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                                                                  ROUTINE POOL MAINTENANCE CONTRACT

Please print the form, fill in the required details, sign and fax to 24842389.
Name :

Tel. No :                                                                 Fax No:

E-mail Address :

Location Address :

Maintenance Frequency :                                           From:                                 For 1 year minimum,

Al Mesk Pools will carry out the routine maintenance for the swimming pool as follows: .

         Test the pool water for the chlorine and alkaline residuals during each visit and treat as necessary with the required chemicals.
         Maintain the filter room or mechanical pit in a clean condition.
         Skim the water surface to remove floating matter each visit.
         Remove and clean the pump strainer as needed.
         Vacuum the pool as required.
         Clean skimmer basket
         Maintain a written record of the service visit.
         Check visually to ensure that the equipment is operating satisfactorily and inform the owner about any repair, replacement that
         needs to be carried out.

All services are subject to company schedules and accessibility to the pool. Service visits will be during normal working hours and for a
period of maximum ½ hr. No visit shall be made on public holidays or during extreme weather conditions like: thunderstorms, sand
storms etc.

Any additional work will be charged for accordingly this includes works for mechanical seals, bearings, gaskets, light bulbs, heater
elements, etc that undergo normal wear during the course of operation and must be serviced or replaced at the appropriate time. Anything
that is not mentioned is not included in the scope of works.

To ensure that the above services are carried out the you will:

    Provide timely access to the swimming pool.
    Provide the water required for filling, operating and maintaining the pool.
    Nominate a representative for coordination and to acknowledge the service report.
    Make the payment of the contract amount before the start date.
    Carry out the recommendations for any additional maintenance, repair or replacement with regards to the swimming pool system.
    Confirm that swimming pool system has been designed properly and is in proper operating condition before the start date

Either party can terminate the contract with 1 months notice.

                                                        Please get the contract amount from AL MESK POOLS.

       I /We agree to the above schedule & conditions .

Signature:                                                                            Date :                                      Print

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