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									                                  REGIONAL DISTRICT OF MOUNT WADDINGTON
                                      ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION

AGENDA for the Regional Economic Development Commission meeting to be held on Tuesday,
February 2 at the Regional District office in Port McNeill,

 Call To Order:         The meeting shall be called to order at 1 :00 p.m

 Adoption of Agenda:    1     Adopt the Agenda as circulated.

 Minutes:               1.    Minutes of the meeting held January   19
                                                                         2010,                    Page ‘1
 Delegations:           One

 Business:                   1    Manager’s Report                                                  Page 2
                             2.   Draft Budget Strategy and Plan for 2010/11- an electronic version of the
                                  draft strategy will be out by Friday.


                        An opportunity for Board members to raise and discuss matters of interest.
 Correspondence!                                                        th
                            1. ‘Namgis/ ILMB announcement January 25 2010.
                                                                                                  Page 3
 ancillary documents:      2. Community Forest announcement January 25 2010.
                                                                                                  Page 5
                           3. UBCM AHRT letter to TCA January 14 2010.
                                                                                                  Page 7
                           4. Mount Cain Vegetation JOP proposal.                                 Page 9
                           5. Provincial Parks JOP Proposal.                                    Page 15
 Adjournment:           Motion to adjourn.
        c’ ocMou4,R

  S                                       REGIONAL DISTRICT OF MOUNT WADDINGTON
                                              ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION

MINUTES for the Regional Economic Development Commission held on Tuesday January 19 2010 at the Regional
District Office, 2044 McNell Road in Port McNeilL

Attendance:           Chair:     A.Huddlestan
                      Directors: D Rushton B Parnham, R Moe AIternate, H Soltau, D Aberly. N. Prince G.
                                  Neeley G Furney
                      Staff:     G. Fletcher. N. Smith J. MacKenzie, S. Shambrook
                      Media:     One
                      Delegation: 1
                      Public:    Nil

Call to order:        The meehng was called to order at 2:07 o m.

Adoption of
201 001               1   Adopt the agenda as circulated                                                       CARRIED

Minutes:              1   Minutes of December 15, 2009 meeting w&e adopted.

2010-02               It was moved and seconded that the minutes be adopted.

Delegation:           Joli White from Vancouver Island North Tourism presented her report.

Business Reps          It was moved and seconded to have business representatives from Port Alice and Alert Bay
2010-03               join the Tourism Vancouver Isand Committee in addition to accepting VINTACs other
                      recommendations pertaining to its terms of reference.                             CARRIED

2010-04               It was moved and seconded to accept the VINTAC recommendation concerning Primal
                      marketing for production of the regional tourism website.                   CARRIED

Manager’s Report
                      The upcoming budgetary planning round was discussed with Directors providing clear direction
                      that funding to both Vancouver !sfand North Film Commission and Vancouver Island Economic
                      Alliance would be discontinued.

                      A decision on the EDC applying for a sLimmer student was deferred   Ufltii   the February 2
                      meeting when a clearer hudgetaty picture could be discussed

201 0-05              It was moved and seconded. that the meeting be adjourned Time 3 45 p m.


CHAIR                                                                          SECRETARY
                                   Managers Report
                                 February        2010

     \           .cP

 1. Grant Applications

 Proposals for WESTCCAP, ICET and JOP were all submitted on schedule. The Forestry Capital Committee
                                                                                                     put together a
 running trail proposal for Beaver Lake in time for the January 22 deadline.

2. First Nations/ RDMW Regional Protocol

At this time, the following have endorsed the protocol:

Alert Bay                   Port Hardy
Port Alice                  Port McNeill
RDMW                        Kwikwasut’inuxw Haxwa’mis First Nations (Gilford Island)
Quatsino FN

3. Community Forest

With the good news story of the Tn-Port Community Forest announcement (‘North Island” Community
                                                                                                           Forest Ltd.) on
January 25th, Directors may wish the EDC to explore further opportunities around this exciting development
                                                                                                           , particularly for
the rural areas. Some discussion and direction for manager would be appreciated.

4. Canada Summer Jobs 2010

As was the case last year, the Manager would appreciate the opportunity to hire a summer student if the
                                                                                                        budget permits.
Discussions today will determine that possibility.

5. Delegations

Proposed delegations in the coming months: David Mitchell, Community Futures Mount Waddington; Khris
                                                                                                           Singh, Rural
Secretariat; Mainstream Canada (to address economic benefit issue similarly to Marine Harvest Canada
                                                                                                     in December).
Who would Directors like to see?

7. Letters of support for JOP projects (SFMI).

Strategic Forest Management’s two JOP proposals are appended to the package. Letters of support for each need
submitted to the Community Development Trust no later than February 15 one day short of Ron Quilter
                                                                                                              to be
                                                                                                         (BC Parks)
meeting with Board.


A letter of support in principle be sent to Strategic Forest Management for both projects, with a firm
                                                                                                       indication that the
Board consider their own JOP projects to be of a higher priority to the region.

Respectfully submitted,

Neil Smith
                                                                                        •‘.   ‘.1 G J

                                   NEWS RELEASE
For Immediate Release                                              Nlinistrv of Forests and Range
2010F0R0004M00066                  and Minister Responsible for the Integrated Land Management
Jan. 25, 2010                                                                              Bureau


VICTORIA An agreement with the Namgis First Nation to help manage commercial sea

kayak activities on northeastern Vancouver Island will also help enhance local tourism.
Minister responsible lbr the Integrated Land Management Bureau, Pat Bell announced

        “The agreement allows the Namgis to develop kayak campsites on a portion of their
potential treaty settlement lands. between Beaver Cove and Kaikash Creek.” said Bell. “At
the same time, development of campsites in this area will assist existing kayak operators by
providing designated campsite fhcilities in the area.”

        Commercial kayak companies operate tours between Telegraph Cove and Robson
Bight Ecological Reserve in the Johnstone Strait on northeastern Vancouver Island because of
the high probability of seeing killer whales. The peak viewing time is during July and August.
Annually, there are about 2,000 kayakers and over 20 commercial kayak operators paddling
off the coast of northeastern Vancouver Island, camping on Crown land, provincial park land
and private land.

       The ‘Namgis First Nation manages two public campsites in the area. and with the signing
ofthe agreement, ‘Namgis can also develop campsites specifically designated for the
commercial kayak operators between Beaver Cove and Kaikash Creek. At least two commercial
camps will be developed before the summer 2010 season.

        “This agreement is a positive recognition of our right to govern and manage lands
throughout our vast territory.” said Bill Cranmer. Chief of the ‘\arngis First Nation. “We are
eager to begin providing thriher opportunities to tourism operators and the public. A strong
tourism base within ‘Nmgis territory will ultimately benefit Namgis people as well as our
neighbours throughout the territory.”

        In May 2006, the ‘Namgis signed an agreement to collaboratiely manage parks and
protected areas ithin their traditional territory. In March 2005. the ‘Namgis First Nation signed
a forest and range agreement. which pros ides the First Nation with 410.000 cubic metres of
timber and S3.8 million in reenue-sharing over five years.

       “I congratulate Namgis First ation on negotiating this agreement to help manage
commercial sea kayak activities in their traditional territory.” said George Abbott. Minister
Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation. “By exploring economic opportunities like this
                                                                                           on the
road towards treaty, the ‘Narngis are demonstrating the momentum ofthe New Relationship
orking to pro ide a more stable and prosperous ftiture thr their communities.”

        The ‘Namgis First Nation, with a population of about 1.595, lives primarily in Alert Bay
on Cormorant Island in the Johnstone Strait. They are currently in stage 4 of the six-stage
treaty process.

Media Contact:       Cheekwan [to
                     Public Affairs Officer
                     Ministry of Forests and Range
                     and Minister Responsible for the Integrated Land Management Bureau
                     250 387-8482

For more information on government services or to subscribe to the Province’s news feeds    using
RSS, visit the Province’s website at
             BRI FISH

                                       NEWS RELEASE
 For Immediate Release                                                    \linistrv of Forests and Range
 201 OFOR0005-000077
 Jan. 25. 2010

                                                       h ISLAND
 PORT HARDY The North Island Community Forest will support forestr

                                                                          y jobs in Port Alice,
 Port Hardy and Port McNeill. Forests and Range Minister Pat Bell predict
                                                                         ed while inviting the
 three communities to jointly apply for the tenure.

         “A community forest ill create long-term employment and community
                                                                                  benefits on the
 North Island, as ellas offering manufacturers and bio-energy produc
                                                                       ers a local supply,” said
 Bell. “Operations in the proposed area ill provide a long-term, sustain
                                                                         able operation and a
 range of tree species that can fill different market needs.”

         The proposed area of the community furest totals about 2,400 hectares
                                                                               on three sites, near
 Alice Lake, Quatse Lake and Marble River, and includes mature cedar,
                                                                         balsam and hemlock
 stands. The agreement would carry a 25-year term, and grant the right
                                                                       to harvest up to 15.000
 cubic metres of timber per year. The community forest will be manag
                                                                     ed by North Island
 Community Forest Ltd.      a company with equal representation from the three communities.

        “The future of the North Island is linked to the richness of our forests
                                                                                 and the successful
diversification of our forest economy.” said Port Hardy Mayor Bev
                                                                      Parnham. “Working together
on this community threst is one more step in the successful evolution of
                                                                           forestry in our region.”
        “As a ton that oes its existence to the forest industry we are deligh
                                                                              ted at the prospect
of participating with our neighbours in the management of our ovn commu
                                                                            nity forest.” said Port
McNeill Mayor Gerry Fume>. I have every confidence our efforts xv
                                                                     ill be successful.”
         “Receiving the invitation to apply for a community forest licence
                                                                                from the Ministr of
Forests and Range is a key step in becoming a community threst. and
                                                                             recognition must he given
to the North Island Central Coast Forest District stall for their assista
                                                                            nce in getting us this far.”
said Port Alice Mayor Gail Neck. “The name North Island Community
                                                                               Forest Ltd. xxas chosen
to reflect that it is possible for the entire north island area to benefit

        The next step fur North Island Community Forest Ltd. is the submission,
                                                                                rev iew and
approval of a management plan. after which, the community flhrest agreem
                                                                         ent can he issued. and
operations begin.

        Community forest agreements are a form of legal tenure that enable
                                                                               communities to more
fully participate in the stewardship of local Croxv n forest resources.
                                                                        They are area-based. and
give communities exclusive rights to harvest timber, as well as the
                                                                       opportunity to manage other
forest resources such as botanical products, recreation. wildlife. xxater
                                                                          and scenic viewscapes.

There are more than 5() community törests operating or in the planning stages in British

Contact:       Public Affairs Officer
               Ministry of Forests and Range

For more information on go’ernment services or to subscribe to the Pros inces ne s feeds using
RSS, visit the Provinces vebsite at wvv.govbcca.

               January 13, 2010

L’.            The Honourable Kevin Krueger
               \linit.r ot Touri’m Culture & the \rts
               P0 Bo’ 9071
               STN PROV GOVT
               Victoria, BC, V$W 9E9

               RE:     Local Governments & Additional Hotel Room Tax Revenue
               Dear Minister Krueger,
               For the past few months, UBCM has been working with the Ministry of
               Tourism, Culture & the Arts and the Ministry of Finance to ensure that the
               Additional Hotel Room Tax (AHRT) is retained in a manner that recognizes
[.             the important role that local governments play in local tourism marketing.
               We have reviewed the Green Paper on BC’s Destination Marketing Network:
FRI            Funding & Structure, as well as the notes from both consultation sessions,
               and, on January 12, 2010, we met directly with Ministry staff to discuss the
               proposed enhancements.
F              Although our initial reaction to the Green Paper indicated support for the
GA             intent to retain the AHRT as a tax collected by eligible accommodations and
               remitted to local governments, we have identified a number of concerns
               with the Ministry’s proposal, including:
                •    The intent to amend the application, reporting and rene’al processes
                     and to implement guidelines, policies and / or protocols that would
                     have the potential to erode local government autonomy;

                •    The inclusion of draft guidelines, policies and/or protocols that do not
                     provide adequate information to be assessed by UBCM and a lack of
                     information on the process that will be undertaken for creating new
                     guidelines, and;

                •    Lack of consultation with local governments regarding the
                     amendment of legislation that currently enables local governments to
                     play an active role in local tourism marketing.

               Based on these concerns, UBCM is unable to support the current direction
               of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & the Arts. In particular, it is our
               position that a number of proposed changes have the potential to adversely
               effect local governments and therefore require additional consultation and
               consideration before legislative changes should he proposed.

               Tourism marketing from AHRT revenues is a local government service
               Under the current regulations, AHRT revenues can he used by the local
               government for tourism marketing, programs and projects. The local
               government provides a tourism marketing service with this revenue and is
               enabled to decide whether to provide this service in-house, through a
               contracted arrangement or to designate an eligible entity.
 We are highly concerned that the Ministry is proposing to introduce
 guidelines, policies and/or protocols and an application review framework
 that will favour applications that designate an eligible entity and thus seek
 to flow funds directly to DMOs without local government involvement.

Local governments add value and accountability
The current AHRT system supports a synergy between tourism initiatives
and broader community planning. This synergy links local government
planning efforts which help facilitate amenity migration and community

sustainahilitv with tourism marketing initiatives that support local

accommodation and tourism operators.
In addition, local governments, through provincial legislation, are required
to undertake sound financial management and reporting, including
administration of AHRT revenues. This, combined with elected
representation, ensures a high degree of accountability and transparency.
We are concerned that the value of local government involvement in the
AHRT is not being fully recognized. There appears to he an intent to
encourage the designation of eligible entities to replace local governments
in local tourism marketing delivery as well as to create foundational
guidelines that place a higher value on provincial and regional marketing
objectives than local objectives.

AHRT is a distinct revenue stream that needs individual consideration
The AHRT is a specific revenue stream that supports communities to
undertake tourism marketing. In some communities, the AHRT is a
portion of overall tourism funding, which may also include funds from the
provincial DM0, revenues collected through resort municipality status or
other leveraged funds.
We fully recognize that the AHRT is an important component within the
overall structure and funding of DMOs in the province, but have concerns
that proposed guidelines, policies or protocols intended to increase
accountability and efficiency for the DM0 network as a whole do not
necessarily apply to the specific mechanics of the AHRT system.

We look forward to continuing to work with your Ministry to ensure that
local governments continue to have a central voice in the economic
development and community sustainahilitv opportunities that the AHRT

Harry Nyce, President

cc:     The 1—lonoitrable Cohn Hansen, Minister of Finance
        The 1-Jonourable Bill Bennett, Minister of Coininuiiity & Rural Development
Mt. aIn Recreational VegetatIon
      Management Project

       By: Strategic Forest Management Inc.
                  1271 Petersen Road
             Campbell River, BC V9W 3H8
      Tel: (250> 287-2246 Fax: (250> 287-2247
                  December 16, 2009
 (r4J                    Ec

‘11 tfl)(IlICt It) II

Strategic Forest Management Inc. (Strategic Group) is applying to the Community Development Trust Job Opportunity                   -

Program for a recreational site maintenance project, within the Mount Cain Ski Area                                The tenure area is managed by the
Regional District of Mount Waddington, under the Operating Agreement #1412577 (1077ha), a framework for all tenures

within Controlled Recreation Area ICRA), including ski trails license #1305886 and ski lifts license #1405885.

Mount Cain Ski Area annually enlists volunteers to assist in the maintenance and improving the conditions of the ski trails and

lifts. Activities included falling danger trees, brush removal, branch delimbing, obstacle removal, improved drainage,

rearranging rocks and boulders to fill in low spots and re-vegetate with natural grass seed. These activities improve the
of the recreational users and assist the ski hill operation, by extending                      its   operating window on poor or marginal snow years.

These activities are best done physically by hand, as it reduces the potential for degrading the natural environment. Annually

the Mount     a   n tç   “i’   Pai k   u.o (Ais),               01 .n’c’s sr’intn      -r abour      to crfc’r   tooso tasks. As a ‘ki h.lI tr )t ‘puratos

  5 on
  oIy         o unto o     ab or thcs limitod          in ourl        sm        alays at a promu ri for Mt Cain rod med to be uffmct vuly ma m
    Ci 01   itized, P o dn4 fur’drg           tom tbuse ativties ,somM te               up those       mend   resnur es to rssst in nthmi dnciont moos on
mon r’naro’.,-a’0: .uth mc .qu nn’3rt ..ad P ,‘dn oarnt000n5e, ‘i-n .-aod (,itr and ml a-on,str-t                                 on

Proposed works include:
    •       Assess and remove f warranted danger trees within 1 tree length (‘30 m) of the prescribed work zone.

    •       Establish a treatment area on the ski runs and lift trails. The plan is to remove brush, downed trees, rocks and other

            obstacles from the treatment areas. The overall objective of the maintenance work is to improve the quality of the

            recreational experience and to improve the safety of the users. All fine materials will be chipped and dispersed or

            piled and burnt on site to rapidly decompose.

    •       Planting natural grass seed to help control the brush in future seasons.

    •       Improve existing ground water drainage patterns to ensure ski use areas are well drained, thus reducing the amount

            of snow lose through melting on mild temperature periods and improving winter use conditions.

              c   o,’,z t4ar’.m.u-r’;’nr nc    n C3j   “   •‘   cmmh”d     is          ir   ,ur ‘tks C Prmst cns’y         on’
 (iT’                          Erc                                                    C                     ei                  4

1.   The I1,t,rv e[the llount (inn Ili1i,ze purk Socktv
                                                  p:i         ieee              nttt”o

ru   pr                                —1 o-           t      e     77       ‘iCAr”        “er t-   red    ,rd          t
                                                                                                                        n       -‘Zt .‘/li   o   trS    a’

                               ‘i d”’i’.d       I e’   i,:es ni          hanie’ ‘‘e”t          re    ea t;st’t of Mu                ,tjJd

              t      a’         ei        “os                en’.        ‘et -o’d rrrI-       ii    cite   t-’    “     tn    je md bntitt’c ui’h

                     and       “'   drTts       1 fII
                                                ’o          v,r’g   rcrnn,      “ucs icnt do’ce t’ciin      he    skT    R      ‘HnlT. but CrC not      rn tr d t’

          c yw    rd      ii   H jIo, he: tune.            curt   M Nc        Acrt BOt, ntjt i Pr t H   iriy     HoIbor,     a rpb5 A or, And i ver md the

Cv   x    Jadey.

Tue Mount            am ( ntr             ‘d Ret       at ma’ Area       ,   RAt w is let ‘ed trorn the Tot ka (r              cc   Cut n 1H86   If e   .    RA oas

de u,r at ‘d         uder ‘h        Rcs     e   T,n cc’ Acfrr     ir;strat,on   Act R AA) n OO8, r ch tr ]nsfcI ‘d the uuthoi ty to mdrn ‘inter timber

w ho ‘hr Mt (a u eRA to thc Mi try of to in m Cu turn and the Arts (MTCA)

B. Propo d Fuel Reduction/ Wodijication I ctivities

  Mount Cain Ski Area                     Master Plan        lpdate Sumrnar

          ‘T’arm’5              5,mr’micru,’Inr             e’,dt’,’r’,”rfnd’ ,c4fE,o ‘,ur,eCCFur5yrr’c.’
          I      ,‘C

2   Example of prescribed treatment area during summer grooming

        Frt          nt c   p ad t, & pt f’d   a SAFE coa,   by   FR. Fprpt afery ccnc
 )r/7r( /C

(‘.   (‘tflidUS,On

The main benefit of this proposal will be an economic boost to the forestry-dependent area through local employment and
improving on the operating conditions of a recreational area, including public safety.

Other benefits would include:

      •   Improvements in the public safety of the recreational users.
      •   Economic benefits associated with job creation of the proposal,
      •   Assisting with completing activities associated with volunteers

Strategic Forest Management Inc. has significant project management experience working with Industry and government
clients on projects such as this.

Please visit our website at wwwsfmi ca for further information on the services provided by Strategic Forest Management Inc.
                                               Figure 5— Proposed Land Act Tenure Revisions Map

               MQunt Cam
       Land Act Proposed interests
       Mt                he t    k
14           ‘

       t4        F

Ar F.                                     41     4

   7                                  V   44l,

SFMI North Island Parks Improvement Project                                  January 18, 2010
Works Summary

         North Island Parks Improvement Project 2010                          -

Marble River Provincial Park:
Trail Workplan:

          Trait resurfacing on first 70m of trail up to information shelter
               o Spreading crushed gravel over existing trait surface up to 2” thick
     •    Installing of cedar fence at information shelter view point
               o 20’ of fence running between five 4”x4” cedar posts dug 2’ into the
                    ground and back filled with cement
     •    Cleaning of information shelter and new coat of paint for shelter and two
          approaching sign posts
     •    Re-route section of trail that suffered blow down to create more even grades for
          mountain bikers and BC Parks trail standards (Type Ill trail) (see map for location
     •    Fill in eroding trail section by creating retaining wall with existing materials and
          backfilling with dirt
     •    Re-installation of “Marble River Trail Angler’s Access” sign at trail junction
     •    Remove stump from trail and backfill hole to create even trail surface
     •    Re-install “Cyclists Dismount” sign before second bridge
     •    Lining of trail to Bear Falls with logs to better define trail
     •    General cleanup at Bear Falls viewpoint, paint sign
     •    Numerous trees across trail past Bear Falls junction
     •    Assessment and falling of Danger Trees in the vicinity
     •    Archaeological Field Reconnaissance to be completed prior to all works

*past junction trail standards change from Type Ill to Type IV (BC Parks Standards)


     •    Clearing of debris from all foot bridges, boardwalks and wooden structures
     •    Installation of new asphalt pads on approaches and exists of boardwalk sections
     •    Brushing back vegetation one metre on either side of the trail
     •    Clearing windfall and large woody debris from trail path
     •    Installing water bars and drainage channels where appropriate
     •    Replace broken boards on boardwalk sections, levelling and raising of sections
          where needed
     •    Re-filling of boxed stairs with gravel
     •    Reroute of 75m of trail near Bear Falls

    Map Reference: Marble River Mappdf
SFMI North Island Parks Improvement Project
       -                                                              January 18, 2010
Works Summary

Eric Lake Campground:
Trail Workplan:

Trail Improvements:
    • Clearing and improvement of satisfactory sections of regular trail
    • Clearing of trail surface to accommodate new boardwalk sections
    • Construction of multiple sections of Cw boardwalk as required (total estimated
        boardwalk: 2OOm)
    • Repair of lOm section of boardwalk

Campground Workplan:

Food Caches:
   • Removal of 2 unusable food caches
   • Repositioning of 2 available food caches in good condition

Campground Maintenance:
  • Repair of 3 damaged tent pads and 1 damaged pit toilet
  • Clearing and removal of debris from camp sites
  • Assessment and falling of Danger Trees in vicinity

*BC Parks has committed $2O,OOOOO to the purchase and delivery costs of materials for
use in this project area.

    Map Reference: Eric Lake Mappdf
SFMI North Island Parks Improvement Project
                                                                        January 18. 2010
Works Summar

Schoen Lake Campground:
Access Road Workplan:

Access Road Improvements:
   • Clearing and hand-brushing of roadsides for improved access and visibility for
       42km along Davie Road from Mt Cain Road to BC Parks boundary (within TFL37)
   • Handclearing of ditch-lines along same road for improved drainage

Campground Worklan:

Improvements to Campsites:
   • Clearing, grubbing, and levelling of 3 new campsites
   • Installation of 3 new fire-rings in campsites
   • Installation of 3 new picnic tables and removal of existing unusable picnic tables
     •       Gravelling of 3 new sites

Campground Maintenance:
  • Repair of 3 damaged tent pads and 1 damaged pit toilet
  • Clearing and removal of debris from camp sites
   • Assessment and falling of Danger Trees in vicinity

*BC Parks has committed to the supply and delivery of 3 fire rings and 3 type-2 picnic
tables for use in this project area.

    Map Reference: Schoen Lake Mappdf

Marble River Provincial Park
()   vectivit Labels

     Dcclviii Ste ak.

     Let’5 cvi          Na F”’ p
ci   tivistis reF       Projeit
     Rivet Stream      Dviii iv
     Read Lv verb Suite dv F       Lam
     Rev I Liravimi U, drvudr d 2 Let em
     Prvvrrcuvi Picks


                                                       100   200
56l000         5610500   56000     0616500   5617000   5617500



5610000        0615000   5616000   0616000   5617000   5617500   0610000
          5560000           5062000

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