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					strategicdesign                                                                                                                                                The Ultimate Drinking Experience.

Coca-Cola Design Language
Via the iTEAM, a cross-functional innovation initiative that uncovered new business opportunities, tightened the breadth of brand exploitation, and helped define consumer targets, Coca-Cola
forged relationships with Frog Design, Prime, Big, and Smart Design. UDE, or The Ultimate Drinking Experience was an output of the iTEAM. UDE, in its development, translated signature
attributes of the Coca-Cola contour bottle into a viable design language. It extended the tactile experience of drinking a Coke so resulting product would remind consumers of the brand and
enhance casual dining environments. UDE was launched in Europe and was distributed around the globe. While an associate at The Coca-Cola Company, the principal of FILTERFIVE led the
iTEAM, helping to strategically extend the Coca-Cola brand. As a catalyst for change, he conceived and incubated ideas that challenged outdated products and processes. These ideas grew into
strategic business initiatives, including design leadership, innovation, forecasting, sustainability, and niche-marketing. For more information on Smart Design, visit