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By: Jason Dandy
   Landforms and Bodies of Water
• The Charles River and the Atlantic Ocean surround
  Boston. The Boston Harbor is another body of water
  in Boston. It is a natural harbor and estuary of the
  Massachusetts Bay. There are no major Landforms in
Tourist Attractions

  New England Aquarium   Fenway Park
            Franklin Park Zoo
• The Franklin Park Zoo opened to the public in
  1913. It was founded by Frederick Holmstead
  in 1912. It is located Northeast of Franklin
  Park, and is ran by Zoo New England, which
  also operates the Stone Zoo in Stoneham,
           Paul Revere House
• This is the colonial home of American Patriot
  Paul Revere. It is located at 19 North Square,
  Boston, Massachusetts. It is now operated by
  a small, nonprofit museum by the Paul Revere
  Memorial Association.
                Fenway Park
• This baseball field is the home of the Boston
  Red Sox. It opened in 1912, and is the oldest
  ballpark in major league baseball. In left field,
  the big wall, nicknamed the green monster, is
  the highest wall to hit over for a home run.
       New England Aquarium
• This aquarium is one of the most popular
  aquariums in the U.S. It was founded in 1969,
  and is known for its more modern setting of
  aquatic life.
  Immigrants and Different Languages
• The major language spoken in Boston is English, but there are
  many immigrants from different countries that do not speak
  English. There are 10.2% of the people from Haiti, 8.3% from
  the Dominican Republic, 7.2% from China, 6.4% from
  Vietnam, 4.2% from El Salvador, 4.2% from Jamaica, 4% from
  Cape Verde, 3.3% from Columbia, 3.3% from Ireland, and 3.1%
  from Brazil. There are also many more immigrants from other
• Government Center
  - This includes Boston City Hall, two Suffolk County
  courthouses, two state office buildings, two federal office
  buildings, and City Hall Plaza.
• Governor
  - Deval Patrick is the governor of Boston.
• The Holidays that are celebrated in Boston are
  the same holidays celebrated across the U.S.
  Some of these include:
  - Christmas – December 25
  - Halloween – October 31
  - New Years Day – January 1
• Since 1988, The economy has increased in
  employment rates, in the office markets, strong
  sales, and great gains in residential real estate. But,
  after the events occurred on September 11, 2001,
  nearly 32,000 jobs were lost. Boston still remains
  one of the top ten tourist attractions, and the health
  care and education in the area was not affected
  much, either.
                  Fun Facts
• The Battle of Bunker Hill took place In Boston.
• Boston is the largest city in Massachussetts.
• The Boston Tea Party occurred in Boston.
• Nearly 70% of houses are rented, rather than
• The average price for clam chowder in Boston is
• Only 34 of Boston's 840 restaurants serve fast
             More Fun Facts!!
• The Ted Williams Tunnel, located in Boston, is
  the deepest in North America.
• From 1659 to 1681, it was against the law to
  celebrate Christmas in Boston.
• Logan International Airport is built almost
  entirely on top of land that, before a landfill
  project, used to be Boston Harbor.
               Sports Teams
• The Sports teams in Boston include the Boston
  Celtics, Boston Red Sox, New England Patriots,
  New England Revolution, Boston Bruins, And
  the Boston Cannons. All of these teams are
  usually winning teams and have many
  championships won between them. They
  have over 40 championships combined.

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