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                       ARMY NURSE CORPS ASSOCIATION             Volume 31 Number 4          DECEMBER 2006

     F ROM T HE P RESIDENT                                                    FROM THE CHIEF,
            Janet R. Southby, Colonel, ANC, Retired                          ARMY NURSE CORPS
Happy Holidays to everyone! Many of you, as I do, must                                Gale S. Pollock, MG, AN
think this year has passed by all too quickly. Now is the           Greetings! It amazes me how quickly time is flying by-I
time to slow down, enjoy and reflect on the meaning of              hope you are taking some time to “recharge your batter-
the season.                                                         ies” with a balance of friends, family, play and purpose
                                                                    this holiday season.
From the ANCA perspective, this has been a good year.
We enjoyed fellowship at the Convention/Reunion in Las              I must start with a huge thank-you to ANCA for support-
Vegas and a productive Board of Directors meeting in San            ing the first ANC Welcome Reception for an Officer Basic
Antonio. In addition, there has been an ongoing myriad              Course. On 7 December we welcomed almost 140 new
of remarkable activities that support our strategic objec-          ANC officers prior to their graduation. As you know, if
tives, many reported in or initiated by articles in The             you have food, they will come-so the cakes and bever-
                                                                    ages were provided by ANCA with coordination by
Connection. It is particularly satisfying to welcome our
                                                                    COL(Ret) Mary Messerschmidt’s team. The AMEDD
new members and congratulate those who were promot-                 Museum provided commemorative coins so as the offi-
ed. Please keep submitting status changes so we can                 cers came through the receiving line, I either started or
share the good news.                                                contributed to their military coin collection. ANC officers
                                                                    of all grades came from the area to participate, mentor
On the other hand, it seems that too many of our mem-
                                                                    and congratulate these new officers. As I saw them, I
bers have experienced significant medical issues. I hope
                                                                    couldn’t help but wonder which of them would be the
that with appropriate interventions, most will again expe-          leaders of the ANC, the AMEDD, potentially a Joint
rience good health. I mention this to encourage you to              Medical Command in the future.
stay in touch with friends. All of us need words of encour-
agement, especially when ill.                                       I am excited about opportunities I see here in Washington
                                                                    DC. I reported in early October as the Deputy Surgeon
Many of our members continue to be in harm’s way while              General - the first time a nurse or a woman has held this
providing care to our wounded warriors. Please remem-               position! I have engaged with other Army leaders to sus-
ber them and all of America’s service members in your               tain the excellence of Army nursing and constantly bring
thoughts and prayers, especially during this holiday sea-           that excellence and dedication to their attention. I have
son when they may be far away from family and friends.              started working with civilian nursing leadership organiza-
                                                                    tions to include Army nurses in their committees and
By now, I trust that you have received your dues notice             strategic planning. Inside the AMEDD, I see many oppor-
and an accompanying questionnaire requesting input                  tunities to maximize involvement of all professionals in our
regarding the ANCA on-line database, the AN Mentoring               processes and decision-making. In addition, I have an
Program, the next Convention/Reunion, and interest in               excellent working relationship with the other Nurse Corps
serving in an elected or appointed ANCA position. We                Chiefs - working together we will make more progress than
look forward to receiving your responses and will report            if we tackle issues independently. I’ll keep you posted on
the results in the next newsletter.                                 these opportunities.
                                                                    On the recruiting/retention front, we are making great
Colonels Claudia Bartz and Robin Hightower are working
                                                                    strides due to many of you accepting my challenge to be
to formalize the links for ANCA members to volunteer
                                                                    nurse recruiters. The Every Nurse is a Recruiter initiative
and participate as mentors. In the meantime, the ANC                is well under way and the shortage in our ranks is the
Mentoring Program (handbook and video) has been pub-                smallest since 2003. Great work-now let’s eliminate that
lished at; howev-              gap in 2007!
er, an AKO account is required for access. (See box, p. 10
for AKO account registration instructions.)                         In preparation for deployments, we now offer more
                                                                    deployment-related training. We added blocks of instruc-
As previously noted, $30,000 in ANCA scholarships was               tion on ethics and real battle injuries to the Officer Basic
                                         (Continued on next page)                                          (Continued on next page)
                              T H E               C O N N E C T I O N
From The President, ANCA (continued)                            From The Chief, ANC (continued)
awarded this year. Lieutenant Colonel Larry Moss report-       Leadership Course and we expanded the Trauma Nurse
ed that the response to our advertising campaign has           Casualty Care Course. Army Nurses were incorporated
been overwhelming and that the Scholarship Committee           into the Joint EnRoute Care Course and the Flight Surgeon
will consider all applications for 2007 after the May 15       Program at Fort Rucker.
cutoff date. We appreciate the Committee’s outstanding         Contributing toward clinical excellence, we’ve increased
communications with nursing schools and individuals.           the annual tuition cap for Long Term Health Education &
                                                               Training from $10K to $12K. We are working on offering
Following the review of the ANCA Strategic Plan report-
                                                               a clinical master’s degree for some of our Lieutenants-that
ed in the last newsletter, an updated version has now          is a work in progress you will hear more about in 2007
been posted on the ANCA website. Go to the Members
section of to see the revised document.             I wonder if any of you with Masters or Doctoral educa-
                                                               tion would consider a retiree or volunteer recall? We are
Although I was unable to attend the annual CJ Reddy            working a concept to provide faculty for BSN programs
Award of Excellence Dinner held in October, it was well        that have clinical sites available but do not have the fac-
attended by ANCA members who were very proud of our            ulty to support expansion. It is another way that ANC
upcoming nursing leaders. Congratulations to Captains          officers can contribute to our Nation and continue to
Nancy Emma, Allison Christ and Tobin Hill, recipients of       serve. If you would be willing to consider such an
                                                               experience, please call the San Antonio office at
the 2006 Chief, ANC Award of Excellence.                       210-221-6659 and let them know.
Also, in October, MG Pollock became the U.S. Army              I hope you remain proud of your Corps’ contributions to
Deputy Surgeon General. (See        this demanding,, intense Global War on Terrorism. I am
We wish General Pollock all the best with her responsi-        delighted that during these rapidly changing times and
bilities in this new position.                                 constantly evolving challenges, the ANC remains the pin-
                                                               nacle of professional nursing in the world.
With Season’s Greetings and all best wishes for the New
Year.                                                          Have a wonderful Holiday season, but no matter how you
                                                               celebrate, please focus on safety and remember those
                                                               who are sacrificing for our Nation, no matter how or
                                                               where they are serving! Best wishes for an exceptional

                                        MEMBER NEWS

                   REGION 1                                    Atkinson, an ANC buddy who joined up at the same time
                                                               as COL Kelley back in 1957. The day was filled with
                           DIRECTOR:                           poems, many stories, photo-ops, and memories
                           LTC Norma Small                     shared...50 years’ worth. All those wonderful memories
                           1077 Crest Ave.                     prompted a desire for some recognition of those who
                           Johnstown, PA 15902-3845            served throughout the years. To realize this desire, a
                           814-539-2273                        plaque will be dedicated this spring to all those who lived
                           E-mail:       in the one-time nurses residence. The residence, which
AREA: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,                       housed hundreds of young women, is now under the
New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania,             administration of Harvard University. This dedication will
Rhode Island,Vermont and Europe                                be the highlight of Cambridge Hospital’s celebration of
                                                               Nurses Week 2007.
On a pleasant October afternoon, COL Joan Kelley-
Cohen hosted a 50th class reunion celebration for 18
members of her Cambridge City Hospital Nursing School
classmates. Among the celebrants was CPT Patricia Cook

2                                                                                                 Volume 31 Number 4
                              T H E               C O N N E C T I O N
                   REGION 2                                                         REGION 3
                           DIRECTOR:                                                         DIRECTOR:
                           COL Claudia C. Bartz                                              LTC Amy T. Johnston
                           626 E. Kilbourn Ave #902                                          1417 Holly Dr.,Apt. B1
                           Milwaukee,WI 53202-3237                                           N Myrtle Beach, SC 29582-3861
                           414-226-0310                                                      843-272-0899
                           E-mail:                                     E-mail:

AREA: Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois,               AREA: Alabama,Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,
Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota,                 Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina,
Missouri, Ohio,Virginia,West Virginia,Wisconsin, and          South Carolina,Tennessee, and Puerto Rico
                                                              LTC Amy Johnston stays busy with her volunteer activi-
COL Jerry Long has been elected President of the three        ties, including the Humane Society and the local Military
county chapter (WV) of the Christian Motorcyclists            Officers Association of America (MOAA) chapter, as its
Association for 2007.      LTC Sharon “Sam” Alden sends       new Secretary. Who said retirement was boring!!     COL
a hearty “Christmas Greetings to all.” LTC Brenna Aileo       Kathleen Simpson traveled to Madigan Army Medical
can attest to the effectiveness of the Army Nurse Corps       Center to visit LTC and Mrs. John Nerges and to see her
network. After being activated as a reservist for Red Cross   son, LT Glenn Simpson, graduate from the ICU Course.
National Headquarters to cover a Staff Health Associate       Kathleen also was guest speaker at the ceremony. She
vacancy, she tapped into the AN network to recruit for the    attended the wonderful retirement dinner in honor of
                                                              COL Betsy Milford at Fort Knox, KY and visited with
position. Brenna dropped a few emails to ANCs she knew
                                                              other guests including LTC Howard Burtnett and COL
asking them to spread the word to anyone who might be
                                                              Vicki Odegaard. Kathleen returned to her alma mater,
job hunting. LTC Cindy Goldberg got Brenna’s original
                                                              University of North Carolina at Greensboro in November
emailed information after it had been passed a time or        where she was the guest speaker at the 9th annual lun-
two, applied for the job, was the top candidate and           cheon honoring Women Veterans. The Women’s Veterans
accepted the job. Now that is successful “networking!”        Historical Project was established in 1998 at UNC-
Cindy and Brenna had been at Walter Reed at the same          Greensboro to document the female experience in the
time, occasionally seeing each other at their 0530 am         armed forces. The collection is part of the University
running time, but their working paths never crossed.          Archives. Kathleen says, “I got bored and went back to
Thank goodness for networking and others who spread           work as a Clinical Assistant Professor at East Carolina
the word. After orienting Cindy, Brenna is headed home
to Pennsylvania, satisfied that even though she has missed                                                (Continued on next page)
the fall leaves she is leaving the Red Cross Staff Health
activity with an outstanding new Associate.                     The Connection is published four times yearly by the Army
                                                                Nurse Corps Association, PO Box 39235, San Antonio, Texas
                                                                78218-1235.This newsletter is not an official publication of the
                                                                US Army or Department of Defense. Deadlines for submission of
                                                                material are:
                                                                     1 February for March         1 August for September
                                                                     1 May for June                1 November for December.
                                                                Editor                    COL Nickey McCasland
                                                                Assistant Editors         COL Andrea Caldwell Berndt
                                                                                          COL Catharine R. Carpenter
                                                                                          COL Alice Demarais
                                                                                          COL Mary M. Messerschmidt
                                                                                          COL Sharon Richie-Melvan
                                                                Audio Edition Reader      COL Luciana Jarma
 Dee Yeater, Health Services ARC; Nancy McKelvey, Chief
 Nurse ARC; Cindy Goldberg; and Brenna Aileo                    Send news, address changes, Parade Rest items, etc., to COL
                                                                Messerschmidt's attention at the mail address above, by Phone to
                                                                210-650-3534, Fax to 210-650-3494 or E-mail to

Volume 31 Number 4                                                                                                                 3
                               T H E              C O N N E C T I O N
Region 3 (continued)                                            October, LTC Ruth Kulvi celebrated her 75th birthday in
                                                                Louisville, KY with her family, including some of her
University.” Fort Bragg, NC is having the ANC birthday          grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She had a great
celebration on 2 February 2007 at the Pope Air Force            time.     COL Linda Freeman was accepted for inclusion
Base community center. It will be a luau pig buffet with        in Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. COL Sharon
the theme of “Pirates of North Carolina.” LTC Amy               Richie-Melvan has had a busy fall traveling and wrestling
Johnston attended in February 2006 and had a ball. All          with unexpected health issues. She and hubby Michael
ANCs in the area can call Womack Army Medical Center            visited Cancun, Mexico, and heartily second Good
Department of Nursing to sign up and get more informa-          Morning America’s vote that the ruins are a new Wonder
tion. COL Yoanda Ruiz-Isales, newly assigned Assistant          of the World. Combine that with their beaches, delicious
Chief Nurse at Womack, is seeking nurses in the area who        food and warm welcoming folks, and the Melvans were
would be willing to volunteer to provide comfort mea-           sold. They bought a timeshare and plan to return annual-
sures to beneficiaries who seek care in Womack’s very           ly. Sharon attended the Military Officer Association of
busy Emergency Department. The POC for Red Cross vol-           America (MOAA) “Personal Affairs Workshop” in
unteers at Womack is Mr. Paul Shaner at 910-907-7124.           Savannah in September and was awed by the number and
      COL Bill Koehler had successful prostate cancer           variety of services provided for active duty and retired
surgery in March. He urges all male ANCA members over           members at the local and national level. Sharon was hon-
50 to have an annual prostate specific antigen (PSA)            ored to be elected to the Board of Directors of the Armed
blood test to detect the possibility of prostate cancer. Bill   Forces Veterans Homes Foundation, and seeks questions
said anyone facing this situation and wanting someone to        or comments from ANCA members regarding their state
discuss it with can contact him at 864-968-9238 or              veteran homes. In the space of two weeks, Sharon was Bill is back at work as nursing facul-       diagnosed, treated and 100% recovered from colon can-
ty with the University of South Carolina Upstate.       MAJ     cer. She is now the self proclaimed poster child for getting
Bob Barnwell works for the South Carolina Department            colonoscopy screening on schedule and when unusual
of Health (DHEC) as their Perinatal Nurse Administrator,        symptoms appear. Sharon sends out a big thank-you to all
responsible for the statewide oversight of hospital perina-     who lifted her in prayer and on to victory during this
tal services, licensed midwives, midwife apprentices, and       health challenge.
state licensed birthing centers. Bob and his wife Hilda
spend as much time as they can traveling and visiting                              REGION 4
their children and grandchildren in Summerville SC and
Kernersville, NC, as well as watching Carolina Panthers
                                                                                           MAJ Catherine Oakley
football. Bob is planning to visit his family in Phoenix, AZ                               3206 McHenry Dr.
in February 2007. Bob and Hilda’s last trip was to New                                     San Antonio,TX 79239-3082
York City and Canada in September. They went to a                                          210-646-5552
Broadway show for the first time and enjoyed The                                           E-mail:
Phantom of the Opera immensely.           LTC Joyce Stanley
survived the first year of the new nursing program and the      AREA: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, New Mexico,
pre-licensure activities for the nursing program at UNC         North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota,Texas,
Pembroke. Joyce is the Fort Bragg / UNCP Liaison for the        and Mexico
program and counsels soldiers about the AMEDD/AECP
program and how to gain admission to nursing school.            COL Carol Reineck, PhD, was promoted to Associate
    As President of the Wilmington, NC chapter of MOAA,         Professor with tenure at the University of Texas Health
COL Jeri Graham was very involved with the support of           Science Center in San Antonio School of Nursing on 1
the NC legs of SOLDIER RIDE. These seriously wounded            September. She teaches and coordinates courses on line
warriors cycled on special bikes across the country to          and in the traditional classroom, in both the Nursing
raise awareness and support, and they were nonstop in           Administration major and in the core courses open to stu-
their laudatory comments about Army Nurses, talking             dents of any specialty. Carol says “Many of my students
about the absolutely wonderful nursing care they                are military nurses, and I find great joy helping them
received downrange, at Landstuhl, Walter Reed and               advance their careers through graduate education.”
Brooke. Jeri was of course bursting with pride! As                  LTC John Danner attended a reunion of shipmates he
always...Army Nursing making a difference.            On 8      served with aboard the USS Chourre (ARV-1) from 1952

4                                                                                                 Volume 31 Number 4
                              T H E              C O N N E C T I O N
to 1954 during the Korean War. He and wife Pat will cel-     during that conflict. The ship set out on 31 December
ebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on 27 April 2007,      1941 from Manila to Australia with more than 200
in Albany, NY. They spend winters in Green Valley, AZ.       wounded, on a 27-day, 5000-mile voyage. She then spent
    COL Diana Ruzicka and husband CW5 Alan Ruzicka           four years in Australia, setting up the Army’s medical ser-
have relocated to Ft Carson, CO, where they served 20        vice for the Pacific. LTC Difford resigned from active ser-
years ago. They moved back into the first home they pur-     vice in 1946, but remained in the Reserve another 14
chased as a 1LT and CW2 - it has weathered being a           years. She and her spouse of 60 years, LTC Wallace
rental very well. Alan retired 1 September. Diana is cur-    Difford, USAF, are the parents of three children, all of
rently serving as the Chief Nurse at Evans ACH.      LTC     whom served in the military.           LTC Donna Coburn
Joyce Martin made short trips visiting relatives in          (Niner) of Missoula, MT, writes of her participation in the
Oklahoma and South Dakota this summer, as well as a          “Keeping the Promise” conference - a Montana mental
week in Las Vegas for the ANCA convention/reunion.           health forum - in April. She shared her experiences as a
     COL Joanne (Josie) Spencer and husband spent 10         veteran with mental health professionals. She also attend-
days in Boston and actually attended a winning Red Sox       ed the Retiree Activity Days at Malmstrom Air Force Base,
game. She also spent a few days in Las Vegas with LTC        and sends monthly birthday greetings to the two Veterans’
Joyce Martin. COL Sandrah Johnson and husband spent          homes in Montana.         COL Grace G. Peterson, a WWII
the summer in Maine at their cottage at York Beach. She      nurse and retired Reservist, shared information about a
has made several short trips to Las Vegas, and spent a       Phoenix area group of WWII nurses which formed about
week in Cancun with her two sisters. COL Diane               two years ago. The group sends packages to soldiers in
Corcoran visited her in October for a couple days. COL       Iraq and Afghanistan. They served all over the world in
George Haag and his wife will be leaving Colorado for        both theatres. Grace served with the 8th Field Hospital,
the winter to reside in Florida, returning in May.   MAJ     landing over Utah Beach in Normandy at D+21. After
Pauline Chandler has retired from her position as usher      Patton broke through, her unit convoyed to LeBourget
for the Colorado Rockies baseball team. She is busy plan-    Airfield in Paris, setting up an 800 bed air evac holding
ning her first cruise to Hawaii.                             unit for 5+ months, shipping 75,000 patients to England.
                                                             They then moved to Germany, caring mostly for Russian
                  REGION 5                                   POWs.       COLs Cathy Johnson (North Pole, AK), Judy
                                                             Minderlar (Aurora, CO), Angela Klar (San Antonio, TX),
                            DIRECTOR:                        and LTC Kathy Dolter (Dubuque, IA), met at the Gaylord
                            COL Stan H. Jacques              Resort in Dallas-Grapevine, TX in June. Angela was a pre-
                            22286 Capote Dr.                 senter at the American Association of Nurse Practitioners
                            Salinas, CA 93908-1005           annual convention and Cathy was recognized as the NP
                            831-661-0135                     of the year for the state of Alaska. Cathy was also recog-
                            E-mail:    nized at the Alaska State NP Convention in Anchorage on
                                                             6 October. It was a great time of sharing fond memories
AREA: Alaska,Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho,             and creating new ones as they enjoyed a musical in
Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah,Washington,                    Dallas, the Ft Worth Stockyards, and of course shopping
Wyoming, and Australia                                       and eating (and margaritas)!          LTCs John and Ruth
                                                             Stepulis had a great trip to the Arctic Circle this past sum-
COLs Rita and Stan Jacques enjoyed their trip to the         mer: Norway, Faroe Islands, Shetland Islands, Iceland,
ANCA reunion. Stan is looking forward to serving in his      Dublin, Glasgow, and England. Twenty-four hours of day-
position as Region V representative and invites input on     light was a very interesting experience. They are enjoying
the direction the Region should take. He thanks COL          retirement, and look forward to being home for the holi-
Sharon Bystran for all her work as Region V director.        days this year. Last year, John had triple bypass and gall
     LTC Floramund Fellmeth Difford of Tumwater, WA,         bladder surgery, while Ruth had arthroscopies and a hip
has, at age 93, published her book, An Angel’s Illustrated   replacement. They assure us that life is not dull in Hawaii,
Journal (Her story was featured in the March 2005            having survived the earthquake with no personal dam-
Connection). The book recounts her WWII experiences as       age!
a nurse in the Philippines, and as the only Army nurse on
the Mactan, a marginally seaworthy coconut husk steam-
er that was the first hospital ship to carry the wounded

Volume 31 Number 4                                                                                                      5
                              T H E              C O N N E C T I O N

                          ALSO              OF        INTEREST . . .
Nurses in the News                        ing Texas A&M. At noon, a ceremony       MG Pollock’s command tenure was
                                          was held in honor of Gen. Dunlap,        evident in the remarks made by LTG
        In honor of BG Lillian
                                          Col. Kishpaugh and Faith Lytle. Col.     Kevin Kiley, MC, The Army Surgeon
         Dunlap, Colonel Barbara
                                          Jessie Brewer spoke at the ceremony.     General, who presided over the cer-
       Kishpaugh, and Faith Lytle,
                                          This year marks Habitat’s 30th year      emony. LTG Brown, Commanding
“Women Working Wonders” co-
                                          of building homes for low income         General, US Army Pacific, presented
sponsored Habitat for Humanity of
                                          families in San Antonio. The house       the Army Superior Unit Award to
San Antonio’s 30th Anniversary
                                          blessing was on Saturday, November       TAMC for their outstanding efforts in
House. These three remarkable
                                          11, followed by a BBQ lunch to cel-      support of deployments for the
women helped to found Women
                                          ebrate the Habitat Anniversary.          Global War on Terrorism. MG
Working Wonders, a nonprofit orga-
                                                                                   Pollock’s outstanding performance in
nization dedicated to teaching
                                                   MG Nancy R. Adams, a his-       command was recognized by TSG
women to build, through repair and
                                                    torical figure in her own      with the Distinguished Service
building projects that serve the com-
                                                  right, reported on a history-    Medal. LTG Kiley acknowledged MG
munity. On September 16, more than
                                            making event that took place in        Pollock’s accomplishments in com-
twenty women gathered to build a
                                          Hawaii. On 26 September 2006, she        mand and as the C, ANC. This was a
home for Rebecca Perez, a single
                                          attended the Change of Command at        hallmark day for Army Nursing and
mom with a 19 year old son attend-
                                                Tripler Army Medical Center        for our Chief. MG Adams says there
                                                (TAMC) as MG Gale Pollock,         is a cliché that says you can’t go
                                                AN relinquished command to         home after a prolonged absence and
                                                BG(P) Carla Hawley-Bowland,        find things the same as you left them.
                                                MC. This was an historic event     But as a former Commanding
                                                for the AMEDD as a female          General of TAMC, she says she had a
                                                ANC general officer was            wonderful homecoming to Hawaii
                                                handing over command to the        and TAMC, hosted by MG Pollock for
                                                first Medical Corps female         this very special occasion.
                                                general officer. The quality of

                                                               CPT Sandra Bastinelli, MS, RN fluently speaks a language

                                 Networking plays a pivotal
                                 role in the professional      foreign to many as the Director, Division of Medical
                                 environment. Army Nurses      Review at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

                                 are known to be rather        (CMS) in Baltimore, MD. Bastinelli and her division of 10
                                 adept at this skill,          people provide oversight of Medicare contractors
                                 requiring only an
                                                               throughout the country, with responsibility for medical

                                 opportunity to make
                                 connections and forge new     review of home health, hospice, durable medical equip-
                                 alliances. The ANCA           ment, prosthetics and orthotics as well as physicians and
                                 Network profiles ANCA         therapists providing services under Medicare Parts A and
members in the civilian nursing community who are willing      B. They audit contractor performance to ensure appropri-
to serve as contacts for networking. Suggestions for future    ateness of claims and program integrity. Her directive is
candidates to be featured may be sent to
                                                               to uphold the Medicare Trust Fund by overseeing con-
Please include contact information.
                                                               tractor payment of claims, insuring that claims are paid
                      – by COL Andrea Caldwell Berndt          correctly for covered services and denials were appropri-
                                                               ate. She makes sure systems are in place to check claims
                                                               processing with detection of aberrancies such as claims
                                                               not coded or billed correctly. She analyzes trends and
                                                               provides medical review support for fraud and abuse

6                                                                                               Volume 31 Number 4
                                T H E              C O N N E C T I O N
investigations. She ensures that national policy is consis-      She finds the
tently administered and geographic variation minimized           health room has
by writing guidance and educating contractors on the             become the first
policy. A former surveyor for the Joint Commission on            line of defense for
Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO),               many        budding
Bastinelli also has been involved in developing the              adolescents, giv-
accreditation process for durable medical equipment              ing her assessment
suppliers and organizations. CPT Bastinelli may be con-          and intervention
tacted at                         skills a regular
                                                                 work out as she
                                                                                          Carolyn and daughters Jamie and
                             COL Cindy Gurney, PhD,              deals with acute
                             MBA, RN blends research with        and chronic dis-
                             practice as a Research              eases, injuries, potential communicable disease out-
                             Specialist for the Foundation of    breaks, in addition to a myriad of social issues. She serves
                             the New York State Nurses           as a critical link in disease management, with early detec-
                             Association       (NYSNA)     in    tion and referral for treatment essential to nipping poten-
                             Guilderland, NY. A network          tially hazardous situations in the bud. She also helps par-
                             linking research experts around     ents navigate the health care system, playing an integral
                             the state with clinical practice    role in family health. An advocate for health promotion,
                             sites, the foundation breaks        she conducts hearing and vision screening as well as
                             down geographic and distance        health education on diverse topics ranging from body
                             barriers by connecting rural        piercing to blood borne pathogen training for staff.
                             facilities with larger metropoli-   Working on bringing diabetic education into the school,
tan resources and serves as a catalyst for research as well      Winbush partners with professional associations to lever-
as evidence based practice. Gurney works in conjunction          age community resources and maximize available ser-
with the New York Council for Nursing Research, pro-             vices. She delights at the opportunity to impact on health
moting statewide mechanisms for research collaboration           issues such as childhood obesity. According to Winbush,
and mentoring. She was instrumental in the development           the nursing shortage in the school system has a critical
of a strategic plan, resulting in the New York State Nursing     impact on family health as well as economics. The
Research Agenda (                  absence of a school nurse leads to increased calls for par-
research/council.htm). Personally committed to keeping           ents to retrieve an ailing child, not to mention increased
the agenda moving forward, Gurney jokes that she keeps           use of 911 if immediate medical intervention is required.
the irons in the fire and the council on track while stick-      LTC        Winbush         may      be      contacted     at
ing her nose in everywhere. She manages the day to day 
administrative responsibilities and meetings, focusing on
service to members and the council. When she isn’t mak-
ing presentations or convening committees for confer-
ences, she’s developing resources through contact with
outside agencies. She reviews research proposals, provid-
ing consultation and guidance on methodology, creating
surveys, and accessing the NYSNA membership. She
brims with enthusiasm for the 2-year nursing research fel-
lowship now available to NYSNA members. COL Gurney
may be contacted at

LTC Carolyn Winbush, RN describes herself as part nurse,
detective and counselor as a school nurse at Dr. Ernest
Everett Just Middle School in Prince Georges County, MD.

Volume 31 Number 4                                                                                                         7
                                T H E             C O N N E C T I O N
An “Angel of Bataan” Dies                  war. “It was a rude awakening to find      In late evening on 8 April 1942 the
                                           ourselves in the midst of war on 8         nursing staff was forced to evacuate
LTC (Ret,) Hattie R.Brantley, decorat-     December 8 1941, following the             to the Malinta Tunnel Hospital on
ed World War II Army Nurse and the         Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor.          Corregidor island in Manila Bay .
last remaining nurse prisoner of war       We promptly evacuated the Ft.              Author Beth Norman describes duty
on active duty with the Army Nurse         McKinley Hospital to set up a 300-         in the tunnel: “After two weeks
Corps, died September 20, 2006,            bed hospital in Manila. However,           underground the Bataan nurses no
after a lengthy illness. The valiant       because of the advancing Japanese          longer thought of the Malinta Tunnel
“Angles of Bataan” spokesperson            forces, sudden evacuation was              as a haven, just a different kind of
was ninety years old.                      ordered on Christmas Eve, 1941.” A         hell. The incessant bombing by the
Born and raised on a Jefferson, Texas      large contingent of nurses, including      Japanese was concussive; walls and
farm, on April 4, 1916, LTC Brantley       Brantley, was sent to the Bataan           ceilings trembled and shook, med-
was the third of seven siblings. “Our      peninsula, where they immediately          ication bottles toppled out of cabi-
parents instilled the values of hard       went about carving out a field hospi-      nets, patients staked in bunk beds
work and Christian living,” described      tal from the jungle.                       bounced across the floor. Each blast
LTC Brantley who at an early age was                                                  caused concrete to flake off into the
                                           “Nursing care was provided to
inspired to pursue nursing by the                                                     ventilation system leaving both the
                                           dozens of casualties per day in open
positive impact of the Frontier                                                       1000 patients and staff coughing.
                                           air nipa barracks. A surgical suite
Nursing Service in the Appalachian                                                    When the generators failed, “if you
                                           was established in a frame building.”
Mountains. She graduated from                                                         ever wanted to feel what the dark-
                                           As the enemy advanced the open-air
Baylor University School of Nursing,                                                  ness of the Egyptian pyramids must
                                           hospital was moved farther down the
Dallas, Texas, in 1937. In February                                                   have felt like, you should have been
                                           Bataan peninsula. Supplies had been
1939, LTC Brantley was commis-                                                        in Malinta Tunnel when the lights
                                           stored in a warehouse, many years
sioned a Second Lieutenant (relative                                                  went out,” Brantley explained.
                                           previously so it took Brantley and her
rank) in the ANC, and assigned to the
                                           staff several days to clean and ready      From 6 May 1942 to 4 February
Station Hospital, Medical Service,
                                           the equipment for service. By mid-         1945, Brantley was one of 99 mili-
Fort Sam Houston, Texas. LTC
                                           January 1942, with increasing casu-        tary female officer POWs imprisoned
Brantley retired on 1 February 1969,
                                           alties and disease victims, the staff      by the Imperial Japanese Forces. It is
after a career spanning nearly three
                                           was forced to place cots in the sur-       important to note that under the
decades. Most notably, she was
                                           rounding jungle with no shelter of         leadership of ANCs CPT Maude C.
among the 67 Army nurses incarcer-
                                           any kind for their patients. The hospi-    Davison and 1LT Josephine Nesbit,
ated as prisoners of war at the hands
                                           tal, clearly marked with a huge red        every female military officer survived
of the Japanese for nearly 3 years in
                                           cross, was severely bombed twice.          the brutal captivity. Many of the
the Saint Thomas [University]
                                           “Our patients were fantastic,              “Angels of Bataan” credit their sur-
Internment Camp, Manila.
                                           Brantley stated, they worried about        vival on having a mission to help
This experience began in June 1941         us, our safety. “I recall a soldier from   their fellow prisoners. “We did the
when 2LT Brantley was ordered to           the Midwest who lost all four limbs.       nursing care for the civilian internees
the Ft. Wm. McKinley Station               I stopped by as often as I could.          in the Santo Tomas Internment
Hospital outside of Manila in the          Once, after a quite talk, he said,         Camp. There were approximately
Philippine Department. “This was           “What’s a nice girl like you doing in      4,000 civilian internees in this loca-
pleasant duty with plenty of time for      a situation like this? You shouldn’t be    tion. Although there was a lack of
golf, horseback riding, and other          undergoing these hardships.” This          medicine and medical equipment,
sports. War clouds were gathering,         was toward the end, right about the        the mortality rate was low until the
but we went about our daily duties         time a 500-pound bomb was                  effects of starvation took its toll
with little thought of the world situa-    dropped on the hospital. I have no         beginning in late 1944, and contin-
tion,” -LTC Brantley’s description of      idea how many people were killed,          ued at an alarming rate until libera-
the idyllic days before the start of the   how many patients.”                        tion,” Brantley stated. “By the time

8                                                                                                  Volume 31 Number 4
                               T H E           C O N N E C T I O N
you filled your day with four hours of   home and yard, and was a hobbyist
duty (the subsistence diet left the      bee keeper.
nurses weak, hungry and only able
                                         As one among the only group of
to work three to four hours a day.)
and did a few things for yourself the    female POW’s America has ever
day was gone. Every day we said,         known, this nurse warrior will
“Help is on the way; it’ll be here       always be remembered for her
tomorrow. We lived on faith and          indomitable spirit, can-do attitude,
                                         and leadership acumen.                   CPT Emma, CPT Christ, CPT Hill
hope and trust and good prayers
from home.”                                                                       Office, Department of Combat Medic
                                         2006 ANC                                Training; CPT Tobin E. Hill, Advanced
After liberation by the US 1st Cavalry   Excellence Awards                       Practice Nurse Practitioner, C
Division in the winter of 1945, LTC
                                                                                 Company, 145th Support Bn., 116h
Brantley’s next assignment was at        The Army Nurse Corps Award of
                                                                                 BCT, Army National Guard. The sig-
Fitzsimons. She and 30 other former      Excellence Ceremony was held on
                                                                                 nificant accomplishments of these
POWs received the prisoner of war        13 October at historic Gadsby’s         three officers are truly outstanding
medal, authorized to those soldiers      Tavern in Alexandria, Virginia. The     and signal that our Corps is in very
who served honorably while prison-       annual event, held in conjunction       capable hands.
ers of war during an armed conflict.     with the CJ Reddy Leadership
She separated from active duty in        Conference, was a packed affair.        Changes Coming
March, 1946, and traveled extensive-     ANCA was very well represented by       to!
ly. In July 1954, she reentered active   both active duty and retired mem-
duty with the ANC, serving in            bers; so well, in fact, that they are   Within the next several weeks each
Germany, Italy, Arizona, and Texas.      too numerous to individually name.      ANCA member will receive a letter
                                         The one hundred twenty attendees        announcing improvements in the
From 1970 until her death, LTC
                                         included past Corps chiefs BG Anna      ANCA website, High-
Brantley resided in her hometown of
                                         Mae Hays, BG Connie Slewitzke,          lights of these new features for ANCA
Jefferson, Texas. She was active in
                                         and BG Bill Bester; past ANCA pres-     members:
her church and local community and
                                         idents COL Rosemary McCarthy,
was a fervent supporter of the nurs-                                             • Individual access Each member
                                         COL Darlene McLeod, and COL
ing profession. Together with her col-                                           will receive a username and startup
lege roommate, Cecile Bledso, she        Audre McLoughlin; Region II
                                                                                 password for her/his exclusive use in
co-established the Bledso-Brantley       Director COL Claudia Bartz, and
endowed Nursing Scholarship Fund,        Secretary COL Robin Hightower.
                                                                                 • Password customization After
                                         Hosted by MG Gale Pollock (herself
                                                                                 using the provided startup password,
                                         an ANCA member), the purpose of
                                                                                 you can then change your password
                                         the gathering was to honor the three
                                                                                 to one that (1) is easy for you to
                                         recipients of the Award of
                                                                                 remember, and (2) only you know.
                                         Excellence. BG Bill Bester was the
                                         guest speaker. He focused on the        • Membership record access You
                                         accomplishments of today’s Corps        will have direct access to your own
                                         and the challenges of the future. The   ANCA membership record and will
                                         three recipients of the award were:     be able to update or correct almost
 Hattie Brantley speakingat a public     CPT Allison R. Christ (USAR-mobi-       any part of it: rank, address, name,
 event in 1991.                          lized),      Clinical      Education    next of kin, service dates, wartime
Baylor University. She was also an       Coordinator, Military Vaccine Agency,   service, etc., etc. (Of course, these
ardent bridge player and enjoyed her     OTSG; CPT Nancy A. Emma, Chief,         same changes will still be able to be
                                         U.S. Army EMS Program Management        made through the ANCA office for
                                                                                                  (Continued on next page)
Volume 31 Number 4                                                                                                      9
                               T H E             C O N N E C T I O N
those lacking internet access or          keynote speaker will be Dr. Bob           deployed. log on to the AAFES web-
desire.)                                  Hewitt, former Vascular surgeon with      site at and Click the
                                          the 18th Surg and recently retired        “Help Our Troops Call Home” link.
• New privacy options You will be         Chief of Surgery at Tulane University.    From there, a prepaid calling card
able to designate whether your tele-      Bob will speak on the medical crisis      may be purchased for an individual
phone number and/or email address         faced by hospitals in New Orleans         at his or her deployed address or to
appears on the published ANCA roster.     during Katrina. Please contact Pat        “any service member” deployed or
• New Connection option You will          Johnson Teranishi at 707-631-6122,        hospitalized, which will be distrib-
                                          or for further      uted as above.
be able to specify whether you wish
to continue to receive The                                                          • Any Soldier at
Connection by mail, if you prefer to                                                - Want to send a care package to Any
view it on-line.                          Supporting Our Troops                     Soldier in Iraq or Afghanistan, but
                                          MAJ David A. Johnson, Jr., MS, of         have no idea of what to send, who to
The letter will include detailed
                                          OTSG sends this information about         send it to, or how to send it? Try out
instructions on the new access
                                          sending “care packages” to de-            this web site.
method, record maintenance, pass-
word changes, and options selection.      ployed personnel: According to DoD
                                          policy the general public is urged not
The switch to individual usernames        to send unsolicited mail, care pack-
                                                                                             Accessing AKO
and passwords will increase secur-                                                   • To register, go to:
                                          ages or donations to service mem-
ity on the website, as well as allow-     bers forward deployed unless a fam-
ing individualization of services.        ily member, loved one or personal          • Go to on "New User?" on
Other technical changes are also          friend, due to force protection con-         right side of page, half way
being made for improved security on       cerns.     Defend     America       at       down.                               • Click on "Register for AKO".
                                          ops.htm lists some web sites that are      • Click on "Create Full
ANC Birthday 2007                         sponsoring programs for members of           Account".
                                          the Armed Forces overseas. Other           • Follow directions to register
The annual Army Nurse Corps               avenues for support:                         and receive password. One
Birthday Luncheon will be held on 1                                                    requirement is your basic pay
February 2007 at the Sam Houston          • The AAFES “Gifts from the                  date which may be found on
Club at Ft Sam Houston. Start time        Homefront” program By logging                your Military Leave and
will be 1100 hrs. The cost will once      on to or calling               Earnings Statement (DFAS
                                          1-877-770-4438, a gift certificate           Form 702).
again be $12.00 a person. ANCA
                                          can be purchased that can be               • Once password is received,
members, friends of the ANC and
                                          redeemed for burgers, pizzas, chick-         log onto AKO.
guests are invited to attend. A post-
                                          en or tacos at any of the popular fast     • Type "Army Nurse Corps" into
card will be sent to all local ANCA
                                          food outlets scattered throughout            the SEARCH box in the top
members in late December with spe-
                                          Operations Iraqi and Enduring                right corner of the AKO
cific details. You may contact Caroline
                                          Freedom.       “Gifts    from     the        Homepage.
Rakiewicz or Mary Messerschmidt via
                                          Homefront” gift certificates can be        • The search results will display
the ANCA office with any questions                                                     the "Army Nurse Corps" Army
                                          sent to a specific serviceperson, or
(see masthead, p 3). We look forward                                                   Nurse Community link.
                                          distributed to “any service member”
to seeing you there!                      through the American Red Cross, Air        • Click on the link to for go to
                                          Force Aid Society, Fisher House or           the Army Nurse Corps' AKO
Reunion                                   USO.                                         Community page.
                                                                                     • Once the page is loaded, save
The 18th Surgical Hospital, Pleiku,       • “Help Our Troops Call Home”                the page as a favorite by click-
VN 1966-1967 will be holding their        program Similarly, Exchanges will            ing on the "Add To My Favs"
4th reunion in San Francisco 13-17        sell prepaid calling cards to any indi-      button located under the
September 2007. Everyone is wel-          vidual or organization that wishes to        SEACH button.
come and encouraged to attend. The        purchase cards for troops who are

10                                                                                              Volume 31 Number 4
                               T H E             C O N N E C T I O N
                                          ty and quality. The Fellowship will       Bosnia and Croatia. She is the
                                          fund a student for full time study in     daughter of a WWII combat veteran
                                          the PhD Program in Nursing. While         who served in D-Day and the Battle
The Office of the Chief, ANC, pub-        earning the PhD, the Fellow will be       of the Bulge.
lishes a monthly newsletter focusing      mentored by faculty to conduct
on the active duty ANC. Both active                                                 She is writing a book (and making a
                                          research focused on integrating
and retired of all AN components                                                    documentary) based on interviews
                                          computing/information capabilities
can have an AKO (Army Knowledge                                                     with veterans about their personal
Online) account (see box previous         and expertise into clinical practice,
                                                                                    stories of what war is really like to
page) and access these newsletters at     with an emphasis on patient safety
                                                                                    live through, and what the emotional         and clinical quality. For more
                                                                                    and spiritual aftermath has been, in
mil/. Copies of recent editions are       information, visit http://www.nurs-
also available in the members sec-                                                  readjusting to “ordinary” life. She is
tion of                                                                 especially interested in women’s
                                          contact the Nursing PhD Program
                                                                                    experiences/perspectives about war.
Among the items featured in recent        Coordinator at or
                                                                                    Her project is not political in nature,
ANC Newsletters:                
                                                                                    but focused on the larger issues of
     ——— September ———                                                              war in general. Please contact her
* AN roles at the Military Vaccine
                                          Vietnam Nurses with                       if you are interested, at 161 West
Agency                                    Dana Delany DVD                           25th Avenue #101, San Mateo, CA
* The story of the first ANC to die in    Creative       Street                     94403, 650-357-1190 or at
WWII theaters of operations                                               
                                          Productions      and
* ROTC Cadets’ perspectives on
summer training at WRAMC                  Sigma Theta Tau
                                                                                    Mary Sarnecky is looking for LTC
* ANC 66Fs excel at AANA Meeting          collaborated to pro-
                                                                                    Robbie Cooper in connection with
                                          duce        Vietnam
      ——— October ———                                                               an article Mary has written on impro-
                                          Nurses with Dana
* Highlights in JCAHO history                                                       visation and field expedients by
                                          Delany, a Women’s
* BG Robin Umberg, USAR, speaks                                                     ANCs in Vietnam, to which Robbie
at MOPH memorial                          Entertainment
                                                                                    contributed. If anyone has informa-
* Evolution of male ANCs                  Channel special about nursing in
                                                                                    tion about Robbie, please contact
* Health care during the relocation       Vietnam. It is a moving program in
                                                                                    Mary at
of Abu Ghraib detainees                   which many of the women expressed
                                          feelings they’ve never revealed in pub-   COL Sharon Richie-Melvan is look-
     ——— November ———
* 16th annual COL CJ Reddy                lic before. Now available through the     ing for (1) retired ANCs interested in
Conference                                Vietnam       Women’s        Memorial     part-time consulting work overseas
* 2006 ANC Award of Excellence            Foundation, the DVD is $21.95 plus        doing proficiency testing/training of
honorees                                  shipping. All proceeds benefit the        working nurses for basic and
* An ROTC Cadet’s Mission in              VWMF. It can be ordered from:             advanced nursing skills. The project
Zimbabwe                                  VWMF, 1735 Connecticut Ave NW,            is in the exploratory phase but can
* The Deployed Combat Casualty            3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20009.          kick off quickly (within the next few
Research Team                                                                       months); and (2) retired ANCs origi-
                                          Can You Help?                             nally from disadvantaged back-
Information Technology                                                              grounds who are interested in part-
                                          Kathy Carlson, MA, PhD, MFTI, is a        time consulting/teaching work in the
Fellowship at Duke                        psychotherapist with about 30 years       US, working with teenagers, young
Duke University School of Nursing         experience treating PTSD and trau-        adults and corporate members. If
and Duke Health Technology                ma survivors (mostly women and            interested, email Sharon as soon as
Solutions have announced a compet-        children, plus a few Vietnam veter-       possible at
itive   Information       Technology      ans.) She has also worked with
Fellowship in the area of patient safe-   women and children war survivors in       Laura Wilbanks is a science teacher

Volume 31 Number 4                                                                                                      11
                              T H E             C O N N E C T I O N
in the small rural town of Whiteface,    biographies to be posted on the             were and how valuable they still are
TX, 45 miles west of Lubbock. She        internet of) veterans of WWII. They         as human beings and as resources for
has a team of four 6th grade students    feel this is a very timely project, as      knowledge of the advances in sci-
who are doing a community service        our WWII vets are dying in such high        ence which changed our world.
project this year using science, math    numbers. They have conducted some
                                                                                     They would love to be in touch per-
and technology to solve a problem.       research and have learned that these
                                                                                     sonally, by letters or by email, with
Their focus is on attitudes that chil-   people contributed so much in the
                                                                                     any veteran of WWII and their fami-
dren have towards the elderly - par-     way of science advances and tech-
                                                                                     lies. If you are interested, you can con-
ticularly the disrespect and disregard   nology. they believe that if they can
                                                                                     tact Laura at Whiteface Elementary
of some of our young people towards      get this information out to their class-
                                                                                     School, Whiteface, TX 79379 or at
the very old in our population. They     mates, they will be able to teach
would like to interview (and make        them how valuable our WWII vets

                        Faith, family and purpose were         LTC Kondrat is proud of his service because he knows
                        the watchwords of an OR nurse          that he and his unit including the surgeons, nurses, lab
                        and a combat medic who proud-          techs, x-ray techs, dental techs and medics made a differ-
                        ly served in Iraq. LTC Brian           ence in the lives of the soldiers. “We knew that if anyone
                        Kondrat, current Head Nurse,           made it to our hospital; they had a good chance to live.”
                        Operating Room, at Madigan             He contrasted that expectation with sobering thoughts of
                        Army Medical Center, vividly           an Iraqi Special Forces patient who experienced 6 months
                        remembers his year (December           of complications from a leg amputation, hip disarticula-
                        2004-November 2005) deployed           tion, and failed courses of antibiotics. LTC Kondrat knew
                        with the 86th Combat Support           that that patient was not going to get the same level of
Hospital as the OR night shift supervisor. And before her      care when he was transferred to a local hospital. The
tour in Iraq (November 2003-2004), reservist and combat        entire experience has helped him keep things in perspec-
medic, SGT Crystal Pugh had been a school teacher,             tive and stay focused on what is important to him, “I try
“searching for change and a challenge.”                        to keep things in perspective more these days.”
LTC Kondrat’s unit arrived in
country one month before
Iraq’s first election and faced a                              Once a physical education teacher at a middle school in
month of incoming casualties                                   Ocala, Florida and later an administrative assistant in
and “a lot of surgeries.” He                                   Fayetteville, NC; SGT Crystal Pugh found her life chal-
recalled his first night on duty,                              lenge with enlistment in the US Army and subsequent
“I took a patient to the morgue                                training as a combat medic. She declined officer candi-
from the operating room for                                    date school because, “It was going to take too long to get
the first time.” He contrasted                                 started.” Within weeks of signing up, she was off to basic
that experience with stateside                                 training at Fort Jackson, AIT at Fort Sam Houston, and
duty where most of his critical                                then to her first assignment at Fort Lewis. She was in
patients made it out of the OR                                 emergency medical technician (EMT) training on 9/11,
and were then transferred to                                   and remembered her thoughts when the towers went
the intensive care unit. He learned quickly that, “As soon     down, “I couldn’t believe it. . . I was so proud of my train-
as you heard the helicopters, you knew we had incom-           ing then . . . I knew I was good to go . . . Let’s get it on!”
ing.” He described the “shock and carnage” of war as
daily caring for patients burned beyond recognition or         Indeed she did “get it on.” SGT Pugh wound up in a med-
who had lost both legs and asking him, “Am I going to          ical tent (housed in a hanger building) with the 296th
                                                               Brigade Support Medical Company team and 12-15
make it?”
                                                               medics and techs, 2 nurses and 2 doctors. Each day she

12                                                                                                 Volume 31 Number 4
                               T H E              C O N N E C T I O N
supported patients during sick call, took guard duty in a       strate that caring with action. I ask each of you to pick up
tower, and cleaned equipment. Her most vivid memory is          your pen today and answer ANCA’s call for volunteers so
when a striker rolled and “threw the soldiers out or            we can support the finest health care team in the world.
crushed them. [When I got there] I couldn’t figure out          LTC Kondrat and SGT Pugh are proud of their service and
where he was bleeding. [Turns out it was the] back of his       we are so very proud of them!
head. I just closed his eyes and he died later that day.” For
                                                                COL Richie-Melvan is looking for nurses, medics or
that soldier and all of the others she helped during that
                                                                physicians who have served in Iraq or Afghanistan to par-
year, SGT Pugh remembered that each patient “was some-
                                                                ticipate in an Oral History Program. The telephonic inter-
body’s something.” Since their sister, brother, Mom, Dad,
                                                                view takes about one hour and the participant gets to
wife, husband or friend couldn’t be there with them, she
                                                                review / correct the transcript of the interview before it is
was proud to stand in and provide the best care possible.
                                                                submitted to the ANC historian and the military history
                                                                institutes (for bona-fide researchers). If you would like to
                                                                volunteer to provide an oral history of service in Iraq or
At the end of the day when she had done all that she            Afghanistan or have a referral of an AN or other AMEDD
could do, SGT Pugh read her bible and drew strength             member, please contact
from a strong faith that told her that God was in charge.
LTC Kondrat’s Catholic upbringing laid his strong faith
                                                                Meet the Author
foundation and sustained him through the daily grind of
“Ground Hog Day, everyday. . . But, I knew that Someone         COL Sharon Richie-Melvan had a very successful ANC
else is in charge!” Even if he had to miss a meal or sleep,     career. She retired in 1996 as Chief Nurse, Dwight
he went to church every week. Neither care giver could          David/Southeast Health Services Support Area, having
fathom how anyone could withstand the devastation of a          previously served as Chief Nurse at Ft. Meade and
year in Iraq without the armor of a strong faith. Ironically    Letterman. Other key assignments included Chief Nurse,
these same sentiments are documented in oral histories of       Recruiting Command; Assistant Director of Drug and
nurses and combat soldiers who served in previous wars.         Alcohol Abuse Prevention at DoD; and a year in the
                                                                President’s Office of Intergovernmental Affairs as a White
What else sustained them? MAIL, MAIL, MAIL! hand-
                                                                House Fellow. Her MSN in psychiatric nursing (clinical
written letters, email notes and phone calls meant that
                                                                nurse specialist) is from University of Texas Health
someone cared. LTC Kondrat called the mail system a
                                                                Science Center San Antonio School of Nursing, her PhD
“combat multiplier.” He couldn’t contain the joy he
                                                                is in Organizational Behavior and Development from
expressed about posting his children’s pictures and
                                                                George Washington University. Following Army retire-
school work in his living quarters. On a regular basis, he
                                                                ment, for three years Sharon worked in Abu Dhabi,
heard from his wife Debbie (marrying this MSC officer
                                                                United Arab Emirates, as the Chief Nurse of Zayed
was the “best decision I ever made in life”); nine year old
                                                                Military Hospital and the UAE Directorate of Military
Matthew and seven year old Allison; Mom who is a nurse
                                                                Medical Services. Today, she is President and CEO of SIR
and active duty ANC officer and brother COL Paul
                                                                Consulting Services, providing testing and coaching for
Kondrat. Indeed, support of this officer was a family affair.
                                                                executives, managers, employees and family members
SGT Pugh couldn’t agree more that mail was important;
                                                                undergoing a stressful life transition or preparing for a
but, she would add that care packages with chips, snacks,
                                                                major personal or professional move. In addition to serv-
noodles and cookies also have a special place in the
                                                                ing as an ANCA Area Representative, writing this column,
hearts of deployed troops.
                                                                and many other volunteer activities, she is a member of
What else can we do? LTC Kondrat was excited about the          the Citrus County Historical Society’s Oral History
upcoming ANCA mentoring program for active duty nurs-           Program, is the Vice President and Outreach Community
es, “It’d be good to be able to listen to someone who’s         Coordinator for the Military Officer Association of
been there.” He was especially moved by the thought that        America, Citrus County Chapter, and is a guest editor of
previously deployed nurses might be able to directly            the Citrus County Chronicle.
communicate with nurses currently deployed, “To link up
with the young nurses that are there . . . tells them that      Welcome, Dr. Richie-Melvan, to the Connection writing
you care.”                                                      staff. You have already begun to make a very beneficial
                                                                contribution, both to ANCA and its newsletter and to the
After talking with my colleagues across the country, I          Army Nurse Corps, through this medium.
know that we do care. But, now is the time to demon-

Volume 31 Number 4                                                                                                        13
                                       T H E               C O N N E C T I O N

                                                 PA R A D E R E S T
With regret we report the deaths of:                                                                 Rank and date of retirement or separation
                                                                                                     are shown after name, e.g., LTC-83

Members                                                                   Lorraine Bess Morgan (Iwansky), age 84, WWII, Garden
                                                                            Ridge, TX - 22 August. Pacific Theater
William D. Anundson, LTC-83, Olympia, WA - 6 June
                                                                          Bertha Sakie Nelson, age 71, San Francisco, CA - 23
Hattie R. Brantley, LTC-69, Jefferson, TX - 20 September.
     Hattie was one of the last seven surviving “Angels of Bataan” (See
                                                                            September Described as Army nurse, mother, political organiz-
     story, p.8)                                                             er and restaurateur (Bertha’s Jigsaw Chili Cafe, opened in 1990)

Lillian Erickson, LTC-71, Sun City, AZ                                    Jessie Olive Healey Porter, age 83, WWII, Charlotte Hall
                                                                             and formerly of Pasadena, MD - 7 October
Adeline C. “Kay” Gwynne (Evans), MAJ-52, Tacoma,
  WA - 1 September                                                        Genevieve Osterfeld Rood, age 93, MAJ Ret, Maple
                                                                            Grove, formerly of Sun City, AZ - October
Cecilia P. Jamula, LTC-67, Pittsfield, MA -
Ann C. Larney (Berley), LTC-71, Camphill, PA - 17                         Rev. Elaine Ruth, LT-1943 to 1947, San Antonio, TX - 23
  August                                                                    October. Reverend Ruth became an ordained minister after a
                                                                             career in nursing and nursing education. She retired from the
Isabel C. McKenzie, MAJ-61, Barre. VT - 30 September                         ministry in 1987
Nellie Loretta Welton (Hensley), LTC-84, Burnsville, NC                   Gertrude Mary Smith, age 87, LTC-77, Ft Worth, TX - 20
  - 27 August                                                               October. ANC from 1943-47; Ret from the AF in 1977
                                                                          Geraldine “Gerry” N. Wells, MAJ-68, Wallace, NC - 18
Non Members                                                                 May. Former ANCA member. MAJ Wells’ great great nephew
                                                                             was the OIC of her burial detail in the Ft Bragg, NC area.
Johanna Berlin, age 108, CPT-WWII, Sioux Falls, SD -
   21 September. Johanna was born in Berlin Germany in 1898
     and came to the US in 1911. When her job as a factory clerk was      Family Members
     wiped out during the depression she went to nursing school and
     joined the ANC in 1943 at age 45. She became a nurse anes-           Husband of Carol Ann Neimes (Guthrie), MAJ-97, COL
     thetist after leaving the Army. On 12 Mar 2006 she was the fea-        Robert E. Neimes, MC (Retired), San Antonio, TX - 22
     tured soloist at the Veterans Hospital Chapel and sang “How            August
     Great Thou Art” to an attentive audience.

Nancy Lynn Howe Clingan, CPT-Ret, age 64, Vicksburg,                      Friends of the ANC
  MS - 19 August. CPT Howe served with the 67th Evac
     Hospital in Qui Nhon, Vietnam.                                       Patricia L. Accountius, COL-81, San Antonio, TX - 7
                                                                             November. Her final assignment was as Assistant Chief, Army
Mary Elizabeth Lorenzen Girbony, age 88-WWII,                                Medical Specialist Corps and Chief, Dietetic Section
  Vallejo, CA - 20 August. Served in Hawaii
Elsie Irveline Hill Hargett, age 78, Frederick, MD - 22
Helen L. Harvey (Cook), LT-WWII, Richfield, MN - 2
  September. Battle of the Bulge and 56th General Hospital
Sarah Elizabeth “Pat” Marlatt, age 92, 1LT-WWII,
   Crofton, MD - 5 September. Served in New Guinea
Arline Weston Montgomery, WWII, Ames, IA - 15
   September. Nurse Anesthetist with the Mayo Surgical Unit in
     New Guinea, Australia and the Philippines

14                                                                                                                Volume 31 Number 4
                                T H E       C O N N E C T I O N

                                    NEW MEMBERS
NAME                                    RANK     RET/SEP   ADDRESS
Abrenica, Silas C.                      LT-AD              61 Rachel Drive, Jasper, GA 30143
Atkins, James R.                        LT-AR              166 Moondance Lane, Summerville, SC 29483
Barrell, Takako L. (Mure)               MAJ-AD             3782 Elmwood Towne Way, Alexandria, VA 22303
Baxter, Jennifer B. (Gresham)           LT-AD              2250 Stanley Rd Unit 266, Ft Sam Houston, TX
Black, Simona A. (Settles)              MAJ-AD             HHC 121st GH Box 388, APO AP 96205
Bostwick, Jennifer C.                   LT-AD              33 Lynn Batts Lane #6104, San Antonio, TX 78218
Bullock, Jaclyn A.                      LT-AD              5120 County Rd 4, Hollytree, AL 35751
Bushover, Sarah E. (Harris)             LT-AD              21323 Deerhaven Drive, Spring, TX 77388
Butler-Cleland, Stephanie W.            LT-AD              427 Deep Forest Lane, Panama City Beach, FL 32408
Caylor, Caissy A. (Schapson)            LT-AD              3986 T.R. 105, McComb, OH 45858
Coffman, Gregory I.                     LTC                AR941 Pheasant Run, Williamsburg, VA 23188-9417
Conner, Lindsay R.                      LT-AD              343 Robin Hill Drive, Napenville, IL 60540
Cornett, Beverly A.                     COL-AD             CMR 402, Box 1568, APO, AE 09180
Costa, Denise K. (Stanfield)            LTC        06      1305 Swinging Dale Drive, SILVER SPRING, MD
Crook, Sharon K.                        MAJ-AD             2200 Mill Crossing Drive #317, Virginia Beach, VA
Edmondson, Mauhee (Wells)               COL-AR             901 Pawnee Drive, Elizabethtown, KY 42701
Fant, Annie M. (Gaines)                 LT-AD              9871 Washington St, Ft Lewis, WA 98433
Fowlkes, Ericka L.                      LT-AR              1901 Glenroths Drive, Abingdon, MD 21009
Gabeletto, Julie A.                     LT-AD              2250 Stanley Rd Unit 111, Ft Sam Houston, TX
Gant, Rebecca M.                        LT-AD              16605 E. Main Avenue, Spokane Valley, WA 99037
Garma, Dionicio M.                      LT-AD              2250 Stanley Road #22, Ft Sam Houston, Tx 78234
Genday, Chelsi Lynn                     LT-AD              1103 Club Drive, Johnstown, PA 15905
Hubbard, Lisa L. (Gutierrez)            CPT-AR             3383 N Knoll Blvd, Wauwatosa, WI 53222
Kelley, Larry S.                        COL-AR             150 Redwood Drive, Richmond, KY 40475-8617
Kenny, Deborah J. (Sims)                LTC-AD             213 Tilden Way, Edgewater, MD 21037
Kindschi, Elizabeth J.N. (Neece)        LTC       05       327 Thomas, Canyon Lake, TX 78133-4653
   WRAIN 1977
Leith, James M.                         CPT-AR             5722 Integrity Drive, Bldg 786, NSA, Millington, TN
Mandel, Deborah L.                      LT-AD              5071 Sanctuary Drive, Augusta, GA 30909
Marrero, Genna S. (Burnett)             LT-AD              532 Pennsylvania Avenue, Slidell, LA 70458-2744
Mead, Roxanne R (Waldner)               LT-AD              PO Box 54, Wessington, SD 57381
Miller, Christine (Pelissero)           COL       99       44-435 Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kaneohe, HI 96744
Millslagle, Karen S.                    MAJ-AD             3775 E.P. True Parkway #102, West Des Moines, IA

Volume 31 Number 4                                                                                          15
                              T H E             C O N N E C T I O N

                                        NEW MEMBERS
NAME                                    RANK       RET/SEP     ADDRESS
Monzel, Brian C.                        LT-AD                  2958 Hewitt Ave, Suite 314, Silver Spring, MD
Myers, Amber S.                         CPT         06         205 Whispering Wind Circle, Marion, AR 72364
Neufeld, Michael G.                     LT-AR                  8712 N Ross, Valley Center, KS 67147
Nix, Rachel E.                          LT-AD                  247 Crystal Creek Drive, Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Nukalo, Sofiya                          LT-AD                  780 Linden Drive, Southampton, PA 18966
Skinner, Lori A.                        MAJ-AD                 7920 Lester Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28311
Smarth, Jozy M.                         LT-AD                  CMR 472 Box 747, APO AE 09036
Washington, Marla A.                    LT-AD                  5116 Mebus Street, Philadelphia, PA 19124
Watkins, Miko Y.                        MAJ-AD                 PO Box 6178, FT BLISS, TX 79906
Witter, Carol J.                        CPT         83         15510 N 2100th Road, Good Hope, IL 61438

                       M E M B E R S TAT U S C H A N G E S
                                              (CHANGES ARE UNDERLINED)

NAME                             RANK   RET/SEP    ADDRESS                                                 FORMER

Adamczyk, Elizabeth A.            1LT              2250 Stanley Rd Unit 664 Ft Sam Houston, TX 78234-6434
Alexander-Kunkel, Jennifer        CPT              LRMC CMR 402, Box 2073 APO AE 09180-2073
Baggett, April Marie (Wainman)                     1519 Deverly Drive Lakeland, FL 33801-0314              20715
Baker, Gertrude E.                                 Esplanade Gardens 10790 Toepperwein Rd
                                                     Converse, TX 78109                                    78216
Barr, Sandra J. (Thomas)                           119 Running Creek Rd Cary, NC 27518-2270                27604
Baxter, Andrew C.                                  5710 Crescent Park East Apt 115 Los Angeles, CA
                                                     90094-2062                                            28311
Bedick, Jennifer                                   1891 Spiralwood Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28304-0499      31904
Belew, Crystal L.                                  901 Aalapapa Drive, Kailua, HI 96734-3117               96744
Boone, Ada E.                                      403 N Paulina Avenue Redondo Beach, CA 90277-3019       93274
Borg, Nan J.                                       1819 Bluebird Way Carthage, MO 64836-5484               64836
Bowers, Eloise B.                                  2101 Belmont Ave #C-310, Philadelphia, PA
                                                     19131-1628                                            19004
Brownlow, Margaret E.                              2 Spring Street #4 GAINESVILLE, GA 30501                30501
Bujak, Malgorzata A.                               1983 Oakwell Farms Pkwy #2510 San Antonio, TX
Bulliner, Carolyn R. (Ross)                        6 Curtis Street Brunswick, ME 04011                     22315
Burgess, Cathleen A.                               7021 Mineral Ridge El Paso, TX 79912                    20705
Cabell, Joseph P.                                  43 Bishop Street Watertown, NY 13601-4603               80111
Carr, Judith C. (Dean)                             PO Box 254 Sandgap, KY 40481-0254

16                                                                                         Volume 31 Number 4
                           T H E           C O N N E C T I O N

                      M E M B E R S TAT U S C H A N G E S
                                           (CHANGES ARE UNDERLINED)

NAME                          RANK    RET/SEP   ADDRESS                                                FORMER

Carver, Jeanne M. (Pankenier)                   4619 Promenade Drive Roy, UT 84067-3676                84414
Childs, Tammy M. (Biles)        1LT             CMR 402 Box 1920 APO AE 09180                          20903
Cleveland, Kathryn A. (McNulty)                 1257 Magnolia Farms Ct Eustis, FL 32726-5370           32726
Coburn, Donna (Niner)                           PO Box 309, Alberton, MT 59820-0309                    59804
Coleman-Adams, Jacquelin (Coleman)              241 Jupiter Drive White Sands Missile Range, NM
                                                  88002-1188                                           30294
Conrad, Diana J. (Combs, Bodenner)              2876 NW Thurman Street Portland, OR 97210-2207         97210
Costa, Denise K. (Stanfield)                    1305 Swinging Dale Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20905
Cox, Michael L.                                 8715 Grouse Circle Manhattan, KS 66502-8958
Creamer, Cheryl A. (Lang)                       6861 Saint Albans Road McLean, VA 22101-2810           34243
Davidson, Frederick L.                          5119 Blue Bell Court Apt B Fort Irwin, CA 92310-2098   92310
Davis, Cheryl R.                                CMR 442 Box 218 APO AE 09042-0218                      71459
Davis, Marion J.                                7400 Crestway Apt 1017 SAN ANTONIO, TX 78239           78259
Davis, Stephani A.                              2 Brians Court, Burlington, NJ 08016-3748              07018
Denny, Suzan                                    PO Box 16642 Alexandria, VA 22302-8642                 36362
Desriviere, Franchesca M.                       39 Union Street Apt 405 Hackensack, NJ 07601-4153      20903
Ditman, Martha E.                               Edenwald, 800 Southerly Rd Apt 511 TOWSON, MD
                                                  21286-8403                                           21204
Douglas, Rebecca L.                             4877 Somerset Drive Evans, GA 30809-8256               28348
Dunn, Kelly E                                   78 Poplar Street Kingston, PA 18704-3709               28314
Eitzen, Joan P.                                 4676 Seton Hall Road Colorado Springs, CO
                                                  80918-7935                                           20755
Feeney-Jone, Sharon E.                          9502 Dashia Place, Ft Washington, MD 20744
                                                          (Street name spelling correction)
Ferguson, Sheri L (Davis)                       3913 Bella Vista Loop Harker Heights, TX 76548-8723    92310
Fisher, Linda D. (Wiley)                        9127 Meadowlawn Drive Brentwood, TN 37027-5273         40160
Fourroux, Claude E                              8637A Rhineland Drive Fort Irwin, CA 92310-2426        92310
Garcia-Reyes, Maria L. (Garcia)                 4007 Walter T. Bahl San Antonio, TX 78234              78234
Gauthier, Gail D. (Campbell)                    317 Lexington Ave #232 San Antonio, TX 78215-1912      31326
Gaylord, Kathryn M. (Shal)                      PO Box 59602 Washington, DC 20012-0602                 20906
Gooch, Charlene G.                              1401 N Taft Street Apt 1227 Arlington, VA 22201-2779   20015
Hamilton, Carole A. (Lapsansky)                 5821 E 7th Street, Tucson, AZ 85711-3207               85711
Harrold, Robin R. (Carper)                      7822 Ashton Place Fishers, IN 46038-1409               92310
Hilliard, Lynda S. (Shively)                    807 Quail Meadow Drive, Mt Shasta, CA 96067-9182       94566
Hoffman, Kjerstine (Kelly)                      The Residence Harrisburg, PA 17112*                    17101
Humes, Richard D.               COL             91-1036 Kalehuna St Kapolei, HI 96707-2758
Jew, Colleen L. (Leyde)                         440 S. Val Vista, Unit 47 Mesa, AZ 85204-3263

Volume 31 Number 4                                                                                         17
                            T H E            C O N N E C T I O N

                     M E M B E R S TAT U S C H A N G E S
                                             (CHANGES ARE UNDERLINED)

NAME                             RANK   RET/SEP   ADDRESS                                                FORMER

Kay, Helen Frances                                15181 Ford Road #306, Dearborn, MI 48126-4659          48101
Kilbourn, James A.                                PO Box 6688, El Paso, TX 79906-0688                    20707
Leech, Christine M. (Baker)                       217 Sheridan Rd El Paso, TX 79906-3803                 79906
Lomax, Julie C. (Stewart)        LTC              2057 Mossy Oak Circle Clarksville, TN 37043            37043
Lomax, Stephen W.                COL              2057 Mossy Oak Circle Clarksville, TN 37043            37043
Maddock, Ruth M. (O’Connor)                       Willow Point Care Home 143 Prairie Oak #104 Verona,
                                                    WI 53704                                             53508
Magda, Christina F.                               1031 Lakehurst Drive Northwood, OH 43619-2105          48021
Meyers, Billie L.                                 7510 Deer Path Lane Land O’ Lakes, FL 34637-7573
Miller, Jennifer M.                               1441- 6th Street, Shallowater, TX 79363-5111
Modell, John M.                                   4001 Edgar Park Avenue El Paso, TX 79904-2509          80906
Moore, Constance J. (Lickteig)                    6201 La Posta Drive, El Paso, TX 79912-1861            20852
Moran, William J.                                 CMR 402 Box 560, APO AE 09180-0560                     07750
Moriarty, Elsie H. (Harwell)                      PO Box 1632 Fairplay, CO 80440-1632                    33948
Moriarty, Francis M.                              PO Box 1632 Fairplay, CO 80440-1632                    33948
Morris, Rhonda H. (Hobbs)                         514 Legacy Ridge San Antonio, TN 78258-4331            22066
Mortenson, Mary E.                                1046 Windward CV #301 Fayetteville, NC 28314-5885      54656
Neft, Michael W.                                  4601 Fifth Ave #121 Pittsburgh, PA 20852-2980
Newman, Mary E.                                   6336 Pennsboro Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17050-2322      08736
Nichols, Danielle D.                              3902 S Union Road Spokane Valley, WA 99206             20904
Otto, Laureen A (Erlanson)                        464 Brandermill Road Fayetteville, NC 28314-2102       12065
Park, Joan D.                                     1913 Lake Monroe Drive, Monroe, NC 28112-8427          28112
Pecora, Florence M.                               711 Spring Forest Drive Lawrenceville, GA 30043-2465   30344
Philiben, Anne N.                                 1114 SE Palmwood Court BEND, OR 97701-2335             97701
Prebeck, Rhonda J. (Rice)                         5801 Nicholson Lane #1533 N Bethesda, MD 20852         20904
Richardson, Suzanne K. (Shaw)                     10205 Baltimore Avenue Apt 7310 College Park, MD
                                                    20740-4245                                           20901
Rivera, Jeanne E.                                 Esplanade Gardens 10790 Toepperwein Rd Converse,
                                                    TX 78109                                             78109
Rivera, Maria D.                                  144 Springlakes Drive, Martinez, GA 30907-1608         30907
Robbins, Johnnie R.                               8615 Dunbar CT SE, Olympia, WA 98513-3403
Rosenbaum, Kimberly A. (Williams) 1LT             103 Dublinsky Street, Ft. Benning, GA 31905-6902       66442
Ross, Patricia A.W. (Wilson)                      19 Savannah Circle, Brandon, Brandon, MO 39047         39407
Sakata, Rosalie D. (Hemeyer)                      9101 Bridlewood Lane #2 San Antonio, TX 78240-1401     78217
Sauter, Joseph G.                                 7066 E. Kellogg Drive Apt G Wichita, KS 67207-1630     67460
Scherb, Barbara J.                                PO Box 444 Franklin, NC 28744-0444                     30269
Schmidt, Jackee D.                                2412 Delores Drive McHenry, IL 60051-3055              31419

18                                                                                      Volume 31 Number 4
                              T H E          C O N N E C T I O N

                       M E M B E R S TAT U S C H A N G E S
                                             (CHANGES ARE UNDERLINED)

NAME                           RANK    RET/SEP    ADDRESS                                                 FORMER

Sengstacke V, Daniel N.                           131 Rainbow Avenue Ft Benning, GA 31905-6862            66442
Smith, Mary B (Hopster)                           5835 N Graceland Peoria, IL 61614                       61614
Sonnier, Richard A.                               11243 Ballard Peak San Antonio, TX 78254-5495           76548
Spells, Miriam Anita                              12 Sanford Drive Newark, DE 19713-4028                  40160
Thornburg, Alyssa K.                              1110 East Ogden Avenue #309 Milwaukee, WI
                                                    53202-2939                                            98445
Todd, Tony W.                                     245 Rainbow Drive #14512 Livingston, TX 77399-2045 77488
Trudell, Eileen D.                                301 Ansonia Court CAMILLUS, NY 13031-2030               13031
Turner, Frances B.                                3948 Driftwood Way Williamsburg, VA 23188-7897          27705
Walker, Charlene H. (Wolf)                        3805 W. 110th Ave Westminster, CO 80031                 22039
White, Lowell D.                                  1220 East West Highway #118 Silver Spring, MD
                                                    20910-3244                                            20910
Williams, Alecia S. (N/A)                         3408 Flintlock Drive Columbus, GA 31907-3080            20735
Wilson, Susan V. (Forney)                         711 Pevero Abbey Circle Augusta, GA 30907-9047          33549
Withrow, Heather A.                               1786 Butternut Drive Clarksville, TN 37042-4573         35244
Woodling, Cynthia A (Blair)                       480 Island Circle Sarasota, FL 34242-1940               20723
Yetter, Olive V. (Leeper)                         3430 McKelvey Road Bridgeton, MO 63044-2556             56087
Young-McCaughan, Stacey (Young)                   1306 Gentilz Street Castroville, TX 78009               78154

* Address reported by the post office for Kjerstine Hoffman is incomplete. We would appreciate hearing from anyone
with better information.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the promotees: COLs Lomax and Humes, , LTC Lomax, CPT Alexander-Kunkel and 1LTs
Adamczyk, and Childs.

A further Congratulations to our newlywed, 1LT Tammy M. Biles Childs. Who have we missed?

Congratulations also to all of the newly RETIRED, including COL Barb Scherb

                               Happy Holidays
                                      from ANCA
Volume 31 Number 4                                                                                              19

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