the SWOT analysis and the dimensions of Hofsted study ??

Question two

Where is the introduction ??

 Maslow’s need hierarchy theory:

There are five categories of needs which apply to
people in general and which should be met if they are
to develop a meaningful relationship with their work. I
will divide these five categories of need into part to
clarify how each part works and how the Workplace
can meet theses needs depended on my experience.

Physiological needs:

I need to eat to still life, I also need to drink and
without both food and water I can't continue in the life
and I will die. In addition I need shelter from risks so I
need house to live inside it. The organization where I
work met that through give me attractive salary,
subsidized housing and free catering for me and for
my family. This should be as report ?

Safety need:

I need to keep my health and my life out of danger. I
need special protection against any risks I face or
threat. The organization which I work inside in met
that through private health insurance cover which is
called "global insurance" and this gives me a chance
to meet the doctor if I am sick or to do a check up for my
health, In addition if I faced any accidents and need
emergency operation the insurance cover all medication
expenses. Also my organization will not forget me when I
became an old woman and for that it's an afford attractive
pension provision. I don’t think you understand the question

When I am at job and working may be I faced risks like fire,
thieves and earthquakes. And surly I need safe working
conditions to feel safe and comfort. The safe working
condition which existed at our origination is:

Security monitoring.
Fire exit

Fire extinguisher

Evacuation area in case of earthquake

Public shelter

Find        out     what   motivates    each      employee.
A common mistake made by many managers is the automatic
assumption that all that is needed to motivate employees is
money. While this may true in many cases, it certainly isn't
true for all. Some employees might simply need more
personal recognition or to feel as if they are making a
valuable contribution. Others might be interested in having
their opinion heard, may want to have more input in the way
things are being done, or might be motivated by getting a
promotion. While others still might simply be motivated by the
promise of more time off to spend with their families.

If your goal is to motivate certain employees it is important to
know exactly what their priorities are and what they would be
willing          to         worker          harder          for.

Ask                for                their                 ideas.

Another common mistake made by many bosses and
managers is the belief that the way things are currently being
done is the only way. It can be very frustrating to an employee
if they know of a quicker or more efficient way of doing their
job, but simply aren't allowed to because of current
restrictions. Check in with your employees once in awhile and
ask for their input. It can be in a one-on-one meeting, a group
lunch or even by a general questionnaire asking for their
opinion on any improvements they believe can be made.

Most employees will feel more motivated simply by knowing
that their opinion counts and that they are having some kind
of input. While all their ideas might not be feasible, you might
be surprised at how many could actually save the company
time and money as well as naturally motivate the employee to
do whatever they can to make the new plan work.

Give    Recognition      When   and     Where     It   Is     Due

In many instances recognition is just as important as financial
rewards to an employee who probably spends more hours of
their life at their job than in their own home.

It can be something as simple as mentioning to the employee
how much you appreciated a job well done, an announcement
in the company newsletter praising an employee or
department, a special lunch out or celebration for the group
that accomplished a particular goal, or even a letter of
commendation in an employee's work file. Sometimes a little
praise and recognition is all an employee will need to want to
do an even better job in the future
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> nothing about the
case ?

The principles of the socio-technical approach:
              As the parts of the system are independent,
                the design of one part of the system should
                not dictate the design of other parts
              Changing one part of the open system has
                implications for other parts
              Redesign should involve employees

The socio-technical approach did not emerge as a formal
theoretical model, and it has had a considerable impact in
practices with the idea of semi-autonomous group working
has more to do with how groups are controlled

Normal group working tends to be controlled externally,
whereas semi-autonomous groups are self-regulating to
some degree

Just information



2. B120 (what is a business from Mick flyer and George
3. B120 (an introduction to human resource management in
business) from Diane Preston.