Chapter 5 Writing with Style

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					    Chapter 5
Writing with Style
       Part 1:
   Group of related sentences
   Focuses on one main idea
   First sentence: Topic sentence
   Body: supports topic + adds more info
   Part of a longer message
   Emails & memos
       Usually only one paragraph
   Organize topic in manageable units
   Unified & coherent
   Parallel structure
   Appropriate length
   All parts work together
   Develops a single idea
   Consistently
   logically
Not unified
We can focus our attention on both ends of
 the age spectrum. In a recent survey, two-
 thirds of the under 35 age group named
 Collins as the first company that came to
 mind for the category “baby food products.”
 For more than 50 years we have spent
 millions of dollars annually to identify our …
                                   See pp. 354
   Our well-defined image in the marketplace
    would make producing food for adults risky.
    For more than 50 years we have spent
    millions of dollars annually to identify our
    company as the baby-food company, and
    market research shows that we have been
    successful. In a recent survey, two thirds
    of the under-35 age group name Collins…..
   Integrated content
   Easy to understand
   Easy to read & make sense of meaning
   Use transitional words & pronouns
       Helps with sentence relationships
   Repeat key words & ideas
   Use parallel structure
Coherence: example
   Ten years ago, Collins tried to overcome
    market resistance to its new line of baby
    clothes. First, it mounted a multimillion-
    dollar ad campaign featuring the Mason
    quintuplets. Next, it sponsored….. Finally,
    it brought…

   See p. 165
Transitional words
   Relationship     Expression
   Addition         also, besides, too
   Contrast         although, but, yet
   Time             meanwhile, next,

   See p. 165
Coherence: repeating key words
   Reduces confusion
   Avoid needless repetition
   Used to link ideas
   Promotes paragraph coherence
Repeating Key words: example
   Colins has taken several steps recently to
    enhance profits and project a stronger
    leadership position. One of these steps is
    streamlining operations. Collins line of
    children’s clothes was unprofitable, so it
    discontinued the line. Its four product
    farms were liikewise unprofitable…..
   See p. 166
   Using similar grammatical structure for
    similar ideas
   Matching adjectives with adjectives, nouns
    with nouns, etc.
Example: Abraham Lincoln
   “government of the people, by the people,
    and for the people.”

   Other examples: see p. 166
   Not: The new dispatcher is competent and
    a fast worker
   Yes: The new dispatcher is competent and
Paragraph length
   Needs of the reader is important
   Visually breaks up information
   Too long = boring & complex
   Too short = weakens coherence
   Usually: 60-80 word range
       Topic sentence
       3-4 supporting sentences
The end to Part 1

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