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					   Community networking news
                                  Community and EConomiC dEvElopmEnt assoCiation of Cook County, inC.
                                                                         spECial Holiday Edition 2008

  ‘Tis the Season...To Give                                                              In ThIs Issue

                        It was at the IACAA Empowerment Conference              Northwest resale shop.......p.2
                    in Chicago where I was reminded that positive
                    reinforcement enacts positive change; where working         DoNor thaNk You list........p.2
                    to be selfless, cooperative and sharing of one’s
                    essential suite of qualities are the ingredients to
                                                                                Cal park FooD paNtrY.........p.2
                    creating a world in which economic parity can be
                                                                                kiwaNis Club.........................p.2
                          By sharing the best parts of ourselves with others
                      we can create a system of reciprocity that transforms     baNk FiNaNCial.....................p.3
  the very meaning of self-sufficiency. In fact, no matter an individual’s
  economic status, we are all part of the same fabric in which we’re            israel oF GoD.........................p.3
  dependent upon one another, albeit indirectly, that helps to define our
  own lives. This, I believe, is a philosophy that CEDA and our network of
  Community Action Agencies across the country have adopted.                    ClieNt request letter..........p.3

      “Giving” is not just a word to describe a benchmark for which           suN times letters to saNta.p.3
  change can be measured. It is the reason behind many of CEDA’s
  programs and services; it is the compassion that accompanies the spirit
  of our staff; it is the sole purpose of holiday initiatives like Project
  Share and strategic partnerships with companies like Walt’s Foods and Ultra Foods that CEDA so proudly
  appreciates. Our annual food drives and adopt-a-family programs are just more examples of how CEDA has
  long practiced the concept of giving.

      The Christmas season is often thought of as the crest of giving, where pricey gifts are exchanged as part
  of holiday tradition. However, this year, as the slumping economy continues to humble even high-income
  households, there will undoubtedly be more families who are worried more about paying their mortgages
  than they are about purchasing an Xbox for their children. These are the realities of today for millions of

     I like to think of the holiday season, particularly Christmas, as a time for self-reflection. Let’s not worry
  about what is or isn’t coming to us; but rather, what we can do to make someone else’s Christmas special.
  What part of ourselves can we give that will make a difference in someone else’s life? That’s the true value and
  meaning of giving, when you give a piece of yourself.

     From everyone at CEDA, have a safe and spirited Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our MissiOn is tO wOrk in partnership with cOMMunities tO eMpOwer faMilies and individuals tO
                   achieve self-sufficiency and iMprOve their quality Of life.
          Thank You
    to all CEDA donors for helping us
                                        CEDA Northwest Resale Shop passes along spirit of giving
                                             During these trying economic times
                                        the CEDA Northwest Resale Shop still
                                                                                       resale shop using money from his own
    help others this holiday season.    finds the means to offer a helping hand             Jim Uszler of the Mt. Prospect
                                        to those who truly need it.                    Chamber of Commerce distributed
                                             With generous donations from              550 flyers for the resale shop to Mt.
    The Israel of God Church,           companies and community members,               Prospect residents.
    Chicago, IL                         the resale shop has been able to provide            Because of these and other acts of
                                        clothing, shoes and household items to         pure benevolence, the resale shop has
    Geno’s Place Inc., Calumet          single mothers, pregnant teens and the         been able to share its wealth with those
    Park, IL                            homeless, free of charge, in addition to       in need.
                                        its general sales.                                  Stewart-Ross donates cribs, clothes
    Valente Trucking Inc., Calumet           According to resale shop manager,         and car seats to teen and expectant
    Park, IL                            Marion Stewart-Ross, the resale shop           mothers who may not otherwise be
                                        has shared the country’s pain during           able to afford them.
    Wayne-Built & Son, Inc.
                                        this devastating economic period and                She also collaborates with CEDA’s
    Calumet Park, IL
                                        sales have been down.                          housing program to provide $300
    Hunger for Action                        There have been “a variety of             vouchers for tenants that they can use
                                        angels who have gone beyond”                   at the shop to purchase clothes, shoes
    Mayor Joseph Dupar and              to extend kindness in the form of              and housewares.
    Citizens, Calumet Park, IL          free advertisements, since the shop                 The resale shop also delivers
                                        had been unable to purchase them,              furniture to the elderly, saving them
    Dr. Irwin Chaiken & Associates      according to Stewart-Ross.                     up to $75.
    Calumet City, IL                         Dennis Cottini of the Rob Roy                  Stewart-Ross would like to thank
                                        Country Club Village donated an ad             all donors who have made the resale
    Queen Ester Chapter #782,           in the Village Voice newspaper to the          shop possible.
    Chicago, IL

    Ultra Foods, Inc., Calumet
    Park, IL                            Giving and Receiving Calumet Park Food Pantry

    Kiwanis Club of Blue Island                                                                           (far left) Christmas food
                                                                                                          baskets line the halls of
    CEDA of Chicago Heights                                                                               the CEDA Calumet Park
                                                                                                          food pantry.
                                                                                                          (left) Volunteers at the
    CEDA Central
                                                                                                          food pantry work diligent-
                                                                                                          ly to prepare baskets to be
    Toys for Tots                                                                                         donated to needy families
                                                                                                          for the holiday season. All
    Oak Park Newcomers Program                                                                            items were donated to the
    Arlington Park

    Elk Grove High School                         Local Kiwanis Club
    Buffalo Grove Montessori                      donates $500 to
    School                                        Cal Park Food Pantry
    Cornerstone Church                      The      Blue    Island   Kiwanis          The Need Is Yearlong
                                        International Club presented a $500.00
    Chicago Sun Times : Season for      check at its December Dinner Meeting
    Giving                              to Gail Allen Scott, Coordinator of the
                                                                                          Make a difference by giving
                                        CEDA Calumet Park satellite office.
                                            The donation is to assist needy                  to CEDA anytime.
    Chicago land Toys for Tots-
    Motorcycle group                    families in their membership area this
                                        holiday season.                                         Visit our web site at
    St. Michael Church                       Members of Kiwanis International          
                                        and its Service Leadership Programs
    Prevention Partnership              volunteer more than 21 million hours
                                        and invest more than $113 million in
    Bank Financial                      their communities around the world.                   Helping People. Changing Lives.
                                        Special Holiday edition 2008
A Helping Hand LIHEAP Client Request Letter
                                      :                                                   The Israel of God church
                                                                                          makes second donation
                                                         Yearlong CEDA receives
                                                    client requests in all forms.
                                                                                          to CEDA food pantry
                                                         It is our passion to help             During the year,
                                                    those in need in any way pos-         CEDA          receives
                                                    sible.                                many         generous
                                                         We were able to fulfill the      contributions from
                                                    specific need of the client and       organizations who
                                                    donate two Christmas baskets          believe that they can
                                                    to the family.                        help make a differ-
                                                         CEDA would like to hum-          ence.
                                                    bly thank all clients for reaching         The Israel of
                                                    out to us for a helping hand and      God church, led by (above) Pastor Hen-
                                                    we encourage others in need to        Pastor Henry Buie, ry Buie of the Israel
                                                    do the same.                          has shared their re- of God church .
                                                                                          sources with CEDA for a second time
                                                                                          by donating to the Calumet Park food
Bank Financial continues annual holiday donation                                          pantry.
                                                                                               “Our mission is people
                                                 Bank Financial located, 133 W.           change their lives by providing neces-
                                             127th St. in Calumet Park, is an annual      sities to those in need,” said Buie. “The
                                             donor to the CEDA food pantry in Cal-        Israel of God was blessed...and decided
                                             umet Park.                                   to assist CEDA through Gail Scott by
                                                 This year is no different as they are    donating [money] because [we share
                                             continuing in their tradition if giving.     the same mission].”
                                                 “CEDA greatly appreciates the fi-
                                             nancial support that we have received
                                             from Bank Financial in Calumet Park.          Get in the SPIRIT!
                                             Without the generous donations from
                                             the business community, we could not           Volunteer
                                             have purchased much needed food for
Pat Doherty-Wildner, Executive Vice-Presi-
                                             those families needing help, said Pat                       800-571
dent, CEDA meets with Denise Watson and
Tiffany Baker of Bank Financial in Calumet
                                             Doherty-Wildner, Executive Vice Pres-
Park.                                        ident, CEDA.”                                         Donate

Chicago Sun Times ‘Letters to Santa’ donates to Joseph Freelon Head Start
    Santa Clause paid a visit to children    up until the age of 17.
of the Joseph Freelon Family and                  Although requests for pricey items
Child Development Center in Chicago          such as an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 are
Heights to distribute gifts to 153 boys      sure not to make it into Santa’s gift bag,
and girls just in time for Christmas.        marginal gifts ranging from $25 to $30
    Kids         from        low-income      garnered plenty of smiles from the kids
backgrounds who wrote letters to             at the Freelon Center.
Santa’s Helpers received gifts and                “It’s an indescribable feeling to see
warm greetings from Saint Nicolas            the smiles on the children’s faces when
himself, as part of the Chicago Sun-         they weren’t even sure if they would         Children at Joseph Freelon Head Start pose
Times’ Letters to Santa program.             receive gifts this Christmas,” said          with Santa after he delivered gifts to the site
    The purpose of the Letters to Santa      Margaret Burton, Head Start Teacher          through the Chicago Sun Times’ “Letters to
program is to provide Christmas/             II. “This is what embracing the holiday      Santa” program.
Holiday gifts for children who are in        spirit is all about and we can’t thank       the Freelon Center met the program’s
need of assistance—from low-income           the Sun-Times enough for having such         expectations that submissions be
families where there is a real burden to     a caring and wonderful program that          creative and hand written.
purchase gifts.                              touches the lives of so many kids—at             Each letter was attached with a
    Children must be in fourth grade or      possibly the most important time of the      cover letter that gave a description
younger to be eligible for the program.      year for them.”                              of the children’s needs for holiday
Exceptions are made for kids living in            From letters with colorful drawings     assistance and what life is like for a
homeless shelters, who can participate       to personalized requests, the kids at        child at the Freelon Center.

                                             Special Holiday edition 2008
208 S. LaSalle St.,. Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60604-1001

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